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First aired May 18, 2005

Clark and Chloe in "Commencement"

Official Description - Detailed Description

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) begins to piece together the reason he was sent to Earth after he has a nightmare that something horrible is going to happen to Smallville and heads to the cave to seek answers from Jor-El. His biological father tells him he must reunite the three crystals immediately or a disaster of epic proportions will befall the planet and even Clark won't be able to stop it. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) helps Lana (Kristin Kreuk) escape Smallville after the death of Genevieve Teague the takes shocking action to get one of the crystals away from Lionel (John Glover). Realizing they are connected to Clark, Chloe (Allison Mack) tries to stop Lex from discovering the truth about the crystals. Jason (Jensen Ackles) takes Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O'Toole) hostage and threatens to kill Martha unless Jonathan tells him where Clark hid the crystals.

Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.

Detailed Description:

Written by Cindy K. Green

As Lana (Kristin Kreuk) arrives home at her apartment above the Talon, she is startled as Genevieve Teague (Jane Seymour) reveals her clandestine position inside. Genevieve wants the stone; she points a gun at Lana in order to get it. Frightened, Lana pulls out of her purse the stone which was wrapped in a red cloth and displays it on her hand for Genevieve to see. Then Lana kicks the gun out of Genevieve’s hand and tries to run away. Genevieve quickly recovers and grabs onto Lana. A fight ensues with Lana still holding onto the stone. As Genevieve becomes more and more violent with Lana, she tries to strangle her. Then Lana’s eyes glow violet and she is indwelt with Isabelle. With Isabelle’s strength, Lana is able to overcome Genevieve. She flips her over and while sitting on top of her, she calls the stone to her hand and then holds it up over her head and stabs Genevieve in the heart with the sharp side of the stone. The stone glows as it stabs Genevieve and then blood begins to flow. A bright light encompasses Lana forcing her head back, similar to the scene in Crusade when she first received the tattoo. Lana as Isabelle smiles as the energy overpowers her and then the light slowly dissipates and the tattoo on Lana’s back disappears. Lana is back to herself, and she is horrified to see that she has killed Genevieve Teague. She looks at her shaking bloody hands. At that moment, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) is standing in the doorway looking at the scene. Lana can’t say a word as she continues to tremble.

Tat same night on the Kent Farm, Clark (Tom Welling) is asleep on the couch. He wakes up because of some flashing light. He sits up; the TV turns on with static. Clark looks around; the fire flames up; the grandfather clock chimes and the hands spin round and round. Lights continue to flash all over the house. The radio turns on by itself and switches stations rapidly so that all you hear is static. Clark’s dog, Shelby, runs over to the door and starts scratching. Clark gets up and begins walking over to the door to investigate. He opens the door and there is a bright blinding light. He walks out the door and down the steps. Looking up, he sees misty colors of light moving in the sky. The dog continues to bark at the sky. The lights converge together in a bright ball and zoom toward earth when Clark wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. His parents are there telling him he had been yelling in his sleep, “It’s Coming,” over and over.

Cut to outerspace where a meteor spins and breaks up into hundreds of smaller pieces of differing sizes which are heading for earth.

Cut to a countdown clocking showing 14:20:01:79 

Lana is now in the Luthor Mansion study washing her hands in a silver bowl. She is scrubbing the blood off her hands franticly as she breathlessly and shakily explains to Lex what happened between her and Genevieve Teague.  Lana says that she doesn’t even remembering stabbing her. Lex comes over and helps her rinse her hands and tells her to take a deep breath and relax. She still can’t believe that she killed someone. Lex tells her it isn’t a good idea to go to the police because Genevieve was a powerful person married to a powerful lawyer.  He makes it seem that if she doesn’t trust in him she may end up in prison. He wants her to trust him and to stay at the mansion and talk to no one. Lana remembers her purse and the stone. Lex says its still there and he would never take it from her. She takes the stone from her purse and unwraps it from its handkerchief; it is still covered in Genevieve’s blood.

