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August - October 2005
By Chief News Reporter Rogério Mota.


More Pictures!

October 27th

The WB released more "Exposed" pictures, and those featuring "The Dukes of Hazzard", John Schneider and Tom Wopat.

Yahoo Tv´s Preview

October 26th

They posted a preview for this week's upcoming episode. This video features Lex meeting Brainiac for the first time. Check it out here.

Metropolis Soundtrack News!

October 24th

In ITunes you can find now the entire track list for download, 2 weeks before the CD release. Also, check out the new album cover!
The released track list is this:
1. Forget it - Breaking Benjamin
2. Precious - Depeche Mode
3. You and Me (Wedding Ver.) - Lifehouse
4. Superman - Stereophonics
5. Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects
6. Almost Honest - Josh Kelly
7. All the Money or the Simple Life - The Dandy Warhols
8. Cold Holds - Brendan Benson
9. The Girl's Attractive - Diamond Nights
10. I'm Human - Flashlight Brown
11. Wicked Game - H.I.M
12. Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall
13. Hungry Heart - Minnie Driver
14. Feels Like Today - Rascal Flatts

Exposed Hot Pics

October 24th

Well, if you are an Erica Durance Fan, I really suggest you visit KryptonSite's "Exposed" Gallery. Actually, even if you aren't, I still recommend it!!

Variety review

October 24th

Variety has a good review for Smallville "Aqua" episode. To check it out, click here. Summary for Aqua

October 21st episode summary for "Aqua" is released and includes a lot of details that comic books fans would catch! really interesting. We will have our very own detailed scene-by-scene episode guide (the most detailed on the web!!) very soon, so be sure to check our Aqua page often.

WB Page Up!

October 21st

The WB site has the page up for next week's episode "Thirst", which will be featuring Carrie Fisher. See our very own page as well, right here!

New Kryptonite

October 19th

The Section "Ask Ausiello" gives us a tip this week about a new kind of kryptonite in the 5th season. Read the full section here.

Aquaman interview!

October 17th

Alan Ritchson (Aquaman) gave an interview to KryptonSite, talking about his other projects and how it felt bringing the hero to the screen. Spoiler Warning!

One more time?

October 13th

Well , we have bad news for those that lost the first episodes of the 5th Season. the WB has no repeats scheduled until the holiday repeat cycle in December and January.

Brainiac Pics!

October 13th

Here some new pictures of James Marsters in "Aqua", thanks to KryptonSite.

Ausiello in Kansas

October 12th

The Ask Ausiello´s section of the TV Guide is filled with important Smallville news, including spoilers. Ausiello says Smallville is the most watched show of Warner Bros. To read it full, click here.

New Videos and Pictures!

October 11th

The WB page just released a video interview with Kristin Kreuk and some pictures of Johnny Lewis, who is going to play Gabriel in "Hidden", the new season's 3rd episode. Soon after that, they also released two new "Aquaman" pictures, featuring James Marsters as professor Milton Fine. To check those out, click here.

"Mortal" ratings!

October 11th

As we promised before, here are the numbers!! "Mortal" got the 7th position of 8th this week, but don't worry! The numbers(4.5/7) proves Smallville is doing pretty well in its target audience, and a lot better than last season!

"Hidden"... another trailer

October 10th

A really revealing "hidden" trailer is now available at To see it, visit their homepage.

"Hidden" new trailer

October 8th

What would "the morning after" be like? The new trailer gives us an idea. Looks like all this no-powers talk changes Clark's personality a little bit. KryptonSite has the screencaps.

Smallville Magazine #11

October 7th

Already on sale, the newest issue of Smallville Magazine reveals a lot of things about what's coming up in the new season and features interviews with Tom Welling and James Marsters, the latest cast addition.

"Mortal" Great Ratings

October 7th

Again, Smallville had great numbers in the ratings this week, which proves that the last week numbers were more than a coincidence. More details soon...

"Hidden" Screen Caps

October 6th

The "Hidden" (3rd Episode of 5th season) trailer is already being aired at The WB. You can see the screen caps here

Metropolis Mix Artists and Cover

October 5th

  Now we know some of the artists that are scheduled to be in the CD and what the cover will look like (at least for now). In the list of the artists we have names like All-American Rejects, Brandon Benson, Breaking Benjamin, the Dandy Warhols, Depeche Mode, Diamond Nights, Flashlight Brown, HIM, Josh Kelley, K.T. Tunstall, Lifehouse, Minnie Driver, Rascal Flatts, and the Stereophonics.

"Aqua" Pictures

October 4th

Krypton Site has some great images about the "Aqua" episode. To see it, click here

"Mortal" trailers

October 3rd

The Devoted to Smallville main page has a lot of brand new trailers of the second episode of the new season. I'd take a look if I were you....

