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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 8th, 2007

picture of Lana in "Trespass"

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Jeff

[ Lana is in her room, sitting at her mirror combing her hair. She stops and opens a drawer, pulling out the chisel wrapped in a red cloth and takes it out to examine it closer. After a moment her cell phone chimes and she opens it up to see a photo of herself, taken just moments before from somewhere behind her in her room. She panics and runs from the room. ]

Lex: Lana, what's wrong?

Lana: There's someone in the room.

[ Lex's security team sweeps through the room, guns drawn. ]

Mack: Clear.

Brady: It's all clear, sir.

Lana: Lex, over there.

[ She motions to the open window. Lex looks outside but finds nothing. ]

Lex: Check the roof and initiate a full perimeter sweep of the grounds.

Brady: Right. Yes, sir.

Lex: Lana... what did this guy look like?


Lana: I-I don't know. I didn't see him, but... I could, uh, just sense that there was someone in the room with me.

[ As she says this, she considers telling Lex about the picture that was sent to her phone, but decides not to. She looks at her dressing table and sees the red cloth still lying out, covering the chisel for now. ]

Lana: C-could you close the window?

Lex: Yeah.

[ As Lex closes the window, she puts the chisel and the cloth back into the drawer. ]

Lex: So you didn't actually see or hear anyone?

Lana: No. [ Window closes ]

Lex: With the press tracking our every move, it's easy to get a little paranoid.

[ She seems relieved at this expLanation, as Lex seems convinced enough to drop the inquiry. ]

Lana: Maybe you're right. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

Lex: I'm going to go downstairs, get some tea to calm your nerves.

[ Lana has gone to Smallville to stay with Chloe to try and get away from the limelight of the paparazzi. ]

Chloe: The paparazzi's at a fever pitch, and Lex jets off on a business trip?

Lana: It's not like he left me unprotected.


Chloe: Well that explains why Lex's robocops are patrolling outside. I can't believe he would just leave the country, knowing that some demented stranger broke into your bedroom.

Lana: I let him believe that it was paparazzi-induced jitters.

[ Chloe is taken aback. ]

Chloe: You lied to Lex?

Lana: I couldn't show him the photo that was sent to me.

Chloe: Okay, first of all, you're staying here until we catch Norman Bates. And second... I need to see that phone.

[ Lana looks at her warily. ]

Chloe: Lana, it's the only way we're going to be able to track this guy down.

[ She opens up the phone, seeing the image of Lana in a nightgown. ]

Chloe: I don't think Lex would have minded a picture of you in your lingerie.


Lana: It's the chisel. I think Lex stabbed Clark with it after the engagement dinner.

[ Chloe considers this for a moment, her point sinking in - Lana saw Lex stab Clark with that chisel and it was the chisel that came away damaged, not Clark. Chloe grows uncomfortable. ]

Chloe: So, all of this secrecy is about that which we do not speak of?


Lana: Chloe, I'm just... I just want your help catching this guy. I'll find out the expLanation about Clark on my own.

[ Clark is in the barn, taking care of the horse, when Martha walks in to find him. ]

Clark: [ To the horse, as he backs it into the stall. ] You're okay. Come on.

Martha: Clark? What are you still doing out here?

Clark: Well, I'm still doing my chores.

Martha: Well, you usually finish those in about two minutes. How is it that I drove to Metropolis, attended the Children's Foundation dinner, and made it back before you finished?


Clark: 'Cause I'm doing them the normal way. Ever since I landed on the paparazzi's list of ex-boyfriends to hound, I feel like someone's looking over my shoulder, like I'm being watched. I spent so much time trying to stay out of the spotlight that pushing Lana into Lex's life... put me right in the middle of it.

[ Chloe hears this as she walks into the barn. ]

Chloe: Well, it's got to be a lot warmer in that spotlight than it is outside. [ Shivers ]


Martha: I'm going to go inside and make some hot cocoa to thaw out the two of us who can feel how cold it is.

Chloe: Thank you, Mrs. Kent.

Clark: Chloe, you look half frozen.

Chloe: Yeah.

Clark: Shouldn't you be next to a fire somewhere, warming up next to Jimmy?

Chloe: I'm on a mocha-mint run for Lana... at least that's what I'm letting her believe. Um, she is hiding out at my apartment.

