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Smallville Transcripts


First aired April 19th, 2007

Progeny picture of Chloe and her mother

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Jeff

[ March 29, 1995 ]

[ A young Chloe Sullivan runs through the front door of her house. ]


Young Chloe: Mom! Mom! Mom, mom, I want youto be the first to read it. "Long live the Loch Ness monster." Mr. Hedgis said it was my best story yet -- even better than the one about the alien abduction.

[ She looks at her mother, who has obviously been crying and is trying to hold back more tears. ]

Young Chloe: Something tells me those aren't happy tears. What's wrong?

Moira Sullivan: I'm so proud of you... my little cub reporter. Chloe, I'm so -- I'm so sorry.

Young Chloe: Wait. For what? You didn't do anything.

Doctor: It's time, Mrs. Sullivan.


Young Chloe: Mom, who are those people? Where are you going?

Moira Sullivan: [ Sniffles ] Mommy's just going on a little vacation.

Young Chloe: By yourself?

Moira Sullivan: Don't you worry. Your daddy's gonna take good care of you.

Young Chloe: But nobody goes on a vacation by themselves. When are you coming back?

[ They hug. ]

[ Lex is on the highway, driving at night, flipping through music stations, when his cell phone rings. ]

Lex: I hope you're calling with good news, doctor.

Doctor: The patient still denies having any powers.


Lex: Yeah, well, she wouldn't be the first freak who refused to show her true colors. Keep pressing. I want answers.

[ Up ahead, a large truck puts its lights on and heads straight for Lex's car. At the last moment, Lex turns off the road, spinning out of control into a muddy field. When he comes to a stop, the driver of the truck walks up to his door. ]

Lex: What do you want?

[ A figure appears at the window and smashes it in, showering Lex with glass, then smacks Lex in the head with the end of a flashlight, knocking him out. The figure reaches into Lex's jacket and retrieves a small device and she straightens up, we can see it is Chloe Sullivan, in the here and now. ]

Chloe: Thanks, Lex.

[ Chloe wakes up at home, in her apartment, and rolls out of bed. She sees a pair of muddy boots on the ground, but has no recollection of how they got there. After a moment, Clark walks in. ]


Clark: Chloe? Hey, we were supposed to meet for coffee this morning.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sorry. I guess I must have slept in.

[ They both see a pair of muddy boots on the floor of the apartment. ]

Clark: After a run in the mud? What -- did you forget to wipe your feet?

Chloe: All I remember is I was doing my dishes here at the apartment and then I'm waking up in bed.

Clark: Maybe you're sleepwalking.


Chloe: Last night, possibly, but this isn't the first time this has happened. Two days ago, I was typing on my computer at the Daily Planet, and then, boom, I'm waking up at home the next morning. Clark, do you think maybe something's starting to happen to me, like in a krypto-freak kind of way?

Clark: Hey, don't reporters usually deal in facts, not jumping to conclusions?

Chloe: Yeah, I know. It's just that ever since I found out that I'm a member of the meteor-infected masses, I've been seriously and secretly freaking out.


Clark: I don't blame you. You don't have to go through this alone, all right? Come on, I'll give you a ride to work.

Chloe: Okay.

[ Clark looks at her reassuringly, but as she walks away we can see the real worry on his face. ]

[ Lex walks into the bedroom and Lana is lying in bed, awake. She sits up and sees he has a black eye. ]

Lana: Lex, what happened?

Lex: I was in a little fender bender last night.

Lana: Why didn't you wake me?

Lex: Lana, you've been dealing with so much lately. I wanted to let you sleep. It seems like you're not sleeping much anyway.

Lana: I haven't told anyone yet. Somehow, saying I lost the baby out loud makes it more real.

Lex: I know. I'm hurting as much as you are.

Lana: The last sonogram, the baby was perfectly healthy.

Lex: Lana, I promise, give it time, and we'll have a housefull of beautiful children.


Lana: What if there's something wrong with me? What if that's why I lost the baby?

Lex: You can't do that to yourself. Dr. Albright told us, 1/3 of all pregnancies miscarry with no rhyme or reason.

Lana: I want a complete checkup. I want every test possible to find out what went wrong.