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark is in the kitchen with his parents talking about his dream. He thinks it is some kind of warning. They tell him he needs to get back to sleep so he will be rested for his graduation the next day. Down the stairs comes Lois (Erica Durance) in her PJ’s and bunny slippers. She overheard them talking about dreams. She shares one of her own dreams from the past week. “Really scary. This, uh, guy wearing a red cape.” She then goes on to tell them that she will be gone over the summer helping her dad find her sister, Lucy. Clark looks pleased. “Clark, I know how devastated you must be but if you could just keep your tears to a minimum, I'd appreciate it,” says Lois. “I'll try,” replies Clark. She then thanks the Kents for all they have done for her.

Lex returns that night to Lana’s apartment to dispose of the evidence. But Genevieve’s body is gone, but Lionel (John Glover) is there. He offers Lana’s freedom in exchange for the stone. Lex tells his father his search for the stones boarders on the fanatical. Lionel reminds Lex that he is just as involved. Lex tries to tell his father that Lana had nothing to do with these stones and he warns him to stay away from her. Lionel leaves saying that he expects the stone by noon the next day or Genevieve’s body will be delivered to the sheriff with Lana’s DNA all over it.

Cut to the meteors. They are passing the moon and heading straight for earth.

An outside shot of a space observatory with rows of satellite dishes pointed at the heavens. Inside, one technician is startled by an alarm going off as the meteors approach earth’s space. He calls over to his supervisor. They realize that the meteors had just appeared with in the past ten seconds.

Cut back to the countdown clock – 9:18:48:99

Up in the barn loft, Clark is getting ready for graduation as he is attempting to tie his tie. Lois joins him and takes the tie and places it around her own neck to tie for him. He worries about his future. Lois thinks it is all laid out before him. “You're gonna go to community college, major in agriculture, probably minor in law enforcement. And then you and Lana are gonna have a nice little church wedding,” says Lois. “Excuse me?” asks Clark. “It's written in the stars and you know it. It's only a matter of time before you join the bowling league, take over the family farm, and then, well, you and Lana can bring little Clark junior into the world.” “I think you're hallucinating,” says Clark. “No. Hallucinating would be imagining Clark Kent going off to the big city to make his mark in the world. I'm just being realistic,” replies Lois. Clark asks what Lois plans to do with her future. He encourages her to go into journalism. She doesn’t like that idea. “Nah, kill me first. Even if I could spell, the last thing I'd wanna do is spend my time in a newsroom. With my luck I'd probably end up across the desk from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead.” She continues to tease him. “Look, I just want you to know, Clark, that when I'm sitting in the audience today at your graduation and you stand up on that stage in front of all those people, I'm gonna be looking up at you and thinking one thing. Please, God, don't let him trip.” She punches him in the chest as leaves the loft.

Commencement exercises outside on the front lawn. Graduates are being called to take their diplomas. Somehow, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Clark’s lines pair them together. They are discussing where Lana is. Then Clark’s name is called. His parents and Lois stand. As Clark moves across the stage, his dad takes his picture; Lois whistles loudly; and many people cheer and clap. He takes his diploma and smiles. Then Lana’s name is called and there is no Lana. Clark looks around in concern.  Then they hear sirens. Military vehicles drive up to the school. Someone on a loud speaker tells them to evacuate because in three hours Smallville will be hit by another meteor shower. Clark meets up with Chloe as they walk. Chloe is trying to figure out what is in Smallville that “is screaming for celestial attention.” Clark is focused on finding Lana. Lois joins them and they walk over to Chloe’s car. He sends the two of them out of town.

Clark returns to the farm after looking everywhere he can think of for Lana. His parents assure him that she has probably already been evacuated. They tell him to go pack his essentials and that they are leaving. Clark tells them that he has to do something first. 

Cut to the meteors moving even closer on earth.

