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Covenant - Season Three Finale

Clark and Lindsay in "Covenant"

First aired May 19, 2004

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The CW's Official Description:

A MYSTERIOUS GIRL FROM KRYPTON COMES TO TAKE CLARK HOME - Things come to a head in Smallville when Kara, a beautiful girl (guest star Adrianne Palicki) with superpowers, who claims to be from Krypton, comes to entice Clark (Tom Welling) to fulfill his destiny. Overwhelmed, Clark turns to his parents (John Schneider, Annette O'Toole) for advice but is shocked when Kara forces Jonathan to finally reveal the deal he made with Jor-El. Also, Clark makes a discovery that ultimately redefines his relationship with Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), and Clark's relationship with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) takes a final turn.

Detailed Description:

By R. J. Taylor

In a dark forest, a silhouette of a naked, young teenage girl is seen as she is trudging through the forest barefooted up to the road. As her face lights up from the distant headlights of a car coming towards her, she slams her hands down onto the cars hood. The SUV flips over in the air above her, landing upside down, instantly exploding on impact. After giving the once-again exploding car a second look, the mysterious girl (guest star Adrianne Palicki) walks off.

The girl walks up to a dimly-lit Kent farm, stopping for a moment to smile and knocks on the door. Clark (Tom Welling) answers it, only to be stunned for a moment by a naked girl at his door that proclaims, “Hello Clark. My name is Kara. I’m from Krypton.”

In the living room at the Kent Farm, Clark is telling a now-robed Kara that Krypton is destroyed. Kara responds, “It’s physical form is gone, but it still lives on through us.” Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) hands Kara a cup of tea, Kara holds it, but is unsure of what exactly it is, so she sets it down. Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) tells Kara that her parents must be worried sick, and she should call them. She says with no remorse there’s nobody to call. Martha gives an invite for Kara to stay at their house for the night, and Kara gladly accepts, and tells them she heard they were very kind. Kara explains that she came through a passage in the cave wall, a place where “all Clark’s questions will be answered.” Jonathan demands a show of her powers to prove she is real, he remarks that she’s probably some sort of a ploy from the FBI. Kara stands up and speaks, “Jonathan Kent, you have NO place in this conversation. I will show Kal-El all he needs to see in due time.” Clark wants to know where she heard that name. Kara comments that it was given to him at birth, and that she is here to take Clark home. At that precise moment, Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) walks into the house, asking if Clark has a second. The family, concerned that he will see Kara, looks around, but it appears that Kara has disappeared.

Lex and Clark are discussing how Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is in jail, and how he may soon be on bail, and that they need somebody to step forward to prove that Lionel is a threat to society. Clark offers to come forward with the fact that he saw Lionel order the doctor at Belle Reve to increase Lex’s electroshock voltage, even when the doctor warned it could turn Lex into a vegetable. Lex inquires how Clark would have seen that. Clark confirms he snuck in to try and save Lex, but he had been too late. Lex interrogates Clark that he knew all along that Lionel had killed his parents, and he never told Lex. Clark says that he was protecting Lex, because he thought if Lex found it all out again that Lionel might kill him and that Clark could never live with that guilt. Lex just states that Clark is a good friend, and that if he tells the judge what he just told Lex, that his father will be put away forever.

At a cage-like prison, Lionel is in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs, and leg irons, discussing with Agent Loder (Gary Hudson) about Loder not being able to keep Chloe (Allison Mack) silent. Lionel asks about Loder’s investigation with Clark Kent, and he replies that no “hick farm kid’s secret is gonna be able to save your ass.” Lionel informs him that being in jail is just an inconvenience, he’ll be out on bail in a couple of hours. Loder declares to him that the deal is over, and that he is no longer investigating Clark Kent, and that he is unafraid of Lionel’s threats.

