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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 22nd, 2009

J'onn J'onzz lying wounded in "Bulletproof"

Provided by Suzanne

This still needs final proofreading

Previously on "Smallville"...

Clark: You saved me.

J'onn:  , That was the last time. The burning sun may strengthen you, but it has the opposite effect on me. It stripped me of my powers.

Detective John Jones.   I wanted to be close by in case you needed me.

Oliver: Lana? Does Clark know about you?  I think I can safely say he knows more of my secrets than he does yours.

You weren't planning on coming back, were you?

Tess: Mr. Luthor is a firm believer in truth and justice. He's done more for this world than you ever will. He dedicated his life to making it a safer place.

J'onn: Dispatch, this is Detective Jones. Please tell me you have a 20 on my suspect. 

Dispatcher: Suspect was just spotted turning north on riverside. Black-and-white in pursuit. 497E64FF.JPG

[ Sirens wailing ]

[ Tires squealing ]

[ Glass shattering ]

J'onn: You're under arrest for three counts of murder.  Thanks for your assistance, officers.

Just doing our job, Detective.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshots continue ]

Lana: This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I suggested coffee after work.

Clark: After work? Oh, Lana, what time is it?

Lana: Relax. It gives me a chance to see Clark Kent in his new element. Shirt and tie -- you must be turning heads left and right.

Clark: I guess I've been too busy at work to notice.

497E6587.JPGYou know, with everything else going on... any leads on that thing that took Chloe?

Lana: A night watchman and two ambulance drivers were murdered the night of the ceremony.

Clark: Lana, I'm gonna find this thing before it hurts anyone else.

Lana: I know you will. You've become the man that I've always known you could be. I should probably leave you to it. round's on you.

Woman on P.A.:  Emergency staff to the E.R. Incoming trauma, Metropolis P.D. G.S.W. to the chest. B.P. is critical. 

He's lost a lot of blood. He's alive, but we can't get a pulse.

Man: All right, I'll take it from here. No one in or out without my authorization. Clearing the wound.  B.P. is dropping. We've got to get the bullet out -- now! Charge the paddles.  We're losing him. Clear!

Clark: Oliver? What are you doing here?

Oliver: I was out on patrol. I heard the call go out over my scanner.

Clark: Whoever that is, he can't just operate on Jones.

Oliver: Why? 'Cause he's Martian? I get it, Clark. It's fine. He's in good hands with Emil. Trust me. After I got poisoned, I figured, you know, guys like us 497E66A1.JPGcould probably use a specialist on the payroll.

Clark: Since when did Jones become one of us?

Oliver: Well, he's gotten me out of a few tight scrapes with the police, Clark. He wanted to meet with me after his shift to talk about something -- I don't know what it was.

Clark: If he hadn't sacrificed his abilities to save my life, that bullet wouldn't have left a scratch.

Oliver: And now you feel guilty, and that's your thing, and I get it -- that's great. But standing here doing nothing497E66BE.JPG is not gonna solve anything.

Clark: Do you know what he was working?

Oliver: No. I think you should follow your leads. And I'll follow mine. Hey, let's face it. Teamwork's never really been our strong suit.

[ Grunting ]

What is your focus?

True victory.

And what is true victory?

Lana: Victory over one's self. First principle of aikido.

Tess: That'll be all, Terrence. The enigmatic Lana Lang.

In the flesh.

Tess: To what do I owe this honor?

Lana: I wanted to thank you. 497E66F8.JPGThere's be a startling lack of coverage on my return in the Daily Planet.

Tess: I tend to keep my reporters on a short leash.

Mm. Most of the time.

Tess: You have just as much Lex said you did. You'd have toto tame a Luthor.

Lana: High marks... coming from the woman entrusted with the Luthor legacy. He must have had a lot of faith in you.

Tess: It wasn't easy to earn.

Lana: I wonder how much of that trust would remain if he knew how much of his company's money you were siphoning into a project called Prometheus. Unless, of course, there's still someone higher than you calling the shots. Lex is alive. 497E6731.JPGAnd you know where he is, don't you?

Tess: Seems that you've been wasting a very gifted imagination, Ms. Lang.  The Planet runs a fiction section on Sundays, if you're interested.

