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Lex, looking crazy in "Shattered"

First aired November 19, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

MORGAN EDGE RETURNS TO SMALLVILLE -- Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) locates Morgan Edge (Patrick Bergin, "Sleeping With the Enemy") and gets him to admit to dirty dealings with Lionel (John Glover), but before Lex can take it to the authorities, someone tries to kill him at the mansion. Barely surviving, Lex flees and asks Clark (Tom Welling) for help. However, when Clark returns to the mansion to investigate he finds nothing amiss, and begins to wonder if it really happened, especially after Lionel announces Lex has had a psychotic break and must be institutionalized.

Detailed Description:

By Nadine

Morgan Edge is sitting in a chair in what looks like an empty office space, playing with a kryptonite necklace in one hand, and the doctor is unwrapping the bandages from around Morgan's face after a successful plastic surgery operation. As Morgan takes a mirror to look at himself, the doctor goes over to the computer where we see the change from actor Rutger Hauer's face to actor Patrick Bergin's face. Morgan seems pleased with results, he says he feels like he is looking at a stranger. The doctor explains that his throat will hurt for a while, since they even altered his vocal chords. Morgan raises the mirror to his face again, and this time, he sees Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) standing behind him. "Personally, I think society places too much emphasis on looks", says Lex, "It should be the character of a man that counts. Don't you agree, Mr. Edge?". Lex reminds Morgan that no physical changes will change his DNA and that he remains Morgan Edge. One of Morgan's men points a gun at Lex, but Lex explains that his people have orders to send in the police if Lex doesn't walk out of there in five minutes. He also says, they will tell his father, Lionel Luthor (John Glover) that Morgan Edge never died that day at the docks (see "Phoenix"). Lex suggests that Lionel might even send someone to finish the job. Lex explains his visit. He tells Morgan that he knows that when Morgan and Lionel were teenagers, they conspired to kill Lionel's parents and take the insurance money. While Lex is talking, he seems visibly in pain or discomfort, and keeps touching his neck. He explains that while he does have evidence, he needs hard proof, and suggests to Morgan to tell his story to Lex's camera, and Lex promises him a "new life to go with the new face".

Later, Lex is sitting in his office reviewing Morgan's taped confession, where Morgan is explaining that, many years ago, he was in charge of blowing up the building, which meant that Lionel would get rid of his "father and his gin-soaked mother", and a Slum Lord would split the insurance money with Lionel and Morgan. Lionel then used his cut for his first startup, "and the rest is history", concludes Morgan. At that moment, Lex's bodyguard Darius walks in. He informs Lex that Lionel called again, but that Darius followed instructions and told Lionel that Lex wasn't in. Darius is looking stressed and keeps looking around the room. Lex notices and tells Darius to relax. Darius leaves. Lex goes to his safe to store the tape and some paperwork. As he is doing so, he doesn't notice a gunman on the roof, who opens the skylight, and, hanging from a rope, slides down and into the office. He starts walking up to Lex, pointing his gun, but Lex suddenly notices the red dot of the laser against the safe as the gunman tries to point his gun to Lex's head. Lex calls out for Darius at the same time as he ducks down, and the gunman misses his shot. Darius comes running in, but is immediately shot down by the gunman. The gunman keeps shooting at Lex, breaking glasses and furniture, we even see one of the bullets land in the stone wall. But Lex crawls his way to the door, and while the gunman is still frantically shooting at Lex, Lex runs out of the room. He meets the gunman a couple more times in the hallways, but finally manages to throw an object at the gunman, and then jump out of the nearest window, and onto the grounds. The gunman can no longer see Lex in the darkness.

