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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 5th, 2010

General Lane

Provided by Susana

Man: Our eyes on the ground report target is in Smallville, sir.

Rick: Right on schedule.

[ Clark and Lois both smile at each other ]

[ Lois laughs ]

Clark: So what are you in the mood for?

Lois: Oh I'm in the mood...just not for breakfast.

Clark: Lois, the bedrooms upstairs.

Lois: Mmhm, but the porch swing, is out there.

[ Clark super speeds and stops Lois from opening the door, turns her around ]

[ They kiss ]

Man: Target is on the move, he's heading for the Kent farm.

[ Clark and Lois still kissing ]

Man: Target closing in on farm house.

[ Lois opens the door ]

Lois: Daddy.

Clark: General Lane.

Lois: And Lucy.

Lucy: Happy Turkey day sis.

Lois: Great.

Lucy: The whole Lane family's together for the holiday's.

Clark: You don't have to be nervous Lois, your dad just wants to spend time with you.

Lois: Oh I think he's more interested in doing recon on the man dating his daughter, so hopefully someones monogram jacket has vanished.

Clark: I took care of it, look your dad's met me before.

Lois: Before we were a couple, Clark, none of my other boyfriends have ever survived the General's assault.

Clark: I'll be fine.

Lois: Fine? Fine won't pass inspection. You have to be perfect, it is important to me that my dad likes you.

Clark: And it's important to me that you're happy. There's nothing to worry about.

Lois: Except maybe if he finds out that you're a superhero, my dad hates superheroes.

[ chuckles nervously and leaves ]

Lois: Hey.

General: Oh that's a good cup of coffee.

[ Lois smiles ]

Lois: Make yourself at home daddy. [ Kisses his cheek ]

General: Ah, your sisters still upstairs unpacking, she could be all day.

Clark: It's good to see you sir.

General: Hm [ grunts ] So, nothing much has changed around here. Your mother still owns the place?

Clark: It is in her name, but I...

General: I see. You live in your mothers house, and you work in a basement, is that correct?

Clark: Well it is the bullpen at the Daily Planet, I work side-by-side with Lois.

General: Ah, she seems to write more articles than you. What exactly do you do with your time, Clark?

[ Clark looks confused how to answer ]

Lois: Hey, daddy uh, Clark and I work together a lot, he just gives me the byline sometimes, that's just how sweet he is.

[ Clark smiles ]

Clark: We look after each other.

General: Good, because if Lois is going to be spending any time around here, i've had a look around and there's a few things that are gonna have to be brought up to code.

[ Clark chuckles nervously ]

Clark: Like scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush?

General: That's number 17 on the list.

Clark: You're not kidding.

General: No I never do. Though I feel a little uncomfortable inspecting the enemy camp, your mother is my major opposition in the senate.

Lois: Oh, does this mean your finally running for office daddy?

General: Ah no Sweetheart, I'm the senior military advisor on a new bill; the vigilante registration act.

Clark: And by vigilante you mean...?

General: Vigilantes, weekend warriors of mass, who run around insighting anarchy.

Clark: Well I don't think they insight anarchy. They stop crime, protect people.

General: And they commit acts of terrorism. Like the RAO tower in Metropolis, blown to kingdom come, no evidence of explosives, you wanna know why? Because one of them superfreaks did it.

Lois: Mm you know what? Hey, daddy since we're pretending it's a holiday, how about we make it official and take a furlough from work.

General: Clark do you know who the real heroes of the world are? The men and women of our armed forces, they have to enlist, go through background checks, training, there are rules, be held accountable for their actions. People start believing in these so-called superheroes, pretty soon the superheroes form selfs, start taking the law into their own hands. I will not let them comprimise our national security. Mm [ shakes head ]

Clark: Lois, what do you think?

[ Lois looks uncomfortable ]

Lois: I think we need some veggies with our starches. Baked or mashed?

Clark: Whatever their General would like of course.

[ Lois looks hurt by Clark's reaction ]

[ Opens and closes door ]

[ Door opens ]

Oliver: You know, when you need first aid you expect it to be in the first place you look.

Tess: It's over here.

Oliver: Look at this, new chairs, you got a whole new setup going on. You know when I said you could move in, I didn't think you'd actually move in.

Tess: Take off your shirt. Like I haven't seen it all before.

[ Oliver unzips his shirt ]

Tess: It looks like you had a rough night.

