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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 9, 2006

Tomb picture

Provided by Suzanne

[ Thunder crashes ] 

[ Shower running ]

Lois: Kettle's on, Chloe. Nothing like a cup of chamomile and a hot shower to relax you.

Chloe:  Thanks, Lois. I feel better already.

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

Chloe:  Great.  And my night is complete. Bet the lights aren't out in Metropolis. 44090E29.JPG [ Sighs ] Lois! Do you have a candle?

Lois: Look in the little cabinet, bottom drawer.

Chloe:  Aha.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Chloe:  Blech.  [ Gasps ]

Gretchen:  Help me. 44090E68.JPG

[ Chloe screams ]

Lois: Chloe! Chloe?

Chloe:  Help me. 

Clark:  Lois, where's Chloe? Is she all right?

Dr. Seidel:  Well, that's what we're just trying to determine.  And you are?

Clark:  Clark Kent.

Dr. Seidel:  How do you do?  I'm Dr. Seidel.

Lois:  He's Chloe's psychiatrist. Clark, I found her on the bathroom floor. She cut her wrists.

Clark:  What?

Lois:  I feel so guilty. I should've seen it coming. She -- she hasn't been getting much sleep between, you know, 44090F5A.JPGschool and her job at the Planet, and --

Dr. Seidel:  Is there any history of mental illness?

Lois:  No. I'm her cousin. I would know if there were any bats in the belfry.

Dr. Seidel:  Fine.  That will give us something to start with. Orderly, would you take Miss Sullivan from the E.R. to room 258, please? Make sure she's comfortable.

Michael:  Uh, yes, sir.

44090F73.JPGClark:  Doctor, I don't understand. Why would Chloe do this to herself?

Dr. Seidel:  It's a culmination of a number of factors - family history, stress, loss of a loved one. Sometimes a person has a secret they feel they can't share. But whatever it is, I'll uncover it, and I will treat it aggressively.

Clark:  Hey.

Chloe:  Hey.

Clark:  How you doin'?

Chloe:  I'm out of it... from the sedatives they gave me.

Clark:  So, what happened?

Chloe:  I don't know.

Clark:  You know, Chloe, if you got to talk about somethin' --

Chloe:  Clark, really, I don't know. I mean, I was showering, 44090FA8.JPGand then the lights went out,'s just all jumbled. I just woke up on the floor bleeding. Clark, I'm a writer. If I was gonna kill myself, I would leave one hell of a suicide note.    

[ Clark chuckles ]

Chloe:  I think there was someone else in the room with me, though. 

Clark:  Lois didn't see anyone.  You know, Chloe, the doctor asked if you had any history of mental illness in your family. Should we tell him about your mom?

Chloe:  No.

Clark:  Chloe, she --

Chloe:  Clark, I don't know what's happening to me, but I don't want anyone thinkin' I'm like my mom. So just don't say anything, all right?

Clark:  Yeah. 

[ Knock on window ]

Lionel:  On my way back to Metropolis. Didn't mean to 44090FF2.JPGinterrupt. I just thought I'd check on how you're doing.

Martha:  I do have a front door.

Lionel:  Next time, I'll, uh...come to the front.

Martha:  Maybe you should call first.

Lionel:  Let me help you.

Martha:  Thank you.

Lionel:  Let's see. Budget. Fiscal projections. Public works. Everything a potential senator would need to know.  You consideringtaking his senate seat?

Martha:  I don't know.  It's complicated. 44091037.JPG

Lionel:  I know how hard it is to, um... get back any sense of what's normal after you... lose someone you love. It will get easier, Martha. I know it will. You just have to give yourself time.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Gretchen: Help me. Please! Help me.  Chloe.  Please! Help me. 

[ Fluorescent light buzzes ]

Chloe:  Hello? [ Gasps ] Lana.

Lana:  Chloe, I got here as fast as I could. Is everything okay?

Chloe:  Where is she?

Lana:  Who?

Chloe:  The girl.  She was just here. My God.  There's so much blood.

