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Smallville Transcripts


First aired May 14, 2002

Picture of Lana getting blown up from "Obscura"

Provided by Glynis

Lana: It's been a long time since we've done this.

Whitney: Yeah.

Lana: I thought it'd be nice, you know? Something to keep your mind off of...

Whitney: It's okay. You can say it, I'm not gonna break. Sorry, I've just been kind of out of it lately.

Lana: I'm here if you need to talk.

Whitney: Well, there was one thing I wanted to ask you. Would you be my date to the Spring Formal?

Lana: Of course. You didn't have to ask.

Whitney: I guess I'm just not taking anything for granted anymore.

Watts: This is Watts and Vertigo. We have a gas main fire just off of Route 12, mile marker 18.

Lana: Whitney, look.

Whitney: Hey!

Lana: Hey!

Whitney: Hey! Lana get out of here.

Lana: Wait, no!

Whitney: Get out of here! Run! Look at the pipe.

Man: Everybody! Clear on out!

Whitney: Lana, get out of here! Go! Run! Lana!

Man: Get down!

Whitney: Lana! Lana!

Clark: Hey, I just heard. Is she all right?

Whitney: Yeah. They gave her something to help her rest.

Clark: How are you holding up?

Whitney: I kind of hoped I'd seen my last hospital room in a while.

Clark: Hey, hey. I thought you'd be halfway to Metropolis by now.

Chloe: Ah, it's just a summer internship. I can always reschedule.

Clark: You've been waiting for that interview at the Planet for weeks.

Chloe: I know. I just feel weird taking off right now.

Clark: Lana's gonna be okay. It's just a mild concussion.

Chloe: Okay, I'm crashing at my cousin's dorm. Call me on my cell if anything goes wrong at the Torch.

Clark: We can survive one day without you.

Chloe: Are you gonna wish me luck?

Clark: You don't need it.

Chloe: All right. Bye.

Clark: Bye. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Whitney: Yeah.

Lana: Chloe!

Clark: Who was that? The plumber?

Martha: No, your school. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. They're looking for chaperones for the Spring Formal.

Clark: Oh. What'd you say?

Martha: I said you hadn't even mentioned it.

Clark: I don't think the whole tux and limo thing is for me. Besides, it's customary to have a date to a dance.

Martha: Which is why it's customary to ask someone.

Jonathan: Martha, stay out of it. Son, can you see if you can get that trap out of there for me?

Clark: Uh, sure, Dad.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Martha: So, are you planning on asking Chloe or not?

Jonathan: She just can't help herself. Don't use the sink till I get back.

Martha: Well, you said you had feelings for her.

Clark: It's not about Chloe.

Martha: You can't keep putting your life on hold because of Lana.

Clark: But if she sees me with someone else, it's like saying the door's closed.

Martha: The door is closed, Clark. You need to admit that to yourself. Hi, Lex. Come on in.

Lex: Sorry to barge in. I came by to see you and Mr. Kent.

Martha: Oh, I'll go get him.

Lex: You in a hurry?

Clark: Yeah. I'm taking over at the Torch while Chloe's out of town. I'll catch up with you later.

Jonathan: Hi, Lex.

Lex: Hey.

Jonathan: What can I do for you?

Lex: The paperwork on the chemical spill finally came through.

Jonathan: Well, I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Lex: Since the dumping wasn't done by an actual LuthorCorp employee, it did require jumping through some corporate hoops. The, uh, accident was unfortunate. I know your loss can't be fixed entirely with money, but I hope this helps.

Jonathan: Well, I appreciate the gesture, but I hope we're not getting special treatment because of your friendship with Clark.

Lex: I assure you, Mr. Kent, that has nothing to do with this.

Martha: This is very generous, Lex.

Lex: Actually, it isn't. It reflects the exact value of the herd and grazing land you lost. I wouldn't insult you by putting you in my debt. All I want is to leave the doubt between us in the past.

