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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 17, 2004

picture of Lex and girl kissing from "Bound"

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Deanna

[ Piano music playing]

Lex: What are you listening to?

Woman: My favorite song.

[ Dance music playing ]

Lex: What's your name?

Woman: Does it really matter?

4414FD8B.JPG [ Knock on door ]

Woman: Housekeeping.  Aah!

Corinne: Mr. Luthor has no comment.  Don't say anything.   Look, people, I've told you, my client has no comment, all right?4414FDE1.JPG

Reporter on TV: Billionaire Lex Luthor was released today on $ 5 million bail.  But we're told he is still the only suspect in the grisly slaying earlier this morning of a young woman whose body has yet been identified.

Corinne: So, you want to tell me how you wound up lying naked, covered in blood, next to a dead girl you hardly knew?

 Lex: I didn't kill her.4414FE05.JPG

Corinne: I didn't ask.  Lex, you're paying me to get you off, not to prove you're innocent.  But you're going to have to be straight with me. Were you drinking last night?

Lex: Yes.  At the fundraiser in the hotel.  We had champagne.

Corinne: Is it possible that you were drugged?

Lex: Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Corinne: Well, if you were drugged, it'll show up in the blood test I had you take.  In the meantime, you're gonna have to try and remember anything you can about this girl.4414FE74.JPG

Lex: I can't.  She had a pink MP3 player.  We listened to it together.

Corinne: Well, that wasn't on the evidence list.  Are you sure that she had it with her at the hotel?

4414FECE.JPG[Knock on door]

Shannon: Excuse me.  Uh Corinne, it's the D.A. 

Corinne: Thank you, Shannon.  I'll be right there.  You stay put.  It's a media circus out there, and I don't want you saying anything stupid.

Lex: Your bedside manner needs work.

Corinne: I'm not here to hold your hand, Lex. You want a hug, call your mother.

Clark: Lex.

Lex: Clark.  I take it you saw my walk of shame on the news?

Clark: How are you holding up?

Lex: Not so great, actually. 4414FF2D.JPG  I trust you're here as a friend.

Clark: Just tell me you didn't do this.

Lex: I met a girl at the opera.  I took her to a hotel.  I didn't kill her.

Clark: Who was she?
Lex: I don't know.

Clark: Wait, you slept with her, but you didn't know her name? It's one of those nights that never happens.  You meet somebody, and you just get caught up in the moment.  I'm guilty of that, but I'm not a murderer.  It was my father.  He's framing me.

Clark: Your father's in prison.

Lex: You really think that matters? Go home, Clark.  You don't want to be involved in this, trust me.


[ Voices yelling Demons! Witches!]

Isobel: Je vais dormait seulement un peu. (I am going to sleep just for a while)

[ Speaks in latin ]
Wilkins: Countess Marguerite Isobel Theroux... You have been found guilty of practicing the darkest art.  Witchcraft.  I hereby condemn you to burn in the fires of hell.

[ Speaking in french ]

Woman: Tu m'as trahis Isobel, maintenant tu vas mourir. (You have betrayed me Isobel, so now you are going to die)

[ Screams ]

Lionel: Clark, thank you for coming.  It's good to see you.  How's Lex?  I've been trying to contact him.  Since I heard, but he won't speak to me. 

Clark: He thinks you're trying to frame him.  Are you?

Lionel: No, Clark. 

Clark: Why should I believe you? 

Lionel: There's no reason you should. 4414FFD4.JPG

[ Sighs ]

Lionel: Listen to me I was ill, Clark.  The liver disease I had was a death sentence.  And...something happened.  I can't explain it.  I woke up on the floor, there was a riot, I... I felt as if... a different kind of energy had been... inside me.  Something... strong and... good.  I was changed.  And my liver had healed.

Clark: What was it?

Lionel: I don't know.  All I can say was... it was miraculous.  I could see... the darkness, the -- 44150013.JPGthe destructive power that had always been inside me.  I can see it in Lex now.  I have to help him, Clark.

Clark: Do you think he did it?

Lionel: No.  This was a crime of passion, or it was an elaborate frame.  The girl --did she have a car?

Clark: Lex told the police that he took her to the hotel in his ferrari.

Lionel: Then they'll look for her car at the opera house.  But they won't find it there.  Lex has patterns.  He would've had the girl drive her own car back to the hotel, so he could slip away in the morning and wouldn't have to worry about taking her home. The patterns -- the girl --she had brown hair, yes?  She reminded him of Lillian.  It's his mother.  You have to help him, Clark.