Cut to the countdown clock – 2:21:03:83

Out in the barn, Clark is looking for the octagonal key. Lex is suddenly up in his loft. Clark tries to nonchalantly place the key in his pocket. Lex says that he is there to offer safe passage in his jet to the Kent family. Clark tells him that they are driving with as much of their belongings as possible. Lex reveals that he knows about the inner chamber in the cave wall. He asks if Clark has found that out in any of his research. Clark says no and asks why he is so concerned with the caves with a meteor shower coming. Lex says that the caves are irreplaceable. Clark hopes that they won’t be destroyed but that he needs to get back to his parents. He offers Lex good luck. Lex replies, “Thanks, Clark, but I don't believe in luck. It's our wits and our fortitude to keep us safe. And I'm sure you have more than enough of both. Stay safe.”

Clark returns to the caves in the inner chamber. He places the key in the stone altar hoping that Jor-El will talk to him. A bright swirling light comes from the altar encompassing Clark. Jor-El’s voice is heard telling Clark that the upcoming disaster is his own fault because he did not collect the three stones. Clark asks if he sent the meteor shower. Jor-El tells him that “Human blood has stained one of the elements and awakened a great danger from the darkness of space.” When asked if he can stop it, Jor-El replies that there is nothing to stop what is already in motion. He tells him that the three stones must be joined as one to stop the annihilation of earth and that he must hurry and find the stones or even he will not survive the destruction sent on earth. Clark asks for help but Jor-El is gone.

Cut back to the meteors as they are entering earth’s atmosphere.

Cut to the countdown clock – 00:45:10:83

The Kents just about have the truck loaded when Clark comes back. He tells them that they have to go without him because he found out that he has to find the stones and bring them together. Before they send him off, Jonathan (John Schneider) tells him, “All right. But I want you to listen to me right now. All the years that your mother and I spent raising you from that wide-eyed toddler running around on this farm to the man who is standing in front of me right now was for this moment. You do this, son. You make us proud.” They hug and then Martha (Annette O’Toole) hugs her son with tears in her eyes. Clark heads back to the barn.

When Clark walks into the barn, Lana is there waiting for him. Lana appears scared. She isn’t sure what is going to happen to her, but she wants him to have the stone. She hands it to him still wrapped up. She tells him, “Whatever it is, whatever it means, I... I somehow know that it's meant for you.” Clark asks, “Is this blood?” She answers, “Remember all those times that I asked you for an explanation, but you said you couldn't give me one? That I had to trust you? Well, this time I need you to trust me.” She begins to tremble emotionally. She tells him that whatever happens she will never forget him and he senses that she thinks they might never see each other again. Then as she looks into his eyes she says, “I love you.” Then she kisses him on the lips. “I love you too,” he says. Then Lana tells him goodbye and heads out of the barn.

Cut back again to the countdown – 00:19:14:87

Lana, back at the Mansion, is on her cell phone leaving Chloe a message. Lex takes the phone away from her and ends the call. He reminds her that she isn’t supposed to talk to anyone. She says she needs to tell her friends that she is ok. He reiterates that she has to trust him. He asks about the stone’s safety. She says it is as safe as can be. He wants to ensure that by placing it in his safe. He informs her that he has his chopper ready to fly her to Metropolis so the stone will be safer at the mansion. Lana resists. He says that she needs to trust him with the stone and she says that she can’t do that. Lex looks disappointed.

As the Kents are driving away in their truck with their belongings piled up in the back, they are blocked by another truck. Out of the cab comes a bleeding Jason Teague (Jensen Ackles). His clothes are torn and covered with dirt. He pulls out a shot gun as Mr. and Mrs. Kent jump out of their truck in concern for him. He asks where Clark is. They tell him he is not here. Jason shoots out the front window of their truck demanding to know where Clark is.

Cut to the Countdown: 00:14:24.49

A shot of the “Welcome to Smallville” sign – “Meteor capital of the world.” Next to the sign is the road leading out of town; it is filled with traffic as everyone is trying to evacuate. The military is there trying to direct traffic. Lois and Chloe are driving the opposite direction back into town. Chloe received Lana’s message, and she thinks Lana is at the mansion because she heard Lex in the background of the message.  They are finally stopped by military personnel because no on is allowed back into town. Lois gets out distracting him, and Chloe makes a run for it.

