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First aired October 27, 2005

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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Carrie Fisher guest-stars in "Thirst"

The CW's Official Description:

CARRIE FISHER ("Star Wars") GUEST STARS AS EDITOR OF THE DAILY PLANET - Lana (Kristin Kreuk) decides to enroll at Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority to find housing at such a late date. However, her new sorority sisters offer her more than a place to crash after they turn her into a vampire and instruct her to kill Clark (Tom Welling). Meanwhile, Chloe (Allison Mack) applies for an internship at the Daily Planet, but the newspaper's formidable editor (guest star Carrie Fisher) may be more then she can handle.

Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also guest star. Steven S. DeKnight wrote the episode directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Detailed Description:

Written by Sonia K.

Chloe is at the Daily Planet, having an interview with Pauline Kahn, a very stern editor-in-chief, hoping to score an internship.  Pauline shocks Chloe by informing her that she did not receive the internship.  She discusses Chloe’s past writing experience at the Daily Planet and reveals the real reason she interviewed Chloe was because she wanted to meet the person who was actually able to have a story published in the Daily Planet at such a young age.  Chloe begins to thank her, but Pauline tells her to save her thanks for Lionel Luthor, the man who coaxed the former editor into publishing her “juvenile pabulum” in the first place.   She dauntingly reminds Chloe that even though she did not ask Lionel to pull a favor for her, she did not exactly refuse it either.  Undeterred, Chloe explains that she is willing to start at the bottom and do whatever it takes, but she refuses to give up on her dreams.  Pauline responds by saying “Well, we all have to wake up sometime don’t we Sullivan.”   It seems Pauline is deliberately discouraging Chloe to see if she has what it takes.  Whatever the case, Chloe vows not to give up on her dreams no matter what.  Pauline suggests Chloe bring her a story if she wants a break.

In real time, the day’s events have already passed, and are being re-told by Chloe as she sits in bed wearing her comfy pajamas putting her story together on her laptop.

Cut to, Tri-Psi Sorority house on the Metropolis University Campus.  A pizza delivery boy is greeted by three bikini-wearing beauties as he rings the doorbell.  Instead of the usual delivery, he accepts an invitation to party with the hotties and ends up in the jacuzzi between all three.  They crack a joke about the pizza not tasting as good he does and before the tongue-tied delivery boy can respond, one of the girls goes under and comes back up with a wicked look on her face.  All of a sudden, he is being attacked by the girls who have developed some very sharp canine teeth, or so it seems.  The blood splattering on the pizza box only confirms that indeed the pizza boy was more appealing to the hotties than the pizza itself.

Clark arrives at Lana’s apartment with coffee.  He is surprised to see her packing all of her belongings.  She informs him that she has received late acceptance to Metropolis University and that she is going to be living near campus, either with Chloe or maybe with a sorority.  Clark attempts to talk her into attending Central Kansas University but Lana reminds him that they do not offer the courses that she is interested in, mainly astronomy. She promises Clark that they will talk all of the time and that nothing will change between them.

At a pledge rally, Buffy Sanders, the president of the Tri-Psi Sorority welcomes the new pledges as they compete for a spot within the sorority.  She tells them that becoming a Tri-Psi could change their lives, forever. 

At Central Kansas University, Clark is in class listening to a lecture delivered by Professor Milton Fine.  He is comparing the differences between good & evil, and the nature of humankind just as Lex Luthor walks in to observe.  Professor Fine asks Clark, what his opinion is and before Clark can respond, he further explains his point.  He uses

Lex as an example of wealth & power, and asks Clark what he would do if he were to find that an individual such as Lex Luthor, the emperor of LuthorCorp, was a “dangerous, unstable megalomaniac bent on destroying his world, would he stop him”?  Luckily, for Clark, he is saved by the bell dismissing him from class.

After class, Lex speaks privately with Professor Fine and tells him that the information he is spreading about LuthorCorp is dangerously close to libel.  Milton Fine responds that it is only libel, if it is not the truth.  He tells Lex that he is a fascinating subject and that everything he says regarding Lex is supported by his research.  Lex tells Professor Fine that he is aware that his lectures have included speculation about certain LuthorCorp projects that are not even public knowledge.   He asks Professor Fine if Clark Kent is one of his research assistants.  Prof. Fine instead questions Lex’s interest in the coming’s and goings of a “freshman farm boy”.  Lex reminds Fine that he has an unusual amount of access to the dean and the academic review board at Central Kansas University, since he donates a considerable amount of funding to the university.  Already aware of that fact, Fine tells Lex to stick around for his second semester when he will be discussing the ‘buying of influence’ at which Lex reminds Fine that is only, if, he even has a second semester at the university.