Lex: Absolutely. I'll make an appointment immediately. Now, you get some rest.

Clark: Chloe, when you blacked out at the Planet, do you remember what you were working on?

Chloe: Just a story about tree planting in Circle Park. I mean, nothing controversial.

[ They drive by a field and see Lex's Mercedes out in the middle of the mud, surrounded by police. ]

Chloe: Is that Lex's car out there? Let's go see what's going on.

Clark: Chloe, no offense, but I think Lex can get his own Triple-A.

Chloe: Something doesn't seem right. Let's turn around. Come on.


[ Clark does a U-turn and pulls to a stop. ]

Clark: Looks like the police got here before Lex's cleanup crew could mop up.

Chloe: That Luthorcorp security guard just grabbed his cellphone. It's time to perk up those ears.

[ Clark listens in on the phone conversation. ]

Lex: [ On the phone ] Jackson, what have you got?

Jackson: [ On the phone ] I searched the car and surrounding areas. The flash drive is gone, Mr. Luthor. Whoever ran you off the road must have taken it.

Chloe: What is it?

Clark: Lex didn't crash by himself. He had a little help. And whoever it is stole his flash drive.

Chloe: Do we know who Racer "X" is?

Clark: No, but their vision's only 20/20. [ Clark scans the car ] What's that?

Chloe: What's what? Did you find Lex's flash drive?

[ As Chloe is speaking, Clark super-speeds to the car and back as she's in mid-word. The rustle of her hair is her only clue. ]

Chloe: Did you just --

Clark: I found something. It's a button.

Chloe: That's my button.


Clark: Chloe, either this is some bizarre coincidence, or you --

Chloe: I was here last night.

[ Clark drives Chloe back to the apartment. ]

Chloe: Do the math, Clark. The muddy boots, the missing button. It's me. I'm the road warrior.

Clark: Chloe, before you throw the book at yourself, there's probably another explanation.

[ Chloe searches her bag and pulls out a small flash drive from an inner pocket. ]

Chloe: Can you explain this? Let's face it. I'm guilty as charged.

Clark: Chloe, whatever you did, you clearly weren't yourself.

[ Chloe plugs in the flash drive into her computer and brings up the list of files. ]

Chloe: There's only one document on here, and it's a krypto-freak's case file.

Clark: Is there a name?

Chloe: No, it just lists an I.D. Number.

Clark: With a serious ability. They're suspected of being able to control meteor freaks.

Chloe: Look, whoever this is, I think they controlled me.

Clark: Chloe, of all the people in the world, why would they choose you to run Lex off the road? Date of birth -- September 20, 1960.


Chloe: Born in Granville, Kansas.

[ She brings up a photo of the subject. ]

Chloe: Oh, my God, Clark. That's my mom.

[ Moira Sullivan sits on a bed inside a heavily fortified facility. Lex opens a very heavy door and walks in. ]

Moira Sullivan: I want to see my daughter.

Lex: You'll get to see Chloe. We just need to take things slowly. The drug you've been given is still in its experimental stage. We wouldn't want your ability to throw you back into a catatonic state.

Moira Sullivan: Whatever ability you think I have is a figment of your imagination.

Lex: In your medical file, you claimed you committed yourself because you had the power to control your daughter. Whenever you touched one of her possessions, you could make her do whatever you wanted.

Moira Sullivan: I was sick, mentally ill. Whatever I said was the product of a delusional mind.


Lex: Delusions don't short-circuit your brain. You can thank your incredible power for that. And maybe -- maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm willing to bet you can use that power to control others just like her.

Moira Sullivan: Whatever connection I have to Chloe is because I'm her mother. We have a bond.

Lex: You certainly do. You both happen to have traces of meteor rock in your bloodstream.

Moira Sullivan: I have to see Chloe.

Lex: Of course. I'm not one to stand in the way of a mother-daughter reunion. I just need you to demonstrate your powers for me.

Moira Sullivan: There's nothing to demonstrate. I've never been able to control anyone but Chloe.

Lex: Well, I suppose there's a first time for everything.

[ Clark and Chloe walk into a large mental institution. ]

Clark: Chloe, wasn't your mom catatonic the last time you saw her?

