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Smallville Transcripts


First aired April 20th, 2005

"Spirit" picture of Chloe

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Deanna

staring right back into space

a memory can't be erased

I know

because I tried

start to feel the emptiness

and everything I'm gonna miss

I know

all this time is passing by

I think it's time to just move on

when you come back down

if you land on your feet 44796E33.JPG

I hope you find a way to make it back to me

when you come around

I'll be there for you

don't have to be alone

with what you're going through

start to breathe and fake a smile

it's all the same after a while

I know

that you are tired

carrying the ones you lost

a picture frame with all the thoughts 44796E5E.JPG

I know

you hold inside

I hope that you can find your way

back to the place that you belong

when you comeback down...

Chloe:  You're all gonna pay. Now, that's what I calla torch. Genius.


Lana: "Election of prom royalty" is an archaic and elitist ritual whose time has come and gone." Chloe Sullivan strikes again.

Chloe: What? Oh, please don't tell me I lost you to tiara fever, too.

Lana: No, but balloons and taffeta seem a little harmless compared to your usual targets.

Chloe: Well, this is how I see it.  Homecoming is for jocks, graduation is for P.T.'s, and prom is the rite of passage that's for all of us.  It's supposed to be a culmination of four years of memories.  Why do we have to ruin it with the pinnacle of a popularity contest?

Lana: 44796EE5.JPGSo does that mean I order more pizza for the Brad Pitt marathon?

Chloe: What, you're not going? What happened with Jason?

Lana: Showing up with the coach that got fired for dating his student -- that is an entrance I could live without. 44796EFC.JPG

Chloe: Right.

Lana: Besides, after imagining something for four years, I just don't think it could live up to expectations.

Chloe: Well, not if you're part of the half-empty persuasion.  And the Lana I know wouldn't cop out like that.  Come on, Lana, it's gonna be so much fun.  Lex even got Lifehouse to play for the seniors. You can help me bring stag back in style.

Dawn: Excuse me. Coming through.

Chloe: Smells like school spirit.

Dawn: Chloe, you may think bashing a sacred school tradition 44796F1C.JPGin your tabloid rag is cool, but I think it's disgusting.

Chloe: Lighten up, Dawn. You'll get your throne, because this entire school is terrified of you and your vicious rumor mill.

Dawn: Kill me now. You are such the hypocrat.

Chloe: Hypocr-- I'm sorry, whatever it is that you're saying to me is getting lost in translation.

Dawn: Don't play stupid.  The only reason your picture's on that wall is because of your lame article.

Chloe: What picture? 44796F3B.JPGWhat wall?

Dawn: I would say, may the best girl win.  But I think we both know who that is, hmm?  Laters.

Lana: So apparently, I'm not the only one who enjoyed your article... your highness.  Good luck.

Lex: Who found her?

Guard: The gardener -- he was digging a drainage ditch. The guy's pretty shaken up.

Lex: How long has she been dead?

Guard: At least a day.

Jason: Lex...oh, my god.

Lex: Jason, what are you doing here?

Jason: I came to talk to you about some reports, 44796F75.JPGand then I saw security run out of the mansion.

Guard: I found this, sir. We got an I.D.

Lex: Bridgette Crosby.

Jason: I know that name.  I've come across it several times in my research.  She works for Virgil Swann, the billionaire.

Lex: Look, this doesn't concern you.

Jason: If it has anything to do with the artifacts, it concerns me.

Lex: Edwards, Lyle, will you please escort Mr. Teague to his car?

Clark: Now, should I bow to you when I see you, or...

Chloe: Cute. Very cute. What about boycotting the vote didn't anyone understand?

Clark: Oh, they understand it perfectly.  You see, you are the boycott.  I mean, think about it.  For the last four years, everybody's been trying to break out of the stereotype they've been stuck in.  You're the battle cry. 

Chloe: Oh. The great Smallville High Prom coup, huh? Clark, you didn't happen to have anything to do with this, did you?

Clark: I may have spoken to a few people. 44796FBB.JPGNow, I know you're not gonna let me storm this Bastille alone. So who is Smallville's most eligible bachelor taking to Prom?

Clark: I was actually thinking of sitting this one out.

Chloe: What? Oh, not you, too. Wait, let me guess. You spent four years imagining what it would be like, and you just don't think it's gonna live up to your expectations.

Clark: Something like that.

