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Smallville Transcripts


First aired January 19, 2006

"Lockdown" photo of Lex and Lana

Provided by Suzanne

Lex:  Not exactly the kind of headline I was hoping for a week before the election.

Man:  Nobody's that squeaky-clean. We'll find something to use against him.

Lex:  You've obviously never met Jonathan Kent.

Flynn:  Mr. Luthor? We need to get you out of here.

Lex:  What's going on?

Harris:  There's been a bomb threat.  We need to evacuate.

Lex:  A bomb? My security didn't alert me about this.

Man:  Uh, uh, Lex?

Flynn:  You always got to do things the hard way, don't you?

Lex:  Let me guess. You're not a cop.

Flynn:  Not anymore.  Uh! 43D228DB.JPG

[ Gunshots ]

Flynn:  Stop him!

Harris:  Hey!

Lex: At the risk of stating the obvious, whatever game you think you're playing... you just lost.

Flynn:  If you're trying the hardwire, good luck. I cut it a half-hour ago, right around the time I set up the wireless scrambler.   Looks like the game is just starting.

Lex:  What do you want?

Flynn:  I'll give you a hint. It's big, metallic, came from outer space.

43D22913.JPGLex:  I don't know what you're talking about.

Flynn:  Sure, you do. I want that ship that landed in the meteor shower, or that room is gonna be your coffin, Luthor. 

[ Gunshot ]

Lana:  Okay, so when you said, "Let's get together and study," you actually meant study.

Clark:  Hmm?

Lana:  Kiss me. 43D229FC.JPG [ Page turns ] Clark, what am I, your cousin? Really kiss me.

[ Book closes ]

Clark:  I got to go. Um... I don't want to miss class.

Lana:   Sorry.  Wouldn't want you to be late for class.

Clark:  Lana, come on.

Lana:  Clark, what is it? When we kiss, when we really kiss, I can feel how much you want me. Why can't we just be together?

Clark:  It's complicated.

Lana:  It shouldn't be... 43D22A2B.JPGnot when you love somebody.

Clark:  Lana, wait. What is this?

Lana:  Nothing.

Clark:  Did you get this from Lex?

Lana:  We've been researching it together for the last couple of weeks.

Clark:  Why would you keep this from me?

Lana:  Because, Clark, every time I try to bring up the ship I saw, you change the subject. 43D22A69.JPG

Clark:  I just don't think there's any point in dwelling on it.

Lana:  I saw what came out of that ship.  I watched them kill all those police officers.  I almost died, and all you can say to me is, "There's no point in dwelling on it"? I turned to Lex because he wants to find out the truth... ...not avoid it.

Lex:  A spaceship... have you tried the amusement park? I think they have one you can ride for a dollar.

Flynn:  I know you took that ship from the field after the meteor shower, Luthor.

Lex:  You do realize how crazy you sound right now.

Flynn:  Does this look crazy to you? I was there. I was a part of the sheriff's response team that got wiped out. I was under my cruiser, half-dead. I saw you roll up with your equipment and your men. You didn't even bother to see if anybody was still alive. 43D22AAB.JPGAll you cared about was hauling that ship away!

Lex:  I'm sorry, but I still don't know what you're talking about.

Flynn:  You're going to make a great politician, Luthor. You almost sound like you believe your own lies. You want to make it to election day? Tell me what I want to know.

Lex:  Or what?! I had this room designed after that little incident at the missile silo. These walls can withstand a nuclear blast. You'll never get in here.

Flynn:  You'll never get out. Your security team's tied up in the basement. The wireless system is locked. You won't be sending up any smoke signals for help.

Lex:  Looks like we have ourselves a stalemate.

Flynn:  Well, I guess I'll have to find a way to break it.

Martha:  Lana's helping Lex study the black ship?

Clark:  She's got a detailed drawing from Luthorcorp. She's been lying to me for weeks.

Martha:  Well, you haven't exactly been honest with her, either, Clark. 43D22AE5.JPG Sometimes the truth isn't easy to share with the one you love, especially if you think it might hurt them.

