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Smallville Transcripts


First aired December 7th, 2006

Javier and Francisco from "Subterranean"

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Jeff

Francisco: Javier, if the boss catches you resting...

Javier: He's gonna do what? Fire me? Francisco, the guy doesn't even pay us. I didn't come to America to be a slave, I came to be with my mom. If we run fast enough, we can escape.

Francisco: Everyone who's tried to run has disappeared.

Javier: Francisco, you've known me your whole life. Have I ever let you down? You just gotta trust me.

[Nearby, a man falls to the ground. He looks badly dehydrated and exhausted.]

Javier: Francisco! Are you ok? Esta bien? Necesita ayuda? Somebody call a doctor!


Jed McNally: What's happening here? [ Whistles ] Get him some water. You two, come on, back to work.

Javier: Francisco, if you stay here, you're gonna end up like that guy back there. Let's go find my mom.

[The scene shifts to night and Francisco and Javier are running through the fields.]

Javier: Hurry, Francisco. Come on. Let's go.

Francisco: I'm coming.

[There is a rumbling beneath their feet as they run.]

Francisco: What?!

Javier: I don't know. What was that?! Shh! Shh! Shh!


[The rumbling intensifies as they start running again.]

Javier: Run. Come on. Let's go! Hurry, Francisco. Run faster! Come on.

[Javier makes it to the edge of the field and beyond, but Francisco is pulled back into the field just before he can escape.]

Javier: Francisco?!

Javier: [ Breathing heavily ] Francisco?! Francisco?!


Lex: You didn't get much sleep.

Lana: Neither did you.

Lex: It's kind of become a pattern lately.

Lana: You mean since you proposed?


Lex: Lana, I don't want you to give me an answer until you're ready. To be honest, I wish I could take it back. Look, I'm usually... more calculated and strategic. But with you, you never make me see clearly. I do everything out of impulse.

Lana: You're not the only one. Things have just moved so fast.

Lex: Take as much time as you want.

Lana: Thank you. Um, are you sure that the board can't survive without their boss for one more hour?


Lex: Believe me, if I could stay with you, I would. Look, just because I'm stuck in an office all day doesn't mean you can't be off having fun. Three lost Vermeer paintings were discovered last month. You should go to the opening.

Lana: At the Metropolis Museum?

Lex: Actually, it's a bit farther. The Rijksmuseum.

Lana: In Amsterdam? Lex, that's 4,000 miles away.

Lex: And one of the most romantic cities in the world, where you'll feel very lonely and realize how much you miss me.


Lana: Nice strategy, boss.

Lex: Only if it works.

[Clark walks into the barn and sees Javier standing there. The boy turns to run.]

Clark: Hey! Wait. Hold on. What happened to you? Are you all right?

Clark: You should get those cleaned up. Why don't you come inside? I promise, no one's gonna hurt you.

Clark: So, I think we have milk, orange juice... and, uh, lemonade. Guess this would be easier if I spoke Spanish.

Javier: Orange juice, please.

Clark: Orange juice. Your English is perfect.

Javier: I watched a lot of American TV.

Clark: Oh. And what's your name?

Javier: Javier.


Clark: I'm Clark. So, Javier... why don't you tell me how you got all scraped up and why you were hiding in our barn?

Javier: Please promise you won't call the police.

Clark: Why would I call the police?

Javier: Because I ran away from that farm down the road.

Clark: What, Jed McNally's?

Javier: If I ever wanted to see my mom again, I had to escape from that place.

Clark: You talk about that farm like it's a prison.


Javier: It is. No one was allowed to leave. There was barely enough to eat. My friend and I, Francisco, tried to escape. [ Sighs ] But we started running, and there was a really loud rumble. Then he was gone.

Clark: Look, um, I'm sorry. I will have to call the sheriff.

Javier: No! You can't. I'm here illegally. They'll send me back to Mexico.

Clark: Mexico? That's a long way from Smallville. How did you get here?

Javier: Last week, a coyote smuggled 15 of us across the border in the back of a truck. I was supposed to be sent to see my mom. Instead I ended up at that farm.

