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Smallville Transcripts


First aired April 2nd, 2009

Provided by Suzanne

This still needs proofreading


[ Screaming run! Run!

[ Gasps ] What's happening,jonathan?!

[ Grunting ] Lex!Where are you?!

[ Groaning softly ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Fire crackling ]

[ Cracking ] Lionel was too blindto see the truth. There was another.

[ Knock on door ] You've done a very thorough job. I just think that I'll take it from here. 49DBC9C0.JPG

[ Door closes ] Goodbye. I think I'm finally ready for the front page. An article. I found a stack of missing-persons cases that no one's talking about. There are similarities between them all. This city is being attacked, and no one seems to care. Kind of makes you wish the red-blue blur wasn't sitting down on the job. I think that these people were attacked by the same criminal. Now, we can be the first to break this story. We can warn the people 49DBC9E0.JPGof metropolis. I can't print this. You need to print it. No, they're called facts, clark, and you don't have any. You don't care about these victims? You're sweeping this under the rug. Great. Another conspiracy theory, 'cause I love those. Look closely. You will not find a web of lies behind this facade. That would be your department. 49DBCA02.JPG

[ Sniffles ]

[ Chuckles ] A man who's not afraid to cry. A man who's not afraid to cut onions. You know, you still didn't have to cook me dinner, even though I did manage to override your settings, retrieve all of your addresses, and change your applications so the next time you go fishing for your phone in your glove compartment, you won't erase your whole worldwith the touch of one button. Well, well, well... ain't you the mostoverachieving teacher's pet know-it-all in the room. An cook. Well, the one thingthat was on the menu 49DBCA20.JPGat the foster homesI grew up at -- mac and cheese. So, have you heardfrom jimmy lately? His last tirade of e-mailsincluded every single unflattering wordin the dictionary, including some that didn'tget past the censors. I thought he'd be dyingto get back together with you. No.[ Chuckles ] I believe thatthe last phrase he used was, "don't call me,don't come by. And if you e-mail me,I won't open it." 49DBCA48.JPG

[ Sighing ]Ouch I thought we werebest friends, but... obviouslythere was some stuff brewing beneath the surfacefor a while. How can you beso close to someone and not really knowwho they are?

[ Gasps ]Davis! No, it's fine.My god. Chloe, it's fine,really.

[ Sighs ] Quick reflexes, huh? Chloe. Call much? Davis. Clark. Well, now that we have thatall worked out... what's happening? I was working on a story I thought you might havesome information on. You know, I forgot somethingI'm supposed to do. I should go. 49DBCA8D.JPGWhat about dinner? Uh, you know,we'll do it tomorrow. Call it leftovers. Okay. Thank you.

[ Gasping ] Forgive me.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Tess: I forget. What's the prayerfor dismembering a body? 49DBCAE4.JPG

[ Beep ]

[ Explosion ]

I can't believe this. There were over a dozen missingpersons last month alone. You'd thinkit would be newsworthy. Yeah, since when did"newsworthy" have anything to do with what wason the front page? You u know, clark,I really hope you have the safety cockedon your heat vision. What? You've been staringat the back of my head so hard, I'm afraid my hair'sgonna go up in flames. I just didn't knowyou and davis were spendingso much time together. Look, if you don'twant to talk about it -- no, please. I love trudgingthrough stagnant water. It just seems likeyou're moving on kind of fast, and I don't getwhat you see in the guy. First of all,it was dinner. And secondly,he's kind, supportive, and a strong shoulderfor me to lean on, which I don't know ifyou've actually realized, 49DD040E.JPGbut I could really useright now. Look, it's just I havea bad feeling about the guy. I mean, come on, chloe. Don't "chloe" me, clark. What is it with this whole "meet me out in the backfor a duel" mentality? It might have something to dowith the fact that this guy disappears andcan't explain where he went. He's full of secrets,chloe. There's not even a recordof his childhood. Sounds familiar. I don't collect morbidcrime-scene photos in my locker, and I'm not the first E.M.T. To show up at every gruesome murder.[ Monitor beeps ] What is it? A vehicle was found on firejust outside of smallville. It has davis' license plate. 49DD043F.JPG

[ Curtains o] Were you expectinga chorus of angels? I'm sorryto disappoint you. I wanted to be herewhen you woke up. I apologize... for the statethat you're in. I didn't expect youto end up like this. I was trying to kill you. But... ...that seems to be harderthan I thought.