Clark:   It's just, everything was so perfect with Lana when I lost my abilities. Now that I have them back, all I do is lie to her. About the ship, about why I c-- I just wish I could tell her.

Martha:  Well, I'm not saying you should, but Pete found out the truth, and Chloe, and they accepted you for who you are.

Clark:  Yeah. I'm an alien.

Martha:  No, as their friend, whom they love very much, no matter what star you were born under.

Clark:  I'm just not sure Lana's gonna feel the same way.

Martha:  Then maybe she's not the one you were meant to be with.

Clark:  Mom, I can't imagine ever loving anyone else. 43D22B0F.JPG

[ Vehicle approaching ]

Lois:  Hey, Smallville, Mrs. Kent. Have you guys seen the future, uh, senator? It's crunch time, and we've got some billionaire butt to kick.

Martha:  I think he's in the barn, Lois.

Lois:  Hmm. Salt of the earth --voters love that. Turn that frown upside down, skippy, all right? Unhappy family members reflect badly at the polls.

Clark:  I'm looking forward to this campaign being over.

Jonathan:  No, this isn't about numbers or demographics or projections. It's about giving everybody the chance to live a life with dignity, whether they have a dollar in the bank or a million.  Yeah, that's why I got involved in the senate race in the first place, and that's why I intend to win.  Yeah, regardless of my opponent's checkbook. I don't care how big it is. Listen, if you need any more comment, feel free to call my campaign manager -- Lois Lane. She'll talk to you.  All right? Thanks. 43D22B4A.JPG

Lois:  You're getting very smooth with the interviews, Mr. Kent.

Jonathan:  Well, I've had a lot of practice. I feel like I got a phone growing out of my ear.

Lois:  [ Chuckles ] Well, you're doing great. Home stretch, senator.

Jonathan:  I'm not the senator.  I haven't won anything yet.

Lois:  Well, you will when I'm done.  Here we are.  This is what we're doing. Print ads in all the papers, radio spots across the dial, billboards littering the interstate like roadkill. And the nail that is going to close the coffin on our bald-headed wannabe's campaign -- the heartland message, on every TV station across Kansas from now until election day.

Jonathan:  Well, it sounds like somebody I know needs a raise. 43D22B72.JPG

Lois:  [ Chuckles ] Technically you have to start paying me first.

Jonathan:  [ Sighs ] Lois, this is all really, really fantastic, but how --how can we afford it?

Lois:  Oh, you know what? Don't even bother with the details, okay? You just need to shake hands and kiss babies, all right? Let's talk about your schedule from now until election day.  Yeah. You're gonna be one busy guy.

Jonathan:  Yeah.

Lana:  I kn-- I know how he feels about Lex. But what am I supposed to do, Chloe? It's like there's this part of Clark that just shuts down any time I start talking about the meteors or what I saw. 43D22B9F.JPG

[ Siren wails ]

Lana:  [ Scoffs ] Okay. Let me just call you back in a second, all right? I'm sorry, officer. I know I was driving a little bit fast.

Harris:  That's the least of your problems, Miss Lang.

Lana:  What are you doing?!

Flynn:  Shut your mouth.

Lex:  Lana? Let her go.

Lana:  Lex?

Lex:  I said, "Let her go."

Flynn:  Remember that stalemate you were talking about, Luthor?

Lana:  Lex, why are they doing this?

Flynn:  Yeah, Lex, why all the fuss?

Lex:  Lana, they're looking for a spaceship.

Lana:  What spaceship?

Harris:  Is everybody stupid around here?! Just tell us where it is, and all this is over!

Lex:  She doesn't know anything.

Flynn:  Yeah, but she was there when it crashed. And I know you two have been spending 43D22BDF.JPGan awful lot of time together. So get your ass out here now, or you'll be talking to yourself. I guess you're not as important, after all.

Harris:  Step out!

Flynn:  Check him.

Lex:  Don't worry, Lana. I'm not gonna let this psycho hurt you.

