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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 15th, 2002

"Red" picture of Clark and Jessie

Provided by Glynis

Chloe: Nothing says "School Spirit" like a ring that looks like it was jacked from P. Diddy.

Clark: I think it looks great, Chloe.

Chloe: Yeah, I think we'll be lucky if the glue holds through graduation. I wonder if the ruby's even real.

Pete: You sure you're gonna do this?

Clark: I'm here, aren't I?

Clark: What?

Pete: I believe your dad's exact words were, "$350 dollars is a lot of money to spend on something you really don't need."

Clark: I earned that money. Besides, my dad said that it was my decision to make.

Pete: Which means that you're really not supposed to buy it.

Lana: I know the first day at a new school can be kind of rough, so if you have any questions, just ask.

Jessie: So what do you Crows do for fun? Between the tractor pulls and the hoe-downs?

Lana: Uh...there's the Talon.

Jessie: Which is?

Lana: A coffeehouse, and a really cool place to hang out. But, I'm kinda biased because I sort of own it.

Jessie: Gee, I'll have to check it out. Whoa. Who is the major hottie in primary colors?

Lana: Uh, that's Clark Kent.

Jessie: No offense Lana, but maybe I could get him to show me around.

Pete: You feeling alright?

Clark: Yeah, I feel great.

Mr. Gibbons: Excuse me. It's Jessie, isn't it? Perhaps Miss Lang didn't tell you, but there's a dress code here at Smallville High.

Jessie: Lame and lamer?

Mr. Gibbons: You think that's funny, Mr. Kent?

Jessie: By the way, I'm not changing.

Mr. Gibbons: Well, perhaps you'd like to discuss your attitude in my office.

Clark: Excuse me, Mr. Gibbons.... I think she looks really hot. And I think that your dress

Mr. Gibbons: Excuse me?

Clark: I mean, come's her first day. Cut her some slack. Besides, I don't think you should be the one giving fashion tips.

Mr. Gibbons: Tomorrow, young lady...proper attire, or you're going straight home.

Lana: I guess we can finish our tour.

Pete: Whoa. Where did that come from?

Clark: I dunno...

Clark: But I think I liked it.

Kyle: I'm telling you man. I don't know where she is.

US Marshal: Look, Kyle. I know that you want to do the right thing, but Jessie and her father are fugitives now. It's my job to bring them in.

Kyle: What kind of US Marshal are you, anyway?

US Marshal: The kind that gets results.

Kyle: Okay!

US Marshal: Okay. Okay what?

Kyle: I've heard from her once or twice. She called me collect from some place in Kansas.

US Marshal: Where in Kansas? It's a big state.

Kyle: All over. They...they were from pay phones. Check my phone bill. That's all I know. You have to believe me.

US Marshal: Relax. I believe you.

Kyle:'ll let me go now?

US Marshal: Oh, I would, but Jessie might call...and you might decide to warn her.

Clark: All right, so this is what I was talking about--it's right over the county line, and they don't check IDs.

Pete: You know, this is like, a bar.

Clark: I know! Hey, aren't you the one who says if you wanna have fun, you got to take some risks? We can go this weekend.

Pete: The day Clark Kent decides to break the rules, I'll be there.

Clark: Alright.

Jessie: Clark, right? Jessie Brooks.

Jessie: That place rocks...I checked it out on my way into town. Are you planning a road trip?

Clark: Well if we do, I'll let you know.

Jessie: You'll need to know how to get in touch with me.

Pete: In case you require translation that was her hitting on you.

Clark: She is kinda hot.

Pete: But aren't you married to Lana in your imagination?

Lana: Clark! You and Jessie seem to be making fast friends.

Clark: I'm just trying to make the new girl feel welcome. Don't worry Lana. I haven't taken my eye off you all day.

Lana: So...are we still on for that cram session tonight at the Talon?

Clark: If you're still going to be there, absolutely.