[ Groans ] Why am I here?Who are you? Shh. You're safe with me. Safer than out there. If the world knewyou were a serial killer, you'd be running from torchesfor the rest of your life. You got the wrong ideaabout me, lady. It's not your fault that you were bornwith a killer instinct. I even admire your altruisticselection of victims. 49DD047A.JPGIt's likekeeping bats around to wipe out the parasitesthat prey on the city. I can't control myself. I know you've tried toabsolve yourself, but...even suicidewouldn't really work for a guy who can't die,would it? I am notwho you think I am. No. You're notwho you think you are.

[ Scoffs ] And today,you proved my theory. After I discovered thatyou had been a little unfriendly to a fewmetropolis citizens, I started lookinginto your background. The only problem don't have one. I thought I had hit a dead enduntil I inherited this. Stole it,if I'm being honest. I thought this might jogyour rusty memory. It was lionel luthor'S. It tells a fascinating story about a boywho fell to earth 49DD04CD.JPG day a or showerdestroyed a small kansas town. I'm beginning to believe the boydid not come here alone. Jonathan: Kids just don'tfall out of the sky, martha. Martha: Then wheredid he come from? I don't know. But he must have parents. Well, if he does, they'redefinitely not from kansas. Sweetheart,we can't keep him. What are we gonna tell people --we found him out in a field? We didn't find him. He found us. Come on. Let's go. Over here!I found him! 49DD0538.JPG

[ Breathing ily no! Feathers? Feathers!

[ Boy humming ] Young davis: Hi. Who are you? Are you cold? Are you him? Are you a warrior angel? No. But I want to be. I'm alexander. What's your name? I don't know. What are you doingin here? A man brought me herea few days ago. He made themput needles in me. But you don't look sick. Do you want to play? Nobody will know.My dad went to some farm. 49DD05CB.JPGCome on. The day the meteor showerstruck smallville, lionel sent out a search partyfor you. Lionel had you takenfrom that field because he thoughtyou were a prophesied messiah called "the traveler," a visitor from another planetsent to save humankind. But what lioneldidn't realize is that there were two boysthat fell to earth that day. The traveler... and you. 49DD0606.JPG

[ Door beeping ] Excuse me. Have the policebeen here yet? Come and gone. Did they find a victim? The thing was abandoned.No sign of a driver. Thank you. Clark.What's going on? It's weird that daviswould have stopped here. Why? What's here? This is the fieldwhere my ship landed. That's a pretty bigcoincidence pill to swallow. This place must hold a lotof memories for you, huh? 49DD0642.JPG

[ Air howling ] Chloe, memories aren't the onlything buried in that field. On the count of three... one, two!


[ Laughter ] Hyah! What is that? It's made from the armorof st. George. He slayed dragons withhis sword called "ascalon." I am st. George,and you are the dragon. You have been sentto destroy the world, but only I can protect itfrom a beast like you. Fight or die. 49DD075C.JPG

[ Groaning ] I have slayed the beast. I am the victor,and I shall claim my treasure.

[ Screams ] What's wrong?It hurts! Are you okay?