Clark: If I find this car... 44150050.JPG

Lionel: Anything you find --bring it to me.  I can help you. 

Clark: I'll see where it leads.  But I still don't trust you.

Lionel: I know.  But you will be back, won't you?

Martha: Stupid, stupid.

Lana: I swear, one time that thing actually bit me.

Martha: Oh, Hi, Lana. It does take a certain touch.  Are you feeling all right? You look a little pale.

Lana: I just had this really weird dream last night.  I can't seem to shake it.

Martha: Oh, I'm sorry, Lana. you have a visitor

 Lana: She's here for me? Thanks.

Lana: Excuse me.

Genevieve: Lana.  It's wonderful to finally meet you.  You are beautiful.

Lana: I'm sorry.   Do I know you?

Genevieve: I'm Jason mother.  Did I catch you off- guard?

Lana: No, no.  Yeah, actually. Um, you have a little.  I just didn't know that he was expecting you.

Genevieve: Well, he isn't.  Could we sit?

Lana: Sure.  Would you like some tea?

 44150166.JPGGenevieve: Um, no thank you.  I know this may sound impossibly British, but I just can't bring myself to drink tea from a mug.  Is that terrible?

Lana: No, of course not.

Genevieve: How's Jason? I...haven't spoken to him since he left Paris, and he wouldn't answer any of my calls.  I'm afraid that, um, I'm afraid he thinks that I'm angry with him.

Lana: You're not?

Genevieve: I simply want to see him again.

Lana: Mrs. Teague, I... I've wanted to meet you, but if Jason isn't ready to be a part of your life, I don't think that I can, either. 4415019F.JPGNot behind his back.

Genevieve: Well, the last thing in the world I want to do is to, uh, put you in the middle of all this, but... if you could just tell him that I'm here and that I'm staying at the Smallville Inn... Tell him I want to see him.

Lana: Sure.

Genevieve: Thanks.  You know, it's interesting. A moment ago, when I first met you, you looked at me as though you recognized me.  How can that be? Good-bye, Lana.  You must come and visit me in Metropolis. You are so beautiful.  I see now why he had to be with you.

Chloe: Where have you been all afternoon?

Clark: I went to go see Lionel in prison.

Chloe: Why? Are you backlogged with your community service hours or something? 441501ED.JPG

Clark: No, look, um, I this gonna sound crazy, but Lionel gave me a lead in Lex's case.  He said that I could probably find the girl's car at the hotel and I think I did.  Check this out.  There were 22 cars that were checked in to the hotel valet that night after 10 P.M. When Lex said he left the opera. Now, of those cars, all but three were hotel guests, and of those three, two belonged to guys who had too much to drink at the hotel bar.  Leaving one.  Exactly, but I haven't been able to trace a name or address.

Chloe: Why am I not surprised? Let me try.

Clark: You know what the weird thing is?  The police aren't even looking into this.

Chloe: Well, of course not, Clark.  They think that Lex is guilty, and they've already got their man. But don't you think it's possible that this is all just a set-up?  I mean, Lionel Luthor goes all Hannibal Lecter and tells you what to look for 4415021F.JPGand where to find it?

Clark: I don't think so.  Look, I can't explain this, but something happened to Lionel in prison.  I think it changed him.

Chloe: Clark...

Clark: And what if he really can help?

Chloe: Clark, he's the master manipulator.  You cannot trust him, okay? And besides, Lex is in great hands.  I mean, he's got Corinne Harper leading his defense.  They call her "The Barracuda."   What he really needs is a good publicist.  Have you seen this? The police have interviewed over 13 women that have slept with Lex in the last year.  What's wrong? 

Clark: Lex told me that this little one night stand was something that never happens.

Chloe: And you believed him?

Clark: I've gotta believe somebody, Chloe.  There it is. 44150252.JPG

[ Computer beeps ]

Chloe: Eve Andrews... age 28.  Lives in Metropolis.

[ Floor creaks ]

Clark: Lex, What are you doing?

Lex: I'm saving my ass, Clark.  What the hell are you doing here?

[ Sirens wailing ]

Lex: You gotta help me, please. 441502FD.JPG

Clark: You were burning evidence, Lex.  Not exactly the actions of an innocent man.

 Lex: Come on, Clark, think about it. If I killed that girl, why would I take a nap next to her body? So the maid could find? It doesn't make any sense.

