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Smallville Transcripts


First aired April 23, 2002

Picture of Jonathan and Clark from "Reaper"

Provided by Glynis

Tyler's Mom: Tyler. I missed you.

Tyler: I missed you too, Mom. Did you get my postcards?

Tyler's Mom: I didn't think you'd come.

Tyler: I'm getting the doctor.

Tyler's Mom: Wait, Tyler. I asked you to come home for a reason. I need you to help me. I want you to help me die, Tyler.

Tyler: Don't talk like that. You're gonna get well.

Tyler's Mom: I want to be buried back home in Smallville.

Tyler: You have to be strong, Mom!

Tyler's Mom: I can't fight this anymore. If you love me, you'll do this for me.

Tyler: I love you, Mom.

Tyler's Mom: And I love you, Tyler.

Nurse: Oh, my God! Security! Get me security now! Get away from her!

Tyler: She was in pain!

Guard: What's going on?

Nurse: I think he's killed her!

Tyler: Let go! Let go! Let go!!!

Coroner: Tyler Randall, male Caucasian. Body has multiple fracture injuries consistent with a high fall of more than 20 feet. Subject's neck is broken just below the axis. What do we got here? Let's see. Oh man, that's gotta hurt. Subject has unknown rock fragment wedged between the brachial radialis and the flexors of the right forearm. Come on, come on. Possibly the result of impact. Okay, Tyler. Let's take a look under the hood.

Clark: Well, here we are.

Martha: Clark, I'm only asking for two hours. I'm sorry to cut into your busy social schedule.

Clark: It's not that. I don't mind helping out for a good cause. It's just all these people are--

Martha: Old and sick?

Clark: It's just hard to deal with. There's nothing we can really do to help them.

Martha: You're right. You can't save them from old age and illness, but that's not the point. You're saving them from loneliness. Don't forget the irises. You excited about the big fishing trip with your dad next weekend?

Clark: Mmm...

Martha: You didn't forget, did you?

Clark: How could I? We've been going every year since I was seven. Ten hours in a rowboat, swatting mosquitoes, looking for ripples in the water.

Martha: I thought you enjoyed fishing.

Clark: I did when I was younger.

Martha: Well, if you don't want to go you need to tell him.

Clark: I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Martha: He may not like it, but he needs to know.

Hank: Ah, Martha, Clark, I'd like you to meet Tyler Randall, new volunteer.

Martha: Hi.

Hank: I want you to show him the ropes.

Tyler: Hank tells me you grow the best organic produce this side of Metropolis.

Clark: You just made a friend for life.

Martha: What brings you to Smallville?

Tyler: I came back to make funeral preparations. I recently lost my mother.

Martha: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Tyler: What do you say we get to those deliveries.

Martha: We can start with Mrs. Sykes. She'll be happy to see us.

Clark: Her dog Pepper on the other hand...

Martha: Oh, Pepper's not so bad

Martha: Hi, Pepper, hi. How are you today? Pepper, this is Tyler.

Clark: Don't worry, she's probably just hungry. I'll get her something to eat. Come on, Pepper.

Martha: A lot of our clients are elderly and housebound like Mrs. Sykes. Good morning, Mrs. Sykes. How are you feeling today?

Mrs. Sykes: Terrible. Is that Clark? He looks different.

Martha: No, this is Tyler, our new driver.

Tyler: Let me. How about some lunch, Mrs. Sykes? What's wrong?

Mrs. Sykes: It hurts. My pills, get me my, get my...

Clark: Isn't there anything we can do for her?

Martha: I wish there were.

Tyler: One of Mrs. Kent's beautiful irises, for a beautiful lady.

Mrs. Sykes: Don't ever get old and sick, son. The world got no use for you.

Tyler: I'll tell you what. I'll bring you another iris tomorrow.

Mrs. Sykes: I like roses. White ones.

Tyler: Then white ones it is.

Mrs. Sykes: I like this one, Martha.

Dominic: Your father's very disappointed with you, Lex.

Lex: My father's disappointment is perennial. Only the circumstances change. What do you want, Dominic?

Dominic: An internal audit of your division has turned up accounting irregularities, and I've been authorized to come down and go through it in a thorough manner.

Lex: So this is payback for turning down my father's offer to join him in Metropolis.

Dominic: Lionel has been very tolerant of your excesses. But this time, you didn't spend the money on parties and sports cars and he wants to know where it went.

Lex: Do you know what my father gave me for my tenth birthday? A copy of "The Will to Power." "Behold the super man. Man is something to be overcome." Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Nietzsche. They were the voices that nurtured me after my mother died. My father made every question a quiz, every choice a test. Second best was for losers, compassion for losers, trust no one. Those were the lessons I grew up.

