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Smallville Transcripts


First aired May 14th, 2009 Season Finale

Black Canary and Impulse

Provided by Suzanne

This still needs final proofreading

Previously on "Smallville"...

Rokk: We've come from the 31st century. We are the legion.

Oliver: Arrow...

Woman: Canary, Impulse...

Watchtower is officially online.

Tess mercer, acting C.E.O. of LuthorCorp.

You're my boss?

We'll always be there for each other. Forever.

I have put up with you taking someone else's side over mine -- first Clark and then Davis?

Davis: I won't kill Clark if I'm with you. The darkness -- it doesn't 4AD5743F.JPGcome out when Chloe is around. She makes me...human.

Chloe: Please don't try and find us. I will find a way to save you.

I took Lex Luthor's life.

You're responsible for the explosion.

You got good instincts, jimmy. There's an opening on my staff, and something tells me you'd be perfect for it.

Say that Clark Kent, the unassuming journalist... steps out of the shadow into his red and blue, creating two completely 4AD5745A.JPGseparate identities?

When I'm ready to tell the world my secret, you'll be the first to know.

I'm only a phone call away.

I destroyed the legion ring. Controlling time -- it's too dangerous.

Be careful in the days ahead.

Tess: There is a savior among us. And until you fulfill your destiny, he won't have his great challenge to overcome.

Clark: I am not some problem to be solved. 4AD57470.JPG

Get I get it.  It's too early.

Why are you so determined to see Davis Bloome die?

Tess: An entire civilization's survival depends on it.

And now the season finale of "Smallville."

Rokk: Thanks for meeting me.

Clark: I'm not the one who had to travel 1,000 years to get here.

Rokk: Yeah, well, I just hope that I'm not too late.

Clark: For what?

Rokk: The future. Now, I know that anytime we travel back, we take the chance of disrupting fate. And to be honest with you, Kal, 4AD574A6.JPGafter coming back here and trying to change the future, I might not have one to go back to.

Clark: Look, I don't understand. You said the future would be safe if we got rid of Brainiac.

Rokk: Yes. Everything is safe. Brainiac is gone... ...but so are you. When you saved Chloe's life, you saved her connection to doomsday. She stopped you from sending him to the phantom zone. She made him invulnerable 4AD574C6.JPGby trying to kill with kryptonite. And now because of Chloe, you cannot defeat him.

Clark: I'd never take back my choice to save her.

Rokk: [ Chuckles softly ] I believe yours got a little...scorched. Use the ring. Send doomsday to the future. The legion's there, and we are ready to fight him.

Clark: The legion didn't unleash doomsday. I did. 4AD574F4.JPG

Rokk: Kal-el! You need to understand that there is nothing on this earth that will stop him from killing you.

Clark: My father always told me I was sent here to save mankind. Maybe this is my true destiny. How much time do I have?

Rokk: Tomorrow is the day you die.

Chloe: Maybe it's sleep deprivation, but I can't exactly see a toga-clad woman in the stars up there.

Davis: It's 4AD575FC.JPGDemeter. And her daughter, Persephone, was taken by Hades to the underworld. And Demeter -- she enlisted the gods' help to find her daughter, but when Hades offered Persephone her chance at freedom, to everyone's surprise, Persephone chose to live underground with the dark prince. [ Laughs ] We're actually gonna pull this off, aren't we? Find someplace to...slow down, build a life together.

Chloe: As long as we can keep the gods from hunting us.

Tess: Tell me you have a lock on their location.

We traced the radiation left on Bloome after he attacked neutron, but we've got 4AD5762D.JPGanother problem.

what the hell.

Oh, my god.

We heard an explosion. Then the security cameras and power pulsed. We thought a transformer had blown outside.

Tess: The orb -- someone stole the orb. 4AD57650.JPG

No one could have broken in here without --

Tess: you just said that the system went down!

Only for a few seconds. But, miss mercer, you should know that our security believes the door was blown off from the inside.

Tess: You have no idea how many lives are at stake. Find that orb.

Lois: Chloe's missing with some beastie boy, and you're doing what exactly?

Clark: No one wants to find Chloe more than I do.

Lois: Except maybe me. Clark, I haven't slept in days, and I am dangerously close to a caffeine O.D.

Clark: I hadn't noticed. 4AD57690.JPG

Lois: [ Exhales heavily ] Okay. Do you want to at least tell me about this little novella you're working on that's so important?

[ Beeps ]

Lois: No. Great. Another ricochet off the impenetrable force field. Forget it. 4AD576B4.JPG

[ Telephone ringing ]

Lois: Hello.

Clark: [ Distorted ] Miss lane.

