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First aired February 2, 2006

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) discovers the new reporter at the Daily Planet-a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Maya (Denise Quinones, former "Miss Universe")-is actually a masked avenger who fights crime at night. Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him. Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance, Allison Mack, John Glover, AnnetteO'Toole and John Schneider also star.

Al Septien & Turi Meyer wrote the episode directed by Jeannot Swarc.

Detailed Description:

Written by Luis H.

Itís a cloudy day outside the Kent farm as Clark tries to repair a tractor. Martha enters carrying a box full of Jonathanís belongings. Martha sets the box aside and tells Clark that he is home early from school. Clark tells Martha that he dropped out for the rest of the semester because there is too much work to be done around the house. Martha gets close to Clark and tells him that sheís going to have go to Metropolis to the governorís office because someone wants to talk to her about Jonathanís senate seat and that while sheís there sheís going to drop off Jonathanís clothes at the homeless shelter. Clark looks at Martha with a serious look as she tells him that he should look inside the box and see if there is anything he wants to keep from it. Clark tells Martha that he is fine and doesnít anything from the box because someone else can use the clothes more than he does, Martha pulls out pulls out Jonathanís watch and tells Clark that she remembers the day Jonathan thought Clark how to tell time with the watch and that Jonathan would have wanted Clark to keep the watch. Clark tells Martha that she should go to Metropolis before it gets too dark. Martha grabs the box and as she leaves she looks at Clark in disbelief while he continues to fix with the tractor.

Later that night at Metropolis Martha parks her truck near in alley. As she approaches ďThe Sacred Heart MissionĒ she is confronted by two bandits. As she tries to evade them by walking away from them one of the bandits grabs Martha by her wrist and removes Jonathanís watch from Martha. She slaps the bandit in the face as she tells him that the watch belonged to her husband and the bandit hits Martha on the face, she hits her self near a pole and falls unconscious to the floor. The bandit tells his partner to cut Marthaís throat as the bandit pulls out his knife, the Angel of Vengeance swoops to the scene and kicks the bandit that was about to cut Marthaís throat, the bandit falls to the floor as his partner turns around he sees Martha and the bandit on the floor. As he is about to leave he is confronted by the Angel of Vengeance. She gets close to the bandit and tells him that she has been looking for him. The bandit that was on the floor tells the Angel of Vengeance to back away from his partner or will kill Martha. The Angel of Vengeance jumps and kicks the bandit away from Martha as a result the bandit breaks a near by wall and falls unconscious. His partner runs away as the Angel of Vengeance gets close to Martha and tells her that she is going to be fine. As she leaves Martha begins to regain her conscience and sees the belt on the Angel of Vengeance that has a skull with two swords around it. The Angel of Vengeance jumps to a roof and disappears as a helicopter flashes the light above Martha.

Back at the Kent farm Clark comes down the stairs as Lana enters and tells Clark that she would like to spend time with Clark. Clark tells her that he is going to the hardware store and as he walks away, Lana tells Clark that she understands why he feels mad about Jonathanís death since both of them were really close. Clark tells Lana that he has to leave before they close the store and she tells him that he doesnít have to open up to her but that he shouldnít bottle up all of his frustrations inside of him. Clark tells Lana that he understands that she wants to help him but that she shouldnít worry about him. As Clark is about to leave Martha enters with a bruise on her cheek. Clark asks Martha what happened to her and she tells him that two guys attacked her and took Jonathanís watch but that she saw somebody help her from the bandits.

Later that night at the Daily Planet Clark tells Chloe that he went to the Metropolis PD to get some information on who mugged his mother but that they donít have any information. Chloe tells Clark that a source of hers will fax her police reports on the guys who mugged Martha. Chloe tells Clark that she canít believe that Martha actually saw the vigilante that saved her and Clark tells Chloe that the vigilante (The Angel of Vengeance) left before the police arrived. Chloe walks towards a desk and tells Clark that since the vigilante has been making several appearances she has an idea of how she looks like and shows a Clark a sketch of the vigilante with a black mask. Clark tells Chloe that she shouldnít cash in on what happened to Martha but instead she should help him find the bandits. Chloe tells Clark that she just wants to help him, Clark looks at Chloe with a serious look and tells her that he should have just taken the watch like his dad would have wanted to but that he couldnít look at the watch when Martha was showing it to him and that all he wants to do is to get it back. Clark turns around and bumps into Andrea (The Angel of Vengeance) and all the papers that she carries scatter on the floor. Clark helps Andrea pick them up and as she hands Chloe the obituaries of the day she looks at the sketch of the vigilante and leaves.