Back at the Tri-Psi Sorority house, Buffy Sanders chooses Lana over four other pledges, as the new member of Tri Psi.   Buffy tells Lana there is just one more thing they have to do before she can become one of them.  Unexpectedly, Buffy reveals her canine like fangs and tells Lana what they truly are, vampires.  She slits her own tongue, revealing blood and locks lips with Lana against her will.  As Lana’s silhouette struggles against Buffy’s, she is unable to free herself from her grasp.  As they pull away, Buffy welcomes Lana to the sisterhood at which Lana smiles deviously.

Professor Fine unexpectedly visits Lex at the mansion as he is playing a game of pool.  He hands him a file that pretty much covers his whole life, achievements and failures and meanwhile takes over the game.  He tells Lex that he knows what to expect from him and that he is aware that Lex will probably spend a fortune checking and verifying the information in the file, convinced what he believes is true.  Lex asks what that might be and Professor Fine responds that he, Lex Luthor, believes everyone is hiding secrets as dark as his own.   Lex peaks at the file and asks him how he attained some of this data, he tells Lex he just used his ‘brain’ to put this information together, including intelligence regarding LuthorCorp projects, projects that are using university funding money to conduct various questionable LuthorCorp experiments on campus, but off the corporate books.  He wonders aloud what the Dean would think of that and advises Lex to never start a game he cannot win.  As he leaves, Lex has him followed by one of his security guards. 

At the dorms, Chloe is having a slight problem with her new college roommate.  It seems her new roommate, Karen, is not very impressed by her wall of weird and tries to take it down, but not before attempting to chew Chloe out about Lana crashing at their dorm.  Assuming Lana is suffering from a hangover, she draws open the curtains and begins  

grilling Lana about missing class.  Just then, Clark shows up as Chloe steps out.  She tells Clark she was at some party and that things are kind of fuzzy.  She tries to drink some coffee but is distracted by the scent of blood coming from Clark.  She nuzzles his neck and pins him to the wall, he tells her to slow down, and instead Lana tells him to shut up.  She tells him they are in college now and that if he is going to be insecure then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate their relationship.  She throws on some sunglasses and leaves Clark wondering what is gotten into her.

Meanwhile, at the LuthorCorp warehouse, Professor Fine is looking over his spaceship when he is confronted by Lex’s gun-toting security guard.  Before the guard can react, Professor Fine is able to extend his finger into a sharp, pointy, metal blade and pierces his chest.  The guard drops and Professor Fine makes his exit.

Cut to – Chloe at home reviewing her story and introducing us to the next scene, poor Lana.

At the sorority house, Lana and the girls are partying and getting drunk.  Buffy tells Lana that in this sorority they do things slightly different then the rest.  Lana asks what, and Buffy responds by slapping Lana hard enough to send her rolling down the set of stairs, breaking her neck and leaving her in a mangled mess.  The rest of the girls gather around and laugh at her lifeless body.  As they focus on her, Lana awakens and simply puts her bones and broken neck back into place. Buffy steps forward and welcomes her to immortality, which Lana seems more than thrilled about.

The next day, Chloe and Clark are chatting on the phone and Chloe tells him she may have an idea as to the sudden change in Lana’s behavior.  Before she can complete her sentence, Clark blows into the room, scaring Chloe half to death.  She explains to him that 6 years ago, Tri Psi was just a regular sorority until their new president Buffy Sanders took over.  They became the most exclusive sorority on campus with the most pledges every year, but they only invite one girl to join them.  According to Chloe’s information, since Buffy Sanders became president not one girl has left the sorority.  They hatch a plan to attend the Tri Psi costume party that night, in hopes of discovering the truth behind the sorority. 

With Chloe dressed as a naughty nurse and Clark as Zorro, they arrive at the front door.  They get in to the party by claiming that they lost their invitation but the bunny at the door is more interested in Clark (whom Chloe refers to as Carlos so as to not reveal his identity) than in the invitation.  Immediately Chloe spots Lana dancing a little too closely to some random guy.  She diverts Clark’s attention before he sees and sends him on his snooping mission.  He goes through some drawers and finds an article folded away in one.  It is an article about a high school senior that survived a bat attack in a cave.  A senior that looks just like Buffy Sanders.  As he tucks it away into his pocket, Buffy walks in and asks him what he is doing, Clark tells her he is looking for the bathroom, before she can speak, a couple bursts into the room, distracting her and giving Clark enough time to make his getaway in the blink of an eye.  Meanwhile, Chloe confronts

Lana, just as Lana is going in for the kill and pulls her away from her ‘date’.  Chloe asks Lana what is wrong with her and why she is behaving so recklessly.  Lana tells her she

never should have come to the party as she reveals her fangs and takes a bite out of Chloe.  Clark hears Chloe’s whispers for help and shows up as Lana goes out through the window, leaving Clark to cradle an unconscious Chloe.