Lana:  Chloe... Hey, we should get you back to bed, all right?

Chloe:  No, I have to find her.  I just saw her. Where is she? 4409109F.JPG  Doctor!  Doctor, there was a woman that was just in my room, and she really needs your help.

Dr. Seidel:  Re-Relax, Miss Sullivan.  Orderly.

Chloe:  Just listen to me!

Dr. Seidel:  I'm listening.  I'm listening...

Chloe:  There's blood all over the floor from her. Don't you see?  It's going all the way down the hallway from my bathroom.

Dr. Seidel:  There's no blood.  There's no blood.  Please relax.

Chloe:  She was in my bathroom.  You're not listening to me!

Dr. Seidel:  I'm listening.  I'm listening...

Chloe:  There is blood!  There's blood everywhere! There was a woman in my room, and she needs my help!  You're not listening!  Please!  Listen to me, please!

Chloe:  Nurse, nurse, take her arm, please.

Dr. Seidel:  Lie back.  Please...

Chloe:  Make him listen. No! Please, just --you don't understand!  She needs our help!  No! Lana, make them listen! Lana!

Lex:  How hard can it be to find one college professor from a dirt state?  I want Fine located or somebody's gonna be wondering where you disappeared to. Lana. What's wrong?

Lana:  Chloe -- uh, she's in the hospital. She...she tried to kill herself.

Lex:  Is she all right?

Lana:  I-I don't know. I tried talking to her, but she wasn't making any sense. They sedated her.

Lex:  Who's her doctor?

Lana:  Some psychiatrist at the Med Center. That's actually why I came to see you. When you were in Belle Reve, the doctors helped you when you were having problems, right? 44091253.JPG

Lex:  I'll make the call. She'll have the best doctors this side of Vienna helping within the hour.

Lana:  Lex, thank you.  I didn't know who else to go to.

Clark:  Lex, what are you doin' here?

Lex:  Lana came to see me. She told me what happened.

Clark:  Well, thanks for coming by, but we have it under control.

Lex:  Clark, this is a local med center. If Chloe scraped her knee, I'm sure she'd be in good hands. But something like this requires a more delicate touch. I'll make sure she gets the best care possible.

Clark:  You're gonna transfer her?

Lex:  The helicopter's en route. She'll be in Belle Reve before she wakes up.

Clark:  Chloe doesn't belong in Belle Reve.

440912A2.JPGLex:  Lana thinks so. I know how much you care about Chloe. A close friend, someone you trust more than anyone else in the world -- it's hard to see them like this. I'll take good care of her, I promise. 

[ Thunder crashes ]

Lois:  What are you doing?  She should be in the hospital.

Clark:  Lex wanted to transfer her to Belle Reve.

Lois:  Well, Clark, maybe that's what she needs right now.

Clark:  Lois, you don't know what goes on in there. And do you really want Lex and these doctors getting inside Chloe's head?

Lois:  If it makes her feel better, I don't care if Daffy Duck whacks her with a mallet.

Chloe:  You guys, I'm drugged, I'm not deaf.

Lois:  Hey. How you feeling?

Chloe:  I'm thirsty.

Clark:  I'll get you some water.

Chloe:  Actually, um, can I just get a cappuccino? I think it might help clear the cobwebs.

Lois:  I'll go downstairs and whip you up a double. Can you not do anything ridiculous for five minutes? 440912E3.JPG

[ Clark sighs ]

Chloe:  Not too happy about the breakout, huh?

Clark:  Yeah.  She's just worried about you.  We all are.

Chloe:  Clark, I know what I saw.  I didn't imagine anything.  And I didn't hurt myself. I wouldn't do that.  I'm not my mother.

Clark:  I know.

Gretchen:  Help me.

Chloe:  Did you hear that?

Clark:  Hear what?

Chloe:  [ Gasps ] She's here.

Clark:  Chloe, you okay?

Chloe:  She's in the wall.

Clark:  Who?

Chloe:  The girl I keep seeing.  We have to help her!

Clark:  Chloe, look, just calm down, all right? We'll get her out of the wall.

