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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 16, 2005

Clark and his dog Krypto

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Deanna

Josh: Let's do this. 

[ Bell rings ]

Man: Be right with you. Hello?

[ Tapping sound ]

Man: Hey, fellas.

[ Barking ]

[ Growling ]

[ Dog runs away ]

[ Dog returns ] Blows dog whistle ]

Zack: Hercules.  What happened in there?

44161160.JPGJosh: I don't know. Get him inside.

Zack: Load up.  Where the hell's einstein?

Josh: Call him back. 

[ Blows dog whistle]

441611A1.JPGLois: Hi, Chloe, it's Lo.  I'm officially out of the dorm and on my way back to the Kent's.  Uh, but I realized I'm still getting my mail at your place.  Can you bring it by in the morning? Okay.  Thanks.  Bye. Aah! Oh, my god, what have I done? Oh, my god. Okay... I didn't see you.  We're gonna get you out of here. Okay, listen, you're gonna be fine. Everyone I've ever hit was all right. 

[ Sneezes ]



[Sharp noise]

Jonathan: Shh


Lois: Hey, I was just getting in.  What are you guys doing up?

Jonathan: We seem to have a visitor.  A hungry visitor.

Lois: Hey, he's supposed to be tied up in, the barn.  Well, I had him chained to a post, but then I went to my car to get my stuff, and then.  Yeah.


Lois: I had him chained right there.  Okay, that's just bad wood.  That's not my fault.



[ Whines ]

Lois: Oh, my allergies...

Jonathan: Where did you say you found him?

Lois: Actually, I kind of... hit him.

Clark: You hit him... with your car?

Lois: No, with my fist. I was gonna call the vet, but when I got in just now, he seemed fine.

Jonathan: I think you need to make 441612E6.JPGsome fliers morning that way, maybe we can figure out who he belongs to.  He's got a collar. I'm sure somebody's missing him.

Lois: Fine with me.

[ Sneezes ]

[ Whines ]

Clark: Actually, it might be fun to have a dog around.  Maybe if we can't find out who owns him, we could keep him.

Jonathan: Why don't we just see what happens tomorrow, Clark?

Lois: Yeah. Don't get too attached.  I'm going to bed.

Jonathan: We should all get some sleep.

Clark: You know, I'm gonna, uh, I'm gonna do my chores. 4416130A.JPG

Jonathan: It's 3:00 in the morning.

Clark: Dad, since Lois is staying here, if I'm gonna do my work at super speed, I have to do it when she's not looking.

Jonathan: All right, then why don't you start with that post?

Clark: Well, at least I don't have to hide anything from you.

Clark: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: Hey. Lois had her mail forwarded to my apartment. Is she around?

Clark: Yeah, she's probably still in the, uh...

Chloe: Hi

Clark: Shower.

Chloe: Who's the puppy?

Clark: We don't know his name. Lois found him.

Chloe: She's bringing home strays now, huh? How is the new tenant?

Clark: Lois? Well, she, uh, re-recorded our answering machine, she uses all the hot water, and she took over my bedroom. 4416135E.JPGShe's doing great.

Chloe: Okay. How are you?

Clark: I don't know.  It's just kind of hard to be myself with her around.

Chloe: Yeah, but now you got this guy.  You can be yourself around him, right? And I'm always around.

[ Shivers ]

Chloe: It's cold.  I'm gonna go see if I can find her. 

Clark: All right, I'll be right in.

Chloe: Okay.

Clark: Come on. We'll see if this will hold you.  Good boy.  Stay. 441613A3.JPG

[ Wood stressing]

[ Crash ]

Clark: Holy... Hey.  Looks like you got a secret, too. Where are you from? Good boy.

Lois: What did you do?

Clark: What? Oh, um, it must've rolled.

Lois: Through a fence?

Clark: Yeah, weird, huh?

Lois: Yeah.

Chloe: Yeah, weird. But, I mean, it happens, you know? The emergency brake must've slipped or something.  It's old, you know? It's an old tractor.

Clark: It is old.

Chloe: Anyway, I'm gonna get going. I'll see you guys around.

Lois: Bye.

Clark: Just playing with Skippy here. 441613EE.JPG

Lois: We're not gonna call him "Skippy."

Clark: Okay, Lois. What would you like to call him?

