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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 8th, 2010


Provided by Susana

Previously on "Smallville"...

 [ Wind howls ]

[ Monster yells, bats fly ]

Godfrey: I need you to understand that, I need you to get behind that. These illegal aliens are stealing our jobs, they're dodging taxes, and like so many others they're thumbing their noses in the face of truth, justice, and the American way.

[ Window tapping, lightning ]

Godfrey: It's time to sign off now, but a big thank you to my loyal followers; we're small, but we're loud. This is Gordon Godfrey saying night ya'll, stand up for the American dream.

[ Clicks off ]

[ Window breaks, Gordon screams ]

Godfrey: You will not be saved, don't put your faith in this hero menace!

[ Clapping ]

Godfrey: Vote this Fall. Because I am afraid for our nation. Terrified, for the innocent people of this country who are counting on these vigilantes to lift them up out of the darkness. Out of the darkness and into the light. [ More clapping ]

[ Godfrey continues speaking in the distance ]

Lois: 50 bucks says the crackpot with the Blur in his bonnet is just gunning for a little attention.

[ Clark smiles ]

Clark: [ Quietly ] Lois. Hey.

Lois: Hey.

[ They hug tightly]

Lois: Sorry about the lame letter, I'm lousy at good-byes.

Clark: No I--it's just, I figured that something happened.

Lois: You mean something like "Go to Africa, Lois"?

Clark: Well I may--maybe I said that, but I--

Lois: I thought you wanted me to take the job?

Clark: No! It-ju-it look I knew it was a big break for your career. Right, well now that you're back are we

Lois: Of course [ Smiles ] Unless you're disappointed I'm not blonder?

Clark: Cat? No she's uh--

Lois: Misguided?

Clark: Misguided. [ nods ] She's no Lois Lane.

Lois: Well, obviously.

Clark: [ Looks at watch ] She uh--She actually was supposed to meet me here. We were going to cover the signing.

Lois: Hmm, strangest thing about Miss Grant, she was um, conveniently volunteered to cover a dog-sled race in Alaska.

[ Clapping in distance ]

Godfrey: We know who our real heroes are, and they are not these faceless mutants. These aborations skulking in the shadows. Their powers serve their secret vigilante agenda.

[ Clapping and cheering ]

Clark: They're really into this guy aren't they?

Lois: Well I'm sure the Blur knows that he is just taking pot-shots to sell books.

Clark: Yeah. This guy's probably not even on the Blur's radar.

Godfrey: And what about this Blur? A freak, a pariah so disfigured he doesn't dare show his face. Is this the kind of savior you want your children believing in? I say no!

[ Clapping and cheering once more ]

Lois: On second thought this blustering blow hard, just crossed the line. Break out the marshmallows Clark, I'm going to roast this turkey.

Clark: Wait, Lois.

Godfrey: I say stop the menace.

[ Sign breaks, people start screaming but is stopped by Kara ]

[ Clapping ]

Lois: Isn't that your cousin, Clark?

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Credits roll in ]

Lois: Maiden of Might? Seriously illiterate much?

Clark: I need to find Kara.

[ Lois sighs ]

Lois: Bye-bye Barbie dream desk. [ Throws everything away ]

Clark: At least someone figured out where she flew off to. I can't believe I just said that out loud. [ Clicks computer ]

Lois: You must have been pretty surprised by your cousins super-girl status?

Clark: Well, yeah she didn't tell me about it.

Lois: She must have had a close encounter with a meteor rock. [ Clark nods ]

Clark: Yeah meteor rock, that's what happened. She was infected the last time she was in town.

Lois: But why would she flaunt her special skills? Coming out is a-Is a terrible, terrible move. You saw those crowds, Clark. All their doubts and mistrust.

Clark: Yeah mutant vigilantes. Can't believe people would turn on their heroes that fast. But in the end Lois, you did win them over. You never know, maybe if the Blur was more honest and showed his face like Kara, people would be able to trust him. And then Godfrey's book wouldn't get so much attention.

Lois: That's a horrible idea. The Blur, got it right and Kara could learn a thing or two from him. By not staying in the shadows; she not only puts herself in danger, she puts you in danger too.

Clark: She'd put me in danger?