Chloe:  No, Clark. No, Clark! Clark, I'm not crazy!  She's in the wall. Please, just look.  Please.

Clark:  Oh, my God. Ohh!

Chloe:  Clark. Clark?

Clark:  Yes, it was in the bathroom wall. No, I don't know how long it's been there. No, this is not a prank. Would you just send the sheriff over?

Lois:  The sheriff?  Clark, what did you do now?

Clark:  Lois...

Lois:  I can't believe this44091374.JPG, what's -- Holy crap. What, uh...uh,  are you all right?

Gretchen/Chloe:  Yeah. I feel much better now.

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

Clark:  Maybe what you saw wasn't in your head. Maybe it was this girl's spirit trying to contact you.

Chloe:  Yeah, when the lightning hit the talon, it must have jump-started her body.

Clark:  Not to mention the Kryptonite in her bracelet.

Chloe:  Yeah, the Krypto thing.  That poor girl, sealed up in that wall all that time, all alone.

Clark:  I just hope she didn't suffer.

Chloe:  Well, I think she did...a lot.  [ Sighs ] That's good.

Clark:  You should get some rest.

Chloe:  No, I've slept enough.  We need to find him.

Clark:  Find who?

Chloe:  The man who did this.  He needs to suffer like she did. 44091477.JPG

Clark:  Why don't you try to go to sleep? We'll talk about this in the morning.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Lois:  Her name was Gretchen Winters.

Clark:  The police don't have any leads on who put her behind the wall?

Lois:  The new sheriff's a little green, literally. But Gretchen is definitely not the only girl they found on the wrong side of some drywall.

Clark:  Chloe should hear this.  Chloe.

Lois:  Where'd she go? 

[ Thunder crashes]

[ Buzzes ]

440914B2.JPGLana:  Chloe.

Chloe:  Hey, roomie.

Lana:  Hey, where have you been? Lex and I have been looking for you all night.

Chloe:  Oh, I just, um... had some stuff that I had to get to. Can I borrow this?

Lana:  That's yours.

Chloe:  Oh. 440914E0.JPG [ Chuckles ] I've got some pretty cool stuff. I'll see you around.

Lana:  Chloe, wait.  Where are you going?

Lex:  Whoa. 

Chloe:  Sorry.

Lex:  Where do you think you're going?

Chloe:  Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Lana:  Because we're worried about you, Chloe.

Chloe:  Don't be. I'm fine.

Lex:  Chloe, I know you may think you're better, but it's just a trick your mind's playing on you. You need help.

Chloe:  No, what I need is for you to move out of my way.

Lex:  I'm sorry, but I'm taking you to Belle Reve. 

[ Buzzes ]

Lex:  Aah!

Clark:  What happened?

Lex:  You tell me. How did Chloe get out of her restraints at the hospital?

Clark:  Chloe was here?  Where'd she go?

Lana:  I don't know, but she was acting like a different person.

Lex:  Now she's out there with a weapon when she should be getting the help she needs. Nice work.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Lois:  I told you, she should've stayed at the hospital, Clark.

Clark: I'm gonna go see if Chloe's been to the Planet.

Lois:  Okay, fine, fine. I'll call you if she shows up, all right?

Michael:  Sorry, I was just about to knock.

Lois:  Do I know you?

Michael:  Yeah, I mean, we did a pass-by at the hospital when they brought your cousin in. Michael.

Lois:  Right, the nurse. 4409153A.JPG

Michael:  Orderly actually.  Nurse is a whole other thing.

Lois:  [ Chuckles ] Excuse me. I'm just trying to do a little aura cleansing.

Michael:  Ah.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Michael:  Have you seen Chloe?

Lois:  Uh, no, I haven't. I didn't know that orderlies made house calls.

Michael:  Oh, she just seemed like a really sweet girl. I want to make sure she gets help... before something bad happens.

Lois:  Well, I'll call Dr. Seidel if I hear from her. What are you looking at?

Michael:  Hmm? Oh, nothing. My dad used to run this place, back when it was a movie theater. I haven't been up here in... God, must be going on10 years now.