[ Oliver grunts ]

Oliver: Yeah. Somewhere between chasing the bad guy and dodging the press, I ran into someone who literally had an axe to grind.

Tess: That sounds like some serious overtime. But if I remember correctly, your cure all was 2 raw eggs and a Belgium beer. Hmm?

Oliver: Yeah let me tell you something Tess, I can do this whole 9 to 5 thing with you alright, but I draw the line at happy hour.

[ Oliver groans in pain ]

Tess: How did you say you hurt yourself again?

Oliver: Just your typical axe wielding maniac. Scratched the surface.

Tess: Somethings happening beneath the surface, your skin is reacting to the iodine. It's a subdermal tattoo. Oliver I've seen this before, this is the signal for The Suicide Squad.

Oliver: Suicide Squad huh? It's a hell of a name.

Tess: They're a hell of a team. When I was working for Amanda Waller at Checkmate, there were certain dirty jobs that a government agent just couldn't do. Not even us, and Waller would send in a squad. They were led by Rick Flag, but they all died when Checkmate was attacked.

Oliver: Wait a second, wait a second, I know this guy. This guy tied me to a chair, he beat me to a pulp, and then he wanted to kiss and make up. I know he got under my skin, but come on.

Tess: Wait Flag survived?

Oliver: He's recruiting a whole new squad. I politely declined.

Tess: If he tagged you, he's tracking you.

Oliver: Something tells me I'm not the only one.

[ Football playing on tv ]

[ Man on tv ]: We interrupt this program for breaking news. A fire has broken out at a refinery in Smallville. And firefighters...

General: Clark should see this, remind him what a real hero is.

[ Door opens ]

Clark: Hey. They were out of cranberries.

Lois: The store must have had a fire sale, huh Clark?

[ Whoosh ]

General: Where's Clark?

Lois: He went upstairs.

General: leave you holding the bags? What happened to being a gentleman hmm?

[ Man on tv ]: Update on the refinery, the fire is out. Thanks to the Blur.

General: Leave it to the Blur to turn a fire into a photo-op.

[ Door opens ]

Clark: Found the cranberries in the truck.

Lois: Where were they, honey? Under the hood? [ Wipes dirt from his face ]

General: Hmm, I thought you said that Clark went upstairs?

Lois: Yeah, he was upstairs outside.

Clark: Checking the chimney.

Lois: Thanks.

[ Phone beeps ]

Clark: Excuse me.

[ Clark answers phone ]

Clark: It's not a good time. You're where? I'll be right there. Lois I need to go chop some wood. [ Opens door ]

General: Get me a work up on Clark Kent. Kilo, echo, November, tango. He's hiding something.

Oliver: It's exactly what I was afraid of.

Clark: Flag's tracking me too?

Oliver: Which is a bit surprising considering you're impermeable skin.

Clark: He must've used blue kryptonite. Oliver, we have to figure out why he's tracking us.

Oliver: Yeah, Tess is working on that back at Watchtower; which I appreciate the help but she's running around there like she owns the building.

Clark: If it wasn't for her we wouldn't know about these tattoos, we wouldn't even be on Flag's trail. You gotta go.

Oliver: [ Chuckles ] What the window? What are we 16?

Clark: Now.

[ Oliver scoffs and jumps out the window ]

Clark: Lucy? Lucy.

Lucy: Did I hear you up here talking to someone Clark?

Clark: No, it's just me.

Lucy: Good, because I only brought one lemonade. I thought you could use the refreshment.

Clark: Thanks.

Lucy: The General give you a list?

Clark: Yeah I'm afraid so.

Lucy: He likes to test Lois' boyfriends, he's convinced they all have something to hide. So far no one's passed.

Clark: I'll be the first.

Lucy: Well if anyone can do it, I'm sure you can. You've grown into quite the man in the past 6 years Clark.

Clark: I'm sure Lois could use your help.

Lucy: I think I've earned a ten minute break.

Clark: Lucy.

Lucy: Well at least show me around the barn.

Clark: There's really not much to see.

[ Lucy kisses Clark ]

[ Lois clears her throat ]

Lois: Really?

Clark: Lois, your sister's just...

Lois: Ambushed you? Well this has Lucy written all over it. In backstabbing-bitch-berry lipgloss. You...[ points to Lucy ] come with me. [ Grabs Lucy's hand hard ]

Lucy: Ow, ow Lois. Not so tight.