Pete: I'll be there.

Pete: Oh, man...

Martha: So as soon as you get this shined to your liking, I get the first ride.

Jonathan: Yep, and all the others can just take a number.

Jonathan: Hey, where's Clark? He's really late.

Clark: Looking for me?

Jonathan: Yeah. Weren't you supposed to be here with me, working on that garage door?

Clark: Dad, that'll take like, two seconds.

Jonathan: And I thought we agreed that you weren't gonna buy that ring.

Clark: I thought we decided it was my decision to make.

Jonathan: That's because I assumed you'd make the right one. Clark, that ring costs a lot of money...

Clark: And I'm tired of worrying about every nickel and dime around here!

Martha: Clark, why don't you go get washed up for dinner.

Clark: I'm not hungry. Besides, I have chores to do.

Jonathan: What was that all about?

Martha: I think our not so normal son might be going through some classic teenage rebellion.

Jonathan: Well, I think I liked dealing with heat vision a lot better than that.

Jonathan: Martha, that was a bad decision he made.

Martha: But it was his to make. I seem to recall a certain young man who defied his father and spent $500 on an old motorcycle. Challenging him is only going to make it worse.

Lex: When I got up this morning, I was pretty sure this was my office.

Lionel: Lex. I thought you wouldn't mind if I had a few changes made since I'm going to be staying here a while. Go on.

Lex: What I mind is not being consulted.

Lionel: I didn't realize I'd need my son's permission to try to make my situation a trifle more bearable.

Lionel: I've lost my sight. Allow me to retain at least a modicum of dignity.

Lex: Give him whatever he wants.

US Marshal: Barkeep, I'm looking for a girl.

Barkeeper: Aren't we all?

US Marshal: The girl in this photo used that phone over there.

Barkeeper: Any crime in that?

US Marshal: No, but she is a teenager and be both know the legal drinking age in Kansas is 21.

US Marshal: She comes back in, you call me. The number's on the back.

Pete: I think we should start in the middle...

Lana: Hey, Clark...glad you made it. Uh, we're just doing American History--the Red Scare.

Clark: Hey, um, can we do that tomorrow?

Lana: Why, is something wrong?

Clark: No, it's really nice out tonight. Let's go for a drive... go dancing.

Lana: Are you asking me on a date?

Clark: I'm asking you to have some fun with me.

Lana: This is, uh...a little unexpected to say the least. But we really have to study.

Clark: Did you know when you get all serious, your nose crinkles up? It's really sexy.

Lana: Pete and Chloe are waiting for us.

Chloe: What did you get for number 5?

Pete: Hey man. Where are your books?

Clark: You guys wanna go to a bar?

Chloe: Clark, you can commit academic Harikari, but the rest of us really need to cram for this test.

Clark: You guys, high school is supposed to be fun. This is not fun. Come on, my treat.

Pete: Clark, when did you and the money truck hook up?

Clark: Since I decided there's no percentage in playing poverty.

Chloe: I'm gonna get a refill and I'm gonna get you some decaf.

Lana: Yeah, I'll give you a hand.

Clark: Did you know that Chloe had a birthmark on her cheek.

Pete: No she doesn't.

Clark: Not that cheek.

Pete: Are you doin' what I think you're doin'?

Pete: Clark, that's Chloe you're scooping, man!

Clark: Not just Chloe... Come on, let's go have some fun.

Pete: Clark, this test is half our grade. Now, if you want to party this weekend, I'm with you, but right now, I need to do this.

Clark: All right...well, when you're through with, uh, Boring 101, give me a call.

Jonathan: You're kidding! Thank you.

Martha: What's wrong?

Jonathan: That was the credit card company. They were calling to verify some charges that were made on our card? Last night?

Martha: When did we get a satellite dish?

Martha: This is silk!

Jonathan: Clark!

Martha: Clark! Where did you get all this?

Clark: Discount Eddie's in Metropolis. "Open all night"!