Chloe: So you're gonna let me break out of my rut onstage, wearing a sash, while you're at home playing the what if game for the 900th time.
Clark: I never said you were in a rut.

Chloe: Yeah, but I am, and I'm not alone. You know, Clark, in a couple of weeks, we're gonna graduate from this adolescent fantasy, and we're not gonna have a rut to fall back into.  The thing about expectations, Clark, is they're supposed to drive you to do more with your life, not stop you from living it.  Personally, I think the future holds a lot more promise for you than you give it credit.

Dawn: So, 2:00 is tanning, 3:00 is nails, 4:00 is hair, and the limo picks us up at 6:00.

Harmony: If I were you, I'd be more concerned about 12:00.

Dawn: We don't need to start that early.

Harmony: No, Dawn. 12:00.  Is that your boyfriend crushing on a freshman?

Dawn: She is so not making pep squad.  First off, Wonder Bra, laters. The Talon?  Hi, can you say "mortified"? I mean, Prom is only 27 hours away.

Billy: Yeah, about that.  I'm not going.

Dawn: Don't be stupid. 44797021.JPG

Billy: Dawn, it's over.

Dawn: What?

Billy: It should've been over a long time ago. I'm not hanging around just so that I can be a bow tie that matches your dress.

Dawn: You can't break up with me the day before Prom.

Billy: It's over.

Dawn: Billy!

Girl: That's harsh.

Dawn: Forget it.  He's so yesterday's mystery meat.  Okay.  Massive re-strategy. I can't go to Prom alone.  I need my king. Get me a yearbook.

Dawn: I need me some of this! Genius. Harmony, check out this profile. Okay, gorgeous, captain of the football team, and single long enough that I'm not sloppy seconds. Mm-hmm. Get me the digits for Clark Kent.  Uh-huh... uh-huh.

Dawn: Aah! Stop! Please, stop! Wait! Stop!

Martha: Holy crap. I'm Clark Kent's mom.  

[ Ashlee Simpson's "La La" playing loudly ]

Clark: Mom? mom! What's going on?

[ Giggles ]

Martha: Hi...son.

Clark: What's for dinner?

Martha: Dinner? Oh, right. Here, start with this.  It's really yummy.

Clark: Are you feeling okay?

Martha: I'm great. I was wanting to ask you, do you have a date for the Prom yet?

Clark: Mom, I told you I'm not going to the prom.

Martha: What? You have to go!

Clark: Well, I kind of wanted to go with Lana, but --

Martha: Lana Lang? 447971C6.JPGYou can't be serious. You two are so last year. Clark, your Prom is the most memorable night of your life. I am not going to let you miss it. You can take me.

Clark: Mom, you're already going, remember, with Dad? You're chaperones.

Martha: Oh...yeah. Right. Cool.

[ Sneezes ]

[ Sneezes ]

Lois: Oh, I swear, the dog knows I'm allergic. He follows me around wherever I go. He's torturing me.

Martha: So...this is your little secret. You're taking her to the Prom, aren't you?

Clark: Lois?

Lois: Mrs. Kent, a lot of things are possible in this world, but there will be a man on Mars before Clark and I go to a Prom together.

Martha: So, what, you two just get together and mack, but keep it on the down low 447971FC.JPGin public?

Clark: Mom!

Lois: I don't mean to be rude, Mrs. Kent, but, uh, did you crack open the cooking sherry?

Martha: Of course not. I'm just super pumped about Prom. Well, I'm gonna go.

Clark: Mom, maybe I should take you to the Talon tonight.

Martha: The Talon? Oh, right, I work there. Uh, no, I can drive myself.  Laters.

Lois: "Laters"?

Girl 1: I'm psyched Billy dumped dawn.  She was getting so stuck-up.

Girl 2: I heard he already hooked up with Sue Ann Gardner.

Martha: Sue Ann Gardner is a big fat ho.

Lana: Mrs. Kent?

Martha: Oh. Hi, Lana. Shouldn't you be at school helping with the decorations? The prom committee needs all the help they can get.

Lana: I'm not gonna go to the prom.

Martha: Why, you think you're so above it all?

Lana: No, of course not.

Martha: Oh, come on. 44797246.JPGPoor little orphan girl... going off to your fancy French Art School, going out with a big college guy...

Lana: I don't have to listen to this.

Martha: Hey.

Lana: Genius.

Clark: Lana, have you seen my mom?

