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First aired May 4, 2005

Lionel and Genevieve in "Ageless"

Official Description - Detailed Description

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) discover an abandoned baby in the cornfield and take him back to the Kent farm. However, once the baby ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in a matter of days, the two realize he is aging at a rapid rate and frantically search for a cure before the disease kills him. Meanwhile, Genevieve (guest star Jane Seymour) orders Lionel (John Glover) to kill Lana or else she will send him back to prison.

Michael Rosenbaum, Jensen Ackles, Allison Mack, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Steven S. DeKnight directed and wrote the episode.

Detailed Description:

Written by Cindy K. Green

On a dark night, a single car drives down an empty country road. Inside the car, a man sits next to a woman who is obviously in labor. The woman is on a cell phone asking for help from an emergency operator. As she groans in pain, the man takes the phone while driving and asks why they aren’t doing anything. Then the woman yells, “It’s too late; it’s coming!” They veer off the road into an empty field. Her bulging belly begins to glow and her stomach begins to move as if something wanted out. The man jumps out of the car and runs away just as the light grows brighter encompassing the entire car. The light explodes into an energy field that continues all the way out to the road where another car is driving by. The driver stops before crossing the light. Inside the car are Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk). They aren’t sure what it was but determine it came from Evan’s Field. They get out to investigate. What they find is a huge crater like hole in the ground. They can’t see inside as smoke blinds their vision, but then they hear a baby cry. Lana jumps down when she hears the baby with Clark following behind calling out a cautioning “Lana”. Lana picks up the baby and wraps it in her blue scarf. Clark looks around at the immense crater probably thinking that it looks vaguely familiar and wondering if this baby is really from earth.

Clark and Lana take the baby to Smallville Medical where they have been met by Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O’Toole) Kent. Sheriff Adams (Camille Mitchell) is questioning Clark about finding the baby. She wonders how a baby could have ended up in that crater, but she also praises him and Lana for saving the baby. Clark tells his father he isn’t sure if the baby is from earth because they found him in a crater just like the one they found him in. His dad reminds him that they also found a space ship.  Inside the hospital room, Lana is holding the baby maternally with Mrs. Kent nearby. They can’t get him to stop crying, but the doctors say he is healthy. Lana gives the baby to Clark so she can get more formula and when she places the baby in his arms, the baby stops crying. Clark looks warmly down on the baby in his arms. Lana is pleased. Clark finds out that Child Services doesn’t have room for the baby yet, so, he is staying in the hospital until they do. Concerned, Clark asks if they can take the baby out to the farm until Child Services has room. His parents agree.

The next day at the Torch office, Lana and Chloe (Allison Mack) are talking about the orphaned baby. Lana tells Chloe how good Clark is with the baby. Chloe is genuinely surprised. Clark comes in on them discussing his baby handling abilities. “It’s like he’s completely at ease. Not to mention, he’s a natural-born baby burper,” says Lana. “I’ve got the spit-up stains to prove it,” says Clark as he enters the room. He then explains how he was up all night with the baby because whenever he put him down he would start crying again. Lana offers to come over and help that night. Clark gladly accepts her offer and asks her to stop and buy some more formula. Lana then asks how he is doing on diapers. Chloe has had enough; she interrupts them and tells them her contact at emergency services found a 911 call at the time that they found the baby. They listen to the recording on Chloe’s computer which is of the baby’s mother and father screaming at the operator. They realize that the father left and the mother didn’t survive or even get to see her baby. Lana is emotionally affected. Clark asks Chloe to trace back the owner of the cell phone so they can find the father.

The nighttime skyline of Metropolis… Genevieve Teague (Jane Seymour) stands in her hotel room clipping a plant when Lionel Luthor (John Glover) arrives. She had evidently requested that he come. He asks why is here? She reveals that she was the one who got him out of prison and it is now his chance to repay her. She mentions Lex’s trip to China. She thinks that he has the stone. Lionel says she has the wrong son; it is Jason (Jensen Ackles) who has the stone. She doesn’t believe that Jason could fool her in that way. She threatens to go after Lex herself if Lionel doesn’t get the stone from him. Lionel warns her that “a threat to any Luthor is a threat to me.”  She doesn’t care; she just wants the stone. 

