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First aired October 13, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

THE STEPFORD BOYFRIENDS COME TO SMALLVILLE - Clark (Tom Welling) joins the football team at school and is immediately given the starting quarterback position after the old quarterback starts a fight with new coach Jason (Jensen Ackles). Curious about the behavior change in his old teammate, Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) investigate and discover that the cheerleaders are poisoning the teams' water with kryptonite, turning the players into Stepford-like boyfriends.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. David Carlson directed the episode written by Luke Schelhaas.

Detailed Description:

By Cindy K. Green

Football Practice at Smallville High. Clark sits on the bench as he watches the team practice. The cheerleaders cheer them on from the sidelines. One cheerleader in particular, Mandy, cheers on her boyfriend, the quarterback Dan Cormier. Jason walks up to Clark on the bench and asks how he is holding up. Clark tells him, “Just enjoying the view…from the bench.” Jason explains that he wants to use him but Coach Quigley thinks he already has his starting line up but that Clark should just hang in there. The players stop for a quick break and Mandy runs over to Dan and tries to give him attention which he tells her to stop. She asks what they are doing on Saturday and he tells her that they aren’t doing anything because he is hanging out with his friends. She hands him a sports bottle filled with a green liquid. Glancing over at the other cheerleaders, who are also holding bottles of the green liquid, they smile and nod at her. Dan takes a drink and the substance has an uncanny effect on him: his whole attitude changes. He kisses Mandy and tells her he would rather hang out with her on Saturday. She suggests that they go shopping now.  He agrees and heads for the shower. Jason stops him and asks where he is going. Dan tells him that he is going shopping with Mandy. At this point, Mandy walks by and Jason notices her. Dan angrily asks, “You checking out my girlfriend, buddy?” Jason doesn’t know that he is talking about. Dan heads off the field and Jason tells him that if he leaves he won’t be playing on Friday. Dan leaves and so Jason tells Clark that a spot just opened up. Clark gladly takes the field. The other players, friends of Dan, give Clark a hard time. Clark calls the play and throws a long pass to the receiver at the other end of the field. Jason and Clark are pleased with the play.

After practice in the locker room, Jason is just finished getting dressed. Sitting tying his shoes, he hears something. As he turns around to look, he sees the barrel of a shot gun. He jumps out of his seat just as gun shot barrels through his empty spot. Jason gets to his feet and runs down through the lockers. The next shot misses again tearing through the lockers. Jason continues to run for the door only to find it locked. The assailant, Dan, faces Jason and takes another shot before Jason can say anything. Dan shoots again and hits the bathroom mirror which shatters around Jason. Getting up from the floor with his hands out, Jason tries to reason with Dan. At this point, Clark comes into the locker room and sees the scene. Dan is telling Jason, “It's too late, coach. You shouldn't have hit on my girl.” Dan shoots the gun again. The buck shot flies toward Jason in slow motion and Clark runs toward Jason knocking him clear of the shot. Then from the ground, Clark uses his heat vision to heat up the rifle in Dan’s hands, causing him to drop it. Dan then falls to the ground unconscious.

Jason is now in Lana’s apartment with his shirt off as she disinfects his cuts from the mirror that he received while dodging Dan’s shots. He tries to makes jokes about it. He comments on how fast Clark was to tackle him out of the way. He continues to make jokes about the whole episode and Lana tells him that this isn’t funny. She tries to explain how hard this is for her. She heard about his being shot at by Chloe but she couldn’t show any of the emotion she was feeling because why should she feel so much for a coach she doesn’t really know. Jason says that this is when he would get her bouquets of flowers and take her to fancy restaurants but he can’t now that his father has cut him off because he didn’t go to business school. But then he tells her that he needs this job. It is something he loves, it works with his college schedule, and he is near her. “I know the only downside is that we have to fly under the radar, but... I'm sorry for that.” She moves toward him and gives him a kiss. Then she tells him that she has never been happier but not being able to share that has been frustrating. “Well, you know you can always take your frustration out on me,” he replies. Lana smiles at this and they begin to kiss again.

