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Smallville Transcripts


First aired March 27, 2008

Milton Fine in "Veritas"

Provided by Suzanne
needs to be edited

[ Screeching ]

[ Food rattling ] Hey.

[ Chirping ]

[ Dog barking ]

[ Barking continues ]

[ Wings flapping ]

[ Barking continues ]

[ Barking continues ]

[ Barking continues ]

[ Bird shrieks ]

[ Barking ]

[ Barking viciously ]

[ Vicious barking continues ]

[ Door opens ] Quiet morning. It's cold, still... bleak. Almost reminds you of krypton,doesn't it? Who are you? The answer to manyof your unanswered questions. I seriously think you havethe wrong farmhouse. I would have expected a girlraised by such a stoic race to be a better liar. But you're just as transparentas kal-el. How do you know kal-el? I've been watching. I don't know what you want, but that lifeis in my past. Only because you have no optionto return, but you would,wouldn't you? You have to miss the waythings used to be. Getting memory backmust have been... a disappointment. I like my life here. And I thinkyou should leave. That's a valiant effort, but it's not the truth.

What if I told you that there

was a way to go back... to save everyoneyou loved? I'd say you weren'tthe first kryptonian to use those memoriesagainst me. And it won't work. That's unfortunate... because I need you. Sorry.That's not my problem. Well, at least you can't sayI didn't ask nicely. Just remember -- if we'd have done this my way,no one would have gotten hurt.

Why didn't you tell me there was another kryptonian on earth? You were halfway across the country with no memory. And he's not a guy. He's a machine. He's a -- he's a computer. Brainiac. The last time I went up against this thing, he wanted me to release zod. But you destroyed zod, right? What is he after now? Me. Your father. He made a lot of bad choices toward the end. 47F08C4B.JPGIs it possible that he and zod were allies? Never. If there's one thing that our fathers agreed on, it was their hatred for zod. Then why has he turned his attention toward you? I don't know. But when we go up against him, it would be helpful if we were all on the same playing field. Or should I say "sky"? 47F08C78.JPG

[ Sighs ] Aren't articles supposed to have words?

[ Chuckles ] Well, I just start with the best part and work backwards. Oh. Well, my photo card has an equally big blank spot that's dying to be filled, and I was just wondering if... ...well, if you needed some eye candy to complement those pros, but it looks like... don't they put you guys on assignment? Yeah, yeah. The, um, the little stuff. But now that the news is brought to you by luthorcorp, 47F08C95.JPGI need something

really, really big to stay off the gallows. Mm, don't worry. Lex couldn't hate you more than he hates me. So why not give him a double whammy? Lois lane and jimmy olsen in their big debut. What about chloe? Well, I know this will shockyou, but clark called, and chloe ran offon some big secret project. Oh. 47F08CB6.JPG

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Keyboard keys clacking ] Okay. Better make sure that camerais loaded with ammo because I gottomorrow's headline. "Daughter of nobel-winningastronomer murdered." That swann woman they fished outof the lake last night? Yeah. I thought that she drowned. More like sank. Kind of hard to swimafter you've been shot. All the tracks have beencovered, mr. Luthor. No one will ever be able totrace the locket back to you. I don't needto remind you. Absolute secrecy. After this many years,trust me, I understand the magnitudeof this moment. It's funny. All those global treasure huntsand cave excavations, and the secret of veritas wasso much closer than I thought. 47F08CF5.JPGI suppose it's poeticin a way. Most things we spend our livessearching for usually are rightin front of us. There is one thingI don't quite understand. You say you've been searchingyour whole life. But I thought you didn't learnabout veritas until recently. I've always known my fatherwas covering a secret -- a secret of cryptic symbolsand mystic stones. I just didn't knowit had a name. And what was it?The final piece? My own memory. After the firstmeteor shower, there were yearsI blocked out. But ever since I was shotin detroit, I keep having flashes of thingsthat I'd forgotten. And that's howyou remembered that. Come on, patty.It's your turn. But I just went. Patty! Okay, okay. I'll go. 10, 9, 8, 47F08D48.JPG7, 6, 5, 4, 3... 2, 1. Ready or not, here I come.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Indistinct talking ] Lionel: [ Muffled ]Why doesn't it surprise me that you have fallen for patricia swann'svivid imaginings? Robert: No, I didn't imaginethe death of virgil.