At the Kent Farm, Clark has the baby is his arms trying to give him his bottle. He warms the milk with his heat vision. His mom comes in as she is preparing to go to work. She offers to stay home with the baby instead. Clark tells her he wants to stay home with the baby. “It kind of changes your perspective when you have someone who depends on you for everything,” he says. With a contorted face, he soon realizes that the baby needs a change. As he is changing the baby’s diaper, Lana comes in. They decide to call him Evan because they found him in Evan’s Field. Clark tells her that they shouldn’t get too attached because his father may come for him. Lana protectively rebukes the idea because the father abandoned the baby and his mother.  Clark lays the baby in his bassinet. He tries to give reasons for where the father is. Lana says that Evan may be an orphan just like they were. She has attached herself to this baby emotionally. She thinks it was for a reason that they found him. Then the lights begin to flicker and energy begins emanating from Evan. The light becomes bright and blinding. As the light, subsides they see in the place of the baby a seven year old child.

Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) sits at his desk in his study reviewing some pictures/maps when Lionel interrupts him. Lex quickly shuffles the papers back into a file folder. Lionel tells Lex that Genevieve Teague thinks that Lex has the missing element (stone) from China. Lex asks why Lionel doesn’t just ask for the stone himself instead of hiding behind Genevieve. Lionel warns Lex of how dangerous Genevieve is – she had Bridgette Crosby murdered for one of them (See “Spirit”). Lex reminds him that he doesn’t have it. And even if he did, he says, “I’d never trust you.” Lex walks away. Lionel calls out to him, “We haven’t a lot of time left to spend together. You can go on for the rest of your life being mistrustful of me, or you can accept me as your father who loves you.” Lex turns back and surveys his father distrustfully and then turns again to leave. Lionel tries once more to warn his son of Genevieve. “She’s dangerous, Lex. She… Watch your back, son.” “I always do,” replies Lex as he exits.

Back at the Kent Farm, Clark is in the house with his parents. Evan is in the loft with Lana. They are deciding what to do with Evan. Clark thinks that they should take him to Lex because he has experience with the effects of meteor rocks. Up in the loft, seven year old Evan is reading The Velveteen Rabbit out loud. Lana walks over to him amazed because he can read. He tells her that he has read all of Clark’s books and that this one is his favorite. He tells her that he has even read the encyclopedia up to “W”. He stopped on “Windmills.” Lana looks at him strangely not knowing what to think. He asks why she is looking at him like that and she tells him that he is a very special boy. She says that he is lucky because there are so many other books to read and places to see. Evan wants to see a real windmill. Lana explains how when you are on the top of a windmill the whole world stretches before you. Evan wants to go see one now. Clark walks up into the loft and asks where they are going. Evan runs over to Clark and jumps into his arms saying, “Dad! Mom’s taking me to see a real windmill!” With a funny look on his face, Clark carries Evan over to a table and sets him down. He sits next to Lana and tries to explain to Evan that they aren’t his parents. Evan responds, “Everyone’s supposed to have a mother and father, and they’re supposed to love each other very much just like you and Lana.” Clark and Lana look at each other and then Lana tells Evan that she and Clark love him and that’s what matters. When asked where his mom and dad are Lana says she doesn’t know but she is sure they love him. Clark then asks if he wants to take a ride in the truck to meet a friend of his.

Outside shot of LuthorCorp Plant No. 3, Smallville. Inside scientists are in a room with Evan on a table examining him. Clark and Lana stand outside the room behind a glass window and look like anxious parents. Lex comes down the stairs and tells them the scientists have already come up with some interesting findings on Evan. “Evan’s body is storing energy like a battery charging. The theory we’re working on is that once enough energy is stored, it’s expended to fuel a burst of rapid cell division.”  They realize that is how he was able to age so quickly. The only theory to stop it is a bone marrow transplant from a living donor. It has to be an exact match because of Evan’s unusual genetic makeup, therefore, a parent. They need to find his father. Then the lights begin to flicker. It seems as if an explosive had occurred. Scientists are flung through the glass window of the examination room. They walk through the opening of the now shattered window. Lana with disbelief on her face walks over to Evan who has now aged into a young teenager. Evan asks what’s wrong with him. Lex wants to isolate him so they can run more tests. Clark disagrees. He and Lana want to take Evan home.