Dominic: I'll remember that if I'm ever interviewed by the biography channel.

Lex: All I'm saying, Dominic, is try and remember who I was raised by. I try to deny it, but I'm still my father's son. Tread carefully.

Lana: There you go.

Woman: Thanks.

Lex: Looks like a real page-turner.

Clark: My father and I have our annual fishing trip.

Lex: Of course you do. My father and I went on a fishing trip once.

Clark: Really? He doesn't seem like the fishing type.

Lex: He's not. We were the bait. We flew to South Australia, went down in the cage, got up close and personal with a couple of great whites.

Clark: Sounds like a Kodak moment.

Lex: When you're rich and untouchable like he is, you do things to make yourself feel alive.

Clark: Why'd you go?

Lex: Because he didn't think I would. We never went on another father-son trip after that.

Clark: I wish my father would do something other than fishing.

Lex: What about a football game? I've got two extra tickets for the skybox at the Metropolis Sharks game next Sunday. They're yours.

Clark: That'd be great. My father's been following the team all season. I wouldn't even have to twist his arm.

Lex: Problem solved.

He gets up and walks away. Clark sees Lana hang up the phone and start crying. He goes to her.

Clark: Lana, what is it?

Lana: That was-- that was Whitney's mom. His dad just had another heart attack.

Jonathan: Don't you know it is not a good idea to sneak up on somebody with an acetylene torch?

Dominic: I'm sorry. My name's Dominic Senatori, I work for Lionel Luthor. I'm here in Smallville following up on a research project Lex Luthor recently instigated.

Jonathan: Look, Dominic, if you don't mind, I got a lot of work to do around here, okay?

Dominic: There was an incident involving your son and Lex's Porsche and a bridge. Lex has spent a considerable amount of time and capital researching the crash, and I was wondering if you knew why.

Jonathan: Look, the truth is Lex Luthor was driving like a maniac. His car went off the bridge into the water. My son jumped in, risked his life to save him. That's the end of the story.

Dominic: And you wouldn't know why he commissioned an in-depth profile into you and your family?

Jonathan: I have no idea.

Dominic: Fair enough, Mr. Kent. Thank you for your time.

Jonathan: Uh, just out of curiosity, what were Lex's findings on the crash?

Father: Whitney, is that you?

Lana: It's Clark Kent, Mr. Fordman.

Father: Oh, Lana. Well, where's Whitney? I haven't seen my son yet?

Lana: Don't worry. He'll be here soon.

Clark: Where is Whitney?

Lana: I don't know. His mom said he'd be here.

Jonathan: Clark, how's Whitney's dad?

Clark: He's hanging in there.

Jonathan: That's good. You remember this?

Clark: It's my first fishing rod.

Jonathan: You used to practice casting it out in the paddock all day.

Clark: I remember.

Jonathan: In fact, I remember that I used to have to pry it out of your hands just to get you to go to bed at night.

Clark: Dad, what would you say if we could be sitting in a deluxe box next Sunday watching the Metropolis Sharks?

Jonathan: I'd say the Milk River's changed quite a bit.

Clark: Think about it. No worms, no cold mornings, no eating canned peaches.

Jonathan: Wait a minute. Did Lex Luthor arrange all this for us? Clark, this morning, I had a surprise visit from one of Lionel Luthor's people. Did you know that your buddy Lex Luthor was having us investigated after the bridge accident?

Clark: Yeah, but Lex said it was all in our past. He promised.

Jonathan: You knew and you didn't tell me?

Clark: Because I knew you'd react like this.

Jonathan: I thought we had an understanding. How am I supposed to protect you if you won't give me all the facts?

Clark: I don't always need your protection.

Jonathan: When it comes to your secret, you bet you do. Maybe when you get a little older you'll understand my apprehension about the Luthor family.

Clark: Stop treating me like a kid! I'm not seven years old anymore! I'm not casting lines in the paddock. I don't even like fishing! The only reason I do it is because it makes you happy! Dad, that-- that didn't come out right.

Jonathan: No, son, I think it did.

Mrs. Sykes: Pepper? Pepper!

Tyler: I brought you a white rose. You've lived so long with pain. Sometimes, don't you wish it would just end?

Mrs. Sykes: Oh, yes. I can't go on. Not like this.

Tyler: It'll all be over soon. I promise.

Clark: Where's Dad?

Martha: He wanted to get an early start, said he had a lot of work to do today.

Clark: He's avoiding me, isn't he?

