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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 12th, 2002

"Ryan" picture of Clark, Ryan and Lex

Provided by Glynis

Dr. Garner: All right, Ryan, what am I looking at? Ryan.

Ryan: A dog.

Dr. Garner: What kind of dog?

Ryan: A lab.

Dr. Garner: What color is it? What color?

Ryan: Brown. A tree. A pine tree.

Dr. Garner: Ryan.

Ryan: Father, mother, and son.

Dr. Garner: Another pressure headache? Let's try and push on.

Ryan: I don't want to answer any more questions.

Dr. Garner: There's just a few more left.

Ryan: Full moon. A butterfly. Train. You're afraid you're not gonna get all your research done.

Dr. Garner: Get some coagulant.

Orderly: Yes, Doctor.

Dr. Garner: What is it, Ryan?

Ryan: What's... Oxy-Contin?

Dr. Garner: It's a very powerful narcotic. Why?

Ryan: He's stealing it.

Dr. Garner: I knew it. I'll be right back.

Dr. Garner: What do you got there?

Orderly: The coagulant. It's what you asked for, right?

Dr. Garner: Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Ryan? Ryan!

Dr. Garner: Ryan! Open the door! Open the door now! Come on!

Martha: Clark, can you get that?

Clark: Yeah. Hello?

Ryan: Clark! You got to help me!

Clark: Ryan? Is that you?

Ryan: You've got to get me out of here.

Clark: Whoa, calm down. Where are you?

Ryan: A hospital called Summerholt. Look, please, you gotta get me out of here. Please.

Dr. Garner: Get in there! Give me the phone, Ryan!

Ryan: Clark, they're experimenting on me! Clark! Clark!

Clark: What?

Ryan: Let go! Let go!

Dr. Garner: Lay him down!

Clark: Ryan!

Ryan: I'll stop! I'll stop! Don't put that in me! Stop! No, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Martha: Ryan's aunt's phone has been disconnected and the operator in Edge City said there's no new listing. It's like she just... disappeared.

Jonathan: That doesn't make any sense. What about this Summerholt place?

Clark: I checked. There's no hospital by that name in Edge City.

Jonathan: When's the last time you heard from Ryan, Clark?

Clark: He sent me an email a few weeks ago. He was getting ready for school. He seemed real psyched.

Jonathan: I'm calling the Edge City police.

Clark: I've never heard him so scared, Mom.

Jonathan: Maybe somebody's filed a missing persons report.

Clark: I just keep thinking I missed something. Some clue in his email, some sign that things weren't okay. I guess I just wasn't listening.

Pete: I know Ryan means a lot to you Clark, but you gotta cut yourself some slack. Second-guessing isn't gonna help.

Chloe: Hey, um, remember that really cute guy Heinrich who works at the phone company?

Pete: Yeah, you mean the Hungarian one with the toy scooter?

Chloe: He's Austrian and it's a classic vespa, but anyway, he was able to trace Ryan's call back to its point of origin.

Clark: You found something.

Chloe: Summerholt Neurological Institute. But it's not in Edge City, it's in Metropolis.

Clark: Well, that explains why we couldn't find it.

Chloe: Yeah, but the weird thing is that Summerholt is strictly a research facility. They don't even take patients. And if they did, why would Ryan be in lockdown in a place that specializes in super-esoteric brain research?

Lex: Mr. Mayor. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.

Tate: Always a pleasure, Lex. How can I help you?

Lex: As you know, LexCorp is in the midst of a major plant expansion. But unfortunately, we're still awaiting final approval from the zoning commission.

Tate: Well, you know how it is these days, Lex, with all these environmental and safety regulations. Well, there's no such thing as a rubber stamp anymore.

Lex: If this project collapses, it's going to cause Smallville a lot of jobs.

Tate: I've been friends with your father ever since LuthorCorp bought the old cream corn plant. He was always a very generous supporter.

Lex: I didn't realize my father had an interest in local politics.

Tate: I don't think he does. But I do know he's never had a permit held up at the zoning commission.

Lex: You want a bribe?

Tate: I never said that, but now that you're running your father's plant, you should learn how business gets done in this town.

