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First aired April 22, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

After Lana (Kristin Kreuk) is almost assaulted by a college student (guest star), Clark (Tom Welling) loses control and injures the boy. When the Kents (John Schneider, Annette O'Toole) are sued for punitive damages that could cost them the farm, Clark begins to question his powers while trying to find a way out of the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Helen's (Emmanuelle Vaugier) ex-boyfriend arrives in town intent on winning her back, but when she turns him down, he stabs her, prompting Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) to take the law into his own hands.

Allison Mack, Sam Jones III and John Glover also star. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Clint Carpenter.

Detailed Description:

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John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

Pete has only one line in this episode, barely even one scene, and they are both interrupted by the sheriff.

A trailer for season 3 aired after the 9/3/03 rerun of this episode.

Concerning the hotel room and the sheriff wanting a warrant - some thought no warrant is necessary. Here is apparently the current law - if the hotel room is currently occupied, it is considered a temporary residence, subject to the same 4th Amendment protections as your permanent home. So yes, police must either wait for a warrant to enter the hotel room or get consent to search from the "resident." If, however, the room has been vacated, if the customer has checked out, then the police may obtain consent to search from the hotel manager, owner, etc.

So...couldn't Andrew sue Lana now? It seems to be relatively common knowledge that she has been training (note that Chloe knows it, and doesn't seem to be one for keeping secrets) and Andrew could claim he was already injured so she could attack him more easily. And the sheriff is already bugging Clark even though he supposedly attack a tougher (bunch) of opponents.

When Lex is at the hospital after Helen got attacked, there is a blood stain on his shirt. During the train scene, which takes place right after it, that blood stain is gone.

How did the sheriff find Lex and Clark? They were the only ones that knew where to look for Paul - there seemed to be no way she could track Paul or them to the train station, but the sheriff and seemingly all of her deputies are there.

Lex tells Lana she always felt safe in the Talon...but Tina attacked her there in "Visage". There was also a mysterious fire or two in "Heat".

Even given that she kinda saw Clark throw Andy a good long distance into her car, does the Sheriff really think Clark decided to pick a fight with three older and (apparently) stronger guys? Or if she really does believe Clark is that strong and doesn't have a mark on him, she doesn't seem very suspicious of how he did manage to beat up three guys. Wouldn't they run a blood or urine test for PCP and discover something amiss?

Actually, the reason that the sheriff is dismissing Lana's case has nothing to do with "hearsay," as Lana claims. That typically refers to testimony from a third party as to statements made, and Lana was the one being assaulted. Her problem is that there were no witnesses to the event.

Lana seems kinda surprised at the thought of Lex being vulnerable - apparently nobody's told her about all the times he's been kidnapped, drugged, knocked out, gagged, and bound.
Given the times he's put his team of lawyers on Clark's problems, why doesn't Lex offer to help him with the lawsuit?

The closed captioning says the Sheriff yells for whoever's in the hotel room to come out, but on-screen she doesn't say anything and just bursts into the room. The former would be correct police procedure.

The train car has window instructions on it in four languages, including French and Chinese. You're not likely to see that in a Kansas train station although you would in Vancouver, Canada (where the show is shot).

At the end Lex tells Helen he's not fighting Paul's insanity plea. Ummm, it would be the prosecuting attorney that would fight any pleas - Lex or any of his or Helen's lawyers would have nothing to do with challenging Paul's plea.

One gets the impression the Sheriff isn't trying too hard here. A local businesswoman hits the silent alarm. Dr. Bryce can testify the three college kids were drinking and making lewd comments (which wouldn't be hearsay). Clark can testify they attacked Lana (he shows up just as Lana hits the floor). If the Sheriff was doing her job she should have administered blood-alcohol tests and determine they'd had a lot to drink. It's not the best case in the world but it hardly seems worthy of casual dismissal either.

So is the guy's name Andrew (or Andy) Connors, or Andrew Arthur. Because on the papers that Clark was holding (about Andy suing him) It said Andrew Connors, but on the official Smallville Torch website, in an article written by Chloe, she writes his name as Andy Arthur.

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