Lois: It's you.

Clark: I've been searching for your cousin Chloe. I am gonna find her.

Lois: How did you even know she was missing?

Clark: I've been keeping an eye on you.

Lois: To be honest, I...was... kind of hoping for that. But I-I didn't know how to call you, and then now, all of a sudden, here you are out of -- out of nowhere to save the day, and I just -- 4AD576E7.JPGI'm rambling again. You just make me so, um... I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you for this.

Clark: You could do me a favor. I need you to publish a letter for me.

Lois: What letter?

[ Air whooshes ] 4AD57709.JPG

Lois: [ Exhales heavy ] You're here, aren't you?

[ Paper crinkles ]

Clark: You're not supposed to open it yet. Can I count on you to publish that letter if anything happens to me?

Lois: "Goodbye"? What do you mean "goodbye"?

Clark: Sometimes, we can't outrun our destiny.

Lois: But I thought you were invincible.

Clark: So did I.

Lois: I want to meet you. I have to see your face. 4AD5773E.JPGI have to see you. I-I want you to show me what you can't show anyone else. You can trust me. Please.

Clark: I'm sorry. That's not a good idea.

Lois: Look, you can come through this. 4AD57768.JPGYou have to. And when you do... how do you feel about phone booths?

Clark: They're fine.

Lois: Um, there's one on 4th and main. Let's say midnight. I'll be there. I hope you'll be there, too. And thank you. If anyone can save Chloe... I know it's you.

[ Air whooshes ]

Present and accounted for.

Were you able to get the schematics?

What do you think? 4AD578B5.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

Geothermal facility care of queen industry and LuthorCorp.

[ Knocks ]

All right, what's with the black hole? Rokk said nothing on the face of the earth could destroy the beast.

So let's put him under it. The geothermal facility created one mile of tunnels beneath the earth's crust. So it's the final resting place for the bony space invader.

If I can manage to get him down there, can you access the detonators in the shaft?

I can override it.

4AD578DA.JPGAre we really gonna bury him alive?

Clark: Not all of him. There's still a side of Davis worth saving. Bart, this is for you.

It's a rock.

Clark: Careful with that. It's a very special meteor rock. It can split the Kryptonian from the human side of Davis.

Oliver: And what if that doesn't work? What if you end up unleashing a monster that's unstoppable, that doesn't have a conscience?

Clark: This is the only option. 4AD578FE.JPG

Oliver: Well, what about ton of getting rid of a serial killer before he has a chance to beast out? You've never wanted to admit it... but there is a darker side to humanity. I know there is. I'm looking at it right now. Not everyone's worth saving. We need to take care of Davis Bloome.

Clark: And by "take care of," you mean murder?

Okay, dudes, you guys have got, like, some [Chuckles] Some -- some serious tension going on here. 4AD5791C.JPGOllie, what's he talking about?

Clark: Oliver crossed the line. He killed Lex Luthor.

You're making a big mistake.

You're not one of us anymore.

Is that right?

I'm in.

Oliver: Do you have the decryption key?

Yeah. Hope you have better luck than I did.

Call me when you have Chloe's location.

Lois: Ow! 4AD57962.JPG

[ Thud ]

Lois: Jimmy, you stepped on my hand!

Jimmy: Next time, don't leave your hand on the floor under a desk in an office you're not supposed to be in.

Lois: I'm sorry -- did I just get a lecture from jimmy Olsen?

Jimmy: Who were you talking to?

Lois: No one.

Jimmy: Lois, what are you doing here?

Lois: I'm looking for Chloe and Davis.

Jimmy: The head of Tess' security has been staked out at the talon apartment -- creepy but telling. The only problem is her 8-gig mini brain is encrypted.

Lois: Not anymore. 4AD7E8D6.JPG

[ Beeps ]

[ Keys clacking ]

Jimmy: Tess is definitely tracking Chloe and Davis. Most of this is from a couple of days ago, but if I can just get in....

[ Beeping ]

Bingo. Looks like Chloe and Davis are on the outskirts of edge city, and so am I.

Don't take your eyes off of them. Let me know if they move. 4AD7E8F1.JPG

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Mouse clicks ]


Tess, Lex already tried to break down the technology of that orb.

Tess: Hey, Lex knew that orb wasn't from this earth. It called to me. 4AD7E906.JPGThere's li inside that can't be f until the traveler kills the beast. What you're unleashing... could be the end of the world.

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Beeps ]

Lois: Clark, we found them. I'm uploading their location.

[ Beeping ]

[ Shattering ]

Chloe: Davis! 4AD7E927.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Dinah, Bart. What's going on?

