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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 1st, 2002

"Heat" picture of Clark and Chloe

Provided by Glynis

Clark: Well, shipped out over there... it's... I'm sure it's pretty warm. Uhh... that really sucked.

Lana: It's okay Clark. Just say what you feel.

Pete: What's with Clark Kent, movie star?

Clark: Well, Lana's making a video letter for Whitney overseas.

Lana: Thought it was the least I could do. Hey, do you wanna give it a shot?

Pete: Watch how the pros do it. The town's still rebuilding after the storm, the first week of school is a bear, and you're missing the worst heat wave in 25 years. Bottom line, stay safe and come home soon. PS, the football team's toast without Fordman on offense.

Lana: That was perfect, Pete.

Clark: Yeah, super.

Pete: Try not to choke this time.

Lana: How 'bout it Clark? Do you wanna try take two?

Clark: How about a raincheck?

Lana: Sure. Umm... why don't you come by the Talon later?

Clark: All right.

Lana: All right. See ya.

Chloe: It's good to see some things never change.

Clark: Chloe!

Chloe: Hi.

Clark: Hey, you're back!

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah, fresh from the wilds of Metropolis and the Daily Planet internship program.

Clark: Well, Pete says you were a big hit. I thought we had lost you for good.
Chloe: Yeah, well my dad decided to give LexCorp another shot, so here I am, back in the boonies.

Clark: Well, I'm glad you're staying. I really missed you this summer.

Chloe: Yeah, I could tell by the voluminous emails you sent.

Clark: Yeah, sorry... with the farm, and I...

Chloe: Don't worry about it, Clark. It's not a big deal.

Clark: Well... well, I'm really excited to hear all your stories.

Chloe: Yeah, actually, you know what? There aren't any stories. Oh, except that I did meet this really hot young intern from Metropolis High. It was great! Made me forget all about Smallville for three whole months.

Pete: Oh great.

Clark: What?

Pete: Every year the incredibly aged Mrs. Kowalski kicks off biology class with an ancient sex ed film.

Clark: Who told you that, your brother?

Pete: My dad.

Clark: Well, I'm sure it can't be that bad.

Desiree: Good Morning. I'm Miss Atkins. I'll be your new biology teacher on health and human development. I'm really sorry about the air conditioning in here, but it looks like we're going to have to suffer through this together.

Pete: Bring on the pain.

Desiree: Let's get ready for a movie. All right. Everybody try to stay awake.

Film Narrator: All members of the animal kingdom, from the simplest one-celled organism to the most complex of mammals, engage in reproduction. This insures that each individual creature can pass on its genetic information to future generations. Animals rely on a variety of courtship methods. This remarkable reproductive process is set into motion by the act of copulation, also know as intercourse or coitus. In many species, the females attract their mates with chemical scents called pheromones. Pheromones are used to elicit specific behaviors from members of the opposite sex and are secreted by glands, or incorporated into other fluids such as perspiration. The desired goal of all courtship behavior in mammals is to... sperm into the female... sperm travels up the... to...

Desiree: Ok everybody walk, do not run! Leave your books. Let's go!

Clark: Lex!

Lex: I came as soon as I heard.

Desiree: Hi!

Lex: Hi.

Lex: Are you alright?

Desiree: I'm fine. Thanks to this young man right here. Clark, come here for a second. He was the only one that kept a cool head during the entire thing... he actually put the fire out.

Lex: Why am I not surprised? Clark, once again, I'm grateful.

Clark: And I'm confused.

Lex: You're right, and I'm sorry. I'd like you to meet Desiree Atkins. My fianc.

Desiree: See you in class, Clark.

Clark: Fianc, huh? I didn't even know you were seeing anyone. Are you sure about this?

Lex: I've never been more sure of anything in my life. Oh...

Clark: It's a wedding invitation...for tonight.

Lex: I know it's short notice, but I was hoping you'd be my best man.

