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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 11th, 2004

Jonathan & Clark in "Velocity"

Provided by Suzanne

(this still needs proofreading/editing)

Clark: Dad?

Martha: Sweetheart? How are you feeling?

Jonathan: Are you two still here?

Clark: I think you need to go back --back home and get some rest.

Jonathan: Hey, clark, don't worry about me,son. It's going to takea whole lot more than a heart attackto keep your old man down.

Clark: I just feel likethis is all my fault.

Jonathan: Hey. Come here. Look, there's a lot of thingsthat you can do, but causing cardiac arrestis not one of them.

Clark: Last time you wereat the doctor's, they said you had a heartof a 20-year-old just before I wentto metropolis.

Jonathan: If you're suggestingthat your biological father has anythingto do with this...

Clark: he gave you powers to bring mehome no human was meant to have, and I don't thinkyour heart could handle it. 4563A4C4.JPG

Jonathan: Clark, no,there were other factors.

Clark: If I hadn't put on that ring and abandoned you and momwhen you needed me most, you wouldn't be lying herein this bed.

Jonathan: As hard as this isfor you to believe, not everythingthat goes wrong in smallville is clark kent's fault.

Clark: Watch out!

Martha: Wh-where are you going?

Jonathan: They're goingto kill someone.

[ Cheering ]

Dante: Ladies and gentlemen! Your reigning kingof speed... pete "the boss" ross! 4563A526.JPG

[ Cheering ]



Pete: Whoa, dante, that's some serious green.

Dante: All right, I jacked up the meteor rock ratio in this new batch 4563A5ED.JPGof nitrous

Pete: Whoo-hoo! You ought to be working for nasa, man. These cars are going to be like rockets.

Clark: Hey, pete.

Clark, what are you doing here?

Hey, nice ride, man. What's that thing do, like, 0 to 60 in an hour? Hey, if you ever want to turn that tortoise into a hare, give me a call, all right? See ya, bro.

How's your dad?

Clark: He's doing okay. But in case you didn't notice, you almost obliterated our truck last night. 4563A614.JPGMy mom was behind the wheel.

I'm sorry if I scared your mom, clark, but, I swear, I was in complete control the whole time.

Clark: At 100 miles an hour?

Clark, you're not exactly one to talk about breaking the speed limit. You know what it's like to move so fast that nothing can touch you. For me, this is as close as I can get.

Clark: How long have you beendoing this?

I don't know.Couple months.

Clark: How come you didn'ttell me about it?

I knew you'd want to ground meand take away my allowance.

Clark: Pete, this isn't a joke.You could really hurt someone.

Clark, I know howto handle these cars. 4563A63C.JPGDante's the best driverin lowell county. He's taught me everythinghe knows.

Clark: Including howto break the law. Street racing is illegal.You could go to jail.

Not if no one finds out. You're goodat keeping secrets, clark. You're not goingto tell anybody. Right? They say everyone's gotsomeone that looks like him. Chad nash doesn't justlook like you. Karate team, orchestra,computer club... all things that you just happento be a master of? According to this article, you died five months agoof a rare liver disease. And suddenly you're standingright in front of me with a different name? Who else have you shown this to?No one. Are you sure? Yes. Adam, tell mewhat's going on. Lana, you can'ttell anyone. 4563A679.JPGYou have to promise meyou'll keep this a secret. Adam, your eye. It happens all the time. It's justa broken capillary. Adam, are you sureyou're okay? It's nothing. I'm fine. Lana, listen, you haveto promise me you're not going to tellanyone about this, okay? Adam -- my lifecould depend on it. Please, promise meyou won't say a word. So I've been following up on ourmysterious tenant in the talon. It seems he has an intimaterelationship with needles. I take it you're not talkingabout embroidery? Hardly. I found a vialin his apartment, then took it to the pathologistat smallville med to have it analyzed. Well, what is it? It's a serum that containsminute amounts of cells resembling blood platelets. 4563A6CE.JPGNow, what's even freakieris the molecular makeup is like nothingthe pathologist has ever seen in any human or animal. That's why I decidedto take a peek into adam's medical records. Privacy laws don't seemto faze you much, do they? Not when I'm worried aboutone of my best friends. As long as lana hasthe talented mr. Ripley living above her, I'm goingto do whatever it takes to make surehe's not dangerous. Is he? I don't know. All I know is that whenhe was in the hospital, he had a doctor visiting himtwice a week. Well, that doesn't soundvery unusual to me. It is when it's not an M.D. Dr. Tang is a professorof molecular biology at metropolis university. Have you been following upwith him? "Him" is a her. And she's so high upin the ivory tower, 4563A701.JPGI'd ed a hook and ladderto get to her. That's why I came to you. A generous benefactorof the university is going to have a lot more luckthan a high school student. Have you mentionedany of this to lana? I didn't want to say anythinguntil I found out all the facts. Let's keep it thatay. W