At the Kent Farm, Kara confronts Clark and tells him that he shouldn’t involve himself in human problems, as Lex drives away. Clark rebukes that Lex is his friend, and that he wants to help him. Kara warns him that all the people Clark cares about will all betray him, and that he isn’t meant for this world. Clark wants to know why he can trust her, and where she’s been for the last 14 years, but Kara replies that if he joins her, that all his questions will be answered. Clark simple states that that’s not good enough, and as he walks away, Kara grabs his arm. She asks him to come with her, and they start floating up above the house, they’re flying. Clark wants to know how she’s doing this, but Kara tells him that he’s doing it too. He says that he can’t fly, she responds, “Not yet. This is just the beginning Kal-El, you have no idea how powerful you’ll become.”

At the caves, Clark is examining the wall, where there is a fissure. Kara said that it opened to release her, and that it’ll open again when they go. Clark asks her why she doesn’t think he likes this world. She says she can sense how sad he is, and that not a day goes by that he doesn’t feel like an outsider, even those closest to him, will never truly understand him. She continues that it doesn’t have to be that way. Clark pulls away from her, asking if she’s been down here ever since the meteor shower. “Yes, waiting for the time that Jor-El knew you’d be ready.” Kara says convincingly that Jor-El’s not the monster Clark imagines, he saved Clark’s life. Clark turns around and yells at the wall, “To turn me into something I never wanted to be.” She says that his destiny and all the answers are in that wall, but it has to be his choice. She says that when he’s ready, she’ll be waiting for him.

At the prison, Lex is visiting a distressed Lionel, saying that orange is a good color for him, but it might get old after 25 to life. Lionel says uncomfortably, “I didn’t ask you here to trade insults. No matter how why the uh.. chasm gets between us son, I’m your father, I’ll always be your father.” Lex replies, “and the devil that’s haunted me since the day I was born.” Lionel continues very emotionally, “Lex, this is not easy for me. As a father, I have failed you. I realize that now, and I’m sorry. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative liver disease. I’ve tried everything, everything imaginable, but there’s nothing. It’s too late, no amount of money can save me. Lex, please, don’t let me die in prison.” Lex places his hand on top of his fathers, and says, “Dad, this might have been more effective playing Barber's requiem.” Lionel pulls away, and says he understands. How could Lex trust him, and that he’s asked his doctors to release his medical file so Lex can see for himself. Lex just walks off.

Kara is just peering the living room window at the Kent Farm, while Martha, Jonathan, and Clark are discussing her. Clark expresses how he thinks Kara is for real, but Jonathan says she could easily have gotten her powers like all the other krypto-mutants. Jonathan says that he doesn’t trust her. Kara super-speeds up to Jonathan and protests, “You’re the one who cannot be trust Jonathan Kent. You broke the covenant, Jor-El gave you many warnings, but you chose not to listen to them.” Martha and Clark demand to know what she’s talking about. Jonathan explains that he promised Jor-El (“Exile“), that if Jor-El gave him the power to bring Clark back from Metropolis, that one day he would return Clark to Jor-El, but he had no idea that it was going to be this soon. Loder is in a car outside the Kent Farm listening to every word that is being said, and Kara says that someone’s listening. She super-speeds up to the car, Loder attempts to drive away, but she is ahead of him. She puts her palms on the roof of the car, and it sends veins of fire all over it, then it suddenly disappears in a ball of flame. Clark runs up saying that she didn’t have to kill the man, but she rubs it off by saying that he didn’t feel any pain.

Martha and Jonathan are arguing, about the ‘thing’ that Jonathan had invited into their lives and how he could make such a big decision about their son without talking to her. She also says that they might not have a choice but to give her up, stating that Kara is more powerful than Clark.

At the Torch, Jonathan walks in with the teacup Kara had earlier and asks Chloe for a favor. He needs to know who the finger prints on the teacup belong to, and tells her that as a personal favor to him, that she stop asking why he needs it done.