In the halls of Smallville High, Lois is again on the phone with Met U Admissions. She is trying to talk with the Dean. She walks by Clark who is standing at his locker. Overhearing her conversation, he follows her and says, “You know...if you spent as much time studying as you did trying to leave, you'd be in college already.” “And where'd you get that pearl of wisdom, the Farmer's Almanac?” she counters. He then tries to proudly show off his new letterman’s jacket.  She tells him that they aren’t exactly his colors. He tells her that they are the school’s colors. “I'm glad you made the team, Clark, but why be a conformist? At least with the whole farm boy plaid thing, as lame as it is, it completely belongs to you.” Annoyed this time, Clark says, “In the future, let's restrict our conversations to hello and goodbye.” They both then observe the cheerleaders with their football player boyfriends. Lois and Clark both seem baffled because the boys are doing whatever the girls want: carry their pom-poms, backpacks, books, hold a mirror so they can apply lipstick, excited about the girl’s pool party. Lois and Clark arrive at the Torch to find Chloe working. Lois asks Chloe if she has noticed the odd behavior of the football players. Without looking up Chloe says, “Yeah, and I noticed one of them unloaded a shotgun in the boys' locker room. I was thinking about maybe doing an article on it, but the only two reporters I have are late again.” They both give excuses. Chloe wants Lois to go to Smallville Medical to interview Dan who has second degree burns on his hands. Then Lois’s phone rings and it is the office of the Dean of Admissions at Met U. She heads off to take her phone call. Chloe decides to go to Smallville Medical herself and she wants Clark to talk to Coach Jason Teague about the incident. Clark tells Chloe that with football he may not have all that much time to work at the Torch right now. Chloe is a bit hurt and disappointed but just decides that she has her work cut out for her. When Clark tries to apologize, she tells him not to worry about it and that she realizes what a big deal this is for him. Clark confides in her that his team mates have not been too accepting of him. Chloe less than sympathetic says, “They've been playing together for three years. You're on the team for two weeks, and all of a sudden you're starting. What did you expect, hugs and kisses?”

In the boy’s locker room, the players are excitedly opening boxes and pulling out new jerseys and helmets. Clark walks in and asks what’s going on. One of the players hands him a jersey with Kent on the back. The boy says, “You owe me one Clark; I saved it from the toilet.” Another player walks by and gives Clark a nasty stare. Jason walks into the room and introduces the benefactor that supplied their new jerseys and equipment, Lex Luthor. They all clap as Lex dressed in suit and tie walks in. He addresses the team, “The coaches tell me this is going to be a rebuilding season. And I want to encourage you to keep at it.” Looking at Clark, Lex continues, “In my life, I've learned that you can never give up on something that means a lot to you, even when you're coming off a losing season. You keep trying because sometimes you just need a fresh start.” Jason and the rest of the team applaud and Lex starts to leave. He passes Clark who turns around and says, “I know what you're doing. But you can't buy back my friendship.” Lex says nothing and walks away.

At football practice, Chloe tries to catch up with Jason to interview him about the shoot out. Jason tells her he’ll do it later. The cheerleaders including Mandy bring out a large cooler of their green concoction. Jason walks up to them to get a drink. Mandy says she hopes he has someone special in his life. He tells her that isn’t any of her business and then he takes the drink. His demeanor changes and he says, “But yeah, I do have somebody.” Chloe then tries to talk to Clark about the story as he comes by during practice. He tells her that it isn’t a good time. She feels flustered. Then she takes a drink from the cooler. She smiles largely as she looks out at the field and then says softly, “Clark.”

Lois is in the Torch when a perky Chloe comes in. Chloe tells Lois that she is going to have to run with the story alone because she is quitting the Torch. Chloe tells her that it never worked between her and Clark because she was never there for him; she was too busy with the Torch.  “I wasn’t devoted to him.” Lois tells her that she can’t quit because she, Lois, needs the credit. She also warns her that Clark is just going to hurt her again. Chloe is angry with Lois that she is getting in the way of her happiness and so Lois decides to take on the story.

