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Jonathan and Clark

First aired February 18, 2003

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The CW's Official Description:

Clark (Tom Welling) rushes to find an antidote after Martha (Annette O'Toole) is infected with a toxic virus and falls into a coma, but when Clark also falls ill, it is up to Jonathan to find a cure in time. To further complicate things, Dr. Bryce (guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier) demands an explanation from Jonathan when he refuses to let her treat Clark.

Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III and John Glover also star. Bill Gereghty directed the episode written by Matthew Okumura.

Detailed Description:

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The DCA doctor's name is probably an in-joke reference to two famous DC writers - Denny O'Neil and Alan Moore.

The bit about the Talon soundtrack Pete is mixing is a reference to the fact the Smallville soundtrack was released the week after this episode aired.

John Glover doesn't appear in this episode.

In Chloe's poem to Clark she reads the line: 'In fact, my disguise is so thin, I'm surprised you haven't seen right through me'- this is a small reference to how Clark disguises himself when he is not Superman. By simply wearing glasses.

Spores that were irradiated by meteor rocks made Mrs. Kent sick. The meteor shower happened how many years ago? 12? Apparently the spores haven't proliferated in all that time - they're in soil, and since spores imply some sort of fungus or mold, it's not like they would've had a hard time growing. Also, how could those spores lie dormant in the soil of the storm cellar and be irradiated by meteor rocks? Presumably, the Kent farm wasn't hit, and the spaceship occasionally sucks up green rock-radiation. Sooo...the meteor rocks came from where?

We can assume Clark had Pete waiting as a decoy outside the DCA the whole time (since the DCA were in direct pursuit) - however, the ship was in Pete's truck when they got to the hospital. How did they manage to switch the ship between trucks in the period we see? Jonathan definitely left the farm with the ship in the red truck, not in Pete's. (presumably they switched after Jonathan left but before he arrived at the base)

Chloe comments about Clark's perfect attendance, referencing the fact that he has never been sick. However, it has been mentioned on this show several times already that Clark's attendance is abysmal due to his superhero priorities and that he is even failing some classes because of it.

Lex gives Dr. Helen Bryce a master key to the manor. We've seen in the past that anyone (including Helen herself) can easily get into the mansion without a key with no one being the wiser - heck, using it would just slow her down.

Clark has a zit on his chin. He has invulnerable skin - how can he get little dirt particles in his pores?

Doesn't it seem strange that Pete is DJ'ing while a live band is playing? I suppose he could just have been making the Talon Mix CDs, but it seems like a strange time and place to be doing it.

Lex and Dr. Trenton do a really good job being subtle. They chose to exchange private information in a parking lot, in cars with non-tinted windows, and where people are passing by them and can see their faces.

So the DCA has a base near Smallville? Note that the storage area has DCA stenciled on its windows so it looks to be more then just a temporary installation at an existing military base.

Pete has yet another new vehicle in this episode.

So it doesn't seem like the Kents are really in the clear. The DCA has their red truck (and if Pete claims its stolen, that'll be on his record as a criminal offense), they know the octagonal key is missing, and they know the Kents used to have it. Is the DCA just going to ignore all of this, pack up, and leave? They may not have a purely legal case, but they appear to have enough to warrant investigation.

Clark's hair changes several times. In the beginning, when he sees his mom in the cellar, his bangs are straight, and parted to the side, like the way they were in the beginning of the series. Then, when he's in the kitchen, his bangs are how they usually are, curly and across his forehead. They continue to look like that at the hospital. When he races home to get the ship in the cellar, he pulls the sheet off of the ship and once again his bangs are straighter and parted to the side. Then, when he's driving with Pete, his bangs are curly and across his face.

In the beginning, when Martha coughs and drops the pitcher breaking it into a sharp barb in the ground. She faints and is seen to be falling into it, but Clark catches her. When we see the long shot, the broken pitcher isn't there.

The good doctor gets a hold of a sample of Clark's blood in this episode. We see her shocked reaction to seeing the blood under a microscope, but she doesn't take the opportunity to ask the Kents for an explanation (despite treating Mrs. Kent and Clark). Does this mean that she already had suspicions about the locals in Smallville? And, it remains to be seen how seriously she will take her doctor-patient confidentiality; although we see her being very defensive of all information around Lex.

There have been younger versions, both male and female, of Superman running around in the comics - we had Superman-as-a-boy Superbaby and Superboy and his cousin Supergirl in the first fifty years, and the clone-of-Superman Superboy and a matrix-creature/shapeshifter Supergirl in more recent years. Given this, and the fact the spaceship is involved with Martha's pregnancy, it's possible the baby could be some combination of any or all of these.

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