Lois: Let's see.Um, he's annoying, and I can't seem to get within 10 feet of him without getting sick... I think we should call him Clarkie.  Come here, Clarkie.  Come here, boy.  I made him some fliers. He can be somebody else's allergy now.

44161413.JPGClark: You know what? I don't think we're gonna have to use those.  I found one of those microchip I.D. tags under his skin.  I think they can scan it at the animal shelter.

Lois: I spent all morning on these.

Clark: I'll be right back.  I have to tell my parents something. 

Lois: Don't give me that look... Clarkie.

Lois: We should probably get your mom a new pot roast while we're out. Sit, Clarkie.  Good dog.

[ Growls ]

Lois: Hey. Shh. Hi.

Zach: How can I help you guys?

Clark: We found this dog, and 

Lois: Actually, I found him. Well, hit him, actually.  Not hard. We call him Clarkie.

Clark: We don't call him Clarkie --

Lois: Is it the "i.e." part you don't like? Because we can always just make it "Clark," but then that would get really confusing.  And, hey, maybe you should consider changing your name.  You could be Skipper.

Clark: Anyway, uh, we think he might have an I.D. chip. 44161456.JPG  We were wondering if you could scan it for us... if it's not too much trouble.

Zack: Um, well, sure, I guess.

[ Growls ]

Zack: Whoa! Easy, boy.

Lois: Yeah. He doesn't seem to have a lot of love for you.

Clark: Maybe I should do that.

[ Sneezes ]

Zack: Bless you.

Lois: Thanks.

Clark: Luthor Corp?

Lois: You're kidding.

Zack: Huh. It must be one of those lab dogs or something.

Clark: Lab dogs?

Zack: I'd be happy to take him off your hands and return him for you. 

Clark: Actually,  you know what?  That's okay.  We'll take care of it.  Thanks.  That's okay.  Come on, boy.  Come on. 44161490.JPG

Zack: I should probably get your name and address, though, in case someone from Luthor Corp calls.  It's policy.

Clark: Would you mind taking him back to the farm? I'm gonna go talk to Lex.

Lois: Terrific. Come on, let's go sneeze a while.  Heel, Clarkie.

Clark: Thanks.

Zack: Hey, Josh.  Guess who just showed up. Einstein.  Yeah, some guy named Clark Kent is keeping him out on his farm. 441614C0.JPG

[ Laughs ]

Josh: That's good news, little brother.  'Cause I was thinking we were gonna have to rob that truck tomorrow with just this dummy.

Zack: Why do you have to do that?

Josh: What? What do you care? It's just a dog.

Zack: How's he doing, anyway?

Josh: He's got a couple hours left in him, long enough to help us get Einstein back, and then we can shoot 'em both up and... get their strength back for tomorrow.

Zack: So how come you guys couldn't get the effect to last longer, anyway?

Josh: I don't know, Zach.  I was just a trainer. 441614FF.JPG

[ Laughs ] That's the plan back on,  little brother.  Let's close up shop, huh?

Zack: Yeah, sure.

Lex: Genevieve. What a surprise.  441615BD.JPGIf you're looking for Jason, I sent him to Metropolis on a business errand.

Genevieve: Actually, I came here to see you, Lex.

Lex: I didn't realize we had any more business to discuss.  Drink?

Genevieve: I take it my son has proven to be a good hire.

Lex: Excellent.  He's taken a real passion for the project I've given him.

Genevieve: And I gather this project does not require him to relocate out of Smallville.

Lex: Highly doubtful.

Genevieve: I underestimated you, Lex.

Lex: That's a common mistake.

Genevieve: But not one I usually make.  Seems that head strong young men have become my blind spot. Ask Jason. And now you.

Lex: You asked me to give Jason a position at Luthor Corp.  441615F9.JPGI'm not sure I understand your problem.

Genevieve: You know exactly why I wanted you to hire Jason.  Get him away from Lana Lang.  But instead, you decided to co-opt him for your own purposes.

Lex: Genevieve, paranoia is not a very attractive quality in a woman.

Genevieve: I'm just trying to protect my son.

Lex: Well, maybe you should get together with my father and write a parenting book.  I bet it'd be a44161644.JPG bestseller.

Genevieve: Then you're no longer interested in how your father was released from prison?

