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First aired October 20, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

THE FLASH SPEEDS INTO SMALLVILLE - After Jonathan’s (John Schneider) wallet is stolen, Clark (Tom Welling) super-speeds after the thief (guest star Kyle Gallner) but is stunned when he cannot catch him. The thief, Bart, a.k.a. The Flash, later shows up at the farm and tries to talk Clark into leaving Smallville for a life on the road together, flexing their super powers. Meanwhile, Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) buys a priceless framed manuscript with Kryptonian symbols and Clark learns that it contains a mysterious hidden map. However, when Bart steals the manuscript from Lex, he inadvertently puts Clark’s life in danger and must make the decision whether to save Clark or himself. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, John Glover, Jensen Ackles, Annette O’Toole also star. David Barrett directed the episode written by Steven S. DeKnight (#405).

Detailed Description:

By Cindy Green

Two men stand in a Metropolis car garage. One of the men, Mr. Hanison, looks at his watch impatiently. Whoever he is waiting for is late. Then a teenage kid just appears out of nowhere telling him his watch is fast because he is never late. “If I say I'm gonna be somewhere, I'll be there like a flash.” The kid, Bart, has stolen merchandise to sell to Mr. Hanison – things like jewelry and wallets. The man offers him $200 for the lot which upsets the kid. The man tells him to take it or leave it as he throws the cash next to the loot. The kid suggests that maybe he will just take it all. A cat jumps down knocking over a pipe and a hub cap. The two men turn in the direction of the noise. When they turn back, the boy and the plunder are gone.

Clark and Jonathan are walking out of Metropolis Day Clinic. Jonathan is carrying a bottle of pills. He has just had another check up for his heart and has been given a new medication. Jonathan pulls out of Clark’s shirt pocket tickets to a Shark’s game. Lex gave them to Clark, seats on the 50 yard line. Jonathan reminds Clark to be careful of Lex. Clark says he is and that right now he just wants to be a normal kid, play football, and enjoy his senior year. Jonathan smiles and gives Clark the keys to the truck to pull around. As Clark leaves, Jonathan stops at the newspaper stand on the corner flipping through a magazine. A block away, a man in a truck has been drinking, the bottle still in his hand. He starts to fall asleep as he goes through the intersection. He wakes back up with a jerk hitting his breaks and sliding into the corner where Jonathan stands. The boy, Bart, arrives on the scene, notices what is happening and hurries over to Jonathan. In superspeed mode, Clark also sees the truck and runs to save his father. But he is too late; Bart has already saved him. Clark runs over to his father. Bart is now already gone. Jonathan gets up thinking Clark saved him. Clark tells him that it wasn’t him and that he saw someone who could move as fast as he could. Jonathan realizes that his wallet is missing as well.

Jonathan and Clark arrive back at the farm just as Martha is leaving for work. She wonders why they aren’t at the game and Jonathan informs her that they were robbed. Jonathan is going to go inside and call the credit card companies but Clark asks him to wait. He wants to see if Chloe can track the purchases so he can find this kid who is as fast as he is. Jonathan agrees but he tells Clark to be careful. Clark leaves. Jonathan tells Martha that he wants to take her out to dinner, but she can’t. She has to get to work. Jonathan looks disappointed.

Up in Jason’s dorm room, Lana and Jason are kissing passionately. As the kiss ends, Jason notices Lana’s tattoo. She moves away from him pulling her shirt down to hide the tattoo. He teases her about it and she is evasive. As he teases her further, she gets defensive. He can’t understand why she is getting so upset. He tells her that he doesn’t care about the tattoo and that the only thing that bothers him is that she felt she had to hide it from him. She tells him that there are some things she isn’t comfortable sharing with him. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

In his study, Lex is prying open a box with foreign writing on the side. He removes the packing straw to reveal a large framed page that seems to be from the middle ages. It is written in the same foreign language as is written on the box. As Lex looks at it, he smiles.