Cut to the meteors braking up in the earth’s atmosphere.

Clark heads back into the hidden chamber in the caves. He looks at the altar where the first stone is lying.

Lex walks into his study and sees that Lionel is there having a drink. He asks why his father is here when there is impending danger coming. Lionel says that he there to make sure his son is alright. Lex knows that he is really there to get Lana’s element. Lex pretends that he hasn’t even seen Lana.

Cut back to Clark in the caves holding Lana’s element in his hand over the altar.

Lex tells his father if he leaves Lana alone, he will give him something he needs. He tells him that he knows where these stones need to be placed, and he will take him there now. Lionel continues with his story that he doesn’t have a stone.

Back in cave, Clark is placing the silver element into the altar. It fits perfectly into the top opening. The altar lights up.

Back in the mansion, Lionel’s pocket lights up. Lionel falls to the ground and begins to spasm as if in a seizure. Concerned, Lex bends down next to his father. He reaches into his father’s coat and a bright light of energy sends him across the room and into a wall knocking him unconscious.

Back in the cave, the two present elements light up and the third empty symbol slot also lights up.

Lex regains consciousness and walks over to his father who appears to be catatonic. He tells his father, “Before you leave this earth, I want you to know... You did create the son you always wanted.” Lex’s men remove Lionel and take him upstairs. On the floor is the last remaining element lighting up a brilliant blue.

In the cave, the other two elements are glowing yellow and red, respectively. Then only the missing element chamber glows blue, and Clark hears the loud ringing sound in his head. He brings his hands to his head in pain.

Lex moves toward the glowing element on his floor. It stops glowing. Fade to black.

Outside shot of the mansion. Clark arrives with the ringing still in his head. When he comes into the study, no one is there to meet him. He can tell that the stone is in Lex’s safe. He goes over to the door and pulls it off its hinges. Inside are artifacts encrusted with kryptonite. Clark starts to feel sick. Falling backward, he sees the last element. He grabs it as he falls to the ground and passes out.

Countdown - 00:05:51.66

At the Kent Farm, Jason has Jonathan and Martha at gunpoint in their home. He is forcing Martha to tie up Jonathan into a chair. He asks where Clark keeps the stones. They feign ignorance. He says he knows Clark is in on this. He brings up the symbol burnt into their field and Bridgette Crosby’s connection to Clark. Jonathan reminds him that the meteor shower is coming. Martha says that he needs to find his mother and take her to safety. Jason tells them that he can’t find her anywhere. He says that when he does, he is going to give her what she has been searching for. “Now tell me where the stones are!”

Cut to the meteors moving ever closer to hitting the earth’s surface.

Outside the Luthor mansion, Lex is walking Lana to a waiting LuthorCorp helicopter. He tells her that he will meet her in Metropolis, but he has a pressing matter to attend to first . He then asks for her stone again. She tells him that she doesn’t have it but that it’s safe. Lex explodes with anger asking where it is. He wrenches her purse from her and begins rifling through it looking for the stone. Lana realizes that all this had been a ruse; it had never been about her safety but the stone. Lex calms down, hands her back her purse, and places his hands around her face as he tells her, “Lana... your safety is more important than any of this. You mean a lot more to me than you know.” The pilot then tells Lex that they have to go. Lana gets into the helicopter. Lex walks away and with his back to her his face reveals that he is still upset. Lana looks at Lex still unsure of his intentions. The helicopter flies off.

Chloe finally makes it to the Luthor mansion. She walks into the study to find Clark unconscious on the floor of the safe. She sees the activated kryptonite and pulls Clark out of range. Then Lex walks into the room. Clark’s body was hidden by the furniture as Chloe walks over to Lex. She tells him that the room was in this condition when she arrived and that she is looking for Lana. In the background, we hear the sound of Clark super speeding out of the room. Lex sees that the stone is missing from his safe. Angrily, he turns to Chloe and pushes her back shaking her and asking “who took the element.” She tells him she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He walks away frustrated. Chloe reminds Lex that the meteors are coming. He doesn’t care. He tells her she is coming with him.