"Hidden"´s Description

October 1st

The WB released the description of 5-03 episode "Hidden". Click here to read it

"Arrival" Characters

September 30th

Devoted To Smallville has some pictures released by The WB today featuring the guests in "Arrival".

New guest!

September 30th

The 3rd episode of the new season, "Hidden". will have a new guest. His name is Johnny Lewis and he was a regular on the sitcom Quintuplets, and recently appeared on the Sept. 29 episode of "The O.C". One of his first big jobs was a TV show called "The Sausage Factory".

Oh no! kristEn Kreuk?

September 30th

  Yeah, the graphic guys responsible for the new credits in the opening (which by the way was awesome) really messed things up. They wrote Kristen Kreuk instead of Kristin Kreuk. According to the WB, the problem will be solved next week.

Great "Arrival" for Smallville

September 30th

The season premiere got a strong performance in the ratings against the other series last night! We really hope that the new season maintains its audience in the next episodes. although Smallville got the 6th place out of 8 TV shows, it got an audience of 4.4/7, which means nearly 7.5 million people watching. The curious fact was that "The O.C.", interestingly, didn't pose much of a threat. "Survivor: Guatemala", aired on CBS, got 1st place.

LEXmas Spoilers

September 28th - PREMIEEERE night is here!!

Some real spoilers posted on KryptonSite reveal some interesting things about Episode 5-09 "Lexmas"

The WB Interview Page Refreshed

September 28th

If you'd like to see some new interviews on The WB page, now is the time. The WB released a few more interview videos. The main topic is the season premiere, "Arrival". Check it out!

Tom "Radio Star" Welling

September 27th

Tom Welling will be on 2 radio stations today being interviewed about the new season of Smallville and his other projects. He'll be at: Chicago’s WTMX 101.9 FM The Mix Radio station during the “Eric & Kathy” morning show some time between 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and Los Angeles' KROQ 106.7 FM “Kevin and Bean” morning radio show which runs from 5:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Talk about super-speed to get from one show to another!

Smallville New Soundtrack

September 26th

Called "The Metropolis Mix", announced a new Smallville CD that's scheduled to be released November 1st. If you want to pre-order (and really, face it, you know you should!), click here

Here comes Aquaman

September 26th

Alan Ritchson, who is going to play the legendary "Aquaman" in the episode of Season 5 named "Aqua" is in The Oct. 1-7 issue of TV Guide. Here's the picture

Write it Up!

September 24th

The TV Guide's write up for the season premiere "Arrival" is hot and ready ... Take a look here... Spoiler Warning!

New Season, New Pics

September 23rd

Well, Krypton Site is having really a tough time trying to get screen caps. This time they posted more than 55 of the season Premiere´s trailer and a new picture freshly released by The WB.

Alfred Gough in Another Interview

September 15th

This time in TV Guide. In this one, he reveals a nice thing about Aquaman and some other appearances in the next season. To read, click here... Spoiler Warning!

Al Gough Fresh Interview with KryptonSite!

September 13th

"I think this is the season, as a fan, you've been waiting for." Alfred Gough revealed that and much more in a interview for KryptonSite. He give us tips about the persistent rumors about former Superman Dean Cain appearing on the show this season, a brand new look for the title sequence, with new graphics and, as himself said, "new everything", as well as about the possibilities of DC universe be guesting in the new season again. Here's the KryptonSite interview... Spoiler Warning!

Extras Sneak Peak

September 11th

We have a preview about the Extras on Season 4 DVDs. To check it out, go to Smallville site on Warner Bros´ Home Page.

John Glover is Season 5

September 8th

John Glover's official website posted 2 REALLY spoiler-ish pictures of John Glover in Season 5. Check it out here.

New Trailer!!!

September 8th

Featuring clips from several episodes of the 5th season, a new trailer was aired after the "Spirit" episode repeat, on September 8th. Check it out here, it's on KryptonSite.

Future Plans for Jensen

August 14, 2005

As you probably all know by now, Jensen Ackles (Jason Teague) will not be returning to Smallville for Season 5. Instead, he will be starring in another WB show, 'Supernatural'. The show will also star Jared Padalecki (Dean from 'Gilmore Girls'). The show premieres on September 13, and will air every Tuesday at 9pm.

Guest Stars

August 12, 2005

James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) will guest star on Smallville in multiple episodes as professor Milton Fine aka the Smallville version of Superman nemesis Braniac. Tom Wopat, John Schneider's co-star on Dukes of Hazzard, will also make a guest appearance in one episode. Carrie Fisher will guest star on the episode "Thirst" airing later in October.


Most news items courtesy of Devoted to Smallville and KryptonSite.

Other News Archives

Wanna read all the Smallville articles out there in the press? See our Press Page.

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Updated 10/30/05


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