Clark returns to Metropolis braking into a hotel room. Someone is in the shower as he enters the room. He sees recently purchased clothing on the couch, junk food on the coffee table, and more purchases on the bed and dresser. His eyes finally stop on a backpack with a lightning bolt on it. He opens the backpack and dumps the contents onto the coffee table. Jewelry, watches, and wallets fall out. Looking through all the stuff, he pulls out several driver’s licenses. The picture is the same, that of Bart. But the name is different. Then Bart emerges from the steaming bathroom. Clark confronts him and Bart tries to act innocent but then when he realizes he’s been caught, he superspeeds across the room now dressed in his clothes. Then he demands Clark to prove that stole all these things. Clark tells him that he saw him save his dad that morning. Bart doesn’t believe him. And Clark says “maybe you're not the only one who can move like that...” He begins reading the names from the licenses still in his hand. “…Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, whatever your name really is.” Bart tells Clark his real name and then “I'll be a thousand miles away before you can even blink.” “I don't know,” says Clark. “I can blink pretty fast.” Clark wants them to sit down and talk. He turns back toward the coffee table but before he can sit down, Bart speeds over in front of him with the licenses in his own hand, tells him “Smell you later,” and speeds off. Clark speeds after him. You can see their two colors of blue and red blurring down the street and then out to the park. Clark is just about to grab him when the kid jumps out into a lake. He is moving so fast he walks on the water and is gone. Clark is amazed.

Clark superspeeds back home and walks in the front door. He sees his father and begins telling him how he found the thief but that before he could catch him he walked on over the water. His dad signals with his head over toward the kitchen. Clark looks in to see Bart sitting on a stool having some milk and cookies. He says “What took you so long?” to Clark.

Clark takes off for the barn and Bart follows. Bart is happy to find someone like him. Clark is not happy with Bart showing up. While Bart talks a lot, Clark says relatively little. Finally Clark asks him what story he told his dad to get him to stay with them. Bart says that he only told the truth which Clark wants to know. “All right, well, a couple of years ago there was, like, this accident, right? There was this huge flash of light, and my body went into overdrive.” Clark asks if this was in Smallville and Bart tells him that he has never been here before. Clark conveys that he never met anyone with powers who wasn’t from Smallville and Bart replies that he should get out more. Then Bart wonders how Clark got his powers and Clark tells him that he was born with them. Clark asks why he was living on the streets. Bart tells him that he ran away because his parents didn’t look at him the same way anymore and that he didn’t fit in. He assumes Clark doesn’t have that problem. Clark informs him that he ran away once before too. Bart wonders why he came back. “Dude, you should be out there with me tearing it up.” “You mean stealing,” says Clark. Bart says he only steals from the wealthy and that it doesn’t hurt anyone. “I'm what you'd call a have-not, Clark. I take from the haves.” “Like my dad?” asks Clark. Bart makes excuses because he was shortchanged in suicide slums and he doesn’t like to sleep on the streets because when he’s asleep he is as slow as everyone else. Clark looks concerned but Bart tells him not to bother. Bart is tired of talking about himself. He wants to know more about Clark. He superspeeds around the room and gives his analysis of Clark. He holds up a book. “You like to study Native American mythology. Dropping the book he holds up a notebook “You've scrawled the name ‘Lana’ on your notebooks, and you have one of the most boring hobbies known to man. Rock collecting.” He then opens the lead box with the Kryptonite inside. Clark stumbles back from the pain. Bart is confused by his behavior. Clark tells him that he is allergic to the rocks. Bart wants to go off and have some fun. “You ever see Florida?” Then he superspeeds off. Clark gives a small smile and slightly shakes his head as he too follows in superspeed mode.

It is dark now as Bart and Clark walk into the Talon. They are talking about the girls they met in Florida. Bart got the phone number of a girl that was checking Clark out. He tells him that she said to call her the next time you were in Miami. Clark says he can’t just run back to Miami. Bart wonders why. “Too much fun, Clark?” Bart superspeeds to the counter and swipes a large cookie. Clark grabs it from him and tells him he can’t just take whatever he wants. Then Chloe walks up in-between Clark and his new friend Bart. Chloe thought Clark would still be in Metropolis finding the wallet thief. Then she notices Bart. Clark starts to introduce him when Bart says, “I’m from the future.” “Really,” Chloe replies skeptically. “I ran all the way back in time to tell you that we're still in love a hundred years from now.” Chloe laughs, charmed by his performance. Bart asks what her favorite flower is. She says tulip. In a flash, he is back with a tulip in hand. Chloe is confused on how he did that. He tells her it’s magic. Mrs. Kent comes by and calls to Clark. She asks about Bart. And then she tells him that Lex is looking for him; he wants Clark to come to the mansion. Clark doesn’t think he should leave Bart alone. Martha doesn’t think he’ll be missed as they watch Bart flirting with Chloe.