Flynn:  You think you can stop me, Luthor?

[ Glass shatters ]

Lex:  Ugh. Are you all right?  Are you hurt?

Lana:  No. I'm okay.

Lex:  I warned you knowing about that ship could be dangerous.

Lana:  Lex? Oh, my god. Oh, my god, Lex. Oh, my god.

Lois: Come on, Bob.  You can do better than this.   Okay, I know it's 30 seconds smack in the middle of prime time. That's why it's called "prime." Drop 10 grand and, I promise you, I will get you a personal invitation to Senator Kent's election party. I'll save you a dance.  Thanks, Bob. 43D22C7B.JPG

[ Knock on door }

Jonathan:  [ Sighs ] Wow. Prime time. That must have cost a bit, huh?

Lois: Eh, feminine wiles. Bob's got a crush on me --well, parts of me. He let me have it for next to nothing.

Jonathan:  Listen, I wonder if, uh, all you nice people would mind giving Miss Lane and I a few minutes alone, huh? Why don't you get yourselves a cup of coffee. Thank you.

Lois: Wow. "Miss Lane."  I'm feeling all professional.

Jonathan:  You've really grown into your role well here, Lois, like the way you managed to get all this last-minute publicity. That's very impressive.

Lois: Thanks, boss.

Jonathan:  It also must be very expensive.

Lois: I told you not to bother with that. I have got it covered.

Jonathan:  Yeah, you see, that's my problem. I'm, uh, crunching the numbers. 43D22CAD.JPGThey don't seem to add up, Lois. We're spending more than we have. A lot more.

Lois: Well, I just called in a few favors.

Jonathan:  Lois... I appreciate everything you're doing. I really do. But you've got to stop sidestepping my question. Where's the money coming from?

Lois: [ Sighs softly ] Lionel Luthor. I didn't have a choice.  The well ran dry. And without Lionel's backing, our campaign would have folded weeks ago. It was the right thing to do. We actually have a chance to win this thing now.

Jonathan:  What is the point if the devil owns your soul?

Lois: It's not like that. He doesn't want anything from you. This is about Lex. Look, Lionel is gonna43D22CE0.JPG do anything he can to stop from becoming senator.

Jonathan:  I'm sure that that's true, but you don't know Lionel like I do. He doesn't give anyone anything for free. There's always a price.  And now... I'm the one that's gonna have to pay it. [ Sighs heavily ]

Chloe:  Clark! Can you at least put on the brakes before you tornado my homework?

Clark:  Sorry.

Chloe:  All right. Dostoevsky's "Idiot" isn't gonna get any smarter. So, come on. Miss Sullivan's advice column is open for letters.

Clark:  Lana and I had another fight.

Chloe:  I know. She called me right after the big blowout.

Clark:  What'd she say?

Chloe:  Just the headlines -- spaceship, boyfriend that always changes the subject, 43D22D18.JPGforced to turn to everyone's favorite villain-in-waiting.

Clark:  How long has she been working on this with Lex?

Chloe:  I don't know, actually. This is the first I've heard of it.

Clark:  Next time she calls, you have to find out how long they've been working together.

Chloe:  Are you asking me to spy on Lana?

Clark:  It's very important.

Chloe:  I understand. And you're my friend, Clark, but so is Lana. And there is no way I'm getting in the middle of this.

[ Telephone rings ]

Clark:  Is that Lana?

Chloe:  Hello. Yes, this is Chloe Sullivan. Where? No. No, she -- she hasn't been back to the dorm at all. Yeah, I will. I will.  Thank you. 43D22D53.JPG

Clark:  What happened?

Chloe:  Uh, that was the Smallville sheriff's department.

Clark:  Is something wrong?

Chloe:  They found Lana's car abandoned on the side of the road.

Sheriff:  So start a perimeter search. See if you can find anything out in that field.

Clark:  Sheriff!

Sheriff:  [Breathes heavily]  Mr. Kent, what did you do, drop out of the sky?