The next day, Lana; Clark; and Evan are up in the barn loft at the Kent Farm. Evan worries that he is dying. He has put it together that he has aged from birth to a teenager in 48 hours.  They try to reassure him that the scientists are working on a cure, and they are looking for his father. Evan isn’t buying it. He tearfully realizes that he isn’t going to be able to see any of those things that he had read about in books. Clark tells him not to talk that way. “We have to keep trying,” says Clark. “It’s not fair,” says Evan as he runs out of the barn. Lana tells Clark that they have to do something. Clark tells Lana to go check on Evan and he is going to find the father.

Clark seeks out Chloe for help. She was able to trace the 911 phone call to a cell phone belonging to Karen Gallagher who was a senior at Smallville High. She had been on Chloe’s Wall of Weird radar since she could short out computer monitors when she walked into the lab. They figured out that she got pregnant at a party and delivered a baby a week later. The hostess of the party, Christina Varrano, used e-vite for her invitations. Chloe was then able to get the invitation list, and Clark was able to go from there to find the father.

Clark walks into a mechanic garage with the list in his hand. He is looking for Tanner Sutherland. He is directed to a guy working on a car in the back. Clark asks him if he was at Christina Varrano’s party last week. The guy tries to play it off as if he doesn’t remember. Clark asks about Karen Gallagher and tells him that he found his son in the middle of a field. Tanner denies that he has a son and claims he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He starts to walk away and Clark grabs him by the arm telling him that he has a responsibility and his son needs him. Tanner admits to meeting Karen and that the next day she calls saying she is pregnant. When he goes to see her, her stomach is already very pregnant. “A week later, we were in my car, we're speeding to the hospital and she's screaming, "It's coming!" And she starts glowing! And then the car, it went up like a freakin' a-bomb! That wasn't a baby. It was some kind of monster.” Clark tells him that he’s a human being and his son and that he is aging rapidly and needs his help. Tanner refuses and walks away.

Clark, talking with his father in the barn back at the farm, can’t believe someone would do that to their own son. Jonathan says that they need to tell Evan about his father, and he offers to do it. Clark says no, “I should tell him.” Then Evan and Lana are there in the barn and asking “tell him what?” Clark tells him that his father works downtown at a garage called Massey’s Auto Garage and his name in Tanner Sutherland. Evan asks when he can see him. Jonathan speaks up telling him that meeting your biological parents can be painful. Evan doesn’t understand. Clarks tells him that they don’t always live up to your expectations. Evan wants to see him anyway. He runs off alone.

Back at the LuthorCorp plant, Lex is talking with a scientist when Clark shows up. Clark tells Lex that he found Evan’s father. Lex tells Clark what his scientists have discovered about Evan. “I've just been informed that Evan’s cell division is increasing exponentially, along with the energy he expels when he ages. We have only a few hours to stabilize Evan. According to the projections, Evan is building towards a massive chronological event.” Clark asks, “You're saying Evan’s about to die?” “It's a lot worse than that,” says Lex. “The next time Evan ages, he'll release enough energy to kill himself and anyone else at hand.”

That night at the auto garage, Tanner is alone when Evan shows up to meet his father. Tanner tells Evan that they are closed. Evan just stands there. He says to Tanner that he’s looking at his father. Tanner backs away saying he is not his father. Evan asks for his help and holds onto Tanner’s shirt. Tanner pushes Evan away from him ripping Evan’s shirt. Then Tanner stumbles backwards into a metal rod that goes through his body. He then falls down to the ground dead. Evan calls, “Dad,” in shock of what had just happened.

Later at the garage, Clark and Lex arrive to speak with Tanner. Clark just found out on his phone that Evan is missing. They find Tanner dead on the ground. In Tanner’s dead hand, Clark finds a piece of Evan’s shirt. Lex reminds Clark that they needed a living donor to help Evan. Clark says that there has to be something else they can do to help Evan. Lex replies that there is. They need to lock him in a confinement chamber at LuthorCorp. It is the only way to contain the blast from his final change.

Lana is back at the farm still looking for Evan. Then Evan is suddenly there. He is evidently distraught. Lana asks if he is ok. He tells her that it was an accident. She tells him that we all make mistakes. He starts to feel the energy change in him again. The lights begin to flash. He tells her that it is coming. He wants to go to a windmill before he dies.