At the Kent Farm, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) drives up. She is wondering if Clark can drive her to the airport, because she hates leaving knowing that things are settles between them. She continues saying, “When you invited me over the other night and you had something important to tell me (“Forsaken”) , that wasn’t it was it? Clark, if you have something to say to me, say it before I’m gone.” Clark decides to tell her everything, when Lana notices Kara standing on a hill in the distance, but Clark just says that that’s his cousin. He says that even though its going to be hard to see her go, that he wants to be there for her. Lana smiles and drives off. Kara super-speeds up beside Clark and says that Lana really does love him but it‘s not meant to be and he knows that. Clark retorts that no one knows what is meant to be. She continues that what he shares with Lana is an earthly love, filled with doubts, and pain and sorrow. She says that the love between them (Clark and Kara) will be stronger than anything he can imagine, and that he and herself are the only ones left and the only ones who can preserve the Kryptonian race. Kara invites Clark to come with here, but Clark insists that Earth is his home. Kara continues that it may seem that way, but sooner or later everyone he knows will lie, betray or leave him. He states that he’ll never go with her.

At the Kent house Clark is standing there breathless, it appears that Kara‘s words meant a lot more to him that he let her realize. A knock on the door is heard, and the man says that there’s a package for Clark Kent from a Mr. Lionel Luthor. Clark opens the package, and a single key falls onto his hand.

Lex confides in Chloe about his fathers condition with looking through his medical files. Chloe says she’s willing to back out if Lex is having second-thoughts, because Lionel is his father, and he is dying. Lex insists that his father will die in prison, not the VIP suite at Metropolis General. Lex warns Chloe again on the dangers of dealing with Lionel Luthor, but she says that the FBI have them in protective custody until after the trial is over. He says, “then what?”. Chloe thinks that he is trying to scare her, but he says that he’s worried about her and wants her to have all the facts before walking into that courtroom. She just replies, “Your father’s intimidated me long enough. I‘m not backing down.”

Clark interrogates Lionel at the prison about the key he was sent. Lionel says that he saw Clark’s name on the prosecution’s witness list, and that Clark must be buying into Lex’s story of their struggle. Clark distorts, “Buy into this, you’re a murderer.” Lionel replies, “I didn’t kill my parents Clark. I certainly didn’t shed any tears at their funeral. You have no idea what it’s like to grow up under the thumb of an abusive father. Someone who’ll stop at nothing to establish absolute control over you.” Clark states that Lionel’s son does. Lionel explains that the key Clark has, opens a door. Third floor, east wing, Luthor Mansion. Clark says he’s not walking into some sort of trap, like at Summerholt (“Delete”). Lionel insists that he doesn’t want to harm Clark, he wants to enlighten him, and that Clark has got to find answers himself if he wants them.

At the Luthor Mansion, Clark is opening the door to the room of Lex’s obsession: Clark. He walks in, stunned to see huge lit up portraits of himself, bullets shot against his own skin dangling off strings, he continues to find detailed pictures of the cave walls, and a computer generated key rotating. He walks past the adrenaline feeding creature (“Rush”), to numerous pictures of his family and himself, up to a giant, repeating screen of the animated simulation portrayal of Lex’s accident of driving off the bridge into Clark (“Pilot”). He has a horrified look on his face, when suddenly he cripples at a green meteor behind glass. He turns around to run out, when he sees Lex standing at the door. Lex says, “Before you jump to conclusions Clark…” Clark cuts in and yells about Lex promising to stop his investigation on him. Lex tried to explain, “I did stop. I understand how you may think all this is about you, but in fact it’s about me.” Clark thinks it’s more lies. Lex continues, “So much of my own life I can’t explain. I’ve survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this accident. If I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I’ve inherited eccentric curiosity for the unexplained.” Clark states that he even inherited his dishonesty. He explodes in outrage, “Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve been defending you, making excuses for you to people like Pete (Sam Jones III), like my parents, telling them you can trust Lex Luthor, he’s a good guy. He’s nothing like his father. I was wrong.” Clark storms out.