Clark: Where's your mom now?

Javier: She works at a laundry company down in Granville. When my dad died, she moved up North. Saved up money for two years to get me here.


Clark: Your mom must really miss you.

Javier: Yeah. See this? She gave me this... to keep me safe. I should've given it to Francisco. We did everything together. He was like a brother to me.

Clark: Well, don't worry. We're gonna find your friend.

[Clark pulls up in his truck to Jed McNally's farm. As he does, the sheriff is driving out of the farm.]

Jed McNally: Hey, there, Clark.

Clark: Mr. McNally.

Jed McNally: Well, it's beena long time.

Clark: Your farm looks great. Thought your crops were nearly destroyed during the last meteor shower.

Jed McNally: It may sound strange, but I've come to think of that meteor shower as a blessing. Taught me, with a little hard work, anything is possible.

Clark: What did the deputy want?

Jed McNally: Looking for illegal aliens. You better believe that all my workers have their papers. I'm sorry to hear about your father, Clark. How's your mom holding up?


Clark: She's okay. Thanks. Our tractor, on the other hand -- we broke an axle. I was hoping you might have a spare pivot pin.

Jed McNally: Pivot pin? You know, I just might. Let me check the barn.

[McNally turns and walks into the barn. While he is gone, Clark turns to a couple of the workers standing there.]

Clark: Excuse me. I'm looking for Francisco. Do you know Francisco?

Farm worker: El arbol grande a la cinco.

Clark: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Farm worker: El arbol grande a la cinco.

Jed McNally: Found one! [ Laughs ] You're in luck. Still in the wrapper.

Clark: Thanks.


Jed McNally: Give my best to the Senator.

Clark: Sure.

Martha: You know how I stand. Our budget issues shouldn't get in the way of one single classroom. Thank you. You won't regret it. Bye.

Clark: Mom, you're home early from Topeka.

Martha: The vote was postponed, which isn't so bad. Gives me time to shore up support. Is everything all right?

Clark: Um...

Deputy Morales: Afternoon, Senator.

Martha: Hello. Is there a problem?

Deputy Morales: Well, a motorist saw a latino boy running across highway 54, and he might be an undocumented worker. Have you seen anyone?


Martha: I just got home. Clark?

Clark: It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to catch one person.

Deputy Morales: Well, not if he's in the country illegally. Do you mind if I look at your barn?

Martha: No. Go ahead.

Clark: Do you really have to search our property?

Martha: Clark, it's fine. We don't have anything to hide.

Clark: Then I'll go with you.

[They search through the barn.]

Clark: No one seems to be here.

Deputy Morales: Well, it's best to be thorough. You'd be surprised where people can hide.

Clark: You know, this kid isn't hurting anyone. Why not just let him be?

Deputy Morales: I'm just doing my job, Clark. If you want to get into the country, you need to do it the legal way, like my parents did. If you see anything, give us a call.


Clark: Will do, deputy.

[Clark uses his x-ray vision to see into a cabinet in the barn, and sees Javier crouched inside. He opens the cabinet door.]

Clark: You can come out now. He's gone.

Javier: How'd you know I was in there?

Clark: I used to play a lot of hide-and-seek when I was a kid.

Javier: Why didn't you tell the police?

Clark: Because I know what it feels like to be out of place. Besides, I'm not from around here, either.

Javier: Where are you from?

Clark: It's a place a lot further than Mexico. Listen, Javier, I need your help. All the workers at the farm are too scared to talk, but one of them said this to me. Can you translate it for me?

Javier: "Big tree 5." There's a huge willow tree at the farm.

Clark: I'll go check it out. You just stay here, all right?

[Martha comes into the barn.]

Martha: You're not going anywhere, Clark.

Martha: We have no choice. We have to call immigration.

Clark: I told Javier he'd be safe here, and I meant it.

Martha: I want to help this boy as much as you do, but I took an oath to uphold the law.

Clark: All he's trying to do is find his mom.