At the hospital, doctors are having a tough time pin pointing the condition affecting Chloe.  Professor Fine who is visiting a colleague asks Clark what happened as he looks over Chloe’s chart.  He recognizes the symptoms from his research on LuthorCorp experiments and advises Clark to ask his buddy, Lex Luthor, about project 1138. 

Meanwhile, Buffy Sanders is reading Lana the riot act for not killing Chloe and Clark.  Lana tries to explain that Clark is her boyfriend but Buffy is not having it.  She tells Lana to either kill Clark herself or else she dies.

At the Luthor mansion, Clark confronts Lex about project 1138.  Lex tries to deny it at first, but after Clark tells him that Chloe & Lana are infected by some sort of rabies virus, Lex offers Clark the truth.  He explains that 6 years ago LuthorCorp aided in the search & rescue mission for Buffy Sanders when she was attacked in the bat cave.  He further explains that the cave she was found in was full of green meteor rocks from the meteor shower.  Those meteors merged with the rocks and indigenous life forms in the cave, forming infected stalactites, which in turn infected the bats, vampire bats in particular, which created some sort of mutated virus.  People infected with the virus quickly develop an aversion to light, unusual strength and canine teeth, to aide with their cannibalistic tendencies.  He reveals that he has a serum that reverses the infection, made from the meteor rocks found in the cave.   The same meteor rocks that have an adverse affect on Clark.  When Lex reveals the serum, it weakens Clark.  As he tries to hide the effects the serum is having on him, Lana crashes in through the skylight and knocks Lex and Clark to the ground.  Clark uses what is left of his strength to grip the serum in one hand without Lana seeing.  She apologizes to Clark for what she has to do, and goes in for the kill.  Something in Clark causes her to pull away abruptly.  Biting Clark has somehow given Lana his heat vision ability as she shoots heat at the mirror, shattering her own reflection.  Realizing that Clark is special, she decides to take him back to the Tri Psi house in order to change him into a vampire as well.   As she lays him down, Buffy enters, congratulating Lana on her catch.  Lana suggests turning Clark into a vampire giving the rest of the girls a hearty laugh.  They tell her there is no room for boys in an all girl sorority.  As they try to push Lana aside, she tries to protect Clark and is backhanded by Buffy, sending her rolling out of the door.  She gets on her feet and braces herself for another attack as Buffy lunges at her.  In a split second, Lana uses heat vision to burn Buffy to ashes.  She informs the other girls that she is in charge now and tells them all to get out.  She goes to Clark and tells him that everything is okay now.  She tells him she felt his strength and that now she wants him to feel hers and share in immortality with her.  As she goes in for the final bite, Clark musters the last of his energy to inject Lana with the serum as she collapses.

Back in Chloe’s dorm, she catches us up on the rest of the story.  The Tri Psi’s were booted off campus and all of the infected girls were treated by LuthorCorp.  On a good note, Karen, Chloe’s roommate gets so freaked out by the week’s events that she up and transfers to NYU, leaving Chloe and Lana under the same roof yet again.

As for Clark and Lana, they talk about the last few days and it seems Lana only remembers bits and pieces of what took place.  She does reveal that when she bit Clark she felt an enormous amount of strength and love. 

Later, Clark visits Lex to thank him for his help and lets him know that Lana is alright.  Lex questions how Clark knew about project 1138 in the first place, he questions if Professor Fine had anything to do with that.  Clark asks Lex what he has against him and Lex responds that Professor Fine is the one who has been attacking him.  Clark asks Lex if he is upset due to the fact that Professor Fine has a keen interest in LuthorCorp and its activities.   Lex reveals that Professor Fine has obtained ‘highly classified proprietary documents.  Clark suggests that perhaps he is only after the truth. Lex disagrees, he believes Professor Fine is out for more than just the truth and advises Clark to be careful because Fine may not be the friend he portrays himself to be. 

Finally, Chloe has completed her story “Vampire Sorority Bites the Dust”.  Pauline Kahn gives Chloe her nod of approval but tells her that they do not print tall tales about saying Buffy the vampire in the Daily Planet.  Chloe immediately defends her story and tells Ms. Kahn that she did not make up the article.  She goes on to explain that they were not vampires of a mythical sense but rather victims of an unusual disease.  She points out that she has the notes, interviews, eyewitness accounts as well as the official CDC report.  A frustrated Chloe asks Pauline what she thinks, and is pleasantly surprised by her response.  She tells Chloe she does have some talent and extends her hand to welcome her to the Daily Planet, even if it is just starting out in the basement mailroom.  Chloe does reveal that her story never gets printed but her journey to her dreams has just begun.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008 - All Rights Reserved

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven  - Season Eight

Season Five:  Arrival - Mortal - Hidden - Aqua - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

See also: Quotes - Music - Transcripts

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