[ Breathing heavily ] There's a way. You thinkyou can keep me here? I know. There's nothingthat can restrain you. Then whatare you gonna do? I've been asking myself thatquestion for the last few hours. What do you do when you findjudas in your midst? Who would christ have beenif judas had not betrayed him? Maybewe would remember jesus as only a teacherroaming the desert. I don't quite understandwhat you're getting at. Without judas, jesus would havenever risen from the dead to come back and facehis greatest challenge. Saving humankind. 49DD07B8.JPGThere is a savior among us. You are hereto betray him. I haven'tbetrayed anyone. I finally realized that untilyou fulfill your destiny, he won't have hisgreat challenge to overcome. He cannot becomethe world's savior without triumphingover the world's destroyer. What savior? What are you talking about? Clark. There's a reason thatyou two don't get along. You were destinedto kill each other. 49DD07EB.JPG

[ Gasps ] The guy blacks out regularly,and you chose not to mention it? I figured he had lowblood sugar or something. He told you he was hidingsomething dark inside, chloe! That didn't set offany alarms for you? You know what,I figured "dark" meant "moody" or "bipolar,"at worst. I don't exactly jumpright to "serial killer." And all the times that you wereangry at me for doubting him -- I know, okay?! I was in denial.I -- you know, I -- I couldn't believethat it was this bad. It's not that bad, chloe.It's worse. I just can't believehe's the serial killer that -- that jimmy warned us about. I did some checkinginto these missing persons. They're not exactlymetropolis' finest -- assault charges,breaking and entering, abuse. So you think davis is on somesort of vigilante mission? He was until last night. He's not stupid enough toabandon his car next to A... 49DD0826.JPGa field full of evidence. Chloe, I get the feelingsomeone took him. When I was lookinginto davis' past, his county records had alreadybeen checked out by someone. I think it's time to pay a visitto the widow of luthorcorp. We tried to stop him.We opened fire, but he -- find him,or don't come back. Tess. Look, I know you've beenlooking into davis bloome. He did this, didn't he? I'm afraid there's nota short version of that story. I think I missed something. No, you've been at the centerof it the whole time. I came into possession ofa journal of lionel luthor'S. The journal talks about a boy who fell from the starson the day of a meteor shower. Lionel's obsessionwith this traveler was the only reason thathe was in smallville that day. He wanted to possessthe traveler for himself. Why are you telling meall this? Because lionel and then lex gotthe moral of the story wrong. 49DD086D.JPGAccording tothe kawatche indians, this boy is part ofa two-headed creature -- good and evil. The luthorswere too busy feuding over which one of themwas worthy enough to be your adversary that they couldn'tsee the truth... ...that there was another boywho came to earth with you. Davis bloome.

[ Chuckles ] So you think that davis bloomeand I are from another planet? Lionel found davis on the dayof the meteor shower. He thoughthe was the traveler, but then the boy's testsseemed normal. So,lionel was holding davis. Only for five days. And then he threw the boyout onto the street because he got a phone callfrom martha kent. 49DD08A3.JPG

[ Chuckles ] Tess, you are reaching. Am I? It's lionel's own words,and I quote -- "I have the wrong boy, but I believe that I have foundthe true traveler." Why else would lionel luthorarrange an adoption for a boy who seemedto come out of nowhere? It looks likeyou're the reason that davis was abandonedin the first place.

[ Door closes ] What did the luthorcorp divahave to say? I know what you've done.Jimmy was right. Uh, that guythat I killed... he was a drunk driver.He was a three-time offender. And what aboutall the others? Are you gonna try andjustify killing them, too? No, I didn't knowwhat else to do! Chloe, I'm sorry! You lied to me! I had to! I didn't want todrag you into all this! 49DD08E2.JPGThen why are you here?! I love you. And I need to knowif you care about me. How can you ask me that? I thought I did. Then I need youto do something for me. I won't do anythingfor you. I need you to help me die.

chloe? Dr. Grohl's lab. Chloe.[ Air whooshes ] It's time. 49DD0A48.JPG

[ Crying ]N'T.I'm sorry.

I finally found a way out of this.

You don't take that away from me. Please.

