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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 10, 2004

Smallville - "Spell" pic

Provided by Suzanne

[ Horse neighs ]

Witch #1:  It won't open.

Witch #2:  We must escape before we reach the pyres. Isabelle...

Isabelle:  They've taken the book and with it our powers. What would you have me do?

1: Anything. We're running out of time.

Isabelle:  Time is the one thing we do have. If we fall this night, I promise you, we will rise again to finish our quest.

[ Girls scream in fright ]

Isabelle:  Magistrate Wilkins. Come to enjoy your handiwork?

Wilkins:  Tell me the three stones of power, Countess. You may yet escape the pyre's flames.

Isabelle:  In my book, there's a page marked.

Wilkins:  What means this?

Isabelle:  It means that the stones of power shall be mine, and once I possess them, you shall tremble at my feet and never again persecute my kind. 44092D47.JPG  [ Speaks in Latin ] Anima Renito.

 Wilkins:  Demon.   Join your confederates.

[ Isabelle laughs ]

Witch #1:  Please...have mercy.

Witch #2:  No, no, please, have mercy!

Wilkins:  Madeline Evans, Briana Withridge, Countess Marguerite Isabelle Theroux... You have been found guilty of committing the darkest art --witchcraft. For this affront against God, I hereby condemn you to burn in the fires of Hell in which you so eagerly seek communion.

Isabelle:  You think this ends with a lick of flame? I sleep but a while... and when the time is appointed, my heir will awaken me, and I will have vengeance! Heh heh heh heh!

[ Witches scream ]

Jason: So you found it on eBay?

Lana:  Yeah, this old guy in Nice was auctioning it off. 44092DAA.JPGI had to max out my entire credit card to get it, but I couldn't resist. It was like it was calling to me. The spell book of Countess Isabelle Marguerite Theroux.

Jason: Those look like the same symbols in the cave.

Lana:  Yeah... maybe it will help explain what happened in Paris when I touched Isabelle's tomb.

Jason: Yeah, and the tattoo and the missing 12 hours...

Lana:  Mm, so, uh, how's your Latin?

Jason: About as good as my Italian, which... I don't speak.  I'll get it.

Lana:  Oh, my God.

Jason: What?

Lana:  This is the symbol from Isabelle's tomb.

Jason: That's kind of spooky. You--whoa.  You okay?

Isabelle:  Never been better. 

[ Horn honks ]

Clark:  Hey, Lois, what are you doin' here? Why aren't you in school?

Lois:  We're having a surprise party for Chloe's 18th birthday in your barn, remember?

Clark:  No, I remember telling you you couldn't have it here.

Lois:  Too late now. Everyone's already been invited, and you really don't want it getting back to Chloe 44092F18.JPGthat you rained on her shindig. That would hurt her feelings.

Clark:  What?

Lois:  Then I'd have to hurt you.

Clark:  Listen, Lois, I don't want --

Lois:  Can you give me a hand with these? I have to get the wheels back to my dad before he notices them missing.

44092F2D.JPGClark:  Lois, we can't do this tonight. The guy from Princeton's coming to meet me. Besides, my parents are out of town.

Lois:  Relax, Smallville. It's just gonna be a couple of people standing around singing "Happy Birthday".  It's not going to be Sodom and Gomorrah. Mr. Ivy League won't even know we're here, trust me.

Isabelle:  "Hair of two virgins."  Huh.  We've been a good little girl, haven't we?

[ Knock on door ]

Chloe: Hello.

Lois:  Oh, you are home. I've been calling, but no one answered.

Isabelle:  Well, I've been kind of preoccupied. Science project.

Chloe: From what century?

Isabelle:  Well, it's a whole retro thing. I'm trying to recreate some of the stuff they did back in the 1600s.

Lois:  Oh.

Isabelle:  44092F6B.JPGI really think you two are going to like it.

Lois:  Damn, I left my phone in your car. Do you mind?

Chloe: Oh, no. No worries.  This whole smell of science is making me crave an aromatic latte, anyways. So I'll just meet you downstairs with your cell phone. Bye.

Isabelle:  Bye.

Lois:  Thanks. What's the matter with you? You were supposed to take Chloe shopping so that I could finish everything with the party.

Isabelle:  Right. It must've slipped my mind.