Jonathan: You mean to tell....

Jonathan: You mean you took our credit cards... credit cards, and you bought all this...

Jonathan: You bought all this junk?

Clark: Yeah! I figured it was time I had all the same cool stuff everyone else has.

Jonathan: Clark Kent, you stole from us.

Clark: No. I used your credit cards. What's the big deal? We don't have to pay for it right away.

Jonathan: Well, I'll tell you the big deal. The big deal is you're gonna take all this garbage back right now! Come on!

Clark: Yeah, right.

Jonathan: 'Yeah, right!' And then after you've taken all this garbage back, you and I are going to have a nice long conversation about this new attitude you've developed!

Clark: Well, Dad, you can talk all you want. I'm out of here.

Jonathan: Clark! Clark, come back here!

Martha: Oh...

Mr. Brooks: You're not going to school dressed like that.

Jessie: Okay. Then I just won't go.

Mr. Brooks: Jessie, please. You're a smart girl. You know we can't afford to draw attention to ourselves.

Clark: Need a ride?

Jessie: Clark?

Mr. Brooks: Jessie...

Jessie: You're my hero.

Mr. Brooks: Jessie, I need you to...

Chloe: Okay, what planet is that guy from, and what did he do with Clark?

Jessie: Well, Clark...Thanks for the ride.

Clark: Anytime.

Lana: So much for the shy and retiring Clark Kent.

Clark: I was just giving her a ride to school. Say the word and I'll save you the return trip.

Lana: Catch up with you later.

Pete: Clark Kent, chick magnet. What's wrong with this picture?

Clark: People change, Pete.

Jonathan: Clark, I'd like a word with you please.

Clark: Not right now Dad.

Jonathan: Get in the truck, son.

Clark: Give me one reason why I should.

Jonathan: Because I am your father and I just told you to get in the truck.

Clark: You're not my father. You never were.

Pete: You all right, sir?

Martha: Here you go. I can't believe Clark would do that.

Jonathan: Ah, it's like he's a whole different person.

Martha: How are we going to get him home?

Jonathan: I dunno. Fact is, if he doesn't want to come home, there isn't much either one of us could do about it.

Jonathan: I'll get that. Takes your whole teenage rebellion theory to a new level doesn't it?

Martha: This is more than teenage rebellion. A change this drastic doesn't happen overnight.

Jonathan: Martha, it's Clark. All of his other abilities cropped up overnight.

Martha: Do you think this is part of his development?

Jonathan: I don't know. From what he said, uh...I guess those feelings have been boiling up inside him for a while.

Martha: No, Jonathan. Clark loves you. But there's something seriously wrong with him.

Jonathan: I don't think another father and son talk is gonna help this time.

Martha: Maybe Pete can help.

Martha: They're always together. We should talk to him, find out if he has any idea what's causing Clark's behavior.

Jonathan: Well, we got to do something.

Clark: Lana. We need to talk.

Lana: Clark, please, I really need to get these orders done.

Clark: Your coffee can wait. I got the impression that you were jealous when you saw me with Jessie.

Lana: Don't be ridiculous. You can spend time with anyone you want.

Clark: Don't get me wrong, I was happy you were jealous.

Lana: Clark, what is going on with you?

Clark: I've decided to tell you the truth Lana.

Lana: About....about everything?

Clark: Try me. What do you want to know?

Lana: Well for starters, how about what happened the day the twisters hit?

Clark: We'll get there. But right now, we should concentrate on more important things, like...I've had feelings for you for a long time. And I know you have feelings for me too. So I think we should stop pretending.

Lana: this supposed to be some, um, all new Clark Kent?

Clark: Well... that depends Do you like him?

Lana: Clark, I, um...what about Jessie?

Clark: Jessie who? You're the one I want to be with.

Clark: I'll pick you up at eight.