Chloe: Look, I don't often play late-night bumper cars. She was obviously controlling me. The question is why.

Clark: We don't know anything for sure yet.

Chloe: My mom can manipulate krypto-freaks, and whether we want to admit it or not, I'm part of that demographic.

[ They walk up to the front desk. ]

Chloe: Hi. Chloe Sullivan. I'm here to see my mother, Moira Sullivan.

Man at the front desk: Did you not understand us the first time? You were asked never to come back here.


Clark: I'm sorry. There must be some sort of mistake. She hasn't been here for months.

Man at the front desk: Your friend created a huge scene yesterday. We don't want a repeat performance.

Chloe: Well, there's no matinee scheduled. I just want to see my mom.

Man at the front desk: Security's on its way. I suggest you leave before they have to escort you out.

Chloe: My mother is here.

Clark: You can't prevent her from seeing her own mom.

[ Clark looks up at the security cameras pointed at them, then pulls Chloe aside. ]

Clark: Chloe, come here.

Chloe: Clark, what are you doing? I'm not gonna let them tell me --

Clark: Just wait for me outside. Trust me.

[ Moira is marched down a hallway to a room with a young man inside, another patient. ]


Lex: Time for a little show-and-tell, Mrs. Sullivan.

Moira Sullivan: What do you want from me?

Lex: Give her all you got, Lowell.

[ Lowell displays incredible strength, ripping a desk off the wall and hurling it across the room at her as Lex looks on. Moira jumps out the way and as Lowell advances on her, she reaches down and grabs a pen that belongs to Lowell. ]

Moira Sullivan: Stop. Sit down.

[ Clark and Chloe are watching a security tape from Chloe's visit to the institution the previous day. ]

Chloe: [ On the video ] I already told him. I'm here to pick up my mother.


Doctor: [ On the video ] Apparently, per her doctor's orders, Moira Sullivan's been transferred.

Chloe: [ On the video ] Without notifying me?

Doctor: [ On the video ] You'll have to ask her psychiatrist.

Chloe: [ On the video ] Fine. Where is he?

Doctor: [ On the video ] I'm afraid he's out of town at a conference.

Chloe: [ On the video ] You're lying.

Doctor: [ On the video ] You can't go in there.

[ The doctor grabs Chloe's arm and Chloe decks the doctor, sending her to the ground. ]

Man: [ On the video ] Security!

Chloe: I can't believe I did that.

Clark: Your mom must have sent you to the sanitarium for help. She didn't know she had already been transferred.

Chloe: So, she had me steal Lex's flash drive so I could find out where she really was. Well, either way, she's sending out an S.O.S.

Clark: We got it loud and clear. Let's go talk to Lex.

Moira Sullivan: I swear to you, I never knew I could control anyone else.

Lex: Come on. You're more talented than you give yourself credit for. And now it's time to put those talents to good use. This man is a violent psychopath.

Moira Sullivan: Good for him. What does that have to do with me?


Lex: He escaped from this facility last night. I need you to send him back here.

Moira Sullivan: I am not going to be used.

Lex: Really? See, I had this notion that seeing your daughter was a high priority. But considering you were able to abandon her when she needed you the most, maybe not. I know what it's like to lose my mother, Mrs. Sullivan. You don't get over it. Bring this man back to me... and I'll make sure you see your daughter. [ He holds out a shirt ] This belongs to him.


[ She touches the shirt and her hands glow faintly green. We see a man running down a set of train tracks who stops suddenly, and we hear Moira's voice. ]

Moira Sullivan: Find Lex Luthor. Then kill him.

[ The same man bursts into the mansion where Lana is sitting in the study. ]

Man: Where's Lex Luthor?

Lana: Who are you?

[ Lana runs to the fireplace and grabs a long poker. When he runs at her, she swings it at him, hitting him in he torso, then runs away. Before she can get across the room, he reaches out at her and an invisible lasso surrounds her. When he pulls back, she is thrown backwards, falling heavily to the ground, unconscious. ]

Man: Tell me where he is.