[ Distinctly ]I-I understand, 47F08D76.JPG

but sue it's been a trick, ause? If we don't openthat envelope, dr. Swann's conclusionscould be as mythical as the godsof mount olympus. Virgil's gonna be hereany minute. I suggest you don't refer tohis life's work as mythology. Veritas... is the greatest secret the worldwill ever know. We formed this groupto use our wealth and power to protect that secret,not expose it. Is that robert queen talking,or is that virgil swann? You're soundingmore like him every day. 47F08D95.JPG

[ Scoffs ] Yes.Dr. Swn madethe discovery alone, but that does not give himthe right to keep it to himself. Give me the envelope,please. We promised that we would meetthe traveler before we decided to pursuea way to control him. Don't talk to meabout promises. You've been working in secretwith dr. Swann, haven't you? And you, edward -- you and genevieve gallivantingaround the world. You've been searchingfor those magical stones. Lionel, this is biggerthan the queens or the teaguesor the luthors! Long beforeour families united, men died protecting the secretof veritas. If edward's ancestorsare right, they've beensacrificing themselves to prote itfor centuries. If dr. Swann's predictionis correct, the traveler is coming now.We can't wait. That envelopeand the secret inside it will give us ultimate power. 47F08DC6.JPGYou're afraid. You don't trust yourselfwith that, do you? This... there isn't one among us who could resistthat temptation. We agreed we would not openthat envelope unless the travelerproved to be a threat. That's why swann and iare flying to zurich -- to make sure that the secretis kept locked safely away and ultimate power is leftin the hands of the gods. Robert, ult--[ Object clicks ] Find the bank this keybelongs to. Sir,that could take months. Try 24 hours.It's in zurich. 47F08E1D.JPG

[ Door closes

[ Sighs ]

 mr. Luthor,do you have any comment on the deathof patricia swann? Put the camera down.Put it down! Very resourceful. I realize that an appointmentor a press conference would be too "conventional"for you, miss lane, but -- oh, come on. You wouldn't take an interviewwith me if your life depended on it. So what makes you thinkI'll respond to an ambush? This is your chance to tell the truth.The truth? Before you're hauled awayfor murder. 47F08F98.JPG

[ Laughs ] I can't decide. Is it boundless courageyou have, or is itincorrigible stupidity? Potato, "po-tah-to." You were the last personto speak with swann before the poor woman ended upsucking pond water. All right. This, uh, clever conversationis now over. Suit yourself, but I'm not gonna bethe only one asking questions. Accordingto phone records, you had five calls in one day from a woman who was previouslysequestered overseas. Just happened to be the daythat she ended up dead. Business calls -- evidence of a businesstransaction, which it was. Oh, I don't doubt that. Look. Every photo ever takenof patricia swann shows her wearingthis family locket. 47F08FC3.JPGNow, not onlywas this locket missing when they fished herout of the lake, but there was a burn, right here on her neck, where the chainwas forcibly removed. Very sad.My heart goes out to her family. Mr. Luthor -- and now if that is allfrom the dynamic duo, security will be very happyto help you find your way out.

