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First aired October 6, 2005

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven- Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

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Lionrl in strait jacke with white eyes in "Mortal"

The CW's Official Description:

Jor-El strips Clark (Tom Welling) of his powers, making him human. Delighted to finally be "normal," Clark pursues a relationship with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) sans secrets. However, after Lana, Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O'Toole) are taken hostage by three thugs, Clark must figure out how to save his family without his super powers.

Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Glover and Erica Durance also star. Steven S. DeKnight wrote the episode directed by Terrence O'Hara.

Detailed Description:

Written by Sonia K.

Lex visits Lionel at The Belle Reve Sanitarium and instructs the nurse to keep him under 24-hour surveillance.  Meanwhile, it seems Lionel is still under the trance brought on by the Kryptonian symbols.  On his way out, Lex bumps into a mental patient and frees him from his cuffs.  The patient frees two ghostly looking twins to help him make his escape.  They join fists and produce electricity creating a force field in order to make their escape from Belle Reve.  It seems they gain power by draining the electrical energy around them.  Their first stop, Smallville.

At the Kent farm barn raising, Clark hurts his hand with a hammer, which introduces him to pain, another reality of being “normal”.  Jonathan asks Clark to go up to the farm and retrieve supplies, Clark asks Lana to join him.  As they kiss and embrace, they hear a noise downstairs.  Thinking it is the Kent’s, Clark & Lana quickly straighten themselves up.  Clark rushes over to the stairs and is blasted up to the ceiling by the twins, where they have pinned him using their freakish power.  As a helpless Lana looks on, Clark asks what they want, and the blond haired baddie responds, “What every freak in Belle Reve wants Clarkie boy, You!”  They take Clark & Lana inside the Kent house and rough them up.  Clark is badly hurt by the blond baddie while trying to protect Lana, being that he no longer has his super powers, he too is helpless.  While the twins continue to complete each other sentences, the blond baddie lights up a cigar with his fingers.

Down in the Kiwatche Caves, Chloe runs into Lex, who has some questions of his own about the day of the meteor shower and Clark.  He mentions seeing her & Clark in the caves during the shower.  Chloe responds by saying that the idea is just as crazy as Lana saying a spaceship crashed during the meteor shower.  He attempts to play on Chloe’s feelings towards Clark & Lana yet her loyalty to Clark is impenetrable. She coolly responds hat if he does not want her asking questions of her own, he had better stop asking his.

It seems the baddies need to reach the infamous Level 3 at LuthorCorp and are convinced Clark can help them.  He explains that while there, they received a “nifty little green cocktail” to boost their powers.  Clark realizes they were being experimented on.  They reveal that one morning they found themselves in Belle Reve without their experimental drug, on which they are dependant.  He tells Clark that he cannot break in to LuthorCorp because it is designed to keep people like him out.  Just then, the Kent’s pull up, looking for Clark.   Inside, the baddies have Lana in another room while Clark tries to play things off in front of his parents.  Mr. Kent is confronted by the blond baddie that hits him with a ball of energy, knocking him down.  Clark gives in to their demands.  The baddie gives Clark two hours to return with the serum, otherwise Jonathan, Martha & Lana’s fate is grim.

Chloe & Clark team up to break in to LuthorCorp.  Chloe comes equipped with her laptop and blueprints for LuthorCorp.  They figure out where Level 3 is and hatch a plan.  Chloe reveals an arsenal of weapons, flash bombs & equipment in her trunk to help them break in. Once inside, Clark reminds Chloe that he does not have his powers.  Chloe works on the system through her laptop, while Clark makes his way further inside.

Back at the farm, the sheriff arrives with sirens wailing.  Lana tells the blond baddie not to freak out and that they would stall the sheriff if necessary.  He takes Martha into the back with him and tells Jonathan & Lana to handle the sheriff.  The Sheriff notifies them of the escapees from Belle Reve and asks where Martha is.

Back at LuthorCorp, Clark has climbed his way in to the ventilation system and is being guided by Chloe and her laptop.  He lets slip to Chloe that Pete already knew his secret.  In the middle of Chloe’s shock at Clark’s little confession, something goes wrong with the system.  It seems Clark has tripped a silent alarm and if he does not move fast, he could end up trapped in the ventilation system.  He follows Chloe’s instructions, until the vent gives out on him, and leaves him hanging from the ceiling of a very large laboratory.