Lana: Better. Now it only hurts when I walk, sit, or breathe.

Clark: I'm surprised to see you. Usually a hospital visit comes with a get out of jail free card.

Lana: Actually, I was looking for Chloe.

Clark: She's not here. She's in Metropolis until tonight.

Lana: You covering?

Clark: Well, if you could call it that. The printer's jammed, the scanner's broken, and the Spring Formal event schedule is late. Chloe leaves for a day and the Torch goes down in flames.

Lana: It's safe to say we won't lose you to the entrancing world of journalism. So, have you talked to Chloe?

Clark: I left a message on her cell phone. I think she's busy convincing the Planet they were insane ever to publish without her. What's up?

Lana: I had this intense dream about Chloe I just can't shake. It was totally surreal, but I dreamed that she was attacked outside of the hospital. I know, sounds crazy.

Clark: But, it's got you freaked.

Lana: It's just it felt like I was right there. She was walking to her car and she was getting her keys out of that red bag with the butterflies on it. What is it?

Clark: She... she was carrying that red bag when she left the hospital. Do you want me to call her dad to see if she's all right?

Lana: You know, I'm sure it's just the concussion. I don't want to scare him just because I spent the night on painkillers.

Clark: Yeah, it was probably just a nightmare.

Lana: Um, I'll see you later.

Lex: Since I didn't call you, and I haven't heard of any three-headed sheep born in Smallville recently, what brings the Inquisitor to town, Roger?

Roger: We need to talk.

Lex: Oh, I seriously doubt that.

Roger: It seems you're giving out gifts to the competition. Now we had an arrangement. You give me stories, I give you information. Now, what did Karen Castle do for you that I couldn't?

Lex: She gave me a pretty mean shiatsu massage.

Roger: Well, mock all you want, Lex. It just means I've had to take the initiative, develop my own leads. There's a story here in Smallville and I am going to make my name on it.

Lex: I thought my position was clear. I don't want you going anywhere near the Kents. They're more than off-limits, they're under my protection.

Roger: And what about the meteors? Are they under your protection too?

Lex: You have something?

Roger: I found a man who had a very interesting view of the meteor shower. Claims he saw something falling out of the sky.

Lex: We all did.

Roger: Yeah, well not like this.

Lex: If you're feeling so abused, why are you bringing this to me?

Roger: Getting the full story takes money and access, and unlike some, I always hold up my end of the deal. Get ready to thank me.

Clark: The stupid thing won't start!

Jonathan: Clark, what's going on, son?

Clark: I'm worried.

Jonathan: I'm sure that Chloe's gonna call any minute and you'll realize you've been worrying about nothing.

Clark: Yeah. I'm glad we'll finally be able to get rid of this. You know, we spend more time fixing it that we doing riding it.

Jonathan: Well, I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to retire the old girl yet.

Clark: With Lex's check, we can get a new one.

Jonathan: Actually, I haven't decided to deposit that check.

Clark: Dad, Lex is just trying to do the right thing.

Jonathan: I know he is, Clark. I know he didn't try to buy me off, he's' just trying to repay me for damages that he thinks he caused. You're right, I got no real reason to doubt him. It's just something in my gut tells me I should.

Clark: Lex isn't perfect, Dad. I know that. But slamming the door in his face over and over only helps turn him into exactly what you think he already is.

Jonathan: When did you get to be so wise?

Clark: Ask my dad.

Jonathan: I'll sleep on it.

Clark: Have you talked to Chloe yet?

Pete: No, but the Planet better not have turned her down if they know what's good for them.

Clark: I just thought she would have called by now to get an update on the Torch.

Pete: Ah, she probably already got the internship and is out partying with her cousin. So, did I mention I'm taking Erica Fox to the Spring Formal?

Clark: Several times, yes.

Pete: The hottest girl in our class. Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

Clark: It is.