Clark: From what?

Chloe: Somebody who has taken to breaking, entering, and making obligatory creepy phone calls.

Clark: What's Lex doing about it?

Chloe: She... has some very compelling reasons for keeping him out of the picture.

[ Clark considers this, then decides to go with Chloe to help Lana. ]

Clark: All right. I'll go back with you. We can figure out a way --


Chloe: No, Clark. She's fine, she's safe. She's got Lex's security guards there. Believe me. No one's going to go near her without them knowing about it.

Clark: There's got to be something I can do.

Chloe: There is. I traced the text message to a lowlife shutterbug named Louie Esposito. Now, there's no permanent address, but Jimmy really knows that world, so, can you call him and ask him about it?

Clark: Call Jimmy? Why don't you call him yourself?

Chloe: I can't. We sort of broke up.

Clark: Does this have anything to do with me, and keeping my secret?

[ Chloe looks at him uncomfortably. ]

Chloe: No. And yes.

Clark: I can't let this happen, Chloe. My lies have already pushed Lana away, and now --

Chloe: She's a lot closer than you think, Clark. This is a picture that creep sent Lana on her cellphone. Anything look familiar?

[ Clark looks at the photo. ]


Clark: That's my dad's chisel. Did she see Lex stab me?

Chloe: She doesn't know what she saw. But, Clark, she's been orbiting your secret for years, and I think she may finally be coming in for a landing.

[ Lana is in the apartment, sitting in front of the fire, and looking at Chloe's open laptop computer. She browses around on the computer, finding a folder that obviously has many of Chloe's important documents, and one folder inside called "CK". She hesitates for a moment, then tries to open it, but the computer immediately asks her to enter a password to gain access, and she immediately closes the laptop in frustration. ]

[ As she pours herself some coffee, there is a sound across the room, just outside the door to the apartment. ]

Lana: Brady?

[ She can see a shadow move under the door to the apartment, and she grabs a large knife from the dish rack in front of her, and approaches the door. ]

Lana: Brady?


[ She opens the door and finds nothing outside, so she continues down the steps into the Talon, knife still in hand. At the bottom of the stairs she sees a table with a red package sitting on it. Horrified, she opens the package to find some red lingerie and a note that says, "I want you to wear this... when I kill you." She gasps and sees a shadow on the wall in front her, cast from someone behind her. She runs out the back door of the Talon, only to find a large of group of photographers waiting for her there, and they immediately begin taking pictures of her holding the knife and looking distraught. ]

Reporter: There she is! Miss Lang! Miss Lang, Miss Lang.

Photographers: Lana, right here! Lana! Lana! Lana! Miss Lang! Right here! There you go. There you go.

[ Lana is caught, unable to go forward through the group of photographers and unable to go back inside. ]

[ Finally, Lex's security chief comes up behind her and leads her back inside. ]

Brady: Miss Lang, what are you doing?

Lana: There's someone in the buiing.

Brady: That's impossible, okay? My men are guarding the building.


Lana: Then how do you explain that?

[ She points to the box, which he examines. They hear the front door to the Talon open and he pulls his gun. After a moment, Chloe walks around the corner, with Mack the security guard in tow. ]

Chloe: Whoa. I live here, remember?

Mack: What's going on?

Brady: We got a serious problem here.

[ Clark finds Jimmy at the Daily Planet. ]

Clark: Jimmy.

[ Jimmy looks at him uncomfortably. ]

Jimmy: Hey, Clark, uh, Chloe's not here.

Clark: I know. You're actually the one I've been looking for.


Jimmy: I had a feeling this was coming. [ Sighs ] Look, Clark, despite our differences, I think that you're a decent guy. Chloe obviously thinks that you can walk on air, so... who am I to stand in the way?

[ Jimmy turns to leave. ]

Clark: Jimmy, hold on.

Jimmy: But if you hurt her... I don't care how impossibly gigantic you are, I will chop you down like a cherry tree. And that... ain't no lie.

Clark: It's nice to see that you'd risk ending up in traction to protect Chloe's honor.

Jimmy: A girl like that -- worth spending the rest of my life in a body cast.

Clark: I feel the same way. As her friend, nothing more. I swear. All right, now that you know that for sure, maybe there's something between the two of you you'd like to reconsider.

