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First aired October 11, 2007

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Five  - Season Six - Season Eight

Season Seven:  Bizarro - Kara - Cure - Action - Lara - Wrath - Blue - Gemini - Persona - Siren - Fracture - Hero - Traveler - Veritas - Descent - Sleeper - Apocalypse - Quest - Arctic

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The CW's Official Description:

Kara (Laura Vandervoort) desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark (Tom Welling) tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control.

Despite his warnings, when the "Miss Sweet Corn" beauty pageant comes around, Kara signs up and meets the competition - Tyler (Eva Marcille), Carly (Elisa King) and Tempest (Christine Chatelain) - three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule.

After Tyler witnesses Kara using her powers, the girls pretend to be her friends, but are really planning to use her for their devious plan.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. Whitney Ransick directed the pilot written by Holly Harold.


Written by Amanda

Kara is visibly unimpressed when Clark takes her to the Harvest Festival. She would much rather be searching for her crystal. He advises her to relax, enjoy the day, and try to fit in. She looks like just another sulky teen, until her eyes land on Jimmy Olsen, who is taking pictures of the Miss Sweet Corn contestants. Her eyes glow and she wonders how to fit in with him. Recognizing what is happening; Clark takes steps to keep her heat vision from accidentally setting off a blaze.

Back at the Kent farm, Lana comes into the barn where Clark is working. Coming up behind him, she surprises him and he welcomes her back with a hug.

The scene cuts to the three beauty contestants, Tyler, Tempest, and Carly, who are planning, via cell phone, how to profit from the pageant. As one of them walks into a florist’s, the room freezes.

Back on the Kent farm, Lana explains why she could not tell Clark about her plan to fake her death and why no one can know she’s alive until she clears her name; she has committed a major crime. Just then, Kara saunters into the room, wearing a bikini and announcing her plan to win the Miss Sweet Corn contest. Clark introduces the girls, omitting the fact that Kara is also an alien, but when she uses super speed to run off and change clothes, at his request, Lana figures it out. After Lana leaves, Clark warns her that it’s not a good idea to draw so much attention to herself, but she reminds him of how he was a football star. Conceding the point, he takes her to the barn to give her control lessons, but she fails miserably and heads out to learn in her own way. She lands at the place where the other three girls are preparing for the contest and asks, humbly, for their help in applying make-up. She also overhears Tempest tell Tyler she had no choice but to kill Carly. After the girls rudely refuse her, Kara leaves. As she exits, she sees a car containing the frozen body of Carly.

At Luthorcorp, a government agent meets with Lex to discuss the orders Lex gave to search for his “angel.”
Jimmy presents Chloe with a photo of Carly’s icy corpse. She’s not thrilled with the potential story, until their new editor sees it lying on her desk and congratulates her on the hot story and instructs her to run with it.

Lana gives Clark a sympathetic ear as he talks over his difficulties in “parenting/mentoring” his cousin. She can only suggest that he give the girl a chance.

Meanwhile, Jimmy takes photos of the beauty contestants as they pose at the Talon. When he follows Tempest and Tyler, he overhears them discussing Carly’s murder and how they need this as a distraction so they can steal a time capsule. He is able to get a picture and leave, but as he gets into his car, icy air begins to fill it and slowly freeze him to death.

From a distance, Kara can see that Jimmy is in trouble and goes to the rescue.

Lex comes to visit Lana at the Kent farm, where she is now staying. He informs her he has done as she asked, and that all he did was done out of love for her. She is cold towards him and he takes his leave after saying he is looking forward to meeting the newest Kent.

At the hospital, Kara is keeping watch over Jimmy when Chloe and Clark arrive. He is concerned that someone might have witnessed her use of powers, but she is indignant. Saving Jimmy was her priority. Chloe has information on the three contestants; they are meteor freaks, have been committing a series of robberies in the Midwest, and she thinks they are planning to steal Smallville’s time capsule.

The two remaining villains confront Kara with the knowledge of her powers and blackmail her into helping them steal the time capsule. However, she has noticed a Kryptonian symbol in their photo of the object, and that is really what seals the deal for her.

Later that night, Tyler and Tempest go to the capsule and see that Kara has taken the map. They then go on to the pageant and participate.

Lex meets with Carter again, but this time tells him the woman he was looking for was a figment, a fantasy.

Kara wins the crown, but is arrested for stealing the map. When Clark visits her in jail, she tells him she told him nothing about what she planned to do or that there was a Kryptonian treasure to be found because of his attitude toward her. He refuses to let her use her powers to break out of the jail, then goes to stop Tyler and Tempest who think the treasure they have found to be worthless. However, the tornado Clark throws at them unearths green meteor rock and sickens him. Fortunately, Kara shows up and saves him. The two cousins are thus reconciled.

Later, Kara tells Clark that the medallion must be a cry for help, and that she has gotten a job as a barista. She promises to try harder to fit in, but reminds him they are not and never will be human. Happily ever after with Lana is a dream for Clark.

As Jimmy drops Chloe off, he tells her he can now understand her passion for discovering the truth about meteor freaks and how he plans on stopping them all.

Finally, at the carnival, Lana confesses she feared losing Clark’s love because of her now former marriage to Lex, and he assures her that nothing could do that. They resolve to be together forever. One of Lex’s men reports that he has found the angel woman. When Lex sees Kara at the Talon, he thanks her for saving him, but she denies doing so. Nonetheless, he vows to find the truth.

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Five  - Season Six

Season Seven:  Bizarro - Kara - Cure - Action - Lara - Wrath - Blue - Gemini - Persona - Siren - Fracture - Hero - Traveler - Veritas - Descent - Sleeper - Apocalypse - Quest - Arctic - Season Eight

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