Lex: I've chosen to believe my father truly is reformed.  Therefore, the question of his guilt or innocence no longer bothers me. But it's great seeing you again, Genevieve.

Genevieve: And you, too, Lex.  Give my best to Jason.  It's a shame he won't be able to help you find what you're looking for.

Martha: It's hard to believe he's as strong as Clark says he is.  He certainly is a beautiful dog.

Jonathan: Now, wait a minute, wait a minute.  I know what you're thinking.

Martha: Well, it might be nice for Clark to have a dog.  It's been kind of a lonely year for him.

Jonathan: Well, wait a minute. What happens when Clark goes off to college next year, huh? Who winds up having to take care of that dog? Me.

Martha: Lois, it's time for dinner! 44161684.JPG

[ Crash ]

[ Glass shatters ]

Martha: [ Gasps ]

Jonathan: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! You see?

Martha: Well, remember when Clark did that? And he was only 3.

Jonathan: It's not funny. Hey! Come on!

Lois: What happened?

Jonathan: Hey, that's my T-bone. Gimme -- bad dog.

Lex: Clark. Grab a stick.  I was just about to break.

Clark: Lex, is Luthor Corp doing experiments on dogs?

Lex: I'm not really sure that's any of your business.

Clark: Lois found a stray dog. It has a Luthor Corp I.D. tag.  Are you?

Lex: Clark, when I took over the company, I found quite a few irregular experiments 441616BE.JPGbeing conducted at my father's request. One of them involved animal testing.

Clark: What were they doing?

[ Sighs ]

Lex: If I remember correctly... they were mixing meteor rock with a steroid to enhance canine strength.

Clark: Why would your dad be interested in making super-powered dogs?

Lex: If I understood my father's insanity, Clark, I'd be a much happier man.  But I suppose, in this case, there were military applications. I guess I'll never really know for sure.  The results were inconclusive. I had animal rights activists picketing the site, so I closed it down. I was told the dogs were destroyed. 

Clark: Evidently, not all of them. 

Lex: Is it exhibiting any problems?

Clark: Is that your way of asking me 441616FB.JPGif it has super strength?

Lex: No. No, I assume you'd tell me that because I'd have quite a liability on my hands if he did.

Clark: The dog's perfectly healthy.

Lex: Well, then I'm sure the Kent farm will be a perfect home for him.

Martha: Sorry about dinner. I guess it's just sandwiches tonight.

[ Tree branch snaps ]

 Jonathan: Aah!

Martha: Jonathan? Jonathan!

Jonathan: Stay back!

Martha: Jonathan! Oh, my god, Jonathan! Get away

Jonathan: Martha... no.

Martha: Get away! Get away from him!

Jonathan: Get back.

Lois: Martha, don't! 4416175C.JPG

[ Dog whistle blows ]

[ Whistle blows ]

Martha: Sweetheart.

Lois: Mr. Kent! Are you all right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Martha: Lois, get the car keys. We have to take him to the hospital.

<>[ Whistle blows ]


Clark: Dad, What'd they say? 

Jonathan: Well, the doctor said he's never seen a dog that could bite clean through bone before.

Martha: Look at this.

Clark: The store owner's in a coma. He was attacked by something that could pulverize a steel door.  Now, the police think it's a bear, but...

Jonathan: You think it was the dogs.

Clark: Someone's controlling these dogs 44161845.JPGand using them.

Lois: Look, the only people that knew we had the dog were Lex and that guy at the animal shelter, and since the boy billionaire probably doesn't go around robbing convenience stores.

Clark: We should check it out.

Jonathan: Well, let's do that first thing in the morning, all right? Clark, would you give me a hand signing out,44161869.JPG would you? Look, son, I know that you're really attached to this dog, but I'm worried it could be dangerous, even to you.

Clark: I know, that's why I have to find out who's doing this and stop them.

Jonathan: No, Clark, son, it won't make any difference. If they had anything to do 4416189B.JPGwith putting that man in a coma, then they're gonna have to be put down.

Clark: Wait, dad, when you and mom found a super-powered boy in a corn field, you didn't give up on me just because I might be dangerous.  You raised me, you gave me a chance.  He's a good dog, dad.  Someone's just using him to do bad things.

Genevieve: I want you to leave here with me tonight.

Jason: Why? Because of Countess Margaret Isobel Theroux? You know that name, don't you?