Countdown: - 00:01:26.04

Jason holds his shotgun at Martha saying that if they don’t start talking, he is going to shoot her. Jonathan tells her to tell Jason where the stones are. Martha begins to fabricate a story and while Jason is listening, Jonathan still tied to a chair rams into Jason. Jason flies into a wall and looses his gun. Jonathan falls back on the chair which brakes into pieces. Jason is trying to reach the butt of his gun when Martha gets up and steps on his hand. Jason trips her and she falls down. Martha kicks him and Jason picks up the gun and places it against Martha’s throat choking her. Jonathan frees himself from the ropes and grabs Jason off of his wife. They struggle together and then Jason hits Jonathan in the face with the gun. He lands next to Martha. Jason lowers the gun on the Kent’s when the house begins to vibrate. A meteor, headed straight for the house, crashes through the roof.

Meteors begin hitting all over town; destruction ensues. The road out of town is still cluttered with cars. People jump out of their cars and make a run for it. Meteors are hitting all around them. One little boy is running the opposite way looking for his red and blue truck. His father is calling his name and trying to reach him. The little boy finds his truck and picks it up just as a group of meteors are about to hit. Before he is struck, the little boy is picked up by Clark who speeds him off to safety and shields him from the blast. Clark returns the boy to his father. Then Clark super speeds away 

Lana’s flying helicopter attempts to evade the meteors dropping out of the sky. Fire is everywhere. Lana is very scared looking at the meteors just barely missing the chopper. Eventually, the tail of the helicopter is hit; it goes barreling through the sky down toward the ground. It hits the ground; the front windshield smashes on impact.

A sky view of the meteors hitting Smallville. Clark is entering the hidden chamber again to place the final stone with the others on the altar. All three symbols light up red, blue, and yellow. They merge together to form one large diamond looking crystal.

Cut to another meteor hitting a corn field.

Lex arrives with Chloe in the Kawatche Caves. He menacingly carries on that she knows all about the caves and the stones. And if she didn’t steal the stone from his safe, she knows who did. He asks if it was Clark and she instantly rebuffs the idea. Inside the chamber, the crystal floats up, light shimmering through it. The light from the chamber is now shining into the rest of the cave. Chloe and Lex see it and turn in the direction of the chamber. Lex heads toward the light. Back in the chamber, Clark watches as the crystal continues to rise. Lex walks toward the light. Chloe warns Lex to be careful; it might be dangerous and then she pushes Lex into the wall knocking him down. Chloe continues toward the light. She enters the chamber and looks with wide eyes at Clark who grabs onto the large stone as the light shines brighter and he lets out a cry of pain.

Back at the Luthor mansion, Lionel lays on a bed. He still stares with catatonic eyes. We move into his eyes and see Kryptonian symbols spinning around his pupils.

Clark cries again with pain as he holds onto the stone. Lex gets up from the ground and heads again toward the light. The light intensifies and Clark is transported to the North Pole. As he looks around, we see that he is in the middle of nowhere. There are only mountains and snow.

Back in Smallville, Lois driving Chloe’s car, pulls over to the side of the road. She gets out and runs up a hill and looks out at the devastation of the meteors on Smallville her eyes filling with tears.

Lana wakes up in the wreckage of the helicopter. Her face is covered with dirt, blood, and scratches. Her pilot is dead. She crawls out; her leg is injured.  She continues to crawl away from the wreckage clearly in pain. She sees the edge of a crater. She forces herself to crawl up it and look inside. She can’t believe her eyes because there inside is a huge triangular shaped space ship. The ship door begins to open.

Back at the North Pole, it is peaceful and quiet. Clark continues to look around trying to figure out why he is there. The stone in his hand floats up and points away. He grabs the stone again with determination on his face and he throws it. It shoots through the air revolving and …


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