Clark and Lex are looking at the page that Lex had unpacked earlier that day. It is now enclosed in a glass box sitting on a pedestal with a light shining directly onto it. Lex tells Clark that it took a lot of finagling and money to finally get it from St. Petersburg. Clark says it’s nice. Lex tells him to look closer at the border design. There are hieroglyphics that look similar to the ones in the cave. Since Clark has spent more time down in the caves than anyone, Lex asks if he knows what they mean. Clark tells him no. Then he says to Lex, “I thought you weren’t interested in this stuff anymore.” “Oh,” says Lex. “I'm still interested, Clark, just not obsessed which is why I'm not keeping this from you. I'd like it if we could work on this mystery together.” Clark says he’d like that. They both smile at each other. Clark asks what the page is from. Lex tells him that it is the last surviving page from a 14th century manuscript. Lex gives more background on the manuscript as he sits down at his desk. “It depicts the Grand Prince Danskoy's victory over his mortal enemy Mamaya at the Battle of Kulacova. Legend has it that this was the only object adorning the walls of Rasputin's chamber while he studied at the Verkhoture Monastery.” Clark still standing in front of the page uses his x-ray vision to see that behind the page is a map of some kind with more Kyptonian symbols included on it. Lex continues talking. “He believed this page would reveal a path to unimaginable power. Rasputin would stare at it for days at a time, attempting to penetrate its secrets.” Clark replies that it is incredible. He moves to touch the frame but Lex tells him don’t because he had a security system installed. It is being kept at the mansion for a few days before being put in the vault at Luthor Corp. Lex’s watch starts to beep. He tells Clark that he has an appointment but that he should come by tomorrow. Clark agrees.
Clark leaves the study and heads down the hallway when he comes face to face with Bart who asks, “Dude, you know Lex Luthor?” Clark wants to know what he’s doing here. Bart tells him that Chloe shot him down. He then goes on to say how awesome the mansion is. “I mean, have you seen all the cool stuff?” Clark tells him to get out. Lex comes out into the hallway. Clark turns to face him. “Who are you talking to?” he asks. Clark turns back around to see that Bart is gone. He turns to face Lex again. But Clark just looks at him uneasily not knowing how to answer him.

When Clark gets home, his Dad has arranged for a guys night with pizza and football. Clark reports to his Dad how he saw a manuscript at Lex’s and that it had Kyptonian symbols on it. When his father asks him if he could read it, Clark says that it said to “Look deeper.” When he used his x-ray vision he could see a map underneath. Clark thinks it has something to do with Jor-El. Jonathan wants him to just leave all this alone. He reminds him that he just wanted a normal senior year not “traipsing around the globe on Jor-El's crusade.” But Clark says that being with Bart reminded him that he is not normal and he needs to stop running away from who he is. Clark thinks that whatever Jor-El wants him to find is powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands. Clark thinks he needs to sneak back in and get a better look at the map without Lex even knowing he’s there.

Out in the barn, Clark rips a piece of blank paper out of a notebook as Bart comes in commenting on how awesome Lex’s place was. Clark tells him he needs to go take care of something. Bart asks to go but Clark tells him no saying that it’s personal but that they can hang out when he gets back. Bart tries to get Clark to catch a movie at Mann's Chinese Theater. Clark says it sounds great. Then Bart tells Clark that he has enjoyed hanging out with him and so he got him a gift. He pulls out a brand new MP3 player out of his backpack. Clark takes the gift and smiles pleased and touched by the gesture. But then he asks, “Where'd you get this?” Bart just says that he got it for him and it shouldn’t matter where he got it. Clark staunchly says that it does matter and that Bart hasn’t been listening to anything he has been trying to tell him. “You can't go around stealing whatever you want.” Bart wants to know why not. There are laws, Clark tells him. But those laws are for normal people, Bart reminds him. Bart can’t understand why Clark thinks of his abilities like a curse because they are a gift and he is going to use them. Clark says it’s fine to use them. “Just use them to help people, not hurt them.” Bart walks off saying he isn’t staying around for another lecture. Clark asks him if he’s going to run away from his problems again. Bart says that he isn’t running away, he is running towards something and that he going to have everything he has dreamed of. “Look, I thought you and I were the same, but I was wrong. You are nothing like me.” He looks at Clark angrily and then superspeeds off in colors of red and orange.