Lois: I mean everyone around her. All I'm saying, is Uber-girl makes for a great headline and people will swarm her with love today, and crucify her tomorrow. Think about it Clark, your captivating 'Cous needs to hide her baby-blues behind glasses and go undercover, before a hero-hater like Godfrey, turns his sights on her.

Photographer: Alright, great. Sweet. [ Photo clicks ] Sexy, powerful, you're the woman of Yeah. [ Photo clicks ]

Kara: Let's take a break.

Photographer: Okay. Let's take 5 guys'.

Kara: It's been a long time, Kal-El. I missed you. [ They hug ]

Clark: I missed you too. Surprise seeing you today, how long have you been in town? You didn't come to Earth to be the first super-powered pin up girl.

Kara: It's critical I got my image around the city as quickly as possible. You just have to trust me, Kal-El. I'm doing this for you.

Clark: Kara, this doesn't feel like much of a favor.

Kara: I searched so long for my mother and I never found her. You and I, are the last survivors of the House of El. [ Sighs] After everything we've been through together, I had to come back to the one place in the Universe I have family.

[ Clark nods ]

Clark: Well, what you're doing right now flies in the face of how I've chosen to live on this planet my whole life. We both know that, now if you really care about family; tell me what you're doing here, and stop avoiding the question.

Kara: I didn't want to hurt you. Jor-El has given me a mission, I'm getting my powers and image around the city your a part of it.

Clark: He gave you a mission? What did he say?

Kara: He's let you go, Kal-El. I'm sorry. He says you're no longer his son.

[ Church song playing ]

[ Lois slams book shut ]

Lois: Not a bad read. Did you care to comment on your embarrassing save by a certain girl-wonder?

Godfrey: Bless my soul, it's Lois Lane. If you want a quote, you'll have to get in line.

Lois: You can save your holier than thou made for TV platitudes and drown them in some water mister. I have had enough of you blindly taking pot-shots at Metropolises heroes.

[ Godfrey chuckles ]

Godfrey: You call yourself a journalist, but you're just a blind follower of these vigilantes.

Lois: One of these so called 'Vigilantes' just saved your skin.

Godfrey: She risked people's lives in a ploy to undermine the message of my book. She may fly, but I have a feeling that blonde bimbo is no angel. I have people investigating, they're going to find something on her and the other super-powered mutants.

Lois: How would you feel if someone started poking around in your life?

Godfrey: I have nothing to hide, but I do know one vigilante who does. Green Arrow, a connection of mine, who has toyed with him gave me evidence that the archer, is really a certain praved playboy; you're ex-boyfriend I believe. His secret identity will be revealed when I release the final chapter of my book online tomorrow. Even his true believers faith will be shaken.

[ Oliver breathing slowly ]

[ Memory fades in ]

[ Arrow tightening, shoots and hits target ]

[ Oliver and Chloe kiss ]

[ Memory fades out ]

[ Oliver punches wood, Lois claps ]

Lois: Wow! Mortal Kombat meets wood-chipper, I like it. Too bad you have more to worry about right now then a 2 by 4.

Oliver: Ah, I'm glad to see that Africa managed to survive the whole Lois Lane envasion. Tell me, what brings little miss cut and run back to town?

[ Lois throws shirt to Oliver ]

Lois: Destiny.

Oliver: That old thing? [ Lois nods ]

Lois: Mmhm.

Oliver: You know you're not fooling anyone wracking up all these air-line miles. I know all about preemptive strikes, okay? You hurt them first you don't have to worry about the ways your going to eventually let them down later on. Then you give them whiplash writes them bad because you regret it.

Lois: Easy with the dress down buddy, I just ran for the hills because I thought that I was going to mess things up for Clark. We are so different I-not a bad different, I just don't know how his chocolate and my peanut butter are going to mix.

Oliver: Huh. I've never known you to surrender to anyone, or anything.

Lois: I'm not actually here to talk about me. There is a guy out there Gordon Godfrey, and he thinks that Green Arrow is my ex-boyfriend.

Oliver: He does?

Lois: [ Lois nods ] Mmhm.

Oliver: You know I think we just leave him alone, you know? Let the blow hard, eventually blow himself out. In the meantime, I can handle a few slings and arrows, I'm sure you can too.