Clark: Lex... I... I don't know what to say.

Lex: I hope you'll say yes.

Clark: Well, I'm surprised....

Clark:...and honored.

Lex: Good.

Lex: Better get back to class. You never know when the next fire may erupt.

Desiree: Oh, a wedding present from your father. You said you want me to sign this?

Lex: If you don't my father could disinherit me.

Desiree: Fine. I'll sign it. But it's gonna cost you a kiss. I really wish we didn't have to sign this on our wedding day.

Lex: You're right. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I plan on being with you until death do us part.

Jonathan: Hi sweetheart.

Martha: Hi.

Jonathan: Whew!

Martha: Tell me again your aversion to air conditioning?

Jonathan: Two words: Electric bill.

Martha: Hi Clark.

Martha: How was school?

Clark: It was different.

Jonathan: Do we like different?

Clark: There was a fire during biology class.

Clark: It's OK, nobody was hurt... I stopped it before it spread.

Martha: Well, it sounds like we should be proud of you.

Clark: Except I think I started it.

Jonathan: Wait, you wanna explain that? Please?

Clark: I started to feel hot. And my eyes started to burn. All of a sudden, the spot I was staring at burst into flames.

Martha: Just by looking at it?

Clark: Hello? Hi, I'm Clark, I'm the kid who can lift up tractors and see through walls.

Jonathan: Son... hang on just a second. What exactly was going on when this happened?

Clark: We had just met our new biology teacher, and we were watching a film.

Martha: An educational film?

Clark: A sex educational film.

Jonathan: This could get very complicated.

Martha: Uhh... Clark... i-i-it's possible that whatever's happened has some sort of... hormonal... connection...

Jonathan: Yes.

Clark: Great! So I'm maturing into a firestarter?

Jonathan: No, son... look... ummm... we've... just gotta get a handle on this thing, like we've gotten a handle on all your other abilities.

Clark: Except all my other abilities didn't involve things bursting into flames!

Martha: All the more reason for you to give it some time. Just... uh... you'll...

Clark: Great.

Martha: Just... you'll, uh... have to stay close to home, and, uh... and then we'll figure it out.

Clark: I can't

Martha: Why? What's this?

Clark: You're not gonna believe it...

Clark: Hey, Chloe. I've been looking all over for you.

Chloe: Hey. Really? I'm not that hard to find, Clark. Only Lex Luthor could put together a fairly tale wedding in less than 48 hours.

Clark: Look... you seemed a little distant this morning. I wanna make sure everything's OK between us.

Chloe: Yeah, it's hunkey-dorey!

Clark: Wait. Now I know something's wrong. The only person who says "hunkey-dorey" is my father.

Chloe: Look, Clark, I... I guess I just let my feelings get the better of me, but, you know... we made a decision and I'm perfectly fine with it.

Clark: Me too.

Chloe: Great! But I still don't know how I feel about taking sex-ed from Mrs. Luthor. I can't believe Lex is married.

Clark: He says he really loves her.

Chloe: Yeah, well love is rarely if ever logical. Maybe they just have the right pheromones.

Clark: Hmm?

Chloe: It's chemistry, Clark. Some people have it... others don't.

Lex: Quit staring, Clark.

Lex: You'll burn your eyes out.

Clark: I was just...

Lex: It's alright. Desiree's attractive. I understand. Oh, and thanks again Clark.

Clark: Lex, I gotta tell ya... I was a bit shell-shocked. I mean, you go away on a two-week business trip, and the next thing I know my mom's putting finishing touches on your wedding cake?

Lex: Believe me, when I left I had no intention of falling in love. I was struggling through another endless business function when suddenly... Desiree was there.

Clark: She must have made quite a first impression.

Lex: Actually, she said she'd come to save me. I thought it was a joke too... that she was only interested in my name or fortune, but... as the night wore on, I realized, she was different.

Clark: It just happened that fast?