Chloe: Pete! You are not going to believe what I found out! Our El Cheapo class rings are in fact, fake.

Pete: Chloe, there's something wrong with Clark.

Chloe: More than usual?

Pete: Last night at the Talon, the motorcycle... Other stuff....

Chloe: What kind of other stuff?

Pete: The kind of that has Mr. and Mrs. Kent calling my house. They're really worried. It's like, they think he's on drugs or something.

Chloe: Clark would have to be on drugs to be on drugs. Uh, just be careful with that.

Pete: What is it anyway?

Chloe: My expose. See this lovely $350 piece of school spirit? It's a rip-off. The Jewelry Company was substituting worthless meteor rocks for rubies to save money.

Pete: Uh, Chloe, the ring's red. Meteor rocks are green.

Chloe: Not the load they found near Hobbes Pond. Note the red vein. You can read all about it on page one of today's Torch. Uhuh... Pete!

Pete: Chloe's going to force a recall because all the rings are made from this stuff.

Jonathan: You think that's what's causing Clark's behavior?

Pete: Well that's when it all started, right after he slipped on the ring.

Martha: If the green meteor rocks affect Clark physically, maybe the red affects him...emotionally.

Jonathan: It would sure explain his personality changes.

Martha: The longer he's exposed to the green meteors, the worse he gets... If the same is true with the red rocks, then God help us all.

Jonathan: We've got to find him and we've got to get that ring back.

Martha: Well, how are we going do that? Like you said, if he doesn't want to do something, we're not strong enough to force him!

Jonathan: Sweetheart, I don't know, but we have to figure out a way.

Clark: Well, I came to shoot some pool, but it looks like this establishments been closed.

Lex: My father's presence has required...certain sacrifices.

Clark: Why don't you throw him out?

Lex: Clark, it's not like the thought hasn't occurred to me, but....

Lex: his blindness changes the situation.

Clark: Just because your father has a problem doesn't mean he needs to ruin your life.

Lex: I wasn't aware that a two thousand-dollar coat came with a backbone. What's going on?

Clark: I'd like to borrow the Ferrari. I've got a hot date tonight and I want to... Rock her world.

Lex: 'Rock her world'?

Lex: Ah, so Lana at last.

Clark: Well, like you said, a man needs to know when to make his move.

Lex: Hey, I'm glad you're finally acting on your feelings, but... Lana's never struck me as the kind of girl to be impressed by a Ferrari.

Clark: Fast cars, fancy home, and a ton of money never seemed to hurt you, did it? Come on Lex. I just want to make tonight special.

Lex: I don't know. It's a very expensive piece of machinery, difficult to handle.

Clark: It's not like I'm going to, it off a bridge. All you have to ask yourself is, who's more responsible than Clark Kent?

Clark: This place is great!

Lana: I guess. Not exactly what I was expecting.

Clark: What are you looking at?

Lana: Clark, I'm fine! I'm fine.

Clark:] You want a beer?

Lana: What?! No! And since when do you drink?

Clark: Well, if you don't want to drink, then let's dance!

Lana: Clark, this place isn't us. Let's go somewhere else and talk.

Jessie: I'll take that dance, Clark.

Clark: Whoa!

Jessie: And I took your advice Lana. I checked out the Talon.

Lana: Yeah?

Jessie: Yeah...that's why I decided to come here.

Lana: Clark, come on, let's go.

Jessie: One dance.

Clark: Lana, I'll be right back.

Jessie: So, do you like living in Smallville?

Clark: It's the only place I've ever lived.

Jessie: Well, there's a big, bad world out there. The right person ought to show you.

Clark: Anyone in mind?

Lana: I'm leaving.

Clark: Lana, we just got here. Why don't you, uh, go get us some drinks? We'll all have a good time.

Lana: You are unbelievable! What happened to telling the truth!

Clark: What happened to 'You can spend time with whoever you want'?

Lana: Is that the way you want it?

