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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 1, 2007

picture of Lara

Provided by Suzanne
still needs a little more editing

[ Rumbling ] 47397079.JPG

[ Crashing ]

Kara: Please don't send me away, Father.

Zor-El: This is for the best. Until this war is over, you'll be safer on earth. The journey takes three years --

Kara: Three!

Zor-El: It's the only way. The council destroyed all the remaining portals so General Zod and his men couldn't escape.

Kara: What if I never see you again?

[ Explosion ]

Zor-El: I'm your father, Kara.  Trust my wisdom.

473970AA.JPGKara: Everything and everyone that I love is here on Krypton.

Zor-El: This crystal is your way back to us. As long as you have it, the world you know and love will be safe.

Kara: Why can't you come with me?

Zor-El: I'm needed here to protect Kandor. You must protect the crystal. It contains instructions for what you must do when you rescue your cousin Kal-El.

Kara: I don't want to go.

Zor-El: Remember, Kara, a true Kryptonian embraces their destiny no matter what.

Kara: I love you.

Zor-El: You must go now. Go. I love you, Kara.

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Support for the meteor-infected. This is what was so urgent.

Chloe: Right now, my worries should be the least of your worries, Clark. The FAA halted all air traffic over Washington late last night. Some commercial airline pilot 473971E8.JPGreported a near miss with an object that shot into the sky in a red-blue blur.

Clark: No.

Chloe: Yeah, they think it may have been a ground-to-air missile, but if you ask me, I think we just found --

Clark: Kara. Chloe, this is all my fault.

Chloe: Clark, you're not the one who played chicken with an airplane. Besides, she's not your responsibility. You're her cousin, not her father.

Clark: I pushed her away, Chloe. I didn't trust her. Now she's alone and angry. 47397200.JPGI have to find her and bring her back before she hurts someone.

Chloe: Or uncorks the Kent family secret. I mean, clearly, Kara does not fly below the radar.

Jimmy: Hey, Clark. Did you hear from Kara? And is she okay? You guys look worried. What's going on?

Clark: Apparently, Kara decided to go to Washington, D.C., alone, and not tell anyone.

Jimmy: Maybe she's doing the tourist thing. Postcards are probably already in the mail.

Chloe: You know something, 4739721F.JPGdon't you?

Clark:  Jimmy, she's my cousin. She's my family. If you know anything, you need to tell me.

Jimmy: Kara asked to see a video that Lois took of some so-called spaceship out in Granville. The recording was ruined, but I managed to get a partial image of equipment that... pointed to the government.

Clark: And you didn't tell us this because...?

Jimmy: Because Kara asked me to keep it a secret. She trusted me. I'm sorry, C.K. She said it was a hobby. I had no idea 47397243.JPGthat she'd follow the lead all the way to Capitol Hill.

Clark: Thanks, Jimmy. Chloe, if he's right, the government might have Kara's crystal.

Chloe: That's her last tie to Krypton. She'll do anything to get it back.

Clark: Lionel... welcome back.

Lionel: Clark.  Oh. 47397264.JPG[ Chuckles ]

Clark: I'm glad you're okay.

Lionel: Yes, well... in the darkest hour, the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure. [ Chuckles ] Luthors are survivors, Clark. I hear that a new member of the Kent family has turned up in Smallville.

Clark: My cousin Kara.

Lionel: Kara. You haven't mentioned her before, have you? Which side of the family?

Clark: My father's side.

Lionel: Oh. Which father?

Clark: My adoptive father. Look, the reason I came here... I stumbled across an underground government lab. It's located beneath this silo in Granville. You have a lot of contacts in Washington. 47397295.JPGI thought maybe you could tell me something about it.

Lionel: What were you doing in a government lab, Clark?

Clark: Researching a story for a friend.

Lionel: I believe that lab in Granville belongs to the Department of Domestic Security. Tell your friend that -- tell her it's not a front-page story.

Clark: Domestic Security?

