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First aired April 27, 2005

Clark and Chloe in "Blank"

Official Description - Detailed Description

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The CW's Official Description:

Kevin (guest star Jonathan Bennett), a boy who can cause people to temporarily lose their memory, turns his powers on Clark (Tom Welling) and causes him to have total amnesia. Chloe discovers what has happened and must teach Clark about his superpowers while simultaneously trying to keep him from accidentally revealing them to others. On his trip down memory lane, Clark meets Lana (Kristin Kreuk), falls in love all over again and decides to share his secret with her. Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) takes advantage of the situation and convinces Clark to show him where the three stones are hidden.
Jensen Ackles, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Jeannot Szwarc directed the episode written by Brain Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

By Cindy K. Green

A large boisterous crowd surrounds the serving area at the Talon. Lois (Erica Durance) works behind the counter taking all the orders. She is as always cool under pressure, ensuring everyone gets their morning brew and taking the money into the cash register. A young man stands near the counter watching Lois and the cash register as she keeps opening and closing the drawer. Finally, he makes his move. With Lois’ back turned at the cappuccino machine, he walks behind the counter and picks up a muffin and then dips into the cash register pulling out all the cash. Lois turns and sees him. She grabs him and he turns around. “Hi, you did not just do that,” she says. Without one word of response, the guy faces his palm out toward Lois and a beaming green light shoots out into Lois’ face. When the light goes off, Lois looks at him and says, “What can I getcha?” with a nice smile. Then he tells her that he has already been helped and so Lois moves on to the unending line at the counter closing the cash drawer as she goes.

Chloe (Allison Mack) and Clark (Tom Welling) enter the Talon talking about Clark’s college choices. He is thinking about the University of Miami and Chloe doesn’t seem pleased with his choice. She doesn’t see him at a beach school. Clark wants to reinvent himself, but he feels guilty about leaving his parents to run the farm without him. “Yeah, I guess you would be really hard to replace with all your skills and everything,” says Chloe to which Clark looks confused and asks, “Skills?” To quickly change the subject, Chloe moves to the counter and orders a coffee from Lois. When Lois opens the cash drawer, she finds that it is empty and that they have been robbed. Clark sees someone leave out the back looking suspicious. Cut to the young man with the gift of forgetfulness. He gets into a yellow truck but before he can exit, Clark is suddenly there in front of him. He slams on the brakes. Clark opens the truck door with the intent of pulling the guy out of the truck but again the mysterious stranger opens his hand with it facing at Clark. The stream of green energy hits Clark full force off his feet and into the fence behind him. Then we are taken into Clarks mind watching his memories in backwards order all the way back to his biological parents placing him into the space ship. Then Chloe is standing over him calling his name. Clark looks disoriented and when he speaks he asks her who Clark is.

Chloe drives Clark home to the farm. Clark looks around like everything is new and unknown. He doesn’t recognize anything. “You sure this is where I live?” Chloe assures him it is and then she points over to his barn saying that he spends most of his time in there. He looks at her with disbelief, “In a barn?” Clark heads up the stairs to the front door with Chloe following. He goes to open the front door and pulls hard and the door flies off the hinges and soars through the air to the yard behind them. Clark is almost speechless, “I…It was stuck.” With a smile Chloe says, “Actually, I think it was locked.” Then she enters the house. Clark walks in himself and looks at the photo of his parents on the refrigerator. He walks around the kitchen looking around at everything. Chloe comes into the room calling the Kent’s names. They aren’t home. Then Lois walks in wanting to know what happened to the door. Clark starts to tell her but Chloe interferes by saying that a freak wind came up and pulled the door off. Lois isn’t quite buying this. Then Chloe asks if she knows where the Kents are. Lois tells them that they are in Metropolis for Mr. Kent’s heart exam and that Clark knows this. Chloe informs her that Clark has amnesia. “Again?” asks Lois referring to her first meeting with Clark in the episode Crusade. “Well, at least this time you have clothes on,” quips Lois with a smile. Chloe doesn’t find it funny. She thinks they need to get the Kents home and Lois says that’s impossible. Mr. Kent is in the hospital for a couple days. When Lois asks what happened to Clark, Chloe theorizes that Clark caught up with whoever was behind “the robbery in plain sight incident.” Chloe says she is going to go research amnesia and Lois says to leave Clark with her. Clark leans over to Chloe, “Tell me I’m not related to her.” No,” says Chloe, “I am. You just live with her.” Lois throws Clark a jar to open which Chloe intercepts and slides back across the bar. “Uh… you know what? I’m gonna take him up to the barn, see if anything up there jogs his memory.”