Back at the Taloon Lana looks at papers behind the counter as Lex walks inside and tells Lana that he saw her car parked outside and stopped by to check on her. Lana tells Lex that Martha told her to close for the night since Martha and Clark are going through difficult times. Lex gets close to Lana and apologizes to her, Lana tells Lex that he already did that the day she was at the mansion with him. Lex tells Lana that the apology counts more when it comes from somebody whoís not drunk but that he noticed how Lana seemed upset with Clark that night. Lana walks away from Lex and tells him that none of that matters because all she wants to do is help Clark, since her and Lex know what its like to loose a parent. Lex tells Lana that he tried to talk to Clark but that Clark didnít want to talk to him. Lana tells Lex that he can help Clark by being there for him. Lex gets close to Lana and tells her that if she ever needs to count on someone, Lex will always be there for her. Lana is left with a serious look as Lex walks away.

Inside the Daily Planet Chloe tries to find a nickname for the vigilante while Clark goes over the sketch of the vigilante. Chloe decides to call the female vigilante ďThe Angel of VengeanceĒ since Chloe recalls that Martha saw her swoop down from the sky. Clark tells Chloe to check if her source has sent her the police reports, Chloe walks to another room and as she arrives at the fax machine The Angel of Vengeance covers Chloeís mouth with her hands and tells her to stay out of her business. Clark sees the woman and as he gets close to her, she pulls Chloe away and kicks Clark in his chest. Clark falls to the floor, The Angel of Vengeance jumps into a desk and tells Clark to stay out of her way because she is one of the good guys.
Later that night inside the Daily Planet Chloe tells Clark that she admires ďThe Angel of VengeanceĒ for fighting in the streets for justice. Clark tells Chloe to give him the police reports. As Clark goes over the police reports he see that they donít any information on the guys who attacked Martha. Clark tells Chloe that the only way he is going to find the guys is by talking to the Angel of Vengeance. Chloe tells Clark that he would have to wait for a crime to see her again, Clark tells Chloe that he might not have to wait for a crime to see her.

That same night Chloe walks in alley all by her self when Clark dressed in black jumps infront of hear and attempts to ďstealĒ Chloeís bag. Chloe begins to scream for help but she stops in the middle of the act and tells Clark that The Angel of Vengeance wonít appear. Clark tells Chloe to scream with all her might as Clark pretends to steal her bag. Chloe tells Clark to STOP! The Angel of Vengeance appears and Clark gets behind the woman and as they fight, he removes her mask and Andrea reveals her identity to clark. Clark tells her that he needs her help and she just leaps from building to building. As Andrea gets to the top of the roof, she begins to walk but Clark super speeds to the top and reaches Andrea. She looks at Clark in shook as she just found out one of Clarks abilities.
That same night at Luthor Corp Lionel looks at a gun as Lex enters Lionelís office. Lionel tells Lex that the gun was a gift from a grateful over seas partner. Lex tells Lionel that he knows that Lionel canít face his opponents face to face. Lionel gets up from his chair and as he approaches a table to serve himself a glass of wine he tells Lex that over seas stockbrokers were buying Lutor Corp Stocks as if they were popsicles. Lex tells Lionel that he is just taking advantage o f the Chinese and their money because Lionel is leading the APEX group in their hostile take over. Lionel walks towards Lex with a smile and as he is about to smack Lex on the cheek. Lex grabs Lionelís hand and tells him that he wonít let Lionel get away from stealing money. Lionel tells Lex that it was Lex himself that almost hurt Luthor Corpís assets and that thanks to Lionel the company is now growing, Lex leaves as he tells Lionel not to get too ahead of himself and discard him (Lex) as a liability.

Back in the streets of Metropolis Clark explains to Andrea that he needs her to help him find the guys who attacked Martha because they stole a watch from her. Andrea tells Clark that there are more important things to fight for than a watch and Clark tells her that it belonged to his father and that he wants it back. Andrea gets close to Clark and tells him that she knows that what Clark wants the most is justice from what they did because she has been searching for the same thing since two guys attacked Andrea and killed her mother.

Back at the Daily Planet Martha walks inside and she finds Chloe she tells her that she is worried about Clark because he hasnít been home. Chloe tells Martha that they were searching for Andrea and that he is ok. Martha tells Chloe that she thinks that Clark feels guilty for what happened to her and for not being able to say goodbye to Jonathan and that she doesnít want Clark to do something that he is going to regret and that since Jonathan is dead, he doesnít have anybody to level with. Chloe tells Martha that all they can do is hope that Clark will do the right thing. Martha tells Chloe that she feels glad that Clark can count on someone like Chloe to keep his secret.