[ Air whooshing ] Easy as pie. Clark, I know you sent lanaoff to isis so she wouldn't seeyour maiden voyage. When are you gonna stopstalling? Not helping. I'm sorry.Yeah, I know. It -- but it's justreally easy. Just up, up, and away. I don't have time for this. You saw brainiac fly away.How do you plan on catching him? It won't matterif we don't find him first. 47F0904E.JPGInstead, we're wasting timewith abilities that I don't have yet. Fine. You cover the land,and I'll cover the sky. I wish it were that easy. Chloe's been workingovertime trying to help melocate brainiac. Then he just shows upwith no warning. There's got to be some wayto track him. Power. Everyone needs to be fueledby something. He's not affected by the sunlike we are. So what does he run on? Maybe energy. He's a computer. 47F09089.JPG

[ Electrical zappingand zzing ] Hello, lana.

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ] Let me go.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Electrical buzzing ] Aah!

[ Elevator bell dings ] Chloe, why didn't you tell methey found her last night? I...just walkedthrough the door. Another member ofthe veritas clan silenced. Chloe, do you thinklionel's behind this? I know he was throwingsuspicion onto lex when you were captured, but nothing I dug upreveals any links between lex and the veritas clanother than his father. Looks like all roadslead to lionel. What if she died...protecting me, chloe? Protecting my secret. Clark, we don't have timefor guilt right now. Look, I spentthe entire morning sweet-talking the centurion at the departmentof water and power, and he finally agreed to fast-track my password approval so that we could scanthe power grids 47F091D6.JPGfor any unusual surges. Brazil, honduras... minnesota. God, brainiacreally gets around. Oh, my god. What is it? A massive power surgeflared up in metropolis right nearthe isis foundation. Lana.

[ Air whooshes ] Clark, I -- save it for the police. Please,I-I came to see lana. Lana! I'd hoped that she could talksome sense into you, but we're runningout of time, son. You must listen to me. You've already destroyedthe life of one son. You don't geta second chance. The only real son you havehates you just as much as I do. That -- that doesn't matter,but you've -- 47F0920F.JPGyou've got to listen to me.Please! You're right, it doesn't, 'cause you're just gonna washyour hands of it, aren't you? Just like you didwhen you murdered dr. Swann and the queens?! You haven't changed. Patricia told me, and you killed her for it.No. Clark, no.I'd never -- you... all right. But it's -- it's not importantwhat you think of me, but I -- there are some thingsthat you should know. I have kept your secret hiddenlonger than you imagine. I should have listenedto my father. I was stupid to thinkyou could care about anyoneother than yourself. You're less humanthan I am. Clark, there's -- there'ssomething I -- I must give you. Here, take this.Please! There's nothing you havethat I want. 47F0923D.JPGNow, where's lana? I don't know. The receptionist said she hada visitor, and then she left. A visitor.

[ Air whooshes ] Lana! Lana! Thank god you weren't at isis! I was afraid brainiachad gone there to find you. Lana? Lana! Lana, your hand. 47F09271.JPG

[ Water bubbling ] No. Lana? So much for teamwork. Why'd you disappear on me? I thought you were gonnacheck in with me when you and chloefound brainiac. Clark, what's wrong? What happened? It's brainiac.He's done something. It was supposed to be me. 47F092B1.JPG

"Deliver kara. Daily et." Lana. Lana. Lana?

[ Air whooshes ] Lana, please.

Well, it kind oftakes the intrigue out of breakingand entering. So, why do you thinkthat lionel's sharing his deep, dark,murderous secrets with lana? He left his officeand came straight here. Just look around. Lana?

[ Whistles ] I am sorry,but this is really... creepy. Sexy. No way. Who is that? Patricia swann'sdriver/suspected killer who's vanished. Right. And that'ssignificant because...? "Lana, I'm innocent.You have to believe me. I need your help.Lionel." 47F09445.JPG

[ Sighs ] The guy who killedpatricia swann wasn't hired by lionel. He was working for lex.

