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Quiz #1

1. What movie did Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) and Sam Jones (Pete Ross) both appear in?
a.  Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.
b.  Camp Nowhere
c.  Police Academy VI
d.  Snipes

2. In which episode did Clark discover he had heat vision?
a.  Heat
b.  Crush
c.  Cool
d.  Vortex

3. What animal did Clark's soul mate turn into, in "Skinwalkers"?
a.  Wolf
b.  Hawk
c.  Shark
d.  Tiger

4. What symbol is on the Smallville High Crows' chest?
a.  Crow
b.  Peace sign
c.  Raptor
d.  Red S

5. What happened to Whitney after he left town?
a.  He was missing in action
b.  He was killed
c.  Both a and b
d.  None of the above

6. What two colors does Clark usually wear?
a.  Red and green
b.  Red and yellow
c.  Red and blue
d.  Blue and yellow

7. What does Clark Kent wear in all other incarnations that he doesn't wear in "Smallville"?
a.  Costume
b.  Football helmet
c.  Glasses
d.  Necklace

8. What planet is Clark from?
a.  Mars
b.  Ork
c.  Vulcan
d.  Krypton

9. Why did Martha first go to work for Lionel?
a.  To save the farm
b.  To spy on him
c.  Because he blackmailed her
d.  To seduce him

10. Name a previous TV show that John Glover appeared in.
a.  Lazarus Man
b.  Brimstone
c.  Charlie's Angels
d.  MacGyver

BONUS: There is a lot of fan fiction on the net about two particular Smallville characters as an unlikely romantic duo. Name them.

1.  b
2.  a
3.  a
4.  d
5.  c
6.  c
7.  c
8.  d
9.  a
BONUS: Lex and Clark (Clex)

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Updated 08/21/04


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