Clark: Neither does breaking into her house, but you did that.  You better be honest with me, because right now I'm an accomplice.

Lex: I didn't ask you to show.  How did you even know to go there?

Clark: I tracked down her car.

Lex: Did you call the cops, too?
Clark: No.

Lex: Because this is gonna be all over the 6:00 news now.

Clark: Why'd you go there, Lex?

Lex: I got a call from Corinne's office... saying they had a lead on an address.  I thought maybe I could find out who she was.  I had no idea what I was walking into.

Clark: What'd you find out?

Lex: Her name's Eve Andrews.  And as you could tell from the stack of photos, she's been stalking me for some time.

Clark: So you did know her.

Lex: No, only by name --which she failed to tell me at the fundraiser, so how was I supposed to know? Clark, you know I didn't do this. It's my father trying to get back at me.  He knows about all these stalkers.  Luthor Corp's lawyers compiled a database of them last year.  My father knew Eve would be the perfect victim to make it look like I had motive. 44150398.JPG

Clark: I don't think it's your father, Lex. I went to see him.  He wants to help. 

Lex: He was the one who sent you looking for a car, wasn't he?

Clark: Yes --

Lex: You're playing right into his hands.

Clark: Lex --

Lex: You can't straddle the fence on this one, Clark! My father and I are enemies.  You have to decide who you really trust.

Chloe: She was stalking him, and he didn't know what she looked like?

Clark: He said he'd never seen her before.  Lex lied about a lot of things.  He lied about all those women. Do you think he could've done it?

Chloe: I'd have to say the whole fire-starter thing doesn't exactly scream "innocence,"  but there's something really strange about this.  Look at this.

Clark: Wait, I thought Lex's attorneys would have all this under lock and key. 441503D2.JPG

Chloe: Yeah, well know people at the top, but I know people at the bottom, and they work for tips. Check this out.  See? She's wearing two diamond earrings. See that?

Clark: Yeah.

Chloe: Okay, now, we're gonna skip through all this gross Zalman King stuff... just before they get out of the elevator onto the penthouse floor, and look.

Clark: She lost an earring.

Chloe: Exactly. Now, the police report said that the dead woman was wearing two diamond earrings.  So either she found it, or...

Clark: Lex was with two different women.

Corinne: Thank you, Shannon. That was my assistant. Your tox screen came back negative, Lex. There were no drugs in your system.

Lex: So it left my system, or the test was altered.  That's certainly not beyond my father's capability.

Corinne: They've got you lying next to the body, 44150415.JPGred in blood, and now that they've I.D. the victim, they also have motive.

Lex: Why, because she was stalking me?

Corinne: Yes. Do you even know why she was stalking you, Lex? Because you slept with her 18 months ago.  And then you sent her a pair of diamond earrings as a consolation prize.  How could you not remember her?

Lex: I don't always get their names or remember their faces.

Corinne: I suppose it doesn't help that we all look alike, does it? I was your type, too, Lex.  Or don't you remember that, either?

Lex: I remember, Corinne.

Corinne: Ooh... goodie for me.

Lex: You know, you must be enjoying this on some level -- seeing me pay for my indiscretions.

Corinne: Yeah, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a certain amount of satisfaction, seeing you hoisted on your own petard. 44150449.JPG

Lex: On the plus side, the view from up here is exceedingly clear.  You see, I've been thinking that whoever did this would need to have access to my legal files to know Eve was stalking me.  I thought it was my dad, but maybe I was wrong.  That database was your project, wasn't it?

Corinne: You know what? I knew there might be a conflict of interest when I took this case.  But I'd hoped we got past all that.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I'm removing myself as your attorney.

Chloe: So the police still haven't picked up on the missing earring thing, and according to people at the front desk, they haven't found anything yet.  So that's where we're at.

Clark: Well, if I were an earring...

Chloe: Let's re-enact the event, okay?  So Lex had Eve up against this wall right here, so... 44150492.JPGokay, come on, big boy, it's for the cause of truth and justice.  Now push me up against the wall.

Clark: I don't think --

Chloe: And her hand was like this... and I think his hand was like this. And they were... maybe he knocked the earring off accidentally. Yeah. Yeah, and then she pushed him... up against this wall over here like this.  Hi. 441504B2.JPG

[ Ding ]

Woman: Oh, my.

Clark: It's okay, you can come in.