Lana: I used to see that look in the mirror. You'll do anything to defend Lex, to protect him. He has a way of turning that kind of devotion against you.

Tess: Well, you don't know Lex like I do.

Lana: For your sake, I hope you're right.

Clark: Glad I caught you before you left.

Chloe: Yeah, I just need to be back at the hospital before Jimmy wakes up.

Clark: I wouldn't have asked --

Chloe:  Heroes don't take holidays. So, from what I can hack, it looks like our favorite Martian has been pulling profiles from a handful of officers from the 44th Precinct. 497E677D.JPG

[ Typing ]

Chloe: You know, I got to say, being at the mercy of modern technology really sucks.

I know, I know.

Chloe: I'm happy to be Brainiac-free. But my evil upgrade was really...convenient.

Clark: I'm just glad everything's back to normal.

Chloe: So it would seem.

How are things now that Lana's back in your orbit?

Clark: It's not like that. I think.

Chloe: Clark, things always get messy when you start throwing around the Clark/Lana triangle. And I'm speaking from experience when I say that the third point always hurts.

Clark: I'm not trying to hurt anyone.

Chloe: How about Lois? Yeah.  It's that obvious. 497E67AF.JPG

Clark: [ Sighs ] Lois. Lois is so...

Chloe:  Lois?

Clark: Yeah.

Seeing Lana come back, it's like she never left. Can't just stop loving someone just like that, right?

Chloe: I understand the need for closure, Clark. Just promise you're not gonna slam my cousin in the door.

[ Computer beeps ]

Clark: Ballistics says it's a BG-49 armor-piercing bullet.

Chloe: Which mysteriously vanished from the evidence. Clark, you said you returned that, didn't you?

Clark: I did, Chloe. You said Jones was looking into the 44th. Only someone from that system could have stolen the evidence. Chloe, this could have been an inside job.

Chloe: You think Jones was shot by a cop.

Clark: If that's the case, then someone higher up in the force needs to know about this.

Chloe: And you think someone on the force is just gonna open up to you, a reporter? 497E67F1.JPG Clark, these guys protect their own.

Clark: Jones is fighting for his life. I'm not gonna let whoever did this hide behind their badge.

Chloe: All right. If we're gonna sneak you across this thin blue line, you're gonna need something a lot more substantial than just a press pass.

Danny boy. You all set for your new sidekick?

He was born ready. Besides, who can resist this handsome face?

Better than looking at his ugly mug all day. Give 'em hell, Danny!

Come on. Let's go.

You the transfer from Cove City? Joe, you ready to save the world?

Clark: That's quite a sweet tooth you got there.

Danny: Yeah. Got them from my kid last Halloween. Now I can't stop eating the things. He loves the banana ones. I think root beer is the only one worth the effort. Help yourself. What's the matter, Foreman? Don't they have squad cars back in cove city?

Clark: I just -- I guess I'm not used to riding in one so nice.

Danny: Nice? Good to see you got a sense of humor. You're gonna need that here. Let's just hope you live long enough to catch that surf again.

Clark: It was a detective that got shot, right? What's his name?  Jones?

Danny: Yeah, well, that might be a headline back where you come from, but here, some detective getting plugged is just another day in Metropolis. 497EC5C8.JPG

Clark: Blood on a badge is blood on a badge, right? No matter what city you're in.

Danny: Wearing this badge is like putting a bull's-eye right over your heart. Meanwhile, we got these costumed idiots running around, getting in our way, taking all the credit. The Green Arrow, Red-Blue Blur?

Clark: Great Pumpkin.

Danny: [ Chuckles ]  Yeah.

Clark: You think they do more harm than good?

Danny: What I know is that cops got rules, capes don't.

Dispatcher: Adam 13, there's a 10-30 in progress at 550 South Broad in the slums -- code 3.

10-4, dispatch. Junkies hitting the pharmacy --again.

Someone I'm looking for.

Danny: All right. You ready to see how we do it in the big city? 497EC609.JPG

[ Siren wails ]

Danny: Make sure everyone's okay. Stop right there! Hold it!

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Air whooshes, bullet ricochets ]

Danny: You run track, Foreman?

Clark: A little here and there.

Danny: I guess I owe you one.

[ Typing ]

Transmitting data to you now.


