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Smallville Transcripts


First aired December 1, 2004

picture of Jason and Lana from "Scare"

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Deanna

Clark: Lana.

Lana: I was hoping that you were up.

Clark: Is everything all right?

Lana: It's about Jason.  I think I've made a horrible mistake.

Clark: Jason.  Lana, I'm not sure I'm the one you should be talking to about this.

Lana: Actually, I think that you're exactly who I should be talking to.  I've been thinking about it -- the way we met, the way he followed me here, the way he got a job at my school.  I think that everything that Jason has told me has been a lie.  I'm starting to wonder if there's another reason why he came to Smallville besides me. 

Clark: Like what?

Lana: I don't know.  But he's really starting to scare me. 44151C27.JPG

Clark: Don't worry, Lana.  I'd never let anything happen to you.

Lana: I know.  And it's made one thing very clear.  I never should've given up on us.  I can lie to myself as much as I want, but I've always been in love with you.

Jason: I knew I couldn't trust you, Clark.

Lana: Jason, no!

Clark: Haven't you hurt her enough already?

Lana: Jason!!

Jason: Clark Kent can't protect you from me. Nobody can.

Lana: Jason! Someone call an ambulance! Jason. Jason, can you hear me?
Chloe: Hey.  How's he doing?

Lana: The doctors don't know.  His heart's beating a mile a mintue, and they can't get his blood pressure down.


Chloe: That's a little bit odd for someone who's unconscious, isn't it?

 Lana: They said he's in some sort of a panic mode, like he's having a severe nightmare.

Clark: What happen?

Lana: He, um, came by the Talon to pick me up for lunch, and I ran upstairs to grab a jacket.

Chloe: And?

Lana: And I heard a crash. That's it. He's been--he's been perfectly healthy, but the doctors say that if they can't get his heart rate down that he could have a heart attack.

Clark: They must have some idea of what caused this.

Lana: I wish I could help them.  But he was just studying all morning before he came to the apartment.  The first time I saw him, he was lying on the Talon floor.

Chloe: Well, let us know if there's anything we can do to help, okay?

Lana: They need his insurance card.  It's in my apartment.  Could you guys go get for me?  I don't want to leave his side.

Chloe: Yeah.  Okay.44151D76.JPG

Chloe: Clark, I don't mean to go all Dr. Phil on you, but don't you think you should admit that they're in a relationship?

Clark: Come on, Chloe, I'm past that.

Chloe: Yeah, I should've known by that crippling stare on your face ever since you walked in the apartment.

Clark: I just could've used mo44151DE1.JPGre time to ease into it, you know?

Chloe: Clark, you were in love with her.  That's not something you just ease out of. 

Clark: It's just by the time that I found out, they were already this... serious thing.

Chloe: Yeah, but we all keep secrets for our own reasons. I don't think I have to tell you that.

Clark: I don't think going through Jason's personal things falls under your snoop jurisdiction.

Chloe: I'll take my chances with the jury on this one.  I think maybe if we backtrack through Jason's last couple of days, it might help.  Ooh.  Jason had a meeting at Luthor Corp this morning.
Clark: Why didn't Lana say something?

Chloe: Maybe she didn't know.

Clark: This place seems dead.

Chloe: Yeah, my dad used to work the overtime shifts on Saturdays.  This lot should be full by now. 

Clark: Where do you think everybody is?

Chloe: I do44151E45.JPGn't know.  But while you're talking to Lex, I'm gonna give myself a little backstage tour.

Lex: Clark.  How the hell did you get in here?

Clark: The gate was open. Your security seems a little M.I.A. Lately.

Lex: That's obvious, but this is a restricted area.  This will only take a second.  I need someone to escort a guest out. Look, Clark, I'm sorry, but I just got in from Metropolis.  I got a lot to do.

Clark: Just now? I thought you had a meeting with Jason this morning.

Lex: Not with me.  He was meeting with the head of my H.R. Department.

Clark: You giving him a job?

Lex: Just some leads.  I felt guilty for getting Jason fi44151E6E.JPGred from the school.  He didn't even want Lana to know about it.  I'm surprised he told you.

Clark: He 44151EBF.JPGdidn't. Jason's lying unconscious at the hospital.  Some sort of neurologica stress. 

Lex: Do they know what happened?

Clark: No.  But your H.R. guy might've been the last person to talk to him.

Lex: Look, I'll track him down, but, Clark, there could be a lot of reasons for Jason's condition.

Clark: There could also be a lot of reasons why this place is deserted half way through Saturday's shift.