The cheerleaders are in the hallway discussing the issue of Mandy’s need for a new boyfriend. They think she should pick up Clark Kent because he is the new quarterback. Lois is listening to their conversation. When they see her, she walks over to them. She questions Mandy about Dan. Mandy isn’t forthcoming. Then one of the other cheerleaders drops a folder that Lois picks up. She opens the cover and sees that the report is entitled, “The Love Molecule.” It has to do with a molecule called phenylethylamine. Mandy takes the report and insults Lois as she walks away.

Clark arrives home and goes to his loft in the barn to find Chloe there wearing only his football game jersey. He is surprised to see her dressed as she is and acting so funny. She pats the couch as an invitation for him to sit by her. He nervously takes a seat on the couch as far away from her as he can. She tells him that her priorities have changed and that she no longer needs the Torch especially if he is not going to be there. She moves closer to him. He questions why she is wearing his jersey. She says, “I want to make you my number one priority.” She moves even closer to him. “I would do anything for you. Things that Lana would never do. Things to help relieve your stress.” She touches his chest and then Clark leans his body in the opposite direction as he tentatively asks her “Like what?” She begins to move her hand down his body and he yells, “Chloe.” Then he removes her hand and pats it asking her, “Are you ok.” She tells him she has never been better. Then she sits on his lap, facing him. “I’m devoted to you. I love you, Clark.” And then she kisses him. Clark isn’t sure what to do by the look in his eyes and other body language.

The next morning, Clark comes down from his room into the kitchen. His mother has been packing his football gear for school. She tells him that she can’t find his jersey. He tells her that he forgot it up in the barn. Clark tells his mother about Chloe acting strangely and how she came on to him last night but that nothing happened. His mother thought that they had agreed to be friends. Clark says that they did. His mother thinks that maybe Chloe decided that life was too short to bury her feelings and Clark in turn tells her that he is still not over Lana and that he doesn’t think he ever will be. Martha tells him that he needs to be honest with Chloe and tell her his true feelings. Then Jonathan Kent arrives into the house after working outside. Martha is reminded that she needs to get to the Talon. Jonathan asks Clark how football practice is going and Clark tells him that it isn’t going so well because most of the guys have been giving him a hard time. Jonathan shares a story that he had the same kind of problem when he became the starting quarterback as a sophomore. He had to earn their respect.

At the high school, Lana is walking through the empty halls with a note in her hand. She finds Jason and asks if everything is ok. He tells her that it is now and then kisses her. She asks what he is doing and he says, “It's called kissing my girlfriend.” “No,” Lana says, “I was talking more in the big picture sense.” She shows him the note in her hand. “The lady from the attendance office announced to my entire advanced lit class that Coach Teague needed to see me.”  She tells him that he is acting strange. She doesn’t want to cost him his job. He says that he wants to make her happy. She wants to discuss this later. He agrees but wants her to come to practice so he can see her. She smiles touched by his sentiment.

At practice later that day, Clark sees Lana and goes over to see her. She tells him that she came out to see him practice. He tells her that it means a lot to him. Jason sees them and tells Clark to hurry up. When Lana questions whether the new coach has been working him hard, Clark reveals that he thinks the coach is pretty cool. Lana looks proud. Clark turns away and Lois runs into him questioning what he did to her cousin. Clark tells her that Chloe was hitting on him. Lois thinks he had to do something to make her think he was interested. Then Chloe runs onto the field dressed in a cheerleader uniform. She tells them that the best way to show her support of Clark was to join the cheerleading squad. Lois begins to see that her cousin is not herself. Then Chloe, with an irritated look, asks what Lois is doing there. Jason calls to Clark to get on the field. Clark asks Lois to keep Chloe away from him just until he can figure this out. Then he goes over and takes a drink of the cheerleader brew. Now since the catalyst for the drink is kryptonite, it has a very bad affect on Clark who is now being beat down on by the other football players because Coach Teague gave them permission.  Chloe is in the background cheering Clark on as he is hit over and over again. Clark sees the cheerleaders carry the cooler off realizing that it was the drink that made him sick and weak.