Lex: Let's be clear. I don't work for my father anymore and it's not his plant. LexCorp owns it. And I have my own way of doing business.

Tate: I'm up for reelection soon. It's my fourth term. Just think of this as the beginning of a long-term relationship which can have beneficial consequences for both of us. Call this man. He'll explain how things work. Oh, and uh, imagine how much you'll lose if construction shuts down.

Nell: Hi. How was your ride?

Lana: Oh, it was great. We took the long way around Crater Lake.

Nell: Do you remember when you went riding at the Metropolis Equestrian Center and you said you wished you belonged to a club like that?

Lana: Yeah. They've got fantastic facilities.

Nell: Well, what would you say if I told you, you could ride there every weekend and anytime you wanted after school?

Lana: I'd say it'd be a long drive.

Nell: I know this is sudden, but, uh, well Dean's taken a job in Metropolis and he wants us to move with him.

Lana: And you said yes?

Nell: I know it's a lot to ask, Lana, but it's important to Dean, and I think it'll be a great opportunity for you. It'll be great for all of us.

Lana: I can't believe you agreed to do this without even asking me.

Nell: I know it's difficult to imagine right now, but--

Lana: What about school and my friends? Not to mention the Talon.

Nell: Lana, you can visit Smallville any time you want.

Martha: This Summerholt Institute has more bureaucracy than the IRS. I was on hold for an hour before they told me to call back tomorrow.

Clark: I want to go to Metropolis to check it out.

Jonathan: Clark, the police have already been there and there was no sign of Ryan. Now come on, son, this might not even be the right place.

Clark: Dad, Ryan's like a little brother to me. If something happened to him, I'd never be able to forgive myself.

Jonathan: Hey, we understand how you feel. But you can't just go into Metropolis and start ripping the doors off this place.

Clark: His name is Ryan James.

Mary: I told you. We have no one here by that name.

Clark: Check again. I know he's here.

Mary: Sir, if you don't leave, I'm going to call security.

Clark: I'm not leaving. I want to talk to someone in charge.

Dr. Garner: Mary? Is there a problem?

Mary: Dr. Garner. This young man believes you have a friend of his here under lock and key.

Dr. Garner: It's okay, I'll handle it. Dr. Garner.

Clark: Clark Kent.

Dr. Garner: Kent... Did your parents call earlier?

Clark: Yeah. We're looking for our friend Ryan James. He called our home from here and said he was being held against his will.

Dr. Garner: Well, there's been some sort of a mistake. We're strictly a research facility.

Clark: I know he's here.

Dr. Garner: Don't take my word for it, Clark. Talk to the police. They came by and checked... Twice. I wish I could help you, but your friend isn't here. I hope you find him.

Clark: Ryan.

Ryan: Clark?

Orderly: Hey! You're not supposed to be in here!

Clark: It's okay. I'll get you out of here. There you go.

Ryan: I knew you'd come for me, Clark.

Lex: Here you go, Ryan. How you doing?

Ryan: Okay. Thanks to Clark.

Clark: Ryan, do you have any idea how we can get a hold of your aunt?

Ryan: I think she moved to... Arizona.

Clark: How could she just leave you?

Ryan: A couple months ago, I started getting nosebleeds and headaches. She took me to all kinds of doctors, but no one seemed to know what the problem was. The bills were becoming too much for her to handle. Then Dr. Garner showed up and offered to pay for my care.

Lex: Ryan, what were they treating you for?

Ryan: They... they were treating me--

Clark: They were holding him for observation.

Lex: Clark, can I talk to you for a moment?

Ryan: Clark?

Clark: Yeah?

Ryan: Never mind.

Clark: Get some rest, okay?

Clark: I appreciate you taking Ryan in. If I took him home, my parents would've freaked.

Lex: Yeah, kidnapping has that effect on people. Clark, why did you break him out if they were only keeping him for observation?

Clark: Look, I didn't have a choice. They were treating him like a lab rat. It was terrible.

Lex: Clark, you abducted a minor. They'll trace him to you and then to me. We're both in a serious amount of trouble here.

Clark: I shouldn't have involved you. I'll find some place else to hide him.

Lex: Ryan's staying here, at least for tonight. Tomorrow I'll talk to my lawyers in Metropolis and see what our options are.