Martha: I know, but we have to go through the proper legal channels.

Clark: Was it legal when you forged my adoption papers? I'm an illegal immigrant, Mom. You've been harboring me for over 17 years.

Martha: Your situation was entirely different. We had to protect you!

Clark: And I need to protect Javier. If I don't defend him, who will?


Martha: Clark...

Clark: There's a mother out there who hasn't seen her son in over two years. Do you really want to stand in the way of that? I thought you of all people would understand. I-I'll take him to Chloe's, okay? Just give me 24 hours before you call the deputy. I gotta go, I have to meet someone.

[Out on McNally's farm, Clark meets an elderly man and a young boy.]

Clark: Are you Francisco?

[They both shake their heads.]

Clark: Do you know where I can find him?

Elderly man: La tierra lo tragó.

Clark: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Young boy, translating: He says the ground swallowed him, like all the others.

Elderly man: Diablo de bajode la tierra.

[Clark looks out across the farm and uses his x-ray vision, seeing scores of bodies buried in the Earth.]

Chloe: There are three laundry services in Granville. Your mom must be at one of them.


Javier: All right. As soon as Clark finds Francisco, we can go find her.

[Knock on door]

Chloe: One second. Write those addresses down.

[Chloe answers the door to the apartment.]

Chloe: Hi.

Jimmy: Brace yourself for the date of a lifetime. Start with a fancy dinner complete with a snobby waiter, extra forks, inappropriate footsie.

Chloe: Jimmy...

Jimmy: Then a moonlit stroll down main street. Hand-holding optional, of course. And then we conclude the evening here... with dessert. Uh...

Javier: Hey.

Jimmy: Uh, who's your friend?

Chloe: Javier, meet Jimmy. Javier is Clark's friend from Mexico. He's only been in the country for a couple weeks, and we're hanging out until Clark gets back. [ whispers ] Sorry.


Jimmy: Well, let's get this party started.

Jimmy: [ Loudly ] Javier. You have not experienced America until you've experienced pepperoni pizza.

Javier: Isn't pizza from Italy?

Jimmy: [ Normal voice ] Well, that's a-a common misconception. Um, we came up with the cheese angle. I'm gonna go order.

Chloe: Okay.

Javier: Is that your boyfriend?

Jimmy: Yeah, I'd like to order one pepperoni pizza, please. Yeah. Large.

Chloe: Define "boyfriend."

[Clark enters the apartment.]

Chloe: Hey.

Javier: Clark. Did you find Francisco?

Clark: Um, I'm still working on that. Chloe, can I talk to you for a second?

Chloe: [ To Javier ] Just a second. Clark, what did you find?


Clark: Chloe, that place is a graveyard. There's bodies buried everywhere. I called the sheriff. He's on his way to McNally's farm.

Chloe: I took a look at the farm's property records. Guess which Fortune 500 company so graciously came in and purchased the land after it had been pummeled during the last meteor shower?

Clark: Luthorcorp. [ Chloe nods ] Would you watch Javier? I'll be right back.

Chloe: Of course.

Lex: I thought I told you you're no longer a welcome guest at the mansion.

Clark: Trust me, Lex --I don't want to be here, either. But after what you've done --

Lex: And exactly what did I do? Did I swat at a fly with too much force?

Clark: I know you want to make money, Lex, at any cost, but exploiting and murdering migrant workers? Is that really worth the bottom line?

Lex: Clark, if you're going to accuse me of murder, you might want to have the facts to back it up.


Clark: Last year, Luthorcorp bought Jed McNally's farm, and any illegal immigrant who didn't want to be used as forced labor was buried in a cornfield.

Lex: I don't know what you're talking about. But then I could quote you "The Farmers' Almanac," and you'd still call me a liar.

Clark: What do you think Lana would do if she found out about this?

Lex: Well, we could ask her, except she's on her way to Amsterdam on my jet. I wasn't able to clear my schedule.

Clark: You should know I've told the sheriff about this, so you can save your lies about Luthorcorp for him.

Jimmy: C.K. missed a mean stuffed crust. So where did he run off to?