Lex: I'll call in a specialist from Metropolis 44151EED.JPGto take a look at him.  Assure Lana I'm doing everything I can for him.

Woman's voice: I've been waiting for you, Chloe.

Chloe: Mom?

Woman's voice: You can't escape this, Chloe.  None of the women in our family ever have.

Chloe: Aah!! Aah! Aah! No! No! No!

Lex: With all our safety precautions, how the hell does a lab explode?

Ford: Well, when you're dealing with meteor rocks, it's very difficult to predict how our chemicals will react. Mr. Luthor, we're doing everything we can.  After the alarm sounded, we sealed the room.  All affected personnel have been quarantined, and we're trying to fix the damaged pipes.

Lex: You mean the bacteria is still leaking out?

Ford: Only in that room.

Lex: Once the situation is under control, I want the project dismantled.
Ford: But. Mr. Luthor, your father negotiated this contract with the military, and we stand to make a lot if we can ever market the compound.

Lex: And exactly what is the market for toxins that invoke a person's worst nightmare before they fall
unconscious, Dr. Ford?  

Ford: Well, think of the good I mean, we could--we could disable the enemy without ever using violence. I mean, we have statistic to prove

 Lex: Statistics aren't lying in those beds.  My employees are.  And I'm afraid they're not the only ones.

Ford: What do you mean?

Lex: Someone who was visiting the plant this morning is at the hospital right now with the same symptoms.  Is he contagious?

 441520C7.JPGFord: Oh, no, sir, no, sir.  I mean, the bacteria can't be transmitted from one person to another.  It has to be inhaled directly.

Lex: Then there's no need to call the C.D.C  and panic the entire town.  Now, where are we with the antidote? 441520F9.JPG

Ford: This will clarify when it reaches 1,000 kelvin, and then we can test it.

Lex: What's the E.T.A.?

Ford: Another five hours.

Clark: Eight other people have just come down with the condition that Jason and Chloe have.

Martha: The doctors haven't found anything in common?

Jonathan: Didn't you say that Jason and Chloe were both at Luthor Corp today?

Clark: But half the victims at the hospital weren't.  Whatever this is seems to strike completely at random.  There's no way to tell who's gonna be next.

Jonathan: It sounds contagious.  In the air or the water?

Clark: Maybe it'll show up in some environmental quality report. 44152120.JPG

[ Knock on door ]

Clark: Lana.

Jonathan: Come on in.

Lana: Um... sorry to show up like this.  I just didn't know where else to go.

Martha: Clark told us about Jason.  Has something happened?

Lana: One of the other infected people just died.

Jonathan: Lana, do the doctors have any idea at all what's going on?

Lana: Just that a person's body can only sustain a level of panic for so long before their heart gives out. I can't -- I can't just sit in that hospital anymore... just -- just watching Chloe and Jason die. I want to help.

Stall: I hope I didn't separate you from your flock. 44152164.JPG

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: Understand your cynicism, Warden Stall, but I assure you, I truly am a changed man.

Stall: Oh, or just a smart one.  You know, ever since you proclaimed this sudden conversion to our resident St. Paul, there hasn't been a single attempt on your life.

Lionel: I want only to be of help to others.  What is the value of my sinful life unless I use it as an example to shepherd fellow sinners, to lead them away from the allure of... hedonism and mistrust and greed, to follow a better way? 44152187.JPG

[ Chuckles ]

Stall: Uh-huh. Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to change congregations.

Lionel: What do you mean?

Stall: The appellate court over turned your conviction.

Lionel: Overturned? My appeal doesn't come up for months.  That's not possible.

Stall: Oh, you'd be surprised at what's possible in this judicial system.

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: You know, I've done everything to work the system.  I hired the best lawyers in the world.  I tried to pay off everyone from the bailiff to the President of the United States, and I was told categorically I was never gonna see life outside these walls again.

Stall: You do not want to be telling me things of this nature.

Lionel: Yes, I do. I'm guilty. Not of the crime I've been imprisoned for, but... so many other crimes.  Which should've landed me in here years ago. 441521B8.JPG This is where I belong.  It's where I can do the most good.

Stall: You want to stay in prison?

Lionel: Yes, I do.  I've found my... my mission in life.

Stall: Contrary to your deluded point of view... this is not the Ritz-Carlton, where you can check in and check out at your leisure. Somebody did you a favor by getting you out of this place. I'd say be grateful.

Lionel: But who -- who could do that? Obviously, someone more powerful than you. As soon as this paper work is finished, you're a free man.

Lana: We know that Jason was in town by 9:00.