Hey. Who are you supposed to be? Warrior Angel?

Boy: No.  I'm the Red-Blue Blur.

Danny: It's a losing battle.

Suzie: Don't worry, Dad.  He'll grow out of it. You must be Joe.  I'm Danny's wife, Suzie.

Clark: Hi.  It's nice to meet you in person.

Suzie: In person? You are not still carrying that picture around. 497EC687.JPGHe's had that thing since senior year.

[ Thud ]

Boy: Dad!

Danny: Hey, bud.

Suzie: Thanks for looking out for him today. Losing his partner really tore him up. It's good to know that someone's still got his back out there.

Clark: How long did they ride together?

Suzie: Since they graduated the academy. One day they both went out and only Danny came home. Mike always thought he was bulletproof. Now every night, I hold my breath, waiting for him to walk through that door. I know the world needs him, but... we just need him more.

Man: To Foreman.

Rookie really earned his keep today. And to us. We all made it home safe. May we all be as lucky tomorrow. Excuse me. 497EC6D5.JPG

Clark: It's too bad all of us weren't so lucky. You know, with what happened with Jones.

Yeah. Yeah, you know, the damn shame is, nobody knew the guy. Ask anyone in this precinct. Lone wolf like Jones, you know, he stands out from the pack. And that's not a good thing.

Clark: Safety in numbers?

Well, I wasn't making light when I said we're all brothers. Hard to stick your neck out for a guy you don't even know.

Clark: Isn't that what police officers are supposed to do? 497EC6FC.JPG

[ Chuckles ] You believe the stones on this guy? Good for you, Joe. Good for you. But listen. You keep your eyes on the street, and you leave the detective work to the desk jockeys. Don't be stupid like Jones. Always wear your vest.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Foreman, we got to go.

Tess: I guess I'm not as good a judge of character as I thought. It seems that you stole some sensitive information from me.

And I thought we were bonding.

Rain check on girls' night?

Tess: You know, it's nice to finally see what Lex saw in you. You're stunning. And devious.

Lana: What Lex saw in me was an equal, someone that he couldn't control.

Tess: Really? 497EC761.JPGI guess I shouldn't send my condolences about the miscarriage, then, hmm?

Lana: It gave me the perspective I needed to see Lex for who he really is.

Tess: I know he thought that was the only way to keep you. But he always loved you. When you stole the data, you corrupted our files, and we've lost everything. Prometheus is the one chance Lex has at survival, and I won't let you jeopardize that.

[ Bullet ricochets ]

Talbert:  Got you a little present, Danny. Look who surfaced.

Listen, listen.  I got acquitted, all right? The judge let me off, no strings attached, all right, so --

Danny:  You got off on a technicality, you piece-of-trash cop killer! Do you have any idea what you did to my partner's family?! Huh?!  What you did to me?!

Talbert: Danny -- we may not control the system, but we definitely control the streets. 497EC87F.JPG

[ Sobbing ] I'm sorry.  I'm so I'm sorry. I'm...

Talbert: Danny, he killed your partner. Don't hold back. Justice must be served.

I'm sorry.

Talbert: Just gonna stand there, Foreman, or you gonna man up and give your partner a hand?

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Danny: Clark, what the hell are you doing here? You got to get out of here -- now!

Lana: Were you this devoted before or after your accident?

Tess: Someone's been doing her homework. I don't know what you want from me.

Lana: Two years ago, your survey team was in South America, collecting disease samples for LuthorCorp when an explosion destroyed your camp. And you were left for dead.

Tess: Lex saved my life. I owe him everything.

Lana: This is how a Luthor rewards that kind of loyalty. 497EC8D1.JPG

Tess: What are you doing?

Lana: I'm opening your eyes. [ Echoing ] There's a nanotransmitter hardwired to your optic nerve. You've been Lex's eyes and ears for quite some time. He's watching us right now. Lex might have saved you, but he never trusted you, Tess. I'm sorry.

I'll let you know as soon as Detective Jones wakes up. He's strong, but he's not out of the woods yet.

Thank you, Doctor.

Danny: Foreman. Take it easy.

Clark: Take it easy?!

Danny: Come here. I saw you chatting up your buddy the Green Arrow. He took down our whole squad, and you just let him walk.

