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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 11, 2011


Provided by Suzan D.

Lois: Tess.

Tess: Yeah?

Lois: It looks like you've been taking spin classes, and not in the gym.

Tess: What are you talking about, Lois?

Lois: Censorship. I write an article against the VRA, and you turn it into venom for vigilantes.

Tess I didn't approve this article. I ... I didn't approve any of these articles.

Lois: Well, if you didn't green-light this garbage, who did? You know, I have better things to do than deal with your mess.

Tess: Excuse me?

Lionel: Tess.

Tess: Lionel Luthor. I thought ...

Lionel: Yes, well, rumors of my death... have been greatly exaggerated.

Lionel: What? You got a hug for your long-lost daddy? No?

Tess: Clark told me about this other earth. You're from there, aren't you?

Lionel: It doesn't matter where I'm from, Lutessa. I am still your father and, as far as this trusting world believes, the same man who successfully faked his own death.

Tess: Which also makes you the same man who abandoned me.

Lionel: Interesting, because in my world, you're the one who turned your back on me.

Tess: I'm sure I had my reasons.

Lionel: Oh, you did. I neglected you, Lutessa. But I won't make that mistake again. Clark opened the door between worlds, and that's given me a second chance to put things right between us, to be the father you always wanted.

Tess: What exactly do you want, Lionel?

Lionel: To provide for my family ... for you and for your brother. I was a fool. I turned my back on you for someone who betrayed me.

Tess: Well, Clark was never yours in this world. And Lex is dead.

Lionel: That is a lie, Tess. You saved Lex. And now he's out there alone somewhere because you discarded him. And you know the crippling scars that that can leave on a child, Lutessa. Where is he? Tell me now.

Tess: I don't know, but I'm gonna find him before you do.

Lionel: The boy doesn't need you. He needs his father.

Oliver: And they say being a wanted man's supposed to be a bad thing. Were you peeking at your ...

Chloe: I ...

Oliver: Okay. Mm.

Chloe: I ... just a peek, just a really quick peek.

Oliver: Right. The government may have framed me as a terrorist, but it would truly be criminal to keep you from checking up on the world, wouldn't it? And while you do that, I'm going to, uh, take a walk. I'm gonna stretch my legs out a little bit.

Chloe: Oliver? Hmm? Your stretching yesterday led to you stopping two muggings and a very public bank robbery.

Oliver: That's right. I wore the hoodie.

Chloe: And if you get caught, you're gonna be wearing prison orange, which is not the best color on you. Hey, I just got you back. I don't want to lose you again.

Television: We take you there now, live. ‘Vote down the VRA! Vote down the VRA! Tomorrow America votes on whether or not to overturn the VRA! Our heroes need our help now more than ever!’

Oliver: "Pro-hero rally"? Okay.

Clark: Lois? Lois? Lois, I'm home.

Lois: Hi, Clark. Now, I still think newspaper is the number-one way to spread the word, but you can't beat door to door for the personal touch. I just single-handedly swayed 30 more votes in our favor.

Clark: I love your enthusiasm, but I don't have much time for politics.

Lois: Do you have time for your mom? Because a certain senator has been working overtime to overturn the VRA. Her cross-country campaigning has raised enough hero support to force a national vote.

Clark: And I appreciate everything that she's done. But, Lois, the vote's tomorrow.

Lois: Clark, you don't give up on the game when there are seconds left on the clock.

Clark: I'm still out there saving people, Lois, whether they want me around or not.

Lois: You need to see something.

Television: A small motorcade has pulled up behind the podium. It looks like the keynote speaker has arrived. A major opponent of the VRA...

Lois: Clark, you were so focused on flying under the radar that you lost sight of the skyline. A lot of people still believe in heroes. They just need something to give them the courage to come out and fight.

Television: And now it is my great honor to introduce to you ... she's your hero and mine.

Clark: Or someone.

Television: Please welcome Senator Martha Kent! ‘These are difficult times. With heroes being painted as criminals, it's easy to lose hope. But if we don't speak up now, then when? My father always said, "life only asks of you what you can handle." Sometimes we can't do it on our own. That's why we need to join together in this crusade like a family. So that our united strength shines through the darkness like a beacon, inspiring others to find their voices. None of us is born to hate. We're taught to. That's why we need heroes ... to remind us that we are all meant to fight for truth and justice, to take a stand against fear and hate, to go to the polls tomorrow and vote down the VRA! Vote down the VRA! Vote down the VRA! Vote down the VRA! Vote down the VRA!