It's early morning at the Kent Farm, and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) walks into his study in the barn. Suddenly, from under the desk, Lex crawls out, with a stained shirt, and cuts and bruises all over himself. He asks Clark if he is alone. He explains to Clark that someone tried to kill him last night. Clark suggests the hospital and the police, but Lex explains that they are professionals, that they killed Darius and that he just needs time to think. Lex is reluctant to give Clark any explanations, for Clark's own safety, but finally admits that it was probably his father or Morgan Edge who tried to kill him. Although Clark has had a personal encounter with Morgan (see "Exile" and "Phoenix"), he acts as if he barely remembers Edge from some article he read about Edge's supposed death. Lex informs Clark about Edge's new look, and explains that he has proof of a crime that could get both Lionel and Edge the death penalty, but that the evidence destined for the US Attorney is still in his safe in the mansion and that he can't return. At that moment, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) enters the barn looking for his son. Lex runs back to hide behind the desk Jonathan asks for Clark's help with the milking, but Clark explains he has some last minute studying to do. Jonathan walks away, and Lex comes back out. Clark suggests that he will go the the mansion and get what is needed from the safe. Lex thinks it is too dangerous, but Clark explains he will just play dumb and pretend he went there to see Lex. Before he does though, Clark wants Lex to tell him exactly what happened.

Clark is at the Luthor Mansion, and walks into Lex's office. Strangely, he finds the whole office tidy. All the glasses and furniture is intact and at the right place, Lex's desk is nicely organized as usual, the chair in the right place. He looks up at the skylight, but everything is neat and normal there. He walks up to the safe, where he punches in the code 15988, and opens the safe. It is empty. He walks out of the office again, obviously confused. At that moment, one of the Luthor security guards comes out of one of the other rooms, and addresses Clark as "Mr. Kent" and asks him if he can help. Clark states that he is here to see Lex, but the security guard explains that it is still very early and that everyone is still asleep. Clark asks if Darius is on duty, but the guard replies that Darius had the night off. "You got stuck with the graveyard shift? What a bummer!", says Clark, as he x-rays one of the corners of the hallway and notices a piece of broken glass lodged under a piece of furniture. Clark wonders if anything unusual happened, and the guard answers, "Not until you arrived". Clark smiles and answers that he knows how to take a hint. He then purposely drops his keys out of his pocket and onto the floor, so that, as he bends down to pick them up, he gets a better look at the piece of glass. He then walks away under the watchful eye of the security guard.

Clark is back in the barn, explaining to Lex what happened. Lex is changing into one of Clark's shirts. Clark explains, however, that they did miss a spot in the cleaning up of Lex's office, and he pulls out the piece of glass from the hallway. He also explains that he called Darius' house to see if anyone knew he was missing, but that the answering machine informed all callers that his wife and kids are off visiting their grandparents. Lex mentions that Darius' body is probably at the bottom of Crater Lake by now. Clark suggests that they still call the US Attorney, but Lex explains that the man was nervous enough going after someone as powerful as Lionel Luthor in the first place, and that now, without any evidence more than a piece of glass, there is no point. Clark asks whether Lex knows anyone at all that could corroborate his story.

Clark is talking to Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) and brings her up-to-date with the situation. Chloe explains that she was doing some research on Lionel Luthor for a story. She found out that Lionel and Edge were friends as teenagers, and thought that Lex would be interested in the story. She doesn't tell Clark that in fact, she had no other choice but to take Lex's protection in exchange for all the information she had on Lionel (see "Magnetic"). Chloe never thought, however, that Lex would come up with the theory that Lionel and Edge murdered his grandparents. They both agree that they are all involved in this and that the situation is dangerous for both of them. They agree to stay together. Chloe takes her laptop.

When they get back to the Kent Farm, Lionel is there waiting for them, along with Jonathan and Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole). Lionel shakes their hands, addressing Chloe as "Ms., um, Sullivan isn't it?", pretending he doesn't know her and making not mention of their previous collaboration (see "Exile", "Phoenix", "Extinction", "Slumber", "Perry", "Relic", and "Magnetic"). Lionel explains that Lex is missing and was wondering if Clark had seen him. Clark states that it has been a few days since he's since Lex, and that, if Lex wanted to be found, they would know where he was. Lionel insists, however, explaining that Lex is seriously ill. He hesitates to explain, but states that Lex has had a psychotic break According to him, the break is caused from Lex's time on the island. Lionel thought that Lex had beaten it, but apparently it has come back to haunt him. Lionel goes on to explain that Lex is suffering from paranoid delusions, hearing voices and seeing things that aren't there. Chloe and Clark look at each other, very skeptical. Lionel pleads with Clark to let him know if he hears from him, so that Lex can get the care he needs. Lionel takes on a desperate voice, stating that he wants his son back the way he used to be. We see Lex observing them from a hole in the whole atop the barn.