Pete: So do you want to know my secret? You do, don't you? I asked her. You ought to try it, Clark. Getting up off your butt is the wave of the future. I gotta go reserve my limo for the Spring Formal, to which incidentally, I'm taking Erica Fox.

Clark: I hadn't heard.

Lana: Any word on our interrupted reporter?

Clark: I called her dad. He was stuck in a seminar. I'm sure she'll be okay.

Lana: Yeah, me too.

Clark: Oh, you can buy tickets to the Spring Formal here. That's a cool idea.

Lana: You asked anyone yet?

Clark: I've got my eye on someone.

Lana: Well, you better hurry up. No one likes to look for a dress last minute. Not even Chloe.

Clark: What makes you think I'm asking Chloe?

Clark: Lana?

Lana: It happened again!

Clark: You saw something?

Lana: I saw Chloe. Somebody's got her. You have to believe me, Clark.

Man: Home sweet home.

Clark: Any luck reaching Chloe, Mr. Sullivan?

Mr. Sullivan: No, I haven't heard from her all day. I'm starting to get concerned. I called her cousin, but all I get is the machine.

Watts: You said you had some proof that Chloe might have been abducted?

Lana: Well, I sort of had a vision.

Vertigo: A vision?

Clark: She saw Chloe being kidnapped.

Vertigo: Maybe you should have called the Psychic Friends Network instead, then.

Watts: What makes you think it was real?

Lana: I saw Chloe bound and blindfolded in a dark room.

Vertigo: Oh, wow. It's too bad you didn't see something a little more useful like an address where we might find her.

Mr. Sullivan: Uh, excuse me.

Watts: Miss Lang, you went through a pretty rough ordeal yesterday. Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Lana: You mean do I think I'm hallucinating? It felt like I was right there, like I was seeing through the kidnapper's eyes.

Watts: I promise, we'll take this seriously, and look into it.

Mr. Sullivan: Thanks.

Clark: Mr. Sullivan? What is it?

Mr. Sullivan: They found Chloe's car. It's been abandoned in the woods.

Roger: Remove judgment for five minutes.

Lex: Starting now.

Roger: Mr. Cole, Lex Luthor.

Mr. Cole: I know who he is.

Roger: He's very interested in your story. Twelve years ago, Eddie Cole had more clients than he could handle. He spent eight hours a day dusting fields all over Smallville.

Lex: And then?

Mr. Cole: FAA pulled my license.

Lex: And why would they do that?

Mr. Cole: They decided I wasn't fit in the head to fly anymore. 'Cause I couldn't keep my dumb mouth shut.

Lex: What were your rates for crop dusting, Mr. Cole?

Mr. Cole: 600 a day.

Lex: I'd very much like to hear your story.

Mr. Cole: I was up in my prop dusting the Baker's field, 50 acres of sweet corn, when it happened.

Lex: The meteors?

Mr. Cole: It was like lightning all around. Pretty sure I was gonna die right there. Then one just missed my tail by about ten feet. I saw it go straight down and then swerve just before it hit.

Lex: Doesn't sound like a meteor.

Mr. Cole: I know aircrafts better than most. The way that thing moved, it had to be a ship.

Lex: You saw a ship crash?

Mr. Cole: It's not just that I saw a ship crash. A couple hours later, I went and looked for it. It was gone.

Lex: Maybe it burned.

Mr. Cole: Or maybe it was taken. Nobody believes me. I gave Mr. Nixon a map of the crash site.

Lex: I've seen it.

Mr. Cole: So you believe me?

Lex: It's a good story. Thanks for your time, Mr. Cole.

Roger: Hey, I thought you'd be pleased. I just booked you the story you've been waiting for.

Lex: You brought me a desperate man and a tall tale. It's about what I expected form you. Sorry, Rog. Time's up.

Clark: Uh, my dad and I went out with Mr. Sullivan and the police. We searched the woods but we didn't find anything. They've organized a search party first thing tomorrow morning. How are you doing?