Clark goes to see Chloe at the Torch because he can’t find Evan or get a hold of Lana on the phone due to static. Chloe suggests that Evan might be putting out an energy field like his mom was. She tells Clark that there have been energy surges popping up all over town. She looks up the DWP grid on her computer to find the affected areas. The most recent one was 10 miles outside of town, the windmill in Chandler’s Field. All of a sudden Chloe looks around and realizes Clark is gone and she says, “Go get ‘em speedy.”

Out in Chandler’s Field, Lana stands with Evan on the top of the tall windmill. Evan sees that the whole world does lie out around him. He sees the distant skyline of Metropolis. Lana is a bit choked up but glad he got a chance to see it. Energy suddenly begins to pulse out of Evan’s body. Evan contorts in pain and Lana is concerned. Clark arrives just as Lana starts to loose her balance. He catches her and tells her she has to go. Lana tries to argue that they have to help him, but Clark tells her that she has to go now. Lana obeys and heads down the ladder and back behind her car. Clark stays with Evan. Evan says, “I'm glad it was you and Lana that found me.” And Clark says, “I think you found us.” The pain intensifies. Evan tells Clark he should go and Clark says he isn’t leaving him. Then Evan looks at him and says “I wish you were my father, Clark.” Energy begins to pulse out of Evan as he ages into an old man. Clark lays his body over Evan’s to protect Lana and the surrounding area from the blast. Lana gets up from behind her car after the blast scared of what had happened to Clark.  She calls his name and he comes out from the smoke with his hair a mess and his clothes burnt and torn. He tells her that he got clear before the blast. When she asks about Evan, he tells her that he’s gone.

Later that night, Clark is up in the barn loft putting away the things they had gotten for Evan. Lana soon joins him. She folds the shirt he wore as a seven year old. She says she can’t believe he’s gone. Clark agrees. She tells Clark “this whole year, I've felt so disconnected. But when Evan came into my life, it was like I finally knew where I belonged. I had a purpose.” They discuss how he affected them so greatly in such a short time and that you feel like you have all the time in the world but you don’t. Clark looks into her eyes and says, “I guess we should make the most of the time we have before it's too late.” Lana looks down at Clark’s copy of The Velveteen Rabbit. She picks it up and flips through it saying this was his favorite book. Clark says that it was his favorite as a kid too. He used to pretend that he was the rabbit and his parent’s love made him real. Lana says, “My only hope is that Evan felt that way about us.” Clark eyes her lovingly, and they hug each other supportively.

Back in Metropolis, Lionel meets again with Genevieve Teague. She is serving him a 1961 Bordeaux. She hand him a glass and picks one up for herself. She asks if he has something for her and he says that he most certainly does. They clink glasses and Lionel smells the wine as Genevieve takes a drink. Lionel smugly notices her drinking and he walks away talking about the lengths we go to, to protect our children. As he is talking, Genevieve starts gagging and holding her throat. She falls to the floor choking. Lionel tells her that the wine she drank was poisoned. He wants the stone piece that she has or she will die. If she gives him the stone, he will give her the antidote.

Clark is on the front porch thinking contemplatively as his parents come out to see him. They reassure him that he did everything he could. He now is beginning to see what his parents have gone through with all the danger he has been in. He doesn’t know how they have dealt with this. He realizes that raising a kid is the toughest job in the world and Martha remarks that it is also the most rewarding. Clark says he doesn’t even know if he will be able to have kids. And Martha reminds him that they couldn’t have kids, but they were still blessed with a son. You never know what the future will bring.

At the mansion, Lex sits with his lawyer as Clark enters. Clark wanted to thank Lex for all his help. Lex tells Clark that Evan didn’t die in vain because “studying his unique cellular structure could advance research on cancer and age-related diseases by hundreds of years. I'm releasing our findings to every research facility across the globe. Evan's life may offer hope for generations to come.” Clark smiles. Lex says that Evan would have become a good man as long as you were in his life and that Clark is going to make a great dad one day. Clark returns the compliment. Lex says that he plans on leaving a different kind of legacy. They shake hands and Clark leaves. The lawyer wants to know if Lex really wants to release the findings and Lex tells him, “Eventually.”

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008 - All Rights Reserved

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