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First aired January 19, 2006

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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Lana tending to a wounded Lex in "Lockdown"

The CW's Official Description:

The two police officers who witnessed the spaceship land in the meteor shower take Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) hostage and threaten to kill them unless Lex reveals where he hid the spaceship. While escaping to the panic room in the mansion, Lex takes a bullet meant for Lana. Fearing Lex may bleed to death, Lana asks him to tell the officers the secret location, but he confesses the ship has been missing for weeks. Meanwhile, Clark (Tom Welling) discovers Lana has been researching the spaceship with Lex and fears she is close to discovering his secret. Allison Mack, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star.  Steven S. DeKnight wrote the episode directed by Peter Ellis.

Detailed Description:

Written By: Luis H.

Inside the Luthor Mansion, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) reads the headline on the Smallville Ledger that reads “State senate candidates neck and neck” followed with a split picture of Lex and Jonathan Kent. (John Schneider). Lex slams the newspaper on the table as he talks with a representative of his and tells him that he isn’t pleased with that headline coming out before the election. His representative ensures Lex that he will find something to use against Jonathan Kent. As they talk, officers Harris and Flynn enter the living room and interrupt their conversation. Officer Harris tells Lex that there has been a bomb treat and that Lex and his representative have to evacuate the mansion. Lex’s representative looks at Lex in disbelief. Lex responds to the officers by telling them that his security didn’t alert him about the situation, Lex turns around, pulls out his cell phone and as he is about to talk, the two officers pull out their guns and aim them at Lex and his representative. Lex turns around and the two officers begin to walk towards him. Officer Flynn tells Lex “You always have to do things the hard way don’t you?” Lex looks at Officer Flynn with a serious look and says “let me guess, you’re not a cop”officer Flynn says “not anymore.” Lex’s representative throws a book at the officers and runs, Officer Flynn shoots Lex’s representative in the back and he falls to the floor. Lex pulls out a remote, pushes a button and the walls from a small book case go up, Lex goes inside a panic room and Officer Harris tries to reach Lex but the metal doors come down and she hits her self as the doors close.

Inside the panic room Lex emerges from the darkness and tells the officers that what ever game they’re playing they’re going to loose. The officers look around the living room, Officer Flynn tells Lex that the game just starting and Lex sits in a chair inside the room and looks at the officers from TV monitors posted in a wall. Lex asks the officer why he’s there, Officer Flynn says “I’ll give you a hint, it’s big, metallic, and came from outer space.” Lex tells the officer that he doesn’t know of such thing. Officer Flynn walks towards a brown face statue posted in the wall and aims his gun at the statue’s mouth which has a camera in it. He tells Lex that he wants the ship that landed in the meteor shower or else Lex will die inside the room. Lex tells the officer that the room can withstand a nuclear blast and that it will be impossible for the officers to reach Lex. The officer shoots the camera and Lex just stares at the disabled monitor. That same day inside Clark’s room in the farm, Clark (Tom Welling) reads some books while Lana (Kristin Kreuk) sit in a couch beside him. Lana asks Clark if he actually called her to go to the farm to study. Clark looks at her and remains silent as he looks back at his books. Lana gets close to Clark and tells him to kiss her. Clark gives her a quick kiss and looks at his books, she looks at him with a serious look and asks him “what am I your cousin?” and tells Clark to really kiss her. Clark kisses Lana, she is about to hug him but Clark pulls away and tells her that he has to go and can’t miss class. Lana tells Clark that she wouldn’t want him to miss class. Lana gets up and tells Clark that when they really kiss she can feel how much Clark wants her but she doesn’t understand why they can’t be together. Clark tells her that it’s complicated to explain to her what he feels and Lana grabs her bag and tells Clark that it shouldn’t be hard to do so when you love somebody. Lana walks past Clark, he grabs her arm and tells her to wait, Lana drops her bag on the floor, and a document with picture of the spaceship and the LC (Luthor Corp) comes out. Lana looks at Clark and at the document as Clark picks it up and asks her what that is. Lana tells Clark that Lex and her have been researching the spacecraft together. Clark says “Why didn’t you tell me?” Lana tells him that whenever she brought up the spaceship he always changed the subject. Clark remains silent and responds by telling Lana that there is no point on dwelling about the subject. Lana gets close to Clark and tells him that she saw the Kryptonians that came out of the ship and that she watched how they killed the officers and that she almost lost died and for Clark to tell her that there’s no point on dwelling on it is not right. Lana tells Clark that she turned to Lex to find out the truth instead of avoiding it, she begins to back away as she grabs the document from Clark, her bag and leaves the farm while Clark stares at the space with a serious look.