In the barn loft, Clark is in pain. He is putting ice packs on his sore ribs when he hears someone come in. At first he thinks that it is Chloe; he tells her that he isn’t feeling well. Then he sees that it is Coach Teague coming up into the loft. Clark tries to tell Jason that he thinks there is something in the drink cooler. Jason only tells him that he should have stayed away from his girlfriend. Clark is confused and then Jason walks up to Clark and punches him causing Clark’s already pain ravaged body to writhe with more pain. Jason continues to beat Clark up even knocking him down through boards off the loft and down to the ground. As Jason comes in for the kill, he is pulled away by Lex. Jason falls to the ground and then quickly gets up and runs out of the barn. Lex asks Clark who it was and Clark tells him that he didn’t get a good look. Clark is sweating and the beads of sweat coming off his nose are green in color. The kryptonite is leaving his system and he is healing of all his injuries. Clark tries to hide this from Lex. But Lex still notices by saying he thought there was a cut above his eye. Lex came to see Clark because he wanted to give Clark a file with everything that he had collected on him. Clark wants to know if the friendship was so important, then why did he lie to him for so long? Lex says, “I don't know, Clark. There's a darkness in me that I can't always control. I'm starting to think that's my curse, why every relationship I have ends badly.” Clark tells him that everyone has a dark side. Lex responds, “Yeah. But I can feel mine creeping over the corners. Your friendship helps keep it at bay. It reminds me that there are truly good people in the world. I'm not willing to give up on that.” Clark looks at Lex taking all this in carefully as Lex leaves.

 Lois and Clark meet up that night at the high school. Clark tells her that Jason attacked him in his loft and that the cheerleaders have been spiking the water in the cooler which is why Chloe and the other football players have been acting so weird. She tells him, “Nice work, Smallville. You want to know what they're using?” He answers, “You actually did some investigative reporting?” Lois leads him into the Torch office to show him what she found. They look at the research on the hormone, phenylethylamine done by Mandy and the other cheerleader Rhonda. Clark repeats, “Phenylethylamine? "The love molecule," as he reads the title. She tells him that in their research it didn’t work. “Until they added the meteor rock,” Clark adds. Lois doesn’t follow. “Whatever,” she says.  Clark tells her that they need to figure out how to reverse it. Lois reasons that it must wear off otherwise the cheerleaders wouldn’t keep handing it out. Clark thinks they need to do something soon before someone else gets hurt. Lois then remembers that he drank some of it and so should be affected. Her idea is to go to the pool party that Mandy has planned and Clark can act enamored of Mandy and take the report in her bag so they can figure out how to reverse the affects.

Pool party at Smallville High School that night. They have decorated the indoor pool area up. There is loud music being played, and the lights are dimmed. The football players and cheerleaders are there when Lois and Clark arrive. Some are in the pool on inflatable furniture. Others are around the pool socializing. One football player jumps into the pool with a splash. Another football player, carrying a tray of cocktails, walks by Mandy, who stands near the edge of the pool watching everything,  As the guy passes her, she picks up one of the cocktails. Back behind the pool, some of the other players are dancing the hula while dressed in grass skirts and coconut bikini tops. Others are lying in lounge chairs drinking their cocktails. Lois and Clark notice Mandy and her purse which holds the report. Lois tells Clark its show time. She pushes him forward toward Mandy. Clark walks in front of Mandy and says hi to her. She says hi back acting interested in him. He then tries to act interested as well. He starts kissing her and then says he is devoted to her. She pulls up his t-shirt looking at his abs. Then she says, “Yeah, I can work with this.” She picks up her bag and takes Clark’s arm leading him away from the party goers and to a quieter place. Lois turns away so that Mandy doesn’t see her and then Clark turns back to Lois and says quietly but with desperation, “Lois.” Lois encourages him to go.

Mandy takes Clark into the gym where she leads him over to one of the machines and forces him to sit down as she starts kissing him. Lois follows behind and sees them kissing. A look of disgust is present on her face. Clark and Mandy continue to make out and then Clark awkwardly tries to say romantic things to Mandy. As Mandy is kissing Clark’s neck, Clark moves her bag off her shoulder and throws it on the ground over toward Lois.  As Lois is just about to pick up the bag, Mandy gets up with Clark. She picks up her bag and moves in Lois’ direction toward a desk. Lois hides under the desk and Mandy lays on top of it bringing Clark along with her attached to her lips. Clark gets the bag again and lowers it to the ground where Lois lays in wait. Clark continues his distraction of Mandy who takes his shirt off. Lois leaves with the bag.