Clark walks back into the barn, to find Lex sitting on a stool, downstairs, cradling something, and quietly singing "Hush, lil baby". He explains that he had to go get the baby who was crying because his father woke him. He turns around to show Clark... a rolled up blanket that he seems to think is a baby. He shows Clark that it is his little brother Julian and then goes back to singing the lullaby to the folded blanket.

Clark and his parents are discussing the situation in their back yard. Chloe is with Lex in the barn, and he now seems fine. Clark doesn't understand how one second he is delusional and the next he is making complete sense. He explains to Martha that Lex did have a brother Julian, but that he died as an infant when Lex was just a kid. Martha realizes that that must have been traumatic for Lex. Jonathan is upset with Clark for hiding Lex in the barn, but Clark explains he didn't have a choice, Lex was scared and thought his father was trying to kill him. He also tells his parents that Morgan Edge is still alive, with infuriates Jonathan even more, since Morgan Edge is aware of Clark's abilities, and knows that kryptonite can kill him (see "Phoenix"). When Clark tells them that Edge has had plastic surgery, Jonathan suddenly repeats the facts: Morgan Edge is alive and has had plastic surgery, and Lionel and Edge had planned as teenagers to kill Lionel's parents. To Jonathan and Martha, this all seems like another one of Lex's delusions, and Martha feels that Lex needs help. At that moment, they realize that Lex was standing behind them and heard their conversation. Lex is saddened and disappointed by what he's just heard. "You think you know people and you realize it's all just a facade". He feels like they are all ganging up against him to send him to a mental institution. Chloe arrives out of breath, she had tried to stop him. He feels like they're all watching him. He starts walking off, telling Clark that he's gonna go find Morgan Edge and prove that he's not crazy. "You're either with me or against me Clark, choose, right now!". Jonathan calls out to his son, but Clark walks off, by Lex's side.

Clark and Lex drive up to the building where Lex had first seen Edge's new face, in what looked like an empty office space. Lex wants Clark to wait in the car, but Clark tells Lex that he's here to watch Lex's back. They arrive at the floor where Lex had seen Edge, but all they find is an Asian factory, with about 50 employees all quietly working on their sewing machines. Clark thinks that maybe this is the wrong place, but Lex knows that this is the place he saw Edge. Clark insists, stating that it seems like this factory has been here a while, but Lex claims it can't be so hard to bring in a few tables and machines and some immigrant labor. Lex is sweating and looks like he is gonna collapse, and he keeps touching his next again. Clark wants them to leave, but Lex is getting very agitated and starts raising his voice. All the Asian workers start staring at him. Lex tries to explain to Clark that this is all part of the cover-up. He grabs one of the foremen, and threaten to put his hand under one of the sewing machines if he doesn't tell him were Morgan Edge is. The foreman is scared but does not speak English. Clark pulls Lex away, telling him that there is no point to them being here.

Clark and Lex are back in Lex's office, and Clark thinks it may be a good idea to call the sheriff, and she could bring in a forensics team. At that moment, Darius walks in. They are both shocked to see him. Darius walks up to Lex, asking him where he has been, and telling him that they have all been really worried for him. Lex can't believe that Darius is alive, and accuses him of being in on the whole thing too. He is starting to sweat again and is extremely agitated. He pours himself a drink. Then, Dr. Claire Foster, Lex's psychiatrist, walks in, telling him that they've all been looking everywhere for him. Lex thinks that Clark is the one that called her. Clark reminds him that he doesn't even know who this lady is. Lex is extremely agitated, stating that he just seems that it's a little too convenient that everyone just happens to be here. Dr. Foster explains that security called her. He wants to explain to her that someone tried to kill him last night. He shows her the piece of broken glass from the hallway as proof that he had to jump through the window to escape. Dr. Foster does not seem impressed. She explains that it is true, the window was broken, but that it was Lex who broke it when he got angry in their last therapy session and threw a vase through the hall window. Dr. Foster wants to give him a sedative, but he thinks she is trying to drug him. He goes crazy, and Darius steps him, trying to calm him down. Lex grabs Darius' gun and points it at all of them. Clark tries to stand in between them, and Dr. Foster tries to convince Clark that Lex's conspiracy theories are the symptoms of his condition. But Lex explains that as long as the world things that Lex is crazy, no one will believe what he found out about his father and Morgan Edge. Lex agrees that he may be crazy, that he doesn't know anymore, but then makes Clark think, what if he IS right about all this? Clark is standing in front of Lex's gun, and is obviously extremely torn and confused about what he should do.

Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) walks into the stables, it's late at night. She calls out "Hello?". Suddenly, Clark appears and thanks her for coming. She tells him she brought the food and wants to know what she is doing here. Lex is sitting there, now calm, but distressed. She runs to him. Clark wants her to watch over him, while he goes to get more evidence and help Chloe. They think Chloe is being watched. Clark explains to Lana the danger of the situation. Lex promises to tell her everything. Clark walks off.

Chloe's car is parked on a dark path in the fields. Clark pulls up in his truck, thanking her for meeting him here. He gives her the pills that Dr. Foster had tried to give Lex, and asks her to check out of they can make someone hallucinate. She knows someone at the pharmacology lab that can help her. Clark says he is gonna go look into Dr. Foster and the two security guards to see if they are in on it. Before he leaves, Chloe tells him, however, that she has checked out Lex's medical record, and, unfortunately, this is not the first time that he's acted this way. She explains that after his brother Julian died, Lex went right back to boarding school, but one night, his housemaster found him sitting in the bell tower, singing a lullaby to a wrapped up blanket. Chloe just wants Clark to prepare himself to the possibility that Lex really is loosing his mind.

Back at the stables, Lex has explained everything to Lana, and he thanks her for coming. He is calm. She is glad she can help. She then gets up to pour him a drink. He asks her what it is. She tells him it is chamomile tea that will help him relax. He sniffs it and calls her a liar. He accuses her of trying to drug her. He is agitated again and screaming at her. He throws the cup away. He knows he shouldn't have trusted her. She wants to run after him. He pushes her, and she falls into one of the stables. The horse in the stable gets scared, as Lex storms out. The horse gets up onto its back legs. He is obviously very frightened. When the horse's front legs come back down, they land on Lana's back and legs, and he tramples many times. Clark superspeeds back, but arrives too late. He finds Lana lying there unconscious, the horse still a little agitated.

Lex is walking down the road late at night after having run out of the stables. A truck is coming his way. Lex is limping. He stands in the middle of the road, and the car stops. The driver asks him what the trouble is, but Lex just grabs the drivers head and smashes it against the wheel. He throws the driver out of the truck and drives away.

Lana is in critical care in the hospital and Clark is standing outside her room, looking in. Lionel Luthor walks up to him and they stand there, looking at Lana. Lionel makes a sarcastic comment about wondering who was more out of touch with reality, Don Quixote, the master who always had imaginary enemies, or Sancho Panza, his loyal lackey, who indulged his fantasies in spite of the danger to everyone else. But Clark is not amused and warns Lionel to be careful, but Lionel reminds Clark that if he had listened to him, Lex would be getting the care he needed and Lana wouldn't be fighting for her life. Chloe shows up to interrupted their heated conversation, and Lionel warns them to stay out of it. He leaves. Chloe tells Clark that she had the drugs given by Dr. Foster analyzed, and it was just a common sedative, as she claimed, not a hallucinating drug. But Chloe reminds him that there are a lot of ways Lex could have been drugged. Clark realized that, in the mansion, all his food and drink is always brought to Lex, and they could have been drugging him for months.

Clark storms into Lex's office, where Darius is reading a magazine. Clark wants to know how Darius got the drugs into Lex's system. Darius tells him he doesn't appreciate some farmboy coming here and accusing him of a felony. Clark throws him to the ground and bends his arm back. "Don't underestimate farmboys, bailing all that hay can make you pretty strong", says Clark. Finally, Darius admits that the drugs were put in Lex's scotch whiskey. Darius doesn't know who he is working for, he only has a cell phone number. Clark tells Darius to call the number and tell them to meet him at the stables at noon with a bag full of money, or he'll go to the cops. Darius warms Clark that they won't pay him off, they will rather kill him. "I'll take my chances", answers Clark.