Lionel: So, they deal with terrorism. Among other things. You know, Washington has had a wary eye on the heavens for decades, Clark, watching for any threat from beyond the stars. I've heard they call that program Starhawk. They came to Smallville right after the second473972CA.JPG meteor shower. I've done everything I could to divert their attention away from you.

Clark: Why didn't you say anything to me?

Lionel: Your life is complicated enough. I understood they were about to leave Smallville. They'd found no conclusive evidence of an alien threat. Do you think that something they discovered, something in that lab, changed their minds?

Clark: Tell me everything you know about Starhawk.

Scientist: Composition -- beryllium... aluminum silicate with fluorine... 7% material unknown.

Carter: Lock it down. Give me a full report as soon as possible.

[ Motor whirring ] 4739730F.JPG

[ Door beeps ]

Lex: Quite the brain trust you have here, Agent Carter. This is a restricted facility. You never told me you stole something from that spacecraft.

Carter: Our work is classified -- for reasons of national security, Mr. Luthor.

Lex: And you've obviously made an effort to see it remain secure. However, the term "classified" has never prevented me from getting what I want.

Carter: That's right, you've got this angelic, blonde saint watching over you.

47397347.JPGLex: In the halls of power, you don't amount to much, Agent. It's only a matter of time before I find out what it is you're hiding.

[ Beeping ]

[ Beeping, whirring ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Woman: So, they put it to a vote.

Man: You know, the redhead out of Langley.

Man #2: I'd rather be out in the field chasing UFO's than stuck in a lab. Half the stuff's hazardous.

Man #3: I've been working so hard, I haven't been able to get a... date.

Man #4: Nice choker. 473974B9.JPG [ Chuckles ]

Kara: You, uh, work for Domestic Security?

Lab technician: I know I've had a few, but am I really that obvious?

Kara: You know what's sexy? The thought of a government agent keeping me safe.

Lab technician: I'm not really an agent.

Kara: Don't tell me you're just another pencil pusher from the home office across the street.

Lab technician: No, I head up a team of lab technicians outside the city.

Kara: Hmm.

Lab technician: But we go out in the field a lot.

Kara: Good. I was hoping you were hands-on. Ever investigate anything -- I don't know -- extraterrestrial?

Lab technician: Excuse me?

Kara: You know, UFO's, aliens, galaxies far, far away?

Lab technician: I -- I can't really be talking about what I do.

Kara: Life on other planets -- that's hot. I would have loved to have chatted about it. 473974F0.JPG

Lab technician: Yeah. Wait.

Kara: Where did you find the ship?

Lab technician: Um, Kansas -- out in the boondocks somewhere.

Kara: I can't believe that you work with real flying saucers. It's such a turn-on.

Lab technician: What do you say... we get out of here?

Kara: In these spaceships, ever find anything in them?

Lab technician: We can talk more at my apartment. It's not too far away.

Kara: Oh, come on, secret-agent man. Tell me what was in that ship, and I'll go wherever you want.

Lab technician: Oh, it's just some weird crystal. We're studying it at the lab. Seriously, do you really think that I can wait till we get to your place?

Kara: Hmm? Well... 4739752B.JPGwhy don't we get a bit more comfortable?

[ Air whooshes ]

Lab technician: Hey, where did you...?

[ Sighs ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Alarm blaring ]

Receptionist: Can I help you?

Chloe: Yeah, I was hoping I could get a --

Lana: Chloe.

Chloe: Lana?

Lana: What are you doing here?

Chloe: I stumbled across the Isis Foundation website and saw they were reaching out to meteor victims. I -- I wanted to see if I could get an interview. Do you work here?

Lana: You could say that. I actually kind of am the foundation.

Chloe: When did you become such a champion for the meteor-challenged?

Lana: Lex ruined lives with 33.1 -- not just his victims, but their families and friends. 4739758E.JPGI'm using the divorce settlement to fight back.

Chloe: Lana, this is a little more impressive than just writing a check. I mean, this is a major operation.

Lana: Right now, it's just me in an office. But eventually, I'd like to open a free clinic, start support groups, set up a crisis hotline.

Chloe: I'm so proud of you. Why didn't you tell me?

