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Smallville Transcripts


First aired March 3rd, 2004

"Crisis" picture of Adam.

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Deanna

Pete: I didn't think Lana would find someone to cover her shift this late in the game. I guess I should've figured on the Clark factor.

Clark: Well, it sounded like she was having her own crisis over Jensen's history exam.

Pete: Thanks for coming.  I know this can't compete with the all-you-can-drink Talon cram session.

Clark: Definitely not.  Pete, I think it's great that you spend so much time volunteering here.

Pete: Well, someone's always been there for me when I've been in trouble.  Seems like a good way to give something back.

Girl: Hi, Pete.

Clark: And to hone your sensitive guy skills. 456EA1E4.JPG

[ Telephone ring]

Pete: Watch and learn.  Teen Crisis Hotline.  Uh-huh.  Well, how long has it been since they've been divorced? Yeah, I know.  That can be tough.  Well, have you talked to them about it?

[ Telephone rings ]

Pete: Yeah.

[ Ring ]

Clark: Teen Crisis Hotline. 456EA204.JPG

[ Buzzing static ]

Lana: Clark!!

Clark: Lana.

Lana: Clark, it's happening! Are you there?

Clark: Lana?

Lana: He's got a gun!

[ Gunshots ]

Radio announcer: And good.  61-60, Vipers.

Lana: Clark! Please!

[ Buzzing static ]

Lana: Help me!

Clark: Lana? Lana, what? Lana? Lana! 456EA223.JPG

[ Gunshot ]

Clark: Lana! Can you hear me?! Lana!  Pete, call the police.

Pete: Hey, uh...please hold.

Chloe: Hey, Clark.  Knock much?

Lana: You're too late.  I turned off the cappuccino machine an hour ago.

Lana's voice: Please help me!

Clark's voice: Lana? Lana! 456EA30C.JPG

[ Gunshot ]

Pete: The call came from a blocked I.D.

Adams: Sounds like your voice, Miss Lang.

Lana: I know, but it can't be.

Clark: We think it's some sort of a prank, Sheriff.

Adams: You know, usually these situations originate a little closer to home than you'd expect.  Any reason you might want to goose these boys with a little crank calling, Miss Lang?

Clark: Lana didn't have anything to do with this.

Adams: Yeah, unless Miss Lang has grown several inches 456EA325.JPGand developed an affinity for plaid, this would be a good time for you to pipe down.  Yeah, I suppose someone could be imitating you.

Lana: Why would anyone do that?

Adams: If I had the answer to half the whys in this town, I'd have a best seller on my hands.  I'll look into this.  But you kids need to know that crank calls aren't exactly a top priority.

Clark: Are you okay?

Lana: You know, if someone is doing this as a joke, they have a pretty sick sense of humor. 456EA347.JPG

Clark: Don't worry. We'll figure out who did this.

Chloe: This connection's bad.  We're missing pieces of the conversation.  But... the background noise is constant throughout.  This recording wasn't piecemealed together.  Here, I'll play it again with the static as low as I can get it. 456EA363.JPG

[ Steady noise ]

Lana: That sounds like rain.

Clark: We haven't had a storm in months.

Lana's voice: Clark, it's happening!

Lana: Why would I say that?

Clark: It's almost like you were expecting something.

Lana's voice: Clark! Please help me!

[ Buzzing static ]

Adam's voice: You lied to me!

Clark: Hey, Chloe, can I?

Chloe: Yeah.

Clark: I think I heard something.

Adam's voice: You lied to me!

Lana: That's Adam.  But I haven't spoken to him since he left.

Chloe: Clark, how did you hear that?

Clark: I guess I missed too many Linkin Park concerts. Look, there's someone else here. 456EA3A5.JPG

[ Radio static ]

Announcer's voice: And good.  That makes the score 61-60, Vipers.  Gunnerson now needs to miss the second shot to keep the Viper's  hope for an undefeated season alive.

Chloe: Gunnerson? He was benched in the preseason.  This has got to be a recording of an old game.

Clark: No, that can't be. This is the first year the Vipers have been undefeated.  They're not even scheduled to play the Metros until tonight.  And according to the weather service, a storm's on the way.

Chloe: Well, if none of this has happened yet, maybe the phone call hadn't, either.

Lana: You're saying the call came from the future?

Lionel: What is this?

Lex: An experimental medication.  Not exactly F.D.A.-approved, but I assume you're working on the patent.

Lionel: Oh, Lex, I don't have time for 20 questions.

Lex: I know about the lab at Metron. 456EA3E8.JPG It gives new meaning to the term "human resources."