[ Clark rushes in, pinning the man against the wall, then throwing him against the opposite wall. ]

Clark: You shouldn't have done that. [ He rushes to Lana's side ]

Chloe: Clark, she needs a doctor. We got to get her to the hospital right away.

Clark: What about him?

Chloe: I can handle him. Clark, she's pregnant. Go. Now.

[ The man wakes up to see Chloe pointing a gun at him. ]

Man: What the hell are you doing?

Chloe: Believe me,I can pull this trigger a lot faster than you can flinch.

Man: The last thing I remember, I was running on the train tracks.


Chloe: And when you woke up, your memory was gone. You know my mother. Moira Sullivan -- where is she?

Man: I don't know who you're talking about. I was kept in this facility with a bunch of other people with powers.

Chloe: Where is the facility?

[ Lana is lying in a hospital bed at Smallville Medical Center. ]

Doctor: Well, the good news is, there's no sign of a concussion. But because of your recent miscarriage, I would like to run a few tests just to be safe.

Lana: Thank you.

Doctor: Okay.

[ Clark is waiting outside the room. ]

Clark: Lana? I heard what happened. Are you okay?

Lana: I guess that depends on your definition.

Clark: Is the baby all right?

[ Lana looks at him uneasily before speaking. ]

Lana: I lost it a few days after the wedding. You're the first person I've told.

Clark: I'm so sorry.


Lana: I feel like I've lost so much... thought having this baby would change things, but... now that it's gone... this isn't the life that I wanted.

Clark: Does this have anything to do with what happened the day of your wedding? You told me you weren't gonna marry Lex, and then, all of a sudden, somehow... something changed your mind. What was it?

Lana: It was just wedding-day jitters, that's all.

Clark: Lana... it was more than that. I can help you. You don't need to be afraid. Whatever you need --

Lana: Clark, I need you to stop worrying about me. It's okay, really. I'm going to get through this like I always do.

Lex: When my wife ends up in the hospital, that means you've made a grave mistake.


Moira Sullivan: I didn't mean for anyone else to get hurt. I just wanted you to suffer.

Lex: Well, clearly Chloe gets her brazenness from her mother's side. But as meddlesome as she can be, I've actually come to admire her - that's what makes this so difficult.

Moira Sullivan: You stay away from my daughter.

Lex: Oh, it's too late for that.

[ Chloe walks through the front door of the Kent home. ]

Chloe: Clark? Clark? Clark? [ Clark rushes in behind her ] Hey. How's Lana?

Clark: She's okay. What'd you find out?

Chloe: My mom was playing Simon Says with that guy at the mansion, which means she's desperate. He told me where I could find her.

Clark: Can we trust him?


Chloe: Well, there is an old, abandoned hospital on Paper Mill Road, just like he said, and it's owned by --

Clark: Luthorcorp. It's probably another 33.1 franchise.

Chloe: I was gonna go check it out, but I thought it would be more wise for me to come get my army of one.

[ Chloe hears her mother's voice. ]

Moira Sullivan: Chloe, get out of Smallville, sweetheart, as fast as you can.

[ Chloe's demeanor immediately changes and she turns to leave. ]

Clark: Where you going?

Chloe: I have to leave.

Clark: Chloe --

Chloe: Let me go, Clark. I have to leave town.

Clark: I'm not letting you go anywhere.

Chloe: What's going on?

Clark: It's your mom trying to control you again.

Chloe: Oh, my God.

[ Chloe starts to swoon. ]

Clark: Are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm just dizzy. Can you get me a glass of water?

Clark: Yeah.

[ Chloe opens a closet door and pulls out a lead-box with a chunk of Kryptonite in it, and takes it out, putting it in Clark's pocket. ]


Chloe: Sorry, Clark, but I have no choice.

Clark: [ Grunting ] Please... don't do this.

Chloe: It's the only way I'll be able to get out of Smallville.

[ Chloe is driving out of town when she is stopped by a road block. She gets out of the car to talk to two men in road construction uniforms. ]

Chloe: I need to get through.

Man: Sorry, Miss. No.

Chloe: You don't understand. I need to leave town right now.

Man: I'm afraid we're gonna have to reroute you.