Lana: I don't want anyone to know until I've had the chance to build this into something real.

Chloe: You're on the Web.  You're already out there.

Lana: I launched the site so that people that needed help could find me. Grassroots is really all I want right now. Chloe... do me a favor and don't tell Clark, okay?

Chloe: I thought you two were all about full disclosure now.

Lana: Well, you know how he is. He's gonna think that the work's too dangerous, and he's gonna try and talk me out of it. 473975C6.JPG

Chloe: Lana, I've interviewed enough people to know when someone's bending the truth. And as much as I love what you're doing, I'm sensing a right angle in here somewhere.

Lana: That right angle is your imagination. Please, Chloe, don't tell Clark anything.

Chloe: This conversation is officially off the record.

Lana: Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Lab technician: Hey! Give me back my wallet.

Kara: I will when you tell me the reallocation of the crystal. Shh! 473975F5.JPG

Lab technician: [ Groans ] Who are you?

Kara: It wasn't in the lab!  Where is it?!

Lab technician: It's there!  We never move it!

Clark:  Let him go, Kara. Give him his wallet back.

Kara: [ Sighs ]

Clark: I've been looking all over for you.

Kara: Congratulations.  You found me. Is this the part where you give me a stern talking-to?

Clark:  You're looking for the crystal, aren't you?

Kara: That's my business, not yours.

Clark:  You nearly took out an airplane, Kara. Do you have any idea how many people you could have killed?

Kara: My mind kind of wandered.

Clark:  If you continue this way, it's only a matter of time before you get hurt or found out.

Kara: Why do you care?

Clark:  You're my cousin, Kara.  I care about you. 47397629.JPG

Kara: Well, family believes in one another. And you betrayed me.

Clark:  You'd rather talk to anyone else but me. I'm really trying here, but everything I've been told --

Kara: by who? Your friend, the Martian Manhunter? My father wasn't a traitor.  He didn't try to kill anyone. He was a good man. I'm gonna prove that to you.

Clark:  Forget about the crystal.  It could be anywhere.

Kara: That crystal is the only thing I have left from home. But you could care less.

Clark:  That's not true.

Kara: It's always about what you want. You act like such a hero. But really, all you ever think about is yourself.

Clark:  I'm not the one who took off and didn't tell anybody where I went.

Kara: Was I supposed to give you an itinerary? We may be cousins, but I don't have to like you. 4739765B.JPGStay out of my life.

Clark:  I'm not letting you leave.

Kara: You don't have a choice.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Glass shattering ]

Jimmy:  Kara. You okay?  When did you get back from D.C.?

Kara: I just flew in.

Jimmy:  You know, Clark was looking for you. He was really worried. You might want to think about diving into the digital age 4739772D.JPGand use your cell phone.

Kara: Don't worry about Clark.  Look, I hope you don't mind me using your computer. Just thought I'd check some stuff against the planet database.

Jimmy:  No, no, that's no problem at all. Feel free to rev your search engine here anytime. Well, unless you're hacking into national security networks.

[ Keys clacking ]

Jimmy:  Which is exactly what you're doing. Kara, this is top-secret information. They can trace my I.P. address and arrest me for this.

Kara: Not after running it through a torpark filter and rerouting it through half a dozen servers.

Jimmy:  You are a very mysterious girl.

Kara: I'm trying to find who entered this one lab, someone who could have stolen something from it. Have you ever heard of LX Dynamics?

Jimmy:  Yeah, they're a LuthorCorp defense contractor working assignment down at one of their plants.

Kara: As in Lex Luthor.

Jimmy:  47397769.JPGHere, scoot over, and I will pull up our file on them. And here...

[ Air whooshes ]

.Jimmy: Kara?

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Carter: I suspected that you and Luthor were working together.

Kara: What are you doing?

Carter: I've been waiting for the chance to use these restraints on you. When I saw how that meteor rock disabled your ship, I figured it might do the same thing to the passenger.

Kara: Tell your boss I only want what's mine.

Carter: My boss is the United States of America. We have some questions for you.

Lex: What the hell are you doing?