Sorry, Clark. We couldn't risk losing you.

[ Whooshes ]

Clark: [ Grunting ] [ Grunting ] Don't do this.

Don't worry, Clark. It won't kill you. It'll just get your ego out of the way, so we can do what needs to be done.

Clark: [ Grunts ] You're making a mistake!

Tess: I kind of miss the maid costume.

Lois: I've stopped cleaning up after you.

Tess: You could have fooled me. I expect from my reporters a little better reconnaissance, but then again, the bar's always been a little bit lower for you, hasn't it?

Lois: Look, I know family loyalty means nothing to you, but I would do anything 4AD7EA3E.JPGto find Chloe. If that means you need to fire me... pull the trigger.

Tess: I plan to, but this actually has very little to do with Chloe. [ Sighs ] You saw it, didn't you?

Lois: Seriously, you have a significant deficiency of pronoun modifiers going on.

Tess: Lois, where is the orb?

Lois: What orb?!

Tess: The alien technology from my vault. 4AD7EA5C.JPG

Lois: [ Sarcastically ] , That. I guess asking for severance is out of the question.

Tess: I didn't want this.

Lois: No... you just want to take over the world with some alien nation.

Tess: I am trying to save the world.

Lois: What's wrong with Greenpeace?

Tess: Ugh! What's going on?

Lois: Sorry about the tranq, beautiful. It, uh, kind of snuck up on you super fast.

Chloe: Where's Clark? You found a way to kill him, 4AD7EABE.JPGdidn't you, and Clark wouldn't go along with it.

Dinah: No. He wanted to play devil's advocate with the actual devil, split the Kryptonian from the human.

Chloe: Black kryptonite.

Only one glitch in his plan -- the whole beast part. Last time we checked, he couldn't control his thornier alter ego.

Chloe: But I can. As long as I stay with him, he doesn't change. Please don't do this to him.

Davis: They have to. Chloe, 4AD7EADF.JPGit's t working anymore. Chloe, wait.

Chloe: Davis, just focus on me, okay? We'll get through this together, just like we always have.

I'm sorry. It's too late.

[ Grunts ] We need to go now.

[ Growling ] 4AD7EAFB.JPG

[ Roaring ]

Chloe, no!

[ Snarling ]


[ Clark groans ]

Jimmy: Clark?

Clark: [ Grunting ] Jimmy...The dart. Aah!

Jimmy: Whoa. Check this out!

Clark: Ugh!

Jimmy: Your cut... it's gone.

Clark: Jimmy --

Jimmy:  No. No, I'm not buying it. That whole "you're here one second, and then you're not"? 4AD7EB68.JPGYou took a bullet, and the next day, you were fine. I mean, I-it's like you're some kind of super... ...guy.

Clark: Jimmy... I am the red-blue blur. You were right. About me and about Davis. You were the only person to put it all together. I'm sorry that I lied to you. 4AD7EB8A.JPG

Jimmy: [ Breathing heavily I knew it. [ Laughs ] I was so right!

Clark: Look, jimmy, I need your help. Do you still have that wedding gift -- the one for Chloe that you said you never gave to her?

Jimmy: Yeah, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.

Clark: All right, well, I need you to give it to her now. And whatever happens to me, you need to make sure that Davis and Chloe are safe.

Jimmy: Davis?

Clark: Jimmy, do you trust me? 4AD7EBAC.JPG

Jimmy: Always, C.K.

[ Air whooshes ]

 Jimmy: That is so cool. - ( Pulsing beat )

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Chloe? Hey, are you okay?

Chloe: I think so.

Clark: What happened here?

Chloe: Exactly what you wanted, Clark. I split him. I unleashed the beast.

Clark: Where did he go? 4AD7ECFA.JPG

[ People screaming ]

[ Doomsday roaring ]

Clark: I'll get him back here, but I still need you to detonate the explosives.

Oliver: Clark, you get him down that tunnel, we'll take care of the rest.

Clark: Can I trust you?

Yes. 4AD7ED13.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

[ Thudding ]

Clark: Lois.

[ Crashing ]

[ People screaming ]

[ Doomsday snarls ]

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

[ Screams ] 4AD7ED33.JPG

[ Roars ]

[ Whimpers ]

It's okay.

[ Thudding ]

[ Growls ]

[ Crying ]

[ Growling ]

[ Growls ]

It's gonna be okay.

Thank you.

Chloe: Clark said you'd bring us somewhere safe. 4AD7ED92.JPG[ Chuckles ] What is this place?

Jimmy: It's your wedding present. Well, it was. [ Chuckles ] I was gonna give it to you after the reception, but...

Chloe: my wedding present?