Lois: Oliver, Godfrey's got proof. He has a secret chapter about you and he's going to post it online tomorrow. He knows who you are.

Oliver: Well maybe people deserve to know the truth.

Lois: People deserve to be saved, and it is safer for you if your in the shadows, it's safer for all the heroes.

Oliver: Maybe, or maybe the cost of keeping my secret is too high and it's time to pay the piper.

Lois: If you're not going to seriously step up and kick this creep to the curb, then I will.

[ Car door opens ]

Lady: Gordon, that interview was hot, hot, hot. We have a problem, your final chapter is going online tomorrow, and I haven't seen it.

Godfrey: I kept the only copy close to me for safe keeping. Didn't want it getting into the wrong hands.

Lady: Well I'm your publicist, don't you think I should take a look?

Godfrey: The secret stays with me.

Lady: Okay, well, I guess I have to trust you. I don't know what's gotten into you lately, three weeks ago you're a small town radio host, now the whole city's listening.

Godfrey: I need you to take me further. I want to be on every television, in every newspaper, on every computer screen, I want to touch every soul.

Lady: The whole world? Exactly how do you propose to do that?

Godfrey: If I can plant an idea, a seed of doubt within people; it will grow until it devours their faith in each other, and in these heroes. Faithless, it'll be ready to be lead down a new path, humans; are the best architects of their own undoing. All you have to do is give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves.

Lady: Take it easy, Gordon, you sounded a little scary there. [ Chuckles ] Why don't you take a break tonight? Let off some steam. [ Pats Godfreys leg ] I'll call you later.

[ Opens door and closes ]

Godfrey: Take me to club Desaad.

Lois: Yes, sir.

[ Ignition runs ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Kara: I know about your little shortcut to the Fortress.

Clark: Give me the key, Kara. I want to talk to my father.

Kara: There's no point in confronting Jor-El.

[ Clark grabs Kara's hand ]

Clark: You said he disowned me and I want to know why.

Kara: This is bigger then just Jor-El.

[ Clark grabs the key from her hand ]

Kara: A darkness has come to Earth. I've been trying to draw it towards me so I can stop it.

Clark: I was the one sent to Earth to protect it, Jor-El should've come to me.

Kara; [ Scoffs ] He said your not ready.

Clark: He's afraid that I'll fail. After all the trails and all the training that I've gone through. But he's the one whose confused, because I know my own destiny.

Kara: Kal-El, you think you have all the answers, but the evil thats coming is like nothing you've ever seen. It takes advantage of people's doubts.

Clark: There's nothing out there that I can't handle.

Kara: Pretty strong words from a guy who can't even figure out his own powers. It's the truth Kal-El, you've been on Earth all this time and you can't even fly. You can't come out this thing without all of your abilities.

Clark: What if you can't fight it on your own? You'd rather put the world at risk and trust Jor-El, then believe in me? Your my only family, and I need your help.

[ Kara nods ]

Clark: I think I liked it better when I was showing you the ropes.

Kara: I guess change is in the air.

[ Clark closes his eyes ]

Clark: This is easy for you huh?

Kara: No it's-it's not easy or hard, it just is. I mean I-I reach for the sky and the world just falls away. I'm not thinking of anything I'm just in the moment.

[ Distant chatter and sounds ]

Clark: The more I try to clear my mind, the more I hear.

Kara: Kal-El, instead of trying to force the noise out, why don't you just focus on one thing? Like that butterfly. Live inside that one noise. Make it your whole world.

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Clark falls to the ground crashing really hard ]

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Clark throws board hard angrily ]

Kara: Well, it's a start.

Clark: It's not flying if it's worse then falling.

Kara: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone against your fathers wishes. I shouldn't have helped you.

Clark: No. Look I just need to figure it out.

Kara: Your doubting your powers, your frustrated, you can't focus. You are not ready.

Clark: I'm not going to stand here and do nothing.

Kara: The darkness it came through a rip in the universe three weeks ago. You think it's just going to wait around until you're ready? Just leave it to me.

Clark: Three weeks ago?

Kara: What? What is it?

Clark: I think I know how it came here.