Clark: Sure. There's enough of me to go around. Lana...

Man 1: Is there a problem here?

Lana: Not anymore.

Man 1: I'd let the lady go if I were you.

Bartender: You're going down, smart guy.

Clark: I don't think so.

Bartender: Oh, jeez....

Clark: Anybody else?

Jessie: I can't be here when the cops get here. We got to go.

Clark: Yeah...let's go pack our bags, see that big bad world you were talking about.

Martha: Where were you all night? We looked everywhere, Clark!

Clark: Last night was the best night of my life.

Martha: We want to help you.

Clark: Help me. Help me what? Stay here on the farm, doing chores, wasting my life for a $20 a week allowance?

Jonathan: Clark, I wish you could hear yourself for just a minute. There's something very wrong with you. It's that ring.

Clark: You're still upset about me buying this stupid thing? How pathetic.

Jonathan: Clark...

Clark: You really don't want to touch me.

Jonathan: Then why don't you just hand it to me then?

Martha: Clark, please. It isn't the ring itself. Chloe found out it's made out of red meteor rock.

Jonathan: You know how the green rock makes you sick? Well, we think that this red rock is affecting your mind. It's changed your personality Clark.

Clark: Everything I've been doing and saying is because of this?

Jonathan: That's right. That's why you've got to take that thing off right away.

Clark: Take it off? I just wish I would have found it sooner! Hey, if you guys want to waste your life in this mud hole, that's your problem. I'm through being poor.

Jonathan: Listen, we might not have all the things that other people have, but I didn't think our family was about that!

Clark: With my abilities, I can make millions. Sports, TV--it's all waiting for me. You're the ones who have been forcing me to hide who I really am.

Jonathan: No! We are the ones who have been trying to protect you. We don't want anybody coming here and taking you away!

Clark: Protecting me? Using me. I'm just another piece of equipment to keep your little farm going.

Clark: That's all gonna change.

Clark: Lex. If it's all right with you, I'm going to keep the Ferrari a little bit longer. I'll send it back when I get myself set up.

Lex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. Clark, what's going on?

Clark: I left home.

Lex: What happened? Was it a fight with your folks?

Clark: My parents don't understand me. Truth is, there's nothing left for me here in Smallville.

Lex: What about Lana?

Clark: She's old news. I've got a new girl. Jessie.

Lex: Kinda sudden, isn't it?

Clark: Look, you're the one always telling me I need to find my destiny. Well, one thing is for certain, it's not here in Kansas!

Lex: So you just packed your stuff and you're off.

Clark: You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Lex: Really. Why don't you fill me in?

Clark: Let's just say, that when I'm through showing the world what I can do, I'll have everything I've ever wanted. I may be even richer than you.

Lex: Maybe you're right to get away from your folks. Maybe I should do the same.

Lex: If my father wants the mansion so much, he can have it. I never wanted to live in Smallville anyway.

Clark: You can come with me.

Lex: Nobody's using the penthouse in Metropolis. We can stay there.

Clark: Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. I like the sound of that.

Lex: Let me just tie up some loose ends at the office. Make yourself at home. I'll be right back.

Chloe: Hey.

Lana: Hey!

Chloe: So I heard from a source that you had a big date with Clark last night.

Lana: I wouldn't call it a date when the guy you came with leaves with someone else.

Chloe: Wow. You just went from the gossip column to page one. Sorry. Sometimes my glib-o-meter goes into overdrive.

Lana: No. I guess, you know, he's so secretive. I guess I was thrown for a loop by the Clark who could say all the things that the old Clark couldn't.

Chloe: Well, welcome to the conundrum that is Clark Kent--part knight in shining armor, part 'Where did that come from?'

US Marshal: Miss? Can I get a refill here?

Lana: Uh, yeah, yeah, just a second.

US Marshal: Thanks.

Lana: Here you go.