Chloe: What are you --

[ The second man comes up behind her, firing a tranquilizer syringe into her neck. ]

[ Chloe wakes up next to her mother. ]

Chloe: Mom? Mom!

Moira Sullivan: Chloe. You're even more beautiful than I remember.

Chloe: I can't believe you're awake and you're talking. I thought I'd never get to speak to you again.

Moira Sullivan: Honey, you shouldn't be here. This is all my fault.

Chloe: No, it's not. You needed my help.


Moira Sullivan: You're suffering because of what I made you do, just like when you were little.

Chloe: What?

Moira Sullivan: Remember when you were 8 and you hurt your hands?

Chloe: Yeah, how could I forget? I had to wear those bandages for weeks. You know, I've never played kickball since then.

Moira Sullivan: You didn't hurt your hand playing kickball. You came home from school, and your hands were all covered in ink. So, I told you to go wash your hands, and instead, you -- you went to play with your computer. I was so frustrated. I sent you to go wash your hands and scrub them till all the ink was gone.

Chloe: Mom, what are you saying?

Moira Sullivan: I found you in the bathroom. There was blood everywhere. You had scrubbed your hands raw. That's why I left -- to protect you from me. And now I have to protect you from Lex Luthor. This man that brought you here -- he knows you're infected. You have to get out of here.


Chloe: No. We have to get out of here. Mom, you can control people with powers. Is there anyone in here whose ability could free us?

[ Martha walks in the front door, talking on the phone. ]

Martha: I'd love to. Yes, lunch before the meeting is perfect. Okay. Bye-bye.

[ When she hangs up the phone, she sees Clark lying on the floor, unconscious. She pulls the Kryptonite out of his jacket and puts it back in the lead box. ]

Martha: Clark! Sweetie, wake up! Clark!

Clark: Mom?

Martha: Oh, baby.

[ Two guards are walking by with Lowell, the patient with incredible strength. ]

Lowell: No more experiments.

Guard: Keep walking.

[ Chloe starts calling to one of the guards. ]

Chloe: Help! I need help in here, please! Help! My mom -- she's sick. She needs a doctor.


Guard: What's wrong?

Chloe: I don't know, but you have to help her.

[ One of the guards rushes into the room as Chloe runs out. ]

Guard: Hey! Hey! What the hell?

Chloe: Mom! Mom!

[ Chloe grabs .... off of Lowell and throws it to her mom, who catches it and starts to control Lowell. ]

Moira Sullivan: Protect me and my daughter. Set us free.

[ Lowell grabs the two guards, throwing them down the hall. Two more guards round a corner and one fires a tranquilizer dart into Lowell, dropping him. ]


Man: Stop! Hold it right there.

[ Chloe and her mom run away but one of the guards grabs Moira. ]

Moira Sullivan: Chloe!

Chloe: Mom!

Moira Sullivan: Go! Get out of here!

Guard: Take her back to the cell.

[ Moira controls Chloe again. ]

Moira Sullivan: Chloe, whatever you have to do, get out now.

[ Chloe hears her mother's voice and immediately becomes more aggressive, taking out the guard and stealing his tear-gas rifle. She runs toward the exit, only to run into Lex. ]

Chloe: Lex, get out of my way.

Lex: I'm sorry. I can't do that. Don't let your mother make you do something you'll later regret --

[ Chloe fires the tear-gas canister at Lex just as Clark arrives outside the door. He rushes in as the canister flies towards Lex and pauses for just a split second, looking from Lex to the canister and back, before pushing Lex out of the way before the canister can strike him. Clark grabs Chloe and rushes out before Lex realizes what's happened. ]

[ Chloe arrives back at Oliver Queen's apartment. ]

Chloe: Hey! I brought sandwiches. And I realized I don't know which ones you like, mom, so I just bought one of each.

Clark: Chloe, I don't think your mom's hungry.

Chloe: Hey Clark, have you talked to Oliver? He said that he would set up a safe place for her to stay in Star City.

Clark: Chloe, we have a problem.

[ Chloe looks over at her mother, then slowly walks over to her. Moira is sitting very quietly, staring out the window. ]

Chloe: Mom? Mom?

Moira Sullivan: I-I wanted to see a blue sky... one last time.