Chloe: [ Clears throat ] Clark just had some stuff he needed to...

Jimmy: Look, you don't have to cover for him, Chloe. I know why he left. He doesn't like me. And I get it. You're my girl, and the poor guy is madly in love with you. I can't really blame him.

Chloe: Clark and I are just friends. Trust me. That ship is anchored firmly at bay. And as far as him not liking you, that's impossible, Jimmy... because you make me so happy.

[Jimmy leans in for a kiss.]

Jimmy: Uh, we have company, remember?

Chloe: Oh, no.

[They look over at where Javier was sitting but he is gone, out the window and down the fire escape. They run outside in time to see Javier jump onto the back of a passing truck.]

Chloe: Javier!

Jimmy: Wait!

Chloe: Javier!

Chloe: Clark, you got to come quick. I'm at the apartment, okay? Just get here as soon as you... [ Clark super-speeds into her apartment ] can.


Clark: Where's Javier?

Chloe: Oh, Clark, I am so sorry.

Clark: What happened?

Chloe: He was just sitting on the couch eating pizza, and then he disappeared. Jimmy is outside looking for him right now.

Clark: Chloe, all I did was ask you to watch him...

Chloe: I know, and I plead guilty to child negligence in the third degree. Look, he just jumped onto a truck and disappeared. Clark, if something happens to him...

[The next day, Clark is back at the McNally farm where a huge forensics crew is digging out scores of bodies. Clark pulls up in his truck and sees Jimmy standing there.]

Jimmy: Any luck?

Clark: Been looking all night. I haven't found Javier.

Jimmy: Do you think any of those guys are his buddy Francisco?

Clark: Deputy Morales? Have you identified any of the bodies yet?

Deputy Morales: They appear to be undocumented laborers. All their papers were forged. When the others found out they were missing, they were too scared to report it.


Clark: What's gonna happen to the others?

Deputy Morales: They'll be detained and sent back to their country of origin. The good news is, though, thanks to your tip, Clark, McNally can't hurt anyone else.

Deputy #1: You sure there's no other field we should check, McNally?

Deputy #2: Be in your best interests, sir, to tell us now.

Jed McNally: That punk who got away --he got to you, didn't he?

Clark: Mr. McNally, why did you do it?

Jed McNally: Desperate times call for desperate measures. This farm is my livelihood.

Clark: So you brought in slave labor then killed them when they tried to leave?

Jed McNally: I wasn't about to let a couple of lazy potato pickers turn me in.

Clark: I guess I did that for them.

Jed McNally: Well, then you and that boy will pay for it!


Deputy Morales: Get him out of here.

[McNally slips from the grasp of the two deputies restraining him and burrows into the ground beneath him, disappearing from sight.]

[At the mansion, Lex is reviewing video footage from the farm.]

Lex: When I told you to keep me informed of Jed McNally's activities, I thought you might include such trifling details as mass murder.

Dr. Bauer: Sir, I had no idea that he was killing his workers.

Lex: You might want to geta stronger prescription for those glasses, Dr. Bauer. They found corpses on that farm.

Dr. Bauer: All that I knew was that the meteors gave him the ability to displace minerals and burrow through earth.

Lex: I didn't spend millions on research for the test subject to end up in jail. Find McNally before the authorities do.

Dr. Bauer: Mr. Luthor, you and I both know the man could be anywhere.

Lex: Then I suggest you start digging. I want him back.

Chloe: Hey, Clark, what happened?

Clark: Javier is not the only one who escaped. The police had McNally in custody, and all of a sudden he disappeared into the ground.

Chloe: Makes sense, seeing as Jed McNally is 100% certified meteor freak. I checked into the Planet's archives, and it looks like our farmer friend was buried under a mountain of Kryptonite.

Clark: That's why he went missing for three days, and it may explain his ability to move underground.


Chloe: Being a human rototiller definitely helps with the harvest. In the last year and a half, his farm has tripled in productivity. It sounds like he was being his own personal border patrol. I mean, if anyone ever tried to leave, he made sure they wouldn't live to tell the authorities.