US Marshal: Louise, did you get an owner and an address on that license plate I asked you to run? Oh. Of course I know who he is. Thanks. You're an angel.

Pete: Are you sure this is the right thing to do, Mr. Kent?

Jonathan: Pete, Clark would not listen to reason. We don't have much of a choice here.

Pete: I guess there's only one way to stop the unstoppable.

Lex: Excuse me. Mr. Kent.

Jonathan: Pete, why don't you--why don't you get going. Uh, Lex, this is really not a very good time.

Lex: I understand you and Clark have been having some problems.

Jonathan: Yeah, look, I don't want to be rude, but I'd prefer it if you'd stay out of my family's problems.

Lex: Believe me, Mr. Kent, I'm not trying to pry, but Clark's my friend. I'd hate to see his relationship with you fall apart.

Jonathan: I appreciate your concern, but Clark and I can work this out.

Lex: Then why is Clark hiding out at the mansion?

Lionel: Lex? Is that you? Hey!

Clark: Whoa, hey!

Lionel: What do you want?

Clark: Lionel, go back to your room. Better yet, pack your bags and get the hell out.

Lionel: I beg your pardon?

Clark: Lex may be too afraid to tell you, but I'm not. No one in Smallville wants you here.

Lionel: You seem to know a lot about me. You got a name?

Clark: Clark Kent.

Lionel: Jonathan and Martha Kent's son? As far as I know, they're good people. Salt of the earth. I'm astonished they'd raise such a blatantly aggressive offspring.

Clark: Well, if you like them so much, I'm sure they'll put you up. I hear they have a spare bedroom, and I, uh, know they could use the cash.

Lionel: You've got a lot to learn about tact, young man. But you speak your mind. That's good. It'll take you far.

Clark: Oh, I'm going to the top.

US Marshal: Mr. Luthor?

Lionel: Yes?

US Marshal: I apologize for the interruption. I'm a federal marshal. Your people at the gate let me in.

Lionel: Ah. What can I do for you?

US Marshal: Well, this young man was seen last night leaving the scene of a disturbance in your son's Ferrari.

Lionel: Oh, is that while you were on your way to the top?

US Marshal: Where can I find this girl.

Clark: I've never seen her before. Is that supposed to scare me?

US Marshal: How'd you do that?

Clark: You've got no idea who you're dealing with.

Lionel: What's happening? Who's shooting?

Clark: Don't worry Lionel. He missed.

Lionel: I'll call security.

Clark: Why are you looking for Jessie?

US Marshal: It's not the girl. It's her father. They were witness protection, and they rabbited.

Clark: Why?

US Marshal: He's a corporate whistle blower. His former employer offered me a million dollars if I could get the evidence from Jessie's dad.

Clark: What kind of evidence?

US Marshal: Computer disks, accounting files, memos...endless smoking guns. Look, we can split it. It's enough money to start a whole new life.

Clark: It's a great idea...but who needs you?

Jessie: I thought you'd forgotten about me. Ready to go?

Clark: Almost. I know about your father Jessie, and the disks. We're not going anywhere until I have them.

Jessie: I don't understand. Why are you doing this?

Clark: The money. You said that you wanted to leave this hick town and a million dollars is more than enough money to make a fresh new start.

Jessie: If I give you those disks, then my dad is a dead man!

US Marshal: He was a dead man when he started running.

Clark: Didn't I tell you that I didn't want to split?

US Marshal: You need me kid. I know the players, and I know how to get the money.

US Marshal: Now give him the disks, Jessica!

Mr. Brooks: I don't want to hurt you, son. But I will. Get out.

Clark: Just like my dad. Always telling me what to do. I don't listen to him. What makes you think I'm going to listen to you? Where are the disks? In the floorboards? In the ceiling? In here? It really doesn't matter. I'll figure it out one way or another. So why don't you save yourself a lot of pain and make it sooner?

Mr. Brooks: You can kill me, you can tear this house to the ground you won't find those disks.

