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Quiz #2

1. In which episode did Clark lose his powers after being struck by lightening?
a.  Glimmer
b.  Hourglass
c.  Leech
d.  Metamorphosis

2. How did Pete find out Clark's secret?
a.  Clark had to tell him the truth when his ship went missing.
b.  Clark had to demonstrate his superspeed to save Pete's life.
c.  Pete read Clark's diary.
d.  Clark fell from a bridge and had to tell Pete the truth when he didn't get hurt.

3. Why doesn't Martha's father like Jonathan?
a.  Martha told her father some bad things about Jonathan that her father couldn't forget.
b.  Martha's father didn't think a farmer was good enough for her.
c.  Jonathan stole some money from him.
d.  Jonathan's father had fired Martha's father and he held a grudge.

4. Who tried to kill Lionel in "Suspect"?
a.  Lex
b.  Jonathan
c.  Dominick
d.  Sheriff Ethan

5. What school event did Clark and Chloe attend together?
a.  Model U.N.
b.  Formal dance
c.  Baccalaureate
d.  Anti-drug assembly

6. Where were Lionel and Martha held hostage?
a.  Metropolis
b.  Los Angeles
c. New York City
d.  Gotham City

7. What is Lana's dad's name?
a.  Jonathan
b.  Lionel
c.  Henry
d.  Ethan

8. Who was trapped with Jonathan in the lead-line church basement?
a.  Martha
b.  Nixon
c.  Clark
d.  Jason

9. What effect did red rocks have on Clark?
a.  They made him lose his powers.
b.  They made him very sick.
c.  They made him invisible.
d.  They made him act wild.

10. What does Chloe do in school that Clark will end up doing in the future?
a.  She flies.
b.  She rescues people.
c.  She is a newspaper reporter.
d.  She pretends to be mild-mannered.

BONUS: What superhero group does Superboy belong to in the comic books?
a.  Legion of Superheroes
b.  Justice League of America
c.  Teen Titans
d.  Super-friends

1.  c
2.  a
3.  b
4.  d
5.  b
6.  a
7.  c 
8.  b
9.  d

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Updated 7/19/06


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