Lex: You can waste your time playing it safe, or you can go for it. But at some point, Clark... you just know when something's right.

Clark: And, uh, well... Pete's taping all the Sharks games for you, so you won't miss a thing. Although the way they're playing, you might want to. Uh... Anyway, I haven't forgotten what we talked about, so don't worry. Just, uh, come home soon and be safe.

Lana: That was great! Thanks so much for doing this, Clark. So, what did you and Whitney talk about?

Clark: Uh, just that he wanted me to keep an eye on you.

Clark: Uh, not that he doesn't trust you... uhhh...

Lana: It's hot. Do you want an iced coffee? I... I'm gonna go make an iced coffee. One of the perks of management... twenty-four-hour access to the cappuccino machine.

Clark: So... what did you say to Whitney?

Lana: I started my message five or six times, but I can't seem to finish. There's so much I wanna say...

Clark: It's not easy, being in a long distance relationship.

Lana: I miss him.

Lana: And I'm worried about him, but it's difficult putting your life on hold. I'm not sure it was the wisest decision for either of us.

Lana: I get his emails. He's having a really tough time, first with basic training and now being shipped out. He needs someone he can count on. Besides, I do have you to look out for me, don't I?

Clark: Well, I know I haven't been around much this summer... ever since the storm, the farm has just been a disaster.

Lana: Seems like we're all trying to find our way back from that day.

Clark: Except for Lex. I've never seen him so happy before.

Lana: It's kinda weird.

Clark: You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Lana: Still, you have to admit it's romantic.

Clark: Well, Lex makes it seem easy.

Lana: Maybe it is. Lex learned to act on his passion... never hold anything back. I wonder if we'll ever be able to do the same?

Clark: Uh... uh...

Lana: Clark, what's wrong?

Clark: Uh... I'm just not feeling so well...

Lana: Oh my god... you're burning up. Let me drive you home.

Clark: Are you okay?

Lana: Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?

Clark: I'm not sure...

Lana: I'm gonna call 911.

Jonathan: Clark? I thought you'd be in school already.

Clark: I'm not going.

Clark: It happened again at the Talon.

Jonathan: What, another fire?

Clark: It was worse than before. I was afraid it wasn't gonna stop...and the fire department said the fire looks suspicious... and what can I say, they're right...

Jonathan: Come on, you and I both know that you didn't mean to start any of these fires...

Clark: Dad, Lana was there... if I'd have hurt her...

Jonathan: Look, son... Clark! Hey... come on... Clark... look at... look at me. Son, I think I have a pretty good idea what's triggering this thing.

Jonathan: Alright. Rule number one. Always practice away from the barn. Come on.

Clark: Dad, I don't get it. I thought the whole point was to stop this from happening.

Jonathan: Well, in order to find the off switch, first we need to find the on switch, right? Alright...

Jonathan: Now, I want you to remember exactly what you thinking about the first time it happened.

Jonathan: Come on.

Clark: Dad... this might be easier if I was...

Jonathan: Alone. Yeah. Sorry.

Clark: Thanks. Lana

Jonathan: Five scarecrows, two water barrels, and our mailbox later...

Clark: Dad, you were right. Once I understood what triggered the heat, I was able to control it without thinking about... sex.

Jonathan: You sure about that son?

Clark: Trust me. Next time I have a date, I'll be able to take her out without setting her on fire.

Jonathan: Well, that's a relief.

Clark: I'll be fine.

Desiree: Hey, Clark... you in here?

Desiree: It's a little hot in here for candles, Clark.

Clark: Mrs. Luthor...

Desiree: Only at school. The rest of the time, I prefer Desiree. I went by the house... but nobody was home, and then I saw the light in the loft...

Clark: Uh, yeah... my parents went into town...

Desiree: Well, actually, I came by to see you.

Clark: Really?

Desiree: You see, most girls like older men, but not me. I like younger guys. What they lack in experience they make up for in passion.

Clark: Is that right?