Genevieve: Is this what Lex has you doing? Researching17th-century witches?

Jason: You're incapable of giving me a straight answer, you know that? So, apparently, when Isobel was condemned to die, she vowed to rise again through one of her descendants.  You knew that that was Lana, didn't you? That's why you had me bring her to Isobel's tomb in Paris.  Because you knew that if she received the mark, then she was the one. Which means it's --it's my fault that everything's happening to her.

Genevieve: You can't blame yourself.

Jason: How could you use me like that?

Genevieve: Look, it's not safe for you to stay here.

Jason: Well, I'm not leaving Lana.

Genevieve: Well, perhaps you'll change your mind 441618E2.JPGwhen you hear the rest of the story.  Isobel was condemned by a woman named Gertrude.  Isobel vowed, that when she rose from the dead, that she would wipe out all of Gertrude's heirs.  We're Gertrude's ancestors, Jason.

Jason: So you think that Lana will try to kill you?

Genevieve: No. But Isobel will, and who knows when she’ll return?

Jason: Mother, I walked out on Lana once before.  I'm not gonna do it again.

Genevieve: Then you're in a love with a girl that may kill our entire family.

Lois: What is this, an obstacle course? 44161948.JPG

[ Squish ]

Lois: Oh, crap! Do you see him anywhere? Come here, Clarkie.Come here, boy.

[ Sneezes ] Wow. Could the dander get any thicker in here? You know, I've been thinking.  Clarkie might've had something to do with what happened at that convenience store, but I don't think he hurt that guy.  There wasn't any blood on him when I found him.

Clark: We're not gonna call him Clarkie, okay? We're gonna call him Bear or Bandit or something.

Lois: Uh, no and no. 44161971.JPG

[ Small dogs barking]

Lois: What is all this?

Clark: It's Luthor Corp payroll.  They're gonna hit an armored truck.  And it's happening right now. Lois, call the police.  I'm gonna see if I can catch up with these guys. 

Lois: Hold on there, Forrest Gump. What are you gonna do, run? We brought my car, remember?

Clark: Lois, look --

Lois: Unh-unh. We can call the cops on the way. You are so weird sometimes. 441619A2.JPG

[ Sighs ]

Clark: Can you a little bit faster?

Lois: Hey, you were gonna be huffing it about 10 minutes ago.  Besides, I don't want to hit anything.

Clark: It should be right here.

Lois: Well, it's not.

Josh's voice: Get up. Let's go. Take the money! Grab the money! Come on!

Zack's voice: Stop yelling at me. I dropped the bag, okay?

[ Barking ]

Clark: Wait, turn left, turn left.

Lois: Why?

Clark: Just do it.

Lois: What is this, another one of your famous hunches, or are we just on a little scenic route here?

Clark: Okay, stop here.

Lois: Where?

Clark: Here! Stop here.

Lois: Okay! 441619E1.JPG

[ Dog barking ]

Josh: Grab the bags, come on!

Zack: I am.

Josh: Come on, faster!

Zack: Those guys in the back don't look to good.

Josh: Get the money. Let's go!

Clark: All right, come on.

Josh: Buckle up, little brother. Come on.

Clark: Can you go see if you can help those guards?

[ Whimpers ]

Clark: It's all right, buddy. We'll get you out of here.

[ Clarkie barking ]

Lois: Clark? 

[Clarkie barking]

Zack: What's he barking about?


Josh: I don't know.  But in five mintues, it won't matter.  We burn the truck, the dogs, everything--all the evidence.

Zack: What.

Josh: We're gonna be in the Keys before anyone knows we're gone.

Zack: Where's Einstein?

Josh: What the hell?

Zack: It's that guy from the animal shelter.

Josh: Well, well, well. Looks like someone has some explaining to do. 44161B3B.JPG

[ Whines ]

Josh: Well, you just had to be a hero, didn't you? Sometimes, heroes get burned.

[ Whimpers ]

Zack: Are you sure about this?

Josh: He saw our faces. We can't let him walk.

Zack: This wasn't part of the plan!

Josh: The plan's working, okay? We got the money, and we're almost outta here. You're not gonna chicken out on me now, are you? Huh?

Zack: No.

Josh: I didn't think so. Come on. 44161B91.JPG

[ Whimpers ]

[ Barks, whines ]

Josh: Make a wish, little brother.