Lois:  10 years?

Michael:  Looks a lot nicer.  Smells better, too. 44091579.JPG

Lois:  [Chuckles ] Miracle of the, uh, aura-cleansing sage. Speaking of which, you know, I should probably get back to my thing.

Michael:  Oh, yeah, yeah, sure. Um, if you see her, will you tell her I was asking about her?

Lois:  Sure.

Michael:  Good. Thanks.

Lois:  No problem.  [ Sighs ]

[ Ringing ] 4409159A.JPG

Lois:  Come on, come on. 

Michael:  [ Sighs ] No, don't, don't, don't fight. It's okay.  Shh-shh-shh.

Voice on phone:  Smallville Sheriff's Station.

Michael:  Shh.

Voice on phone:  Hello?

[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Chloe/Gretchen:  Michael.

Michael:  Miss Sullivan.

Chloe/Gretchen:  I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to go. I need your help.

Michael:  Of course I'll help you.  Please, come in. I know things probably seem pretty bad right now, but it's gonna be all right. I'll help you. 440915FB.JPG

Chloe/Gretchen:  [ Scoffs ]  Like you did with Gretchen?

Michael:  Who?

Chloe/Gretchen:  Gretchen Winters. You remember her, don't you? You were so nice to her at first. You gave her a pretty green bracelet, and you -- you held her when she cried, and you listened to all her problems, all the things that were tearing her up inside. And then you told her your problems... and it made her sick. And she tried to leave, but you wouldn't let her go, and you grabbed a knife --

Michael:  How could you know that? No one can.

Chloe/Gretchen:  Except you and Gretchen. She didn't deserve to die like that, you son of a bitch!

Michael:  You're very ill, Miss Sullivan. That's why you're talking like this. But don't worry. I can help. 44091637.JPG

Chloe/Gretchen:  Aah!

Michael:  It's gonna hurt just a little bit.

Chloe/Gretchen:  This is gonna hurt a lot.

[ Buzzing ]

Michael:  Aah!

Lois: Help me!  Is someone up there?

[ Thunder crashes ]

Lois: Chloe. We have to get out of here. The orderly from the hospital, he killed that girl you found in the wall.

Chloe/Gretchen:  I know. It's okay. He's not gonna hurt anyone again.

Lois: Chloe!

Michael:  Time for your treatment, ladies. Now.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Michael:  Does it hurt? Do you feel like you want to do something wrong to yourself, even though you deserve it?

Chloe/Gretchen:  Let them go.

Michael:  Them? Disassociated, removed from what's happening. You really are sick.

Lois:  Look who's talking.

Michael:  There are things that squirm just beneath the skin... ...but I can make them stop.

Lois:  Hey!  Get the Hell away from her!

Michael:  I'm just trying to help before she ends up in an asylum, like her mother.

Lois:  Your mother?

Michael:  It's one of her squirmy things. She didn't even tell her doctor. 440917FD.JPG But I get inside my girls.  I find out things.  My father used to make these.  He was very good with his hands.  I'd just sit for hours and watch him.  And while I watched, he would tell me secrets... about my mother.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Michael:  She wasn't very nice. But he loved her. He helped her be at peace. So I help my girls. I take their secrets... ...and they take mine... forever. You always hurt the ones you love.  That's not a secret. That's just something you have to learn.

Chloe/Gretchen:  No, wait! Wait! Wait, I'm sorry!

Michael:  So am I, sometimes, but we do what we have to to get better.

Lois:  Aah!

Chloe/Gretchen:  No. No!

Michael:  44091860.JPGTake it. Take it! Slit your wrists.

Lois:  Screw you, shorty.

Michael:  Open your wrist and release all your secrets. You can be at peace, just like all of them. Or...'ll watch your our cousin die. Do it!

[ Thunder rumbles ]

Michael:  Do it, or her pretty face won't be so pretty anymore.

Lois:  Hah!

Michael:  Yaaaah! Are all the women in your family crazy?!