Back at the mansion Lex watches on the monitor inside the panic room how Officer Flynn drags his representative’s body outside the living room. Lex speaks with the officers from a radio and tells that if they want a spaceship they can go to the amusement park and ride them for a dollar. Officer Flynn responds to Lex by telling him that he saw Lex take the ship from the field after the meteor shower.

Lex tells Officer Flynn that he sounds crazy, Officer Flynn picks up his arm and reveals his burned and crippled hand, and asks Lex if that looks crazy to him. Lex looks at the officer’s hand inside the panic room from a TV monitor as Officer Flynn explains to Lex that he was there the day the spaceship crashed and was part of the sheriff’s response team that was wiped out as a consequence of the ship’s landing. Officer Flynn tells Lex that he was under his cruiser half dead when he saw Lex arrive at the field with his equipment and his men to move the ship instead of watching to see if anybody was alive.

Lex sits in a chair close to the monitors and apologizes to the officers and tells them that he still doesn’t know what Officer Flynn is talking about. Officer Flynn insist that Lex tells him where the spaceship is but Lex reminds him that he can stay inside the panic room and be safe from the officers. Officer Flynn responds by telling Lex that his security team is tied up in the basement and that the wireless system is blocked not allowing Lex to send a smoke signal to the police. Lex responds to Officer Flynn by saying “looks like we ourselves a stalemate.” Officer Flynn looks at a distance and tells Lex that he is going to find a way to break it.

Back at the Kent farm Martha (Annette O’ Toole) and Clark are walking outside. Martha asks’ Clark if Lana is helping Lex study the black ship that landed in the field. Clark tells Martha that Lana had a detailed document from Luthor Corp and that Lex and Lana have been lying to him for weeks. Martha looks at Clark and tells him he also hasn’t been honest with Lana and that the truth is not easy to share with the people you love especially if it might hurt them. Clark tells Martha that everything was going perfect when he lost his abilities but now that he has them back he can only lie to Lana about everything especially about why he can’t be with her. Martha tells Clark that she doesn’t need to tell Lana the truth but that if Pete (Sam Jones III) and Chloe (Allison Mack) found out about it and accepted him for who he really is. Clark responds to Martha by saying “I am an alien.” Martha tells Clark that they accepted him as a friend and somebody they love no matter what star Clark was born under. Clark tells Martha that he is not sure Lana will feel the same way and Martha tells Clark that maybe Lana is not the women she was meant to be with just as Clark tells Martha that he can’t imagine ever loving anyone else Lois (Erica Durance) arrives in a red car. Lois asks Martha and Clark if they know where the future senator is because they have some billionaire but to kick. Martha tells Lois that Jonathan (John Schneider) is inside the barn stable. Lois tells Clark and Martha that voters love salt of the earth and as she looks at Clark she sees he has a serious look and tells Clark to cheer up because unhappy family members reflect badly at the polls. As Lois leaves she slams Clark in his arm with a red portfolio. Martha looks at Clark as he looks at a distance and says that he is looking forward for the campaign being over.