Clark: I can't believe it. The same Jed McNally who used to go fishing with my dad is now a murderer.

Chloe: Hey, Clark, if anything could turn a law-abiding citizen into a card-carrying serial killer, it's Kryptonite.

[A police scanner on Chloe's desk comes to life.]

Man on police scanner: Unit 12. Suspected stowaway on bus headed toward Granville. Suspect hispanic, early teens. No I.D.

Clark: Javier.

Chloe: I've been monitoring the police scanner in Granville. Absolutely could be... [ Clark super-speeds out of the Planet when Chloe turns her head to look at her monitor] hurry, Clark.

Bus driver: Come on, kid, the police are coming. Let's do this the easy way, huh?

Javier: I got to get to my mom.


Clark: Leave him alone.

Bus driver: Mind your own business, kid.

Clark: He is my business.

[A police siren wails in the distance, getting closer. When the bus driver turns to look, Clark super-speeds and grabs Javier, running him out of sight to where his truck is parked.]

Javier: How'd you do that?

Clark: Javier, promise me you won't tell anybody about this.

Javier: Don't worry. I've become an expert at keeping secrets.

Clark: All right, get in the truck. Let's get you home.

Chloe: So, I'm assuming that a behind-the-scenes tour of a laundry wasn't exactly on your dream-date itinerary.


Jimmy: I wouldn't rule it out. A stack of towels could be awfully cushiony.

[Chloe turns to a group of workers coming out of the laundry.]

Chloe: [ Laughing ] Uh, excuse me. Hi. I'm just looking for Esperanza Ramirez.

Chloe: Are you Esperanza? We know your son, Javier.

Esperanza Ramirez: Javier? He's in America?

Jimmy: Yeah and he's looking for you.

Esperanza Ramirez: Where is he?

Chloe: He's at our friend's house. We can take you there if you want.

Esperanza Ramirez: Yes.

Clark: [ On the phone ] You found her, great. Thanks. That was Chloe. Your mom is on her way to my house right now.

Javier: Oh, I can't believe it! After two years, I finally get to see her. You never told me about Francisco, Clark. Just tell me. Please.


Clark: Javier, I'm sorry. He's dead. The sheriff I.D.'d his body. Look, I know it's tough. I've lost people close to me, too.

Javier: Stop the car.

Clark: Javier, I --

Javier: Please, just stop the car.

[As the truck comes to a stop, Javier bolts out the door, running into the field on the side of the road. Clark jumps out and follows him.]

Clark: Javier! Javier, I gotta get you out of here.

Javier: I never should have brought Francisco with me. [ He looks at the necklace from his mom ] Why didn't I give this to Francisco? If we hadn't tried to escape...


Clark: It's not your fault, Javier. Come on. Let's go see your mom.

[As they turn back to the truck, the ground begins to rumble underneath their feet and in an instant, Clark disappears into the ground.]

Javier: Clark! Clark!

[The rumbling continues, coming towards Javier. He turns to run but before the rumble reaches him, Jed McNally explodes out of the ground, landing unconscious nearby. Clark emerges, dirty but unscathed.]

Javier: Clark... you're all right.

[Clark stops to pick up the necklace Javier was wearing and hands it to Javier.]

Javier: Mom!

Esperanza Ramirez: [ Gasps ] Javier. Are you okay? What happened?

Javier: Clark saved me.

Clark: Javier should get to a hospital, to be checked out.

Javier: No. We can't. No hospitals.

Martha: Hopefully you won't have to worry about that anymore. I'm doing everything in my power to get your family legal status.

Clark: Mom, you can do that?

Martha: I'm working on it. I've been talking to Esperanza. Javier seems like an amazing boy, a boy I'd be proud to see as a citizen someday.


Clark: What about your position on the Senate?

Martha: Sometimes when you're dealing with extraordinary people, you need to take a risk. That's a lesson I learned from my son.

[Lex is playing the piano in the study as Lana enters.]

Lex: Hey.