Clark: I'm sorry. I didn't think this through. I saw him hooked up to those wires, I had to do something.

Lex: So you staged a one-man prison break? How did you manage to get him out without anybody stopping you?

Clark: Just lucky, I guess.

Lex: You're the luckiest guy I've ever met. Lets hope it doesn't run out before tomorrow.

Clark: Mom? Hey, Dad! What's going on?

Dr. Garner: Where's Ryan?

Clark: He's safe from you.

Martha: Clark, what did you do?

Dr. Garner: Sheriff, search every inch of this farm.

Clark: Wait, you can't do that.

Jonathan: They have a search warrant, son.

Dr. Garner: Place this boy under arrest for kidnapping.

Martha: What?

Clark: Look. Give me till tomorrow morning.

Dr. Garner: I don't know how you got him out of Summerholt, but if he's not here by 9 AM, federal marshals will be crawling all over the place, and your life is going under the microscope.

Martha: Ryan. Hi. Oh.

Jonathan: Hi, Ryan.

Ryan: Mr. Kent, please don't be mad at Clark. He was trying to help me.

Jonathan: I know that, Ryan.

Ryan: You should have seen him, the way he threw that orderly. He must've weighed like 300 pounds.

Clark: No, he's exaggerating. A little.

Jonathan: Look, Ryan, we're glad that you're okay, but Clark did go about this the wrong way. Now, I'm afraid that we don't have much of a choice but to give you back.

Martha: How did you end up in Summerholt?

Ryan: Dr. Garner told my aunt that there was something wrong with my brain. That's why I can read people's minds. When she found out about my ability, it just freaked her out.

Martha: Ryan, I'm so sorry.

Ryan: She's not a bad person. She just couldn't accept the fact that I was different. They're here.

Dr. Garner: Hello, Ryan.

Ryan: Please don't let him take me, Clark.

Ethan: Jonathan, Martha, Dr. Garner's agreed to drop the kidnapping charges if you turn over the boy.

Dr. Garner: Come on, Ryan. We need to get back to Metropolis. Sheriff, I'm Ryan's legal guardian and I have the paperwork denoting such. Please do your job.

Jonathan: Come on, Doctor. Having custody of a child is not the same thing as having a pink slip to a car. Can't you see he doesn't want to go with you?

Martha: Ethan, please.

Dr. Garner: The choice is yours Mr. and Mrs. Kent. You can lose one boy here today or both of them. I believe kidnapping comes with some juvenile time.

Ethan: I'm sorry, folks, but--

Lex: Sheriff, before you do anything take a look at this. It's a temporary restraining order giving the Kents custody of Ryan until the situation can by reviewed.

Dr. Garner: You want to try judicial roadblock, you go ahead. I'll have Clark arrested.

Lex: You could, but I have a counter-suit ready to be filed. Metropolis D.A. is very interested in looking into Summerholt's research practice, especially involving minors held under duress. Your move, Doctor.

Dr. Garner: This isn't over. Your rich friend saved you today, Clark. Sheriff.

Chloe: It's your jailbreak party! We even have the obligatory pistachio log ice cream cake and we managed to rustle up a band.

Ryan: This is so cool. Thanks, guys.

Pete: Good to see you man.

Lana: I'm so glad you're back.

Ryan: Wow. Yeah, me too.

Clark: You knew about this the whole time, didn't you.

Ryan: Half a block away.

Clark: Yeah. Thanks for not ruining the surprise.

Ryan: I was tempted to. I hate pistachio. But it was definitely worth the kiss.

Singer: A picture taken yesterday slowly starts to fade away. There's got to be an answer. There's no use feeling afraid to see what my life was meant to be...

Pete: Hey, guys.

Ryan: Hey, Pete. Tell your mom thanks.

Clark: Thanks for what?

Pete: She cosigned the restraining order with the judge from Metropolis. Imagine getting a phone call from Lex Luthor at five in the morning.

Chloe: Hey, Pete! Come here a second!

Ryan: Pete knows your secret.

Clark: Yeah, I know. I told him. It's all right.

Ryan: Did you know he's all stressed out about it?

Clark: No. Why?