Clark: Well, according to the hourly satellite images, we had clear skies all morning.

Lana: Hourly? Can we get a little bit more specific than that?

Clark: I'll try.

Lana: You know, I just don't understand why Jason wouldn't tell me that he had a meeting at Luthor Corp.

Clark: It might've been a blow to his pride, accepting Lex's offer.

Lana: Well, maybe that's what all of this has been about.  I've been getting this feeling lately that there's something he hasn't been telling me.

Clark: Maybe he thought you'd see him differently if you found out.

Lana: Do you really think that I'm that shallow, Clark? 44152313.JPG

Clark: It might take him a while to get to know you as well as I do.

[ Beep ]

Lana: Look at that.

Clark: Looks like that cloud came out of nowhere.

Lana: And then it's completely gone five minutes later.

Clark: It covered two miles before it dissipated.

Lana: Why would a cloud just appear like that?

Clark: Maybe it's not a cloud. Maybe it's pollution... or smoke or something.

Lana: Well, if that's the county line, then Chloe's house is right in the middle of it.

Clark: So is Luthor Corp.

Lana: Mom... mom. Dad.  Jason. 441523B5.JPG

Woman's voice: Lana... Lana.

Dead Lana: They're all going to leave you... and there's nothing you can do about it.

Clark: Lana!

Man: [To a guard.] I can’t control him! Get over here!

Guard: Yes, sir!

Ford: Mr. Luthor, we have never tested this antidote.  I urge you to try it on one of our lab animals first.

Lex: One of my employees is about to die.  Do you see any other options for us right now?

Ford: No, sir, I don't, but please remember, this is like a flu inoculation.  It contains traces of the infectious element.

Lex: Is that your way of telling me the patient's gonna get worse before he gets better?

Ford: Assuming it works.  Mr. Luthor, you can't go in there! We must keep the exposure to the toxin to a minimum!

Lex: I'm responsible for this plant and everyone who works here. I'm going with you. 

Lex:  Dr. Scanlon, I understand you're treating a patient named Jason Teague.

Dr. Scanlon: Lex, I've got my hands full right now.  We're watching Mr. Teague...along with all the others in his condition.

Lex: The others? Are you telling me all these people have the same symptoms?

Dr. Scanlon: Unfortunately.  We have no idea what we're dealing with.

Lex: It's a synthetic toxin.  A pressure tank exploded this morning at my plant.  We thought we had it contained, but the toxin released must've escaped into the atmosphere.  It's possible all these people were exposed at the time.

 Dr. Scanlon: And you're just telling me this now? I'm gonna have to call the Center for Disease Control.

Lex: I don't how much they could do, but there's an antidote that my Project Manager's been modifying as we speak.

Dr. Scanlon: 4415254D.JPGHow close is it?

Lex: The first trial was unsuccessful, but I assure you, we'll have the situation under control.

Dr. Scanlon: It's too late for that.

Clark: I need a doctor! I need a doctor! Did you know about this when I talked to you earlier today?
Lex: Clark, other than Jason, I had no idea anyone outside of  Luthor Corp was exposed, you have to believe me.

Clark: What is this stuff?

[ Groans ]

Lana: It all makes sense.

Clark: me.

Lana: The meteor shower.  You came the same day.  How could I be so stupid?

441525BB.JPGClark: The meteor shower is the reason I'm here.  I'm from a planet called Krypton.  Lana, I wanted to tell you.  I didn't think you'd accept me.

Lana: You're not even human?

Clark: Please... that stuff makes me sick.

Lana: My parents are gone because of you.  I'm never gonna see them again.  You killed my parents.

Clark: Mom. Mom? Dad!

Dr. Scanlon: Clark?

Clark: I need to find my parents. Where are they?

Dr. Scanlon: They haven't been admitted.  Clark, you're the first patient to come out of this.  I think you'd4415261D.JPG better sit down.

Clark: No, I feel fine.

Dr. Scanlon: Clark --

Clark: Dad? Mom.  Mom?

Clark: Lex!

Lex: I'll keep you updated.

Clark: You're running out of time.

Ford: How did you get past security?

Lex: It's okay! I don't understand.  I left you in the hospital.  What happened?

Clark: My parents are in there now.

Lex: Clark --

Clark: Lana, Chloe, Jason... they're all gonna die if you don't do something.

Lex: What do you suggest I do?

Clark: Use me.  I want you to use me.  Look, I came out of this panic state.  Maybe there's something in me that can help.  I'll give you whatever samples you need.

Ford: Look, even if your immune system could offer us some sort of insight --I don't know -- those kind of tests take months, years, to analyze! No, no.