Lois: See? There's still hope.

Television: Vote down the VRA! Vote down the ... [gunshot]

Clark: I'm her son.

Security guard: Yes, Mr. Kent.

Martha: [on the phone] Thank you for your concern, Lois. Oh, hold on a second. Hi, sweetheart.

Clark: Mom.

Martha: Hi. [on the phone]I know. Clark does have a way of leaving abruptly. Um...I'm gonna stop by the farm later. Bye-bye. [hangs up]

Clark: You okay?

Martha: I'm fine. They convinced me to wear a bulletproof vest, and the other bullet just grazed my shoulder.

Clark: Why didn't you tell me you were in town? I could have protected you.

Martha: I had to protect you, Clark. The whole state is watching. It's not safe for you or your friends to be caught in the spotlight.

Clark: So you step into the spotlight, and look what happened ... somebody shot you.

Martha: They shot a senator to frighten people from going to the polls. I-I have to get back out and encourage people to stand up for what they believe in.

Clark: So more of them can get hurt? Mom, people are upset. They're getting violent.

Martha: Clark, if you don't let me do this, there will never be a day when you can come out of hiding. People need someone to believe in.

Clark: I'm not gonna let you sacrifice yourself.

Martha: Your father and I made a pact many years ago. We knew protecting you would always be dangerous, but we vowed to do it, even if it cost us our lives. I'm willing to sacrifice the same thing your father did.

Clark: But I'm not gonna let you go on a suicide mission for me. And the person who did this to you is still out there, and I'm gonna find them. I'm not ready to say goodbye to you, too.

[Clark leaves]

[Chloe comes in]

Chloe: He's just worried about you, Mrs. Kent. We all are. Oliver really wanted to come, too, but I was afraid he'd get recognized. You know, who would have thought there would have been a day when heroes need this much protection?

Martha: It's nothing new. A long time ago, Jonathan and I realized Clark wasn't just our blessing. Someday we'd have to share him with the world. Protecting him suddenly became a much bigger responsibility.

Chloe: That explains why the Red Queen eventually entered the game.

Martha: I've been watching you, too. I know you took over where Waller left off, but why did you leave Clark's side in the first place?

Chloe: Same reason you did. It turns out there's a very fine line between being protective and being overprotective.

Martha: We both needed to leave... For Clark to stand up on his own. But maybe we stepped away too far.

Chloe: Mrs. Kent, I never stopped watching his back.

Martha: Clark needs you as much as the world needs him. You're part of this family, Chloe.

Chloe: You know... Growing up, I never really had much of a mother figure to look up to ... until I met you. You really taught me what it meant to take care of the people that I love.

Martha: And as Clark's oldest friend, I can't think of anyone better to watch over him.

Reporter: With tensions rising and violence breaking out between VRA protestors and supporters in the wake of the attempt on Senator Kent's life, things are escalating very quickly here, Bruce.

Clark: Hey, what are you doing? Does Chloe know you're out here?

Oliver: Not exactly, no. She worries, Clark. You know, I can't stay holed up in Watchtower all day long. I'll drive myself crazy. And your mother was out here standing up for me, too.

Clark: She won't be doing much of anything if we don't figure out who did this. Did you find anything?

Oliver: No. No, the cops haven't found anything, either. They can't even find the bullets.

[Clark investigates broken glass on the ground and groans]

Oliver: Clark, you all right?

Clark: It's Kryptonite. The police didn't find any bullets because they're made out of meteor rock. They turned to dust on impact.

Oliver: The shooter knows your weakness.

Clark: They probably thought I'd try to stop it. This wasn't political. It was personal.

Lois: [on the phone] Lois Lane ... I called about doing a pro-hero piece for your paper. Well, then you really have no business calling yourselves "fair and balanced," now, do you? [hangs up]

Martha: Hi.

Lois: Hi. Oh! Let me get that for you.

Martha: Thank you. I see you've been baking again.

Lois: Well, yeah. I'm getting a little better. And I thought, because of what you've been through this morning, you know, you could use a little homespun sweetness.

Martha: Aww, that's very thoughtful, Lois.