Jimmy: Is that what you came here to tell me?


Clark: Well, that, and I need your help. Lana's in trouble.

[ Jimmy considers this and decides to help. ]

Jimmy: So, what's the "sitch"?

Clark: There's this paparazzi. He's a little too into his job. I need to find him, I need to track him down before he causes any more damage. You've worked with these kind of guys before, right?

Jimmy: Yeah, it took a week to wash off the slime.

Clark: All I have is a name. Can you help me track him down?

Jimmy: Anything for a friend of Chloe's.

[ Lex is in a limo, talking to his security chief on his cell phone. ]

Reporter, in a newscast: ...grasping a large knife, leaving us all to wonder: has Lana Lang cracked under the pressure of marrying Lex Luthor?

Lex: I turn on the news, and this is what I see? My fiancée scared half out of her mind?

Brady: We have the situation under control, Mr. Luthor.

Lex: Well, I'm sorry if I don't share your optimistic assessment, Brady. I'm cutting my trip short. Get Lana to Luthorcorp Plaza. If anyone you don't recognize gets within 100 yards of her, you put a bullet in them!

Brady: Understood, sir. Miss Lang, we have to go.

Lana: Go where?


Brady: Luthorcorp. It's the only place that I can guarantee your safety.

Lana: Don't you think that whoever's behind this will think that's the first place I'd go?

Chloe: Yeah, that's the first place I would look.

Mack: Miss Lang...

Lana: The only place I'll be safe is the last place anyone would think I'd go. Change of plans. Get the car ready.

Brady: But Mr. Luthor --

Lana: Isn't here. So unless you're planning on kidnapping me and holding me against my will, I'm going to go where I want. And if you're interested in my protection... then you'll follow my orders now.

[ They go to the Kent Farm, and Mrs. Kent is going to allow Lana to stay in Clark's room for the night. ]

Brady: Uh, the room is secure, Miss Lang. The rest of the team is posted out on the grounds.

Lana: Thank you.

Brady: I'm going to be right outside if you need anything.

Lana: [ To Martha ] I'm sorry. I know this is a terrible intrusion.

Martha: If you're taking the Luthor name, I guess armed guards and dodging the press go with the gold ring.


Lana: Yeah, well, I'm hoping it won't always be that way.

Martha: Well, in this case, that's not such a bad thing. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Lana: No, thank you. I'm just going to turn in. Are you sure that Clark won't mind?

Martha: I think he'll survive a night on the couch. See you in the morning.

Lana: Good night.


Martha: 'night.

[ Lana looks around the room, obviously reminiscing about their shared history together. She smiles at the pictures on Clark's desk, then opens the desk drawer to find a picture of herself inside. She looks around the room again and is drawn to his dresser drawer. She opens it and finds a cigar box inside, stuffed with mementos from Clark's high school days. She opens the box and is shocked to find her old necklace inside - the one made out of the meteor rock that killed her parents that she thought was long lost - which is strangely drained of its signature green color. As she stares at it in wonder, her phone rings again and she quickly stuffs everything back into the cigar box and shuts the dresser drawer. ]

Lana: Who is this?

Man on the phone: You can't hide from me... not even in Clark Kent's bedroom. I know everything about you.

Lana: I don't care what you know or how you know it, but there's an army between us, and you're never going to get close enough to touch me.

Man on the phone: I'm closer than you think, Princess.

[ She looks at the bedroom door, then looks down at the floor where there is a growing pool of blood. ]


Lana: Brady.

[ She opens the door and sees Brady - the security chief - lying on the floor, his throat cut. She grabs his gun as her cell phone rings again. ]

Lana: Why are you doing this?

Man on the phone: Because you deserve it.

[ Brady is not quite dead, and reaches out his hand to grab her ankle and the shock sends Lana stumbling backwards, falling head over heels down the stairs. ]

Lana: Aah! Aah!

[ Martha is with Lana's doctor at the hospital as Lana wakes up in a hospital bed. ]

Martha: Hi, sweetheart. You're okay. You're in the hospital now, and you're in good hands. Mack called Dr. Langston.

Dr. Langston: That was quite a fall you took, Miss Lang.

Lana: All I care about is --

Dr. Langston: The baby will be fine. [ To Martha ] Would you excuse us, please?