Desiree: Yeah. I saw you... staring at me the other day in class...

Clark: I'm sorry, I, uh...

Desiree: No, it's okay. I was actually flattered. As a matter of fact, I was hoping we could work on our... student teacher relations.

Clark: I... uh... mm... you're married to my best friend. Uh, wait...

Clark: I... I don't know what you expected here tonight, but Lex is my best friend. I'm not gonna do anything to hurt him.

Desiree: I don't know what came over me. Please don't tell Lex about this, OK? I am so sorry.

Chloe: Oh, so the new Mrs. Luthor has an alias. That's interesting.

Clark: You know... what would you say... if I told you Miss Atkins a.k.a. Alison Sanders, showed up at my loft last night and... tried to seduce me.

Chloe: I'd say you were living the voyeuristic fantasy of every male student in this school. Clark, she just married Lex. Why would she possibly be interested in you?

Clark: Thanks.

Clark: Look, she was dissing Lex. Saying he was the only thing standing between her being with me.

Chloe: OK, you know, this is quickly going from merely nauseating to genuinely disturbing.

Clark: Chloe, I'm not making this up. She's got some strange hold on Lex.

Chloe: Gee, I wonder what that could be.

Clark: I'm serious. It's more than the fact that she's hot.

Chloe: Clark, this is Lex Luthor we're talking about. Don't you think he considered all the unfortunate possibilities before saying 'I do'?

Clark: I dunno. But I'm gonna find out. I'm gonna go talk to him. Will you keep digging?

Chloe: Yeah, sure. Where there's smoke there's fire. Excuse the aphorism.

Lex: Clark. I've been expecting you.

Clark: Really?

Lex: You can save the awkward silences. Desiree told me everything.

Clark: Lex, I really don't know what to say.

Lex: All my life, I've had to second-guess the intentions of others. I'd reached the point where I'd started to think friends were a luxury I couldn't afford. Till I met you Clark. From the day you pulled me out of that river, you've been the one person I could trust completely.

Clark: I'm glad you feel that way, Lex.

Lex: Maybe that's why I find your infatuation with my wife so... troubling.

Clark: My infatuation? Lex, I don't know what she told you, but she came on to me.

Lex: Oh, you expect me to believe that? Come on... I saw the way you looked at her the other day. She told me you've been eyeing her in class...

Clark: No, Lex... you have to see this. Your wife's real name is Alison Sanders. She grew up in Smallville. I bet she didn't tell you that, did she?

Lex: No.

Clark: Well, if she didn't tell you the truth about that, how can you believe anything she...

Lex: She's my wife and I love her!

Lex: To be honest, I was hoping for an apology, not more insinuations. I thought our friendship meant more to you, Clark.

Clark: It does...

Lex: You can let yourself out.

Clark: I don't know what you're doing to Lex, but I'm not dropping this.

Desiree: I'm sorry Lex. That must have been difficult.

Lex: Can you explain this?

Desiree: Clark's right, I changed my name. But I changed it again yesterday to Luthor. That's all that really matters, isn't it?

Lex: I just don't understand why you would keep this from me.

Desiree: You know, it seems to me... that I haven't had a kiss from my husband in... oh, I dunno, at least six hours.

Lex: Desiree, we really need to discuss this.

Desiree: Clark is part of your past. Just like everyone else in this town. You don't need 'em Lex. We don't need 'em.

Lex: Maybe you're right.

Chloe: So remember, keep your head down. I'm counting on an exclusive interview from you when you get back.

Lana: That was great Chloe.

Chloe: Thank you. Oh, yeah, and thanks for the quid-pro-quo. Now I can move the 'library gets a new paint job' spread to page two.

Lana: So that must have been fun... spending the entire summer in Metropolis.

Chloe: Yeah, it was really nice to get away. Sometimes, a little distance can just give you a new perspective on things you've done, you know? Mistakes you've made.

