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First aired November 17, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

After Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) is accused of killing a young woman, Clark (Tom Welling) sets out to prove his innocence and turns to an unlikely source for help - Lionel (John Glover). Swearing he is a changed man, Lionel offers Clark insight into the crime but he asks for something in return. Meanwhile, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) meets Jason's (Jensen Ackles) parents and has a vivid flashback of the incident in Paris, leading her to suspect that Jason's mother (guest star Jane Seymour) was there when she got her tattoo.

Allison Mack, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Terrence O'Hara directed the episode written by Luke Schelhaas.

Detailed Description:

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Jane Seymour is billed as "Special Guest Star."

Lex's implants for cleaning his blood every 72 hours are missing when he in the bed.

Lex comments that he never gets the names of the girls he sleeps with, and yet both Lex and Lionel send these girls diamond earrings by courier as a way of ending their "relationships". If they don't know these girls' names, then how do they find their addresses?

When the fire is set at Lex's, the fire should have engulfed Lex since he also had alcohol on him.

Once again we see that Clark has telescopic vision, although it has never been previously established or specifically stated in any way, shape, or form.

When Clark is in the barn towards the end he looks out into a clear sky, when the scene goes to Jason getting in the car its pouring rain out.

The killer knocks out Lex, hard, by hitting him in the chin with a metal weapon. But when he wakes up three hors later, his chin is unmarked.

So how did the killer knock out Lex, haul him down the elevator, and toss him into a car, all by herself? And why? There seems no reason she couldn't kill him in the private office in Metropolis, much less why would she establish via the manor security (what manor security? :) ) that she was ever there with him. "Because this is where it all happened" seems a pretty feeble reason even for a psychotic to take such chances on incriminating themselves.

As is often the case, the whole legal situation is tossed out a window. Why would Clark knocking out the killer mean that Lex was cleared of all charges? Unless she was stupid enough to confess, or there was some inconvenient unmentioned evidence they don't bother to show the audience, the woman either would not be convicted of the murders (although she'd be in trouble for assault on Lex), or Lex would still be under suspicion. Nothing happens in the last few minutes of the episode to clear him of the charges, and yet they're inexplicably dropped.

The alcohol fire is incorrect in several regards. Most spirits don't burn very well and those that do are not that clean. Alcohol/liquor fires are also nowhere near hot enough to do the amount of damage to the floor that we see after Clark leaves.

When Clark is telling Chloe about the car he had found at the hotel, Chloe is holding the newspaper. But in the next scene the paper is no longer in her hands and she later picks it up from a a nearby table.

Once again the penitentiary visiting system is unbelievably wide open considering convicted murders are kept here (and a riot recently happened, in "Transference"). Plus, Clark gives Lionel the diamond earring. Visitors don't get to give imprisoned convicted murders jewelry, even just to examine.

The newspaper headline at the end says Lex was acquitted of a "double homicide." Professional newspapers use that term to refer to two murders that occurred at the same time and place, not two murders spread out over several days and in different locations.

Chloe says "Lionel Luthor goes all Hannibal Lector": referencing the famed fictional serial killer created by Thomas Harris and played primarily by Anthony Hopkins.

Chloe says "Its Lilliputian": in reference to Jonathan Swift's Novel "Gulliver's Travels," where the traveler Lemuel Gulliver meets the little people of Lilliput. Chloe used the term to refer to the small size of the serial number.

Chloe says "Let's skip through all the Zalman King": referencing the director of erotic movies which a few times include sex scenes in elevators.

Season One  - Season Two - Season Three - Season Five - Season Six  - Season Seven - Season Eight  

Season Four: Crusade - Gone - Façade - Devoted - Run - Transference - Jinx - SpellScare - Unsafe - Pariah - Recruit - Krypto - Sacred - Lucy - Onyx - Spirit - Blank - Ageless - Forever - Commencement

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