Martha: Yes. I'll be outside.

Dr. Langston: The only thing I'm concerned about is your blood pressure, which is running a little higher than I'm comfortable with, so I'm going to give you a mild sedative, and that'll bring it right down.

[ Lana tries to protest this. ]

Lana: No.

Dr. Langston: No, it won't hurt the baby. I promise.

Dr. Langston: Thank you, nurse.


Nurse: You're welcome, sir.

[ The sedative's effects are immediate, and she slips into unconsciousness. ]

Mack: How is she?

Dr. Langston: Just a little shaken.

Mack: [ Sighs ] I want her transferred to a secure room. Her life's still in danger until we catch this guy.

Dr. Langston: Uh, there might be a place we can use in the old wing. Your team could completely secure that area.

Mack: Do it.

Clark: You sure this is the place?

Jimmy: According to my sources, this is the rock that Esposito crawls under at the end of a long day.

Clark: It looks like the parasite business doesn't pay very well.

Jimmy: Hey, don't shed any wet ones for Esposito. At the top of his game, he's probably pulling in a couple hundred "k" a year.


Clark: Just for taking pictures of people who want to be left alone?

Jimmy: Who you going to blame more -- the guy snapping the pics or the general public that eats it up?

Clark: Just 'cause there's a market does not make it right.

[ Jimmy finds a box of CDs, labeled by month. ]

Jimmy: Hey, check this out. [ He pulls out the latest CD ] Here, try this one.

[ On the computer, the images from the disc show an array of images of Lana in many different places. ]

Clark: Looks like Esposito is definitely our guy.

[ As they scan through the images they run into a batch of Lana in the Kent barn. ]

Jimmy: Wait a minute. Isn't that your barn? Uh, you two must have something special, C.K. She's stalking you.

[ Clark looks uneasily at the photos, not sure what to think. His cell phone rings. ]

Clark: Mom, hi. I'm in Metropolis with Jimmy. I'll be right there.

Jimmy: What's going on?

Clark: Esposito attacked Lana. I need to get to the hospital.

Jimmy: Okay, well, we should grab the pics 'cause we might need them for evidence.


[ As Jimmy turns around to say this, Clark super speeds from the office, leaving Jimmy alone. ]

Jimmy: C.K.?

[ Lana wakes in her hospital bed to the far-off sound of her cell phone ringing. After a moment the ringing stops, then starts up a few seconds later. Lana rises from the bed and looks around, scared at being in this isolated part of the hospital. She walks toward the sound of her cell phone, and finally finds it on a table. ]

Lana: [ On the phone ] Hello?

Chloe: Lana, it's Chloe. Hey, I heard what happened. Are you okay?

Lana: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just don't know where anyone --


[ She turns around to see a figure lurking behind her. She gasps and turns to run as the guy starts taking pictures of her, freeze-framing her shock and terror as she scrambles away from him. As she runs away from him, she runs into a part of the wing that has dozens of metal stands sitting in storage and she loses her balance trying to run through them, falling to the floor. The photographer continues to take pictures, snapping away as she struggles to gain her feet again. Behind him, Clark appears and throws him against the opposite wall as Lana watches in awe. Mack comes in with his gun drawn and is surprised to find Clark there with her. ]

Mack: What are you doing here?

Clark: Your job.

[ Esposito groans as Mack picks him up and leads him away. ]

Clark: You okay?

Lana: Yeah.

[ After a moment Clark and Lana hear gunshots from around the corner. ]

Clark: What happened?

Mack: He had a piece hidden on him. I didn't have a choice. It's over, Miss Lang. Let's get you back home where you belong.


[ Mack puts his arm around her shoulders as he leads her from the room. As she leaves, she turns to look at Clark over her shoulder. ]

[ Lana is in the study when Mack knocks on the door and enters. ]


Mack: Lex's plane is in the air now, but he won't be back until tomorrow. With the snow storm, the plane was rerouted.

Lana: Thank you... for everything. If it wasn't for you, I don't even want to think about what would have happened.

[ Mack removes his earpiece from his ear. ]

Mack: I hope I'm not crossing a line, but, honestly... Lex never should have left you alone.

[ This makes Lana uncomfortable and she calls him on it. ]

Lana: When did you start calling him by his first name?