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Air whoosh ]

Clark: You said the darkness came through a tear in the universe, made sense. Three weeks ago I was on this rooftop when I opened a portal using the book of Rao. The darkness came through a gateway, maybe it can leave through one.

Kara: I've used my bracelet before. To open a portal.

[ Clark nods ]

Kara: This dark force is like a disease.

Clark: How did it become so powerful?

Kara: It can see your thoughts and feelings. It can find the one morsel of doubt that even the purest person doesn't realize they have inside of them. It can possess you, but it can't possess someone whose pure of spirit. Who has true clarity of purpose. What your father....

Clark: Thinks that it'll pray upon some weakness inside of me.

Kara: Kal-El, if this dark force possess someone with abilities like yours, it can be the greatest weapon this planet has ever seen.

Oliver: Mom, hey dad. [ tsk ] I've been um, really trying to live my life in a way that would make you uh-proud of me, [ gulps ] I uh sort of feel like I've let you down. You always said the most important thing was taking care of others, and I uh [ sighs ] I tried, but I failed at that. The woman that I uh-that I love [ clears throat ] she-she sacrificed everything to protect me and um, sort of trying to figure out how to live with that. I can't have other people risking their lives for me. This has to stop. I'm sorry. [ Places kiss on the picture ]

[ Door opens, music playing ]

Lois: You look like a man who needs a little corrupting.

Godfrey: I'm on the hunt.

[ Lois slaps him softly on the cheek with a whip ]

Godfrey: For a little distraction.

Lois: I think the hunter has become the hunted. Well, well, well, huh. [ Chuckles ] uh-oh-uh-oh [ Pushes Godfrey down on the couch ] You've been a bad boy, so... [ slaps his chest with the whip ]

Godfrey: Dangerous [ Lois chuckles ] What's your favorite tool?

Lois: Oh, I'm pretty good with a torque wrench.

Godfrey: Huh, kinky. I'm a torque wrench virgin. [ Godfrey grabs Lois' leg ]

[ Lois chuckles ]

Lois: Uh-oh-uh, now hands off the merchandise. [ pours wax on his chest ]

[ Lois slaps his hands playfully ]

Lois: Let's just put these up here, huh? [ locks his hands in handcuffs ] looks like somebody likes to be punished, huh?

Godfrey: Uh-huh.

Lois: Now where were we? [ Cracks whip ]

[ Girls walk in, chuckling ]

Lois: Yo, spray-on latex sisters. Hook a mistress up? You, sin on a stick, you just you know? [ shows his chest ] smash your body up against his. And you, you are the girl his mama warned him about.

[ Girls moaning ]

[ Lois takes out phone and snaps photo ]

Lois: That's right, make him pay. There you go.

Godfrey: Now that you got me under your control, what are you going to do with me?

Lois: Girls, why don't you go and uh spank each other or something? Things are about to heat up in here. Gotcha. [ pulls off mask ]

Godfrey: Impressive.

Lois: Great photos, definitely page 1 material.

Godfrey: You're a formidable woman, Lois Lane. You're seething with ambition, with you it's all about the byline, you'll do anything; sacrifice anyone for the story.

Lois: Oh, that's a little harsh, don't you think?

Godfrey: How much are those photos worth to you? Maybe I could give you something that's worth more. What if I share my evidence condemning Oliver Queen gave you the banner headline?

Lois: Tempting, but nobody's going to believe a word you have to say after they see all these sexy photos. [ Clicks phone ] Done, and done. You are officially fodder for the tabloids.

Godfrey: [ Angry voice ] I don't care about the photos Lois.

[ Handcuffs come off easily ]

Lois: Wow, [ Chuckles nervously] wow, they were fake. But I guess the-the purple feathers should have been a dead giveaway, huh? Hey [ Godfrey grabs Lois' wrist hard, Lois grunts in pain ]

Godfrey: I can see that you're pure of heart. It's too bad, taking over that body would've been fun.

[ Lois grabs tazer ]

Lois: Back off buddy, or I'm going to burn all the fur off your arms.

[ Lois tries to taze him but is blocked by Godfrey and punches him but is unsuccessful ]

[ Godfrey pushes Lois into the wall hard and knocks her out ]

[ Doors open ]

Kara: And I thought the Fortress was your only hideaway.