Chloe: Well, there will be plenty of blue skies where you're going, mom. You're not gonna be locked inside anymore.

Moira Sullivan: Sweetheart... I'm slipping back.


Clark: The drug that Lex used on your mom -- it only lasts 24 hours, or else she won't stay lucid. Chloe, she doesn't have much time left.

Chloe: Well, I'll go talk to Lex. I'll make a deal with him.

Moira Sullivan: No. No deals with that man. I can't allow it.

Chloe: Mom, I already lost you once. I'm not gonna do it again. If this drug is out there, I can get it, trust me. I have some pretty amazing resources at my disposal.

Moira Sullivan: Being with you again... [ Chuckles ] It's the greatest gift I could have ever been given. But I'm dangerous, Chloe.

Chloe: No, mom. That's not true.

Moira Sullivan: My ability to control people with powers, it's like I'm a human weapon. And I-I can't -- I can't allow it.

Chloe: But, mom, it doesn't have to be like this.

Moira Sullivan: My little cub reporter. This... this belongs... to you.

Chloe: No, mom. Please. Please don't go, mom -- not yet, not again.


Moira Sullivan: I... love you... Chlo-- Chloe.

Chloe: [ Whimpering ]I love you, too, mom.

[ Chloe is typing at her desk when Lex walks in behind her. ]

Lex: "Luthorcorp Crimes Against Humanity." That's catchy. Too bad it'll never make it to print.

Chloe: Lex, I'm tired of playing hardball or softball or any ball, for that matter. Game's over.


Lex: [ Sighs ] I'll tell you, your audacity's impressive, Chloe, especially given your recent late-night activities.

[ Chloe looks at him uneasily. ]

Lex: What? You don't remember? You ran my car off the road a few nights ago. Investigators have boot prints, hair fibers, samples of the mud found in your apartment.

Chloe: You were in my apartment?

Lex: Tell me, how many years do you get for aggravated assault -- 10, 20?

Chloe: For what you've done, they're gonna throw away the key.

Lex: What I've done? You don't have a shred of proof about any of this, and you never will. But rest assured, the evidence I have against you is locked away safe and secure. Make that article disappear, and you'll remain a free woman. Deal?


Chloe: My mother sacrificed everything to protect the world from scum like you. And if taking you down means spending some quality time behind bars, sign me up.

Lex: You know, I thought you might say that. That's why there's a Plan "B" firmly in place... a plan that makes prison look like a picnic.

Doctor: Well, now, Mrs. Luthor. I did an extensive battery of tests, and actually, I found something quite troubling.

Lana: What is it? What's wrong?

Doctor: Did you give yourself injections, or did you take pills?

Lana: I took prenatal vitamins. That's it.

Doctor: Vitamins don't cause fatigue, nausea, and the suspension of your menstrual cycle. Synthetic hormones do.

Lana: Synthetic hormones? What do you mean?

Doctor: That's what we found in your bloodstream. That's what you took to fake a pregnancy and to force a marriage to a billionaire. When you stopped taking them, it appeared as if you'd simply miscarried, didn't it?


Lana: I don't understand. I saw the sonograms. I saw my baby.

Doctor: I don't know whose baby you saw, but I can assure you, it wasn't yours.

Lana: I was never pregnant.

[ Chloe walks in the front door of the Kent home. ]

Chloe: Hey.

Clark: Hey. You okay? How you doing?

Chloe: Um... it's just so unfair. I mean, she's never gonna be able to read any of the articles I've written, you know, or meet Jimmy. She's never gonna get to know the person that I've become.


Clark: It's a good thing I told her.

Chloe: You did?

Clark: After I brought your mom to Oliver's apartment, I gave her the complete Chloe Sullivan bio. She was so proud. That's something no one can ever take away.

Chloe: Lex came to talk to me, Clark. Basically, he said it's either kill or be killed. The story or me.

Clark: He threatened you?

Chloe: I'm in his cross hairs.

Clark: Yeah, well, now he's in mine.

Chloe: Think about Lana. We can't do anything to him until we know she's safe.

Clark: You're right. He'd feed her to the lions just to spite me. But it's inevitable. The war's about to begin.

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