Carter: Step back, Mr. Luthor. This is a matter of national security. 473977D9.JPGI said stand down.

Lex: You better have official authorization to make an arrest. You're being recorded.

Carter: I disabled the feed.

Lex: My guards will be here in seconds.

Carter: I disabled them, too.

Lex: What have you done to her?

Carter: You stole something from me.

Lex: I don't know what you mean.

Carter: Is it a coincidence you were in my lab the same day she broke in?

Lex: What makes you think she would break in to your lab?

Carter: You've got my property hidden somewhere in here, but it doesn't matter anymore. She's the real prize now.  So blinded by devotion, he couldn't see the danger that you pose our planet.

Lana: Clark, it's Lana.  I know where Kara is.

Lex: I don't need a frank assessment, Senator, just your assurance Agent Carter will be fired by morning.

Clark: Where's Kara? 47397828.JPG

Lex: Take it easy, Clark.

Clark: Where is she?

Lex: She was just arrested by the Department of Domestic Security.

Clark: I swear to god, Lex, if you're lying --

Lex: I tried to stop the agent, but he got the upper hand. I only want to help her.

Clark: I wish I could believe you.

Lex: I swear. She's been taken to a lab in Virginia. Clark, why would they arrest her?

[ Kara groaning ]

Kara: Why are you doing this?  You're hurting me.

Carter: Well, if I wasn't hurting you, you'd be hurting me. We humans -- we call it "survival of the fittest."

Kara: I am human.

Carter: Then how did you smash into an impenetrable vault? See, I talked to that lab tech, the one you tried to seduce. I know it was you. This machine will reveal the truth. Summerholt created this technology to force people to relive their memories. But it was unstable. Now I can control the process by delivering the meteor-rock solution directly into your veins. I want to know about your home planet.

Kara: You're on it.  It's called Earth. 473979A3.JPG

Carter: Now... let's start at the beginning.

Kara: [ Groaning ]

Carter: Where are you from, and when did you first arrive on this planet?

Lara: Kara?

Kara: Hi, Aunt Lara.

Lara: You followed me?

Kara: Well, with the speed we have on this planet, it wasn't hard.

Lara: Visiting me at home is one thing, Kara, but sneaking through the last remaining portal to follow me here was far too dangerous.

Kara: I had to get out of Kandor. The war's been getting worse, and I can hear the mines being bombed day and night.

Lara: Does Zor-El know you're here?

Kara: You know my father never lets me out of Kandor alone. But he's been spending so much time in the lab that it was easy to sneak away.  Why are you here? 

Lara: I... I wanted to see where my son may grow up.

Kara: What?  But you don't have -- 473979D9.JPGwait.  You're pregnant? I'm so happy for you! I know how much you and Jor-El wanted this!

Lara: He's our miracle baby.

Kara: I don't understand. I mean, why would he grow up here?

Lara: Kara... Krypton may never see the end of this war. Jor-El's Brain-InterActive Construct may very well save us, but I won't risk my son's life on that chance.

Kara: Well, I'll be there, and I'll protect him.

Lara: As much as this pains me, it may be my only choice. I can't let the destiny of my child be dictated by the fate of our planet.

Kara: Well, aren't you worried about your son growing up with humans? I mean, they're so primitive.

Lara: Jor-El visited Earth many years ago, and he chose this family because he was impressed by their capacity for love. 47397A16.JPG

Kara: I hope it's more impressive than the way that they live. This place is a mess.

Lara: It's one of many structures, Kara. It's not the residence. Come, let me show you.

Kara: Okay, Aunt Lara.

Carter: [ Gasps ] Amazing. You were here before the first meteor shower.

Kara: No.  I'm hallucinating.

Carter: No, it wasn't a hallucination. You came to Earth in 1986.

Kara: It's not true!  I never --

Carter: who did you visit?

47397A39.JPGKara: I didn't. I swear.

Carter: That would be a lie. So, I guess we could use a little higher concentration.

Kara: [ Grunting ]

Carter: I want you to go back to your first journey here. Who did you contact?

Kara: What if we get caught, Lara? Are these people here right now?