At the Kent Farm, Clark is confiding in his mom about his ‘fake’ friendship with Lex. Martha is giving her apologies, when Clark is realizing that maybe Kara is right by saying that all his friends will betray him, and that maybe he doesn’t belong on Earth and maybe there’s a better place for him. Martha is disagreeing, when Clark is stating that he has done everything in his power to defy Jor-El, but all it’s done is make things worse. Clark confides in his mother that maybe he should go. Martha says, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t have to decide anything this minute. Ya’ know it’s been an incredibly difficult time for you, with Pete gone, and Lana leaving…” Clark’s face goes straight, with realization he forgot something, “LANA!’

At the Metropolis International Airport, Lana is struggling with her bags while she goes through the crowd, gives a dirty look to a couple kissing as she passes them and then runs into Lex. “I just wanted to say Bon Voyage.” is his excuse. Lana thanks him for everything he’s done for her and remarks, “I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great friend, but I’m glad that you came into my life.” Lex suggests that he may go to Paris, because now he has an excuse to go. From a distance, Clark walks up with a white rose in hand, only to discover Lex and Lana hugging. The rose slowly drops to the ground.

Lana picks up her bags, and notices Clark across the street. She drops everything and runs, but as a bus goes by, he disappears. She gets to the spot too late, and notices a white rose laying on the ground, which she slowly picks up and looks at it with a deep sense of sadness.

At the court-house, Chloe is waiting around for Clark, and asks Lex where he is or bail will be set. Chloe says, “Something big must have come up because he flaked on Lana too. Lex what’s going on?” Lex ensures that nothing is going on, but he’s hoping Clark didn’t change his mind. Chloe notices Clark walking up, Lex greets him, but Clark just walks right by Lex and bumps into him when Lex walks out.

Lionel is being plagued by a group of reporters, giving his statement, “You know it’s nothing new to be in prison an innocent man. In the end I have no doubt that justice will prevail.” Behind him, Lex walks up to Clark, “Thanks for showing up, it means a lot to me.” Clark replies, “I didn’t come here for you Lex, I came here because it’s the right thing to do. This friendship’s over.” Clark walks away towards the courtroom.

At the Kent Farm, Clark is telling Kara, “Everything you said has come true.” He believes that ever since the meteor shower, all he has brought these people is pain. Kara says softly, “Come with me Kal-El and she will ease your suffering.” After Clark’s questioning, Kara explains “she” is Clark’s birthmother, Lara, and that she has missed Kal-El so much, and that her love lives on and will embrace him all the days of his life. Kara reaches up and kisses Clark first on the lips, then on the forehead. Clark affirms, “I’m ready.”

Jonathan is running out of the house in search of Clark, with Martha saying she’s worried because of the way he was talking. Chloe drives up and claims she found a match to the fingerprints.

At the caves, Clark and Kara embrace hands and raise them towards the fissure in the wall. A bright light comes out of it. Clark’s father runs in and tries to interrupt them, “CLARK WAIT! Her name is not Kara, it is Lindsay, and she’s not from krypton.” Kara/Lindsay tells Clark to ignore him. Jonathan continues, “Chloe matched her fingerprints, to a young girl who was arrested for shop lifting 16 years ago.” Jonathan hands Clark a newspaper with the partial headline of “WOMAN KILLED IN SMALLVILLE METEOR SHOWER, DAUGHTER MISSING”, with a picture of the missing girl, that looks exactly like Kara. Jonathan repeats that her name is Lindsay Harrison. Kara/Lindsay says that her name is Kara. Jonathan tries to explain Lindsay’s location before the meteor shower, then describes that Jor-El used her, thrown away her life and stripped her of her humanity, so he can lure Clark to him. He urges them to come with him, but Jor-El (voice of Terrence Stamp)speaks from the blinding light, and pulls Kara in saying that she served her purpose, he then commands Kal-El come, when Clark disagrees, he uses an arm of light, like rope that wraps around Jonathan’s neck and threatens his life if Kal-El doesn’t come. Against Jonathan’s wishes, “Jor-El can do whatever he wants to me, as long as you’re free;‘ Clark gives his last words, “I’ll never be free,” and walks into the hole. The light ceases, and Jonathan is let free. Clark is gone.