Martha: I'm not gonna play referee. You two need to work this out.

Clark: We will. First, we'll have a week of uncomfortable silence, and then we'll start talking about something trivial, and then we'll move on.

Martha: Avoiding it and hoping the problem goes away isn't dealing with it.

Clark: What can I do? You know how stubborn he can be.

Martha: I know how stubborn you both can be. I don't want to see you two drift apart like he did with his father.

Clark: I thought they were close.

Martha: They were, but they kept things from each other. When your grandfather passed away, there was a lot your dad didn't get to tell him, a lot he regrets. I just don't want to see history repeat itself.

Clark: Chloe! I just got your note. I can't believe it. I just saw Mrs. Sykes yesterday.

Chloe: I know. I'm sorry, Clark.

Clark: What happened?

Chloe: Well, the official story is that there was some sort of a fire, but all they found were her ashes.

Clark: And the unofficial?

Chloe: Spontaneous combustion.

Pete: She thinks the old lady just burst into flames.

Chloe: ‘October, 1978. Joyce Maslow was dancing in a disco in Elizabeth, New Jersey when flames burst from her head and back enveloping her. In seconds, she was a human torch, consumed before the eyes of her horrified boyfriend."

Clark: You don't have to look so happy about it.

Chloe: I'm not happy, I'm intrigued.

Pete: Which means you're still gonna look into it.

Chloe: Am I that transparent?

Clark & Pete: Yes.

Lex: Mr. Kent?

Jonathan: Clark isn't here.

Lex: Actually, I came to see you. I was wondering if you were planning on coming to the game next Sunday.

Jonathan: I'm going fishing, Lex. I don't know what my son is doing.

Lex: The tickets were meant as a gift.

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm sure your intentions were entirely noble.

Lex: That's not fair. I don't think you understand how I regard Clark and your family.

Jonathan: Yes, I do. I understand perfectly well. We're just the pawns in your eternal chess game with your dad.

Lex: Do you have a family photo?

Jonathan: Yeah, I got lots of family photos, Lex.

Lex: The only picture of my father and me appears in the LuthorCorp annual report.

Jonathan: Is this the part where I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?

Lex: No. I just want you to understand if I'm guilty of anything regarding your family, it's envy.

Jonathan: Well, if you're so envious of my family, then why do you feel the need to investigate it behind my back?

Lex: I wanted to know what happened out on that bridge the day of the accident. I had a theory and it turned out to be false. I was totally upfront with Clark about it. That's what this is about. Clark wasn't upfront with you.

Jonathan: He's a good kid, Lex. I don't want that to change.

Lex: Neither do I. You know, from the day I first met Clark; all you've ever seen is the name Luthor.

Jonathan: Well, so far, you haven't given me a reason to see anything else.

Clark: You see that Kansas State game last week?

Whitney: What are you doing here, Clark? Did Lana send you?

Clark: I told her you'd see it coming a mile away.

Whitney: Hey, I'm not angry. So, he's come to find out why the heartless son hasn't gone by the hospital to visit his dying father.

Clark: Something like that.

Whitney: I remember how my dad used to say how he was gonna be there the day I threw my first pass for the Sharks. He said it so often, I actually believed it would happen.

Clark: It still could.

Whitney: My father is the strongest man I ever knew. He lettered in three sports at State. When I see him there in the hospital so weak, it kills me because that's not my father. Whatever you do for a long time to come, your father is gonna be there to support you. I'll only have a memory of my dad, and I don't want that memory to be of that sick man laying there in the hospital.

Clark: No, I get it. It's just; I'd take the man over the memory any day of the week.

Chloe: Clark, I've been looking all over for you. Look what I found in the Daily Planet.

Clark: "Body Disappears From Metropolis Morgue"?

Chloe: Yeah, but look at the photo. The coroner's body was disintegrated into ash.

Clark: Just like Mrs. Sykes.

Chloe: I don't know, but it sure would be nice to check out that house for ourselves.

Clark nods.

Clark: You know, this is a crime scene.

Chloe: So? Well, there's no other sign of fire damage anywhere, so you might want to dial back on that spontaneous combustion skepticism.

Clark: No barking.

Chloe: I wasn't planning on it.

Clark: Pepper.

Chloe: Who's Pepper?

Clark: Mrs. Sykes' dog. She turned into a barking machine anytime someone came over. Pepper? Come here, girl!

Chloe: Well, animal shelter probably came and got her.

Clark: Oh, no.

Chloe: Oh, don't tell me that's Pepper. Yuck.

Clark: What happened may have been combustion, but I have a feeling it wasn't spontaneous.