Clark:  Where's Lana?

Sheriff:  That's what we're trying to find out. When was the last time you saw her?

Clark:  A couple hours ago.  We had a fight.

Sheriff:  Lots of people in love do, Mr. Kent. Then they make up, which I aim to give you and Miss Lang the chance to do. We found her purse.  Everything's in it. And the car speaks for itself. If I had to venture, I'd peg this as a kidnapping. But there's no sign of a struggle, which suggests she either knew her assailant or was caught off guard. We'll go over every inch of the scene until we dust ourselves off something useful. You have my word on that.

Clark:  Sheriff!  It's a GPS. 43D22D8D.JPG

Sheriff:  Someone must have been following her.  How in the Sam Spade did you know where to find this?

Clark:  J-just a hunch.

Sheriff:  You got an awful lot of those. I-I've said it before, but I really could use a man like you on the force, instead of some of these hayseeds. [Chuckles]  There's a serial number on here. 5-1-1-g-k-l-9-7. So I think mayb--

Officer:  Sheriff! We just got a silent alarm from up at the Luthor mansion. Harris is checking it out.

Sheriff:  Harris!  What's your situation?

Harris:  All clear, sheriff. Looks like it was a false alarm.

Sheriff:  Okay, keep searching the perimeter. You get anything, you get me on the horn.

Flynn:  Getting a little warm in there? I hacked into the climate controls. It-it should hit about a buck-30 in half an hour. 43D22DC9.JPGGive me a yell when you're medium rare. By the's that bullet feeling? I know I got you.

Lana:  Here. I can't stop it.

Lex:  [ Breathless ] It's okay.  They'll be here soon.

Lana:  Who?

Lex:  The police.  Barney Fife out there was using the scrambler to block the wireless backup alarm.

Lana:  That's what you were shooting at.

Lex:  If we were at the fair, I would have won you a stuffed giraffe.

Lana:  I would have liked that a whole lot more than you getting shot trying to protect me.

Lex:  I was just trying to get us back into the panic room.

Lana:  I know what you did, Lex. Thank you.

Lex:  Lana... I'm sorry you got sucked into this.

43D22E0A.JPGLana:  Why didn't you just tell them where the spaceship was? This isn't worth your life.

Lex:  I can't tell them the truth... because they'd kill both of us.

Sheriff:  Mr. Luthor?

Lana:  I don't think they'll get the chance.

Harris:  Sheriff, what are you doing here?

Sheriff:  Out for a stroll.  What do you think?

Harris:  I already told you it was a false alarm.

Sheriff:  Coming from the mansion of a billionaire running for state senate. If Luthor manages to get himself elected, I don't want him chewing my backside for not showing up in person to hold his hand. Now, where is he?

Harris:  Out, I guess. 43D22E51.JPG

Sheriff:  "Out"? You don't stand down an alarm without talking to the primary resident, Harris! Now, get your head in the game!

Harris:  Sheriff.

Sheriff:  Flynn? 

[ Gunshot ]

Sheriff:  [ Scoffs softly ] Well, ain't that a mother?

Clark:  Why is this taking so long?

Chloe:  Well, getting past the server's firewall and the encryption protocol takes a little bit of time. Sorry, Clark, but I don't have a superspeed mode.  Get out of here.   But I am the slickest blonde you'll ever meet.  Okay. So it looks like the serial number for the GPS you found matches a unit sold to a Gregory Flynn. 43D22FA2.JPG

Clark:  What have you got on him?

Chloe:  In a couple of seconds, everything. Clark, Lana's gonna be okay. She has you, doesn't she?

[ Computer beeps ]

Chloe:  Oh, here we go. "Flynn, Gregory R."

Clark:  He's a Smallville sheriff's officer.

Chloe:  Yeah, up until a couple of months ago. He was put on psychiatric leave because he was wounded and his entire unit was killed during the meteor shower. Clark, he was there when the spaceship landed.

Clark:  Yeah, when those Kryptonians murdered everyone.