Lana: Spent the afternoon at the sheriff's station telling them what I saw. They kept looking at me like I was crazy.

Clark: I don't think you're... crazy.

Lana: How are you holding up?

Clark: I keep wishing Chloe would just walk up those steps. I never appreciated how much she meant to me until now. The thought of never seeing her again--

Lana: Clark. You can't think that way.

Clark: You know, I remember the first time I met her. It was eighth grade. She'd just transferred from Metropolis and I was assigned to show her around. The first thing she wanted to know was where she could buy a copy of the Planet so she could keep in touch with civilization. When she found out I lived on a farm, she insisted I invite her over to experience it first hand. I think she thought I was Amish. When I brought her up here, she just kissed me, right out of the blue.

Lana: Why'd she do that?

Clark: She said "I know you've been thinking about that all day, so I figured we'd get it out of the way and be friends." That was my first kiss.

Lana: It's nice it was with someone you still care about. We're gonna see her again, Clark.

Clark: Lana?

Lana: I just saw her again!

Clark: Chloe? Where?

Lana: Buried. She's still alive.

Clark: Did you see where she was?

Lana: I'm not sure, but there was a windmill, a big one.

Clark: She must be on Chandler's field. I'll get help.

Chloe: Clark, Clark. I knew it was you. It's always you.

Lana: Hi.

Clark: Who was that?

Chloe: The Daily Planet.

Lana: I thought you missed your appointment for the internship.

Chloe: I did. They were calling about an interview.

Clark: Are you gonna do it?

Chloe: Ah, I've always wanted my name in the Daily Planet, but not like this. Besides, I figure that the Torch could use an exclusive, which I will write as soon as I get out of here.

Clark: Chloe, do you remember anything?

Chloe: I remember tripping on some metal rails and I remember hundreds of teddy bears hanging form the ceiling. Anyway, that's where I was kept until I... I'm sorry, you guys. I can still hear the dirt falling on the coffin. Sorry. If you hadn't found me, I don't know where I'd be.

Clark: Don't thank me. Thank Lana.

Chloe: Yeah, you know, I got to hand it to you, you sure picked a perfect time to take a walk on the weird side.

Clark: You should get some rest.

Chloe: Clark, um, would you mind sticking around for a little while? Whoever did this is still out there.

Clark: Of course not. I'll stay here as long as you need me to.

Chloe: Thanks.

Lana: Okay, well, I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Chloe: Bye, Lana.

Clark: Okay.

Lana: Bye.

Jonathan: Hey. Glad you could join me. How late were you at the hospital?

Clark: All night. I snuck in after visiting hours.

Jonathan: I'm sure Chloe appreciated that.

Clark: I'm just worried that the person who did this to her is still out there.

Jonathan: Clark, you got her back safe and sound. That's what's important.

Clark: Not without Lana, I wouldn't have.

Jonathan: Hey, she hasn't had anymore visions, has she?

Clark: No. I think they're connected to the gas pipe explosion. That's when they started. I'm gonna check that out.

Jonathan: No, son. Let the police do it. It's their job.

Clark: I just wish I knew whose eyes she was seeing through.

Jonathan: What you need to focus on right now is getting this truckload of feed over to the Miller's.

Clark: So you've had a night to sleep on it. What are you gonna do with Lex's check?

Jonathan: I might be stubborn, but I'm not blind. Yeah, I had a talk with your mom. As soon as we deliver the feed, I'm taking it to the Savings and Loan.

Man: All right.

Clark: What's up, Lex?

Lex: I'm considering buying this land for a pilot agricultural project, but I wanted to test the soil first. Standard operating procedure.

Jonathan: Since when does standard operating procedure include metal detectors and Hasmet suits?

Lex: To be honest, we learned there may have been a major meteor strike on the site. Of course, there's no proof the meteors are actually harmful, but--

Jonathan: It never hurts to dot your Is and cross your Ts, right?