Chloe/Gretchen:  No! No!

Michael:  Aah!

Chloe/Gretchen:  No, Mikey! Mikey, Mikey!  Mikey, Mikey.

Michael:  What did you call me?

Chloe/Gretchen:  Mikey. [ Chuckles ] 440918E9.JPGIt's what dad used to call you. Little Mikey. Remember that? You hated it.

Michael:  How do you know so much?

Chloe/Gretchen:  [ Breathing heavily ] I know all your secrets, Mikey. It's me. It's Gretchen.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Michael:  Gretchen?

4409193A.JPGChloe/Gretchen:  I need you, Mikey. Please. I need you to take away all my secrets. Make it stop hurting, just like you did before. Please?

Michael:  Anything for my girl. Anything for my girl. Ohh! Aah! No.  What -- what are you doing? Gretchen, stop it. Aaaah!

Lois:  Chloe!

[ Crashing ]

Lois:  You okay?

Chloe:  Yeah.

Clark:  What happened?

Chloe:  [ Sighs ] I guess Gretchen got what she came back for.

Lana:  Hey.

Clark:  Hey.

Lana:  Chloe told me what happened.

Clark:  Yeah, how's she holding up?

Lana:  She's okay, considering that she was possessed and almost chopped up by a psychotic orderly.

Clark:  Why didn't you tell me you went to Lex?

Lana:  Why didn't you tell me you broke Chloe out of the psych ward? We should've come together, Clark. That's what couples do when these things 44091A36.JPGhappen. They turn to each other.

Clark:  Why didn't we?

Lana:  I love you. I love you with all of my heart. But... I don't know how to talk to you anymore.  I guess we all have our secrets.

Martha:  How's the tractor coming?

Clark:  I think I got it workin'. I'm not as handy with a set of tools as Dad was.

Martha:  Oh, I'm sure it's fine. There's an awful lot of your father in you.

Clark:  I hope so. You really understand all that stuff?

Martha:  Most of it. Your mother was a corporate animal once, as hard as that is to believe.

Clark:  It's not. I always thought you could do whatever you wanted to if you put your mind to it. So did Dad. You should do it, Mom. You should take over Dad's state senate seat. 44091A9D.JPG

Martha:  I can't do that.

Clark:  Why not?

Martha:  Being a state senator isn't a part-time job. I'd be gone all the time.  We have a farm to run.

Clark:  Mom, I can take over the farm. I think this is something you really want to do. And I know it's what Dad would have wanted.

Martha:  Well... I never was one to disappoint a Kent boy.

Chloe:  "Smallville Serial Killer Commits Suicide," by Ted Bittleman. I can't even get a by-line when I'm a part of the story.

Clark:  Well, I'm just glad you're not part of the obituaries.

Chloe:  Yeah, or wearing a strait jacket at Belle Reve.

Clark:  I'd never let that happen.

Chloe:  You know, I...had a couple moments there where I actually thought I was losing my mind. I mean, I understand how Gretchen's spirit was released and all that, but... why was I the only one that could see her? I mean, why did she choose me?

Clark:  Maybe because you care more about other people 44091AF8.JPGthan anyone else I know.

Chloe:  Or maybe there really is something wrong with me, like my mother.  [ Chuckles ]

Clark:  What is wrong with your mother, exactly?

Chloe:  I don't know. I mean, she left when I was 12, so that was before... I don't know.

Clark:  But you do know where she is.

Chloe:  Yeah.

Clark:  Why haven't you been to see her?

Chloe:  Well, because, um... 44091B29.JPG [ Sighs ] ...Because I'm afraid. I mean, what if I look into her eyes and I see myself?

Clark:  What if you wait too long and you never get the chance to look into her eyes again? She's your mother.  She always will be. It's not gonna change, no matter what.

[ Chloe sighs ]

[ Keyboard keys clacking ]

[ Chloe sighs ]

[ Chloe sighs ] 44091B96.JPG

Chloe:  [ Sighs ] Mom? [ Sniffles, sobs ]

-- Captions by Vitac --


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