[ Dog howling ]

Clark: Going somewhere?

Dr. Klein: This guy's quite a hero, from what I understand.

Clark: Yeah, I hope my dad lets me keep him. Doctor, you didn't notice anything unusual about any tests you ran on him, did you?

Dr. Klein: Like what?

Clark: Well, he just seems really strong sometimes, and he likes to get into things.

 Dr. Klein: Well, if anything, I'd say his strength is a little below average.  You got a perfectly normal, healthy dog there.  Have you thought of a name yet?  

Clark: I was thinking of calling him Krypto.

Lex: Interesting name.

Dr. Klein: Well, I better be going.

Clark: Thanks, Dr. Klein.

Dr. Klien: You're welcome.

Lex: "Krypto." What's it mean?

[ Growls ]

Lex: Friendly.

Clark: It's because his background is so..cryptic.

Lex: Speaking of his background, I went out to the scene of the robbery and saw my armored truck.  From the look of the back doors, I can only assume it was the handy work of some very strong dogs.

Clark: Lex, you told me I could keep him back when you thought he was a failed experiment.

Lex: But, Clark, if the experiment didn't fail, this dog could be dangerous.

Clark: But he's not dangerous now.  He saved my life.  I'll take my chances on his loyalty.

Chloe: So do you mind telling me why I was up until 2:00 in the morning researching Ja44161D34.JPGson's family tree? 44161D72.JPGI meant that it wasn't, you know, halfway interesting.  It's just... you definitely got your place in the guinness book of strangest last-minute requests.

Lana: I, uh... saw him down stairs talking to his mom. It was obviously a heated discussion, but, uh, when he came up to the apartment, he didn't even mention it to me.

Chloe: Well, did you hear what they were talking about?

Lana: No. But it clearly rattled him. Chloe, he's keeping something from me. You know, I don't -- I don't even know who I can trust anymore. Did you find anything?

Chloe: Not much. I mean, I can only go back as far as his mom's grandmother. After that, it's like someone just chopped off a part of the family tree. There's nothing there.  I can tell you that she comes from a town called Castelnois de Montmiral. 44161DA8.JPGBut that's all I know. Well, except that.. Lana, are you okay?

Lana: Chloe... this is the town that my ancestors come from... and Isobel Theroux.

Chloe: Well, on a scale of weird to 10... Genevieve's grandmother is the one who moved Isobel's tomb into that church in Paris.

Lana: Why would anyone move a witch's tomb into a church?

Chloe: I think that's something you need to ask Jason.

Lionel: If you're looking for my son, he's not here.

Jason: I'm just returning something.

Lionel: Yes, yes. How's the research coming?

Jason: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Lionel: Yes, you do. I mean Isobel. 44161DE9.JPG

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: I understand your hesitation. When I found out that you've been hired by my son, I put a few of the pieces together and saw the connection. You, um... you're Genevieve Teague's boy. Yes. Of course.

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: You can't trust her, Jason.  Course, you can't trust my son, either, but I think you know that.

Jason: And I suppose you're gonna tell me I can trust you, though. What's this?

Lionel: Open it. I think it might help you.

Clark: Done.

Lois: Well, it took you long enough. Now you just have to fix the dining room table, 44161E44.JPGthe window, the fence --[ Sneezes ] I thought bathing him was supposed to help with my allergies.

Clark: Well, maybe you're allergic to the soap, too.

Lois: Maybe I'm allergic to you. Can you grab me a towel, please? Thanks. So...what are we gonna call him? And don't give me any of this "Skipper" crap.

Clark: I was thinking we'd call him Krypto.

Lois: Why, because he's so cryptic like you? I don't think so.

Clark: Why not?

Lois: Because I think it's dumb. You can call your next dog Krypto. Look, it's not that hard. Max, Lucky, Rocky, Bailey... Scamp, Monty...Bud?

Jonathan: Hey, you're gonna have to pick one of those if you want to keep him.

Clark: Really?

Martha: Come here, boy. 44161E85.JPGYou know, when I was a little girl, we had a dog that looked just like this one. Maybe that's why I liked him so much right away.  His name was Shelby.

Lois: I can live with that.

Clark: Well, it beats "Clarkie."  Come on, Shelby! Let's go outside! All right, nice catch! Come on, boy! 

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