Lana (Kristin Kruek) arrives at her apartment over the Talon to find her boyfriend, Jason, standing inside. He shows her a large envelope that just arrived for her from Central Kansas University where he also attends. Lana doesn’t look pleased about it. She tells him that she isn’t sure if she is going to go to Central Kansas or college at all for that matter.  “Lana, I thought this was our one chance to put everything that’s happened over the past couple months behind us. It would be like Paris all over again.” Lana answers him, “How? Jason, last summer was incredible. But we have to face it. We haven’t been able to recreate that here, not with everything that’s happened. Not with the stones or your mom and all of the lies.” Jason isn’t happy. He wants to know what brought this on and she tells him ever since this relationship turned into the one she left when she went to Paris. Now Jason thinks it’s about Clark which Lana says its not; its about them. She thinks there are too many secrets. She walks away from him. Jason follows her and grabs her arm and turns her around roughly. “You were the one part of my life that made me forget what I’ve turned into.” Lana looks scared as she asks, “What are you talking about?” “Just don’t give up on me.” “Jason…” “Okay? You have no idea how much I’ve been protecting you. Do you?” Then he lets go of her and exits the apartment. Lana stands there still shaken from the encounter.

Clark stands outside near some haystacks with a blue tractor behind him. Chloe comes out holding a huge crow bar. She hands it to him and asks him to bend it. He looks at her with doubt saying he can’t. She insists. He places each end of the bar in each hand and effortlessly pulls the bar inward, forming a circle. He’s amazed. He wants to know how he did this. Chloe tries to give him her own explanation. “Smallville was hit with the world’s biggest meteor shower when you were little. Now, I know this sounds way out there, but some of the meteor rocks have had an extraterrestrial effect on certain people in the town, and it’s my theory that you were one of them.” “Extraterrestrial powers?” asks Clark. “You mean I’m some sort of alien?” “No. No, of course not,” Chloe replies. “A mutant?” asks Clark. “Uh… yeah…who has saved my life on more than one occasion. See, you’ve sort of taken it upon yourself to be Smallville’s self-appointed hero. And if you ask me, I think that that is amazing.” Clark is trying to take all this in. He stands up looking at the bent crow bar in his hand. He surmises that they must be good friends for him to have told her about this. Chloe informs him that he didn’t. But that she knew it was because he was protecting himself from others who would betray him. “But you wouldn’t, would you?” asks Clark. “Never,” replies Chloe.

That night, Chloe and Clark go over to the Talon to walk through what happened during the robbery earlier that day. Chloe encourages Clark to look around and see if he can find anything. Clark realizes that he has x-ray vision and finds a pass under a mat behind the counter. Chloe had no idea he had this power. She advises him that it might be a good idea to keep that a secret. Clark doesn’t agree. He doesn’t know why he was so worried about what people would think because Chloe has taken it so well. She reminds him that not all people in Smallville are that open minded. She wants him to sleep on it before letting his secret out. Clark understands her reasoning but he questions how anyone can know who he is if he can’t be himself. Then Lana walks down the stairs and Clark is immediately drawn to her – his attention is lost to Chloe. As he continues to watch Lana who is now talking to the waitress bringing in fresh flowers, his eyes start to light up and fire erupts out in small bursts hitting a small lap on one of the coffee shop tables.  Thinking quickly, Chloe runs over to the table and dumps left over coffee on the small fire extinguishing it. “Premature combustion. That’s one I didn’t need to know about,” she says. Clark wants to know who that was. Chloe walks over next to him and says “That is Lana Lang…the love of your life.” Clark’s eyes never leave Lana as Chloe looks up at him.