Lionel: You know, there are hundreds of projects in development at Luthor Corp.  You'll have to forgive me if I'm not current on all the details about, uh, what, Metron?

Lex: You're secretly developing a serum that has a certain lazarus effect on the dearly departed.

Lionel: Resuscitating the dead?

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: I think your, uh, creative talents are being wasted at Luthor Corp, son.

Lex: Unfortunately, this isn't fiction. So far, the Kafkaesque trials have caused patients' bodies to deteriorate while their minds retain consciousness.  It sort of bypasses the code of ethics, but I suppose if you were successful, it could mean big business.

Lionel: Well, I applaud your moral outrage, 456EA420.JPGbut, um, these papers don't specifically confirm any of your accusations, son.

Lex: Although they would raise a few eyebrows at the "Daily Planet."

[ Chuckles ]

Lionel: You know, you don't have to resort to threats, Lex, if you want to shut this project down.

Lex: I must not be making myself clear.  I came back to Luthor Corp to be your partner, not a paper pusher.  This new project can make the company billions of dollars.  I don't want it shut down.  I want to be put in charge of it. 456EA44E.JPG

[ Monkeys screeching ]

Dr. Teng: What are you doing? This is a restricted area.

Lionel: Apparently not.  You failed to mention, Dr. Teng, that my son recently paid you a visit.

Dr. Teng: I don't know how he found us.  But I didn't tell him anything.

Lionel: That's irrelevant now because, as of this moment, this project never existed.

Dr. Teng: But we haven't even tested the most recent adjustments.

Lionel: Don't worry, Dr. Teng. Your work will continue.  Just not here.  I want this lab cleared out by the end of the day.  Or this time, you will find yourself deported back to your native homeland.  And if I'm not mistaken, your government does not have much use for women 456EA489.JPGwho have, uh, consorted with the devils of, uh, western capitalism. Come on. Am I right?

Adam: Where have you been?

Dr. Teng: I'm sorry, Adam.  I know you're in a lot of pain.

Adam: Then why did you do this to me?

Dr. Teng: We were trying to give you a second chance.

Adam: I've been hearing a lot of noise out there.  What's going on?

Dr. Teng: They're shutting down the lab.

Adam: Where are we going? You're not taking me with you.

Dr. Teng: I can't.

Adam: What about the medicine?

Dr. Teng: Mr. Luthor took all of it.

Adam: Then get it back.  I've only got 12 hours. You know that!

Dr. Teng: He won't help you, Adam.  He doesn't even know you're alive. 456EA4FD.JPG I have no idea where he's taking the serum.  I'm sorry.

Adam: What am I supposed to do?

Lex: Look, Clark, I'm no expert on quantum tunneling or wormholes, but if minds like Einstein and Thorne believe time anomalies are possible, who am I to rule it out?

Clark: Lex, if that phone call is going to happen tonight, we need to find Adam.

Lex: Clark, what makes you think I can help?

Clark: Because you were at the lab. And I know you met with Dr. Teng.

Lex: Clark, what have you been doing -- following me?

Clark: Don't turn this around on me, Lex. Look, we think adam died of liver disease a few months ago, and I'm guessing he was one of Dr. Teng's subjects.  Lana's in trouble, and I know you're holding out on me.  Where is he, Lex? 456EA543.JPGYou don't want anything to happen to Lana.  I know you don't.  Please.

Lex: Trust me, Clark, there's no way Adam's going to come after Lana.

Clark: How can you be so sure?

Lex: 'Cause he can't leave the lab.  He needs constant injections just to stay alive.

Clark: I need to see with my own eyes.

Lex: It's a secured lab.  You'll never be able to get in there.

Clark: Not without you. 456EA571.JPG

[ Screeching ]

Clark: Lex.

Lex: Adam's gone.

Lex: Was it worth it, sacrificing the lives of Dr. Teng and all those technicians just to get back into the pharmaceutical business?

Lionel: I, uh, hope you weren't as emotional as this with the police.

Lex: I just spent the last five hours covering for you.

Lionel: I appreciate the gesture, son, but I told you, I had nothing to do with the lab at Metron.

Lex: And I suppose you didn't have anything to do with those murders, either.

Lionel: Lex, even if I were the demonic father you've made me out to be, you know I would never do anything so sloppy. But I'm not worried, son.

Lex: How can you be so cavalier?

Lionel: Because I know that I have someone extremely competent in charge. 456EA6C8.JPG Hmm? You wanted the project.  It's yours.  I'm trusting you to handle things.