Ryan: He's worried that one-day you'll slip up and tell someone. Then they'll lock you up in a place like Summerholt.

Lana: I brought you guys a couple of pieces before everyone eats it all. Hey, what's wrong?

Ryan: Just a headache.

Lana: I'll go get you a glass of water.

Clark: You sure you're okay?

Ryan: Clark. Lana's moving to Metropolis.

Lana: Hey, Clark. Got your message. Is everything okay?

Clark: Yeah. I just want to thank you for the party. It was really great. Sorry we had to leave early, but Ryan wasn't feeling so good.

Lana: Yeah, how's he doing? He didn't look so hot.

Clark: To be honest, I'm not really sure. He's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow to try to figure out exactly what they did to him at that place. You should have seen him, Lana.

Lana: But he's safe now. Thanks to you.

Clark: Yeah, he's just such a good kid. It seems like life's always kicking him in the teeth. It makes you realize how lucky we are. You okay? You seem a little preoccupied.

Lana: Oh, no, no, I'm fine.

Clark: Lana, I know things aren't as solid between us as they used to be, but I'm still here for you. Do you want to talk about anything?

Lana: Nell and Dean are moving to Metropolis and I'm supposed to go with them.

Clark: How do you feel about that?

Lana: How would you feel, Clark, if you were uprooted and sent somewhere far way where you didn't know anyone?

Clark: I think it'd be really tough.

Lana: I feel like a piece of luggage Nell and Dean want to throw in the trunk as they drive off to their new life.

Clark: Have you talked to Henry Small about this?

Lana: No. I'm not ready to dump this in his lap. Just because we might share the same DNA does not mean we're family.

Clark: Well, you can come stay with us. It's just, um, kind of crowded right now.

Lana: Ryan's lucky. At least he got to choose his family. I'll see you later.

Clark: Don't go. I mean don't go to Metropolis.

Lana: Or what, you're going to kidnap me too?

Clark: Nell shouldn't be able to dictate your life without your input. If moving doesn't feel right, don't go.

Martha: Mr. Luthor's in Metropolis so I won't be long, and then we'll get you to the doctor.

Ryan: You pretend around Mr. Kent you don't like your job, but you do.

Martha: Well, now that you've come into our lives, I may give it up so I can spend more time with you.

Ryan: I don't want to be a problem.

Martha: Ryan, you are a gift. Like Clark.

Ryan: I know your secret. Why don't you tell Mr. Kent and Clark? They'd want to know.

Martha: I will when the time is right, but, um, in the meantime...

Ryan: I promise. My lips are sealed.

Lex: Ryan.

Martha: Hi, Lex.

Lex: Hey. How are you feeling?

Ryan: Much better. Thanks again for...

Lex: Harboring you? My pleasure.

Martha: I'd better get to work.

Lex: See ya.

Martha: Mmm-hmm.

Ryan: So, think I could check out that Warrior Angel collection?

Lex: That depends. Are your hands clean?

Lex: Warrior Angel, number 1, mint condition. I have two copies of every issue, one for the collection...

Ryan: And one for reading. Why do you like Warrior Angel so much?

Lex: It helped me through some tough times when I was younger.

Ryan: After your mom died?

Lex: How did you know that?

Ryan: Clark told me.

Lex: The world between these glossy covers was reassuring. You knew who the heroes and villains were. When you grow up, you learn that not everything is black and white.

Ryan: So now all you see are shades of gray?

Lex: Ryan, real life is not a comic book. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, make compromises.

Ryan: That's what your father told you. That doesn't mean it's right.

Lex: You are either remarkably intuitive or... Ryan? Ryan, what's wrong?

Ryan: It's so loud.

Clark: Hey, buddy. How's your head?

Ryan: It still hurts a little. The newest issue.

Clark: Yeah, they had it at the gift shop. So what's up with the, uh, floating balloon?

Ryan: It's Warrior Angel's aerodrome. A floating fortress where he can get away from his troubles on earth.

Clark: Sounds like something everybody should have. I'm not sure about the floating part, though.

Ryan: Why not?

Clark: I have this little fear of flying.

Ryan: I didn't think you were scared of anything.

Clark: There's a lot of things I'm scared of. I guess I just put on a brave face.