Clark: Jessie.

Jessie: Please don't do this.

Clark: I never realized how easy it would be to get everything I've ever wanted.

Pete: Clark!

Clark: Pete? What, did it take the whole study group to find me?

Pete: No. Lionel Luthor heard you mention Jessie. Jessie run!

Clark: How far is she going to get Pete? You know no one can get away from me.

Jonathan: Clark! I'm not going to let you hurt anybody else.

Clark: Still trying to tell me what to do. Are you scared? Then again, you and mom were always afraid of me.

Jonathan: No. We've had nothing but love for you. That makes what I'm about to do all that more difficult. Pete, do it.

Clark: Pete...

Pete: Clark, I'm sorry.

Jonathan: Clark!

Clark: Dad?

Jonathan: It's Okay, son. It's alright.

Pete: You okay, man?

Jonathan: Thanks, Pete.

Lionel: Who is that? Wh-what's going on? Lex? What's going on in here? Wha--I didn't order any more work to be done!

Lex: I'm putting the office back the way it was. Have a drink, Dad.

Lionel: That's Armagnac, 1963? Mmm... My favorite.

Lex: There was a time when I thought our taste in brandy was the only thing we had in common.

Lionel: And now?

Lex: I've been thinking about the months after the meteor shower. The way people looked at me...a bald headed boy, thinking I was a freak...

Lionel: Oh, please Lex, not another tale of your tortured youth and how I--how I failed you as a father...

Lex: Actually, you gave me some excellent advice. You told me to stop feeling sorry for myself. These were the cards fate had dealt me, and it was best that I accept it and move on.

Lex: Stop acting like your blindness gives you an excuse for self-pity.

Lionel: So the son becomes the father.

Lex: No Dad. I'm through indulging you like a child. My office remains my office. You don't like it, leave.

Lionel: Well, it seems I have done a better job of raising you than I thought. Or perhaps, you've finally learned the value of directness from your friend, Clark Kent.

Lionel: He's a very interesting young man...

Martha: Hi.

Clark: Hey.

Jonathan: Here...

Martha: Thanks.

Clark: I went by Jessie's. They've completely cleared out.

Martha: Well, maybe they've stopped running and have gone to the authorities.

Clark: I just hope she's alright. You know, Dad, the things that I did and I said... I really didn't mean 'em.

Jonathan: Clark, the red meteor rocks might have affected your personality, but... we've got to face it, those feelings all came from somewhere. Now, I know compared to Lex, we don't have a whole lot around here, but, up until now, I never really thought it bothered you.

Clark: Maybe it does. Sometimes. And then I remember what's really important, and none of that stuff matters. No matter how crazy I got, you two stood by me, and that's something all the money in the world can't buy.

Jonathan: But still, it was a very close call, son.

Clark: I know. When I put that ring on, I felt this sudden urge to tell the world my secret--Lex, Lana, Jessie...

Martha: But you didn't, Clark.

Clark: I know, but the feelings are still there. It's like I have these two different identities, and I don't know which one's the real me.

Martha: The real you is the one who came back to us, and we never had any doubt that you would.

Clark: Nell told me you were riding. This is one of your favorite's pretty. I-I got a little lost along the way, but here I am.

Lana: Those for me?

Clark: Yeah. I wanted to apologize. I was hoping maybe we could be friends. Like we were before?

Lana: Hmm. So you thought that if you brought me flowers, I'd pretend like nothing happened?

Clark: You have to believe me, alright? The things I said, the way I was acting...that, that wasn't me.

Lana: Even the part where you said you had feelings for me?

Clark: Lana...

Lana: Clark, you can't have it both ways. Either it was you, or it wasn't.

Clark: I wish I could explain but I can't.

Lana: The story of your life.

Clark: Lana...I really am sorry.

Lana: I know you are. It's not enough anymore.

Lana: Think you can find your way home?

Clark: Hope so.

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