Mack: Uh [Chuckles] I'm sorry. It's been a rough night.

Lana: Yeah, I know. I don't think I've eaten since this whole thing started. Could you ask the kitchen to bring something up for me?

Mack: I sent the staff and the rest of the team home.

[ Lana is startled by this, and grows more uncomfortable. ]

Mack: [ Chuckles ] I-I didn't want them to get caught in the storm. I know I should have asked you first, but, uh --


[ She seems to accept this explanation. ]

Lana: No, no, it's okay. It's actually very considerate.

Mack: Like something you'd do. [ He chuckles at himself, but Lana grows more and more uncomfortable in his presence ] It's true. You're not like all the other girls that Lex paraded in and out of here.

Lana: [ Lana has had enough ] Do you remember that line?

[ But he's not finished and slowly approaches her as he continues to speak. ]

Mack: Been crossing a lot of lines lately. All for you, Princess.

[ Lana is shocked at this, realizing that it was him that was terrorizing her. He continues to advance on her as he speaks. ]

Mack: I watch over you every day... and you never even notice.

Lana: You took that picture of me in my bedroom. You're the one who's been calling. You killed Brady.

Mack: I wasn't supposed to. He figured out that it had to be someone on Lex's security team. I couldn't let him stop me from saving you.


Lana: Saving me? From who? That photographer you killed? Was he just a part of all of this?

Mack: He had a part to play, but your ex messed it up. Look, I -- I wanted to show you how far I was willing to go.

Lana: You wanted to shoot him in front of me, didn't you? But Clark stopped him before you could get there.

Mack: Lex is infecting you. You're starting to talk like him, think like him. It makes me sick what he's doing to you. But I can stop it. I can give you your life back.

[ Lana has nowhere to go, so she decides to play along. ]


Lana: You're right. I never wanted any of this. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. And now I can't get out. Please... help me.

[ His eyes light up at the thought of finally saving her from Lex. ]

Mack: It's going to be okay. I promise. I'm going to save you.

[ As he draws closer, he reaches out and touches her hair, and she grabs a water bottle and smashes it over his head, then turns to run. ]

Mack: Ugh!

[ Lana runs into her room, locking the door behind her, then looking for another escape. She tries the phone, but it has been ripped from the wall. ]


Mack: Why did you do that?! Lana! Lana!!

[ Outside her door, Mack grabs an axe from a display on the wall of the hallway and starts breaking down the door. When he gets into the room, she's gone out on the roof. ]

Chloe: Lana certainly is persistent. I'll give her that.

Clark: Kind of like you were when you were trying to figure out my secret.

[ Chloe gives him a wry look at his snide comment. ]

Chloe: It just makes me wonder if she had an ulterior motive in hiding out in your bedroom tonight.

Clark: You think that's why she went to my house?

Chloe: Well, I'd like to believe that she fled there because she feels safe there, but you don't spend this much time with Lex without picking up a trick or two. I mean, look at all of these pictures Esposito took of her sneaking around at your barn.

[ She scans through the pictures on her computer, and runs into one taken of a woman in a formal gown, taken at the Children's Foundation dinner that Martha also attended. ]

Clark: Wait. What was that? That one right there?

Chloe: The Children's Foundation Benefit.

Clark: My mom was there last night... in Metropolis.

Chloe: So if Esposito took this...


Clark: Then he couldn't have taken that picture of Lana in her bedroom.

Chloe: Then who did?

[ Lana has made her way out the window of her bedroom and onto the roof of the mansion. She searches for another escape but before she can find one, Mack is there. ]

Mack: There's nowhere to go. It's too late to save you, Lana.

[ He grabs her around the throat, choking her. ]

Mack: You were a good person once. That's how I'll remember you when you're gone.

[ At this, she kicks out at him, breaking his grip and sending him stumbling backwards. He reaches out for her and manages to grab onto her arm just as he falls through the huge skylight into the study below. We can see Mack lying on the floor of the study, dead from the fall. As the camera pans to Lana's position, we can see Clark's feet standing where she would have landed - Clark has caught Lana in his arms. ]

Lana: Clark. [ Confused, in shock ] What happened? How did you...

Clark: You're safe now. That's all that matters.