Lois:  Well, get some traction.  Little Miss Reporter there -- she can smell a ruse a mile away. I'm going to need some serious help to keep her from ferreting out whatever it is 44092F92.JPGwe're planning tonight --ow!

Isabelle:  Oh, no, no, that's no good.

Lois:  Well, yeah, not since you pulled it out.

Isabelle:  It was gray.

Lois:  I don't have gray hair.  I'm just gonna use your bathroom for a second.

[ Doors opens, closes ]

Isabelle:  Maybe you need a woman's touch.

Clark:  Hey. Lana.

Isabelle:  Hello, Clark. It's a big box.

Clark:  It's, um, it's a gift for Chloe. Lois and I got it for her.

Isabelle:  Well, I'm sure that she'll love it, especially if it's from you.

Clark:  Look, uh, I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about what happened with Jason.

Isabelle:  Oh, well, don't worry about it. It's water under a very... tall bridge. 44092FF1.JPG

Clark:  Are you, uh, feeling okay? You seem a little, uh... different.

Isabelle:  Well, maybe it's the company.

Clark:  Jason's my friend.

Isabelle:  Well, he doesn't think so.

Clark:  Hey, what's --what are you doing?

Isabelle:  I need a lock of your hair for a scrapbook I'm making for Chloe's birthday.

Clark:  Well, all you had to do was ask.

Isabelle:  Well, where's the fun in that? What happened to these?

Clark:  They were broken already. Here, is that enough?

Isabelle:  It's perfect. Thanks, handsome. 

[ Playing classical music]

Isabelle:  You play beautifully.

Lex:  Thanks, but I'm afraid I'm a little rusty.

Isabelle:  Well, I hate to interrupt, but I wanted to ask you for a favor.

Lex:  Have I ever been 4409303F.JPGable to refuse Lana Lang? What do you need?

Isabelle:  Oh, a good bottle of wine for Chloe's birthday.

Lex:  Well, the last time I checked, she wasn't turning 21 yet.

Isabelle:  I know, but I thought it'd be nice to raise a glass with her and Lois to celebrate. I promise I won't tell anyone where I got it from. It'll be our little secret.

Lex:  Well, I think I might have a light Riesling that won't do too much damage.

Isabelle:  Actually, I was looking more for a vintage merlot from the south of France. Something from a vineyard in the Languedoc or possibly the Deldonia. That should do in a pinch.

Lex:  Well, your tastes have certainly matured 44093098.JPGfrom a summer in Paris. Just give me a second. 1902 from the Sallier Vineyards in Languedoc. It should make quite the birthday present.

Isabelle:  What is this?

Lex:  Just a little something I picked up in St. Petersburg. It's an illuminated manuscript depicting the anc--

Isabelle:  You're lying.

Lex:  What?

Isabelle:  You know it's true nature, but the map was not meant for you.

Lex:  Lana, how did you know there's a map hidden under the page?

Isabelle:  Because... 440930C9.JPG [ Speaks in Latin ]

Lex:  Lana, what did you do --

Isabelle:  [ Shouts in Latin ] You seek the stones, don't you? Well, we can't have that... I think that you're right, Alexander. You do need more practice. Keep playing... infinitas.

[ Playing classical music ]

Isabelle: [ Speaking in Latin ]

Lois:  Okay, what are we doing in the woods? Chloe's right behind me, and the moonlight nature hike -- it's making her a little suspicious.

Isabelle:  I thought it'd be nice to get together with my girls before the party.

Chloe:  What party? 440931DC.JPG

Lois:  Way to ruin the surprise.

Chloe:  Oh, you mean the party that you've been planning for the last month?

Lois:  You know about that?

Chloe:  Oh, hello --investigative reporter. Nothing gets past me. Except why we're playing wood nymph when there's a party waiting for me with my name on it.

Isabelle:  Then we'd better hurry. A toast... in honor of this special night.

Lois:  All right, this is getting better.

Isabelle:  No matter how much time passes, old friends are never forgotten.

Chloe:  I'll drink to that.

Isabelle:  Cheers.

Chloe:  Cheers. 4409320D.JPG

Lois:  Cheers.

[ Thunder crashes ]

Isabelle:  Madeline... Briana... Welcome to the 21st century.

Madeline:  How did we come to be here?