Woman: Um, no, that's fine. We'll just take the stairs.

Chloe: No, but nothing was happening.  We weren't doing anything, really.  Hey, Clark.  What if the earring fell down this crack?

Lionel: I'm glad you came back, Clark.  But why did you bring me this?

Clark: I didn't think Lex would tell me the truth.

Lionel: And you believe that I will?

Clark: Well, you wanted to help.  I'm trusting you.  That belonged to the girl who Lex met at the opera.

Lionel: Eve Andrews, yes?

Clark: Well, that's the thing.  Eve Andrews was wearing two earrings when she died.  I think there's two girls, and I think the girl in the elevator is still alive.  I just don't know how to find her. 441504FF.JPG

Lionel: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  When I was younger and I wanted to get rid of a woman, I would send her a pair of diamond earrings -- delivered by courier, no messy farewells.  It was my signature.  My son, it seems, is carrying on the tradition.  The girl on the elevator is a former lover of Lex's.  She's the killer.

[ Knock on door ]

Lex: Okay, Corinne, I'm here.  What's this new evidence you want to talk about?  First you quit, now you're back.   Look, I came a long way.  What do you want? Come on.

Woman: 911.

Lex: Yeah, uh, someone's been killed.

Woman: I'm sorry.  All lines are busy at the moment. Please hold for the first emergency operator. 

Lex: What are you doing?

Shannon: What's wrong, Lex? Don't you recognize me?

Shannon: Promise to be quiet? Welcome home.


Lex: How'd you get past my security?

Shannon: I work for your law firm, Lex.  I told them that you'd been drinking in Metropolis and you needed a ride home.  They helped me carry you up here.

Lex: Why here?  Why are you this?

Shannon: Because this is where it all happened.  This is where I earned my earrings...the first time.  You see, you remember the other night, but you don't remember the first time.  I do.  I had a fiancé, but you didn't know that.  I cheated on him with you because I thought that you loved me.  And when I broke it off with him, I called to tell you, that but you wouldn't take my call.

 Lex: I'm sorry.  If I had know

Shannon: But you didn't.  And then three months later, I bump into you outside of Corinne's office and you don't even recognize.  It was like I never happened to you.  And so I started going through your turns out I wasn't the only one.

 Lex: Eve Andrews

Shannon: Among others.  She was such a fan.  I told her that you wanted to make amends, and she agreed to come to the hotel. And then I slipped a little something into your champagne after we made love.  It's funny your blood test didn't pick that up.

 Lex: You rigged the test.

Shannon: I just switched out the results.

Lex: You were the one who sent me to her place.  You called the police.

Shannon: You were supposed to get caught.  But you didn't.  And so here we are.

Jason: Hey.  What's wrong?  You haven't said anything all night.  Talk to me.

Lana: I met your mom.

Jason: Where?

Lana: Here.  She, uh... she said that you weren't returning her calls, so she came to see me.  She's staying at the441506AC.JPG Smallville Inn. She wants you to stop by.

Jason: Why didn't you tell me earlier?

Lana: I don't know.  I guess, um... maybe I don't want to be the one passing notes between you and your mother.

Jason: I wouldn't have asked you to do that.  She had no right to come here.  Sorry.

Lana: She seemed really worried about you.

Jason: I'll bet she did.  I'll bet she seemed sad and heart broken.  But...she's not.  She's manipulative.  And all my life, she's tried to control me.  What, is there so441506EC.JPGmething else?

Lana: I dreamed about her.  I mean... I was dreaming about Isobel Theroux.  She was being burned at the stake.  And suddenly, your mom was there.

Jason: Well, it's probably not that unusual to dream 44150731.JPGabout someone you just met.

Lana: Jason... I dreamt about her before I met her. 

Clark: There it is.  Just like he said.

Chloe: How did he get the serial number so small? It's Lilliputian.

Clark: Lasers.  Lionel said all the high-end diamond dealers do it.  In case it ever gets lost or stolen, you can track it down.

Chloe: Or it can track you down.  Oh.  Wow, I still can't believe that lionel actually called his old jewelry guy and had him send over the purchase orders.  All right, give me the numbers.

Clark: 7-2-2-d-j-s-3-9-7-0.

Chloe: Here we go.  Two diamond  Very expensive. 44150771.JPG Couriered to Miss Shannon Bell. 

Clark: Shannon Bell --How do I know that name?

Chloe: Well, according to this, she works in Lex's law firm.