Clark: It's called Watchtower but it's more of a command post. It's sort of banded together a group of heroes.

Kara: A lots changed since the last time I saw you Kal-El. Maybe Jor-El underestimated you.

Clark: It's how we access the news feeds.

Kara: We should cast a pretty wide net, the host is probably in a leader with influence.

Clark: This Godfrey guy, he's everywhere. He's got a personal vendetta against heroes.

Godfrey: [ over the computer ] Any citizen whose been a victim of the vigilante menace, you're not alone. They pretend to be your saving grace, and they turn on you. They violate your trust. [ Clark uses super hearing ] These vigilantes are committing crimes and getting away with it. Open your eyes, people. How many times [ Super hearing stops ] do you hear about victims who were mugged---

Clark: Did you hear that?

Godfrey: [ Over computer ] And they don't even know who it was. [ Kara uses super hearing ] It's called super-speed folks. [ Stops using hearing ]

Kara: That's it.

Clark: The darkness is in Godfrey.

Kara: He's been pretty public, so it can't be hard to find him.

[ Computer beeps ]

Kara: Okay, I have a street security camera with a limo. Looks like Godfrey was downtown a few hours ago.

Clark: The driver with Godfrey.

[ Computer clicks ]

Clark: That's Lois.

[ Clark whooshes out ]

[ Kara whooshes out ]

[ Lois grunting, trying to speak but is gagged ]

Godfrey: Congratulations, Lois. You've proven yourself a true believer of these vigilantes. [ Lois grunts ] And your saintly suffering is just what I need to bring the Blur to me.

[ Machine whirs, tightening the bonds on Lois ]

[ Lois groans in pain ]

Godfrey: Fight all you want, you won't be able to escape your fate.

[ Music playing ]

Kara: What is this place?

Clark: It's kind of hard to explain, but just try to blend in. Look, are you sure that Lois' cell phone was tracked here?

Kara: According to the computers at the Watchtower, yeah.

Clark: We'll split up, we'll cover more ground.

[ Doors open and close ]

Clark: Godfrey! I'm here for Lois.

Godfrey: That's too bad. Her idealism and blind faith in the vigilante she loves has gotten her in way over her head.

Clark: What have you done with her? Let her go.

Godfrey: Lois has served her purpose. She brought one of you, to me. Are you sure you can win against me? You know what I am, you know the doubt in your heart. [ Scoffs ] You so called heroes are false gods, all of you, and when people stop believing in you; you'll shatter like glass.

Clark: Just tell me where is she?!!

Godfrey: I can see it, underneath all of that bravado you're afraid you'll never be the hero you want to be. You wish you could kill me. I'm not the only one I can see that.You felt this way before, your heart is racing, you're at war with yourself, the turmoil is overwhelming.

Clark: Where is she?

Godfrey: There is darkness in you and great power, I think we'll go far together you and I.

Clark: I will never help you.

Godfrey: You won't have a choice.

[ Screeching, and lightning ]

[ It's blocked by Kara's bracelet, Godfrey falls to the ground ]

Kara: Are you alright?

Clark: It was like he could see inside me.

[ Lois groans in the background ]

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Clark see's Lois strapped ]

[ Air whoosh ]

[ Lois coughs ]

Kara: Are you alright?

[ Lois nods and pants ]

Lois: I think it's time we blow this bondage ball.

[ Kara smiles and nods ]

[ Clark is in the background with a sad expression ]

[ Door closes ]

Lois: Somebody should put Godfrey in some serious restraints, who knew Mr. family values had such a dark side.

Kara: Godfrey's not so special. There's two sides to everyone, even heroes.

Lois: Kara, off the record; what is it like? To have powers?

Kara: Lois since I've had my abilities I haven't been beholden to anyone, I feel like there's nothing holding me back, I'm free.

Lois: [ In sad voice ] That's too bad. I mean, It's great, It's just you're such a bang up gal and all I thought it might get a little lonely. [ Kara smiles ] Maybe it's easier to be a hero when you don't have somebody tying you down. I'm sure you think of people without powers as well, differently?