On her way out, the Sheriff notices a pack of cigarettes.  Knowing of Jonathan’s heart condition, she begins to question whom they belong to.  Lana quickly takes responsibility for the cigarettes, claiming to have picked up the habit after the meteor shower.  However, the Sheriff is not buying the act; she senses something is not right.  As she walks to her car, she calls in for backup at the Kent Farm.  Before she can reach for her gun, the blond baddie gets her attention and blasts her with his supercharged fingers.  Jonathan takes advantage of the moment and tackles him outside on the lawn.  Inside, Lana attacks one of the twins and drills his hand into the wall; the other strikes Lana and knocks her down.  It seems the ghostly twins can literally feel each other’s pain.  As the police arrive, the twins come together to create an enormous shield around the farm to keep them out.  Believing that Clark has betrayed his family, the blond baddie

Clark finds his way to a door in the lab and lets Chloe in.  Together they find where the door to Level 3 would be.  They need Lex’s thumbprint to gain access, it just so happens that Chloe has come properly equipped. 

The twins’ force field is growing weaker since they do not have their serum.  The blond baddie will not allow them to quit however. 

The thumbprint works and they gain access just as the blond baddie phones to tell them times up.  Clark tells him that they have the serum and he is on his way.  Clark reaches for the serum but is zapped by a laser security system.  The serum seems to be heavily guarded by lasers.  The blond baddie is losing it meanwhile; he is getting more agitated with every passing second and warns the Kent’s and Lana that they only have a few minutes left.

Chloe tries to figure out a way to bypass the security system.  Clark asks her to locate where the signal is coming from while he tries something else.  He returns to the Kent farm with a briefcase in hand and tells the Sheriff that he has what the baddies need.  She tells him that it is not up to her to allow him in; the barrier is keeping everyone out.  Clark shows her his cell phone and has the baddies drop the barrier in order for him to get inside.

When he opens the briefcase, the flash bomb from Chloe’s trunk goes off in his face and he is temporarily consumed by smoke.    It seems Clark’s plan was to beat them the old-fashioned way.  The blond baddie shoots electrical currents at Clark, but he dives out of the way and the twins are hit instead, blasting them to opposite corners of the house.  Clark picks up a hammer and destroys the electrical fuse box to keep the baddies from drawing any more energy.  Seeing that the baddie is now completely powerless, Clark commences to beating him with his bare hands, knocking him out in one punch. 

The ghostly twins and the baddie are cuffed and led out by the police.  The Sheriff compliments Clark on a job well done.  Chloe shows up to praise Clark for saving the day without his powers.  Clark tells her his hero days are over but a persistent Chloe tells him that while they were in LuthorCorp, someone was watching them through a video feed the whole time. 

At the Luther mansion, Lex is watching that exact video.  He sees Clark being burned by the laser and says thinks aloud, "this is impossible” just as Clark walks in and asks Lex if he’s disappointed.  Lex tells Clark he has heard of what has happened just as Clark punches him, knocking him to the ground.  Clark tells him he knows that Lex was watching them the whole time.  He informs Lex that he has had access to surveillance videos from Belle Reve.  Clark tells him that he knows Lex was there earlier that day and that he believes he had everything to do with the baddies escaping and targeting him, followed by another punch, knocking Lex down again.  He punches Lex in anger, for putting Lana and his family in danger.  He calls Lex a coward and tells him to see for himself what Clark Kent is really made of.  As he goes to strike Lex again, Lex blocks his hand and strikes Clark in return, causing Clark to bleed.  Lex seems confused that he could injure Clark.

Clark goes to Lana’s apartment where she is waiting for him.  They talk, they kiss and they embrace, and they finally take their relationship the next level.  The music takes over, the candles fade and all is well once again in Smallville.

Written by Sonia K.
All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008 - All Rights Reserved

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Four - Season Six  - Season Seven- Season Eight  

Season Five:  Arrival - Hidden - Aqua - Thirst - Exposed - Splinter - Solitude - Lexmas - Fanatic - Lockdown - Reckoning - Vengeance - Tomb - Cyborg - Hypnotic - Void - Fragile - Mercy - Fade - Oracle - Vessel

Official Description - Detailed Description

See also: Quotes - Music - Transcripts

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