Lex: Nice try, Dad.  But I'm not suiting up in the 11th hour.  Clean up your own mess.

Clark: I thought I was getting used to seeing some pretty weird things around here, but, Lana, this was a massacre.

Lana: But what about Adam?

Clark: It looks like he escaped.

Lana: But you think he killed them.

Clark: He obviously escaped from his cell and strangled his doctor.  Looks like the other victims were trying to stop him.

Chloe: Hey, guys, so after I promised to switch my long-distance service, I finally got my guy at the phone company to track down the blocked number you called from.

Clark: Whose was it?

Chloe: It's from a cell phone belonging to Gwen Burton. 456EA717.JPG Does that ring a bell?

Lana: No.  I have no idea who that is.  Why would I make a call from her phone?

Chloe: I don't know, but it looks like we can rack up another one for our "can you hear me 24 hours from now?" Theory.  I looked into Mrs. Burton's phone records, and there were no outgoing calls made from last night.  It's like the call you received came out of thin air.

Clark: Or a really different time zone. Look, at least this gives us an advantage.  We know what's supposed to happen.  All we have to do is keep Adam away from Lana.  And make sure you don't get that cell phone.

Lana: But Adam could be anywhere.

Clark: Yeah, maybe it's safer if we get you out to the farm.

Lana: Clark, what if we can't stop this from happening?

Clark: Mrs. Burton?  I know this is a strange question, but I work at the teen crisis hotline, and we got a call from this number last night.  Is it yours? 456EA75D.JPG

Mrs. Burton: But I didn't make any calls last night.  I'm sorry.  There must be some mistake.

Clark: Would you know an Adam Knight?  He used to be a patient here.

Mrs. Burton: We don't get too many patients down in accounts receivable.

Clark: Look, Mrs. Burton, I don't know how to explain this, but I think your phone's going to be used in a crime tonight.

Mrs. Burton: What did you say your name was?

Clark: Clark Kent.

Mrs. Burton: Clark, we have an excellent psychiatric staff here at the hospital.  I'd be happy to take you down to the admitting desk.

Clark: I know I sound crazy, but is there a chance you lost your phone?

Mrs. Burton: Actually, I lent it to my husband today.  He had to run some errands in Metropolis.

Clark: Would you call him, please? 456EA78E.JPG

[ Cellular phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

Len: Hello.

Gwen: Hi, honey, there's some kid here asking about the cell phone.

Len: What, they come in person now? Just tell him we're happy with our plan.

Clark: Ask him where he is.

Gwen: Where are you?

Len: Well, I'm stuck outside the city on route 17.  I got a flat, but I should be home by --

Gwen: Len? Len? Len.  He's not answering.

Clark: Are you okay?

Len: Yeah, I'm fine.

Clark: What happened?

Len: Some kid just car jacked me.  He looked like a junkie.

Clark: Did you see which way he went?

Len: No. 456EA7D5.JPGI must've been out for a minute.  I need to call the police.

Clark: You don't have your cell phone, do you?

Len: No.

Jonathan: Here you go, Lana.  I know this old house can get drafty, and I'm sure Mrs. Kent won't mind.

Lana: Thanks, Mr. Kent.  I really appreciate it.

Chloe: Yeah, okay, yeah, I'll tell them.

Lana: What did Clark say?

Chloe: He missed Adam by a few minutes, and Adam has the cell phone. 456EBFEA.JPG

[ Thunder crash]

Lana: It's all starting to come true.  The storm... the phone.

Jonathan: Don't you worry, Lana.  I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Chloe: You know, I'm not doing any good just standing here.  The police are looking for the stolen vehicle and for him, so if any leads come through, they're going to come through the police scanner at the "Torch."

Jonathan: Here, Chloe, I want you to take my truck.  The last thing we need tonight is you getting stuck crossing that creek in that little car of yours.

Chloe: Thank you.  Lana, it's going to be okay.  We've got lots of time. The game hasn't even started yet.

Lex: Keep me posted. Still no leads on Adam.

Clark: What about the serum?

Lex: What about it?

Clark: Adam knows it's the only thing keeping him alive.  He's got to go after more of it. 456EC024.JPG

Lex: Only problem is, there's no more serum for Adam to find.

Clark: You know your father didn't get rid of all of it.  He must have it stashed somewhere.

Cage: Detective cage --Metropolis P.D.  We have a warrant to search the premises.

Lex: On what grounds?

Detective #2: Eight possible counts of negligent homicide. 456EC05E.JPG

Cage: Why don't you take a load off? We'll just make ourselves at home.