Lana: Hi.

Lex: How was your trip?

Lana: Well, a small-town girl from Kansas in the Presidential suite with a stretch limousine at her beck and call -- it was definitely a change.

Lex: I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable.

Lana: Not at all. Actually, I thought it was amazing.

Lex: Yeah, it's easy to get used to, isn't it?


Lana: Lex, there were 2,000 people in line for that art exhibit, and suddenly the ocean parted, and I was escorted past everyone. I realized that money isn't just luxury, Lex. It's power.

Lex: And that power can be yours, too, now.

Lana: Think of all the good we can do in the world. And I know exactly where I want to start.

Jimmy: "Huge 1-bedroom, DSL-ready. Sprawling views of downtown." Now, if that doesn't scream Chloe Sullivan --

Chloe: Jimmy, I'm not screaming for anyplace to live.

Jimmy: Okay, well, this one is well-lit, secure parking.

Chloe: Jimmy, I have an apartment. And, yes, my roommate might blast Metallica in the bathroom, but I'm happy there.

Jimmy: Chloe, it's in Smallville. Look, I just don't feel too comfortable with my girlfriend living in a town surrounded by murderous freaks -- a chick who sprouts vines, a serial-killer farmer with a dirt fetish. I mean, who knows what's next?

Chloe: Jimmy, your girlfriend has been living in Smallville for the past 10 years. And believe it or not, she is still standing.


Jimmy: Then you must have one dedicated guardian angel.

Chloe: Jimmy, look, Smallville got me stories, and those stories got me hired at one of the best newspapers in the world.

Jimmy: Are you sure your looks had nothing to do with it?


Clark: [ Clears throat ] Aren't you two still on the clock?

Jimmy: C.K. Just the man that I wanted to see. Look, I'm a straight shooter, so we should probably just get this out in the open. I know that you got your issues with me.

Clark: What do you mean?


Jimmy: The whole Chloe-and-me thing. And, hey, you know what? I get it. But what I'm about is working through it. Do you play hoops? Great. Cool. Then we will, you know, go play a little one-on-one, and we'll just leave it outon the court, 'cause I'm your bro, not your foe. Ring that bell. There it is.

Chloe: [ Laughing ] Please don't ask any follow-up questions.

Clark: Well, nice byline.

Chloe: Hey, thanks. Yeah. It wouldn't have a happy ending if it wasn't for you, though. Come on, Clark, you put a psycho killer away, and you reunited a mother with her son. I mean, there are only so many hours in the day.


Clark: Well, see, that's the thing. No matter how many people I save, I can't solve the world's problems.

Chloe: I don't know anyone else who does more for this world than you.

[Clark is working in the barn as Lana enters.]

Lana: Clark?

Clark: I thought you were in Amsterdam.

Lana: I'm back. Is your mom around?

Clark: No, she's in Topeka.

Lana: Um, well, I brought by some paperwork for her. Should I leave it in the house?

Clark: That's all right. I'll take it. I'll make sure she gets it. This must be pretty important if you're hand-delivering it yourself.

Lana: Luthorcorp wants to sponsor the residency of the workers on your neighbor's farm. They'll all be given jobs at the plant.

Clark: You realize the only reason Lex is doing this is to wash his hands of it.

Lana: Lex had no idea what was going on on that farm.

Clark: Lana, you don't believe that.

Lana: Unlike some people I know, Lex doesn't lie to me.


Clark: Or he just wants his name clear of murder and slavery, so he sends a messenger to do his cleanup work.

Lana: I'm not Lex's messenger, Clark. This was my idea. I resent the fact that you think I'm some puppet that he can manipulate.

Clark: I didn't mean it like that.

Lana: It's exactly what you meant.

[Clark watches her leave, looking frustrated.]

Doctor: McNally remains in a low-level coma.

Lex: Put him with the others.

[As Lex leaves the room, he walks by a series of barred doors, all with outstretched arms reaching for him as he walks by. At the end of the hallway, the door closes behind him, and on the door is a sign - "33.1"]

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