Andrea and Clark walk in an alley as they see a group of mobsterís hanging out. Andrea approaches one of them and tells him to tell her were his partner is at. The mobster tells Andrea that he wonít tell her anything as she gets closer to him Clark sees that the other guys are carrying guns, he grabs Andrea by her arm and pulls her away. As the mobster calls his partner Snake, Clark hears some of the conversation and super speeds to steal his cell phone.

Back at the Daily planet Andrea comes out of a phone booth and appears in her regular clothes. Clark tells Chloe to track the calls on the cell and Andrea tells Clark that she already did that. As they check the calls, Clark sees that the most calls made from the cell are from a pizza delivery place. Clark calls and orders a pizza and tells the operator to deliver it to the given address in the computer. Chloe says that she will notify the police and Andrea and Clark tell her not to do it. As Chloe is about to talk to Clark, he super speeds out of the Daily Planet. Andrea tells Chloe that she will look out for Clark and make sure he doesnít do anything wrong.

Clark confronts Snake by choking him and placing him against the fence and tells him to give him the watch. Snake tells Clark that he doesnít have the watch and he doesnít know where itís at. Andrea (dressed as the Angel of Vengeance) tells Clark to kill Snake, Clark looks at Snake with a doubtful look and Andrea pulls out a kryptonite rock. Clark falls to the floor as Andrea pulls out a knife and tells snake that he hasnít forgotten when he killed Andreaís mother. Snake tells her that he didnít do it for the money but that Lionel Luthor hired Snake to kill Andreaís mother because she was on his way of making business decisions. Andrea pulls away from Snake and as she looks at Clark, she stabs Snake in the chest. Clark looks on and as Andrea leaves the scene.

Back at Luthor Corp, Lionel encounters Lex on the entrance of his office door. Lionel tells Lex that he admires him for his persistence and that he did a good job on acquiring secret information about Lionelís dealings. They walk inside the office and Lex tells Lionel that if Lionel doesnít move out of the office and lets Lex manage the companies business he will tell Martha about the meeting Lionel had with Jonathan before he died. Lionel looks at Lex with a serious look as Lex leaves he tells Lionel that he hopes he enjoyed his stay at the office even though it was for a short time. Later that night Lionel thinks about Lexís comments as Andrea jumps and enters Lionelís office through a window. She grabs Lionel by the throat and tells him that she knows Lionel hired Snake and his gang to kill his mother and that he has to face justice in the eye. Andrea pushes Lionel towards the broken window as Lionel tells her that he also lost his parents to a senseless crime. Clark arrives at the scene and tells Andrea to let go of Lionel and that the police will do their job and if Lionel is guilty he would pay. Andrea asks Clark what he would do if he was face to face with his fatherís killer. Clark tells Andrea that she has to think of what she is doing because maybe Lionel didnít kill her parents, as Clark gets close to Andrea he tells her that what she fells inside is anger and that he has felt many times and that if she kills Lionel it wonít change anything. Andrea pulls Lionel close to the edge of the window and tells Clark that it will change something. Clark tells Andrea to think about her mother and that he thinks she wouldnít want her to kill anybody. Andrea tells Clark that she killed a man and that Clark wouldnít let her leave the premises and that itís time for Clark to be the real hero. Andrea pushes Lionel of the window as Lionel is about to fall down Clark super speeds and grabs him by his arm as Andrea jumps of the window. Clark goes over to see where she is but all he sees is cars and light below. Lionel gets close to Clark and tells him that he thinks he saved him for Andreaís sake. Clark tells him that she has been through a lot, Lionel tell Clark that whatever the reason is he thanks him for saving his life. Both men look outside as the camera backs away.

The next day inside the Daily Planet Chloe talks to Clark about Andreaís disappearance. Clark tells Chloe that when he had his hands around Snakeís neck he felt a lot of anger but that it was his fatherís voice that stopped him from killing Snake. Chloe tells Clark that it would have been good if Andrea had done the same. She asks Clark if he thinks he could ever play the mild manner reporter by day and become a crime fighter by night like Andrea. Clark tells her that he hopes he doesnít have to lie to anybody about who he really is.

Later that day inside the barn Clark finds his fatherís watch by his couch. Lana tells him that she searched every pawnshop to find it. Clark apologizes to Lana and tells him that it has been hard for him to move on without Jonathanís presence. Lana tells him that itís like the world moves on without you and that in the end itís Clark that ends up walking in life all alone. Clark puts on his fatherís watch and Lana and Clark look at it with a smile on their face. Later that day as Clark comes inside the house, he sees Martha sitting on the couch watching a home video of Jonathan and a young Clark riding a tractor. Jonathan tells to the camera that Clark is the man of steel and as he looks at it he says good bye. Martha and Clark hug as he begins to cry and a sentimental song is played in the background as the image fades to black.

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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