Inside the barn stable, horses are eating alfalfa as Jonathan talks on the phone and explains to a person that his campaign is not about numbers, projections, or demographics but about giving everybody the chance to live their life with dignity no matter if he has a dollar in the bank or a million and that’s why he got in the senate race which he intends to win regardless of his opponents check book. Jonathan ends the call as he sees Lois and says to the person that if they need more information to talk to his campaign manager Lois Lane. Jonathan walks outside the barn and towards his truck as Lois congratulates Jonathan on his conversation skills. Jonathan says that he feels he has a phone grown out of his ear. Jonathan walks towards his red toolbox as Lois calls him senator, he looks at her with a serious look and tells Lois not call him senator because he hasn’t won anything. Jonathan begins to work on his truck as Lois goes over a list of activities which include the “Heartland” message on every TV station in Kansas from that time until Election Day. Jonathan looks at Lois with a surprised look and tells her that she might need a race. Lois responds to this by telling Jonathan that he would have to pay her first. Jonathan explains to Lois that every activity on the list sounds fantastic but that he doesn’t think he can afford it. Lois tells Jonathan not to bother with the details but rather focus on shaking hands and kissing babies then Lois shows Jonathan his schedule as he begins to work on his truck.

Later that night Lana is driving on a dark and lonely road. She talks on the phone with Chloe and tells her that she knows how Clark feels about Lex but she doesn’t know what to do because every time she talks to Clark about meteors or what she saw Clark just shuts down on her by avoiding the subject. In the background the sound of a police siren is heard, Lana tells Chloe that she will call her later and hangs up as she gazes at her rearview mirror. A female officer steps out of the police car and walks towards Lana’s car. Lana looks at the officer and apologizes for speeding on the road but the officer pulls out her gun and aims it at Lana. Then the officer’s face is revealed and we see that it’s Officer Harris who was with Officer Flynn at the Luthor mansion. Officer Harris tells Lana that the police is her problem and looks at her with a serious look. Lana looks at Officer Harris shocked and confused as she gazes at the gun.

That same night in the Luthor mansion, Lex is massaging his eyes as he hears Lana’s voice asking questions to Officer Harris. Officer Harris pushes Lana inside the living room and Lex sees her from his TV monitor inside the panic room. Officer Flynn approaches Lana and tells her to shut up. Lex talks with Officer Flynn over the radio and tells him to let Lana go as Officer Flynn stands behind Lana and pulls out his gun.

Lana looks around as Officer Flynn asks Lex if he remembers the stalemate he was talking about. Lana asks Lex why the officers are acting like that. Lex turns away from the monitors and tells Lana that the officers are looking for a spaceship. Lana tells Lez that she doesn’t know what Lex is talking about and Officer Harris gets mad ands asks Lex and Lana if they’re stupid but that if they tell them where the spaceship is everything will be over. Lex responds to Officer Harris by telling her that Lana doesn’t know anything about the spaceship. Officer Flynn stares at Lana and assures Lex that he saw Lana when the spaceship crashed and that he knows Lana and Lex have spent time together. Officer Flynn puts his gun close to Lana’s face as Lex stares at the monitors with a confused look. Officer Flynn tells Lana that he’s not important to Lex, he puts his gun on Lana’s cheekbone and the metal doors open.

Officer Harris orders Lex to step out as she aims her gun at Lex. Lex comes out slowly and looks at both officers and Lana. Officer Flynn tells Officer Harris to search Lex. Officer Harris aims her gun at Lex as she gets close to him and checks him. Lex assures Lana that he’s not going to let Officer Flynn hurt her. Officer Flynn asks Lex if he thins he can stop him as Officer Flynn points his gun at Lex, Lana takes the opportunity to grab Officer Flynn by his arm, while Lex hits Officer Harris in the face and removes her gun as she falls to the floor, Lana kicks Officer Flynn in the leg and he releases her and falls to the floor. Lana runs towards Lex as he shoots at a smoke signal alarm. Officer Flynn grabs his gun and shoots at Lex. One of the bullets breaks a book while the other shoot is just heard as Lex throws Lana and himself inside the panic room and closes the metal doors.