[ Policeman's whistle blows ] They're preparing the jet.I hope you found the bank. Sir, we traced the keyto the national depository of switzerland,but we hit a roadblock. When we're this close, I think it's fair to saythat persuading a glorified teller should bethe least of our worries. If someone's holding out, pay them whateverthey're asking. Sir, this bank held offthe third reich, the sicilian mafia,and al-qaeda. With all due respect, I'm fairly certainthey won't bow to you. I don't understand. If they're requiringauthorization, that's not an issue. We have the key. 47F09483.JPGWe have one Y. Each safety-deposit box in the high-security vaultrequires two. Two? We've already started tryingto track down the other, but we don't haveany leads.

[ Whooshing noises ]

[ Imitating explosions ]

[ Door opens ] Lionel: Hold on a minute,will you? The divers -- did they findanyone who survived? No, sir. The queens have beenconfirmed dead. And their son -- oliver? Away at boarding school. Their key --do you have the key? Your helicopter'swaiting, sir. Thank you. I've got it. No, well, we --we just need dr. Swann'S. No, all right.Listen to me one more time. The traveler is useless to usunless we can control him. 47F094EF.JPGWell [Chuckles]The answer to that is sitting ina safety-deposit box in zurich.

[ Sighs ] Look, we'll talk later,all right? Lex. Are you readyfor an adventure, son? Where's your tie? Ah, okay.Here we go. We are gonna flyin a helicopter to a friendly little town just --just outside the city called smallville. 47F0951E.JPG

[ Chuckles ] . Let's go. I'm not sure we need to lookthat far for the key. Sir? Like you said... most things we're searchingfor are closer than we realize.

[ Air whooshes ] Kara? I can't let you do this. What happened to lana --it's my fault. Brainiac wants me. But we don't know what for.And I won't lose you and lana. Brainiac: You won't have to. What did you do to lana? A little adjustmentto her central nervous system. Absolutely irreversibleby any human standards. Completely reversible by me. Whatever you want me to do.Just don't let lana suffer. I'm afraidthat she is suffering. There's part of lanathat is completely aware of what's happening around her, 47F09579.JPGbut has no controlover her body. Her motor skills, her speech,every breath she takes is controlled by me. Leave her out of this. Did I mention that lanais in excruciating pain? She just can't express it. But you can end this. Just come with me. Kara? Kara, no! It's a trap!You can't trust him! It's the only wayto save lana. 47F095A3.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshing ]

[ Explosion ]

miss sullivan.You must talk to clark. I need you to talk to clark. A little lateto mend that fence. Amazing how a coupleof cold-blooded murders can come between people. No, no. I have takenmoral responsibility for every atrocity I committedin the past. Past?! Try last week! Maybe even today.Who knows with you? I did not -- did not kill patricia swann. After you knocked offher father and the rest of the veritascoven of yours, I'm supposedto believe you why? Because I was givena gift. I was chosen by jor-elto serve him -- to be his vessel,his emissary. 47F096BD.JPGAnd that changed me.That made me a different man. We're not stupid. You preyed on clark'sinherent need to find good in all people and his constant willingnessfor forgiveness. But now you have cried wolfone too many times. Miss sullivan, please. I'm begging you to listen. Clark won't talk to me. He's turned away from jor-el,and now he is vulnerable. He is in terrible danger. If he's in any danger,it's only from you. No, I've repented! That's right. You'rean intensely spiritual man. You amassed all the powera human could until you found outabout clark. Befriending himis the closest thing you'll ever getto seeing god. Protecting him is the only wayI found to pay for my sins. And isn't thatwhat we all want? To repent and be forgiven. 47F096FE.JPGBut none of that matters. Because what's comingis so terrible. Another false warning.No! You seriously need to come upwith a new line. No! It... hey. How is she? Clark, I'm so sorry. I really needto find brainiac. Please tell methat you've got a lead. I wish I did, but it's like kara and brainiacvanished off the map. 47F09737.JPG

[ Door opens ] You can see her now. I'll wait here for you. Lana? It's me -- clark. Kal-el. Kal-el. You're too late, kal-el.

[ Clark crying ]

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