Chloe:  Yeah, but Flynn survived the attack. God, seeing something like that -- I mean, all those people you work with, your friends. No wonder he had a psychotic break. Let's go.

Clark:  Why would he kidnap Lana?

Chloe:  I don't know, but she was there, too. So I thought maybe if we could get ahold of his psych workup, we can get in his head and figure out what he's up to.

Clark:  Yeah.

Jonathan:  I can't believe 43D22FE6.JPGLois would take money from Lionel behind my back. She has no idea what that man is capable of.

Martha:  It wasn't her fault.

Jonathan:  Martha, please, don't defend her to me.

Martha:  I'm not! I took the money from Lionel!

Jonathan:  How could you do that?

Martha:  Because I know how much this means to you, Jonathan, to be able to make a real difference in the world, the way our son does every day. I love you so much. I-I don't want you to lose that chance just because Lex has a bigger bank account!

Jonathan:  I promised the only people I would owe if I won were the people who voted for me! Now that I've taken this money, I'm no different than any other lying politician!

Martha:  You really think the Farmers' Association and the Rotary Club and everyone else who gave you money won't be asking for favors?

Jonathan:  Martha, they can ask anything that they want. 43D2301A.JPGBut however much they donated, I won't do something I don't believe in.

Martha:  Then why should it be any different with Lionel?

Jonathan:  Martha, you know it's not the same.

Martha:  I know nothing is black or white, especially in politics. If you win this election, you'll be able to help so many people who desperately need it. Please, don't let your pride get in the way.

[Martha sighs ]

Harris: How many more people have to die for this?

Flynn: As many as it takes. Luthor can't last much longer in there.  He'll bleed out if he doesn't open that door.

Lana:  Hey, Lex! Hey! Hey!  Come on. Wake up. 43D23045.JPG

[ Lex grunts ]

Lana:  You're in shock. You have to stay conscious, or else you might die, okay?

Lex:  All right.

Lana:  [ Breathing heavily ]  Okay, look.  Tell me something.

Lex:  What?

Lana:  Um, anything.  Just keep talking, okay?

Lex:  Do you think I'd look better with hair?

[ They both laugh. ]

Lana:  Um, uh, I don't know. I've never thought about it.

Lex:  Oh, I have. I've thought about a lot of things. Clark has really nice hair.

Lana:  Yeah.  Yeah, I guess he does.

Lex:  Does he know?

Lana:  That he has nice hair? 43D23077.JPG

Lex:  [ Sniffles ] How lucky he is.  [ Sighs ] I had a dream once, Lana... ...about how different things could be. It was --it was Christmas. Clark and I were friends again.

Lana:  Well, that sounds really nice.

Lex:  You were in my dream, too.

Lana:  I was?

Lex:  [ Sighs ] You were -- you were the best part about it. 43D230A5.JPG

[ Voice breaking ]

Lana:  Lex...Lex, we have to get you out of here, all right? Just give them what they want.

Lex:  I can't tell them where it is.

Lana:  This spaceship isn't gonna make any difference to you if you're dead!

Lex:  I can't tell them where it is because I honestly don't know.

Lana:  What?

Lex:  One minute, it was there, and the next... nothing but static on the security cameras and an empty warehouse. I'm sorry.

Lana:  How long have you known this?

Lex:  A few weeks.

Lana:  Lex, how could you have lied to me this entire time?

Lex:  Because I didn't know how to tell you the truth, Lana. Your life, mine... they've both been affected so much by these meteors. That ship was our one chance to understand why. I was hoping that I might find it again before... I should have been honest with you. 43D230E8.JPG

Lana:  Lex? Lex? Lex? Oh, god. Lex!  Lex, please don't.  [ Sobbing ] Stay awake.  Lex, please. Please wake up.  [ Sniffles ] I'll tell you where the ship is, but first you have to get Lex help.  He's hurt.

Lex:  I've seen worse.

Lana:  Call for help, and I'll tell you where it is. That's the deal.

43D2311D.JPGFlynn:  Well, I'm making a new deal. Take me to the ship, then I make the call.