Lana: Forget about your mom, Clark. I have been meaning to ask you something.

Clark: Yeah, sure, what is it?

Lana: Well, I know that it's kind of last-minute, but I thought it'd be totally amazing if we went to Prom together.

Clark: Us? Lana, what about Jason?

Lana: Clark, it's you I want to go with. Don't you want to go with me?

Clark: Well, I mean, I...

Lana: Awesome, it's a date.  I've gotta get back to the school and help set up.  They're lost without me. 4479728C.JPGLaters. 

Clark: Mom... Mom, are you all right?

Martha: For the life of me, I can't remember how I got here.

Lana: Looking great, guys.  That's perfect, but remember to use enough tape, okay? Too much is always better than not enough.

[ Gasps ]

Lana: Gimme that. Harmony, this is supposed to be cotton candy pink.  Why is it sea foam green?

Harmony: Nice Dawn Stiles impersonation.

Girl: Yeah, you have the queen bitch control freak down pat.

Lana: What's that supposed to mean?

Harmony: Where is Dawn, anyway?

Girl: I have no clue, and honestly, we'll get way more done without her ordering us around.

Billy: So I'll see you guys tomorrow? 447972D3.JPG

Lana: You worked up quite a sweat.

Billy: Hey, Lana, I didn't expect to see you decorating for the Prom.

Lana: Well, maybe there's more to me than meets the eye. Heard you got over Dawn Stiles pretty quick.

Billy: I couldn't stand to spend another second with her.  I mean her voice, it's a little too nails on a chalkboard, you know what I mean?

Lana: No, I don't know what you mean! But I have an idea. Why don't you go clean up, and then we can hang out and get to know each other better?

Billy: Be right back.

Clark: Chloe. Have you seen Lana?

Chloe: The only people here are the school spirit club spreading their Prom-aganda. Why?

Clark: There's something going on.  My mom started to act strange. It's like she's channeling some inner teenager, now Lana's not acting like herself. 4479731F.JPG

Chloe: Well, if you think she is  here decorating for the prom, that definitely falls under altered states.

Billy: Lana, What are you doing in here?

Lana: Nobody breaks up with Dawn Stiles.

Billy: Aah!

[ Clark super speeds away ]

Chloe: Clark?

Clark: Lana, What's going on?

Lana: I don't know.

Clark: Lana, you were just in there.

Lana: I don't even know how I got to school.

Chloe: That was Clark.  He's at the hospital.   Billy's gonna make a full recovery.

Lana: Good. Clark said he saw me come out of that locker room.  Do you think I could've done anything when I was blacked out? Why would I ever hurt Billy Durden?

Chloe: You wouldn't.  But Dawn Stiles would.

Lana: Dawn?  The girl most likely to be Prom Queen?

Chloe: People were saying that you were acting freakishly like her, and Clark's mom was acting very Dawn-ish before she came back on-line at The Talon.

Lana: That's the last thing I remember before blacking out, talking to Martha Kent in the Talon.

Chloe: And Mrs. Kent says the last thing she remembers is driving along route 54. That's where they found Dawn's body, at the bottom of Carlton Gorge - the mother load of all meteor rock.

Lana: Oh, my god.

Chloe: They have her in the emergency room. She's in a deep coma. 44797478.JPG

Lana: So you think that her spirit was somehow able to take over Martha and then transfer into me?

Chloe: Well, we are in Smallville, and, I mean, what would the Senior Prom be without a body-snatching Prom Queen?

Clark: Lana, are you okay?

Lana: Yeah, I just feel really horrible. I have no idea what I did.

Clark: Well, you didn't do anything. You were inhabited by Dawn Stiles.

Chloe: And the question is, now that we have the old Lana back, where's the new Dawn?

Harmony: How is she? 447974C2.JPG

Clark: Well, she's barely hanging on.  She's got massive head injuries, and she's severely disfigured.

Harmony: Disfigured? No, it couldn't be. My face was so perfect.  Eww...gross.

Nurse: Uh, you're not allowed in here.

Harmony: Really.

Lana: I'm terrified to even think what else I could've said or done during that last hour.

Clark: So you don't remember what you said to me at The Talon today?

Lana: Oh, no. What'd I say?

Clark: You just, um, asked me to Prom.

Lana: Oh. Really?

Clark: It wasn't you, though, right? It was Dawn.

Woman: Code blue, room 256.  Code blue, room 256. 

