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Smallville Crossword Puzzle #1

Print out to play!  Solution by Suzanne

Smallville crossword puzzle

1. Chloe's Wall of ____
3. Actress that plays the girl reporter, secretly in love with Clark.
5. Lionel blamed Lex when he was this after his operation.
6. Name of Smallville High's football team.
9. Natural phenomenon that interrupted the formal dance.
12. Hometown.
14. Clark shoots heat rays from these.
15. This color kryptonite the only thing that can kill Clark.
16. Actor who plays Jonathan previously starred in the series, "The ____ of Hazzard".
19. Shape of silver disk that makes the ship fly and unlocks the cave's secrets.
21. First name of actress who plays the girl Clark loves.
25. Clark and Lana have issues about this.
26. Clark is afraid to do this.
27. He was with Jonathan when he had his heart attack.
28. Lionel built this company.
29. Clark's best friend, until he left town.

2. Lex had the ____ that Clark had saved him from his car going off the bridge.
4. Sturdy farm parents (2 words).
7. Type of kryptonite that makes Clark a bad boy.
8. She is allergic to dogs.
10. Coach Temper from "Hothead" controlled this.
11. Band that sings the theme song (2 wds.)
13. What Clark is - AKA strange visitor from another planet.
17. Lex has a bad one; Clark has a great one; Lana thought she'd lost hers, but he came back later; Lois has trouble with hers.
18. Glowing meteor things that hit the town when Clark arrived.
20. Previous show where Glover played the devil.
22. Clark and Chloe worked on the newspaper at this place until they left it.
23. He was Lana's boyfriend.
24. The Indian girl turned this this animal.
26. Clark helps his parents out with this.

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