At Lionel’s prison cell, a man walks in while Lionel is sitting on a stool in the middle, and looks up at the man and commands, “Do it.” The man grabs Lionel’s long hair and pulls his head back.

Mozart's haunting Requiem starts playing and everything is pieced together as a montage in slow motion.

Martha walks out the front of the house and looks with a worried expression to the field.

A close-up of a blank, cold, dark on Lionel’s face.

Then an FBI van is driving in an unknown driveway, Chloe and her father Gabe (Robert Wisden) get out to look at their new house they are going to live in under the FBI’s protection.

A man raises clippers to Lionel’s hair as he is getting ready to shave off Lionel’s hair.

In the study at the Luthor Mansion, Lex pours himself a drink.

A man begins shaving Lionel’s hair, slowly shearing off a huge strip of hair of Lionel’s head.

Martha is walking towards the field in front of the house slowly with a shocked expression upon her face.

The man shaving Lionel’s hair off, is stilling shaving off huge strips, letting them fall on the floor.

Chloe and her father are carrying their belongings inside the house, Chloe gives a nervous look back towards the FBI van as the men smile at her and drive away.

Lionel’s hair is still coming off in huge strips off his head.

Lex takes a huge sip from his drink.

The entire right-side of Lionel’s head is bald, and the other side is being shaved off.

Martha speeds up and starts running towards the field.

Huge clumps of Lionel’s hair are falling off his head into his lap as Lionel looks off into the distance.

Chloe’s father opens the front door and walks in, Chloe follows after him hesitantly.

Clumps of hair are gathering all over Lionel’s unmoving hands on his lap.

Chloe closes the door behind her, suddenly fire comes from the distance and the whole house engulfs in flames and exploded violently.

Another strip of Lionel’s hair is shaved off.

Martha peers over the fence to discover some sort of fire burning in the field.

Lex cups his hand around his neck and starts falling to the ground.

Hair is gathering at Lionel’s feet, more keeps falling.

Lex falls onto a glass table, shattered it on impact, passing out on the ground.

The back of Lionel’s head is being done as he gives a blank look.

Martha is looking at the field, and the fire is burning some sort of weird Kryptonian symbol consisting of a line crossing through a circle and a triangle in the front field.

Jonathan is lying unconscious still on the floor of the caves.

Lionel’s head is seen from the back as more and more strips are being shaven off.

The symbol in the field is seen from high above.

Lex is lying twitching and embracing his neck on the floor shaking violently.

The man brushes the last of the hair off Lionel’s shoulders, and Lionel looks up after feeling his head looking stunned from the loss of his hair. He lets his hands drop and loses all expression on his face, and break the silence by saying, “Thank-you.” and gives a look of satisfaction.

A close shot of the top of Clark’s head is seen, he looks up when the voice of Jor-El says, “Kal-El, my son.” The view is hazy and shimmering. The picture zooms out and Clark isn’t wearing a shirt and he is curled up in the fetal position shivering, in a superman-logo shaped womb, with the inside purple and hazy, and the outside black. Jor-El says, “Now you shall be reborn.” It flies away into the darkness until all that is left is black and smoke.

Written by: Raymond J. Taylor

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


In the Superman comics, Kara is one version or another of Supergirl. When Lana is talking to Clark at the Kent farm and notices Kara, Clark identifies her as his cousin who is visiting from California. In pre-Crisis (before 1986) DC comic book continuity, Supergirl is Superman's cousin. Her Krpytonian name is Kara and her father, Zor-El is Jor-El's younger brother.

Terence Stamp is listed as "Special Guest Star."

Samuel L. Jones is listed in the credits for contractual reasons, but doesn't appear.

Robert Wisden and Daniel Bacon appear and are credited, but have no dialogue.

Sarah Deakins and Rick Faraci were together in the 3/13/99 episode of The Net, Last Man Standing.