Lara: No, they're attending a spiritual celebration called church. It's one of their traditions.

Kara: Hmm. Sure smells a lot better in here.

Lara: I believe they're cooking. Sunday roast. 47397A5B.JPG[ Sighs ] It is so peaceful here compared to Krypton. It's a true home.

Kara: I don't know. It's kind of small and cluttered.

Lara: Careful, Kara. We must leave no trace of our visit. I don't want to influence them in any way. They're destined to raise my child. It's important they feel secure.

Kara: Have you given your baby a name yet?

Lara: No. With everything happening on Krypton, Jor-El and I have yet to discuss one. He'll be so far from home. Our sun will be nothing but a distant star.

Kara: Maybe you could name him Kal-El. And that way, when he looks at the sky, he could think of us.

Lara: Kal-El. Well, that's a beautiful name. 47397A97.JPGThis must be her. She'll make a good mother. Kara.

Kara: Don't you want your son to have a picture of you?

Lara: We better hide it somewhere.  Zor-El!

Kara: Father!

[ Metal shearing ]

Clark: Get away from her!

Carter: Oh, my god. You're one of them. 47397AD5.JPG

[ Groaning ]

Carter: I figured there was more of you, living among us, hiding in plain sight.

Clark: She's been exposed too long.  You're killing her.

Carter: Extreme measures for extreme times. I had to push her to her limit to learn about your dangerous species.

Clark: If you disconnect her, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Carter: Yeah, you will --when I'm done with her.

Clark: Kara! Kara, wake up.

Kara: Father!

Zor-El: Kara, I told you not to leave Kandor!

Lara: It's my fault. I thought Kara could learn something about the world by coming here.

Kara: It's not true.

Zor-El: Kara, you wait outside.

Lara: There's no reason to be angry. You know Kara is safe with me. 47397B0D.JPG

Zor-El: You always did watch out for her. In fact, I'm relieved you're here. We both know our planet could be destroyed soon. With the end so near, there's no reason to return. Stay with me here on Earth. We could rule this planet with strength as a family.

Lara: Jor-El --he's my husband. We're having a child... ...a son.

Zor-El: Jor-El's blood runs too cold to be a father.

Lara: You tried to kill him. What does that make you?

Zor-El: Passionate! My brother stole you from me.  He took away my life.

Lara: Jor-El didn't steal me.

Zor-El: He'll never feel the way I feel about you.  I know you love Kara. I'll love your son as my own.

Lara: Zor-El, stop! You're delusional.

Zor-El: We will be together, Lara. If not here today, then one day through my science. 47397B4A.JPG

Lara: Your science? You --you stole my DNA?

Zor-El: Your strands are safely stored within a crystal that, like you, is full of light and beauty.

Lara: I refuse to be your next science experiment!

Zor-El: Oh, you're much more than that, Lara.

Lara: Zor-El!

Kara: Father! How could you? 47397B70.JPG

Zor-El: I told you to wait outside!

Kara: What are you doing?! Stop!

Zor-El: You will forget everything about this day.

[ Flatline ] 

Clark: No, no, no, no. Kara?!  Kara, come back! Kara!

[ Gunshot ]

Clark: Kara.

Sorry, Clark, I'd never have told you about this place if I'd known how dangerous it was.

[ Flatline continues ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Kara: Kal-El. I'm so sorry.

Clark: It's okay. Everything's gonna be all right.

Kara: I don't believe it. After all this time. That means that I really was here, and everything that I saw is true.

Clark: When I saw my mother in your memory, she was so beautiful... just as beautiful as she is in this picture. You really loved her, didn't you?

Kara: I did. Just like I love my father. Until now, I thought he was such a god -- a real Kryptonian hero. But you're right. He was nothing like that. 47397C95.JPG

Clark: Your father did some terrible things. But in his own misguided way, I'm sure he loved you.

Kara: I don't know what's worse -- finding out the truth or losing who I thought he was.

Clark: We're not defined by our parents, Kara. One of the most important things that my adoptive parents taught me is that we shape our own destiny.