Kara: You know, it's easy for people to just see the powers and not the person behind them. I guess even heroes need someone to come home to, huh? [ Lois smiles ]

[ Places paper down ]

Lois: How's that for tying up loose ends? It's going to take more then a loud mouth with a deviant sex life to stop me. Buddy of mine at the Inquisitor ran it for me. Since leather and lace really isn't Planet fare.

Clark: Lois I think you went too far trying to discredit this annoying hero basher. You could have been killed.

Lois: Godfrey was undermining Metropolis's faith in it's defenders, I couldn't just stand by and let that happen.

Clark: What you did was brave, but..

Lois: Between you and me, I was terrified. My worst fear is to be alone in the world without heroes. Thank God Uber-girl, power-girl, mega-girl was there to save me from the galos. Your cousin needs a better handle.

Clark: Look just remember that heroes like her or the Blur, you put them too high of a pedestal they might let you down.

Lois: Thanks Clark, but I get it the super-powered are people too. They wrestle with their own flaws, but the Blur is different. He's my hero, no matter what he's afraid of I know he will always be there for me.

[ Clark accidentally bumps into Kara ]

Clark: Excuse me, sorry. Kara.

Kara: What do you think of my new look?

Clark: I think you look completely different. Why all of a sudden the cover-up?

Kara: You can't save people when you're the center of attention. But, I'm not going anywhere until I know Earth is safe from the darkness. Could be anywhere.

Clark: Yeah, I was wondering. The bracelet, it seemed to repel the darkness, not send it away.

Kara: I don't think the bracelet will work as a portal, the dark spirit is trapped inside of a host.

Clark: You're super-powered, why wouldn't the darkness want you? It's because you're pure of spirit. It's why you could never lure the darkness to you, with all of your saves.

Kara: I don't feel pure of spirit. I have just as many issues as anyone else.

Clark: But still you risked your soul to save me and if you hadn't jumped between us--

Kara: The dark spirit would have possessed you Kal-El.

Clark: It's like he could see things in me I didn't want to face.

Kara: Now imagine that creature wielding all of your powers. People of this planet would be doomed.

Clark: You sound like my father that I was destined to fail.

Kara: Failure is something that we all have to live with, but it's how you overcome it that defines you. [ Clark nods ] I know this isn't easy for you, but I need you to leave the darkness to me. This isn't your fight.

[ Clark notices the 'S' symbol on the wall with a mark on it ]

Man: Kind of makes you wonder if we put too much faith in these vigilantes.

Clark: Or maybe the Blur isn't the hero he thinks he is.

[ Lois slams something on the desk ]

Lois: [ Sighs ] Whose your mama?

Oliver: Is that a trick question?

[ Lois laughs ]

Oliver: What uh-what is this?

Lois: That is the only copy on the chapter of Green Arrow that Godfrey was going to reveal today. Yours truly picked Godfrey's pocket so you can rest assured that your secret is safe.

[ Oliver doesn't look pleased ]

Oliver: Hmm

Lois: Wow Lois, 007's got nothing on you, you're a brilliant and talented super sleuth.

Oliver: Thank you, I appreciate it, I know how much trouble you must have gone to get this. But, I can't uh-I can't have the people I love fighting my battles for me anymore, Lois.

Lois: What is this? Does this have anything to do with why Chloe took an extended vacation?

Oliver: About that, Chloe's not catching a tan on a beach somewhere like I told you she was, the truth is she left, and I don't think she's coming back.

Lois: What happened? Is she okay?

Oliver: She's okay, she's fine. But when a person you love knows your secret it becomes their secret too. And she was willing to give up everything to protect it, which unfortunately included me.

Lois: Wait, I-I think that you probably just need space. I know how she feels about you, she'll be back.

Oliver: Well I hope you're right. This has gone on long enough.

Lois: What's happening? What are you doing Oliver?

Oliver: Doing what I have to. [ Clicks button ] Send them in, please.

Lady: Yes, sir.

[ Door opens, revealing news reporters ]

Oliver: Thank you all for coming, I brought you here to make an announcement. People have these so-called vigilantes all wrong. There's only one way for me to set the record straight. I am Green Arrow.

[ Photos click ]

[ All of the news reporters start talking at once ]

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