Pull the lever, chloe.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Inhales deeply, exhales ] I can't kill you, davis.

[ Air whooshes ] Chloe,what are you doing?

It's my life, clark. I can take it if I choose. Davis, don't be a martyr. That's not what this is,clark. 49DD0A77.JPG

I'm not dog thisfor you.

I want this to end. I can't live with myself. But it's not your fault. Everything that's happened toyou is because of me, all right? We should havebeen brothers. Davis,you didn't have a home. If that would havehappened to me... I've always wonderedwhat it would have been like if the luthors had found mein that field. I could have turned outdifferently.

But you didn'T. 49DD0A93.JPG

You were dnedto have the better lif

no matter how hard we try to fight it,

we will always return to our true nature.

Chloe, pull the lever! Let me end this! No, chloe, you have togive this another chance. This is not set in stone.

Enough, clark. You know that you shouldlet me die. Davis, there has tobe something in your life -- something that is worthgiving it one more try.

It isn't always about... where your heart is. It's about what you've doneand what you're going to do. I was sent hereto destroy you, clark. 49DD0ACF.JPG

[ Gasps ] Clark.

[ Groaning ]

Davis! Davis! There aren't enough prayersin this world to give me redemption! Clark!No, chloe!

[ Both groaning ] What are we doing here? I was toldto drop you off here. But who's gonna meet me? 49DD0B16.JPG

[ Breathing heily ]

[ Growling ]

how are you holding up? I've had better days. Not saying a lotin smallville. And davis is... I spoke to oliver.He's taking care of the details. We need to talkabout what happened. It wouldn't changewhat I did. But there's alwaysanother way. He could havekilled you, clark. I won't riskthe safety of the world because of your codeof ethics... because you refuse to stopthe things that threaten you. Jor-el said he wasthe ultimate destroyer. Didn't turn outto be much of a fight. When I was a kid,I used to have this nightmare. 49DD0C3E.JPGMy ship landed in a field,and no one ever found me. That nightmarewas davis' life. I always felt likeit was a burden, knowing that I was destinedto save people. I can't imagine whatit must have felt like knowing that no matterhow you lived your life, you were doomed. The new contemplativeclark kent. I like it. Well,I'm kind of busy. With what?Farm chores? I'd let you off if you weresaving a busload of children, but cleaningthe feeding bin? Look, I'm really sorrythat you bought into this strange obsession that theluthors had for me, but -- I don't think of itas buying in. I think of itas believing. If you chooseto spend your saturday nights reading the journalof a madman, sounds to me like you have a fewholes in your personal life. We all look to idols -- 49DD0C8E.JPGreligion,the rich and the famous -- because we have holesin our lives. But it doesn't meanthat these things aren't real. What you've made me out to beis not real. I'll never be that man. Not until judasis at your back. I have this feeling that you'll never fulfillyour great destiny until you meetyour greatest challenge. You don't know anythingabout my life. If this is the waythat you lied to lex, then I can see how it pushed himover the edge. Lex was racing toward thatdrop-off way before he met me. Yeah, but betrayal... you know, the more you lovesomeone, the harder it is. Are you threatening me? I'm not that naive. I am not some problemto be solved. I get it. It's too early. Just know thatI'll wait for you, clark. 49DD0CD3.JPGI'll wait for youto come to me. It's gonna be a long wait. It'll be shorterthan you think, kal-el.

[ Indistinct chanting ]

[ Clattering ] Davis:Don't be afraid. You're alive. The meteor rocks didn't -- they made me stronger. So are you nowinvulnerable? I'm immortal. Then that meansclark's in danger. No matter what you wantas davis, the other side of you49DD0D85.JPGwill still try and kill him. I won't kill clarkif I'm with you! What? What do I have to dowith any of this? There is somethingabout being around you that seems to calmthe murderer inside me. But you said so yourself --it's your true nature. But maybe there's somethingstronger out there than my need to kill. I want you stay with me.

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