[ She's heard this before, and this time it isn't good enough. ]

Lana: No, it isn't. You're here after... everything. Why are you still watching over me?

Clark: Maybe for the same reason you've been watching me.

[ Chloe and Clark are walking to her desk at the Daily Planet. ]

Chloe: So it's funny how the main streets from here to Smallville miraculously thawed out overnight. You have anything to do with that?

[ She smiles broadly at him, and he just grins slyly. ]

Clark: Nature's a mysterious creature. Have you talked to Lana?

Chloe: No. We danced to this tune before, Clark. I'm not playing pickle in the middle anymore, remember?

Clark: I know, but this time it's different. Lana's getting too close to finding out my secret. I mean what am I supposed to do?

Chloe: Clark, Lana risked her life by not showing that photograph to Lex. She did that to protect you. I think she's proven where her loyalty lies.

[ Jimmy walks into the office, clearly agitated. ]

Jimmy: Yo, C.K. Thanks for fixing me up with the sucker's cocktail in Esposito's darkroom. I help you out, you leave me holding the bag for a felony. That's great.


Clark: Jimmy, I'm sorry. After I found out what happened to Lana, I just wanted to make sure she was okay.

[ Jimmy calms down a bit, and looks at Chloe who won't return his look. ]

Jimmy: Yeah, I can understand that urge. How is she?

Clark: She's good, thanks to you. You really came through.

[ To this Chloe turns to him. ]

Chloe: Yeah, thanks.

[ Clark looks at both of them, the decides to leave them alone to talk. ]

Clark: You guys should catch up. [ Clark leaves ]

Jimmy: You know, he's not such a bad guy.

Chloe: Yeah. But he's no Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy: Does that mean that you miss me?


[ She says nothing, but looks at him expectantly. After a moment, he kisses her. ]

Jimmy: I know. Me too.

[ Lex is in Lana's room, watching her sleep. After a moment, she begins to stir. ]

Lex: God, I'm a lucky man. Lana... I can't tell you how powerless I felt not being able to help you.

Lana: Everything's okay. [ She touches her stomach ] We're okay.

Lex: My security chief at Luthorcorp Plaza said you never made it there. What happened?

Lana: I went to the Kent Farm instead. [ Lex is clearly moved by this ] Lex, you weren't here, and I had to trust my instincts. You taught me that.

Lex: And those instincts led you to the place your ex-boyfriend happens to live.

Lana: I went to the Kent Farm because I thought it was the last place anyone would look for me. That's the only reason.


Lex: Then that's good enough for me. Lana... above anything else, I trust you. And I love you.

[ Lex leaves the room, and Lana gets out of bed. She walks to her dressing table and opens the drawer only to find the chisel is gone. ]

[ Clark is working on a chair, sanding it down, in the barn when Lex enters. ]

Lex: Looks like you're working out some issues there.

Clark: Just doing a little honest work, Lex. You should try it sometime.

Lex: Why start now? My life's perfect.

Clark: What do you want?

Lex: Nothing. I just wanted to take a little sleigh ride down memory lane, visit the scene of the crime. Hey, here's where you took my fiancée after kidnapping her... right before you tried to kill me.

Clark: I wasn't myself that night. [ Clark considers for a moment ] I'm sorry.


Lex: Sorry? What, that you didn't finish the job? [ Chuckles ] You know, I'm still a bit fuzzy on the details, what with you trying to choke the life out of me, but what fascinates me is how after all that, Lana could still feel safe coming here.

Clark: That was her choice. I had nothing to do with it.

Lex: You never do. That's all right. You see, I understand the allure of trying to unravel the mystery of Clark Kent. I suffered from it once, too... when I thought you mattered.

[ Clark bristles at this, and steps up very close to Lex. ]


Clark: Are we done?

Lex: [ Scoffs ] Nothing left but the formalities. [ He hands Clark an invitation to their wedding ] Don't look so surprised, Clark. Lana still cares about you, I know that. And I know what it would mean to her having you there.

Clark: Is that really what you want, Lex?

Lex: What I want? What I want is to make Lana happy for the rest of her life. And I want you to be there on our wedding day... [ bitterly ] to see what you lost.

[ Lex turns to leave, speaking as he walks away. ]

Lex: Make sure you RSVP. We need a head count for the reception.

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