Back up in the barn loft, Clark looks at pictures he’s found of Lana. He also finds some of the drawings he made in the Kawatchi cave, but he has no idea what they are. He throws the papers down a little upset. Lois is coming up the steps to see him. She just wanted to see if he was doing okay. He shares rather angrily that his life is a complete void. “Look, you may not remember all the players on the board, but you can still play the game,” says Lois. “Are you gonna tell me how I’m supposed to do that?” asks Clark. “Trust your gut. Like, what’s it say about me?” says Lois. Clark gives her a slight smile “We don’t like each other very much.” Lois nods with her own version of a smile. “You’re on the right track. Keep it up, Smallville.” As Lois leaves, Clark picks up one of the pictures of Lana again looking at it thoughtfully, his mind working on something.

The next day at school, Clark shows up and finds Lana at her locker. He approaches her and she talks to him and then remembers that he probably doesn’t even know who she is. Immediately he replies, Lana. She is touched with the sincerity on his face. His mask and guard are down on his feelings for her. He tells her he came to school to see her. He wants to know what happened between them. And Lana says she wished she knew too. Clark is deeply affected as he realizes he caused their breakup. Lana looks away for a moment. “I don’t understand. I… If I felt anywhere near like I feel now…”says Clark his face full of emotion. Lana wants to speak but he interrupts her. “You know, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know because this time, it’ll be different,” says Clark. Lana looks at him with an unbelieving smile, “This time?” she asks. A slamming locker brings her back to reality. Chloe and Lois turn up in the hallway observing Lana and Clark. Lois can’t understand how he got here. Chloe answers, “I guess the heart remembers more than the brain.” Lana walks away from Clark and then Chloe and Lois approach Clark. Chloe tells Clark that they were able to trace the pass they found under the mat in the Talon to Grand View Motor Cross Park belonging to a guy named Kevin Grady. Chloe is trying to smile but she is affected by Clark’s connection to Lana with or without his memories. “He lives in Smallville, so we thought we’d go check out the address. Coming?” brakes in Lois and then she starts toward the exit.

Kevin Grady is in his own house. He has a backpack and he is collecting things in it. His dad comes out and approaches him, asking what he is doing there and that he needs to go back and finish his treatment which Kevin says isn’t working. “Look, I know you want to keep what I did to Dylan a secret, but no matter what they do to try to make me forget it, I’ll always know the truth.” He tells his dad he has money and he will be on his way. His dad tries to convince him otherwise and that he wants to help him. Kevin says they can’t – that he has become a freak. Then he turns his hand out and the green light shoots out at his father.

When Mr. Grady comes back to consciousness, there is a knock at the door. He opens it to see Lois and Clark. Chloe is over looking at Mr. Grady’s car. Lois dives right into it accusing his son of stealing from the Talon as well as her memory. Mr. Grady tells her she must be mistaken. Clark calmly replies that they found Kevin’s pass. He holds it up and hands it to Mr. Grady. Clark says they only want to talk to Kevin. Mr. Grady says that’s impossible because his son is out of town. This is when Chloe steps up and interjects “And by out of town, I’m guessing you’re meaning undergoing some kind of treatment at Summerholt Institute. I’m sorry; I couldn’t help but notice the parking pass on your windshield.” Now Mr. Grady becomes defensive but Clark addresses him sincerely saying that they just want to find out what he knows. Mr. Grady decides to talk. “All right. Yes, my son is a patient at Summerholt. Last fall, I took both my boys hunting at Audrey Clearing. There was an accident. Kevin was loading his gun, and, uh, I lost my son Dylan.” He becomes emotional and continues to explain how difficult all this has been for Kevin. They sent him to Summerholt to see if they could remove these memories. Lois doesn’t quite buy it and decides to look around. Then Clark looks funny. Chloe asks him what the matter is and he tells her that he can hear someone running. Now he can hear the person on a motorcycle. Chloe tells him to just run. He doesn’t see the point. She tells him to trust her and to just run. He takes off after the motorcycle and soon moves into superspeed mode. He can’t control himself as he passes by the motorcycle. By the time he comes to a stop, he is miles down the road in a cow pasture.

Chloe and Clark arrive at the Luthor mansion. Clark is a bit taken back by the grandeur of the place and the idea that he’s friends with a billionaire. “Funny, you never seemed that impressed before,” says Lex as he makes his entrance, a big smile on his face. Clark greets him with,” Mr. Luthor.” Chloe brought Clark there to see if Lex still had a contact at the Summerholt Institute. She explains to Lex that they guy who did this to Clark was being experimented on there. Lex says he’ll make a few calls and see what he can find out. Then he asks if he can talk to Clark alone for a little while. She leaves Clark reluctantly but as she leaves the room she whispers to Clark to be careful. Clark tilts his head listening. Then Lex tells Clark that he think he knows something that will jog his memory.