Lois: So, so what? You thought I would catch you two tongue wrestling and then what? Have a big fight with Clark?

Lucy: Lois...

Lois: Just save it, now the only reason that I am keeping you around is for dad. So go make yourself useful and get us some ice.

Lucy: There's ice in the freezer.

Lois: Dad likes crushed.

[ Wood chopping loudly ]

Clark: Chop and stack, one quarter wood. Sir yes sir. [ Chops it harshly ]

Lois: Careful dad doesn't catch you making with the kung fu there, Paul Bunyon.

Clark: I'm sorry, about what happened with Lucy.

Lois: It wasn't your fault. [ Sighs ] Still, you can put out a burning building but you can't contain her hot lips?

Clark: She surprised me. But you know what's a bigger surprise? Is that you couldn't stand up to your dad. Unless you actually agree with his vigilante registration act?

Lois: Clark, I am just trying to get through this 'holiday' without a fight.

Clark: Lois you either agree with him or you don't.

Lois: I don't. But this means something to the General so please do not make me choose sides.

Clark: I thought you were somebody who stood up for what she believed in. And then when it comes to your father, you do the same thing that he does; you make your choices based on fear.

Lois: Hey just because you don't have a...

Clark: A what Lois? What were you going to say? A father? [ raises an eyebrow and looks hurt ]

Lois: Okay, what I am trying to say is that you haven't had to deal with a family for a really long time. All you have to answer to is yourself. Clark if you wanna be with me you're gonna have to deal with my family too. I hope you can respect that. [ Sighs and leaves ]

[ crate opens, slides it shut ]

Rick: I'm surprised a General's daughter would leave herself open to attack. Always watch your six, miss Lane.

Lucy: Who are you?

Rick: I'm sorry, I'm uh, Coronal Richard Stafford. I'm sorry if I startled you. I'm posted near by Fort Ryan. I'm here because we think you can help us, thanks to his influence with a number of senators your father's crucial to congress passing anti-vigilante legislation. But right now he's in serious danger. We need to get him off that farm and away from Clark Kent.

Lucy: Clark?

Rick: Kent is a vigilante sympathizer. Whether he knows it or not, he's helping agitators who want nothing more than to stop your father from completing his current mission.

Lucy: It's a very serious accusation. Do you have proof?

Rick: Give this to your father.

Lucy: Why not just deliver it to him yourself?

Rick: Well we don't want to arouse Kent's suspicions, for your father's protection it's best if he not know that you got this from me. Just tell him you found it on the farm, he'll know what to do. Could you also plant this on him? It's a homing device, it'll help us track and protect him. The U.S. army's depending on you Lucy. So is your father.

Lucy: You can count on me.

Rick: Go make your father proud.

Tess: I intercepted a Suicide Squad transmission. If Flag's planning on killing someone but we need to decode this before he does.

Oliver: Come on, Chloe would've had this finished like yesterday.

Tess: Oliver I'm trying to help you, and you keep acting like I'm the enemy.

Oliver: Well you know what I'm just trying to get used to all the changes around here ok? Look I, I come here and I think of Chloe, alright? I think of all the time that I spent here with her, and I's hard for me being here with someone else, ok?

Tess: [ she nods ] Ok. And I'm not trying to take her place Oliver, but at some point you need to start treating me like I'm on your side.

[ Continues typing on computer ]

Clark: General? List completed and accounted for, sir.

General: Clark. Hm. Have a seat son. Let's get down to brass tax. Lois likes to of action, men who make the news. Now you Clark, you just report the news, why would she be possibly interested in you?

Clark: Why don't you ask her, sir?

General: I asked somebody at the Pentagon instead, guess what he came up with? Nothing. Nobody's records that clean. Unless they had somebody higher up, wipe it out. Somebody lets say like a U.S. senator, hm?

Clark: Excuse me sir but what gives you the right to spy on us?

General: Oh I'm a 4 star general Clark, and a war hero, I know a smoke screen when I see one. Now, nobody could have done this list by themselves.

Clark: You're searching for enemies where they don't exist. Just like your vigilante witch hunt.

General: I was talking about you Clark. Why would you bring up vigilantes? Lucy found this in your loft. Uh. You're in league with them aren't you?

Clark: I'm not on trial Sam. You want to protect the United States, but as soon as your threatened everyone else's rights go out the window. It's no wonder Lois is too afraid to be herself around you.