Lois: Um, I also compiled a list of the top 10 possible shooters. Ray Sacks, Bruno Mannheim ... they're all in there. And ... yeah.

Martha: Lois.

Lois: Yeah?

Martha: Don't worry. I've been impressed with you for years. This is for you.

Lois: Really?

Martha: When I first came into this house, I was the city girl, and Jonathan's mom was...particular. I didn't think I'd ever measure up to everything she'd been for him his whole life. But on our wedding day, she gave me that necklace and said the thing she couldn't measure was Jonathan's happiness since he'd met me. But more importantly... you are a perfect fit for Clark. You inspire him.

Lois: I wish that I could inspire him a little right now. He just... he's losing hope. And I need to reach more people, but all of my journalistic jump shots keep getting blocked.

Martha: Did you know Perry White started out fighting for his causes as an outsider? He didn't think much of the conventional media, so he printed pamphlets out of a storage unit.

Lois: Storage unit? That is so low-rent and so rebel.

Lionel: You've grown up... Alexander.

Alexander: I watched your body fall 40 stories. It was the greatest moment of my life.

Lionel: Well, what father doesn't want to make his son happy? You don't need this. Kryptonite. You... you shot Martha Kent. Why would you do that? I understand she's a perfectly lovely woman.

Alexander: I was trying to kill him. I thought he'd blur in front of the bullet. The Kryptonite would tear through him. But he didn't come. He wasn't there to protect her.

Lionel: D-don't worry, son. I'm here now to protect you. No one will ever find out what happened today.

Alexander: Will you help me kill Clark?

Lionel: I betrayed you for that boy in another life. But now, here, we've got another chance. We'll work together. You're my flesh and blood... My only son. With my help, you will succeed. You will rule our family dynasty... No matter what it costs.

Chloe: Lois! Why am I at my Alma Mater? How am I supposed to be protecting my heroes off the grid if I'm totally on everybody's radar? And what's with all the Woodward and Bernstein?

Lois: Actually, more like Perry and White. These are Perry's files.

Chloe: Oh. That explains the smell of Old Spice and young ambition. I thought you'd be out campaigning right now.

Lois: Actually, I'd rather be writing, but no one wants to print pro-hero prose. I needed inspiration, a way to blow down those power puff pieces piling up against The Blur. And then it hit me like a banner headline ... go guerilla.

Chloe: Okay, bad banana jokes aside, Lois, do you really think that you and I passing out a bunch of pamphlets is gonna actually defeat the VRA?

Lois: Actually, I had a different idea. I just need you to hack into a couple of national news websites.

Chloe: How many?

Lois: All of them.

Clark: Oliver, you can forget about looking into those Kryptonite bullets. I found the shooter's crow's nest.

Oliver: He leave an autograph?

Clark: More or less ... something he scratched into the roof while he waited for my mother to get to the podium. I've only seen this one other place ... on the wall in Alexander's cell. He's the shooter.

Oliver: Don't worry, Clark. We'll find this guy.

[Oliver hangs up and walks into his office. Alexander and Lionel are there.]

Oliver: What the hell is this?

Lionel: Ah … forgot to change the locks. Lionel Luthor. It's a journal. My, uh, doppelganger's life makes for a very interesting read.

Oliver: Alexander. Well, I'll tell you what, boys ... I wouldn't get used to the view. You forget, I know where you're from. When people find out you're not the real Lionel...

Lionel: Not real? Why would anyone think that? I've been quietly reclaiming my assets for months now. Your illicit activities made it easy for me to buy you out at a bargain, and the Luthorcorp board has welcomed me back with open arms.

Oliver: Well, you know, in this world, you murdered my parents.

Lionel: In mine, too, and I had a very good reason. Hit me. Security's on the way. We'll add assault and battery. Come on.

Oliver: I'll pass. So, what was that this morning, huh? Was that, uh ... was that your idea? Show Daddy that you got the killer instinct, too? Is that what that was?

Lionel: Are you making an accusation against my son? No one will take your word. You're a convicted felon. You should have stayed out of the spotlight, but you wanted celebrity. You made one fatal mistake ... you trusted them, the people. They're vulgar, uneducated, and stupid, and they don't even know when you're fighting for them. Must be heart-wrenching.