Lex takes Clark to the Kawatchi Caves. He tells Clark that they have been working together on the mystery of the caves. When Clark asks what the symbols mean, Lex tells him he thinks they are about Clark. Clark walks over to the two-headed monster and Lex asks if he remembers. Clark says no but he remembers from the drawing he saw in the loft. Lex says that they were documenting them. Clark walks up to one of the walls and says that “it” should be there - that the drawings show a room behind the wall. Lex wants to go back to the loft and look at the drawings because he can explain them better to Clark. But Clark realizes he should be wary and tells Lex he needs to get back before his parents begin to worry.

Chloe snagged a security pass and is now inside the Summerholt Institute. She finds a computer file room and comes across Kevin’s file. She places the CD-Rom into the computer and emails the files to her own account. Then she calls Lois and tells her to check her email. Then from behind, a hand grabs Chloe around her mouth.

Clark walks into the Torch office looking for Chloe and finds Lois at her desk. Lois tells him to come look at the computer. She tells him that Chloe called to look at some files she downloaded from Summerholt. The video Chloe emailed shows Kevin strapped to a machine trying to get them to not do whatever it is they are about to do to him. “You don’t have to do this! I won’t tell anyone, I promise! I won’t tell them what happened. I know it was an accident. I know you didn’t mean to.” Lois and Clark realize that Kevin didn’t kill his brother and that they implanted new memories to make him believe that he did. Clark decides that he needs to find Kevin and that the place to start looking is where his brother was killed. When Lois looks around Clark is gone.

Kevin walks through the forest of Audrey Clearing where his brother was killed. He is remembering the incident. He watches his brother get shot and fall to the ground. Clark approaches him and tells him he just wants to talk to him about Summerholt. Kevin looks confused. “You’re the guy from the Talon. How do you remember me?” Clark tells him he doesn’t and that he has lost all his memories. Kevin feels bad and that it usually only affects the last couple minutes. Clark tells Kevin that they need to talk about the accident. Kevin starts talking about it and remembering. He sees his brother shot again. Clark wonders if he has any real memories from that day. He tries to tell Kevin that someone has blocked his real memories. And then as Kevin continues to remember he sees the truth. It was his father who shot his brother. Kevin is near tears. He can’t believe his dad would do that to him. Clark kneels down to him and tries to be consoling. His kindness is not lost on Kevin. He doesn’t understand why Clark is being so nice after all he did to him. Kevin has an idea of how to get Clark’s memories back but they have to break into Summerholt.

Lois is at the front desk of the Summerholt Institute talking to the receptionist when Sheriff Adams approaches them and threatens the woman with time in jail. Lois smiles smugly at the woman.

Clark and Kevin are on the roof of Summerholt. Clark pulls open a door that leads inside. Kevin questions “Wasn’t it locked?” and Clark just says that it’s broken. They climb inside and walk down a corridor when Clark bends over in pain. Kevin comes back to help him but Clark tells him to go on and he’ll catch up. Kevin obeys and leaves Clark. Clark looks over to a shelf and sees jars of liquid Kryptonite. He falls to the ground.

Chloe is strapped to a table just as Kevin was in the video. Mr. Grady approaches her wearing a white lab coat. He tells her that he is going to have to erase all her memories. Chloe tries to convince him otherwise. He tells her that life would be better without all these painful memories. He walks over to a computer and other controls. Chloe is looking scared. He pushes some buttons and lights begin flashing on the machines around the room. Kevin enters the room questioning his father if he was ever going to tell him the truth about his brother. He grabs onto the front of his fathers clothes and looks at him menacing. His father ends up tossing him back telling him he is having a bad reaction to his treatment. Kevin runs at his dad who throws him into a cart. Kevin goes crashing to the ground unconscious.

Back in the hallway, Clark is still lying on the floor in pain. He sees a large pulley attached to a chain up on the wall. He grabs the rope that is tying it down and pulls it. The chain swings over and crashes into the shelf knocking it away from Clark who rolls over, stands up, and stumbles out of the room.