Lex:  Lana, don't.

Lana:  All right. 

[ Footsteps receding ]

Chloe:  Okay, Clark, this is what we're gonna do.  You're gonna wait here.  I'm gonna double back around and see if I can hack into the visitors' list to get us some passes so that then we can come back in and move and get right by that guy right there.

Clark:  I got it.

Chloe:  What did you do?  [ Chuckles ]  Super shake.  Not bad. Not bad.

Flynn:  I am not crazy.

Man: No one's saying that.

Flynn:  Then why won't you believe me?  I saw a ship crash in the meteor shower.  I saw what came out of it.

Man: Gregory.

Flynn:  They hit us with some kind of heat beams from their eyes.  They took out the cars and the helicopter. I was pinned. 43D2322D.JPG I could smell something burning.  It was me.  I was burning.  But I didn't scream.  I didn't make a sound, 'cause they would have seen me.

Man: Who?

Flynn:  Those things from the ship.  They killed everyone, everyone except the girl. She got away.

Clark:  Lana.

Man: Gregory, we've been through this.  There is no ship. Your team was hit by a meteor. 43D23246.JPG

Flynn:  That is what he wants you to believe!  I saw him take the ship.  I am not crazy!  Ask Lex Luthor! He knows the truth!  He has the ship!

Chloe:  Lex. Clark, that's where they must be.  Damn, I wish I could do that.

Clark:  Sheriff? Lex! Lex? 

[ Lana panting ]43D2327D.JPG

Lana:  All right, we're here.  Make the call and get Lex help.

Flynn:  After I see the ship.

Lana:  What do you think you're gonna do, climb inside and fly away? There's no way in.

Harris:  Oh, we don't plan to.

Lana:  You don't want to take the ship.  You want to destroy it.

Flynn:  That thing crashed from outer space. A couple of pounds of c-4 wouldn't even put a dent in it.

Harris:  But it will make an awful lot of noise.

Flynn:  Police, fire, news crews --they'll all come running.

Harris:  And they'll see it.

Flynn:  Just like us. Only difference is, you kept quiet, and I told the truth.

Harris:  And they sent him to a psych ward for it. And they wouldn't even let me see him, his own fiance!

Flynn:  People need to be warned about this ship before more of them start landing. It's the right thing to do. 43D232A5.JPG

Lana:  [ Scoffs ] Tell Sheriff Adams that.

Flynn:  Where is it?!

Lana:  I don't know. It was here before.  I swear it was.

Flynn:  Don't lie to me.

Clark:  Lex? Lex!  Where's Lana?

EMT:  Get this guy out of here!

Clark:  Tell me where she is.

Lex:  Warehouse 15.

Harris: Greg!

Flynn:  The case!

[ Grunts ]

Flynn:  We've got to get the case!

Harris:  The what?

Flynn:  The case!

Harris:  Oh! Greg. Greg!

Flynn:  I got it. 

Harris:  No, no, no. Greg, we got to get out of here.

Flynn:  I got it!

Harris:  Greg! We have to get out of here! Come on! 43D23308.JPG

[ Whooshing ]

Clark:  Lana.

Lana:  Clark? What happened?

Clark:  I don't know.  Lex told me where to find you. When I got here, you were laying on the ground.

Lana:  I don't understand.

Clark:  You're alive.  That's all that matters.

 Flynn:  She knows where the spaceship is! Don't let her lie to you.  She's working with Luthor!  She knows everything!

Fireman:  [ Hisses ] What a nut.

Clark:  How you doing?

Lana:  I'm doing all right, considering I almost got blown up.

Clark:  I can't believe Lex would risk your life like that.

Lana:  Clark.

Clark:  Lana, he knew there was no ship in that warehouse.

Lana:  Clark, it wasn't his idea.  I brought them here on my own. 43D23448.JPG

Clark:  You did?

Lana:  It was my only to get Lex help.

Clark:  You risked your life for Lex?