Lex begins to move as he asks Lana if she’s ok. Lana gets up and tells Lex that she’s fine. As Lex gets up he tells Lana that everything about the spaceship is dangerous. Lana looks at Lex with a worried look as a red stain can be seen in Lex’s shirt. Lex falls to the floor and as Lana opens his shirt a bullet hole is seen on Lex’s chest. Lex begins to breathe heavily as Lana looks around trying to figure out what to do.

Back at the Talon volunteers walk around wearing hoopla that say KENT. Posters of Jonathan are seen all over the walls of the talon as Lois enters. She talks on her cell phone with Bob and tries to make a deal with him to donate ten grand and she’ll invite him to Senator Kent’s election party. Jonathan is seen in the background as Lois seals the deal with Bob and hags up. Jonathan knocks on the door and walks inside the Talon. Jonathan tells Lois that primetime spot must have cost a bit. Lois turns around and walks away from Jonathan telling him that Bob has crush on her or parts of her. Jonathan interrupts Lois by telling all the volunteers to give him and Ms. Lane a minute alone. The volunteers exit as Lois tells Jonathan that she feels professional by being called that way. Jonathan explains to Lois that she has grown into her role as his campaign manager, just like she was able to manage all the last minute publicity. Lois grabs a mug and thanks Jonathan as she walks away from him drinking from the mug. Jonathan tells Lois that it must have been very expensive to pull everything out but Lois tells him not to bother about that because she has everything under control. Jonathan smiles as he approaches Lois and tells her that the numbers he has do not seem to add up and that he thinks they’re spending more money than they have. Lois lowers hear head and pretends to organize some papers as she tells Jonathan that she can go over them later but Jonthan interrupts her by telling her to stop sidetracking the question and tell him where the money is coming from. Lois looks at Jonathan for a moment and tells him that it came from Lionel Luthor. (John Glover)

Jonathan turns serious as Lois explains to him that if it wasn’t for Lionel’s money they wouldn’t have a campaign but now they have a chance to win. Jonathan interrupts Lois and tells her that she doesn’t know Lionel like he does and that in some way Lionel will make him pay a price for accepting the money. Jonathan leaves as Lois is left with a worried look on her face.

That same night at Metropolis University Chloe is doing her homework inside her dorm room when Clark super speeds inside and all of Chloe’s papers fly all over her bed. Chloe looks at Clark and tells him to tell her what’s bothering him. Clark explains that he and Lana had a fight. Chloe tells Clark that Lana called her and she talked about the spaceship and her relationship with Clark. Clark asks Chloe if she knew how long had Lex and Lana been working on researching the spaceship. Chloe tells Clark that it’s the first time she hears of that. Clark gets close to Chloe and tells her that the next time she speaks with Lana to find out but Chloe refuses to do so by telling Clark that Lana is also her friend and would not spy on her. The phone rings Chloe answers and as she talks on the phone Clark looks around the dorm room. When Chloe hangs up she has a serious look. Clark asks her what happened and Chloe tells Clark that it was the Smallville’s sheriffs Department telling her that they found Lana’s car abandoned on the side of the road.

Later that night Sheriff Adams and the officers surround the area where Lana’s car is. Clark super speeds and arrives in the road as he sees Sheriff Adams and calls her. She asks Clark if he dropped out of the sky and he asks her if she knows where Lana is at. Sheriff Adams tells Clark that she doesn’t know and asks him when was the last time he saw Lana. Clark tells the Sheriff Adams that he saw her earlier in the day but that they had a fight. Officer Adams tells Clark that she will find her so they can make up. She walks around Lana’s car and explains to Clark what she found. Clark stops and uses his x-ray vision to search inside the car and he sees a GPS device under the rear bumper of Lana’s car and pulls it out.