General: You questioning my relationship with my daughter?

Clark: You have been questioning me all day!

General: It's my right to protect my family!

Clark: It may be your right! But you're wrong to think that we don't belong together, I love your daughter and I don't want a day to go by where I'm not with her.

General: Well I hope you enjoy it today, because it's the last day you'll ever spend with her.

[ Door opens ]

Lois: I did everything I could to make today work. I dealt with my family, I helped the Blur, I even found my inner Iron Chef. And all I asked, the only thing you had to do was deal with my dad for one day...

Clark: Lois, your dad had me investigated by the Pentagon. He has surveillance photos of me with Kara she's in her costume. I think your sister planted them in the loft.

Lucy: I thought it would be a good idea if we all went to your place tonight, without Clark. I'll meet you in the car daddy.

General: Thank you sweetheart. Come on, let's go. That's an order young lady.

Lois: Can't we stay and work this out?

General: There's nothing to work out. Your friend Clark, is a dishonest man. And he has dangerous friends, when the vigilantes try and take over this country with anarchy, he's going to go down with them. So come on now, let's go.

Lois: I am sorry Clark.

[ Leaves with tears in her eyes ]

Man: The General is leaving the farm sir.

Rick: Which means Clark Kent won't be able to Blur to his rescue. The Blur may be faster than a speeding bullet, but I bet he can't outrun this.

Lois: Please dad, go back and talk to's Clark. You know him.

General: I can't do that, Lo.

Lois: Why?

General: Because he's in league with masked vigilantes. Finally pays the price for this, I do not want you to get hurt.

Lois: Not all of your vigilantes are bad, why do you have to go to defcon 1, you haven't met a single one of them.

Lucy: Lois can you stop running damage control long enough to see that we are just trying to protect you?

Lois: Back off Lucy. Or do you happen to have some comprimising photos of me that you'd like to share with the class?

General: Please, both of you. Trust me, Clark is not who you think he is. A couple calls to the NSA and we'll find out what he is hiding.

Lois: It doesn't matter. Because I love Clark, everything you need to know about him is standing right in front of you. Talk to me, the only thing that matters is how I feel.

General: Lois.

Lois: I appreciate that you like straight talk, so I will give it to you in one razor sharp line; I'm staying with Clark, and if you love will respect that.

Lucy: Daddy let's go.

[ They grab their stuff and leave ]

[ Door closes ]

Rick: And the rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Man: Missile is locked on target sir.

Oliver: There's only one tattoo'd hero with that address.

Clark: I'm the target?

Tess: It doesn't make any sense. Flag would try to recruit you before he'd try and kill you Clark.

Clark: How can you be sure?

Tess: Because Flag spends so much time on the front lines with superpowered people that he identifies with them. To him you're all freedom fighters and he would attack anyone that threatens that. Presidents, senators, the doesn't matter.

Clark: There's about to be a new law the vigilante registration act. It's biggest supporter is in Smallville right now. It's General Sam Lane.

[ Whoosh ]

[ Missile fires ]

Rick: God bless America.

[ Explosion ]

[ Clark super-speeds and saves Lois ]

General: Lois!

[ Whoosh ]

Lois: Daddy?

General: Oh my god. [ They all hug ] Oh.

[ Burning sound ]

[ 'S' symbol is carved on the building ]

General: The Blur saved your life.

Man: We hit the building, but not the target. General Lane survived.

Rick: Damn it.

[ Arrow comes through car ]

[ Car is thrown ]

[ Door is ripped open ]

Clark: It's Rick Flag, we knew you blew up that building.

Oliver: Classy move, attacking your own country.

Rick: I did it for my country. You kill Lane, you kill the movement. [ Groans in pain ] The registration act, is nothing but a weapon to profile, hunt, and destroy us.

Oliver: We don't need a history lesson.

Rick: Well apparently you do, Shamrock. You become a politicians poster boy for full disclosure. There gonna be on your doorstep soon, holding you up as a volunteer. Get all the other heroes to stand up and be counted, and be killed.

Clark: We're not gonna let that happen.

Rick: The bill passes it already has. Don't you see? [ Groans ] America's turning against us. We've got to fight back, show strength, make them choose us as their leaders.

Clark: It'll only be stirring up anti-hero histeria. Violence isn't the answer.

Rick: Violence is the only answer. I think the superheroes are coming over to my side.

