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Clark and Lana kissing

First aired May 13, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

Dr. Walden (guest star Rob Labelle) wakes up from his coma and tells Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lionel (John Glover) that Clark (Tom Welling) is an alien and must be destroyed. Meanwhile, a romantic encounter between Clark and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) hints at a promising future, but after Chloe (Allison Mack) finds out they are together, Lana pulls back.

Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Terrence O'Hara directed the episode written by Kenneth Biller.

Detailed Description:

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Working title - "Awakening".

Apparently the voice we hear is that of Clark's biological father Jor-El, according to the end credits. The actor is Terence Stamp, who played General Zod in the first two Superman movies. According to Gough, "We're going to hear Jor-El's voice, and it's going to be an actor who's meaningful to Superman fans. I won't tell you who it is, but any self-respecting Superman fan should be able to name that actor once they hear the voice." Presumably there is no significance other then the in-joke value of Stamp doing Jor-El - the implications of Stamp playing the same character as in the movies and the credits and Gough being deceitful could be interesting...

The color codes of Helen and Lex's seating arrangement at the rehearsal dinner are red, yellow, and blue. Which of course are Superman's costume's colors also.

Terence Stamp is billed as "Special Guest Star" but at the end credits presumably to keep the element of surprise going.

As with Rosetta, the producers and music folks use bits of John Williams work from the Superman movies.

In-joke time: Note that Chloe is now using an Alienare computer at the Torch office.

The line "The Day is Coming" is said 36 times throughout the course of this episode. 31 of them by Dr. Walden, 2 by Jor-El, 2 by Clark, and 1 by Lex.

Presumably last appearance of Dr. Fredrick Walden.

Jor-El's wanting Clark to take over the world is actually taken from the six part Man of Steel comic that was used to restart superman in 86'. But in the comic, him taking over the world was not really important, it was something he thought his son might do if he felt like it, but all he was really worried about was getting his son off of the dying planet krypton.

How exactly does the unseen Sheriff Adams think Walden managed to kill himself by blowing up a propane tank with no weapon or explosives, and no fuse despite the fact he is lying a number of yards away?

If Clark had to literally pry the key from Professor Walden, wouldn't there be fingerprints or at the very least, damage done to his charred wrist in the process?

Does Lana drive or what to get around? She doesn't own a car or borrows Chloe's. The Kent farm is out in the rural part of Smallville, and Chloe and Lana live in what looks like a sub-division in the "inner-part" of Smallville, that DOES NOT appear near the farm area. Plus, how did she get from Lex's manor to the Kents? Did she just hike in her spiffy outfit? The Kents didn't give her a ride, since she apparently isn't in the house when they discuss Walden's death.

How is it that Chloe has access to the school 24/7? And how did Lionel get in the school late at night, given the increased security we saw Principal Reynolds implement at the school last year, and Reynolds' distaste for Lionel?

What time is it when Chloe comes barging into Clark's barn? There was the reception and the fight, then enough time has passed for Sheriff Adams to investigate the scene and make an initial declaration of cause of death, and the coroner to run an autopsy? So it must be at least midnight. Does she just come in any time she wants to, any time of the day or night?

How busy is the Kents' farm? Chloe has a car and you'd think Clark might notice someone pulling up with the headlights and all. Or did Chloe turn off the headlights and coast in?

How are the Kents going to explain the propane tank explosion, the fire damage that was enough to kill Walden 30'+ away, and the big Clark-sized hole in the barn to their insurance company? Or do they afford all these repairs themselves?

Also, if Clark had to pry the key out of Walden's hand, how'd he manage to do it without getting...well, yucky? Given Sheriff Adam's suspicious nature toward Clark, you'd think she might check for something like that. Or is Clark just that good at covering up forensic evidence?

Several people thought that Lana should have been able to see the lights from the spaceship in the cellar, but she goes out of the front of the barn and initially the lights are flickering on Clark from the back - Lana is facing the opposite direction from them.

While we're going on about the state of 'the hand', after Clark took the key from the doctor's hand, why didn't he use his heat vision to burn that part of his palm so it would look like the rest of the body? It doesn't make sense to leave that one part of him intact, especially when it has the shape and the insignias of the key on it, making it clear to Lionel Luthor that someone (most likely someone in the Kent family) took it from the doctor's hand.

Why was Chloe invited to Lex's wedding in the episode "Heat" but not invited to his wedding in this episode?

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