He shows it to Sheriff Adams and as she reads the serial number on the GPS Clark super speeds of the scene. As Sheriff Adams gazes back to look at Clark another officer calls her and tells her that they received a silent alarm from the Luthor mansion and that Officer Harris is on the scene. Sheriff Adams radios Officer Harris and she tells Sheriff Adams that everything is ok because it was a false alarm. Sheriff Adams instructs the officer to inform her of any thing that happens as she hops in her patrol car and leaves.

Back at the Luthor mansion Lana places some ice on Lex’s wounds. Lex tells Lana not to worry because he activated the silent alarm and the police will be there. Lana puts a pillow in the back of Lex’s head and thanks him for saving her life and risking his. Lex apologizes for getting Lana involved in the situation. Lana asks Lex why he can’t tell the officers where the ship is and Lex tells her that if he did the officers would kill him and her. Sheriff Adam’s voice is heard calling Lex. Lana gazes at the monitor and sees Sheriff Adams walking in the hall of the mansion. Sheriff Adams stumbles with Officer Harris and asks if everything is ok. Officer Harris assures Sheriff Adams that it was just a false alarm but Sheriff Adams insists on searching the mansion to talk to Lex. As she walks inside the living room, she sees the dead body of Lex’s representative on the floor. Sheriff Adams pulls out her gun and sees Officer Flynn. He pulls out his gun and points it at her. A shot is heard, Sheriff Adams opens her jacket and a blood stain is seen on her shirt. As she falls to the floor Officer Harris in back of Sheriff Adams with smoke coming out from her gun. Inside the panic room Lana sees on the TV monitor officers Flynn and Harris approach Sheriff Adam’s body.

Later that night Clark and Chloe are inside the Daily Planet searching for information on Officer Flynn. As the information is coming up Chloe tells Clark that Lana will be fine because she has him. Once the information comes up Chloe and Clark learn that Officer Flynn was put on psychiatric leave because he was wounded and his entire unit was killed in the meteor shower. Chloe tells Clark that when the spaceship landed Lana was also in the area. Chloe gets up from her desk and Clark asks her why Flynn would kidnap Lana. Chloe tells Clark that if she can have access to Officer Flynn’s analysis she can make an educated choice and find out what he’s up to. Chloe and Clark leave the Daily planet.

While Jonathan talks with Martha about his disappointment with Lois. Martha tells Jonathan that he needed the money and that it can only help him in his campaign. Jonathan tells her that he wanted to work for the people and not for people like the Luthot’s. Martha reveals to Jonathan that it wasn’t Lois but her who accepted the money from Lionel and that by doing that Jonathan can have a chance to win and help those that need him but that if he lets his pride get in the way than he won’t have a campaign.

Back at the mansion both officers say that as long as Lex doesn’t come out more people will die. Lana tells Lex that he is in shock and that if he stays conscious he won’t die. Lex tells Lana that Clark is a lucky man and he tells her that he dreamed about how dirffrent things would be. Lex says that in his dream he and Clark were friends again and that Lana was also in his dream. Lana tells Lex to tell her where the ship is so that she can tell that to officers Harris and Flynn. Lex tells Lana that he would like to do it but he can’t tell them the truth because he doesn’t know where the ship is.

Lex explains to Lana that one day the cameras had static and the ship disappeared. Lex tells Lana that in the ship he wanted to find an answer to all the meteor showers in Smallville. Lex begins to feel pain and faints, Lana goes out of the room and tells officer Lynn to call for an ambulance for Lex. Officer Lynn tells Lana that if he shows him where the ship is, he will call for help other wise Lex might die inside the room.

Later that night at the Smallville Medical Center Chloe and Clark stand outside the psychiatric wing. Chloe tires to come up with a plan to enter the office without letting the security guard see her and Clark. Clark opens the door and super speeds in and out to Chloe. When the security guard opens the soda, it spills all over his uniform. Chloe looks at Clark and says “Super shake” as the officer gets up from his chair and leaves. Clark and Chloe go inside to the psychiatry office. When they go inside they watch a video of Officer Lynn confessing to a psychologist what he saw. Officer Lynn describes how the Kryptonians used their heat vision to destroy any cars and helicopters in their way. Lynn says that he saw the smoke coming out of his burned body, he explains that he also saw Lana escape from the wrath of the Kryptonians and he saw Lex take the ship. Chloe tells Clark that Lana must be with Lex and Clark super speeds out of the office. Chloe just looks at the TV and says “Dam I wish I could do that.”