Isabelle:  The last spell I cast before Wilkins condemned me to the pyre -- my blood entwined with the symbol in the book which called to my heir. And when she touched it, I gained possession of her body and brought you back.

Briana:  I'm gorgeous. Look at these. Ha!

Isabelle:  Yes. They're very nice. 4409324B.JPG

Madeline:  [ Sighs ] The woods of France. I'd know them anywhere.

Isabelle:  We're in Kansas, Madeline.

Briana:  Where?

Isabelle:  The Americas. I am unsure as to why I was resurrected here. It was not of my intention, but...

Madeline:  The book. Do you have it?

Isabelle:  It is ours once again. And with it, our magics. Now we may continue our quest for the stones --

Madeline:  Oh. that the same quest that got us burned at the stake?

Briana:  That was not pleasant.

Isabelle:  A small toll to travel the road of ultimate power.  You have your host's memories. Use them to navigate this world and help us to seize the power.

Clark:  Hey, Jason, do you know where the girls are? They were supposed to be here an hour ago.

Jason:  No. Sorry. 4409329B.JPG

Clark:  Look, Jason --

Jason:  Clark, I'm only here because Lana wants me to be here...because I'm her boyfriend. Whether you like it or not.

Partygoers: Surprise!

Isabelle:  We don't have time for this.

Madeline:  Time is the only thing we do have. Isn't that what you said right before the angry mob set us on fire?

Isabelle:  You're really not going to let that go, are you?

Clark:  The guy from Princeton's going to be here any minute. Why are you so late?

Briana:  I took the scenic route. Love the view.

Clark:  Have you been drinking?

Jason:  Hey.  So, I don't want to be rude, but I think I'm just gonna tell Chloe "Happy birthday" and take off.

Isabelle:  Well, you're a big boy.  You can do what you want.

Jason:  You're the one who wanted me here.

Isabelle:  Well, things change.

Jason:  Why are you acting like this? 440932EB.JPGAnd why are you dressed like that?

Isabelle:  Because it makes me feel sexy. Weren't you leaving?

Madeline:  The food is so good in this century.

Isabelle:  And the men actually bathe.

Briana:  [ Sighs ] And their bodies are so hard.

4409331C.JPGIsabelle:  But we have definitely had better celebrations. This is appalling.

Madeline:  We could change that.

Isabelle:  Well, it has been 400 years. Perhaps a little fun before we continue our quest.  [ Speaks in Latin ]

[ Dance music playing ]

Princeton recruiter:  Pardon me.  Um, where's Clark Kent?  Clark!  Clark!  Mr. Jacobson, Princeton University?

Clark:  Hey, come on in!  Join the party!  Whoo!  Whoo!

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

Clark:  Hey, Mom. Yeah, how is Metropolis? Really. I'm glad you're having a great time. What? Oh, yeah, the guy --the guy from Princeton. Um, yeah, I-I met him last night. I, um, don't worry, I think I made an impression. 

[ Classical music playing ]

Clark:  Lex, can I talk to you for a second? I got a big problem. I was supposed to meet this alumni from Princeton last night, but then Lois wanted to throw a party for Chloe in the barn... Well, the party kinda got outta hand, and then the guy from Princeton showed up, but I think I kinda blew it. Look, um, I hate to ask you this, but do you have any connections at Princeton? Lex? Lex, what are you doing? Stop. Stop it!

Lex:  I can't.

Clark:  Lex, what happened?

Lex:  Lana.

Isabelle:  You really shouldn't play with that. You might hurt yourself.

Jason:  I heard you and the girls were the life of the party last night.

440934B7.JPGIsabelle:  One last fling before I finish what I started a long time ago. You don't want to get in my way.

Jason:  Who are you?

[ Isabelle speaks French ]

Jason:  Isabelle?

Isabelle:  In the new flesh. [ Chuckles ]

Jason:  What did you do with Lana?

Isabelle:  She's in here somewhere.

Jason:  Could you let her out?

Isabelle:  Heh heh heh heh! Now, why on earth would I ever do that?

Jason:  You know, all this started when Lana found this book. So I'm guessing if anything happens to this book...

Isabelle:  You have no idea what you're dealing with, little man. 440934F0.JPG [ Shouts in Latin ] So now you begin to understand... you are not but an insect in my path to be crushed on the journey toward greater things.

