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Smallville Transcripts


First aired April 27th, 2005

Clark and girl (screencap)

Provided by Suzanne

(missing beginning and this still needs proofreading)

Chloe:  It must be kind of weird seeing the house you grew up in for the first time. Do you recognize anything? I mean, the house or the cows... the tractor, anything?

You sure this is where I live? Yeah. Um, you spend most of your time over there. In a barn? Well, normal was never really your style, clark. 45E3DCE0.JPG

[ Chuckles ] That was my attempt at humor. Sometimes I crash and burn. Sorry. Clark. It's your house. Right. I -- it was stuck. Actually, I think it was locked. Chloe: Mr. Kent! Mrs. Kent! Lois: What the hell happened to the door? You know, I tried to open it... yeah, and then some freak wind came and blew it right off. 45E3DD2D.JPGRight. Lois, do you know where the kents are? They're in metropolis for mr. Kent's heart exam. Clark, you know that. Well, not so much. He has amnesia,and he's having a hard time -- again? What do you mean"again"? Well, at least this time,you got clothes on. We need to gethis parents back home. That's gonna bea little hard. Mr. Kent has a one-way ticketon the ambien express. He's gonna be out of commissionfor a couple of days. So, what happened? Well, the last thing I remember,I woke up in the alley. I was I'm thinking he caught upto whoever was behind the "robberyin plain sight" incident. And, what, we have a thiefwith memory repo? 45E3DD58.JPGI guess that could explain why,in some weird smallvillean way, I zonedon eight coffee orders before I foundthe till was empty. I'm gonna go to the torchand see what I can find out about amnesia. Yeah, just leavemr. Memory reboot to me. I'm gettingto be a pro at this. But you're gonna have toput up with pb&j because that's the extentof my culinary skills. Okay? Uh, please tell meI'm not related to her. No. I am.You live with her. Clark. know what? I'm gonna take him upto the barn, see if anything up therejogs his memory. All right,suit yourself. We need to talk. What's withthe cheshire cat routine? A little somethingfrom central kansas. Congratulations. 45E3DD93.JPGI think if they were gonnareject you, they probably wouldn't havesent you a novella. No, probably not. I was thinking we could gocheck out the dorms on campus this weekend. Jason, I'm not sure that I'mgonna go to central kansas. I'm not even sure if I'm gonnago to college at all. I've actually given thisa lot of thought. Which part -- the partthat we've been planning this for an entire year? Lana, I thought this wasour one chance to put everythingthat's happened over the past couple monthsbehind us. It would be like parisall over again. How? Jason, last summerwas incredible. But we have to face it. We haven't been ableto re-create that here, not with everythingthat's happened, not with the stonesor your mom and all of the lies. 45E3DDC3.JPGHow longhave you known? I mean, your feelingsdon't just change overnight, so you've obviously beenthinking about this a while. Yeah. Ever since this turned intothe same relationship I was trying to leave behindwhen I went to paris. Oh, so this isabout clark. No, it's not about clark.Jason, it's about us. There are too many secrets. I kept wishing that we couldwipe the slate clean, but we can'T. A chance like that... maybe it only comes aroundonce in a lifetime. You were the one partof my life that made me forgetwhat I've turned into. What are you talking about? Just don't give up on me. Jason... okay? You have no idea how muchI've been protecting you. Do you? Here. 45E3DE12.JPGBend this. This is metal.I can't bend this. Just like you can't pulla door off its hinges, right? Try it. How did I do that? Why did I always picture myselfon the other end of this conversation? Um, here,come here, sit. Smallville was hit with the world'sbiggest meteor shower when you were little. Now, I know this soundsway out there, but some of the meteor rockshave had an extraterrestrial effecton certain people in the town. And it's my theorythat you were one of them. Extraterrestrial powers? You meanI'm some sort of alien? No, of course not. A mutant? Uh...yeah. Who has saved my lifeon more than one occasion. 45E3DE59.JPGSee, you've sort of...taken it upon yourself to be smallville'sself-appointed hero. And if you ask me, I think thatthat is amazing.