Later that night Clark super speeds and enters Lex’s living room. He sees Sheriff Adam’s dead body on the floor. Clark gets close to her and sees a red blood stain on the Sheriff’s shirt. Clark enters the panic room and sees Lex has fainted and wounded in the floor.

The next day the officers arrive at a warehouse with Lana. She tells Officer Lynn to call for help since they’re close to the ship but Ofifcer Lynn tells her he won’t do it until he sees the ship. Lana gazes at a briefcase that Officer Lynn carries and Lana tells him that he wants to destroy the ship, Officer Lynn interrupts her by telling her that he wants to tell everyone the truth. As they enter a room inside the warehouse Officer Lynn looks around and asks Lana about the ship as he points his gun at her. Lana pulls a lever and some steel tubes fall on Officer Lynn knocking him to the ground, he throws the briefcase on the ground and the alarm gets activated. Lana fights Officer Harris but Officer Harris hits Lana on her stomach and Lana slams her body against a trash can knocking her unconscious.

Clark takes Lex to the hospital and when he asks Lex where Lana is, Lex tells her that she is on warehouse fifteen. Clark super speeds out of the hospital and makes his way to the warehouse. With nineteen seconds remaining on the clock Officer Lynn tries to deactivate it but Officer Harris tells him that it’s useless and they put the briefcase on the floor and run out of the warehouse. Clark arrives at the warehouse and he uses his x-ray vision, he sees Lana unconscious on the floor with the bomb close to her. The bomb explodes as Clark super speeds and rescues Lana from the nearby flames of the bomb. The whole warehouse explodes and knocks both officers to the ground unconscious. Lana regains her conscience as she sees Clark. He tells her that the most important thing is that she’s alive.

Later that day Lana sits in a nursing bed outside the warehouse. Clark complains to her about Lex’s decision of risking Lana’s life. Lana tells Clark that if it wasn’t for Lex, she would have been dead because he saved her when she was in the mansion from a bullet.

Back at the Kent farm Martha and Jonathan see a TV commercial that has VOTE KENT in read and blue colors is being shown. Lois enters and apologizes to Jonathan for accepting contributions from Lionel. Martha tells Lois that Jonathan already knows the truth. Jonathan tells Lois that if he takes the money he won’t be a man of the people and announces to Lois and Martha that he sold a piece of his land to pay the money to Lionel. He gives Lois a check and apologizes to Martha for letting his pride get in the way of his decisions.

Back at the hospital Lex is able to get up and move. Lana enters the room and Lex apologizes to her for not telling him about the disappearance of the space ship. Lana gets close to Lex and tells him that all she wants is to know the truth. Lex looks Lana in her eyes and assures her that’s all she’s going to get from him and that he will continue to search for the ship. Lex extends his hand to Lana and asks her if she wants to be his partner. Lana dines it by telling him she wants to be her friend and hugs Lex. Clark enters the hospital and as he sees Lex and Lana hugging he super speeds out of there as Lana gazes at the window.

Later that day Clark goes to the Daily Planet and complains to Chloe by telling her that the only reason Lana almost got killed was because of Lex. Chloe tells Clark that Lex took a bullet for Lana. Clark tells Chloe that if saving Lana from a bomb meant anything to her to which Chloe responds by telling Clark that it would if she knew about it. Chloe explains to Clark that the reason why Lana began to talk to Lex was because of the spaceship. Clark tells Chloe that he loves Lana and Chloe looks at him with a serious look and tells Clark that all he is doing is pushing Lana away and that if he wants to be together with Lana then he’s going to have to tell her the truth. Clark stares at Chloe with a serious look as the show ends.

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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