Clark: We have to warn him.

Chloe: I'll call the police.

[ Super speed sound ]

Shannon: You know, you could've stopped all this, Lex.  All you had to do was recognize me outside of the opera, just say, "Hi, Shannon... It's nice to see you."  But you didn't.  I was wearing the earrings that you bought me.  We had sex again, and you still didn't recognize me.  I had a life, Lex.  I had a fiancé.  You ruined my life.  And you didn't even know who I was.  And you do this all the time.  It has to stop. 44150814.JPG

Jonathan: I'm glad Lex was found innocent, but I sure wish you would've come to us before you got yourself involved.

Clark: Well, at first, Dad, I just wanted to help.  Then I had to figure out if I could trust him or not.

Martha: What did you decide?

Clark: I haven't. I mean, the way he treated those women.  It showed me a side of Lex I hadn't seen before.  I mean, how could you just not care that you hurt someone?

Jonathan: He's just following, what he's learned, son.  That's all.

Clark: There's something else you should know. I went to see Lionel. 

Martha: What?

Clark: He wanted to help Lex, and he did.  I couldn't have done it without him. 

Jonathan: Clark. You know how dangerous that man is to you.

Clark: But, Dad, that's the thing.  I think he's changed.  And his liver's healed.

 Martha: I thought his condition was terminal. 

Clark: I think something in me actually healed him.

Jonathan: Clark, does Lionel know about this? 

Clark: No. He actually thinks it's a miracle.

Martha: It is.

Clark: Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I really think he has changed. I could see it in his eyes.

Jonathan: Clark, as far as I'm concerned, Lionel Luthor is never gonna change, and neither is Lex.  Now, we're just gonna have to accept that.

Lex: I understand you helped vindicate me, Dad.  There's just no telling the influence you seem to have from behind these bars.

Lionel: I pointed you Clark in the right direction, that's all I did.  You still believe I had something to do with this, don't you? 

 441508E6.JPGLex: No. I just assume you must want something in return.

Lionel: Yes.  Yes, I do.

Lex: I'm not helping you get released.

Lionel: You don't understan44150920.JPGd.  I know that I deserve to be here... in this terrible place.  I have no one to blame but myself. 

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ]

Lex: I'm in a generous mood, Dad, so let's say I believe that.  What do you want from me?

Lionel: I want to be your father... Lex.  If you'll let me.

Lex: You've got your health, Dad.  Don't expect other miracle.

Lex: I wanted to say thank you.  And I'm sorry.  I know you were only trying to help me.

Clark: How long is this going to continue, Lex?

Lex: I don't know.  What do you want m44150955.JPGme to tell you?

Clark: I don't want you to tell me anything.  I want you to change.

Lex: I don't know if I can.

Clark: Then it seems the only person that you care about is yourself. 441509D0.JPG There's a whole side of you that I don't know about, Lex.  And what else don't I know about you?

Lex: You don't know that, every day, I wonder why I keep going, why I do the things I do.  You know, Shannon might have been crazy, but she was right about me.  I treated those women terribly, Clark.  People died, and I could've stopped it.  I see that now.

Clark: Well, that's a start.

Lex: You know, there was a moment the other night when that fire she set was coming towards me.  I thought, good... it would save the world a lot of grief.  But somehow, the fire went out, and she was lying on the floor.  And suddenly, I had a second chance.

Clark: The last few days, Lex, I... I thought your father was being more honest with me than you were.  44150A21.JPGI hated that feeling.  I felt like we were enemies.

Lex: Don't give up on me yet.

Jason: What are you doing here, Mother?

Genevieve: I know you don't want to talk to me, Jason.  But every mother has a right to see her own son.

Jason: You didn't come here to see me.

Genevieve: Is it so terrible to want to meet your girlfriend?

Jason: It's the way you go about it.  But I'm not gonna let you do it this time.  Because it's different.  I will come see you when I'm ready.

Genevieve: When will that be?

Jason: I don't know.  But you can't come back here.

Genevieve: I just want you to know, Jason, that I'm really glad that you're happy.  I mean, Lana enchanting girl.  I can see why you moved to the middle of nowhere to be with her.  She is -- she's special. 44150A6F.JPG I knew you'd meet someone like her one day.

Jason: Did I meet her by accident or not?

Genevieve: What on earth are you implying? Of course you did, Jason.  How else could you meet her?  I'll wait to hear from you.

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