Clark: Look, I don't know what you think you saw --

Danny:  All you do is ask questions about some detective, and then I find you checking upon him in the hospital, too? Who are you, Joe? You fed? I.A.B.?

Clark: I want to take down the guy who shot him, 497EC92D.JPGand I know that the shooter's a part of your squad. They crossed the line, Danny. This isn't the first time they've gone after somebody who slipped through the system.

Danny: Someone has to.

Clark: What about John Jones? He was on to your little lynch mob, wasn't he? Danny, someone shot him to cover it up. Who are you protecting?

Danny: You don't roll over on a badge. Not ever.

Clark: Then why is it okay to shoot one?

Danny: Hey, these guys have my back. W-which is more than I can say for you.

Clark: I do have your back, Danny, and I might be the only one. This is not justice.

Danny: Joe, I'm just one man. What can one man do?

Clark: Ask yourself why you put that uniform on in the first place.

Oliver: Imagine my surprise when I stumble upon Metropolis' finest going gangland. Thug's a really good look for you and your crew, by the way.

Clark: They're not all bad, Oliver. 497EC97F.JPGSome of them are out there every day, risking their lives and their families, trying to do the same thing we are.

Oliver: Yeah, I'm sure you're right. You know, I always forget -- how many parolees did we rough up last month? Do you remember?

Clark: Of all people, I thought you would understand that this isn't just black and white.

Oliver: No matter how noble their intentions when they started, Clark, these people have gone too far.

Clark: And you never have? Danny watched that guy kill his partner. Tell me you've never been tempted to look in the eyes of someone who just committed so much pain and j-- 

Oliver: Kill him. Kill him for the greater good? You gonna stand there and tell me that's what you believe? I didn't think so.

Clark: What I'm saying is that saving someone, truly saving them, is not about knocking them out 497EC9AB.JPGand throwing them in a dark room. It's about helping them find their way back to the right side.

Oliver: You know what, Clark? Some people are beyond saving.

That's the suspect that Jones tracked down last night.

Oliver: But he didn't find his way back to custody, Clark. He did, however, manage to find his way to the bottom of a river. Now, these people are taking the law into their own hands. How many more people have to die before you do anything?

Clark: All right, look. I have narrowed it down to Simmons and Talbert. Both have sniper training.

Oliver: Great! You sit here and you play detective. I'm gonna go make sure your boys don't get a chance to put another person in the hospital.

What's the matter? 497EC9E9.JPG

[ Sighs ] There's something you need to know about Joe. I made a couple calls. He's not who he says he is.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Siren wails ]

Could have called ahead. I would've had the wife set a place at the table for you.

Clark Kent, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of detective John Jones.

Clark: You set me up? You're better than this.

You did the right thing. Just one loose thread to tie up. Your hands have been clean for way too long, Danny boy. Hey, smile. You're gonna be the man who killed The Green Arrow.

This is messed up. You said you were transferring me.

We're not gonna kill you.  You're just the bait.

Simmons:  You ready, Danny? How you know The Arrow's gonna show?

He can't help himself. After the other night, you can bet he's been watching us.

Help! Help! Help! Somebody help me! 497FBB97.JPG

[ Gunshot ]

That should do it.  Let him have it.

Target spotted, moving toward your position.

Showtime, kid. You're welcome.

Damn it, Turpin, move in.

Turn around.  Show me your hands.

Oliver:  That's not bad. It's not every day someone gets the drop on me.

Is this all a joke to you? That guy took a shot at me.

Oliver:  And you were gonna what?  Put him in the ground?

Damn it, Turpin, you got the shot. Take it.

Oliver: You're Joe's partner, right?

His name is Clark Kent.

Danny: This isn't about him, okay?

You got the shot, Danny. Take it.

Oliver: It's not too late for you. You don't have to do this.

Danny: Why don't you capes just mind your own damn business, huh?! You don't know these guys like I do. I got a family at home. 497FBBDF.JPG

Oliver: And your little boy asks you who you saved today, you can tell him you killed a man in cold blood.

Danny: It ain't like that.

Oliver: I knew you were a part of this, but Clark actually trusted you. He thinks you just lost your way.

Take the shot!