Now in Lex’s study, Clark looks at the manuscript page again. But before he can take another deeper look, there is a swoosh of wind and a blur of red and orange color comes in and the manuscript page is gone. Lights start flashing around the room as the alarm goes off. Clark looks around bewildered but he doesn’t leave. Then he says to himself, “Bart.” Security comes in with their guns out and then Lex enters. He walks over to the glass case looking at the empty box and asks Clark what he is doing there.

Security leaves Lex’s study and then Lex walks back over to Clark who still stands looking at the empty glass case. Lex wants him to explain what happened. Clark said he just came by to say hello and then all the lights and alarms were going off. When Lex questioned if he saw anyone, Clark says he didn’t see anyone. And when Lex asks if he knows who did this, Clarks answers that he doesn’t. Lex says that he believes him. “I know a real friend would never lie to me.” Clark looks around uneasily and then he takes a step back as he turns to leave telling Lex he should go and let him take care of this. Lex tells Clark that he isn’t too worried about the theft because “there aren't that many fences in Metropolis that can move such a high-end item. If I put the word out, I'm sure some fiscally challenged citizen will point me in the right direction…Our thief is gonna learn that there's nowhere on earth he can run from Lex Luthor.” Clark gives him a hesitant smile.

Martha sits in the Talon working late into the night on the books. She is on the phone with Jonathan talking about all the work she has to do. He doesn’t seem happy about her late hours. When Lana comes in, she comments on Martha working late every night. She asks Martha if everything is all right. Martha brakes down and tells her that she didn’t only take the job to help out their finances. She also took it because the only time she isn’t worrying about losing Jonathan is when she is at work. Lana replies, “But if you're here all the time, then, um, you don't see him anyway. Isn't that like you've lost him already?” Martha gives her the beginning of a smile and remarks that a summer in Paris has really given Lana some insight. “Thanks you for reminding me.” “Reminding you of what?” asks Lana. “That it's easier to deal with your fears if you can share them with someone you love.” Lana nods with a look as if pondering her personal situation of sharing her own fears.

Back in Metropolis, the fence, Mr. Hanison, is back in the old garage talking on his cell phone. He hangs up and turns around to Bart. Bart takes out the manuscript from his backpack. Then a car pulls up outside the garage behind them. Bart turns to look and Mr. Hanison’s body guard knocks Bart out. Lex walks in and approaches Mr. Hanison. “Mr. Luthor, I believe I have something that belongs to you.” Lex looks at him with a penetrating stare and then walks past him over to the crumpled form of Bart on the floor. “Is this the dangerous criminal you warned me about?” asks Lex. Hanison says Bart isn’t his problem. He just wants his finders fee. Lex tells Hanison to let the kid go. “You have no idea what that freak is capable of.” Lex responds, “If I were you, I'd be more concerned about the police right now, Hanison.” Upset that Lex has called the police, he set his body guard to kill Lex. But Lex punches the oversized man and then butts heads with him and knees him in the stomach. The man falls to the ground and then Lex kicks him over. Then Mr. Hanison strikes Lex across the face with his gun, knocking him out. He kicks Bart who is now conscious and sitting up on the ground. “Look at the mess you made, kid!” He points his gun at Bart. “Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet.” At this moment, Clark speeds in taking the gun out of Hanison’s hand and throwing it to the side. Then he grabs onto Hanison and throws him through the roof of the garage, landing him on top of an RV camper outside. The bodyguard gets up and Clarks warns him that he doesn’t want to be here and the bodyguard runs out. Then Clark looks at Bart still sitting on the ground. “You still think what you do never hurts anyone?” Then he kneels beside the injured and unconscious Lex. He tries reviving him when Bart gets up and says, “I am sorry about this, Clark.” He holds up the small box of Kryptonite that was in the loft. Clark stumbles back into a large tool box and falls to the ground. Bart tells him that this doesn’t change anything and then he takes the manuscript page from Clark’s hand. Clark tries to convince Bart to take away the Kryptonite because he isn’t a murderer. Angrily, Bart replies, “You don't know who I am!” “Yes, I do,” says Clark weakly from the ground. “Bart, I saw you save my dad. I've seen the good in you. Bart, you've got to stop running, or in the end you'll just be alone. You don't want that. I know you don't. I know because down deep, we're the same.” Bart kneels down near Clark and closes the box and then moves into superspeed out of the building.