Lana: Going to the spring formal with Clark was not a mistake.

Chloe: Yeah, it was. I let myself indulge in my feelings for him and I ended up getting hurt.

Lana: At least you were brave enough to take the risk.

Chloe: Oh yeah, that's me... Cupid's cannon fodder.

Chloe: Ugh, three months. I thought I'd be over it by now. But when I saw him in the hall, all those feelings just came back. I even made up some lame story about meeting a guy in Metropolis to try and get a rise out of him.

Lana: Clark still really cares about you, Chloe.

Chloe: I know. But he cares about you more.

Lana: I don't want Clark to come between our friendship.

Chloe: Me neither. So what are we gonna do about that?

Lana: Let's define ourselves by what we do, not who we date. Or don't date.

Chloe: Cool.

Lex: Lana. We need to talk.

Chloe: Umm... I... have to get some work done at the Torch.

Lana: Alright. See ya.

Lana: I'm really glad to see you. I just got the final insurance adjustments. Once you countersign, we can get started on the repairs. Lex, I don't understand.

Lex: It's not complicated. I've decided to invoke the buyout clause of our partnership agreement.

Lana: This gives me 24 hours to vacate the premises.

Lex: That's right. I've decided to reassess my business relationships. The Talon's no longer a good fit.

Lana: This isn't fair! The Talon has always carried it's own weight.

Lex: Breaking even isn't my idea of a good business model. And frankly, I have to question the judgement of a partner who causes thousands of dollars in damage while entertaining friends after hours.

Lana: I was here with Clark!

Lex: My faith in Clark evaporated along with my enthusiasm for the coffee shop business.

Clark: Lana, what's wrong?

Lana: I've just been evicted from the Talon.

Clark: What?

Lana: Lex is using the fire to justify taking back the building.

Clark: No, he can't do that! It wasn't your fault!

Lana: He knows that. He was just looking for an excuse.

Lana: People warned me about doing business with him. When I saw how hard he fought to keep the plant open, I actually thought he'd changed!

Clark: Lana, you brought the Talon back from nothing. It means everything to you!

Lana: This proves it was never really mine.

Desiree: Hello, Clark. Lana looked upset. Did she tell you what happened?

Clark: Yeah. She mentioned that Lex is closing the Talon, and somehow, I think it wasn't completely his decision.

Desiree: Well, you're right. We made the decision as a couple. I wanted to prove a point.

Clark: To who? Lana?

Desiree: No, Clark. To you. I want you to understand something. I can control the people in your life. I had Lex close down the Talon in a heartbeat, imagine what would happen if I turned him against this town. Your friends. Or even your parents.

Clark: I won't let you do that.

Desiree: You want this to stop? Then stay out of our lives.

Clark: I'm not gonna back off. And I'll find a way to get through to Lex.

Martha: Clark, why didn't you tell us about this earlier?

Clark: I... I didn't know what to say. I guess I was embarrassed.

Jonathan: Well, I dunno know what we can do about the Talon. I mean, It's not against the law to sweet-talk your husband into making a bad business decision.

Martha: No, but trying to seduce a teenage boy is! I'm calling the school board, first thing in the morning, and getting this woman suspended!

Jonathan: Yeah... Come on in. What brings you out to these parts?

Sheriff Ethan: A teacher down at the high school, Mrs. Luthor, claims she saw Clark set her car set her car on fire.

Ethan: That's three suspicious fires in as many days, Clark. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take you into custody until we can sort this out.

Clark: Mom, Dad! This is a mistake!

Martha: We know.

Jonathan: Clark! I want you to do what Ethan says. We'll figure this thing out, I promise.

Ethan: Just turn around, son.

Lex: That's right. I'm selling the building and everything in it. Talk to our people in Metropolis about a price and get back to me. Mrs. Kent.

Martha: I was looking for Nell.

Lex: Uh, she just left. I believe she's arranging for the movers.

Martha: Well, I hope I didn't disturb you.

