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Cyrus heals Chloe

First aired April 15, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

After a schoolmate (guest star Jeremy Lelliott) claims to be an alien and seemingly backs it up by using heat vision, Clark (Tom Welling) investigates and begins to believe that the guy is from his planet Krypton. Meanwhile, after Helen (guest star Emmanuel Vaugier) discovers a locked room in the mansion she demands to know what is behind it, forcing Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) to come clean about his investigation of Clark.

Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, John Glover, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Rick Rosenthal directed the episode written by Philip Levens.

Detailed Description:

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Cyrus' "origins" about being adopted by an elderly couple sounds suspiciously like the comic book Superman's origin, where for much of their lives Martha and Jonathan are/were pretty elderly, relatively speaking.

Once again Principal Reynolds gets mentioned, repeatedly, but we never see him.

The meteor rocks are called kryptonite for the first time in this series.

When Pete asks Clark if "Kryptonite" starts with a "c" or a "k," it's reminiscent of "Superman: The Movie" when Lois and Superman were on her terrace and she asked him if "Krypton" was spelled with a "c" or a "k."

John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

This is also the first time that meteorites are called meteorites, instead of the unscientific "meteor rocks".

So where the heck did Cyrus' healing power come from? Are they natural (like Ryan), or green-meteor radiation induced? Presumably natural, since he gives off yellow energy and it doesn't hurt Clark (maybe he's related to that guy in "The Green Mile"). Then again, he was practically at ground zero at the meteor storm. They never really say.

Just how stupid are these bullies to pick on Cyrus again after they thought he blew up their truck?

How did the bullies find Cyrus' tower? If they were following him, wouldn't they have attacked him when he was alone, at any point before he got where he was going?

Okay, they explain why Cyrus happens to have "dreams" about Clark's spaceship...but how did he happen to come up with the exact coordinates of Krypton?

Just as in Rosetta, they talk about Krypton being "millions of miles" away - this is a pretty trivial distance in astronomical terms. Why don't they just say "light years"? It's like the writers don't even seem to have heard of the term.

Chloe says Cyrus planted the magnesium strips behind the blackboard, but the fire burst out on the front of the blackboard. If they were on the front, someone would have seen, where were they?

Clark and Cyrus break into the school and then "sneak" out...right through the front door under the bright lights and all.

Why is Clark so convinced Cyrus is right? Part of Cyrus' case rests on the fact that someone's coming from Krypton to pick him up and "take him home." But Clark knows Krypton disappeared. Does this mean Clark doesn't trust Swann's explanation, or thinks some other survivors are going to show up, or doesn't he want to break the bad news to Cyrus, or what? Still, he seems awfully convinced Cyrus is heading home - maybe it's just wishful thinking.
So didn't Cyrus' real parents have any family or friends? It seems kind of odd that in over a decade no one picked up on the fact before Chloe did that the missing/vaporized kid and Cyrus might be the same.

So the scene where Cyrus comes to heal Whitney's horse, he rushes over and takes his hat off. The camera pans out as he heals the horse, then the next scene has him coming up beside Clark on the OPPOSITE side and he has his hat on securely. Even if he put his hat on quickly, it's still impossible....bad editing jobs.

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Season Two: Vortex - Heat - Duplicity - Red - Nocturne - Redux - Lineage - Ryan - Dichotic - Skinwalkers - Visage - Insurgence - Suspect - Rush - Prodigal - Fever - Rosetta - Precipice - Witness - Accelerate - Calling - Exodus

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