Last appearance of Gary Hudson.

The Smallville Season 2 DVD was released a day prior to the original airing of this episode.

When Clark goes to the Luthor Mansion, to the 3rd floor wing where Lex keeps items about Clark, you can distinctly see the "S" logo that Clark will eventually wear on his chest when he becomes Superman, on a whiteboard behind Lex (from when Clark wrote out his family tree at the Talon). You can also see one of the adrenaline parasites from "Rush" in a glass jar.

At the end when Clark is floating away naked he is in a five-sided "S/shield" light similar to the S/shield he will (presumably) wear on his costume in the future. The curled Clark makes the S-shaped design complete.

The piece playing during the final "Godfather" sequence was from the Mozart Requiem.

Didn't Chloe ever tell Clark about her using her temporary "truth" power to get Lionel to confess? Yet he seems to be buying Lionel's denial of murdering his parents.

At the beginning of the episode we have yet another example of "Near-faceless person gets killed early in the episode and nobody ever mentions them again." Does the Smallville Police (and the now often-missing Sheriff Adams) even bother anymore?

Why does Lex always keep the stuff turned on in the room where he keeps the items he has gathered on Clark? He's rich, but there still doesn't seem any reason to have the TVs and computer monitors on.

At the end, Jor-el tells Clark to step forward so they can be rejoined. After Clark agrees to go with Jor-el, he does not step forward but is still sucked in. If Clark didn't have to step forward, why wouldn't Jor-el just suck him in before Clark agreed?

For what seems to be a pretty big, press-covered bail hearing, Clark doesn't even bother to formally dress for the occasion.

Where did Kara get her cute outfit after parading around naked? Looks like nothing Martha Kent would wear and you'd think people would wonder if Martha went into town and started buying new clothing for a girl clearly not her size.

What type of jail or prison allows visitors to visit the inmates at their cells? Not only does Lionel get visitors at his cell, but he gets to have the witness against him (Clark) visit his cell, and make intimidating threats.

The kryptonite, once, again, fails to affect Clark until he notices it's in the room.

Clark's testimony would be pretty much meaningless in a pretrial bail hearing. That kind of hearing determines how much of a flight risk the defendant is - Clark's testimony that Lionel threatened his son's well-being would have significance there.

Lex's explanation that his investigation into Clark's background is about him, not Clark, doesn't seem very believable. You can clearly see huge pictures of Clark and his family on one wall. What would they have to do with whether or not Lex is a Kryptonite freak? Not to mention the Kryptonian family tree Clark drew in "Rosetta" is hanging with the Kent pictures, which doesn't seem logical if Lex's investigation is really about himself.

At the beginning when Kara flips the car it explodes immediately. We did not see her do anything to it but flip it over. It would not explode that fast.

So Jonathan's deal with Jor-El was that he'd agree to bring Clark back to Smallville, in return up Clark anyway and dying himself? Somehow this doesn't seem like a very good deal. As noted in notes for Exile, Jonathan did have other options, such as exposing red-Clark to green kryptonite and then taking the ring off. And his idea that Jor-El might never call in his marker, as it were, seems incredibly dumb.

This is the first time that we see that Clark has a real definite idea that he himself can fly. But if he thinks that, it'd be because...well Kara demonstrated the ability to fly. So does that mean Clark will also think he can disintegrate things with a touch and practice it in the future? Because he also sees Kara demonstrating that ability. Or will he ignore both "clues" to other potential superpowers, since the producers have said we'll never see Clark flying on his own?

Lana didn't have enough money to go to Paris without selling the Talon. But this episode she drives around in a new SUV. Not only does that seem not very financially prudent, but why buy a SUV when you're leaving town for a foreign country? Plus this is the second SUV she's bought this season! Somehow cash flow for Lana doesn't seem to be a problem.

