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Emily, the creepy little clone girl

First aired May 6, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

After Lana (Kristin Kreuk) is visited by the ghost of a childhood friend, she turns to Clark (Tom Welling) for help in uncovering the truth about her new visitor. However, after Clark realizes the little girl is actually a kryptonite-enhanced clone, he rushes to save Lana before the revenge-seeking child harms her. Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) learns that Lionel (John Glover) is funding the krypto-cloning research.

Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. James Marshall directed the episode with story by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer and teleplay by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders.

Detailed Description:

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Ironically, Neil Flynn (Pete Dinsmore) did several voices on Clone High USA.

The theme song to Neill Flynn's regular show Scrubs is "Superman" by Lazlo Bane.

Jodelle Micah Ferland (Emily Dinsmore) also appeared earlier this year on the pilot episode of "John Doe." Her role was slightly more normal. Also, in "John Doe," she is dressed as a Fairy princess, much like the young Lana Lang.

Emily died April 14, 1996.

How does Emily go through doors so quickly that they don't seem to move, and without making any noise (like in the hospital with Lex)? At the Kent's, Emily leaves and she clearly has to slow down and open the door...but she doesn't do this any other time in the episode.

Did Emily bring her own projector to the theater? Because there's no way she could thread that little home movie reel on your standard theatre projector. (And reading a diary wouldn't tell her how to do it either.)

Mr. Dinsmore is awfully quick to blame chromosomal damage for Emily's behavior. Not even getting into the pseudo-science of that, I think he's ignoring the nature vs. nurture debate pretty fiercely here. Wouldn't the lack of a childhood be the likely cause for Emily's behavior? In fact, shouldn't her development (i.e., speech, motor control) be retarded? Also, chromosome damage doesn't really alter a person's morals.

The original Emily appears to have kept an amazingly comprehensive diary for a 10-year old - her clone almost-perfectly replicates the emotional state and memories of the original based on that diary. Yes, the clone says it has memory gaps, but still it sings songs, knows the location of the bridge, and is close enough in speaking patterns and emotions to the original that Lana is convinced. Did Emily make a diary entry like, "Today I sang 'Pocket Full of Posies' and here are the lyrics and the key I sang in."? Or did she just happen to get every mannerism from the home-movie reel?

Lana seems remarkably un-inquisitive as to how Clark found the secret door behind the bookcase. She then watches him open the steel door without touching a single key on the electronic lock, and still she doesn't act like this is even remotely odd.

Lionel at the hospital pushes the button for the elevator - the light comes on, but stays on after it arrives, he gets in, and he goes to a different floor.

The scene where Lana falls into the river is messed up. Okay, so when she was 10, she and her best friend fell into a river whose current was too strong and drowned one of them. Yet, Lana falls in with no apparent head trauma and just slowly sinks to the bottom (drowning people don't sink - particularly ones as thin as Kristin Kreuk) - the current should have swept her away. Not only that, but how many plants can grow in the middle of a swiftly moving river? None. Obviously the underwater sequence was filmed in a pond (or possibly in a studio tank), but still. They had her fall into a swiftly moving current and just sink to the bottom? Also, she was out pretty quickly. I mean, she didn't even attempt to swim, she just went straight to the bottom. Everyone knows how to splash around, even if they can't swim. Also, no bubbles emerge from her mouth, which would happen whether she was conscious or not.

There are various real-world physics problems (momentum) that having the ability to move super-fast would cause. For superhero physics they're acceptable, but when Clark swims he speeds through the water without leaving a trail. There's no way he could move that fast through water without disturbing a ridiculous amount of it, enough that the water would be too cloudy to film.

How does Emily know it's Lana? She comments "You're so big!" but let's face it--the girl who plays the young Lana looks NOTHING like Kristin Kreuk. How does Emily know it's Lana when Mr. Dinsmore doesn't recognize her? If I saw a version of my best friend 6 years older when I was 10, there's no way in heck I'd know it was him.

How many swiftly flowing rivers are there in Kansas? Just out of curiosity, seeing as how a large, freshwater ecosystem seems out of whack in a region primarily flat and grassland. Speaking as someone who knows environments, the Kansas environment sort of clashes with the Vancouver environment, what with Kansas being a lot drier and not quite like Vancouver.

When Lana is studying in the Kent's home, there's a fire in the fireplace. How many homes in Kansas light fires in the middle of May? Better yet, how come the weather is nothing like Kansas (all wet, foggy, etc...Kansas is too dry for that, it's more Vancouver weather)? - 10/06/05 - We got a reader's comment today, telling us that, indeed, Kansas is foggy nearly every morning of spring and fall, so technically, this could be more accurate than we first thought!! :)

In the graveyard, the rain pours down and Clark is drenched. When he goes to the Talon, however, he is completely dry.

There's no air holes in the bunny box Lionel brings to Emily.

The security at the hospital seems to be even less than that at Lex's mansion. Usually if someone is in a ward in a critical condition you would have to get visitors' permission to see them, especially when the circumstances under which they were stabbed are suspicious . Yet Lex just walks into Emily's father's room with no comment

If Emily was cloned and her growth accelerated with kryptonite, how is it Clark could get so close to her without getting ill? You'd think at the very least she'd be heavily irradiated.

So why again did Clark go with Pete to the graves? Seems odd. Doesn't Pete just slow him down? He could just super speed, read all the graves till he finds the right one, plus, it's not like Pete's company is so important to him if he just leaves him there.

Considering that Emily and Clark have almost the same speed and the fact she just moves fast and not exactly did Clark lose her in the graveyard? She walked into a dead-end tomb.

How exactly do Chloe's pictures get onto the new computer at the Torch office? The old computer they were stored on, like the others in the room, were smashed. File transfers are possible, but generally not with a smashed up machine.

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