Oliver: Well, you got it all figured out. I'll tell you what ... I wouldn't underestimate the common man in tomorrow's vote. When the VRA is repealed and my name is cleared... I'm coming after you.

Lionel: No, you're wrong. Tomorrow, the people will turn on you again, believe me. You missed the mark, Green Arrow.

Alexander: And now it's our turn... again.

Tess: Come on, Clark.

Clark: Tess?

Tess: Clark, I have been calling you.

Clark: I've been busy. I found out who the shooter was ... Alexander. I'm gonna scan traffic cameras to retrace his steps.

Tess: Clark, Alexander's not the only Luthor that's crawling back into our lives. Lionel's here.

Clark: Lionel?

Tess: He followed you from his parallel world, and he knows about Alexander.

Oliver: Uh, even worse, he's already found him. I just got back from father/son day at Luthorcorp. Alexander's all grown up. The family's back in business.

Clark: Lionel's rebuilding his empire with Lex by his side.

Tess: Clark, you saw the world that Lionel built over there. Use the mirror box and send them both away.

Clark: I destroyed the mirror box. Maybe Jor-El has a way to send Lionel home.

Oliver: Well, snow dad's been a little frosty lately, right? Maybe we should figure out a different way to get that genie back in the bottle.

Tess: Yeah, I agree with Oliver. Don't you have other ways to deal with them?

Clark: No one does anything till I get back from the Fortress.

Lionel: This is your home, Alexander. You'll be safe here. You always remember, son ... a Luthor's home is his castle.

Martha: But this really isn't your home, Lionel, is it? And we both know this boy is sick and needs serious help.

Lois: Alexander, would you leave us a minute, please? Go on. It's all right. It's all right. So... Senator Martha Kent. I assume Clark told you about his journey through the looking glass.

Martha: And he just called me about yours. You don't belong here.

Lionel: That's strange, coming from you. Where does your son belong? Certainly not here.

Martha: Well, on this side of the mirror, Clark is a force for good. And if you try to hurt him... I will destroy you.

Lionel: I find you very attractive, Martha. I understand why I had such strong feelings for you. I loved to give you presents. There was a wristwatch. You remember?

Martha: Lionel and I had nothing to hide.

Lionel: Engraved ... "to Martha, with deep affection." Did you share that with your husband?

Martha: Stay away from Clark. You may have used him in your world to kill Lex, but you won't use him in this one.

Lionel: Alexander!

Alexander: Is that true? You abandoned me in this world and wanted me dead in the next?

Lionel: Oh, my God, son, what have you done?

Alexander: "Son"? Isn't it a little late for that? In two separate worlds, you picked your son... And it wasn't me. You loved her son.

Lionel: I was wrong, Alexander. I ... th ... that's why I came back here to find you!

Alexander: No second chances, Lionel. It's time to end this family feud.

Lionel: Alexander, please listen to me.

Alexander: I know I'm dying. I'm aging faster and faster. I have all of Lex's memories. And he despised every single one of you.

Lionel: Listen to me, son. Don't let hate master you. Make it your servant. Use it. Let it build inside you. Your hate can make you strong. I can teach you how.

Alexander: There's nothing left for you to teach me. I'm taking pity on you, Martha. I know how much it would kill you to watch your son die.

Clark: I was halfway to the Fortress when I realized what you meant by taking care of the Luthors another way. You're looking for the Phantom Zone crystal, aren't you?

Tess: You sent Slade there, didn't you?

Clark: The VRA forced my hand. And when the justice system here is fixed, I'll bring him back to stand trial.

Tess: How can you be so good, Clark?

Alexander: Because no one taught him to hate... like Lionel taught me.

Tess: Alexander.

Alexander: But don't worry. I took care of my father... and your mom, too, Clark.

Clark: What did you do?

Tess: Clark!

Alexander: Part of growing up is letting go of your parents, Clark ... something you've always struggled with.

Tess: Where are they?

Alexander: Back at the mansion ... or what's left of it, since it's burning to the ground as we speak.

Clark: You're not a killer, not yet. You can come back.

Alexander: I'm the last Lex Luthor. After I die, there's no coming back.

Tess: Alexander ...

Alexander: No, Tess! I am done with all of you! And you. Always making yourself look better by making me look like some kind of monster!

Clark: You're not him.