Lex: Mrs. Kent? I am truly sorry about Clark.

Martha: Are you, Lex? My son is in jail. And your wife put him there.

Lex: Maybe these fires were a cry for help.

Martha: Is that you talking, or is Mrs. Luthor talking through you?

Lex: Mrs. Kent, I would never ask you to take sides against your husband... please don't ask me to doubt my wife.

Martha: Any good relationship relies on trust, but there has to be room to disagree. Like the way Jonathan and I disagreed about you. He couldn't see past the Luthor name, but I always thought you were truly trying to be a friend to Clark. Now I'm beginning to think Jonathan was right all along.

Lex: Believe me, Mrs. Kent, I never wanted it to come to this.

Martha: You know Clark. He's not a criminal. He's the one person who stood by you no matter what! Ask yourself, is he really capable of this?

Lex: I wouldn't have thought so. But I know Desiree.

Martha: Lex! You met and married her in a week! How well could you know her!

Lex's jaw clenches as he stares at Martha. Apparently, she's struck a nerve. Martha simply shakes her head and walks away.

Lex: Mrs...

Desiree: Oh, hello Mr. Kent. Are you here to talk about Clark?

Jonathan: Yes I am. And I would prefer to do it fully clothed, if you don't mind.

Desiree: Sure. I'm sorry about your son, Mr. Kent. But you should take this as a warning sign. Your son is a seriously troubled young man.

Jonathan: And just how do you figure that?

Desiree: Isn't it obvious? He starts fires and then he takes credit for putting them out.

Jonathan: He told me that he was nowhere near your car, and I believe him.

Desiree: Hmm. Your son is lying to you. I'm sorry.

Jonathan: You know, I thought I could come out here and reason with you. But clearly, I was mistaken.

Desiree: Mr. Kent, wait. Please, I'm sorry. You're right about everything. This all has to with Lex.

Jonathan: This has nothing to do with your husband, Lex Luthor.

Desiree: I need you to do something for me first.

Chloe: Sorry we didn't have time to bake a file into a cake.

Lana: How you holding up?

Clark: Besides being accused of being a serial arsonist and trying to sleep with my best friend's wife, I'm great.

Lana: We've got some good news. Chloe followed up on your Alison Sanders clue.

Chloe: Apparently our vixen formerly known as Alison was popular with the Smallville boys even as a teenager.

Lana: She was with her boyfriend when the meteors hit.

Chloe: The Ledger article doesn't cover it, but I'll let your mind as to what they were doing in the truck by the lake.

Lana: Couple of weeks later, he lost it and murdered her parents. Desiree inherited everything.

Chloe: Fast forward five years. Desiree is now a teacher. She marries a wealthy shipping executive, only to see him offed by one of her moonstruck high school students.

Lana: Same confession, same denial six hours later.

Chloe: It's the classic black widow scenario. Only after murder number two, this black widow had the misfortune of being heavily invested in dot coms. After she lost all the money, she decided to go after Lex.

Clark: So she tried to seduce me to kill him. Why'd she think I'd do it?

Chloe: Pheromones!

Clark: Chloe...

Chloe: Clark, she was in the throes of major passion when the meteors hit! If her pheromone levels were enhanced, she could get a guy to do whatever she wants! Lucky for us, Clark Kent seems to be immune to some members of the opposite sex.

Ethan: Time's up, girls!

Chloe: Okay...

Clark: Hey, my dad went to go see Desiree! I gotta get out of here!

Chloe: Just hang on, Okay?

Ethan: Call it in! Oh, jeez! We gotta get you outta here Clark. Stay close to me. Clark?

Lex: We need to talk.

Desiree: Is something wrong?

Lex: I'm not sure. I know love is supposed to be blind, but since meeting you, I feel like I've lost all sense of reason regarding my friends, my business, and suddenly I don't know why.

Desiree: Well, it's too late for second thoughts, Lex. The papers have been finalized. Everything you have is mine.