Back in the laboratory, Mr. Grady is back at the controls. The machines are making warming up noises and continue to flash bright lights. From above, a green light shines down on Chloe as she yells out in pain. But before the beam can hit her, Clark dashes into the room and comes between her and the light. In his head, we see all his memories coming back to him. The beam is bouncing off of him into two metal columns. As the pressure becomes too much on the columns, there is a small explosion and they fall over. Clark stands up and catches them before they smash into Chloe. Lois and Sheriff Adams walk into the room amazed at Clark’s feat. Kevin begins to move. He sees Clark’s position and all the others looking at him. Then Clark pushes out on the columns and sends them falling over to the other side away from everyone. Lois’ response: “I guess I shouldn’t call you Smallville anymore.” Then Kevin sends out his green blast which causes the Sheriff, Lois, and Chloe to forget the last couple minutes.

As Mr. Grady is put into handcuffs and all the statements are being taken, Clark sees Kevin leaving the lab. Clark follows him and Kevin turns around. Clark has no memory of anything since Kevin took his memories -  until just a minute ago. “I don’t know what you did back there or why, but I get the feeling I owe you one,” says Clark. “I like to see it as more of a ‘now we’re even’ situation,” replies Kevin. Clark nods at him and then says, “Something tells me I shouldn’t stop you from leaving.” “It’s better if you don’t ask too many questions about me. Thanks for the chance at a clean slate, Clark,” says Kevin. Then they shake hands and Kevin turns back to head out of the building.

At the Kent Farm, Lex is seen coming out of the barn as Clark approaches him. Lex says he was looking for him and congratulations for getting him memories back. “Everything,” says Clark. Lex looks back at him stoically. “Everything except the last 24 hours.” When Lex turns to leave, Clark calls out and asks him what Lex said to him when they were alone the other day. “I just told you about my own memory loss. I thought it might be comforting,” replies Lex. “I’m lucky to have so many good friends watching out for me,” says Clark. “Nothing you wouldn’t have done for me, Clark,” says Lex and then he goes over to his car and gets in. He gives Clark one more look before he drives off. Clark’s eyes dart back and forth as he looks worried.

At the Luthor mansion that night, a fire roars in the fireplace of Lex’s study. The man himself stands near the fire and pulls a paper out of his pocket. He sits down on the couch and opens the paper up on the table in front of him. It is one of the drawings that Clark has made of the cave that he kept in his barn loft. Lex moves his finger over to the section of the map where Clark has drawn in a door in the cave wall.

Lana arrives at the Kent home to meet with Clark just as they had planned earlier that day when he was without his memory. She comes up the steps just as Clark walks out the front door. She says that she’s early, and he seems surprised to see her but goes along with it following her as she walks along the porch. Lana says she’s nervous and he asks what she is nervous about. She looks at him and he realizes that there is something going on. He tells her that he has no memory from the last day. She seems disappointed. “Were our plans like date kind of plans?” Clark asks. Lana looks away from him as he continues. “Because what about Jason?” “Clark, you just wanted to talk. It’s nothing that can’t wait until later,” says Lana as she turns to leave. But Clark stops her. “I can’t do this. I can’t let you walk out. Not again.” He tells her that this time will be different. Lana looks deep into his eyes assessing him “This time?” she says trying to hold back the happiness in her heart.  Clark gives her a small smile looking for her acceptance and she in turn releases a gentle smile.

 At school the next day, Clark enters the Torch to find Chloe. “Are you Chloe?” he says. She looks at him trying to figure it out. Then he smiles. “Funny,” she says. His parents told him that she took care of him when he had no memory and he wanted to tell her thanks. She tells him welcome. She continues to say that she never realized how complicated his life was. Clark looks at her anxiously. “Complicated? Did I do something unusual?” “You had a clean slate to start all over with, and you made all the same choices… except for one,” she replies. “What’d I do?” he asks. She moves in closer to him and says, “You trusted me.” Then she backs off returning to her desk. Clark looks at her trying to figure out her real meaning.

Fade to black.

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Season Four: Crusade - Gone - Façade - Devoted - Run - Transference - Jinx - Spell - Bound - Scare - Unsafe - Pariah - Recruit - Krypto - Sacred - Lucy - Onyx - Spirit - Blank - Ageless - Forever - Commencement

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