In the hallway, Lois is reading the report which she took out of Mandy’s bag when she is summarily hit from behind with a wrench by Chloe. A fight ensues between them as Chloe is still affected by the kryptonite juice. Lois defends herself but does not want to hurt her cousin.

Mandy is now on top of Clark asking if he is bored. He tells her no. And she says good because she is just getting started. She falls back on top of him, kissing him again.

In the hallway, the fight between Lois and Chloe continues. Lois kicks the wrench away from Chloe forcing her to fall into a hot pipe. Chloe screams and falls to the ground. She is now back to normal asking what is going on. Lois looks up at the furnace and the hot pipe that Chloe touched and realizes that heat ends the mind altering affects of the love molecule drink. 

Back in the locker room, Mandy is on top of Clark asking how far he wants to go. Lois and Chloe walk back in and Lois says, “Right about there would be great, thanks.” Mandy gets off of Clark who runs with his shirt behind Lois and Chloe. As Clark puts on his shirt, Lois confronts Mandy about what she did. Clark then asks what took them so long and Chloe and Lois turn around to tell him about their “experiment” and that heat changes them back. When they turn back around, Mandy is gone. As Lois and Clark argue over whose fault it is that Mandy escaped, Mandy returns. She is accompanied by other members of the football team who are still under the influence. They are carrying bats and looking threateningly at Clark, Chloe, and Lois. Clark steps in front of the girls to face the other boys. Clark says, “Let's get out of here. Come on, Lois.” Chloe walks out of the room with him, but Lois stands her ground and tells the boys, “Bring it on, hotshot.” One of the boys steps forward and swings his bat at her. She ducks and then kicks him in the stomach sending him staggering backwards into the other boys. Clark returns asking her what she is doing. Lois motions with her eyes to the pipe above the football players’ heads which was labeled “Caution Hot.”  Clark uses his heat vision to burst the pipe, causing hot steam to pour out over the boys. Lois isn’t sure how that happened and Clark says, “I guess the pipe must've broken or something. Pretty lucky, huh?”

At the Luthor mansion, Clark is brought into Lex’s secret room where he had been keeping all his research on Clark. Lex is in the room as Clark walks in. He tells Clark that he wants him to see for himself that the investigation is over. Clark points to a pile of crumpled up metal. Lex tells him it is the remains of his Porsche. Clark wants to know why it is still here. Lex responds, “To remind me of what I almost lost.” Then he looks at Clark “It's over, Clark. It really is.” Lex wants to give the friendship another try. Clark considers it and then nods. Then Clark asks him for a favor regarding Lois Lane.

In the locker room before the big game, Clark is dressed in his uniform except for his helmet. Jason approaches him, and tells him he’s sorry for what happened in the barn. He also tells Clark that with everything that has happened the guys are behind him now. Then Clark asks, “Hey, coach? When you were in my loft, you told me to stay away from your girl. Who were you talking about?” Jason turns and says, “Honestly... I have no idea. I mean, like you said, I guess I wasn't myself. Good luck today, Clark. I'll see you out there.”

During the game, there are 7 seconds left. The Crows are behind 31 to 28. It’s the fourth down on their 40 yard line. Lana, Chloe, and Lois watch from the stands sitting in front of Martha and Jonathan. Lex is also there a few rows away.  Clark tells Nate to get open in the end zone. The play begins. Clark moves into position and sends a long, high sixty yard pass into the hands of Nate in the end zone.  The crowd roars with excitement. Overhead the announcer is heard, “Unbelievable! The Crows win! The Crows win!” Clark pulls off his helmet smiling as he looks over at his dad in the stands. His friends are cheering loudly. The team comes together and lifts Clark onto their shoulders as they parade him through the field.