[ Brakes squealing ] What do you thinkyou're doing? If I'd hit you, I would'vetotaled this car, and it's not even mine. Maybe if you slowed down,you wouldn't have a problem. Since when did youbecome a traffic cop? Since you started racingkryptonite-fueled cars that can practically breakthe sound barrier. Don't I wish. There have been a seriesof fatal car accidents this year in lowell county.They were all tricked out with the samekryptonite booster tanks. Any car can be dangerous if youdon't know how to drive it. But I do.That's not the point. 4563A741.JPGYes, it is. For once in my life,I finally found something that I'm truly good at. What are you talking about?You're good at a lot of things. Like what? Like basketball. You gota killer jump shot. You've beaten meplenty of times. Yeah, when you're notusing your powers. Clark, I'm okay at hoops.I'm a decent photographer. But you saw that crowdlast night. You heard themchanting my name. And for once in my life,I finally get to feel what you feel likeevery single day. I get to feel special. Pete, I'm not special.I'm different. Clark, who do you thinkyou're kidding? You can do things that I cannever even dream of. And ever since we were kids,even before I knew your secret, I've always been walkingin your shadow. Pete, that's not true. Clark, don't get me wrong.It's not a bad place to be. 4563A778.JPGBut I'm growing up. I'm realizing that I gotmy own talents. Pete, as your friend,I can't let you race anymore. It's too dangerous. Clark, what are yougoing to do, physically stop meevery time I go to race? If I have to! Fine, clark. You win. I guess I'll just keep livingvicariously through you. Hey. You look likeyou're feeling better. Yeah, they need to givethis room to somebody who's really sick.I've got a farm to run. Everything's taken care of.What you need to concentrate on is feeling betterand your checkers strategy, not necessarilyin that order. Clark, you've been hereevery night. Why don't you go out youthfries, ndhave some fun? Why would I go outwith my friends when I can beat my dadat checkers? 4563A874.JPGI'm rious.Ten,just because I'm stuck in here doesn't mean you need to be. Call pete, go to the movies.I'll watch tv. Pete has other plans. You two all right? He's been hanging outwith a different crowd lately. Wait a minute. When you say "different,"you mean... wrong? Without realizing it, I thinkI've taken pete for granted. Well, you and petehave been friends since the sandbox, son. Maybe he's just goingthrough a phase. As long as he's not gettinghimself into any trouble, give it some time. 4563A8A5.JPG

[ Cheering ] How you feeling, boss? Like I'm aboutto own the road. All right. Look, you're goingto have to shift gears. What do you mean? It's time to take a dive. No winning streaklasts forever, okay? You're 6-0. That's the best driver thiscounty's seen since yours truly. Now, that meansall the money's on you. So? So there's a lot of bucksto be made if you get smoked. So all that stuff aboutthe beauty of racing and the triumph of victory --that was all lies? No, hell no. I meantevery word of that. This is the beautyof racing... dante style. See youat the finish line. This is for good luck. Not that you need it. 4563A8E8.JPG

[ Cheering ] Congratulations, boss. Thank you. Hey, dante, look, about that wholecheating thing, it's, like,I didn't have it in me. It isn't in you? What do youthink this is -- some little backyard gameof hot wheels? I'm out $20,000because of you. Sorry. Sorry's not goingto cut it. So you're going to give methe keys to my car, you're going to pay memy 20 g's, and I never wantto see your face again. Dante, where am I goingto get $20,000? Oh, you're goingto figure it out... 'cause if you don't, the only car you're goingto be driving in is a hearse. 4563A962.JPG


Inside those headphones

is something familiar.

A battery.

And if you think

all batteries are the same,

consider this:

When even the firefighters

have to get out,

fire departments

all over the world... 4563A96F.JPG

now depend on thpass iii communicato

and packed inside...

is the only battery

t-pass trusts: Duracell.

So whether it's music

to your ears...

or the signal

that could save you,

it just has to work.


