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Smallville Favorite Quotes

"Pilot" by Glynis

Clark: What are you trying to tell me, Dad? That I'm from another planet?!? And I suppose you stashed my spaceship in the attic?
Jonathan: Actually, it's in the storm cellar.

Lana: So which one are you, Clark? Man, or Superman?

(Clark appears as a little boy to Martha and Jonathan for the first time)
Jonathan: Kids don't just fall out of the sky, Martha.
Martha: Then where did he come from?
Jonathan: I don't know, but he must have parents.
Martha: Well, if he does, they're definitely not from Kansas.

(Martha comes into the kitchen and finds Clark drinking right out of the store-bought bottle of milk)
Martha: Uh-Uh.
Clark: It tastes better out of the bottle.
Martha: Where'd you learn your manners?
Clark: On a farm.

(Pete fishes around to see if Chloe has a date for the dance)
Pete: So, anyone asked you to the dance?
Chloe: Not Yet.
Pete: Well, if nothing pans out with you-know-who maybe you and-
Chloe: Pete, do you want to take a commercial break from the soap opera in your head? I've told you 100 times, I'm not interested in Clark.

(Clark appears way too soon at a place that his friends know he couldn't arrive from this quick)
Clark: Hi, guys.
Chloe: Uh... Didn't you just... Weren't you...
Clark: I took a shortcut.
Chloe: Through what? A black hole?

(Chloe is suspicious of something that she thought she saw and wants to check it out)
Pete: Now, you know we'd love to join you and Scooby inside the Mystery Machine for another zany adventure, but we got to hand in these permission
slips before homeroom.

(Chloe hears her friends are trying out for the team)
Chloe: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. You two are trying out for the football team? What is this, some sort of teen suicide pact?

(Chloe asks about a school tradition)
Pete: It's a Homecoming tradition. Every year before the big game, the football players select a freshman, take him off to Reilly Field, strip
him down to his boxers and then paint an "S" on his chest.
Clark: And then string him up like a scarecrow.
Chloe: Jeez, that sounds like years of therapy waiting to happen.

(Pete tries out his football helmet)
Pete: Clark! How do I look?
Clark: Like a tackle dummy. Good Luck.

(Lana finds Clark in a graveyard)
Lana: Clark, wait. I just wasn't expecting to see anyone out here. Are you okay?
Clark: I'm hanging out in a graveyard. Does this strike you as okay behavior?

(Lana talks to her parents at their graves while Clark watches)
Lana: Yeah, he is kind of shy. How should I know? Mom wants to know if you're upset about a girl.
(Clark shakes and ducks his head. )
Clark: No.
Lana: Dad wants to know if you're upset about a guy.

(Clarke looks around Lex's place when he comes to visit)
Clark: This is a great place.
Lex: Yeah? If you're dead and in the market for something to haunt.

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Updated 12/1/06


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