Lionel walks back into his office, accompanied by Mike, his bodyguard, who locks the door behind him by punching 0965 on the keypad. Suddenly, Lex, who was hiding around the corner, hits Mike across the face with the back of a shotgun. He then grabs Mike's gun, and points it at his father. He explains that people tend to let you him when people think you're insane and you carry a gun. Lionel tries to get Lex to calm down and sit down. But Lex is still very agitated, and Lionel tries to reason with him. Lionel explains that it is true, that the slumlord and Morgan Edge tried to kill his parents, but he denies having anything to do with it. He explains that, no matter how bad he was treated, he would have never hurt his parents, just like he is sure Lex doesn't want to hurt him. Lex is more and more agitated, and he points to gun to his father's face again. When Lionel tries to talk, Lex tells him not to, or he will wake the baby. Lionel asks him if he is hearing Julian again, and reminds Lex that Julian is dead. But Lex doesn't want to hear it. Lionel continues to play with Lex's emotional state, but reminding him that it wasn't Lex's fault that Julian died, that Lex didn't mean to hurt him, that everything is ok. Lex demands to know where Morgan Edge is. Lex is obviously in pain again, rubbing his neck. Lionel writes down Edge's location, while telling Lex to be careful, stating that he couldn't bear to lose another son. Lex hits him across the face and knocks him out, then walks out.

Clark shows up at the stables. We see a hitman hiding behind a tree, with a gun pointed at Clark. But Clark superspeeds to find himself behind the gunman, holding the gun against the man's neck. He demands to know where his boss is.

Morgan Edge is in his house, with his bodyguard. He is looking at his face in the mirror, and touching his throat, obviously satisfied. He is holding the kryptonite necklace in his hand again. They hear a noise, and he tells his guard to go check it out. Edge also draws out his gun and walks into the next room to find his bodyguard lying dead, he bends down to feel his pulse, and Lex is standing behind him, holding a gun to Edge's head. "You really screwed up", says Lex. "You're father is the one that screwed up", replies Edge, "If we had done it my way, you'd be dead by now". He says that it was Lionel's idea to make Lex go crazy instead. Lex doesn't want to believe him. "Lionel gotten soft in his old age. He was willing to loose his parents, but he said he couldn't bear to loose another child", explains Edge. The pain in Lex's neck is getting more intense as Lex gets more agitated. "Neck still bothering you? Muscle aches? Sleeplessness? All common side effects of the drugs", says Edge, explaining that Lionel planned every little detail to make Lex go crazy. Lex is not sure that Edge didn't plan this himself. But Edge tells Lex to look around and realize that Edge could have never been able to afford all this without Lionel. Dead or crazy, no one would listen to Lex. But Edge offers Lex a deal to bring Lionel down. Lex is unsure, and he keeps the gun up to Edge's face. Suddenly, Clark superspeeds up behind Lex and grabs the gun out of his hand before he can realize what happens. Edge sees the superspeed but already knows Clark's abilities. Clark barely manages to stand up though, feeling dizzy from the effects of the kryptonite necklace Edge is holding. "I had a feeling we'd see each other again", says Edge, explaining why he's been carrying the necklace around. Lex is shocked to realize that the two of them know each other, wondering if Clark is in on this too. Clark, who can barely stand up, tries telling Lex that it's not what he thinks. He falls to the ground, and Edge punches him with the necklace around his hand, then kicks him around, Clark is powerless to defend himself. Lex is confused and wondering what is happening. Edge gives a bleeding Clark one final punch and the necklace breaks and the beads fall onto the ground. Suddenly a shot is fired, and Edge falls to the ground. It was Lex who shot him. "Thank you", says Clark, who is trying to get up. "Don't thank me Clark", says Lex, "you're part of this, I have to kill you too", as he points the gun at Clark.