Tess: You keep blaming everybody else, but look who has the gun in their hand. I know how you feel. After living in the darkness for so long, you feel like you can't step into the light, 'cause it makes you feel ashamed. But Clark was the one that changed everything for me. He can do the same thing for you.

Alexander: W-why would you want to help me? I'm your enemy. We've been locked in battle for years.

Clark: You're not locked into anything. You had something Lex never had, and that's Tess. She loved you.

Tess: I still love you. I do. And I know that I'm not perfect. But I'll always be there for you. Okay?

Clark: This isn't over.

Lois: Cheer up, Clark. Lex, Lionel ... you had a big win tonight.

Clark: I think we'll still lose today. And after this vote, I'll be an outlaw forever.

Chloe: Hey, you might want to take a look at this.

Clark: "A beacon of hope shining light on the truth"?

Lois: It's our answer to the VRA.

(Video comments from various Metropolis people)

Hey, Blur, it's Brian. I like to consider myself a longtime supporter of these "vigilantes," as they like to call it now. All of my hopes were confirmed when I saw that mysterious letter "S" showing up everywhere. I knew it was you guys. And so, what it's worth, Blur, thank you. You've already changed my life. Keep fighting, no matter what.

I remember what it was like here in Metropolis before he came. You couldn't even walk the streets. But since The Blur came, we have hope. So I just want to let The Blur know that there are still people who support him, and I'm one of them.

Being a hero isn't about being able to save every person from a mugging or ... or pull someone from a burning building, but to give people hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The Blur is a symbol for integrity and morality and selflessness. If you're listening to this, Blur, thank you for everything.

Man #2: I want to be a hero to my kids. I want to be a hero that helps give them faith in themselves that they can accomplish greatness. Thank you for helping me believe that heroes can and do exist.

Blur, I want to thank you. As long as you're doing what you're doing to keep the people of our hometown safe, us boys and girls here can keep on doing our jobs.

Man #3: I look at The Blur and his powers that he has, and they're amazing, to be sure of, but that's not what inspires me about him. It's his character.

When I see The Blur and others like him turn their differences into strengths, it gives me hope that one day I can do the same.

He's always there for us, standing up for us and doing what's right. That's who a hero is ... somebody who stands up for others. And everybody has their favorite hero. Well, my favorite hero is The Blur. Thanks for being somebody that I can count on to do what's right. We love you, blur. We're always here for you.

Clark: I can't believe they'd risk coming out to defend me.

Chloe: You have no idea how much you mean to people, Clark Kent.

Clark: But I don't think a couple hundred testimonials will be enough to change the vote.

Chloe: Try a couple hundred thousand... All of them willing to step forward for you. They just needed a place to be heard.

Lois: You're an American hero, Clark.

Television: This historic vote is, of course, the first of its kind, with an unprecedented number of people going to the polls. And I've just been told, with all 50 states reporting in, we can announce that the measure to repeal The Vigilante Registration Act... has passed.

Clark: Thank you.

Lois: You should thank your mom and Perry. They were my inspiration.

Clark: You know, I thought that people had given in to the hate. I didn't realize how much hope there was out there. I wish I would have had more faith. I want to be the man that you made that suit for.

Martha: Clark, you don't need a suit to the be the world's hero.

Clark: Well, when I saw those people willing to defend me, it was inspiring. It got me to thinking that, in order for The Blur to be a true beacon of hope, maybe people need to see my face, too. I've been to the future, and I saw the hero that I will become save the city. But I also saw me ... I mean...Clark Kent ... disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.

Martha: Well, I'm sure you still looked very handsome.

Clark: Mom, I just don't know how I can treat Clark Kent as a disguise. I mean, you and dad raised me to be who I am right now ... the real Clark Kent.

Martha: What's real is your strength and integrity and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn't matter what you wear or what name you go by, because... You'll always be my son.

Clark: So, you're saying I should become that hero and step into the light?

Martha: Clark... You are the light. Oh, gosh, your dad would be so proud.

Alexander: Hey, Tess.

Tess: Hey. Are you okay?

Alexander: I feel sick.

Tess: Come here. Sit down.

Alexander: I'm beginning to forget things.

Tess: Can you remember what you did yesterday?

Alexander: What if I forget everything? What if I forget you?

Tess: Come here. Come here, Alexander. I promise you ... I promise you... that I will make everything okay.

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