Lex: I'm sorry, Clark, but you better go.  I don't want you getting involved in this.

Cage: Unfortunately, he already is.  Seeing as how Mr. Kent was also at the scene of the crime, we'd like to ask him a few questions, too. 

[ Gasps ]

Adam: Where's Lana?

Chloe: I don't know.  I'm not her keeper.

Adam: Don't lie to me.  I was just at the talon.  They said both you and Lana left together.  Where is she?!

Chloe: Why do you care so much?

Adam: She's got something that belongs to me.

Chloe: Well, it's obviously not here.  And if I -- if I were you, I wouldn't be, either.  Everybody's looking for you.

Adam: Isn't that Clark's truck?

Chloe: No, it's my cousin's.

Adam: Something tells me that's not what the registration is going to stay.  You're covering for her.  Where is she? Is she hiding at her old boyfriend's? No!

Chloe: Aah!

Adam: No.  Don't worry. 456EC096.JPG You'll be able to talk to her soon enough. 

Jonathan: I'm sure when Mrs. Kent gets home, she'd be happy to whip you up one of her specialties, but until then, I'm afraid it's just black coffee.

Lana: Thanks.

Jonathan: Have some honey?

Lana: No, I'm good.

Jonathan: Sounds like my truck.  Yeah it's Chloe.

Lana: Why isn't she coming inside?

Jonathan: I don't know.  Um, why don't you lock the door behind me?

Chloe: Go back in the house Mr. Kent.  Please, be careful, Mr. Kent, please!
Jonathan: Chloe?

Chloe: Mr. Kent! No!

Adam: Come on!

Chloe: Get away from me!

Adam: Lana! I know you're in there! If you don't come out, I'll kill your boyfriend's father! 456EC0FD.JPGThen I'll move on to chloe!

Lana: Adam... whatever you want, just don't hurt them anymore! Oh, God.

Adam: Hurry up, let's go. Get in the truck.

Cage: You going to stand there and tell me you weren't working with Dr. Teng? You can't deny you're behind this.

Lex: I'm the one who called the ambulance.  Now, why would I do that if I was involved in those murders?

Detective #2: Well, let's see what we got in the goodie bag.

Lex: Nothing that will incriminate me.

Cage: Except some memo signed by you as acting director of the lab.

Lex: I've never seen these before.

Cage: Amazing how that always happens.

Lex: I'm being set up.

Cage: And they're doing a pretty damn good job of it.  Take a breather.  Think about if you want to stick to that story.

Clark: You have to let me go.

Cage: Look, kid, your friend's been running off at the mouth 456EC1FF.JPGfor over an hour 'fessing up, so don't try to play the hero.

Clark: You're bluffing.  He didn't admit to anything because he didn't do anything.

Cage: You really think that? Something tells me you don't know your friend as well as you think you do.

Detective #2: Hey, Paul, the Vipers just took Roberts off the court.  He blew out his knee.  Guess who they pulled off the bench with five minutes in the fourth quarter.

Clark: Gunnerson.

Detective #2: Yeah. That guy throws more bricks than a mason.

Clark: I have to go.

Cage: I'm sorry, were we keeping you from something?

Clark: Have you called my parents yet?

Cage: Yeah, no one's answered.

Clark: Well, I think the newspapers would find it interesting that a minor was being held for questioning without his guardian.

Cage: I wouldn't take any long vacations.  We may need to bring you in for more questioning.

Guard: Damn.457D0D36.JPG <>  457D0D71.JPG
Radio announcer: The Vipers lead 52-46, but the momentum..He shoots, but...takes it off the rim there's a long throw to Matthews.

Adam: Which one is it?

Lana: It's over here.

Adam: Hurry up.  Come on.  Faster.

Lana: I put everything I found in these boxes over here.

Adam: Where are my books?

Lana: I don't know which one I put them in.

Adam: Hurry up.  I don't have a lot of time, Lana.  The white one.  The white one.  Where is it?

Lana: I don't know what you're talking about.

Adam: The medicine! I had 457D0DAA.JPGthree vials in there!  What did you do with them?

Lana: I didn't touch them.

Adam: You liar!

[ Gunshot ]

Radio announcer: Roberts drives the lane. He goes up for two.

Clark: What happened?

Martha: I came457D0DE2.JPG home and found your father and Chloe outside.

Clark: Are you okay?

Chloe: I'm fine.  Adam has Lana, and he has your dad's gun.

Jonathan: The police are looking for him now.

Clark: Do you know which way they headed?

Chloe: I don't know.  Adam keeps saying that Lana has something of his.