Ryan: Yeah. Me too.

Clark: My parents said the doctor's gonna run some more tests.

Ryan: They don't need to. I know what's wrong with me. I read Dr. Garner's mind.

Clark: What is it?

Ryan: There's a tumor in my head, Clark. It's getting bigger.

Clark: I'll tell the doctors.

Ryan: They know. I'm dying Clark. And no one can save me.

Jonathan: Clark. Your mother and I are going back to the hospital. Do you want to come along?

Clark: Is there any news?

Jonathan: Son, the tumor... it's growing at an accelerated rate. The doctors think that it's probably due to the experiments that were done on Ryan at Summerholt.

Clark: This is Ryan's. He thinks I'm the hero.

Jonathan: Hey, come on. You've helped a whole lot of people.

Clark: I can't help Ryan. What kind of hero is that?

Jonathan: Listen. This thing is beyond even your abilities, son. The doctors are doing everything that they can. We have to pray for the best.

Clark: What am I supposed to do, just sit here and watch Ryan die?

Jonathan: No, nobody's asking you to do that, Clark.

Clark: Good. 'Cause I'm not gonna give up.

Chloe: Facts on child emancipation. I have a feeling this isn't for a research paper.

Lana: I decided to tell Nell that I wasn't moving with her to Metropolis.

Chloe: Wow. That's very Erin Brokovich of you. How did Nell take it?

Lana: One, she's my legal guardian, two, I'm a teenager, and three... I don't have any say in the matter.

Chloe: That pretty much covers all your bases. So are you going to pursue this emancipation thing?

Lana: From everything I've read, it could take up to a year and a half to complete the process.

Chloe: Sounds like your already talking yourself out of it.

Lana: It was my last shot.

Chloe: You know, you might have one other option.

Lex: This is the man you want to talk to. He's developed a radical new serum that shrinks primary brain tumors. It's still in the experimental stages.

Clark: How do I get in touch with him?

Lex: That's the problem. His office in Hub City said he's flying to Helsinki this afternoon. He won't be back for six weeks.

Clark: By that time, it'll be too late.

Lex: Clark, when I was looking into Ryan's condition, I found that some scientists think the type of tumor he has can give a person ESP-like abilities.

Clark: What are you saying?

Lex: Ryan is unnervingly insightful. I think he may be able to read people's minds.

Clark: Are you even interested in helping Ryan or just exploiting him too?

Lex: I just spent three hours on the phone tracking this doctor down. What do you think?

Clark: I'm sorry.

Lex: Clark, I understand what you're going through, but sometimes, no matter how much you want to save someone, there's nothing you can do.

Clark: I'm not gonna let Ryan down.

Lex: When my mother got sick, I spent all my time researching the best doctors and treatments. The most important thing I could've done was spend time with her. By the time I realized that, it was too late. I wasn't at her side when she passed, Clark. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Clark: I'm not gonna let him die, Lex.

Lex: Hey. I brought you some comics.

Ryan: Clark beat you to it.

Lex: Yeah? Well, I bet he didn't bring you number 66.

Ryan: That's the rarest issue there is.

Lex: That's because it's the one where Devilicus turned against Warrior Angel.

Ryan: Weren't they best friends?

Lex: Once upon a time.

Ryan: Well, what happened to them?

Lex: Well, they, uh, ruled the Guardian Realm together until Devilicus told Warrior Angel that they should join forces and conquer humanity. Together, no one would be able to stop them.

Ryan: What did Warrior Angel say?

Lex: He refused. He believed it was a hero's sacred duty to protect those weaker than himself. Devilicus thought he was naive and vowed to destroy him and everything he stood for.

Ryan: Why do you think Devilicus went bad?

Lex: I'm not sure. Probably wasn't aware of it. You see, Ryan, in life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch.

Ryan: You should remember that, Lex.

Clark: Excuse me! Have you seen Dr. Burton?

Man: Who?

Clark: This guy right here.

Man: You just missed him, kid. He's right there.

Clark: Wait! Wait! Dr. Burton!

Dr. Burton: What do you think you're doing? Who are you?

Clark: My name is Clark Kent. Look, my friend is really sick. Would you take a look at these scans? Doctor, please. By the time you get back from Helsinki, it'll be too late!