Lex: As you're well aware, LuthorCorp's environmental record's taken some serious hits in recent weeks. Better safe than sorry. Is there a problem?

Clark: Dad?

Jonathan: The problem is, Lex, that what's good for LuthorCorp isn't always what's good for this town.

Man: Mr. Luthor?

Jonathan: Looks like you've got business to attend to. Uh, Lex, I've decided I can't accept your money.

Lex: Mr. Kent, I don't understand.

Jonathan: I wouldn't expect you would.

Clark: Lex, I--

Lex: It's okay, Clark. I'll talk to you later.

Clark: Dad. Dad! Lex didn't deserve that. People test the land all the time.

Jonathan: I know that, Clark. But this field is where your ship crashed down. If Lex's scientists find anything out here, they could trace it right back to you. Come on.

Dr. Hamilton: Lex, you've got to see this. You understand what this could mean.

Lex: More than you know. I want you to handle all the tests personally, then report directly to me.

Lana: Hey.

Whitney: How you feeling?

Lana: Better. At least the nightmares seemed to have stopped. I'm glad you came by.

Whitney: I got caught up at the store, went home early, started going through some of my dad's things.

Lana: You sure you're ready for that?

Whitney: It's okay. It actually brought back some nice memories. And I found this.

Lana: These were your father's?

Whitney: Yeah. I knew he served in Vietnam, but he never talked about it.

Lana: Do you know what they're for?

Whitney: Yeah. They keep a registry on the internet. The Silver Star is for exceptional valor. He rescued three men in his unit during the firefight. He was wounded, but he wouldn't leave his men behind.

Lana: Sounds like your dad. I wonder why he never told you.

Whitney: Maybe he just did. You know, you win a couple football games and people start calling you a hero and it feels good, but maybe he's just trying to tell me that throwing a ball isn't the only way to do something important with your life.

Clark: Hey, Lex. What are you doing here?

Lex: I feel like I owe your father an apology, but I'm not exactly sure why.

Clark: It's not you, it's everything. Money problems, the farm. I guess he just didn't understand what you were doing out in that field.

Lex: I thought I made myself clear.

Clark: You did.

Lex: You don't believe me either.

Clark: I know you get obsessed about things. Like the car accident. I find it hard to believe you'd waste your time supervising a routine land survey if that's what it was.

Lex: My life changed when the meteors hit and I need to know why.

Clark: You can't let it go?

Lex: This isn't some empty emotional quest, Clark, it's about finding the truth.

Clark: The truth?

Lex: I found a man. He said something besides the meteors came down that day.

Clark: Like what?

Lex: A ship.

Clark: And you believe him?

Lex: I listened. Chances are he's just another crackpot, but I'd be remiss if I didn't check it out.

Clark: And when the next story comes up, you'll be sure to check that one out too.

Lex: Clark...

Clark: When are you going to be able to put your past behind you?

Lex: Take a look at the stars, Clark. Some of them have been extinguished for thousands of years, but their light is only reaching us now. The past is always influencing the present. I can't change that. All I can do is try to understand it.

Clark: Chloe, why aren't you at home sleeping?

Chloe: If I fall asleep, I'll have nightmares, so I figure the best thing to do is keep busy.

Clark: Well, I'm glad you're here…

Chloe: Whitney. You sure you're in the right place?

Whitney: Clark called, said he needed my help.

Clark: I think I figured out how Lana got her visions. It was the explosion.

Chloe: You think the blast somehow caused them?

Clark: It was more than that. It connected her with someone at the accident.

Chloe: Clark Kent leaps tall theories in a single bound. How did you arrive at this one?

Clark: Well, apparently there were meteor rocks at the explosion, and I found this article.

Chloe: The De Kretser Syndrome?

Clark: It's kind of like a post-traumatic stress disorder. There were several cases reported during the London Blitz.