[ Sighs ] We must've beenpretty good friends if I trusted youwith all this. Yeah, well, actually... you didn'T. It's okay. I mean, you werejust protecting yourself. A lot of peoplewould betray you if they knew. But you wouldn'T... would you? Never. So, lois said that she wasstanding right here the whole time. I don't know why we justdon't call the police. The same reason I didn'tjust take you to the hospital. Clark,the last thing we want is to get you on the radar 45E3DEA8.JPGof smallville'sfriendliest authorities. Now, can you see if you canfind anything? Chloe. Is there something there? Back behind the --near your feet. Under the mat. Okay, how'd you knowthat was there? Well, I-I could --I-I guess. I-I can seethrough things. Hold on a minute --are you telling me that you can see throughsolid objects? I guess that's oneyou didn't know about, huh? No, uh, and, uh, that mightbe one of those abilities you're gonna wantto keep a lid on. You know, I've beenthinking about that. You know, I don't know why I was worriedso much about what people think. I don't know why I let itruin my life. I mean, you understood. Yeah, but, clark,unfortunately, some people in smallvillearen't as progressive... 45E3DEE6.JPGas your post-amnesiatour guide. That should betheir problem, not mine. Look, I understandhow eager you are to throw an impromptucoming-out party. I mean, I've only spentthe last couple of hours blocking for the manbehind the mask, and it's not as easyas I thought it would be. But, please,just sleep on it. I know. It's just... I mean, how can anyoneever get to know me if I'm never myself? I know it's hard, but I imagineif you didn't tell people, you must've had a lifetimeof reasons for not doing it. So that's why we needto get your memory back. So I can do what? Get back to lying to everyone?Clark -- chloe, I'm not sureI want that life back. At least wait until you can talkto your parents, okay? Clark? Clark? 45E3DF18.JPGAh! Premature combustion. That's one I didn't needto know about. Who is that? That... is lana lang. The love of your life.

 looks like one more thingyou don't remember. 45E3DF8A.JPGYou usually hideall those emotions. I came to askif you were doing okay. looks likeI got my answer. My lifeis a complete void. How would you feel? Oh, pity party --these are fun. Look, chloe'svery protective of me. I guess there's a lot of peoplethat I can't trust. And you can't tellwho they are. Look, you may not rememberall the players on the board, but you can still playthe game. Are you gonna tell me howI'm supposed to do that? Trust your gut. Like, what's it sayabout me? We don't like each othervery much. You're on the right track. Keep it up, smallville. 45E3DFD9.JPG

One more kisscould the best thing

but one more liecould be the worst

in my head

there's only you now

this world falls on me hi, clark. Hi. I heard about whathappened to you. Oh, I'm sorry. I supposeyou don't even know who I am. Lana. I was gonna come by later.I didn't think I'd see you here. I actually came hereto see you. Chloe -- she -- she told methat we used to, uh... yeah. Yeah, we did. What happened? Please, I just -- I'd really like to know. So would I. It was me? I don't understand. 45E3E034.JPGIf I felt anywhere nearlike I feel now... no, don't tell me. I don't want to know. I don't want to know,because this time, it'll be different. This time?

[ Slam ] Um... I don't think we shouldtalk about this right now. When can we talkabout this? How did he get here? Looks like the heart remembersmore than the brain. Come on, cuz, don't give onemore second of thought to those vacant baby blues. Hey, good news. Uh, we tracedthat day pass we found... to grand viewmotocross park. It belongs to a guynamed kevin grady. He lives in smallville,so we thought we'd go check outthe address. Coming? Kevin? 45E3E08D.JPGWhat are you doing here? Look, I'm sorry, dad, but icouldn't stay there any longer. You have to go back. You're inthe middle of your treatment. It's not working. Look, I know you want to keepwhat I did to dylan a secret, but no matter what they doto try to make me forget it, I'll always know the truth. Kev -- don't worryabout me, okay? I've got money together.I'll be fine. After what I did,I can't expect you to look at meevery day. Kevin, please let ushelp you. You can'T. That place turned meinto some kind of freak. What do you mean? This. 45E3E0B6.JPG

[ Doorbell buzs ]