After the game, Clark, dressed back in his t-shirt and jeans, walks with Chloe. She tries to talk nonchalantly about things. Clark asks if she is back at the Torch. She says “Yeah.” And Clark jokes that she made a great cheerleader. She tells him that they should never talk about that again. She admits that she still does have feelings for him. And Clark sincerely tells her that he doesn’t but that he will still be working at the Torch. Chloe says, “Wow. Superhero and journalist. What are the odds?” Then Clark leans over and kisses Chloe on the cheek. She softly says thanks as tears fill her eyes and she walks off. Moments later, Clark is met by the intrepid Lois.  She tells him that she got a call from Met U admissions that a benefactor to the college with the initials LL worked it out for her to be a freshman. Clarks says “Wow. That’s great,” acting totally oblivious. Lois knows he must have had something to do with it because why would Lex do this for her. Clark tells her the important thing is that she got in and that she’s leaving. He faces her, “Because that’s what you wanted, right?” She tells him not to get all broken up over it. “But don't worry. I'll visit.” Clark asks, “Is that a promise or a threat?” They both smile, and Lois punches Clark on the arm. Her last words to him before she walks away are, “See you around... Smallville.”


# The WB advertised this episode as "Thirst".

During its original airing, this episode begins and ends with a brief tribute to Christopher Reeve (Dr. Swann), who passed away on October 10, 2004, three days before the episode's premiere.

John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

Chloe burns her hands on a hot furnace, with the flames inches away from the door she touches, yet shows no blistering, redness of skin, and needs neither gauze nor bandages on her wounded palms.

No one seems the slightest bit curious how a shotgun, while in the hands of an out-of-control student, could spontaneously heat to the point at which the student would sustain second degree burns on his hands? Clark even mentions the gun heating up, so it's clearly common knowledge.

When Chloe attacks Lois, she hits her pretty hard with a wrench. All Lois does it turn around and then defend herself. She should have had a little more reaction to a wrench in the back of the head. For that matter, Lois lays a kick full-face into Chloe, who of course shows no visible injury whatsoever here or afterward.

Jason actually says he sees Clark run really fast to rescue him. But...Clark was moving in his usual F/X super-speed manner, blurs and all. Shouldn't he know no human being moves like that?

The guys attacking Lois and Clark, along with Mandy, should be badly scalded by the hot steam. There's no indication they've been parboiled in the brief shot when they start to recover, but they should be screaming in agony.

When Clark first joined the football team he started with a letter, and typically you have to play a full year to get the letter.

Jason seems to have a pretty good slash from the glass during the shotgun shootout, but instead of going to the hospital or getting stitches, he just has Lana put a band-aid on it.

It's varied on and off again in the past, but Chloe specifically says here she only has two reporters - Clark and Lois. Shouldn't she have like...a staff? A high school covering even a mid-sized town (and Smallville is pop. 40,000) usually has 5-10 reporters - if nothing else, it looks good on your college application to do some newspaper work. But the Torch only has...1 editor/reporter and two reporters - this doesn't make much sense.

Despite the facial cuts she received in the previous episode, Lana shows no signs of damage or scarring this episode.

In the kitchen scene when Clark is talking to Martha about Chloe coming on to him, at one point Annette obviously steps up onto a box to continue the scene with Tom. Later, before leaving for the Talon, she steps down.

Lois says "Hey, I'm trying to get out of Mayberry": referencing the show with Andy Griffith.

Lois says "She's taking the fast train to 'Stepford': referencing the movie where women were turned into robots, and remade in 2004.

Lois says "My cousin goes 'Martha Stewart' without the jail time": referencing the famous hostess who ended up going to jail for insider-trading.

Lois says "He and the dean did the white man dance and, Shazam, I'm back in school": in DC Comics continuity, Shazam is the magic word that transforms a youngster named Billy Batson into Captain Marvel, "The World's Mightiest Mortal", as well as the name of the wizard that endowed Billy with that ability. Shazam is actually an acronym of six mythological figures - Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury - whose god-like powers are bestowed upon Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has often been compared to Superman. "Shazam!" is also the expression that Gomer Pyle used in the TV series Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C..

Lois & Chloe say "They're not really your colors": an in-joke reference to Superman's colors of red and blue.

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