Chloe: "Some people who were huddled in shelters would find themselves psychically linked after a bomb hit nearby." Okay, I'm sold.

Whitney: According to this, it's in times of stress, anger, or excitement that triggers the visions.

Clark: Who was around Lana after the explosion?

Whitney: Myself and two deputies, Watts and Vertigo.

Clark: They were with your dad when we told him about Lana's vision.

Chloe: He probably called them himself. They were in a bowling league together.

Clark: Whitney, which one got to her first?

Whitney: It's tough to say. It all happened so fast. You think one of those cops kidnapped Chloe?

Clark: Who would suspect a cop? We have to warn Lana. If one of those guy's is the kidnapper, he knows that Lana's seeing through his eyes.

Whitney: Great. I'll drive.

Chloe: Um, that's okay. We'll take my car.

Vertigo: Miss Lang. I know it's late, but I just wanted to ask you a few more questions.

Lana: I'm surprised you found the time.

Vertigo: I know I deserved that.

Lana: Do you want a cup of coffee?

Vertigo: Sure.

Lana: 'Kay.

Lana: Aaaah!

Whitney: Where's Lana?

Vertigo: I don't know, she was here. The guy must have grabbed her.

Whitney: I'm gonna check the back.

Clark: Deputy, where's your partner tonight?

Vertigo: Gary? Uh, he's working a second job at the carnival grounds. He's a security guard.

Clark: You said you saw stuffed animals and train tracks.

Chloe: The carnival's closed this time of year. It's a perfect place to hide someone.

Watts: No one can hear you. How did you see through my eyes?

Lana: I don't know. Deputy Watts, why are you doing this?

Watts: I never wanted to hurt Chloe. I didn't even want money. I wanted to rescue her.

Lana: You kidnapped Chloe so you could take credit for finding her?

Watts: I could have been a good cop! The best cop this town's ever seen! This case would've made my career! But it doesn't matter now. I can still be the hero.

Lana: What are you going to do?

Watts: Solve your murder.

Lana: No. Please, please don't do this.

Clark: Lana, you all right?

Lana: Clark, it's Watts. Deputy Watts.

Clark: Stay here.

Watts: What the hell are you?

Cop: Freeze! Drop the gun!

Watts: Aaaah!!!

Chloe: Your mom told me you'd be out here.

Clark: Hey. I haven't seen that smile all week. What's up?

Chloe: Well, I've got good news. The Daily Planet called and I got an internship.

Clark: That's great! You didn't even have to interview.

Chloe: I know. Well, they read my article in the Ledger on the kidnapping cop and I guess my work spoke for itself.

Clark: Congratulations.

Chloe: Thank you.

Clark: So, I guess that means you'll spend the summer in Metropolis.

Chloe: Yeah. Will you come visit me?

Clark: Yeah, of course. I would never pass up an opportunity to see you in your natural habitat.

Chloe: Well, I-I just wanted you to be the first to know, so um, I'll see ya. Bye.

Clark: Uh, Chloe. Um, uh, do you have plans for the Spring Formal?

Chloe: Not at the moment.

Clark: I was hoping, uh, I was hoping you'd go with me... As my date.

Chloe: I would love to, Clark. Now I'm gonna go before my good karma runs out.

Clark: Chloe. I'm sorry I didn't ask sooner.

Chloe: It's okay. It was worth the wait.

Dr Hamilton: Lex. Where's that crop duster of yours? I wanted to talk to him.

Lex: He seems to have disappeared.

Dr. Hamilton: Maybe your visit scared him.

Lex: Something or someone did. What do you have for me?

Dr. Hamilton: The preliminary results of the fragment we recovered.

Lex: So, what is it?

Dr. Hamilton: Well, all I can tell you is what it is not.

Lex: I don't like riddles, Doctor.

Dr. Hamilton: Then this object will make you profoundly unhappy. To be honest, Lex, there is nothing like this alloy on this earth.

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