Clark stands on the ground while his father climbs down the windmill on their farm. They are discussing Bart. Clark tells him that he stayed with Lex until he heard the police sirens and by then he knew Bart could be anywhere. His father thinks that this could be for the best and that you can’t force someone to change. “He's not a bad kid, Dad, he's just different. At least he's willing to accept that.” “Clark,” says Jonathan, “embracing your abilities and flaunting them are two entirely different things.” “I know,” replies Clark. “It's just sometimes there's a part of me that wishes I could be more like him. I mean, I spend so much time trying to hide who I really am, I'm starting to feel like two separate people.” Jonathan comments that many normal people feel the same way. Clark decides to go visit Lex. As he speeds off, Martha arrives home. Jonathan is surprised to see her. She tells him that she promoted one of the girls to assistant manager so that she could spend some time with him. He tells her that he really missed her and she agrees as they kiss and embrace.

In the Kawatchi caves, Lana has brought Jason to share her secret. Lana explains that when Clark found these caves she couldn’t understand his fascination and that it seemed like he was hiding something because he was afraid of how she would react. She doesn’t want to live like that and be afraid all the time. Jason tells her she doesn’t have to be. She shares with him what happened to her in Paris when she was at the tomb of Countess Theroux and that she has no memory of what happened after that until the next morning. And then she shows him the tattoo that was magically on her back after that night. Jason tries to internalize what happened. He realizes that this is why she left Paris. She tells him that she had to come back to these caves and figure out what happened. She points to the symbol on the cave wall that matches the one on her back. Jason asks what the symbol means and she says she doesn’t know. Lana doesn’t know what is happening to her. Jason hugs and consoles her and says that they will figure it out together.

Clark walks into the study at the Luthor mansion where Lex sits at his desk. He calls to Clark and closes the lid of his lap top. Lex has a huge red bruise to the side of his left eye. Clark says he came by to see if he was all right. Lex tells Clark how he tried to fix his thievery problem on his own. “I decided to play cowboy and got my spurs handed to me.” He doesn’t know why he is not dead. “There must be someone watching over you,” says Clark. Lex motions over to the glass box which now holds the stolen manuscript. Clark is confused. Lex tells him that it was sitting on his desk when he returned from the hospital. Clark x-rays the document again and sees that the map is still there. He smiles. Lex then tells Clark that he had the document examined by a team of experts. “Do you know what they discovered?” Clark looks nervously at Lex. “That I paid too much for it.” Clark smiles back at him relieved. “Thanks for checking in on me,” says Lex as Clark leaves. Then Lex raises the lid of his lap top again to reveal the manuscript page and then underneath the image of the map emerges onto the screen. Lex smiles.

Outside on a bale of hay, Clark sits trying to draw the map from the manuscript. Bart comes up behind him and tells him his drawing sucks. “Stick to the hero thing.” Bart wonders how Clark knew where to find him. Clark pulls out the MP3 player Bart had given him. “I spent a whole night down in Suicide Slums trying to convince someone that I had a thousand of these to fence. A few guys pointed me in the direction of Hanison.” Clark wonders what Bart’s future plans are. “I don't know. I mean, it's a big world. I figure I'd check it out, see if there's anyone else out there like us. Maybe start, like, a club or a league or something.” Clark nods but looks disappointed that Bart is leaving. Bart suggests that Clark come with him. “Or you could stay,” says Clark. Bart explains he has nothing keeping him in Smallville but he tells Clark “Thanks for being my friend.” Clark asks him if there is anyway he could change his mind. Bart smiles and turns. “If you can catch me, I'll think about it.” Then Bart superspeeds away through the farm and onto the road. Clark takes off after him, their blue and red blurs moving down the road. In slow motion, Clark is working hard to catch Bart. Just when it looks like Clark is catching him, Bart turns around running backwards. He smiles and Clark smiles back. Then Bart waves goodbye and takes off again in another burst of speed leaving Clark in the dust. Clark stops amazed by Bart's speed. He looks down the road and smiles.