Trusted everywhere. I'm here to talk about the sprint network. Assisting me is henry alshmin, attorney. Sprint has the largest voice calling area... and the largest mobile broadband network. No one has a more powerful network. 4563A98E.JPGIt even protects us from meteors. Well, that's the word on the street.


switch to the

sprint network.

Buy one katana,

get one free. Deaf/hard of hearing users, visit www.Sprintrelay.Com hey, how's your dad? He'll be betteronce we get him home. Look, I gotta run. His room'sright around the corner. He'd be happy to see you. Clark. Have you, by any chance,seen adam? Is everything all right? I just hope your dadlikes the balloons. It was either theseor the "get well" teddy bear. 4563AA1F.JPGHe'll love 'em. I'm gonna go. Bye. Dr. Tang. If you'd botheredto read the sign on the door, you'd know my office hoursdon't begin until 5:00. I'm not a student, doctor.I'm lex luthor. Am I supposedto be impressed? Even the chancellor makesan appointment before he interruptsmy work. I've heard you liketo play doctor. Think I can get a checkup? I don't give physicals,mr. Luthor. Nor do I see any patients. I'm a research scientist. What about adam knight? Isn't he a patient? I told you, I don't -- I just don't understandwhy a world-renowned molecular biologistwould pay regular visits to a patientin a small-town hospital. 4563AA6E.JPGThe amount of money your familyfunnels into this university does not grant you the rightto storm in here and interrogate me. Now, if you'll excuse me,I have work to do. Does that work happento involve blood platelets of unknown origin? I think you've seen one too manyscience fiction movies, mr. Luthor. No. I've simply been fascinatedwith the mysteries of hematologyfor quite some time. Next time, I'll be sureto call first. I wouldn't want to interrupta moment of inspiration. From the way your dad's goingoff about kansas state's free throw shooting, I wouldn'tknow he had a heart attack. It's nice of youto stop by, pete. Clark,I've known your dad almost as longas I've known my own. How you holding up? It was toughthe first couple days. But now that he's outof the woods, I'm doing okay. 4563AABC.JPGYour dad's the strongest guyI know beside you. He's going to be fine. I better get going. Pete, are you okay? Clark, you got enoughon your plate without me adding to it. Pete! Don't worry about me. What's going on? Dante asked me to throw a race,and I couldn't do it. Now he's threateningto kill me unless I pay him the moneythat he lost in bets. How much is it? $20,000. Clark, I don't knowwhat I'm going to do. All right, look, you're justgoing to lay low for now. I'll figure something out. So you think dante'smore "grand theft auto" than indy 500, huh? Why else would he havea personal collection of license plates with brand-newregistrations to match? 4563AB23.JPGJournalistic obsessions aside,it almost seems like you have kind of a vestedinterest in this story. You know how it is, chloe. Once you get startedon a really good story, you can't stop untilyou get to the bottom. I just chatted with the motor headsup in auto shop. Your source wouldn't happento be pete "the boss" ross, would it? I understandprotecting your source. But we're talkingabout a friend of mine who is putting his lifeat risk every time he goesfor the checkered flag. Pete asked meto keep it a secret. I'm keeping my word. Yeah, but, clark,you of all people should know that when your friend is doingsomething reckless, sometimes keeping a secrethurts more than it helps. He needs a friend. Now, pete might listen to me. What's that supposedto mean? 4563AB54.JPGIt's called sibling rivalry. You and peteare practically brothers. Now, from what I've heard,sometimes it's difficult to take advicefrom your sibling. Whoa. You were rightabout jason dante. He could be the poster boyfor lojack. All of the V.I.N. Numbersyou took down are for stolen cars. It's all the evidencewe need. I'm going to go talkto the sheriff.

[ Rock music blaring ] County sheriff! Hands whereI can see 'em! Drop that drill now! 4563AB89.JPG

