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First aired September 27, 2007

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Season Seven:  Kara - Fierce - Cure - Action - Lara - Wrath - Blue - Gemini - Persona - Siren - Fracture - Hero - Traveler - Veritas - Descent - Sleeper - Apocalypse - Quest - Arctic

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) confronts Bizarro, the last wraith from the Phantom Zone, and the ensuing fight causes the dam to break and a torrent of water rushes towards the land.

Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), having just been arrested for Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) murder, is submerged under water in a patrol car, but is saved by a mysterious young woman. Lois (Erica Durance) manages to pull Chloe (Allison Mack) to safety but her cousin is pronounced dead at the hospital.

The same woman who saved Lex reappears at the Kent farm and is revealed to be Kara Kent (Laura Vandervoort) A.K.A. Supergirl, Clark's cousin from Krypton.

Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. Michael Rohl directed the episode written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

By Amanda

After Clark and his evil “twin’s” battle at the end of Phantom (6X22), Reeves Dam burst, and now, the effects are being felt as the police car in which Lex is locked is swept downstream, Lois Lane struggles to drag her cousin, Chloe’s, body out of the dam facility, and a father and son fish, unaware of the impending danger from the coming torrents. Clark lands on the outside, to be confronted by Bizzarro. Knowing that people are in trouble and need saving, Clark does not want to fight, but Bizzarro insists, proclaiming that he is what Clark should have been. Clark manages to disable his foe sufficiently with one punch that he can get away and use his heat vision to dry up the waters before they drown the two fishermen.

Lex’s desperation grows as the police car goes under water and he remains trapped. Suddenly, a woman frees him and carries him to safety on the shore. Just before he passes out, he looks up at her, outlined as if in a halo, and sees her fly away.

After removing himself from the metal object onto which he was impaled by Clark’s blow, Bizzarro uses his heat vision to kill a stranger, and then goes to the Kent farm to get green kryptonite, so he can heal.
Clark returns to the dam, looking for Lionel. However, before he can find him, a mysterious figure in a trench coat carries the unconscious man away.

Inside, Lois continues to struggle with Chloe’s inert form as they try to escape. Seeing a green, glowing door, she opens it, only to find corpses floating in the room on the other side. A cry for help reveals Bizzarro’s prior host, the eight year old boy. She also calls for help. Moments later, a wall collapses, revealing Clark Kent on the other side.

By this time, Lex has returned to Metropolis and is safely in his office. When his aide comes in to inform him that his escape has been prepared and it’s time for him to go if he wants to flee the country before the police can get there, Lex informs him, very calmly, that he will turn himself in.

While waiting for news about Chloe, Lois tells Clark that she was stabbed, died, and when she came back to life, found Chloe unconscious beside her. Determined to get to answers, she asks Clark to stay at the hospital while she heads to the Luthor Manor. He tries to warn her that Lana Lang Luthor is dead, but she refuses to listen. When she arrives, to her shock, Bizzarro, still wearing Clark’s face, is there already. When he aggressively comes on to her, she slaps him and leaves.

The surgical team loses the battle to save Chloe and pronounce her dead; however, we next see her waking in the morgue, terrified and crying out in confusion. She is locked in a body drawer.

The doctors will not tell Clark anything, since he is not family, but he does get the truth out of one. Devastation makes his super hearing go out of control, and thus, he is able to hear Chloe’s voice and go to her rescue. Before they get out of the morgue, she sees not only her death certificate, but Lana’s.

In jail, Lex listens to a tape of himself fighting with Lana, but his focus is on helping people, on repairing the dam and finding his missing father. Then, Bizzarro breaks down the prison wall, kills Lex’s attorney, and demands that Lex help him find more of the green kryptonite. He also tells him that he has not possessed Clark, but created a clone of him as his new body.

Clark goes to visit Chloe in her apartment over the Talon, where she is in mourning, watching videos of herself and Lana. Unable to face that, Clark begins to tell her about Bizzarro, how the green meteor rocks seem to have the opposite effect on his clone that they have on him. Knowing that a supply of the things was kept at the dam, this is a very worrying fact for him, for Clark fears an enemy with all his power and no weaknesses.

John Jones meets Clark is the young man’s loft and informs him that his father would not be pleased, but Clark insists that his love for humans is a strength. Jones implies that he has another one that could be used to defeat his foe, and Clark realizes that sunlight, something that empowers him, weakens Bizzarro.

Meanwhile, Bizzarro has taken Lex back to the dam to help him get more of the meteor rocks. Easily, he knocks away the gun Lex tries to use on him, then tosses Lex away. After Bizzarro recharges on the green rocks, Clark arrives and the two battle again. The fight ends with Clark lying in a pool of sunlight. When he’s had time to heal, he calls Bizzarro back and this time, is able to cripple him enough for John Jones to carry the evil clone away.

Clark returns to the farm and with Chloe, listens to a report on Lana’s death. He worries that he really is no better than Bizzarro, telling her he had intended to kill Lex, but she reassures him that he is better than that. Then, Lois arrives and forgives an obviously confused Clark for hitting on her in his grief stricken state. However, she will cause him pain if he does it again. Then, she leaves.

John Jones tells Clark that Jor-El would have been proud of how his son handled things. Clark now realizes that he will outlive all his human loves and friends, and he is sad.

Chloe destroys her own death certificate.

Lex is taken back to jail as he stares at a picture of his late wife.

The scene shifts to Shanghai, where we see a blonde woman strolling through the streets. When she arrives at her apartment, she takes off a wig to reveal that she is Lana.

Lex’s angel sits perched on the Smallville water tower, looking down. After putting on a bracelet, she flies away.

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Season Seven:  Kara - Fierce - Cure - Action - Lara - Wrath - Blue - Gemini - Persona - Siren - Fracture - Hero - Traveler - Veritas - Descent - Sleeper - Apocalypse - Quest - Arctic

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