At the farm when Clark and Lana are talking, Kara shows up and Clark explains Kara's his cousin. Lana seems to take this as a personal affront ("How dare Clark have his cousin visit when I'm leaving?!?") and abruptly break off their "Tell me your secret" conversation #32. Clark nicely says goodbye, and then...Lana just turns around and leaves without saying anything. Because, apparently, she got Clark to acknowledge her and that's all that need be done. With all this, it's hard to imagine why Lana got the idea that people in Smallville think she's self-centered and shallow. :)

Does Clark really think Lex and Lana have something going on romantically and that they're betraying him? If nothing else, Lana is 17 and Lex is 25 - their relationship would tend to be illegal.

Okay, Clark thinks Clark, Lana, and Jonathan have betrayed him (and maybe Pete, and maybe Chloe even though the two of them seemed to have made up). Still, it seems kind of out of character for Clark to just decide to leave with a murderer just because she claims to be from Krypton. He saw her kill Loder. As long as she's hot and likes to wander around naked, and she hasn't betrayed him in the last 30 minutes, apparently he can overlook the murder part.

Shouldn't there be at the Kiwatche caves? Kara wanders out, Clark and Kara go in, and later Clark and Kara and Jonathan wander in. Lionel's in charge of the place and knows there's something weird going on there - why doesn't he hire guards, put in security cameras monitoring the place 24-7, and install security gates that Clark can't go through without busting down, thus showing that someone broke in? Or did all of these disappear just because Lionel got arrested?

How much stuff is in the walls of the cave? Adrenaline parasites, keyholes, portals, whatever computer system holds the essence of Jor-El, and now a human body on ice for over a decade. And yet Luthor and his crack team of scientists don't seem to have discovered any of this.

When Lex visits Lionel in jail, and Lionel gives his "I'm dying" speech, Lex says the speech would have been more effective with a string quartet playing "Barber's Requiem". Barber didn't write a Requiem.

After Kara kills Loder, Jonathan tells Martha she killed an FBI agent. However, how do Jonathan, Martha, and Clark know who was in the car? None of them got a chance to see it. They may know she killed a man but there's no possible way they knew who.

Chloe says what she found out on the tea cup is weird even for her. Umm... Why exactly? All she found out was that a girl died and is now walking around. We saw a krypto-mutant do this in the first season and a major part of this season was Lionel's ability to resurrect people with the serum. So that isn't too weird. Was it the age thing? We saw krypto-mutants do that in both seasons 1 and 2. We saw Lionel possessing the ability to clone etc. So what was so weird, "even for her," about Chloe's discovery?

Clark and Lex seem to allow each other pretty much open access to each other's homes. Lex's secret room is off limits, but here's the question - Lex doesn't seem to wonder how Clark got in there. Wouldn't he wonder who gave Clark the key?

No wonder Lex has such trouble with security. The lock he has on his super secret room, his "Fortress of Lexitude," as it were, is...a standard Yale lock, judging by the key Lionel gives Clark. He's paying roughly $10 an hour for the power to maintain all those continually-running graphics and all - you'd think he'd put out a little money for a decent electronic lock.

Clark seems surprised to see the chunk of green-k in Lex's secret room. Why? Didn't he take the precaution of scanning the room with his x-ray vision to make sure it wasn't a trap and/or Lex wasn't in there?

Is Chloe dead? According to the online Smallville Ledger article, no bodies are found. And note that she winks at the FBI agents as she goes inside, for no apparent reason. But...we pretty clearly see her go in, and the fireball heading directly for her. Guess we'll have to wait to next season to find out.

Lionel (presumably) poisons Lex by putting something in his brandy. This is basically the same thing he did to administer the mind-scrambling drugs to Lex back in "Shattered". This also means that Clark is somewhat responsible for Lex's "death" here - Clark knew from that episode that Lionel was using the brandy to drug Lex. If Clark had been a bit more forthcoming, Lex could have been on his guard and not been poisoned here.

Lionel getting his hair shaved while (presumably) his underlings dispose of Chloe and Lex bears a strong resemblance to a similar sequence in The Godfather.

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