[ Guy grabs him and disappears ]

Lucy: Lo can we talk?

Lois: That depends, can you form a sentence without lying to my face?

Lucy: I can't believe that I almost got you killed.

Lois: Let's not forget the tell and shock on awful missile makeover. Who would've known fire insurance didn't cover morter fire.

Lucy: I'll replace everything you lost Lois, I promise.

Lois: Just like you're going to make Clark and I trust you again? Look Lucy, I'm not happy that you went behind our backs...again. But, I do get trying to protect dad. Our larger than life hero, needing someone to protect him. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Lucy: I should have told you what was going on.

Lois: Yeah.

Lucy: But I thought that if I helped dad on my own, he'd stop seeing me as...

Lois: The troublemaker? Okay I know I came down on you pretty hard Lu, but I think that a part of me sort of liked the fact that you turned into the troublemaker, because I was finally able to be the good one.

Lucy: When you say it all outloud it's just...well it sounds really exhausting.

[ Both chuckle ]

Lois: Yeah I, I think we were so busy trying to be the perfect daughter that, we forgot how to be sisters.

Lucy: No, Lois. You're a great sister.

[ They hug ]

Tess: I thought you said no happy hour?

Oliver: Yeah well I'm still on the clock so, [ chuckles ] so I was curious you uh, you hear anything about that tattoo removal research?

Tess: I have Emil looking into it.

Oliver: Good.

Tess: No need to worry, my friend.

Oliver: I think it's a little early for 'friend.' Friendly, I can do that. I can do friendly.

Tess: I'll take it. I was beginning to think the best I could do was frenemy.

Oliver: I don't even know what that means.

[ Tess chuckles ]

Oliver: We've uh, we've survived tax audits, and typhoons together, Tess I think we're practically like family at this point.

Tess: We've come a long way. From the middle of the ocean to the top of the city.

[ Raises cup ]

Oliver: I can work with that. You know this place is sort of like an island, isn't it? It's just too bad I've gotta vote myself off.

Tess: I don't understand.

Oliver: It's a funny thing about Green Arrow showing his face to everyone, now everyone wants to stick theirs in my business, and peak in my window. What if someone see's me come in here? Watchtower I mean? There are people who count on this place, remaining secret to take count on that for their safety. They didn't step out into the limelight like I did. That wouldn't really be fair for them would it?

Tess: After everything you've told me about Chloe, and what this place means to you; that must be a really hard decision to make.

Oliver: But it's the right one. Watchtowers in good hands, Tess.

[ Fixing tractor ]

General: Clark. I owe you an apology. I'm not so set in my ways that I can't appreciate the way you stood up to me earlier. And you were right, I have not always been a perfect father.

Clark: No sir, I...

General: No I needed to hear that. Nobody's had the guts to talk to me like that since my wife passed away.

Clark: You must really miss her.

General: Everyday. But, thankfully I get to see my Ella in our daughters faces. Can I give you some advice Clark?

Clark: Yeah.

General: Going to war, having to deal with the rush of battle, and the struggle to save lives. It made coming home and doing the simple things difficult. But you know it's funny, it's the simple things like taking a walk, or dancing with your wife, tucking in the kids...that make us human. And don't get me wrong, I-I've loved serving our country, I even got to be a hero a couple times...but if I had to do it over again, I'd spend more time with the family.

Clark: Your girls love you sir. Your their hero.

General: But I think Lois has got herself a brand new hero now. huh? I almost lost her tonight, the grace of God we're all gonna get to have ourselves a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. And that's all thanks to the Blur. Hm?

Clark: So Lois being saved by vigilante that will change your mind on the bill?

General: Well, you gotta admit I kind of liked her having her own private guardian angel. But, not every hero has the Blur's code of honor.

Clark: Not all politicians have yours. Some will use the law to destroy people.

General: I'm a military man Clark, I have to believe that when push comes to shove, America'll do the right thing. Kind of like Lois did the right thing by you tonight. For years I've been giving her boyfriends an impossible list of chores to do, not to test them....

Clark: To test Lois?

General: [ nods and smiles ] Those poor bastards, I put them through hell. Lois never said a thing. That's how I knew she didn't love them.

Clark: About Lois and I. There's a question I was hoping to ask you. [ smiles ]

[ They are all eating dinner happily ]

Rick: No more hiding in the shadows, that's a declaration of war. [ Talks on walkie ]: Go.

[ Bomb explodes ]

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