The WB pre-advertised the episode using the promotional title "The Flash."

John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

Clark says to Bart that he's never met "anyone with powers like yours" from "around here." So what? He's met other people with powers that weren't from Smallville. Ryan ("Stray" and "Ryan") Chrissy ("Redux"), and Trent ("Gone") all had powers that had nothing to do with kryptonite and weren't from Smallville that was ever revealed. Why does he think it's unusual Bart has his super-speed power and isn't from around Smallville?

Based on what is given, Bart only searched Clark's loft and found the notebook, kryptonite etc. So...why is Clark keeping kryptonite in his loft? If it's there as a secret weapon against when he turns evil, wouldn't it make more sense for it to be hidden somewhere where he doesn't know it, but Jonathan and Martha do?

Clark has demonstrated in the past ("Hothead", "Shattered") that when exposed to chunks of kryptonite he can still move, pick up rocks and throw them, etc. But here, only a couple of feet away from the lead case holding the kryptonite, he can't bring himself to reach over and flip the lid down.

This is the first time in four years we see Lex with a security system at his manor. But the one thing he doesn't include, conveniently for the plot, is...a security camera.

When the alarm goes off in Lex's office, why doesn't Clark use his speed and run? Nobody saw him come in so why not just leave?

When Clark enters Bart's hotel room, the door opens the wrong way. Hotel room doors always open into the room, but this door opens out into the hallway.

It's unlikely that the "last surviving page from a 14th century manuscript" would just be able to be rolled up and taken wherever, as Bart does. Pages that old, if not constantly watched and treated, will crumble.

Does anybody find it odd that within seconds of being in a potentially fatal accident, faced with the thought of a new super-powered being whose powers rival Clark, one of the first things Jonathan does is...check to see if he has his wallet.

Maybe it's just part of his superhuman ability...but how does Bart's hair stay so neatly coiffed when he moves at such speeds? At least Clark has super-tough hair, presumably.

Clark used to have a cell phone, but apparently they got rid of it since they don't bother to call the credit card company on the way back to Smallville. Since the Kents' aren't much worse off financially then before, and how much they need to call each other in emergencies, why would they get rid of it?

The Flash: in the comics time line, Bart Allen is the grandson from the future of Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen). He began his superhero career as Impulse but a few years later and after some life-altering episodes in the lives of his comrades the now defunct Young Justice, Bart takes on the suit and name of Kid Flash, the suit that the current Flash (Wally West) wore as the protégé of Barry Allen when he was a kid. As for the time this episode aired Bart was a member of the Teen Titans.

Flash Allusions: there are various allusions to the Flash character at DC Comics, including: 1) the WB advertising title of "The Flash"; 2) Bart's aliases of Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West - the Flashes from the comics, listed in chronological order; 3) Bart saying he came from the future when hitting on Chloe; in the comics Bart is from the future; 4) the Flash symbol (yellow lightning bolt) on Bart's backpack and his belt buckle; 5) Bart saying that he'll search the world for "more people like them" and mentioning he'll "start a club or a league or something," referring to Superman and the Flash working together in the Justice League as adults with other superheroes.

Superman vs. The Flash: throughout the entire episode, they kept overtly doing the Flash vs. Superman Foot Race sequence from the old "The New Adventures of Superman" cartoon, and always with the same result--the Flash was faster. Even at the very end, when it looks like Clark is gaining on Bart, Bart casually turns around mid run, smiles while running backwards, and then amps it up, leaving Clark in the dust. In the cartoon race, Flash always led Superman by a few steps, but with this inclusion, it seems the Flash has been given his due as the fastest man alive.

Hanison says  "Let's see if you're faster than a speeding bullet": Hanison asking Bart if he's faster than a speeding bullet before he tries to shoot him is a reference to the famous description of Superman from the older cartoon and live-action shows - "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive," etc.

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