Jimmy: It needs some work. I know. But... So did we. 4AD7EDAC.JPG[ Exhales sharply] I just... I saw us here, you know? Starting our life together, taking something that the rest of the world had forgotten about and... making it ours. You can see all of metropolis from here. From anywhere in the city, you can spot this place. I thought that no matter where you were, you could look up, and.. you could see our home. You could see me watching over you.

4AD7EDD5.JPGChloe: I don't know how you do it. You always seem to come through. You're always there doing the right thing, saying the right words. Jimmy, there's so much that I want to tell you.

Jimmy: I know about Clark.

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] What? What exactly do you know? 4AD7EDF8.JPG

Jimmy: The wh. I saw him. [ Chuckles ] And I saw what he can do, who he is. And now I see all kinds of things. [ Chuckles softly ] I see what you have sacrificed for him. For everyone, really.

Chloe: That's the reason I went with Davis -- to protect Clark. That's the only reason.

Jimmy: It all makes sense now. But the way I see it, you are as much of a hero as he's ever been. What you have gone through, what you've risked.

4AD7EE1D.JPGChloe: And what I've lost. I've lost so much. The only thing I really miss is you.

Jimmy: Well, now you found me again.

Chloe: I'm so sorry I left, jimmy, but I promise -- I never left you.

Jimmy: [ Chuckles softly ] 4AD7EE41.JPG[ Gasps ] [ Gasps ]

 Chloe: Jimmy!

[ Thud ]

Davis: So, um... this whole time that you were with me, it was for Clark?

Chloe: Davis, just put that down.

Davis: How could you do this? I loved you. You're the only one... who ever loved me. Why? Why?!

Chloe: I thought I did. Okay? But really, what I wanted to do was save you.

4AD7EE7F.JPGDavis: Save me? There is nothing left... to save! Aah! Agh!

Chloe: [ Breathing heavily ] Jimmy? It's okay. You're gonna be okay. 4AD7EEB2.JPG

[ Sniffling ] I'm sorry.

Chloe: No. I love you.

Jimmy: [ Chuckling softly ] [ Sniffles ] [ Exhales sharply ]

Priest: He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, 4AD7EF62.JPGfor thou art with me. May Henry James Olsen rest in peace.

[ Boy sniffling ]

Chloe: Hey. You must be jimmy's little brother.

[ Sniffles ]

Chloe: Well, I think that this belongs to you. He would have wanted you to have it.


Chloe: Who knows? Maybe someday, you'll follow in his footsteps.

Chloe: Clark. You're alive.

Clark: Hey.

Chloe: How did you survive the geothermal explosion? 4AD7F015.JPG

Clark: Just before Dinah pressed the button... I don't know. I got out... before the blast, but not fast enough to save anyone else. Chloe... I've searched everywhere. There's no sign of Lois. 4AD7F03B.JPG

Chloe: [ Cries softly ] I saw someone tacking her photo on a missing-persons report. [ Chuckles ] And I keep thinking that maybe, you know, maybe I haven't... lost everyone. You were there today, Clark, weren't you? I really needed you. Why didn't you come to me?

Clark: I'm the reason jimmy's dead. Oliver was right. I put humanity on a pedestal. 4AD7F06D.JPGIt wasn't a Kryptonian beast that killed jimmy. It was a human.

Chloe: I was standing right here, Clark. I know full well who killed jimmy.

Clark: This place, Chloe... just get rid of it. Just walk away and don't look back.

Chloe: You don't get it, Clark. Jimmy is here. He's watching over me. He knew me so well, he knew this place would be perfect. Jimmy wanted to know that no matter where I was in this city, 4AD7F0A3.JPGI could look up here and see this beacon... the watchtower. And look -- Dinah, Oliver, and Bart all disappeared. Maybe it's up to us to bring them back home.

Clark: Home? I don't have a home.

Chloe: I don't like the way that sounds.

Clark:  I've always tried to forget I was an alien. Or a creature. I've always tried to pretend I was human. I was raised to believe it was my Kryptonian part that was dangerous, Chloe, but I was wrong. It's my human side. 4AD7F0D8.JPGIt... it's the side that gets attached, the side that makes decisions based on emotions. That's my enemy. And Davis proved that to me.

Chloe: So, because of some psychopath, you're gonna cut the rest of us out of your life? Clark... human emotion is what made you the hero that you are today.

Clark: They're what's stopping me from being the hero I could be. It's what the world 4AD7F0F8.JPGneeds now.

Chloe: What are you saying?

Clark: Clark Kent is dead. Goodbye, Chloe.

[ Electronic humming ]

[ Voices whispering ]

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