Nurse: Excuse me, are you friends of Dawn's?

Clark: Yes, what happened?

Nurse: There's nothing they can do. I'm afraid she passed on. I'm sure she didn't suffer. I'm sorry.

Lex: Find anything interesting?

Jason: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did. 4479751B.JPG

Lex: You've crossed the line, Jason. I take my privacy very seriously.

Jason: And I take murder very seriously. It says here you sent an e-mail to Bridgette Crosby.

Lex: I never denied I knew her.

Jason: Confirming a meeting between the two of you here at the Luthor mansion on the same morning she was found face-down in the dirt.

Lex: Well, Ms. Crosby never showed up for that meeting.

Jason: You mentioned an item in your e-mail.  I assume you're talking about an artifact.  What were you gonna do, you were gonna buy it from her, or were you gonna take it with force?

Lex:  I don't need to explain myself to you, Jason.

Jason: No, but you're gonna have to explain it to the police.

Lex: Look, I have no interest being in the middle of a murder investigation I had nothing to do with, not to mention the media circus that comes with it.

Jason: There was a dead body found on your property, Lex.  It's kinda hard to ignore.

Lex: Trust me, I'm not. 4479754F.JPG

Jason: Who are you trying to protect?  You? Your father?

Lex: Burying bodies in the backyard isn't exactly a hobby of mine, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, well, covering up a homicide isn't exactly a hobby of mine. I think I'll go have a chat with the sheriff.

Lois: I just went to see the allergist. This says I owe $200.

Man: Actually, it's $215, including lab fees.

44797598.JPGLois: But all they did was stick a bunch of needles in my back and make me really itchy.  What's that all about?

Man: Well, they need to find out what you're allergic to.

Lois: I know what I'm allergic to.  He's got four legs and drools. What I need is a prescription. Please.  A dog's life depends on it.

Nurse: Miss, Maybe I can help you.

Clark: Hey, you guys look great.

Jonathan: Clark, the only reason we agreed to be chaperones was because of you.

Clark: I know.  It's a little backwards.  My parents are going to the Prom, and I'm staying home to wait up for them.

Jonathan: Son, when you're older, we don't want you to have to look back on high school and regret not going to the Prom.

Clark: Dad, I'm not sure that standing by the punch bowl and watching bad dancing is a memory I'm gonna cherish.

Jonathan: I wouldn't be so sure about that, Clark.  I'll bring the truck around.

Martha: I think I know why you're not going tonight.

Clark: When I was a freshman, I remember standing outside and watching the seniors going into Prom.  The guys in their tuxes and the girls in their dresses.  I guess I always thought that that would be Lana and me.

Martha: Oh, Clark... things don't always end up the way you picture them, but sometimes they can end up even better if you give them a chance. If you change your mind, I put your tux by the door.

Clark: You rented me a tux?

Martha: Just in case.

Clark: Mom...

Lois: Well? How do I look?

Clark: Looks like you’re going to the Prom.

Lois: I am.  And you’re taking me! I’m not going to let you sit around moping all night while your parents go out and do the Electric Boogaloo all night. It’s gonna be fun.

Clark: No, I’m not going.

Lois: Massive re-strategy. You’re going to your senior Prom whether you like it or not. End of discussion. Put on your tux.

Clark: Lois, wasn’t this not in the realm of possibilities?

Lois: Anything is possible, Clark. Anything.

Jason: Over here, Sheriff.  Wait a second. The body was right here. It was right next to this rock. They must have just built this gazebo.

Adams: Well, according to the county records, the gazebo has been here since before the Luthors even heard of Smallville.

Jason: Sheriff, I know what I saw!

Adams: Uh-huh, the dead and decaying body of one Bridgette Crosby. Mr. Teague, I’ll level with you. A good murder mystery is just the kind of thing I could use right about now. The thing is, you can’t have a murder without a victim, and see, this Bridgette Crosby, there’s no record she ever existed.

Jason: This is crazy. Of course she existed.

Adams: Well, every government database from the IRS to the PTA happens to disagree with you. I even went on one of those Google searches. It kept asking me if I meant “Bing” Crosby.

Jason: The gardener. The gardener found the body. Did you question him?

Adams: I questioned the entire landscaping staff.

Jason: It’s Lex. He’s paid them off or he’s intimidating them.

Adams: Or you’re yanking my rope. Mr. Teague, the next time you say there’s been a killing, I better see a stiff.