[ Jason screaming ]

Isabelle:  Heh heh heh heh!

Clark:  Lana, no! Jason! Are you okay?

Isabelle: You're early. Not planning something devious, are you, Clark?

Clark:  What'd you do to Lex and Jason?

Isabelle:  Nothing... compared to what we're going to do to you. 44093534.JPG [ Speaks in Latin ]

Clark:  I don't know what's going on, but this needs to stop before it gets out of hand.

Isabelle:  So you're more than just fast. Well, that'll make this a whole lot more exciting. 

[ Madeline speaks in Latin ]

Clark:  I don't want to hurt anyone.

Isabelle:  Your magics are impressive.

Clark:  Magic?

Isabelle:  But so are mine.  [ Speaks in Latin ] We have traveled through the ages to complete our quest, outwitting death itself. We will not be undone by some farm boy with a few tricks. Aah!

Madeline:  He's not what he seems, Isabelle.

Briana:  I can feel his power.

Isabelle:  Then perhaps we should rid him of it.

Clark:  Chloe... 44093591.JPGyou gotta help. I know you're in there.

Chloe:  Clark?

Clark:  Listen to me, you gotta help me.

Madeline and Briana:  Heh heh heh heh! Heh heh heh heh!

Isabelle:  [ Speaking in Latin ] It is done. His powers are gone.

Briana:  He awakens.

Clark: [ Grunts ] What have you done to me?

Madeline:  We made sure you were no longer a threat, sorcerer.

Clark:  I'm not a sorcerer.

Madeline:  You're not? You sure?

Isabelle:  No...he's something else. Something special. I could sense it when your magics were ripped from your body. Hmm. I can taste it on you. The three stones of power. You know of them, don't you?

Clark:  I've never heard of them. 440936C8.JPG

Isabelle:  You've done more than hear them... you've touched them.

Briana:  We can feel it.

Isabelle: There's more. You know where one of them is hidden.

Madeline:  Tell us where it is, Clark.

Briana:  Please tell us.

Clark:  I don't know what you're talking about.

Madeline:  Let me cut it out of you.

Clark:  Aah!

Isabelle:  No! There are easier ways to get what we want. This body I inhabit... you have desires for it, don't you? Well, it desires you, too, Clark... very, very much. 44093712.JPG [ Whispers in Latin]

Mysterious Voice: The cave...

Isabelle:  Thank you, Clark. You've been very helpful. 
[ Speaks in Latin ]

Jason: Clark? Are you all right? What happened? Did Lana do this to you? Take it easy, take it easy. Where is she?  I need to find her.

Clark:  She's with Lois and Chloe, but they're different. They're not themselves. It's like their bodies have been taken over.

Jason: They have. In fact, this is gonna sound kinda out there, but -- let's get you up. Lana has been researching a 17th-century witch. She tracked down her spell book, and when she touched her hand to the page --

Clark:  Wait a second. Lana's been possessed by the spirit of an evil witch?

Jason: Yes. Isabelle got into Lana by using the book, so we gotta find her and destroy the book. 44093765.JPG Any idea where they went?

Clark:   Uh, I'm not sure. Um...why don't you check the school? I'll go to the talon.

Jason: All right.  Clark... call my cell if you find 'em, okay? Don't -- don't try anything alone. Just be careful, okay?

Isabelle:  It begins to make sense... why I was resurrected here in this time, 1,000 leagues from my home... it was destiny. Can you feel it... calling to us? The first stone of power lies behind this wall. And with it, our magic shall increase tenfold. And when we possess all the stones, we shall walk on earth as Gods among men. Reach out... and seize what was meant to be. 440937A6.JPG [ Shouts in Latin ]

All: [ Speaking in Latin ]

Isabelle:  All of our suffering... all of our pain and persecution -- it ends tonight.

Briana:  And our future begins.

Madeline:  Take it, Isabelle.  Lead us to glory.

Isabelle: The first stone... I've dreamed of this moment. And at last... it has arrived. 440937E5.JPG

[ Shotgun cocks ]

Clark: Not quite.

Isabelle: You shouldn't have come, Clark.

Madeline:  Silly boy...

Isabelle: We owe you a debt for revealing this chamber to us. We were going to let you live.