Lex: He's right, Clark. We have a new antidote 44152665.JPGthat we can test in a few hours. 

Clark: There's no time.

Lex: The antidote needs to be heated to 1000 kelvin until it clears.  Otherwise, it's useless.

Ford: This time, we're gonna test it first.

Lex: People's lives are at stake. We're running out of time. 

Ford: Look at them, Mr. Luthor. You look at them.  Are you gonna point the finger and decide which one of them is going to take the potentially lethal injection? Whoever it is, you could be killing them.  Mr. Luthor, no!

Lex: Clark?

Ford: It worked! I'm gonna get the antidote to the hospital.

Clark: Lex, you're gonna be okay. 


Lionel: I should've known.

Martha:[ Sighs ] Home.
Jonathan: Clark.  Is something bothering you, son?

Clark: No, it'll just take a few days before I can walk into that room and... not get a flash of the two of you unconscious on the floor.

Martha: Well, thanks for cleaning everything up.

Clark: Yeah, somebody really did a number on that lamp back there.  It must've been some nightmare you had.

Jonathan: Then we woke up to find that it had almost come true.

Martha: Clark, you walked right into Lex's office and almost gave up your secret. Who knows what they would've done to you?

Clark: I didn't see any other choice. It's funny, because lately I've been thinking that 44152833.JPGI've gotten closer to being able to tell someone the truth about me, but... now I'm convinced more than ever that I can't tell anyone... especially not Lana.

Martha: I know how much it would mean to you to be able to share your secret with her.

Clark: As far apart as we've grown, I think about it every day.

Martha: I-I hope our own fears haven't gotten in your way.  I would hate for you to look back and regret not telling the people closest to you.  I mean, there is a chance Lana would understand.

Clark: There is. But what if she didn't?

Jonathan: Clark, look, I'm not sure that it's Lana, but I am sure that... someday there'll be someone you can tell.

Lana: Egg fu yung to the rescue.  So... 4415288C.JPGif I'd waited around for the peking duck, you'd have what, been gone?

Jason: No, I would've been here, trying to figure out what to say.

Lana: I-I don't understand. Is this because of your mom? You've been different ever since I met her.

Jason: No, I've been different ever since I came to Smallville.  I mean, six months ago, I would've never gone to someone like Lex and groveled for a job that I don't even want.  Of course, the worst part is, is I was too embarrassed to even tell you about it.

Lana: Since when have you ever been embarrassed around me?

Jason: Exactly.  I don't like this person I'm becoming, Lana.  And I don't want to wait around for you to resent me as much as I resent myself, so... that's not why you're leaving.

Lana: The one thing I learned from my relationship with Clark 441528D1.JPGis when someone isn't being honest with me.  Jason... just tell me the truth.

Jason: Be careful.

Chloe: I can't get a statement from Luthor Corp.  I mean, a huge chemical explosion causes everybody to relive their worst nightmares? What is that? And there's no sign of a lawsuit.  I mean, it's like this whole thing... is just being completely forgotten about! What? What? What?

Clark: I've seen you worked up before, but this is more than amped, even for you.

Chloe: I guess it's just displaced anxiety.  I found my mom, Clark.

Clark: Wow, that's -- chloe, that's great.

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, I put my feelers out for years, and something three months ago finally came through, so... I mean, it turns out she's, um... 4415293F.JPGshe's not exactly M.I.A., so to speak. She's in a mental institution.

Clark: I'm sorry.

Chloe: The real kicker is it's hereditary.

Clark: Listen...hey. If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that you're not destined to follow in your parents' footsteps, all right?

Chloe: Yeah. Thanks.  So, the popular question of the day... what is Clark Kent's worst nightmare?

Clark: When I woke up... everyone that I knew was gone.  I was completely alone. 

Chloe: I wish I could say that I'll always be there for you, but somehow I get the feeling that may not be a promise I can keep. You were the only one that came out of it, Clark, and I don't think it was because you were taking your vitamins.

Clark: Chloe -- 4415298F.JPG

Chloe: You know what? You don't have to tell me.  I know that I gave you my word that I was going to stop all of this prying, but... in these last few months, I really got a taste of what it was like to keep my mom's secret.  And I've never felt more alone.

Clark: It's weird when people think they're so close to you but have no idea what you're really going through.

Chloe: Yeah.  I'd hate to live my whole life like this.  But after 'fessing up, it's amazing how quickly that feeling of loneliness disappears.  I mean, if you can't tell your best friend, who can you tell? Right, Clark?

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