Hank: Well, afternoon, Martha.

Martha: Hi.

Hank: I didn't know that you were volunteering today.

Martha: Oh, just dropping off some extra produce. Didn't want it to go to waste.

Hank: Well, here, let me give you a hand with that.

Martha: Oh, that's okay. I got it. Just close that for me.

Hank: All right. I'll be in the office if you need me.

Martha: Okay. Oh, Tyler! What are you doing here?

Tyler: Here, let me help you with this.

Martha: Mrs. Sykes... that was you.

Hank: Martha? You okay?

Martha: Hank, call the sheriff.

Hank: What's going on here? Hold it right there!

Martha: Hank, don't!

Clark: Mom! Get away from her!

Martha: Clark, don't touch him! Clark, are you okay?

Jonathan: Son, your mom is, uh, she's resting. She's pretty shaken up, but I think she's gonna be fine. The police are looking everywhere for Tyler.

Clark: I don't think they're gonna stop him.

Jonathan: Why?

Clark: Because I saw his heart. It wasn't beating.

Jonathan: Clark, that doesn't make any sense. How can... how can he walk around if he's dead?

Clark: How can he turn people to ash? When he touched my face, I felt like the life was being drained out of me.

Jonathan: Clark, are you sure that you're--

Clark: Yeah. Dad?

Jonathan: Yeah?

Clark: Nothing.

Lana: Clark. I heard what happened at Mobile Meals. Is your mom all right?

Clark: Yeah.

Lana: I can't believe Tyler would hurt anybody. He seemed so nice.

Clark: If you run into him, whatever you do, don't let him touch you. Long story, just trust me.

Lana: Whitney phoned. He wanted to get together later and talk.

Clark: That's great.

Lana: I don't know what you said, but thank you. Gotta go.

Lex: Clark, I'm glad I ran into you. I need to talk to you about the Sharks game. Is your dad coming?

Clark: I'm not sure.

Lex: Funny, when I asked him, he was pretty adamant he wasn't gong. I'm rescinding the offer. Go fishing with your dad.

Clark: Lex, you don't have to do that.

Lex: I know. But your dad just wants to spend some time with you. It's not something I want to come between. In his own way, he's just trying to give you something my father never gave me.

Clark: What's that?

Lex: Limitations. All my father ever told me was "Don't get caught. Don't cause a scandal." That's not love, that's public relations. You have no idea how lucky you are. When my father dies, kings will come to his funeral, but when yours does, his friends will come.

Lana: Nell told me she saw you come out here.

Whitney: Yeah. I just realized that in all the time we've known each other, I've never been here before.

Lana: It's okay, Whitney.

Whitney: No, it's not. It's just the thought of losing my parents was so awful. I didn't want to think about it.

Lana: That's why you need to talk to your father. Go see him, Whitney. Make the best of the time you have left.

Whitney: Thanks, Lana. I'm, uh, I'm gonna go to the hospital. Do you want me to walk you home?

Lana: I think I'm gonna stay. I haven't been out here in a while.

Whitney: Okay.

Lana: Whitney?

Tyler: It's all right. I won't hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone, Lana. I only want to bring them peace. I heard your friend talking. His father must be in terrible pain. I can help your friend.

Dominic: Then, there's a discrepancy between the purchasing and shipping records.

Lex: Stop. I know my father authorized this investigation, but enough bean-counting for one day. Thirty-year-old, single-malt. Also bought with my father's money. Make sure you jot that down. Let's be frank, Dominic. My father sent you here to spy on me because he's afraid of how well I'm doing. This was my last chance to prove myself and he just assumed I'd fail. Now he has to revise his definition of me. I'm not just his screw-up son anymore. Now I'm competition. And my father only knows one way of dealing with competition.

Dominic: There are some things better left between patient and therapist, Lex.

Lex: You know, in ancient Persia, the kings would kill a messenger who brought them news they didn't like. In modern times, a sword in the chest might seem a little extreme. Something more subtle would be in order. Enjoying your drink?

Pete: Oh, that's disgusting!

Chloe: I guess I should have mentioned the "may not be suitable for all ages" disclaimer. Your friend Tyler's been busy.

Clark: What do you mean busy?

Chloe: I mean he tried to kill his mother, rose from the dead, and escaped from the morgue busy. My buddy Chad works weekends for the M.E. He zip-filed the toxicology report. Besides the fatal amount of painkillers, they also found fragments of an unknown green stone embedded in his skin.

Pete: Meteor rocks.

Chloe: Yep.

Clark: If that's the case, why aren't all the dead bodies in Smallville rising from their graves?