Guard: Get your hands in the air now!

Clark: Doctor, please.

Guard: I said hands in the air now!

Dr. Burton: Wait a second! Where's your friend now?

Clark: Mom, Dad, when's Ryan gonna be out of surgery?

Martha: In a couple of hours. Clark, I don't think I've ever been as proud of you as I am right now.

Jonathan: Your mother's right, son. It was an amazing thing that you did. But I hope you understand that even though you did get Dr. Burton here, that Ryan isn't necessarily out of the woods yet.

Clark: I know it's no guarantee. But I think it's gonna work. I have a great feeling about it.

Voice: Over the past 12 years, 32 city contracts have been awarded to firms with ties to Mayor Tate. His sweetheart deals have endangered our environment and harmed businesses trying to compete on an uneven playing field. Can Smallville really afford another four years of Mayor Tate?

Tate: Why are you doing this?

Lex: Smallville needs an honest mayor.

Tate: Are you planning on running?

Lex: No. But I'm putting my support and money behind your opponent. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by announcing your retirement now.

Tate: You can kiss that plant expansion goodbye. I will personally see that it never gets approval.

Lex: I'm prepared to sacrifice it if that's what it takes to defeat you.

Tate: You know, you've got money, but you're not from here. People don't like you. Don't laugh at me! All it'll take is some fiery campaign speeches about outside interests controlling this community and you'll start to feel the heat.

Lex: When Winston Churchill heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor, he broke out a bottle of champagne and said, "We've won the war." His generals looked at him like he'd lost his mind. America's pacific fleet was wiped out, France was overrun, and the Luftwaffe was bombing London. Churchill said America is like a giant boiler. Light a fire under it, and there's no limit to the amount of heat it can generate. If you start a fire, Mayor Tate, you better be prepared to deal with the flames.

Lana: Clark.

Clark: Hey, Lana.

Lana: Is there any news?

Clark: Ryan's still in recovery. But Dr. Burton's optimistic.

Lana: Everything's gonna work out.

Clark: Yeah, I think it is.

Lana: Oh, by the way, I took your advice. And to make a long story short, Chloe and her dad have offered to let me stay with them until I finish high school.

Clark: And Nell's cool with that?

Lana: Um, not really, but she's agreed to it.

Clark: Well, I knew you were a fighter.

Lana: It's scary, but then I think of Ryan and everything that he's gone through. It kind of puts things in perspective.

Clark: Wow, you and Chloe as roommates.

Lana: Did you ever see that coming?

Clark: Not in a million years.

Lana: What is it?

Clark: Nothing. Um... It's just you won't be the girl next door anymore.

Lana: I'm not going anywhere, Clark. Maybe now you can give your telescope to Ryan.

Clark: Um... Mom?

Martha: Clark...

Clark: Whatcha reading, buddy? The infamous aerodrome, huh?

Ryan: Every year for my birthday, I'd wish for my own aerodrome so I could fly high above the earth. Up there, all my problems would seem so small and far away.

Clark: It's a good idea except for the flying part.

Ryan: This is one of Lex's favorites. Would you give it back to him?

Clark: No, you give it to him. When you get out of here.

Ryan: I know I said you should be careful of Lex. But I never told you how much he admires you. Promise me you'll keep an eye on him after I'm gone.

Clark: Ryan, don't talk like that, all right? You're not going anywhere.

Ryan: Clark--

Clark: Look, you just don't give up hope, Ryan. There's more doctors we can see.

Ryan: Clark, you're not listening to me. The doctor said he bought me a few extra days. I want to spend that time with my friend.

Clark: Ryan, what's wrong? Ryan. Ryan, what's wrong?

Ryan: It's so loud in here.

Clark: All right, look. I'll take you somewhere quiet, all right?

Clark: What do you think?

Ryan: It's peaceful. I thought you were afraid of flying.

Clark: Not when I have you here to protect me.

Ryan: Thanks, Clark.

Clark: For what?

Ryan: This moment. It's perfect. I don't want you to be angry or sad. You changed my life. You're gonna change a lot of people's lives, Clark. Promise me you'll never give up?

Clark: I promise.

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