[ Knock on door ] Yes? Hi, I'm here to collect on a little spontaneousline of credit your son decided to take outwith the talon, along withtwo minutes of my memory. Uh, you must be mistaken. Well, actually, mr. Grady,we found this by the registerat the talon. It's kevin'S. We just wantto talk to him. I'm afraid that's not possible.My son is out of town. By "out of town,"I'm guessing you're meaning undergoing some treatmentat summerholt institute. I couldn't help but notice the parking passon your windshield. I believe that's nobody'sbusiness but ours. Excuse me. Look, we're not sayinghe did it. We just need to find outwhat he knows. 45E3E0E8.JPGAll right. Yes, my son is a patientat summerholt. Last fall,I took both my boys hunting at audrey clearing. There was an accident. Kevin was loading his gun,and, uh... I lost my son dylan. Mr. Grady, I'm sorry. Kevin couldn't livewith himself. He was, uh... and I didn't knowwhich way to turn, so I... well, we thought that if summerholt could helperase those memories, well, then maybe kevincould get on with his life. Excuse me. Uh, I needto try and find my son. Thank you. Look, it tugsat the heartstrings, but I'm not sureI totally buy it. I'm gonna go havea look around. Clark, are you okay? 45E3E13E.JPGI can hear someonerunning. What? And the super wheatiesabilities just keep coming. Where are they? They're on the sideof the house. Well, go get them. It sounds likehe's on a motorcycle now. Trust meon this one, clark. Run. Chloe --just run, clark!

I guess the whole castle thingdidn't take off in the neighborhood? I can't believe I'm friendswith a billionaire. Funny. You never seemedthat impressed before. Mr. Luthor. Lex. I'm guessing you don't remember,but we dropped the formalities the day I ran youoff a bridge. Look, as much as I'm surewe're all enjoying this little icebreaker,we did come here for a reason. I was hoping that you stillhad your contact at the summerholtinstitute. Chloe mentioned that they haddone some experiments on you. Yeah, we were guessingthat the guy that did this to clarkis undergoing 45E3E225.JPGsome sort of treatmentto have his memory wiped. Probably not too farof a leap, given their unnervingadvancements in the field. Look, I'll make a few calls,see what I can find. Chloe,if you don't mind, uh, I'd like to have a wordwith clark. Well, I promised his parentsthat I would get him home. Well, I thinkI can manage that. It's all right, chloe. You could use a breakfrom chaperone duty. I'll be okay. Okay. Clark... be careful. Clark, I thinkI might know something that could jog your memory. I found these caves? And ever since, the two of ushave been working together trying to solve its mysteries. But that's justbetween you and me. What doall these symbols mean? 45E3E265.JPGI know it'll probablysound strange, but we thinkthey're about you. Wait. There should be a two-headedmonster over here. Then you rememberthis place. No, I recognize it fromthe drawings in the loft. We were, uh,documenting them. Wait. This wallshouldn't be here. What do you mean? Well, in the drawings, it shows a roombehind this wall. Clark, maybe we shouldhead back to the loft and take a closer lookat the pictures. I could help explain themto you. No, I should probablyget back. I don't want my parentsto worry. Of course. 45E3E2B4.JPG

[ Indistinct conversat]

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Dialing ] Lois: Hello?Lois. Hey, chloe,are you there? Incoming.Check my e-mail. Got it. Chloe -- lois. Clark,you've got to look at this. Chloe called and told meto download some files she e-mailedfrom summerholt. How'd she get in? I've learned never tounderestimate chloe, especially when it comesto helping you. You don't have to do this.I won't tell anyone, I promise. I won't tell themwhat happened. I know it was an accident. I know you didn't mean to. Kevin didn't killhis brother. 45E3E311.JPGWhoever erased kevin's memoriesmust've planted a few new ones. Why would someonedo that... let kevin walk around thinkinghe killed his own brother? Someone who obviously can'tlive with themselves. I need to find kevin. And where are you gonna find him?Where his brother died. It seems like a prettygood place to start. Wait a minute --didn't his dad say that the accident happenedat...audrey clearing? Clark? 45E3E340.JPG

[ Rifle shot ] Kevin.No, it's okay. Listen, I came here to talkto you about summerholt. You're the guyfrom the talon. How do you remember me? I don'T. Whatever you did to meerased all my memories. All of them? Everyone else, it just wiped outthe last few minutes. I guess I'm not likeeveryone else. Look, kevin, I knowit's gonna be hard, but I need to talk to youabout the accident. Is this where it happened? Somewhere here. I know.It was somewhere here. Just tell mewhat happened that day. 45E3E37D.JPG