Clark tries telling Lex that he is his friend and he would never betray him, but Lex keeps the gun pointed at Clark. Clark can't get up because he is surrounded by kryptonite beads. He tries pushing them away. Suddenly, they hear a car starting, and they realize Edge is no longer lying there, he's getting away. Lex runs out, and sees the car coming towards him. He stands in front of the car, and keeps shooting bullet after bullet straight at Edge, who is obviously being hit by each bullet, but who keeps accelerating. The car is rapidely coming straight at Lex, but Lex doesn't move, he just keeps shooting. Just as the car is about to run over Lex, Clark superspeeds up to him, pushed Lex out of the way, and stands in front of the car that crashes against a strong-again Clark. The car crashes into Clark, who still standing, has nearly broken the front of the car in two. Clark easily moves the body of the car away so he can get out of there. Lex has witnessed everything and is shocked at Clark's superstrength. Lex has tears in his eyes as he stares at Clark. "I was right about you all along Clark, you're not even human", he says. Clark is unsure what to say. At that moment, a car pulls up, it's Dr. Foster and two security guards. Lex is still on the ground, and he tries explaining to the doctor what just happened. "That car hit him at 80 miles an hour, and he tossed it like a toy. Did you see him?", he asks the doctor. "See who?", asks the doctor. Clark has disappeared. Dr. Foster thinks Lex is talking crazy, and Lex starts calling out for Clark, but can no longer fight the obvious. The security guards pick Lex off the ground and into the car, as Dr. Foster assures Lex that everything is ok, that they are gonna get him the help he needs.

Lana is slowly waking up, in her hospital bed, and Clark is sitting by her bed. She asks about Lex, who he tells her is not doing so good. She's sorry. "I almost died, Clark. I always thought you were being paranoid. That being around you was too dangerous. But it's true. I know you were only looking out for me. But you're right. I think I have to stay away from you". They both have tears in their eyes. She closes her eyes again. Clark is unable to say anything.

It's night at the Belle Reve Sanitarium. Dr. Foster encounters Lionel in the hallway. She explains that, now that Lex is here, she can control his treatment much more tightly. But the time the treatment is finishes, she explains, Lex won't have any short term memory left. "Wasn't that exactly what you wanted?", she asks. "Never believe for a second that THIS is what I wanted", answers Lionel, "I love my son more than life itself. But he leaves me no choice". He walks up to the window of a padded room where Lex is sitting on the ground, alone, his upper body in a straight jacket. Inside the room, we see that the window is a one-way mirror. Lex looks at himself in the mirror. On the other side of the glass, his father is starring right at him.

Lana is sleeping in her hospital bed. Clark is watching over her from outside the room.

Lionel is looking at his son from outside the window, he places his hand against the glass, as if to touch Lex. Lex is inside, he can't see his dad, and is just staring blankly.

All detailed descriptions © Copyright 2000-2008- All Rights Reserved


Rutger Hauer was unavailable during production so the staff replaced him with Patrick Bergin through the wonders of plastic surgery.

Patrick Bergen is billed as "Special Guest Star."

Both Clark and Chloe use the word "bizarro". This is a reference to the Bizarro Superman character from the comic books, a grotesque imitation of Superman created from lifeless matter.

Belle Reve in the comics is a maximum security prison in Louisiana for super-villains.

Samuel Jones III doesn't appear in this episode.

From the angle of the horse's hooves landing on Lana, it looks as if they'd break her back, not her leg.

Why didn't Clark tell the people that Lex had been drugged and that that was what made him hallucinate?

In response to the good of why Clark didn't tell about Lex being drugged, Lex saw Clark's abilities. While Clark did not know it, Lex would lose his short-term memory from Dr. Foster's treatment. Clark probably assumed it would be best if Lex comes to terms with his "insanity" and admit to himself that Clark did not stop the car.

At the beginning when we see the Kent farm, there's a new green tractor there. Have the Kents got themselves a new tractor? Later on we see that they still got the old one, and Jonathan has said that they won't get a new one until the old one's totally broken. It's doubtful that the Kents would have two tractors on the farm...

If Morgan Edge kept kryptonite in his hands at all time for several months, wouldn't the rocks affect him?

Musical Performance: The late Johnny Cash singing Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt."

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