Oliver: Man, if this is what you need to do to find yourself, then... ...then do it. You do it. You pull the trigger, and you can prove Clark wrong. Be a real hero.

Take the shot, Danny. 497FBC1A.JPG

[ Gunshot ]

You should have pulled that trigger, kid.

Dispatch...Green Arrow spotted on 16th avenue assaulting an officer. Requesting back up. Officer is down.

Dispatcher:  All units, all units. 10-108 on 16th.

Officer under attack from Green Arrow. Immediate backup requested.

How many times did I swear Turpin wouldn't seal the deal? Pay up. 497FBC38.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunshot ]

Come on. Let's go.

[ Gunshot ]

[ Air whooshes ]

What the...

[ Groaning ] How did you...

Clark:  It's like you said. Always wear a vest. 497FBC68.JPG

[ Siren wailing ]

Danny... you're under arrest.

Don't shoot! I'm one of the good guys.

Clark: Hey.

J'onn: Hey. Feels good to be back on my feet again.

[ Chuckles ]

Clark: I don't know how many favors you had to call in. Thank you for getting me out of trouble with the police.

J'onn: It was the least I could do.

Clark: Could have used some backup out there. Why didn't you call me in sooner? 497FBD4F.JPG

J'onn: Same reason I've had to pull you from the brink of death before. Same reason you let your guard down last night. Pride. After knowing what it's like to truly feel powerful... to have the ability to change fate... it's hard to admit when you can't do it alone.

Clark: I guess going solo has really caught up with us lately, huh?

You know, for everything Danny's crew did wrong, I have to say... knowing there's always someone there who has your back... that kind of brotherhood can make you feel like you could do anything.

Tess: When I thought my life was over, you gave me a reason to keep going. I wouldn't be who I am without you. I trusted you. Because I respected you. I've done everything you've ever asked. You've seen that with your own eyes, and apparently with mine. But not anymore. I hope you watch with rapt attention as your bank accounts close, as you lose all contact with the outside world, as your life disappears before your eyes. Goodbye, Lex. 497FBDAE.JPG

[ Beeping ]

Tess: I loved you. You son of a bitch.

Oliver: Mercy. Wow. Sure hope your s'mores are worth the drive.

Tess: I wouldn't want you to spoil your appetite. We're going to dinner. I'd like to discuss a merger.

Oliver: [ Chuckles ] A merger? What kind of merger?

Tess: Any kind you want. Don't keep me waiting.

Oliver: Oh!

All right, bud.  It's P.J. time, okay?

Green Arrow?

No. Robin Hood.

You know, most people think he's a bad guy, but he isn't. At least that's what my kid tells me. Go figure. 497FBDFF.JPG

Must be all those bright colors.

Clark: Danny, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you I was a reporter.

Danny: Yeah. Well, I can't really be mad at you, Clark. I want to be. But, uh, you were just doing what you felt was right, which is more than I can say for myself. I just got all... turned around.

Clark: I'm glad you found your way again.

Danny: Yeah. Well, let's hold off on that until the inquest next week. But no matter what happens... ...I know that they can be proud of me from now on. 497FBE49.JPG

Clark: Hey, Danny. Is it hard to put them through what you do every day?

Danny: You just can't lose sight of the people you're trying to protect, you know? It'd be harder not doing it. I do what I do to... just to keep them safe.

You brush your teeth?


Danny: What about you, Clark? You got someone who makes it all worth it?

Clark: If I squint just right, it's like we're 14 again.

Lana: You say that like it's a good thing. What's up?

Clark: I couldn't sleep.

Lana: So you came to a coffee shop? Not your best plan, Mr. Kent.

Clark: Lana, I know you had reasons for coming back. Why are you staying?

Lana: Leaving is harder than I thought it would be. But, like I said, I don't knowhow long I'll be here, so...

497FBEB0.JPGClark: Whether you leave in 10 years or you leave tomorrow, the important thing is you're here today.

Lana: Clark... ...we aren't 14 anymore. The world will always be bigger than the both of us.

Clark: Maybe it doesn't have to be all or nothing. For the last year, all I've done is sacrifice myself and everything that I love for the greater good. What if the rest of the world didn't have to come first?

Lana: The world needs you, Clark.

Clark: What about what we need?

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