Jason: Hello, Mother?  Oh, it’s done. Lex took care of the body just like we wanted.  Mm-hmm. I love you too.

Lois: Isn’t this amazing? Oh, aren’t you so glad you came, Clark? We are gonna have so much fun!

Clark: Okay, Lois, you got me here. You can stop laying it on.

Lois: I’m gonna go get some punch.

Chloe: Come on, Chloe. You can do this. Hey. Haven’t I seen you here before?

Clark: Well, maybe this time we won’t have any natural disasters.

Chloe: I’m really surprised that you made it.

Clark: Yeah, well, remember all those regrets we were talking about? I think not seeing you with a crown on your head would be at the top of the list.

Chloe: I’m glad you’re here.

Lois: Clark! Clark!  It’s called an escort for a reason.

Chloe: And you’re here. In pink. Why?

Lois: I came to, uh, cheer you on, of course.

Woman: Excuse me, everybody! Excuse me! Thanks, guys.  If I could just get your attention for a moment. Thank you. It is time for the big announcement.

Chloe: Okay, if by some weird reason I win, the tiara burning party is at my house.

Lois: Let’s get closer. Come on.

Woman: You voted and the results are in. This year’s Smallville High Prom Queen is.  Chloe Sullivan! Come on up here, Chloe!

Lois: Congratulations! What the hell am I doing in a dress, and what the hell am I doing at your Prom?

Clark: Oh, no.

Lois: Did you pin that on me?

Clark: I’ll explain later, Lois.

Lois: A little close to the boob, don’t you think?

Chloe: Oh, my gosh, you guys, thank you so much! This is so totally awesome! I guess I could say I’ve looked to the stars and wished for this moment ever since I was a little girl. You can dream of standing here your whole life, but right now, looking down on all of you, I just.  This is just so totally genius! Thank you so much! Although, I just have to say, that the person who really deserves this honor is Dawn Stiles. No, seriously, you guys! Seriously! She gave so much of herself, way more than Chloe Sullivan.

Students: Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!

Chloe: Anyway, I promise this will be one night that I will always remember... and you will never forget.

Lois: Okay, Smallville. I clicked my heels together three times and nothing happened. Better tell me what’s going on.

Clark: Dad? Dad, you okay?

Jonathan: Yeah. Chloe, she’s not—she’s not acting like herself. She took off down the stairs. I-I’m fine.

Clark: Dad, I need you to get something for me.

Chloe: You’re all gonna pay. Now, that’s what I call a Torch.  How did you do that? 

Clark: I know it’s you, Dawn. You don’t want to do this.

Chloe: All those years I kept trying to be what everyone else wanted. And it turns out those losers don’t even care. This was supposed to be the best night of my life and they laughed at me!

Clark: Let Chloe go!

Chloe: I will. See, Clark, there’s a whole life after high school, and I can be whoever I want.  Clark?

Clark: The crown’s mine, bitch. Genius.

Jonathan: Dawn!

Clark: Seriously, Mr. Kent. You can’t stop me.

Jonathan: That may be true. But I can stop my son.

Clark: What are you doing? What is that?

Jonathan: It’s time for you to leave, Dawn!

Clark: Aah! Chloe! Are you okay? 

Chloe: Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.

Clark: I think you dropped something. Congratulations, Chloe.

Clark: Listen, Lois.

Lois: Your parents filled me in. Apparently some girl named Dawn was possessing me.

Clark: Yeah, well, that’s the short version.

Lois: Yeah, well, that’s the last time I’ll ever do my hair.

Clark: Look, I’m sorry you got pulled into all of this.

Lois: Don’t worry about it. I never quite made it to my senior Prom.  But the punch could use a little kick.

Clark: You know, I was thinking since you did get all dressed up and you came here with me... you should at least get a dance out of it.

Lois: Chivalry noted, but I’m not the one you want to dance with, Clark. She is.  Go.  Hey. You know, a year from now, this is all gonna seem like a lifetime ago. 

Chloe: That’s funny because it feels like just yesterday when he deserted that nervous freshman on the dance floor.

Lois: You’re headed for Metropolis. You are destined to be a big shot reporter at the Daily Planet. Do you really picture Clark Kent being able to keep up with you?

Chloe: You know, Lois, I think Clark might have a lot more to offer than you realize.

Lois: I wouldn’t bet on it.

Clark: May I have this dance?

Lana: I thought you’d never ask.

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