[ Knock on doo good work, mr. Kent. It only took eight deputiesand four cruisers to discover thatthat barn was as clean as my grandma's pantry. That couldn't be. I sawthose license plates. The only plates in that barnwere the ones in the kitchenette sink,and none of the cars in there had V.I.N. Numberseven remotely similar to the ones you gave me. Sheriff, that's impossible. As usual, mr. Kent,your information's about as accurateas the local weatherman. But I'm cutting yousome slack this time, because I've had my eyeon jason dante for a while now, and he is one slippery fish. Next time, you say there's a storma-brewing, mr. Kent, I better see some rain. Pete? What happened to you? 4563ABD5.JPGDante thought I was the onethat called the sheriff. It was you. Dante knew about the raidbecause he's got a deputy in his pocket. That's why he nevergets busted. We gotta get you insideand clean you up. Clark, I'll be fine. I just need youto get me that $20,000. Pete, how am I supposed tocome up with that much money? Go kal on an atm machine. You've done it before. When I was onred kryptonite. Then go slip on a ring.Pete, I can't do that. Clark, you don't get it. Dante's a psycho. He told me he's goingto kill my parents first, and then if I stilldon't pay up, he's going to comeafter me. Pete, you know I'd never letanything happen to you or your family. But it doesn't meanI need to break the law. 4563AC13.JPGThat's never bothered youbefore. We've gone watergate on so manybuildings, I've lost count. We were trying to help people. And now I'm the onethat needs help -- me! Clark, if you beat him up, he's just goingto come after us later. Of course you're not goingto kill him, and let's face it, you can't be on secret servicedetail forever. I got to put an end to this. There's got to beanother way. Clark! It's my familywe're talking about. If you don't give methat cash, we're dead. Clark, you just caught me. I was on my way outto a meeting. Did your dad getthe dvd player? Thanks, lex,that was nice of you. He, uh, really enjoyedthose westerns. I figured he would. I hopehe feels better soon. Lex, you've doneso much already, 4563AD0E.JPGbut I need a big favor. Name it. I need $20,000 cash. You're right.That is big. You mind telling mewhat it's for? My friend got mixed upwith the wrong crowd, and now they're making himpay for it. Is this the old proverbialfriend who happens to be you? Believe me,if that was the case, it'd be a lot easier. Well, tell your friendthat in my experience, money-hungry thugsare like stray dogs -- you feed them once, they're at your back doorevery night asking for more. Lex... unfortunately, I don't thinkmy friend has a choice. They're threateningto kill him. Mr. Luthor,chopper's waiting. Be careful. Here's your $20,000. This car is wortha lot more than that. 4563AD68.JPGLex gave it to you? Not exactly. You stole it? I plan on giving it backafter you challenge dante to a racehe can't say no to. What are you talking about? If he wins,the porsche is his. If you win,your debt is settled. The problem is,as fast as this thing moves, it can't stand a chanceversus dante's car. No, this is the prize.You're doing to drive the car you always drive,and you're going to win. Well, I appreciatethe confidence, clark, but dante's never losta race. He will this time,I guarantee it. I'm going to use my heat visionto fry his engine. I can stay awayfrom the kryptonite, and no one gets hurt. A last-minute tune-up.Clark, you're awesome! I'm glad you're happy, pete, because I had to lie for youand I had to steal for you. 4563AD95.JPGNow I have to cheatfor you. Let's get this done. Well, I got to hand itto you, boss, you got quite a pairof lug nuts to take me on. Baby, take the porsche downto the starting line, okay? Okay. Oh, how do I know she's notgoing to drive off with it? I'll drive it down. Clark, keep an eyeon the mustang. Dante: We ready to fly? Oh, yeah,but this kid's for real. It might not besuch an easy win. Did you put the package inthe kid's car like I told you? Yeah, we're all set. Once his speedometer hits 100,the boss will be blown to bits. The race is off.You rigged his car. There's a bombin the engine. And who made youracing commissioner? Put him in the trunk. Where's clark? I thoughthe was out here. 4563ADF0.JPGS stoplling.Let's put it down.

[ Engines revving ] Pete. Pete. Good luck, boss. Oh, my god.I think he's dead.

 (man) my souvenir from this trip:Back pain. Went from bad to worse. But now I wearthis thermacare heatwrap for 8 hours of heatand 16 hours of relief. 16 hours! I could use these every day. And now thermacare is sponsoring an amazing road-trips sweepstakes. Design a dream vacation and win a new mercedes S.U.V. Hotel, food, gas:It's all included. 4563AEBE.JPGSo check out thermacare.Com and enter to win. Thermacare: Have heat. Will travel. (Woman) my allergies can get so bad I feel likeI'm in a fog. But I'm the kind of person who wants to be focused. Now, I'm claritin clear. My doctor was the first one to recommend claritin. It's the only one actually proven to make you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. Claritin relieves my sneezing and itchy eyes without making me drowsy. That one please. 24 hour, non-drowsy claritin. 4563AEE0.JPGLive claritin clear. Subway restaurants has 8 delicious sandwiches with 6 grams of fat or less... at mcdonald's, they have a great selection of sandwiches, too. But if you'd get rid of everything with more than 6 grams of fat, you're not left with much. Not much at all. Subway. Eat fresh. 4563AF21.JPG