[ Rifle shot do you have any realmemories from that day? Kevin, what is it? I'm not sure. I've been tryingto block the memories out. Or maybe someone has alreadyblocked them out for you. No. No. I was loading my gun.It was right here. But do you actuallyremember that? Do you remember loadingyour gun, or do you remembersomeone telling you that? I didn't do it. It was my dad. How could he do thatto me? I'm sorry, kevin. I don't get it. I robbed the talon,and I 86'd your memory. I mean, why would you go throughall this trouble for me? I guess I just knowwhat it's like to losea part of your life. 45E3E3E8.JPGI'm sorry. There's nothingI can do for you. I mean, our only chanceis to break into summerholt, but there's no wayI can get you in there. Maybe i can. Look, this guy's kidrobbed me, then plucked the lastforget-me-not petal from my friend's brain. You will let me back there, and you can do itwith or without handcuffs. Like I said,if you would sign in, I'll let someone knowthat you're here. What part of this isn'tgetting through to you? The last time I spoketo my cousin, she was here. And I'm sure the psycho is holding her back theresomewhere. Ms. Lane. Maybe they pay you enoughto be rude, but I doubt they pay you enoughto do time in the county jail. Wait. Wasn't it locked? I think it was broken. We should be able to reachthe main office from down here. 45E3E4EB.JPGClark. Clark, are you okay? You go ahead.I'll catch up. I wish I could eraseyour memories from justthe last three days, but I'm afraidI can't take that chance. I'm gonna have to go backmuch further than that. Mr. Grady,please don't do that. Think of itas a gift. Do you realizehow many experiences in life would beso much less painful if we didn't havethe memories to haunt us? Dad, were you just gonnalie to me my whole life? Huh? To make me thinkI killed my own brother. Kevin, calm down. You're obviously having a psychological reactionto your treatment. No one regrets what happenedmore than I do. 45E3E569.JPG

[ Monitors beeping wow. Dear god in heaven. Lois. Sheriff. I guess I shouldn'tcall you "smallville" anymore. Clark, what are you doing? Are you just gonnastand there all day, or are you gonnauntie her? Hi. Thanks. How'd you come acrossthose tapes, miss sullivan? Well, I was being ledinto the data room by the receptionist, and I was just,uh, wandering around seeing what I couldfind in there for a piece I was writingfor my newspaper, and I saw a tape that waslabeled "kevin grady," so I picked it up. Hey. You're that kidfrom the alley. I tried to pull youout of your car, 45E3E5EA.JPGand that's the last thingI remember before what just happenedin the lab. Yeah, I'm sorryabout that again, clark. That was kind of my fault. I don't knowwhat you did back there or why, but I get the feelingI owe you one. I like to see it asa "now we're even" situation. Something tells me I shouldn'tstop you from leaving. It's better if people don't asktoo many questions about me. Thanks for the chanceat a clean slate, clark.

 clark... I was just lookingfor you. Congratulations. I heard you gotfull retrieval. Everything. Everything exceptthe last 24 hours. Well, you didn'tmiss much, but I wanted to comein person to see the old clark back. Lex... chloe said she left meat the mansion because you wantedto talk. What is it you wantedto talk about? I just told youabout my own memory loss. I thoughtit might be comforting. I'm lucky to haveso many good friends watching out for me. Nothing you wouldn't havedone for me, clark. 45E3E700.JPG

[ Engine turns o]

Yesterday is a wrinkleon your forehead

yesterday is a promisethat you've broken

don't close your eyes

don't close your eyes hi, I'm early, I know.I'm sorry. I guess I'm justa little nervous. What are younervous about? Were we supposed to dosomething? Lana, I'm sorry. I don't remember anythingfrom the last day. Oh. But everything elseyou remember now. It's probably for the best. Were our plans, like,date kind of plans? Because what about jason? Clark, you just wantedto talk. It's nothing that can'twait till later. Lana, wait. I can't do this. I can't let you walk out,not again. 45E3E77A.JPGIt's okay. We both knowbetter than this. I know. That's why this timeit'll be different. This time? Are you chloe? That's funny. It's not hilarious,but it's funny. My parents told methat you clark-sat and you called them homefrom metropolis. I want to say "thanks." Well, you could still usesome help with your comedy routine,but it's not like I taught youto eat solid foods again. Still. You're welcome. So it must've beenkind of strange to have a zombie best friendwalking around. Yeah, I mean,you know, I never really realized how complicatedthat zombie's life was. 45E3E7D1.JPGComplicated. Did I do somethingunusual? You had a clean slateto start all over with, and you madeall the same choices... except for one. Chloe, I need you to becompletely honest with me. Honest, huh? What'd I do? You trusted me.



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