Chloe: I think it's the lethal combo of painkillers and meteor rocks that caused Tyler to pull a "Thriller."

Clark: Wait a minute. Didn't you say Tyler tried to kill his mother?

Chloe: Tried and failed. His mother recovered enough to be sent home.

Lana: Clark, I just left Tyler in the graveyard.

Clark: Are you okay?

Lana: He heard Whitney talking about his father. He said that he could bring him peace.

Clark: Did you call the police?

Lana: Where are you going?

Chloe: Don't look at me. He does that all the time.

Whitney: Dad...

Tyler: He can't hear you.

Whitney: Who are you?

Tyler: I've come to help your father... and you.

Whitney: Hey!

Tyler: I can end your pain. I know what you're feeling, how much it hurts. But I can make it all go away.

Clark: Tyler, don't!

Tyler: I heard you friend, Clark. Seeing his father like this is tearing him apart. I can give them both peace.

Clark: It's not your decision, Tyler.

Tyler: You're wrong. I have to help him.

Clark: You're not taking away their pain. You're stealing Whitney's last chance to be with his father.

Tyler: You can't stop me, Clark. No one can. Don't you see? It's better this way. I know, I could see it in my mother's eyes.

Clark: Your mother's alive. She recovered after that night in Metropolis. They brought her home to Smallville.

Tyler: I thought--

Clark: She's alive, Tyler. Let me take you to her.

Tyler: It's a miracle.

Clark: It's life. As long as we have that, there's still hope.

Tyler: She seems so peaceful. I thought that I was brought back to relieve the suffering of others, but it was my pain all along. What have I done?

Clark: Tyler...

Tyler: I just want it all to be over.

Clark: Tyler!

Lionel: Interesting choice of location for a meeting, Lex. Why didn't you just come up to the penthouse?

Lex: I was making a garbage delivery. I didn't want to tarnish the marble.

Lionel: I'm not in the mood to joust, Lex.

Lex: I was hoping you might explain Dominic's visit.

Lionel: My auditors discovered a number of unaccounted expenditures coming out of the Smallville plant. I thought it prudent to investigate.

Lex: Come on, Dad. I squandered more than a weekend in Hong Kong. You didn't sic your adding machines on me then.

Lionel: We're talking corporate finances, Lex, not your pocket money.

Lex: It bothers you, doesn't it? That I'm not dependent on your anymore, that I've made friends in Smallville, people I can trust.

Lionel: Don't be ridiculous, Lex. I'm happy you're doing well.

Lex: No, you're not. You're afraid I won't need you anymore.

Lionel: You'll always be my son... and you will always need me, Lex.

Lionel turns to go.

Lex: Aren't you going to ask about Dominic? He hasn't checked in for hours, has he? Unusual for a man of his tediously predictable nature. Go ahead. Pop the trunk.

Lionel: Lex. What has he done? What has he done?

Dominic: Ah!

Lex: You want to ask an accounting question, Dad? Call me. And the next time one of your drones bother the Kents, he'll be lucky to catch a ride home with the spare.

Lionel: Lex... Well done.

Announcer: Now playing quarterback for your Metropolis Sharks, Number 12, Whitney Fordman!

Whitney: Down!

Another player: Set! Hike! Hut! Hut! Hut!

Father: Yes!

Whitney: You all right, Dad?

Father: Never better.

Jonathan: That's a really nice thing you've done for the Fordmans.

Lex: Thanks, Mr. Kent. That means a lot coming from you. I just want you to know I closed the book on that day at the bridge.

Jonathan: Why'd you investigate it in the first place?

Lex: That day was a miracle. Haven't you ever wanted to find out why things like that happen?

Jonathan: No. I just accept the fact that they do. You don't need an explanation for everything, Lex.

Lana: How'd he get the Metropolis Sharks to do it?

Clark: When your father owns the team, I think it's easier to pull some strings.

Lana: It's strange. All this time, I thought Lex never even liked Whitney, and then he goes and arranges all this.

Clark: I think Lex feels he's become part of our lives.

Lana: I'd like to believe that. You asked him, didn't you?

Clark: Being friends with Lex Luthor can be complicated, but it has advantages. What was that for?

Lana: Just being you.

Clark: Dad, I'm sorry. What I said, it--

Jonathan: Clark. The fishing trips, they never had anything to do with fishing. It was just that I wanted to spend some time with my son. My dad and I, we saw each other every day, but we never really talked. I just don't want history to repeat itself.

Clark: That makes two of us. Hey, Dad, I know how we can catch more fish this year.

Jonathan: What, new lures?

Clark: X-ray vision.

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