Closed captig anher consideratfor "sville" provided by... I thought you didn'tdo house calls. Thanks to you, the university is threateningto revoke my tenure. My funding has been cut off. Well, I supposethose are the consequences of conducting illicitdrug trials without bothering to notifyyour own university, let alone the fda. You're lucky no federal chargeshave been pressed, but... then again, that could simplybe a matter of time. What exactly is itthat you want? I want you to dowhat you do best, doctor. Biology. How do you suggestI do that? The university won't evenlet me in the building. I'm going to fundyour research, doctor. Consider your budgetdoubled. You'll have access to whateverequipment you require as long as you tell mewhere the platelets come from and what you'reusing them for. 4563AF6D.JPG

[ Groaning ]

[ Knock on door ] Lana: Adam?Are you there? Be right out! Adam?

[ Adam breathing heavily ] Are you okay? I'm fine. Um, adam,I kept my word. I didn't tell anyoneabout chad nash, but I think I deservean explanation. Look, lana, this is biggerthan you realize. Whatever you know,just forget about it. For your own good. No, adam,I can't do that. If you're goingto live here, you're going to haveto be honest with me. You want the truth? I'll make it real clearto you. You tell anyonewhat you found out, 4563AFCE.JPGand you're going to regretever meeting me. Clark. Hey, lex. Hey, I was wondering whatever happened with your friend. It turns out the dog's barkis bigger than his bite. I had a feelingyou'd work it out, clark. You know, the oddest thinghappened yesterday. After I talked to you, my silver porsche was seenspeeding off the grounds. Someone stole it? Not exactly. By the time I got in,it was resting in my garage... snug in its car cover. That's odd. I'm glad you got it back. Yeah. My security thinksit was a joy rider, but... I'm not so sure. Why? What do you thinkhappened? I don't know. But I understand what it's liketo have a friend in need, clark. Sometimes, you haveto cross the moral line 4563B025.JPGto come to their aid. Often, that can be the testof a true friendship. Give your dad my regards. Oh, the words "home sweet home"have never been truer. Clark: Come on, dad,let's get your feet up. Clark, I don't needto put my feet up. They've been up for a week.The doctor said that I need to rest.I'm not an invalid. Well, I'm goingto make some lunch. I got you some low-sodium turkey.Low-sodium turkey? Jonathan. Sounds good, sweetheart. Clark, sit down. Listen, son, it doesn't take a geniusto realize that something'sbeen bothering you other than my health lately.What's up? Hmm? While you werein the hospital, pete got himselfinto a bind. 4563B070.JPGI did some thingsI'm not too proud of. Well, your mother and itrust your judgment. We did raise youto know the difference between right and wrong. Clark, one day when we're notaround anymore, I'm sure that you're goingto remember it. Look, in the world, things aren't alwaysblack and white. Sometimes, you gotta justwander out into the gray areas and do what you think is best. What do you mean? Clark, I did go talkto jor-el... and I think maybe that is whymy heart gave out. But listen, son, I went into that caveknowing full well that there were risksinvolved. And I'd do it again if I thoughtyou were in trouble. Dad, I promise, I'll never putyou in that position again. Clark, that's notwhat this is about. You're differentthan your mother and I. Son, you're going to haveto make choices in your life -- 4563B0AF.JPGmoral choices -- that she and I will neverhave to make. But we both knowthat when that time comes, you'll do whatyou think is best... what's right. That's what's important. Hey. Hey. Clark, look, I... I know you're probably madas hell at me, and to be honest,I don't blame you. All I can say is,I'm sorry. I am, too, pete. I had to steal from one friendto help another. And someone died. I know. If I had listened to youfrom the start, none of thiswould've happened. Clark, listen,you told me your secret because I'm your friend. And at times, that's notan easy thing to be. 4563B0FF.JPGBut it doesn't give methe right to do what I did. I just want to say that... clark, I swear,it will never happen again. Clark, I knowI let you down. But I promise youuntil the day that I die, I will never disrespectyour powers again. You wanna play some hoops? I was just aboutto go inside. Aw, come on. Game of 21 by 2'S. Three-pointers outsideof the crack... no powers. Not today, pete.


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