Clark: I'm sorry, Lana, but I can't let you do this.

Isabelle: You don't have a choice. Bear witness, Clark Kent, to the dawn of a new age. 44093809.JPG

[ Sizzles ]

Isabelle: Aah!

Briana:  His powers are restored.

Madeline:   How?

Clark: I'm not from around here.

Isabelle: It doesn't matter. We took them from you once before... do you really believe that this time will be any different?

Clark: I'm counting on it.

Isabelle: No!!

[ Clark groans ]

Lois:  Why are we lying in the dirt?

Chloe:  And what the Hell are we wearing?

Clark:  Are you okay?

Lana:  Clark, what happened?

Clark: Well, let's just say that... you haven't been yourself lately.

Martha:  Well, look who's finally awake.

Clark: Mom, when did you guys get home?

Martha:  This morning. Your dad is out there doing your chores.

Clark: Sorry, I guess I overslept. Hey, Dad.

Jonathan:  Hey, Clark... Son, is there maybe a little something you'd like to tell your mother and me? 44093953.JPG

Martha:  Where did that come from?

Jonathan:  From out in the barn.  In the hay.

Martha:  Clark...

Clark: It was magic.

Martha:  I'm sure it was, but --

Clark: No, I mean, it really was. Look, I should not have thrown this party without talking to you guys.  I know that. But it's the way things spun out of control. It was Lana.  Well, it wasn't Lana exactly. She was possessed by a witch who then cast a spell on us, and...that's how that happened.

Jonathan:  Son, I realize that, after all, this is Smallville, but witches and spells and... magic?

Clark: Dad, magic exists.  I saw it. And worse, it can hurt me.

Lex:  You leave quite a path of destruction.

Lana:  Lex. I was going to come see you. 44093995.JPG

Lex:  Pre-emptive strike... just in case there was any evil dead action still brewing.

Lana:  Well, apparently, I have been exorcised. Um, I didn't do anything to you, did I?

Lex:  Ah, nothing permanent, but you did display some intriguing abilities.

Lana:  Yeah, I don't remember anything. I don't think I really want to.

Lex:  Well, I'm just glad you're all right.

Lana:  Thanks to Clark. I don't remember what he did, but... Isabelle's back to being history.

Lex:  I guess we all owe Clark our gratitude.

Lana:  Yeah. You know, I really don't understand him. He can be so selfless, risking his life for his friends, and... you know, and then he turns around and gets Jason fired. Because, what, you know, he's jealous? 440939D1.JPG

Lex:  Lana... Clark didn't get Jason fired. I did.

Lana:  You what?

Lex:  Look... no matter how mature you may think you are, the fact is, you're still in high school. And I wasn't going to sit idle while someone in a position of authority coerced you into a relationship.

Lana:  What are you doing, Lex?

44093A03.JPGLex:  I'm trying to protect you.

Lana:  Do you really think that's what I need?

Lex:  Lana, I know you're upset, but I only had your best interests at heart. 

Lana:  My interests are none of your concern, Lex. I'm old enough to decide who I want in my life, and who I don't.

I don't know your face

no more

I feel the touch

that I adore

Lana:  At least those aren't mine.

Clark:  Hey, Lana.

Lana:  I wanted to thank you. Once again, you managed to come to my rescue.

Clark:  Well, it's good to have the old Lana back. Isabelle was, um... aggressively sexy.

Lana:  Oh, great... possessed by an evil slut. Um... look, I found out that Lex was the one that got Jason fired. I should've known that you would never do anything like that.

Clark:  I wasn't thrilled 44093A4D.JPGwhen I heard about you and Jason. But I realized that the way I acted when we were together didn't make you happy.

Lana:  You know, I always resented you for keeping secrets from me. And I don't want to do the same thing to you. Clark, there a reason that I came back to Smallville. When I was in Paris, I touched Isabelle's tomb, and then there was this flash of light and the next thing I remember is waking up in my apartment. And I had this.

Clark:  I've seen this before... on the cave wall.

Lana:  I should have told you this months ago, but I was too scared. Clark, you know those caves better than anyone else. Do you know what this symbol means?

Clark:  No. I'm sorry. 44093A91.JPG

We might as well

be strangers

be strangers

for all I know

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