Clark: The serum.

Chloe: I don't know.  I mean, he already went to the Talon and the house.  I don't know 457D0E4A.JPGwhere they were headed next.

Clark: I'm going to the Youth Center.  The only thing we know for sure is that Lana's going to make that call to the crisis ho457D0F4B.JPGtline.

Jonathan: Clark, what good is that going to do? You've already heard the call.

Clark: It was cutting in and out. We could barely hear half of it.  If I can figure out why that call was placed to the past, then maybe I can stop that from happening.

Martha: If you get a clear connection, you think Lana will be able to tell yo457D0E4A.JPGu where she is?

Jonathan: Ssh, ssh

Radio Announcer: Porter passes off to Johnson again.  Johnson goes for the three-pointer, and he sinks it!

Clark: What's the score?

Announcer:Vipers up by 2, 61-59.

Jonathan: 61-59. Vipers.

Adam: Lana! Lana!

Lana: Oh, damn it!

Adam: Lana!

[ Telephone s ]

Clark: Lana!

Lana: Clark!

Clark: Lana!

Lana: Please  help-- [ Static ] Clark, it's happening!

Radio Announcer: Three seconds left in the game. 457D0FEA.JPG

Lana: He's got a gun!

Radio Announcer: He scores. That makes the score 61-60, Vipers.

Lana: Please help me!

Clark: Lana! Lana!

457D0F7F.JPG[ Static ]

Lana: Clark?!

[ Static ]

Lana: Clark, why aren't you picking up?! Clark, he's trying to kill me! Please, help!457D1043.JPG

[ Static ]

Lana: Clark! Help me!  Please help me!

Clark: Lana!

Adam: You lied to me!

Clark: Lana, where are you?

Lana: I'm at Walcott Storage! Help me!

Clark: Lana! Are you okay?

Lana: Where's Adam?

Adam: You took that bullet.

Clark: That's 457D1017.JPGimpossible.

Adam: I saw you.  Now I know why Lionel sent me to watch you.  I guess I found what I was looking for... just a little too late.

Clark: Adam.

Adam: He's not going to stop, Clark.  I couldn't escape him.  How long do you think you can?

Cage: Let's go.

Agent: F.B.I.  Why don't you boys hit the showers? This case has been bumped up to varsity.

Cage: That's just like you guys.  We do the heavy lifting... and you just show up for the prize.

Agent: This better be important.  Your lawyer may have friends in high places, but I'm not a believer in the trickle-down theory.

Lex: I want to make a deal.

Agent: Why should I do that? I understand they're building a strong case against you.

Lex: As flattered as I am to be the object457D1194.JPG of so much attention, you and I both know I'm only the consolation prize.

Agent: I'm listening. 457D11FB.JPG

Lex: Tell the cops to drop the charges and give me immunity, and I'll give you the biggest arrest of your career.

Agent: What are we talking about?

Lex: I'll help you bring down my father.

Dr. Bergin: I must admit, I'm intrigued by the research. What happened to your last project manager?

Lionel: She, uh, moved on. And please understand me, Dr. Bergin, I will spare no expense on this project. You onboard?

Dr. Bergin: With the limited amount of serum you have, there's barely enough for one round of trials.

Lionel: That's why I'm counting on you to get it right the first time.
Dr. Bergin: Well, I suppose I could have a lab outfitted and the trial underway within a year.

Lionel: Dr. Bergin, I want you up and running by the end of the week.

Dr. Bergin: A project like this requires time.

Lionel: Time is a luxury I don't have, Doctor.  I hav

Clark: Any luck?

Lana: No. I-I got lost at the first wormhole.

Clark: You know, half the world's scientists are still debating over Einstein's theories of time travel.  I don't think we're going to crack it in one night.

Lana: Clark, there's still something I don't understand.  How did you get from the hotline to the storage unit in a split-second?

Clark: It took me more than a few seconds.  Maybe it had something to do with the weird time anomaly. You know, there's something that I don't understand, either.  Why did you call the hotline instead of the police?

Lana: Because, um, I knew you'd be there. Looks like we cheated fate.

Clark: Barely. I was so afraid that I wouldn't get to you in time.

Lana: I know. 457D129D.JPGI spent the last 24 hours terrified of what might happen.  But it all turned out okay.  It made me realize how many decisions I make because I'm scared of how things will end up.

Clark: We both do our share of that. 

Lana: Maybe it's time to stop being so afraid. I 've always thought that my life is so mapped out for me, but... you know, maybe we have more control over the future than we think.

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