Lana:  He did the same thing for me back at the mansion. Clark, if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be dead. Lex saved my life.

Man's voice in TV ad: A good neighbor.  A man who knows the value of an honest day's work and the responsibility of family.  Jonathan Kent --  putting the heart back in the heartland.

Lois:  [ clears throat ] [ Sighs ] What'd you think?

Jonathan:  Uh, I th- think the-I think the flag might have been a bit much.

Martha:  Nothing says "America" like the stars and stripes.

Lois:  Except maybe the name "Jonathan Kent." 43D23471.JPG

[ Jonathan chuckles ]

Lois:  I'm sorry I accepted Lionel's contribution without asking you first.

Martha:  Lois.

Lois:  It was wrong and I shouldn't have done it.

Martha:  Lois.  He knows.

Lois:  He does?

Jonathan: Yeah. I know. Martha told me that she's the one that accepted the money. That's a little fact you might have shared with me when I was yelling at you.

Lois:  Well, the decision to use it was still mine. Look, I think you are going to be a great senator, Mr. Kent. But the hard truth is, you wouldn't have a chance of winning without Lionel's money.

Jonathan: No, Lois. The hard truth is, by taking it, I'm no longer the man that you just saw on television. And I'm no longer the man you married. That's why I've decided to pay back Lionel Luthor every cent he loaned us. 43D2349D.JPG

Lois:  How? Not having any green is what put us in this hole.

Jonathan: I sold the back 40 this morning.

Martha:  Jonathan, that land has been in your family for generations.

Jonathan: [ Chuckling ] Yeah, and I've never done a thing with it, sweetheart. I-I should have sold it years ago. I-I was just too proud.  I'm sorry. I know it's not the whole thing, but it's certainly a start. Here you go.

Martha:  Well, I'll do everything I can to help you.

Jonathan: I never doubted that, sweetie.

Lois:  So, what happens in the meantime? 43D234D1.JPG You know, if you're right about Lionel, he's gonna want something from you.

Jonathan: I guess I'll find out soon enough. But, right now, we have an election to win.  [ Chuckles ]

Lois:  Absolutely.

[ Lex grunts softly ]

Lana:  That doesn't look like bed rest.

Lex:  Yeah. I was never really good at taking things lying down.

Lana:  Well, you are a Luthor.

Lex:  Yeah. I guess I am. Lana... I'm sorry I didn't tell you about losing the ship.

Lana:  It wouldn't matter. It'd still be gone.

Lex:  Well, at least you wouldn't hate me for it.

Lana:  I don't hate you, Lex. How could I, after you risked your life to save mine?

Lex:  You're one of the few good things in my life. I hope that won't change.

Lana:  Well, that depends on you. All I ever asked for was the truth.

Lex:  And that's all you'll ever get from me from now on. I promise. 43D23527.JPGLana, we may not have the ship, but that doesn't mean we can't keep trying to find it... and solve all the mysteries that go with it.  Partners?

Lana:  No. Let's try being friends. [Sighs]

[Lex sighs.]

Lex:  What is it?

Lana:  It's nothing.

Clark:  The only reason Lana almost got killed was because of Lex.

Chloe:  Lana's a big girl, Clark.  She can make her own decisions.

Clark:  I'm not saying she can't, but we all know Lex. He twists everything around, one lie on top of another, until you don't know what to believe.

Chloe:  Lex is a snake. Believe me, I've seen his scales. But he did almost die taking a bullet for Lana.

Clark:  I saved her from a bomb.  Doesn't that mean anything?

Chloe:  Yeah. You know what?  It would if she knew about it. Clark, the only reason Lana started talking to Lex in the first place was to learn more about that spaceship.

Clark:  If I would have been honest with her, she never would have had to.

Chloe:  No, she wouldn't.

43D2358F.JPGClark:  I love her so much, Chloe.

Chloe:  I know. But all you're doing right now, Clark, is pushing her further away.

Clark:  That's not what I want. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.

Chloe:  The only way that's ever gonna happen is if you tell her the truth.

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