Lex: You only inherit in the event of my death.

Lex: Were you planning to kill me?

Desiree: No.

Desiree: He is.

Lex: I know you, Mr. Kent. You're not a murderer. Please... put the gun down.

Jonathan: I'm not lettin' you add Desiree's name to your list of victims!

Lex: She's using you, Mr. Kent. Whatever she told you, it's not true.

Clark: Dad! Don't! Dad you can't do this!

Jonathan: Clark!

Clark: Dad! You OK?

Lex: Arghhh! Clark!

Martha: Oh! Thanks Clark. It's good to have you back.

Clark: Well, it's nice to see something other than jail food.

Jonathan: Well, I just got off the phone with Ethan. After Lex's statement, the arson... Ow! The arson charges have been dropped. And from what Ethan said, I think we've seen the last of Desiree Atkins.

Clark: What about my escape?

Jonathan: Well, considering your age, and the fact that you did save Lex Luthor's life, they're willing to let you off with a stern warning. We're very lucky this time, son.

Martha: Did Lex say anything about... what happened?

Jonathan: I think we'd both like to put that way... behind us. Now, Mrs. Kent, if you are finished here, I would like to take you out to dinner. Solo, if you don't mind Clark.

Clark: I don't mind.

Lex: Clark. I was hoping I'd find you.

Clark: Hey Lex. How you feelin'?

Lex: Like I'm waking up from a bad dream.

Clark: You really loved her, didn't you?

Lex: I thought I did.

Lex: I filed for an annulment, which my lawyers tell me should be final in a couple of days. I'll let the police deal with Desiree.

Clark: And when that's finished?

Lex: Try to be more cautious. I let my passion get the best of me. I won't make that mistake again.

Clark: Lex... I don't think having passion is such a bad thing.

Lex: You're right, Clark. Passion for life and work and friends is great. As long as you keep it in check. I should take a page out of your book.

Clark: How do you mean?

Lex: The way you deal with Lana. I've always told you to go for it, but you don't. Even now that the quarterback's out of the picture.

Clark: Well, I want to, believe me. But Lana needs to work out her feelings for Whitney first. I can wait.

Lex: Don't wait too long.

Lana: Hi, Whitney. Uh, I've been trying to get this done, but it's been a crazy week. Still, in a way I'm glad, because it's given me the chance to think about what I need to say. Hey, Clark!

Clark: Hi, Lana. I thought I'd give you a hand with the repairs.

Lana: Thanks! Umm... good news is, I think we're almost ready for our grand re-opening.

Clark: What's the bad news?

Lana: I still can't figure out how to use the new expresso machine.

Clark: Looks very... Italian.

Lana: It's a gift from Lex. Along with roses, and an offer to rework our partnership agreement so that this could never happen again. Lex told me what happened with Miss Atkins and your dad. It's lucky you were there. It's funny how she managed to seduce everyone but you.

Clark: Yeah, I guess she just wasn't my type.

Lana: And the jailhouse? How did you manage your escape?

Clark: Well, there was a fire. And the sheriff opened the door and I guess I just made a run for it.

Lana: Three fires. You were there all three times.

Clark: Weird coincidence, huh?

Lana: Or just part of the mystery that is Clark Kent.

Clark: How's it going with the tape for Whitney.

Lana: I decided to tell him how I really feel.

Clark: What happened to putting on a brave face?

Lana: Wasn't fair to either of us. I haven't been honest about my feelings. I know it's gonna hurt and my timing is crummy, but... having a relationship that's built on secrets and lies is doomed to fail. Don't you think so, Clark?

Clark: Absolutely.

Lana: Looks like the heat wave is finally broken. I'm glad.

Clark: Yeah. Me too. I should let you finish. Bye Lana.

Lana: Bye. Whitney. I care about you very much. And I always will. But we promised that we'd be honest with each other. And the truth is...

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