Kara: Maybe it's time I stopped holding on so tightly to my past and started looking ahead to my life on Earth -- find the kind of friends that you have. I'm sorry, Clark. I was so obsessed with trying to find the crystal that it put us both in danger.

Clark: I don't blame you for wanting to find the crystal so badly -- especially now that I know how important it is.

Kara: I said some terrible things to you -- things that weren't true. 47397CD7.JPGI'm happy you're in my life, Clark.

Clark: Well, I'm happy to be in your life, Kara. Lara loved you very much.

Kara: I'm glad you got to see my memory of her.

Clark: Me, too. I hope I can see her again someday.

Lionel: Striving for complete isolation? Dangerous choice. No man is an island entire of itself.

Lex: Glad to know your son still ranks a spot on your busy itinerary. I tried to use the LuthorCorp jet the other night, but you'd already taken it to Washington.  I'm amazed you'd be traveling so soon after your recent ordeal in the woods.

Lionel: I've got some catching up to do. Oh, I got a bit of news from my contacts at the department of Domestic Security. There's a new girl in town. And apparently, you are fascinated with her. 47397D2C.JPG

Lex: [ Chuckles ] If you're referring to Kara Kent, I'm afraid you're mistaken. She just works for me at The Talon.

Lionel: First Lana, now Kara. Don't you think it's time to give up this fixation with Clark and everyone connected with him?

Lex: So, that's it? Your fatherly advice for the day?

Lionel: Can't I take an interest in my son's well-being?

Lex: Oh, and which son is that? You spend as much time protecting Clark as you do pushing me away. Exactly whose father are you?

Lionel: I wish I could say yours and be proud. Your treatment of Lana --

Lex: Come on, Dad. I learned from watching you with Mom. I was just... being a Luthor.

Lionel: I don't know what you're being. 47397D61.JPGYou have crossed a line.

Lex: Look... I realize your first instinct is to assume the worst, Dad. But believe me, I'm not that person anymore.

Lionel: You're right. You're not. These illicit projects of yours -- you hide them like an expert. I'm sure you can fool the people around you. You can probably fool yourself. But not me. [ Chuckles ] You can never fool me.

Kara: I think I owe you an apology for running off last night.

Jimmy: I know what it's like to chase a lead, Kara. I just hate to think that you only want me for my computer.

Kara: No, it just takes a lot to put a frown on that face of yours, James. I was so focused on tracking down spaceships that I wasn't much of a friend. You were there for me every time.

Jimmy: So, you noticed.

Kara: Noticed? 47397DAA.JPGIf it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had any leads to chase.

Jimmy: Well, I don't know, Kara. I saw how fast you went from computers 101 to hacking the Pentagon. I think you can do just about anything once you put your mind to it.

Kara: Well, right now, all I want to do is treat you to lunch. How about some more Chinese? I'm getting the hang of that whole chopstick thing.

Jimmy: I'll go get my jacket. Okay, great. Whoa. 47397DCF.JPG

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Hey, you're looking chipper.

Jimmy: Really, I do? It's nothing. It's just a... beautiful day.

Chloe: You know, even though we're not each other's automatic plus-one anymore doesn't mean we still can't be friends. Are you doing anything for lunch?

Jimmy: Actually, I -- I have plans. With Kara. It's just lunch, Chloe.

Chloe: Look, I know how this is gonna sound, coming from me, but you and Kara are from different worlds. Just be careful, okay?

Jimmy: Chloe, Kara is from Minnesota. It's not like she's from another planet. After you.

[ Insects chirping ]

Lana: So, what's the big surprise? 47397E18.JPG

Clark: I wouldn't have found Kara if it wasn't for you. I'm glad you still have those contacts in the mansion.

Lana: I'm just glad she's okay.

Clark: Well, when I found her, Lana, she gave me this. It's my birth mother. Her name is Lara.

Lana: She's stunning. Clark, this was taken in your house. When did you --

Clark: it's a long story, Lana, but there is more. I told you I wanted to share everything with you.

Lana: What's in that?

Clark: Inside this my mother's DNA.

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